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Choqok KDE Micro-Blogging client, Currently supports, GNU Social, Friendica, Mastodon and Twitter.
Authors: Mehrdad Momeny <mehrdad.momeny[AT]> Andrey Esin <gmlastik[AT]> Andrea Scarpino <scarpino[AT]>


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# Setting up accounts-sso
Accounts-SSO is the framework we are using to store secrets (tokens, passwords) and for storing Accounts (small pieces of information containing a name, a provider, etc).
## Accounts


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KGet is included in the kdenetwork module. If you just want to install KGet alone, please read the instructions below.
* Install kdelibs from trunk. * svn co -N svn:// * cd kdenetwork * svn up cmake kget * mkdir build * cd build * cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/kde4 .. * make * make install
kget @

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Gopher KIO Worker Readme
This adds support for the gopher protocol to konqueror and all programs which supports KIO workers.
It is still in development.
Currently it supports most (if not all) of the gopher protocol.


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Konversation website: Konversation wiki: Bug tracker: IRC channel: #konversation on

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KDE Desktop Sharing (krfb)
KDE Desktop Sharing (krfb) is a small server for the RFB protocol, better known as VNC. Unlike most other Unix/Linux RFB servers, KRfb allows you to share your X11 session instead of creating a new X11 session. It was originally based on x0rfbserver (ttp://, but there is not much code of x0rfbserver left. Since version 0.6 it uses libvncserver ("> as backend.
Guide to documentation: TODO - things to be done NOTES - reasons for various decisions

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This is a KControl Module which handles adding/editing/removing Telepathy Accounts. It interacts with any Telepathy Spec compliant AccountManager, such as telepathy-accountmanager-kwallet to manipulate the accounts. It is modular in design, with each ConnectionManager-Protocol combination having a plugin that provides customised forms for adding or editing their accounts, and also with a generic plugin which can be used as a fallback for ConnectionManager-Protocol combinations where no plugin exists.
Installation instructions (including dependency information) can be found in the file 'INSTALL' in this directory.
Please report all bugs to"> choosing product "telepathy" and component "accounts-kcm".
Any other questions, or if you want to help out, ping grundleborg in #telepathy on Libera Chat.

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This is the Telepathy-KDE file transfer handler
It basically does 2 thigs * Send files to your contact * Receive files from your contact
It doesn't set any filter on the mime type, therefore, it should catch all the file transfer channels that aren't received by any other handler filtering on mimetype.
To compile it you will need at least Telepathy-Qt4 >= 0.7.3 or the latest git version.
You can modify the default download directory from telepathy-kded-module or by adding in your .kde/share/config/ktelepathyrc file in the section [File Transfers] the variable downloadDirectory
[File Transfers] downloadDirectory=<download path>

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