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0002 https://apps.kde.org/ksirk
0004 I started this game during 1995 (?) in order to learn C++ and Windows 95 programming.
0005 It was initialy named "Risk". I used a book about WinG, one of the first Microsoft
0006 attempts to give gaming abilities to Windows. But a lot of the examples of this book
0007 were in assembler, that I never learned :-( I used these routines but whithout being
0008 able to fully understand them. This first version never got an acceptable status.
0010 Some time later I heard from Java and decided to learn it. So, I decided to convert
0011 Risk to JRisk. I obtained, if I remember well, a version that was running not so bad,
0012 but really slowly.That was due to the use of an early version of Java but also to
0013 a really uggly programming.
0015 In the meantime, for my work, I learned Smalltalk (VisualWorks), THE OO language (try
0016 it, you really cannot experience higher OO programming pleasure ; I was an addict)and so
0017 discovered all the power of good OOP. I started also to use Linux and KDE. I wanted
0018 to learn KDE programming and so decided to convert back my lovely project to C++ !
0019 KRisk was born ! But with my experience of Smalltalk and the APIs of Qt and KDE, my
0020 work has been, I think, quite better.
0022 At the time of 04/24/2002, some architectural problems due to this complex history
0023 remained, but it worked good and I think I could release a public version. I choosed to
0024 rename it in order to avoid copyright problems : welcome to KsirK !
0026 In early 2003, the evolution continued with a minimal AI (for Artificial Idiot as its
0027 decisions were chosen completly at random) and the themability of the world.
0028 This last point is a direct consequence of the improvements of the overall
0029 architecture of the game.
0031 In parallel, the online tools linked to the game continued to improve: with this
0032 version appeared a mailing list and a CVS repository!
0035 Please read INSTALL
0037 USING KsirK
0038 Please read tooltips on buttons, the statusbars and the KsirK HTML manual.
0039 - map scrolling : place your mouse near a window border or use your mouse wheel
0040   (with the Alt modifier for horizontal scrolling)
0041 - armies distribution : Left-click to put an army, Right-click to remove one
0042 - to setup a move or an attack, click and drag from the source country to the
0043   target one
0046 mailto:kleag@free.fr