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0007   <date>2010-07-21</date>
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0011 <title>Reconciliation</title>
0013 <sect1 id="details.reconcile.whatis">
0014 <title>What is reconciliation?</title>
0016 <para>
0017   Reconciliation is the process of matching the transactions you have entered
0018   into &kmymoney; with the transactions listed for that account by the
0019   institution.  This is most commonly done with the list of transactions in a
0020   statement, be it a bank statement, credit card statement, loan statement, or
0021   any other statement. It can also be done against an on-line listing of the
0022   account, although this is less common.  If any discrepancies are found, then
0023   either you or the person who created the statement have made a mistake.
0024 </para>
0026 <para>
0027   To reconcile an account, choose your account from the drop down box and click
0028   on the <guiicon><inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata fileref="reconcile.png"
0029   format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject></guiicon> reconcile icon, select
0030   the <menuchoice><guimenu>Account</guimenu> <guimenuitem>Reconcile...</guimenuitem>
0031   </menuchoice> menu item or use the <keycombo>&Ctrl;&Shift;<keycap>R</keycap></keycombo>
0032   shortcut.
0033 </para>
0034 </sect1>
0036 <sect1 id="details.reconcile.wizard">
0037 <title>The reconciliation wizard</title>
0038 <para>
0039   This will open the reconciliation wizard.  The first page of the wizard
0040   briefly describes the process you will follow.  Click
0041   on <guibutton>Next</guibutton> to actually start the wizard.
0042 </para>
0044 <para>
0045 <screenshot>
0046         <screeninfo>Reconciliation wizard</screeninfo>
0047         <mediaobject>
0048         <imageobject>
0049         <imagedata fileref="reconcile1.png" format="PNG" />
0050         </imageobject>
0051         <textobject>
0052         <phrase>Reconciliation wizard</phrase>
0053         </textobject>
0054         </mediaobject>
0055 </screenshot>
0056 </para>
0058 <sect2 id="details.reconcile.wizard.statement">
0059 <title>Statement details</title>
0060 <para>
0061   The statement date, starting balance, and ending balance can be found in your
0062   statement.  Make sure that the figures match and click on
0063   the <guibutton>Next</guibutton> button.  If the figures do not match then
0064   enter the figures as listed on your statement and click on
0065   the <guibutton>Next</guibutton> button.
0066 </para>
0068 <para>
0069 <screenshot>
0070         <screeninfo>Reconciliation wizard</screeninfo>
0071         <mediaobject>
0072         <imageobject>
0073         <imagedata fileref="reconcile2.png" format="PNG" />
0074         </imageobject>
0075         <textobject>
0076         <phrase>Reconciliation wizard</phrase>
0077         </textobject>
0078         </mediaobject>
0079 </screenshot>
0080 </para>
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0083 <sect2 id="details.reconcile.wizard.interest">
0084 <title>Interest</title>
0085 <para>
0086   If the statement reconciliation is on a bank account or any account with
0087   interest and/or charges fees, then enter these values in the appropriate
0088   fields.  A category can be assigned for each of these amounts.
0089 </para>
0091 <note>
0092 <para>
0093   The interest field is for interest you gained. If you have to pay interest,
0094   &eg;, for a credit card account, this has to be entered as a charge.
0095 </para>
0096 </note>
0098 <para>
0099 <screenshot>
0100         <screeninfo>Reconciliation wizard</screeninfo>
0101         <mediaobject>
0102         <imageobject>
0103         <imagedata fileref="reconcile3.png" format="PNG" />
0104         </imageobject>
0105         <textobject>
0106         <phrase>Reconciliation wizard</phrase>
0107         </textobject>
0108         </mediaobject>
0109 </screenshot>
0110 </para>
0112 <para>
0113   Click on <guibutton>Continue</guibutton> to start matching your statement to
0114   what you have entered.  Note that this completes the Reconciliation Wizard,
0115   but not the process of reconciliation.  It also changes the ledger display by
0116   only showing transactions that have not already been marked as reconciled.  As
0117   described below, you still need to clear transactions and then tell &kmymoney;
0118   that the account is reconciled.
0119 </para>
0120 </sect2>
0122 <sect2 id="details.reconcile.wizard.clearing">
0123 <title>Clearing transactions</title>
0124 <para>
0125   During the reconciliation, any transaction can be edited to make it match the
0126   statement, and new transactions can be created as usual.  To mark a
0127   transaction as cleared, click on the <guilabel>C</guilabel> column in the list
0128   view.  A transaction is cleared when it matches the transaction on your
0129   statement.
0130 </para>
0132 <para>
0133   The command frame (just below the transaction list area) displays the
0134   statement amount on the left, the cleared amount in the center, and the
0135   difference on the right.  As you mark transactions cleared, these values
0136   update to show the change.
0137 </para>
0139 <para>
0140   Note, however, that as reconciliation is the process of matching the data in
0141   your account with that on a statement, changes to any transaction with dates
0142   after the statement date you entered in the wizard will be saved, but will not
0143   have any effect on the cleared amount shown in the command frame.
0144 </para>
0146 <screenshot>
0147         <screeninfo>Reconciliation wizard</screeninfo>
0148         <mediaobject>
0149         <imageobject>
0150         <imagedata fileref="reconcile4.png" format="PNG" />
0151         </imageobject>
0152         <textobject>
0153         <phrase>Reconciliation wizard</phrase>
0154         </textobject>
0155         </mediaobject>
0156 </screenshot>
0157 </sect2>
0159 <sect2 id="details.reconcile.complete">
0160 <title>Completing Reconciliation</title>
0162 <sect3 id="details.reconcile.finish">
0163 <title>Finishing Reconciliation</title>
0164 <para>
0165   When the difference between the statement and the cleared balance is zero then
0166   the account is reconciled and you can click the <guibutton>Finish</guibutton>
0167   button.  When you do this, &kmymoney; takes all the transactions which have
0168   been marked as cleared and marks them as reconciled, and the value in the
0169   <guilabel>C</guilabel> column changes from <quote>C</quote> to
0170   <quote>R</quote> to reflect the change. In addition, it saves the changes and
0171   records that the account has been reconciled. (You still need to save the file
0172   to permanently save all the changes.)
0173 </para>
0174 </sect3>
0176 <sect3 id="details.reconcile.postpone">
0177 <title>Postponing Reconciliation</title>
0178 <para>
0179   If you're having trouble completing the reconciliation, or you need to gather
0180   some additional information before you can complete the process, you can
0181   postpone the process to a later time by clicking on the
0182   <guibutton>Postpone</guibutton> button. When you do this, &kmymoney; remembers
0183   the values you entered when you started the wizard, it does not mark cleared
0184   transactions as reconciled, and it returns the ledger to its normal view.  If
0185   you exit &kmymoney; before clicking either <guibutton>Finish</guibutton> or
0186   <guibutton>Postpone</guibutton>, it has the same effect as clicking
0187   <guibutton>Postpone</guibutton>.  Any edits you have made, such as marking
0188   transactions cleared or entering new transactions, are not touched, and you
0189   can still save them before you exit &kmymoney;.  However, you will have to run
0190   the reconciliation wizard again in order to reconcile the account.
0191 </para>
0193 <para>
0194   When you run the reconciliation wizard on this account the next time,
0195   &kmymoney; remembers the values you entered when you previously ran the
0196   wizard, and you will be able to change them, if necessary.  In this case, the
0197   initial screen of the wizard is different, to remind you of this.
0198 </para>
0200 <screenshot>
0201         <screeninfo>Reconciliation wizard</screeninfo>
0202         <mediaobject>
0203         <imageobject>
0204         <imagedata fileref="reconcile-redo.png" format="PNG" />
0205         </imageobject>
0206         <textobject>
0207         <phrase>Reconciliation wizard</phrase>
0208         </textobject>
0209         </mediaobject>
0210 </screenshot>
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