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0001 KGoldrunner v2.0 - README
0003 Ian Wadham <iandw.au@gmail.com>
0004 Marco Kr├╝ger
0005 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
0007 KGoldrunner is a game in which you, the hero, have to run through a maze
0008 of ladders, bricks, concrete and climbing bars to collect gold nuggets,
0009 while being pursued by enemies.  When you have collected all the gold,
0010 you can move to the next level of the game by climbing to the top of the
0011 playing area.  This version has several games (sets of levels) of
0012 varying difficulty and includes a Tutorial game.  It also has an editor
0013 you can use to make up your own games or vary the released games.  You
0014 use the mouse to guide the hero and dig holes in bricks.
0016 KGoldrunner is based on the Lode Runner (TM) game written in the USA
0017 by Doug Smith in 1983 for the Apple II and Commodore 64 computers.
0019 See the file INSTALL for instructions on how to compile, build and
0020 install KGoldrunner.
0022 The source code and other files are essentially the same for KDE2/Qt2
0023 and KDE3/Qt3, depending on the -DQT3 compiler flag, but the configuration
0024 and make files are quite different.  WARNING: This version has been built,
0025 compiled and tested ONLY with KDE 3.1.1 and Qt 3.1.1.
0027 Just in case you cannot build and install KGoldrunner ...
0028 ---------------------------------------------------------
0030 The sub-directory "kgoldrunner/docs/en" contains the KGoldrunner User's
0031 Guide in English, which is made available via online help in KGoldrunner
0032 when installed, but you can read it directly with your browser if you have
0033 not yet installed KGoldrunner.  It contains details of how to play the game,
0034 including screen shots.  The Installation and Technical Details sections
0035 may be useful if you are having difficulty installing KGoldrunner.