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PROGRAM NAME ksudoku LICENSE GPL v2 VERSION 0.3 AUTHOR Francesco Rossi <">> 2005 DATE 29/9/2005
KSudoku is a program that can generate and solve sudoku ( puzzles (of different difficulty level) using a randomized least-candidate algorithm. From version 0.3 i added a new kind of puzzles: 3d puzzles. (see changelog) The sudoku boards currently supported are 9x9, 16x16, 25x25: but the program is fully expandable since the algorithm is extendible to any general graph coloring problem (the board is in fact stored as a graph and the numbers are the colors) In order to create a playable puzzle it fills a blank sudoku grid with a completed puzzle (randomly), then another algorithm (to be improved with some logical constraint) removes randomly numbers from it checking each time that the resultant puzzle has only one solution: it is a bit slower than logic-based elimination tecniques but it creates puzzles that are less straight-solved (more fun). The GUI is user-friendly and requires KDE and opengl. Written in C++.


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