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Kajongg - the classical Mah Jongg for four players. If you are looking for the Mah Jongg solitaire please use the application KMahjongg.
[b][u]Installing Kajongg on Windows[/b][/u]
Download the installer from the link below.
Kajongg needs the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. I believe I am not allowed to include a copy in the installer. Chances are good that you already have this installed. Otherwise you should see a corresponding error message. You can get that package from Microsoft here: [url]">[/url]


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Program: KBlackBox
Authors: Robert Cimrman, e-mail: Nicolas Roffet, e-mail:
A simple logical game for the KDE project.


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KGoldrunner v2.0 - README
Ian Wadham <">> Marco Krüger
KGoldrunner is a game in which you, the hero, have to run through a maze of ladders, bricks, concrete and climbing bars to collect gold nuggets, while being pursued by enemies. When you have collected all the gold, you can move to the next level of the game by climbing to the top of the playing area. This version has several games (sets of levels) of varying difficulty and includes a Tutorial game. It also has an editor you can use to make up your own games or vary the released games. You use the mouse to guide the hero and dig holes in bricks.


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Kigo - Go board game by KDE

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KJumpingCube Matthias Kiefer <">>
KJumpingCube is a tactical one- or two-player game. For further information read the online help-documentation.
For installing instructions read INSTALL.
I hope you will enjoy it. Have a lot of fun :-)


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KMINES : the KDE minesweeper
Copyright (c) 1996-2004 Nicolas HADACEK ( Copyright (c) 2001 Mikhail Kourinny ( Distributed under the GNU General Public License
This is a very classical minesweeper written from scratch with three predefined levels and custom levels.
Easy : 8x8 with 10 mines Normal : 16x16 with 40 mines Expert : 30x16 with 99 mines
Requirements : up to date KDE and QT libraries.

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KMuddy - a MUD client by KDE
1. Introduction
KMuddy if a MUD client by the KDE community. It includes many features useful for MUD players - aliases, triggers, scripting support, timers, macro keys and more. It also supports MCCP (MUD compression protocol) and MSP (MUD Sound Protocol) protocols.


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Simple flood fill game

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Konquest is a multi-player strategy game. The goal of the game is to expand your interstellar empire across the galaxy and, of course, crush your rivals in the process.
Please see the Konquest help page for more information.
The original game is Galactic Conquest by Rick Raddatz, which you can find here:">
The link unfortunately does not work anymore, but the content has been archived by the Internet Archive and can be fetched by using the Wayback Machine:">

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I started this game during 1995 (?) in order to learn C++ and Windows 95 programming. It was initialy named "Risk". I used a book about WinG, one of the first Microsoft attempts to give gaming abilities to Windows. But a lot of the examples of this book were in assembler, that I never learned :-( I used these routines but whithout being able to fully understand them. This first version never got an acceptable status.


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KSpaceduel is an arcade two-player space game for KDE. Two ships fly around the sun and have to shoot the other ship.
Look at the html manual for further information.
Andreas Zehender <">> 31 Oct 1998

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KSquares is an implementation of the game squares (">

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PROGRAM NAME ksudoku LICENSE GPL v2 VERSION 0.3 AUTHOR Francesco Rossi <">> 2005 DATE 29/9/2005
KSudoku is a program that can generate and solve sudoku ( puzzles (of different difficulty level) using a randomized least-candidate algorithm. From version 0.3 i added a new kind of puzzles: 3d puzzles. (see changelog) The sudoku boards currently supported are 9x9, 16x16, 25x25: but the program is fully expandable since the algorithm is extendible to any general graph coloring problem (the board is in fact stored as a graph and the numbers are the colors) In order to create a playable puzzle it fills a blank sudoku grid with a completed puzzle (randomly), then another algorithm (to be improved with some logical constraint) removes randomly numbers from it checking each time that the resultant puzzle has only one solution: it is a bit slower than logic-based elimination tecniques but it creates puzzles that are less straight-solved (more fun). The GUI is user-friendly and requires KDE and opengl. Written in C++.


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Kubrick is a game based on Rubik's Cube (TM).
It requires the KDE 4 and Qt 4 libraries and the KDE Games library (libkdegames), as well as the OpenGL 3-D graphics libraries libGL and libGLU.

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This directory contains the library for the kdegames package. It is a collection of functions used by some games or which are useful for other games.
Packagers note: it is recommended to put the directory "carddecks" into a separate package, as not all games using libkdegames use the carddecks as well.
Contents: kcarddialog: Access to carddeck selection and administration for cardgames kstdgameaction: just like kstdaction this provides some default action for kde games. games often use different entries than other apps (like "game" instead of "file"), so use this if possible kgamemisc: some static method i didn't know a good class name for. it currently features "randomName()" which will just give you a random name from a list (translators note: happy translating ;) i copied kde-common/accounts for this so there are nearly 300 entries...) kgame: this is a complete network/game handling library. it consists of a lot of classes which are explained in the kgame docu (as soon as it is written)

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This directory contains the library used for loading and rendering of Mahjongg tilesets and associated backgrounds, used by KMahjongg and KShisen. Shared data is installed to {kdedir}/share/apps/kmahjongglib/*
Contents: kmahjonggtileset.cpp/.h : implementation of the KMahjonggTileset class kmahjonggbackground.cpp/.h: implementation of the KMahjongBackground class tilesets: Directory for svg files and .desktop data describing the metrics of tiles backgrounds: Art and .desktop description for backgrounds
The tilesets and backgrounds are also used by Kajongg. Please remember that when you change their format.
Questions? Contact Mauricio Piacentini <">>

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Project Information
Picmi is a number logic game in which cells in a grid have to be colored or left blank according to numbers given at the side of the grid to reveal a hidden picture.


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Skladnik - a Japanese warehouse keeper sokoban game by KDE
Copyright 1998 Anders Widell <">> Copyright 2012 Łukasz Kalamłacki <">>
Skladnik is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING for details.