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0001 # Atlantik
0002 ## Contents
0004 1. [Introduction](##Introduction)
0005 2. [Download](##Download)
0006 3. [Mailinglists](##Mailinglists)
0007 4. [Roadmap](##Roadmap)
0008 5. [Legal issues](##Legal issues)
0010 ## Introduction
0012 Atlantik is a KDE client for playing Monopoly-like games on the monopd
0013 network.
0015 Purpose of the Atlantic board game is to acquire land in major cities in
0016 North America and Europe while being a transatlantic traveller. One of the
0017 game modes plays like the popular real estate board game based on Atlantic
0018 City street names.
0020 Atlantik was previously known as KMonop and might still be referred to as
0021 such in some documentation.
0023 ## Download
0025 Atlantik can be downloaded from:
0026 https://apps.kde.org/atlantik/
0028 Atlantik is developed in the KDE invent games group in the module
0029 https://invent.kde.org/games/atlantik.
0031 A game server monopd is available at:
0032 https://sourceforge.net/projects/monopd/
0035 ## Mailinglists
0037 There are mailinglists available for discussion of Atlantik development. The
0038 kde-games-devel list is for general discussion and development of the
0039 codebase.
0041 See https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-games-devel
0043 for information on subscribing, posting and list archives.
0045 ## Roadmap
0047 The TODO file gives a nice approximation of desired functionality and
0048 priorities. It can be used as roadmap or checklist.
0050 ## Legal issues
0052 Many people have expressed their concerns about possible copyrights,
0053 trademarks and patents applicable to Monopoly® and the possible implications
0054 for Atlantik (and monopd) development and distribution.
0056 I believe that Atlantik and monopd are completely clear of violating any
0057 copyrights, trademarks or patents and that there are no legal issues that
0058 might affect development or distibution of either application.
0060 ### The Game Itself
0062 Although Atlantik is not yet as generic as I envision it,
0063 you will find no code in Atlantik at all which even remotely
0064 refers to Monopoly® game rules, definitions or object names and looks.
0065 Atlantik only visualizes these aspects during gameplay, much like a web
0066 browser visualizes Internet content. Any artwork used is original and has
0067 been specifically designed not to closely resemble the artwork of Parker
0068 Brothers.
0070 Monopd implements two games currently. One of them indeed has a close
0071 resemblence to Monopoly® and features the streets of Atlantic City just
0072 like Monopoly®. However, this is a folk game predating Parker Brothers
0073 Monopoly®. Parker Brothers has no rights to this folk game other than
0074 their copyrighted visual enhancements.
0076 * [History of Monopoly® (as accepted by the U.S. Supreme Court)](https://web.archive.org/web/20020322215411/http://www.antimonopoly.com/graphics/evolution.gif)
0077 * [The Monopolization of Monopoly®](http://www.adena.com/adena/mo/)
0079 The Monopoly® Trademark
0081 Atlantik was renamed from KMonop to avoid possible legal action over
0082 the Monopoly® trademark. Wherever the phrase Monopoly® is used, it
0083 should be accompanied with the registered trademark symbol, except
0084 there where I use "Monopoly-like" which is my preferred term as
0085 monopd boards can be completely customized and changed in a
0086 configuration file.