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0001 README of pology rules, dictionary and hooks of the KDE l10n Spanish team.
0003 In this moment there is not any web page about pology in Spanish.
0004 A good reference about the use of pology by translators is the page of 
0005 the French translation team at: http://fr.i18n.kde.org/pology.php
0007 1.- Rules
0008 ---------
0009 1.1.- "being-polite rules-disabled":
0010   Contains rules refereed to the translation of "please" and "you". 
0011 Due to the high amount of matched terms, this rule is disabled by default.
0012 To enable it please, rename the file without the ending ".disabled"
0014 1.2.- "false-friends.rules"
0015   Contains rules about false friends in English/Spanish translations.
0016 The list of false friends has been obtained from:
0017 - Wikipedia in Spanish: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anexo:Falsos_amigos#Ingl.C3.A9s
0018 - Eloy Cuadra website: http://www.eloihr.net/falsefriends/index.php?page=listado
0019   (Eloy is the coordinator of the Spanish KDE translation team)
0021 1.3.- "filter.include"
0022   Filters used by some rules files. The following elements are 
0023 not considered by this rules:
0024 - Function calls
0025 - XML tags
0026 - Extensions
0027 - Command options
0028 - Environment variables
0029 - Web pages
0030 - Email addresses
0031 - System files
0032 - Some system files and directories
0033 - Home hidden files and directories
0034 - Abbreviations (Spanish)
0035 - Usual smileys
0036 - Complete messages with specific tags.
0037 - Dates and numbers.
0039 1.4.- "gerund-detector.rules.disabled".
0040   Try to detect incorrect translation of English gerund into Spanish.
0041 It is not finished yet.
0043 1.5.- "glosario-kde-l10n-es.rules"
0044   Rules based in the glossary of the Spanish team:
0045 http://es.l10n.kde.org/glosario.php
0047 1.6.- "glosario-kde-l10n-es-proposed.rules"
0048   New rules about translations that can be included in the glossary.
0049 When being approved by the team coordinator, will be moved to the 
0050 main glossary.
0052 1.7.- "paired-words.rules"
0053   Check the occurrence of some words both the original and the translated texts.
0054 - XML entities.
0055 - Capital words (upper case).
0056 - Parameters.
0057 - Number of tabs and new lines.
0058 - Empty translations.
0059 - Very long/short translations.
0060 - Not translated when it should be.
0062 1.8.- "paragraph-begin.rules"
0063   Use of spaces and capitalization at the beginning of a new paragraph.
0064 Similar at the functions included in KBabel.
0066 1.9.- "paragraph-end.rules"
0067   Use of spaces, capitalization and punctuation at the end of a new paragraph.
0068 Similar at the functions included in KBabel, but more complete and 
0069 adapted to Spanish language.
0071 1.10.- "translator.rules"
0072   Detects frequent errors related with the list of names and emails of translators.
0073 The main mistake is the presence of unnecessary spaces between names or emails.
0075 1.11.- "typography.rules"
0076   Use of punctuation sings, according the Real Academia EspaƱola.
0077 It is based in the file with the same name of the French team, but has been 
0078 widely simplified and modified.
0080 2.-Dictionary.
0081 --------------
0082   Contains a list of words used as complementary dictionary for aspell.
0083 The words are: names of persons related with KDE, acronyms, trade marks, 
0084 programs, abbreviations, names of countries and capitals, chemical elements 
0085 and compounds, units, etc..
0086   The name of the file is "dict.aspell" in the spell subdirectory.
0087 The file "ignoredContext" in the same subdirectory, contains a list 
0088 of context that should no be checked in any case.
0089   The dictionary is not of exclusive use of pology. It can be used by 
0090 any other application that use aspell as spell checker. This is the case 
0091 of all KDE applications and definitely Lokalize. To allow this use, add a 
0092 symbolic link from the dictionary to "~/.aspell-$LANGUAGE.pws". See aspell 
0093 documentation for details.
0094   In order to help the maintenance of the dictionary, there are some list of words 
0095 sorted by topic, at the subdirectory "spell-spec". The whole dictionary can be generated 
0096 using the script "update-dict.sh". The reason of that structure is that 
0097 having a single dictionary allow it use outside pology.