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0001  ??? /EDICT, EDICT_SUB(P), EDICT2 Japanese-English Electronic Dictionary Files/Copyright Electronic Dictionary Research & Development Group - 2010/Created: 2011-04-10/
0002 ・ [なかぐろ] /(n) middle dot (typographical symbol used between parallel terms, names in katakana, etc.)/full-stop mark at mid-character height/interpoint (interword separation)/
0003 ・ [なかぽち] /(n) middle dot (typographical symbol used between parallel terms, names in katakana, etc.)/full-stop mark at mid-character height/interpoint (interword separation)/
0004 ・ [なかぽつ] /(n) middle dot (typographical symbol used between parallel terms, names in katakana, etc.)/full-stop mark at mid-character height/interpoint (interword separation)/
0005 ・ [なかポツ] /(n) middle dot (typographical symbol used between parallel terms, names in katakana, etc.)/full-stop mark at mid-character height/interpoint (interword separation)/
0006 ヽ /(n) repetition mark in katakana/
0007 ヾ /(n) voiced repetition mark in katakana/
0008 ゝ /(n) repetition mark in hiragana/
0009 ゞ /(n) voiced repetition mark in hiragana/
0010 〃 [おなじ] /(n) ditto mark/
0011 〃 [おなじく] /(n) ditto mark/
0012 仝 [どうじょう] /(n) "as above" mark/
0013 々 [おなじ] /(n) repetition of kanji (sometimes voiced)/
0014 々 [おなじく] /(n) repetition of kanji (sometimes voiced)/
0015 々 [くりかえし] /(n) repetition of kanji (sometimes voiced)/
0016 々 [どうのじてん] /(n) repetition of kanji (sometimes voiced)/
0017 々 [のま] /(n) repetition of kanji (sometimes voiced)/
0018 〆 [しめ] /(n) end or closure mark/
0019 〆る [しめる] /(v1,vt) (1) to total/to sum/(2) to make sushi adding a mixture of vinegar and salt/
0020 〆切 [しめきり] /(n) closing/cut-off/end/deadline/Closed/No Entrance/
0021 〆切り [しめきり] /(n) closing/cut-off/end/deadline/Closed/No Entrance/
0022 〆切る [しめきる] /(v5r,vt) to close up/to shut up (e.g. behind doors)/to cut off (e.g. because a deadline has expired)/
0023 〆切日 [しめきりび] /(n) time limit/closing day/deadline/
0024 〆粕 [しめかす] /(n) oil cake/scrap cake/
0025 〇 [かんすうじゼロ] /(n) "kanji" zero/
0026 〇 [まる] /(iK) (n) (1) circle (sometimes used for zero)/(2) 'correct' (when marking)/
0027 〇〇 [まるまる] /(n) symbol used as a placeholder (either because a number of other words could be used in that position, or because of censorship)/
0028 ー /(n) long vowel mark (usually only used in katakana)/
0029 〜 [にょろ] /(n) tilde/
0030 〜朝時代 [〜ちょうじだい] /(exp) the era of the ... dynasty/the ... reign/
0031 〜年生まれ [〜ねんうまれ] /(exp) born in .../
0032 +α [プラスアルファ] /(n) a little more than usual (wasei: plus alpha)/bribe money added to a regular fee/and then some/
0033 × [ばつ] /(n) (1) x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)/
0034 × [ぺけ] /(n) (1) x-mark (used to indicate an incorrect answer in a test, etc.)/
0035 @ [アットマーク] /(n) "at" mark/
0036 @系 [アットけい] /(n) roguelike (character display computer game)/
0037 ○ [かんすうじゼロ] /(iK) (n) "kanji" zero/
0038 ○ [まる] /(n) (1) circle (sometimes used for zero)/(2) 'correct' (when marking)/
0039 ○×テスト [まるばつテスト] /(n) true-false test/yes-no test/
0040 ◎ [にじゅうまる] /(n) double circle/'good work' (equiv. of silver star awarded to children at school)/
0041 △ [さんかく] /(n) average (e.g. as a mark for homework)/weak/
0042 ※ [こめじるし] /(n) rice symbol/note (supplementary information) symbol/symbol with an "x" and four dots/
0043 ※印 [こめじるし] /(n) rice symbol/note (supplementary information) symbol/symbol with an "x" and four dots/
0044 〒 [ゆうびんきごう] /(n) (abbr) (Japanese) postal symbol/post office/post/postal service/mail/
0045 → [やじるし] /(n) arrow (mark or symbol)/directional marker or indicator/
0046 ← [やじるし] /(n) arrow (mark or symbol)/directional marker or indicator/
0047 ↑ [やじるし] /(n) arrow (mark or symbol)/directional marker or indicator/
0048 ↓ [やじるし] /(n) arrow (mark or symbol)/directional marker or indicator/
0049 ≒ [おおよそ] /(adv,n) (uk) about/roughly/as a rule/approximately/
0050 090金融 [ゼロキューゼロきんゆう] /(n) "090" financing/loan sharks operating from a cellphone (i.e. without a fixed phone number)/
0051 1 [いち] /(num,pref) (1) one/(suf) (2) best in/the most (...) in (where an adjective follows)/
0052 1 [ひと] /(num,pref) (1) one/
0053 1000円 [せんえん] /(n) 1000 yen/(P)/
0054 100円ショップ [ひゃくえんショップ] /(n) hundred-yen store/(P)/
0055 100円玉 [ひゃくえんだま] /(n) 100 yen coin/
0056 100均 [ひゃっきん] /(n) 100 yen shop/(P)/
0057 10月 [じゅうがつ] /(n-adv) October/(P)/
0058 10個1組 [じゅうこいちくみ] /(n) (comp) decade/
0059 10進 [じゅうしん] /(n) (comp) decimal/
0060 10進2進変換 [じゅうしんにしんへんかん] /(n) (comp) decimal to binary conversion/
0061 10進演算 [じゅうしんえんざん] /(n) (comp) decimal arithmetic/
0062 10進演算子 [じゅうしんえんざんし] /(n) (comp) decimal operator/
0063 10進基数 [じゅうしんきすう] /(n) (comp) decimal radix/
0064 10進小数 [じゅうしんしょうすう] /(n) (comp) decimal fraction/
0065 10進小数点 [じゅうしんしょうすうてん] /(n) (comp) decimal point/
0066 10進数 [じゅうしんすう] /(n) (comp) decimal/decimal digit/decimal number/
0067 10進法 [じゅうしんほう] /(n) (comp) decimal/decimal notation/
0068 10代 [じゅうだい] /(n,adj-no) (1) the teens (10-19)/teenage/(n) (2) the tenth generation/(P)/
0069 10日 [とおか] /(n) (1) the tenth day of the month/(2) ten days/(P)/
0070 110番 [ひゃくとおばん] /(n,vs) police emergency tel. no. (in Japan)/(P)/
0071 119番 [ひゃくじゅうきゅうばん] /(n) ambulance and fire brigade emergency tel. no. (in Japan)/
0072 11月 [じゅういちがつ] /(n-adv) November/(P)/
0073 12月 [じゅうにがつ] /(n-adv) December/(P)/
0074 16進法 [じゅうろくしんほう] /(n) (comp) hexadecimal/hexadecimal notation/
0075 1867年憲法法 [せんはっぴゃくろくじゅうしちねんけんぽうほう] /(n) Constitution Act 1867 (which established Canada)/
0076 18禁 [じゅうはちきん] /(n) 18 certificate/R-18/restricted to those 18 years or older/
0077 1982年憲法 [せんきゅうひゃくはちじゅうにねんけんぽう] /(n) Constitution Act, 1982 (part of the Canadian Constitution)/
0078 1つ [ひとつ] /(num) (1) one/(n) (2) for one thing (often used in itemized lists)/(3) (after a noun) only/(4) (with a verb in negative form) (not) even/(n-adv) (5) just (i.e. "just try it")/
0079 1パイント [いちパイント] /(n) one pint/
0080 1羽 [いちわ] /(n) one (bird)/
0081 1回生 [いっかいせい] /(n) first year (college) student/freshman/
0082 1割 [いちわり] /(n) ten percent/(P)/
0083 1月 [いちがつ] /(n-adv) January/(P)/
0084 1限目 [いちげんめ] /(n) first period (e.g. first class in school day)/
0085 1個当り [ひとつとうり] /(n,ctr) each/per piece/
0086 1次キャッシュ [いっしキャッシュ] /(n) (comp) level 1 cache/
0087 1次コイル [いちじコイル] /(n) primary coil/primary winding (in transformer)/
0088 1人 [いちにん] /(n) (1) one person/
0089 1人 [ひとり] /(n) (1) one person/(2) alone/unmarried/solitary/
0090 1人あたり [ひとりあたり] /(exp,adv) per person/per capita/per head/
0091 1人きり [ひとりきり] /(n,adv) all on one's own/
0092 1人っきり [ひとりっきり] /(n,adv) all on one's own/
0093 1人っ切り [ひとりっきり] /(n,adv) all on one's own/
0094 1人切り [ひとりきり] /(n,adv) all on one's own/
0095 1人当たり [ひとりあたり] /(exp,adv) per person/per capita/per head/
0096 1切れ [ひときれ] /(n) slice/small piece/
0097 1対1の通信 [いちたいいちのつうしん] /(n) (comp) one to one communication/
0098 1対一 [いったいいち] /(n,adj-no) one-to-one/
0099 1対多 [いちたいた] /(n,adj-no) one-to-many/
0100 1斗缶 [いっとかん] /(n) eighteen litre drum/
0101 1度だけ [いちどだけ] /(exp) only once/
0102 1等 [いっとう] /(n,adj-no) first-class/first-rank/A1/the most/the best/(P)/
0103 1等軍曹 [いっとうぐんそう] /(n) sergeant first-class/
0104 1等国 [いっとうこく] /(n) first-class power/
0105 1等車 [いっとうしゃ] /(n) first-class carriage (coach)/
0106 1等賞 [いっとうしょう] /(n) first place prize/blue ribbon/
0107 1等親 [いっとうしん] /(n) first-degree relative/member of one's immediate family/
0108 1等星 [いっとうせい] /(n) first-magnitude star/
0109 1等卒 [いっとうそつ] /(n) private first-class/
0110 1等地 [いっとうち] /(n) best (residential) district (in town)/
0111 1等兵 [いっとうへい] /(n) private (e-2)/pfc/
0112 1等陸士 [いっとうりくし] /(n) private first-class/
0113 1日 [いちじつ] /(n) (1) first day of the month/(2) one day/
0114 1日 [いちにち] /(n) (1) first day of the month/(2) one day/
0115 1日 [ひとえ] /(ok) (n) (1) first day of the month/(2) one day/
0116 1日 [ひとひ] /(ok) (n) (1) first day of the month/(2) one day/
0117 1枚 [いちまい] /(n) one thin flat object/one sheet/
0118 1万円 [いちまんえん] /(n) 10,000 Yen/
0119 2 [に] /(num) two/
0120 2 [ふ] /(num) two/
0121 2 [ふう] /(num) two/
0122 2 [ふた] /(num) two/
0123 2000年対応 [にせんねんたいおう] /(exp) Y2K compliant/
0124 2000年問題 [にせんねんもんだい] /(n) Y2K bug/year 2000 problem/
0125 2000年問題対応 [にせんねんもんだいたいおう] /(exp) Y2K compliant/
0126 2000年問題対策済み [にせんねんもんだいたいさくずみ] /(n) Y2K compliant/
0127 20歳 [はたち] /(n) (1) 20 years old/
0128 20世紀 [にじっせいき] /(n) twentieth century/
0129 20世紀 [にじゅっせいき] /(n) twentieth century/
0130 20日 [はつか] /(n) (1) twentieth (day of the month)/(2) twenty days/
0131 24時間 [にじゅうよじかん] /(n) 24 hours/twenty-four hours/
0132 27年テーゼ [にじゅうしちねんテーゼ] /(n) 1927 Theses/Comintern policy documents regarding capitalism, imperialism, and a possible revolution in Japan/
0133 2ちゃんねら [にちゃんねら] /(n) 2channeler/2chan user/
0134 2ちゃんねらー [にちゃんねらー] /(n) 2channeler/2chan user/
0135 2ちゃんねる [にちゃんねる] /(n) (comp) 2channel (Japanese online forum)/
0136 2つ [ふたつ] /(num) two/
0137 2つに1つ [ふたつにひとつ] /(exp) one of two (possibilities, alternatives, etc.)/
0138 2のべき [にのべき] /(n) power of two/
0139 2の冪 [にのべき] /(n) power of two/
0140 2ルート化 [にルートか] /(n) (comp) (link, path) redundancy/
0141 2回生 [にかいせい] /(n) second year (college) student/sophomore/
0142 2割 [にわり] /(n) 20 percent/(P)/
0143 2月 [にがつ] /(n-adv) February/(P)/
0144 2項式 [にこうしき] /(n,adj-no) (comp) binomial/
0145 2時 [にじ] /(n-t) two o'clock/
0146 2次局 [にじきょく] /(n) (comp) secondary station/
0147 2進−5進 [にしんごしん] /(n) (comp) biquinary/
0148 2進−5進法 [にしんーごしんほう] /(n) (comp) biquinary notation/
0149 2進5進 [にしんごしん] /(n) (comp) biquinary/
0150 2進データ同期通信 [にしんデータどうきつうしん] /(n) (comp) binary synchronous communication/
0151 2進演算 [にしんえんざん] /(n) (comp) binary arithmetic operation/
0152 2進化10進コード [にしんかじゅうしんコード] /(n) (comp) binary-coded decimal code/
0153 2進化10進数 [にしんかじゅうしんすう] /(n) (comp) binary coded decimal/BCD/
0154 2進化10進表示法 [にしんかじゅうしんひょうじほう] /(n) (comp) binary-coded decimal representation/
0155 2進化10進法 [にしんかじゅうしんほう] /(n) (comp) binary-coded decimal notation/
0156 2進加算器 [にしんかさんき] /(n) (comp) binary adder/
0157 2進数 [にしんすう] /(n) binary digits/
0158 2進数字 [にしんすうじ] /(n) (comp) binary digit/
0159 2人きり [ふたりきり] /(n) just the two of them/
0160 2人っきり [ふたりっきり] /(n) just the two of them/
0161 2人っ切り [ふたりっきり] /(n) just the two of them/
0162 2人とも [ふたりとも] /(n) both (people)/
0163 2人乗り [ふたりのり] /(n,vs) two people using the same (vehicle) (often two on a bike)/
0164 2人切り [ふたりきり] /(n) just the two of them/
0165 2組 [ふたくみ] /(n) two classes/double/two sets/
0166 2通 [につう] /(n) two copies/
0167 2度と [にどと] /(adv) never again (with negative verb)/
0168 2度寝 [にどね] /(n,vs) going back to sleep (e.g. after waking up in the morning)/
0169 2等 [にとう] /(n) second class/
0170 2等軍曹 [にとうぐんそう] /(n) staff sergeant/
0171 2等車 [にとうしゃ] /(n) second class carriage/
0172 2等賞 [にとうしょう] /(n) second prize/
0173 2等親 [にとうしん] /(n) second-degree relative/
0174 2等分 [にとうぶん] /(n,vs) bisection/
0175 2等分線 [にとうぶんせん] /(n) bisector/
0176 2等兵 [にとうへい] /(n) private (e-1)/
0177 2等辺3角形 [にとうへんさんかくけい] /(n) isosceles triangle/
0178 2等辺3角形 [にとうへんさんかっけい] /(n) isosceles triangle/
0179 2日 [ふつか] /(n) (1) second day of the month/(2) two days/
0180 2倍 [にばい] /(n) double/twice/twofold/
0181 2番目 [にばんめ] /(n) second (in a series)/
0182 2部上場企業 [にぶじょうじょうきぎょう] /(n) Second Section company (on the Tokyo Stock Exchange)/
0183 2変量補間 [にへんりょうほかん] /(n) (comp) bivariable interpolation/
0184 2本立て映画 [にほんたてえいが] /(n) double feature (movie)/
0185 2枚 [にまい] /(n) two sheets (pieces) (of paper)/
0186 3 [さん] /(num) (1) three/(pref) (2) tri-/
0187 3 [み] /(num) (1) three/(pref) (2) tri-/
0188 32ビットの広い [さんじゅうにビットのひろい] /(n) (comp) 32 bits wide/
0189 32年テーゼ [さんじゅうにねんテーゼ] /(n) 1932 Theses/Comintern policy documents urging overthrow of Japan's imperial and metayage systems/
0190 3D [さんディー] /(n) 3D/three dimensional/
0191 3D [スリーディー] /(n) 3D/three dimensional/
0192 3D映画 [さんディーえいが] /(n) 3D movie/
0193 3D映像 [さんディーえいぞう] /(n) 3D image/
0194 3P [さんピー] /(n) (col) (sens) threesome/
0195 3つ [みっつ] /(num) three/
0196 3カードモンテ [スリーカードモンテ] /(n) three-card monte (card game)/
0197 3回生 [さんかいせい] /(n) third year (college) student/junior/
0198 3角形 [さんかくけい] /(n,adj-no) triangle/three-cornered polygon/
0199 3角形 [さんかっけい] /(n,adj-no) triangle/three-cornered polygon/
0200 3月 [さんがつ] /(n-adv) March/(P)/
0201 3元材料 [さんげんざいりょう] /(n) ternary material (e.g. semiconductor)/
0202 3時 [さんじ] /(n-adv) (1) 3 o'clock/(2) 3 o'clock snack/
0203 3時のおやつ [さんじのおやつ] /(exp) afternoon refreshment/afternoon tea/
0204 3次元 [さんじげん] /(n) three dimensions/three dimensional/3D/3-D/(P)/
0205 3人殺し [さんにんころし] /(n) triple murder/
0206 3人殺し [さんにんごろし] /(n) triple murder/
0207 3人乗り [さんにんのり] /(n) three people on the same vehicle (usu. bike)/
0208 3組 [さんくみ] /(n) set of three/three sets/three classes/
0209 3組 [みくみ] /(n) set of three/three sets/three classes/
0210 3等 [さんとう] /(n) third class/
0211 3等軍曹 [さんとうぐんそう] /(n) sergeant/
0212 3等賞 [さんとうしょう] /(n) third prize/
0213 3等親 [さんとうしん] /(n) third degree of kinship/
0214 3等星 [さんとうせい] /(n) third magnitude star/
0215 3等分 [さんとうぶん] /(n,vs) trisect/
0216 3日 [みっか] /(n) (1) the third day of the month/(2) three days/
0217 3倍 [さんばい] /(n) three-fold/three times/
0218 3部 [さんぶ] /(n) three parts/three copies/
0219 3本立て映画 [さんぼんたてえいが] /(n) triple feature (movie)/
0220 3枚 [さんまい] /(n) (1) three flat objects (e.g. tickets, pieces of cloth, etc.)/(2) filleting (a fish)/
0221 4 [し] /(num) four/
0222 4 [よ] /(num) four/
0223 4 [よん] /(num) four/
0224 4WD [よんダブリューディー] /(n) four-wheel drive (vehicle)/
0225 4つ [よっつ] /(num) four/
0226 4ヵ年 [よんかねん] /(adj-pn) quadrennial/
0227 4ヶ年 [よんかねん] /(adj-pn) quadrennial/
0228 4回生 [よんかいせい] /(n) fourth year (college) student/senior/
0229 4月 [しがつ] /(n-adv) April/(P)/
0230 4月テーゼ [しがつテーゼ] /(n) April Theses/series of directives issued by Lenin after his return from exile/
0231 4月馬鹿 [しがつばか] /(n) (1) April fool/(2) April fool's day/
0232 4元材料 [よんげんざいりょう] /(n) quaternary material (e.g. semiconductor)/
0233 4当5落 [よんとうごらく] /(exp) sleep four hours pass, sleep five hours fail/four-pass, five fail/
0234 4日 [よっか] /(n) (1) fourth day of month/(2) four days/
0235 5 [い] /(num) five/
0236 5 [いつ] /(num) five/
0237 5 [ご] /(num) five/
0238 500円玉 [ごひゃくえんだま] /(n) 500 yen coin/
0239 5つ [いつつ] /(num) five/
0240 5月 [ごがつ] /(n-adv) May/(P)/
0241 5叉路 [ごさろ] /(n) five-forked road/five-road junction/
0242 5日 [いつか] /(n) (1) the fifth day of the month/(2) five days/
0243 6 [む] /(num) six/
0244 6 [むう] /(num) six/
0245 6 [ろく] /(num) six/
0246 6つ [むっつ] /(num) six/
0247 6つ [むつ] /(num) six/
0248 6月 [ろくがつ] /(n-adv) June/(P)/
0249 6日 [むいか] /(n) (1) sixth day of the month/(2) six days/
0250 6日 [むゆか] /(ok) (n) (1) sixth day of the month/(2) six days/
0251 6日 [むよか] /(ok) (n) (1) sixth day of the month/(2) six days/
0252 7 [しち] /(num) (1) seven/(pref) (2) hepta-/
0253 7 [な] /(num) (1) seven/(pref) (2) hepta-/
0254 7 [なな] /(num) (1) seven/(pref) (2) hepta-/
0255 7つ [ななつ] /(num) seven/
0256 7月 [しちがつ] /(n-adv) July/(P)/
0257 7月王政 [しちがつおうせい] /(n) (French) July Monarchy/
0258 7日 [なぬか] /(n-adv) (1) the seventh day of the month/(2) seven days/
0259 7日 [なのか] /(n-adv) (1) the seventh day of the month/(2) seven days/
0260 8 [はち] /(num) eight/
0261 8 [や] /(num) eight/
0262 83会 [はちさんかい] /(n) collectively, the 83 new LDP members of parliament elected in the Sept. 2005 general election/
0263 8つ [やっつ] /(num) eight/
0264 8つ [やつ] /(num) eight/
0265 8の字 [はちのじ] /(n) (1) figure eight/figure of eight/
0266 8月 [はちがつ] /(n-adv) August/(P)/
0267 8進数 [はちしんすう] /(n) (comp) octal/base 8/
0268 8日 [ようか] /(n) (1) the eighth day of the month/(2) eight days/
0269 9 [きゅう] /(num) nine/
0270 9 [く] /(num) nine/
0271 9 [ここ] /(num) nine/
0272 9 [ここの] /(num) nine/
0273 9 [この] /(num) nine/
0274 911事件 [きゅういちいちじけん] /(n) September 11th attacks/
0275 9つ [ここのつ] /(num) nine/
0276 9月 [くがつ] /(n-adv) September/(P)/
0277 9日 [ここぬか] /(ok) (n) (1) the ninth day of the month/(2) nine days/
0278 9日 [ここのか] /(n) (1) the ninth day of the month/(2) nine days/
0279 A [エー] /(n) A/a/
0280 A.D. [エーディー] /(n) AD (Anno Domini)/
0281 AA会議 [エーエーかいぎ] /(n) Afro-Asian Conference (1955)/
0282 ABC順 [エービーシーじゅん] /(n) alphabetical order/
0283 ABO式血液型 [エービーオーしきけつえきがた] /(n) ABO blood type/
0284 AB型 [エービーがた] /(n) type AB (blood, etc.)/
0285 AC [エーシー] /(n) adult children/
0286 ACL [エーシーエル] /(n) (comp) ACL/
0287 ACM [エーシーエム] /(n) (comp) ACM/
0288 ACOS [エーコス] /(n) (comp) ACOS/
0289 ACRS [エーシーアールエス] /(n) Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards/ACRS/
0290 AD [エーディー] /(n) AD (Anno Domini)/
0291 ADESS [アデス] /(n) Automated Data Editing and Switching System/ADESS/
0292 ADHD [エーディーエッチディー] /(n) attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder/ADHD/
0293 ADP [エーディーピー] /(n) adenosine diphosphate/ADP/
0294 ADSL [エーディーエスエル] /(n) (comp) asymmetric digital subscriber line/ADSL/
0295 AGR [エージーアール] /(n) advanced gas-cooled reactor/AGR/
0296 AI [エーアイ] /(n) artificial intelligence/AI/
0297 AIDS [エイズ] /(n) (uk) acquired immune deficiency syndrome/AIDS/(P)/
0298 AID人工授精 [ひはいぐうしゃかんじんこうじゅせい] /(n) artificial insemination by donor/
0299 AIH人工授精 [はいぐうしゃかんじんこうじゅせい] /(n) artificial insemination by sperm from husband/
0300 AKY [エーケイワイ] /(n) (sl) not noticing mood implicit to situations, conversations, etc./
0301 ALD [エイエルディー] /(n) atomic layer deposition/ALD/
0302 ALE [エイエルイー] /(n) atomic layer epitaxy/ALE/
0303 ALS [エーエルエス] /(n) (abbr) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/ALS/
0304 ALT [エイエルティー] /(exp) assistant language teacher (technical term used in Japan)/ALT/
0305 AMP [エーエムピー] /(n) adenosine monophosphate (AMP)/
0306 AO [エーオー] /(n) admissions office/admission office/
0307 AOCE [エーオーシーイー] /(n) (comp) AOCE/
0308 AOL [エーオーエル] /(n) (comp) AOL/
0309 AP通信社 [エーピーつうしんしゃ] /(n) Associated Press/
0310 ASEAN [アセアン] /(n) Association of Southeast Asian Nations/ASEAN/
0311 ATICS [アティックス] /(n) Automobile Traffic Information & Control System/ATICS/
0312 ATM [エーティーエム] /(n) (1) automatic teller machine/ATM/automated teller machine/(2) asynchronous transfer mode/ATM/(3) anti-tank missile/ATM/(P)/
0313 ATP [エーティーピー] /(n) adenosine triphosphate/ATP/
0314 AT互換機 [エーティーごかんき] /(n) (comp) AT-compatible/
0315 AV [アダルトビデオ] /(n) porn video (from adult video)/
0316 AV女優 [エーヴイじょゆう] /(n) female porn star/
0317 A級戦犯 [エーきゅうせんぱん] /(n) class-A war criminal/
0318 A型 [エーがた] /(n) type A (blood, influenza, hepatitis, etc.)/
0319 A型肝炎 [エーがたかんえん] /(n) hepatitis A/
0320 A系 [エーけい] /(n,adj-no) (abbr) (sl) Akihabara style/nerdy/
0321 B [ビー] /(n) B/b/
0322 B.C. [ビーシー] /(n) BC (before Christ)/
0323 B52 [ビーごじゅうに] /(n) B-52 Stratofortress/B-52 Bomber/
0324 BBC [ビービーシー] /(n) British Broadcasting Corporation/BBC/
0325 BBS [ビービーエス] /(n) bulletin board system/BBS/
0326 BC [ビーシー] /(n) BC (before Christ)/
0327 BCG [ビーシージー] /(n) Bacille Calmette-Guerin (tuberculosis vaccine)/BCG/
0328 BCG陽転 [ビーシージーようてん] /(n) (obsc) positive tuberculin conversion after a BCG vaccination/
0329 BC級戦犯 [ビーシーきゅうせんぱん] /(n) class-B and class-C war criminals/
0330 BD [ビーディー] /(n) Blu-ray Disc/BD/
0331 BDSM [ビーディーエスエム] /(n) bondage, discipline & sadomasochism/BDSM/
0332 BGM [ビージーエム] /(n) background music/BGM/(P)/
0333 BL [ビーエル] /(n) (1) male homosexuality/(2) bill of lading/BL/
0334 BLコミック [ビーエルコミック] /(n) (col) comic featuring male homosexuality (wasei: boys love)/
0335 BOD [ビーオーディー] /(n) (1) biochemical oxygen demand/BOD/(2) bandwidth-on-demand/
0336 BSE [ビーエスイー] /(n) bovine spongiform encephalopathy/BSE/
0337 BSL [ビーエスエル] /(n) biosafety level/BSL/
0338 BWR [ビーダブリューアール] /(n) boiling-water reactor/BWR/
0339 Base64 [ベースろくじゅうよん] /(n) Base64/binary data/text data encoding conversion defined by MIME/
0340 Bスプライン関数 [ビースプラインかんすう] /(n) (comp) B-spline/
0341 Bリンパ球 [ビーリンパきゅう] /(n) B lymphocyte/B cell/
0342 B型 [ビーがた] /(n) type B (blood, influenza, hepatitis, etc.)/
0343 B型肝炎 [ビーがたかんえん] /(n) hepatitis B/
0344 B系 [ビーけい] /(n,adj-no) (sl) hip-hop culture/Black culture (esp. breakdancing culture)/
0345 B細胞 [ビーさいぼう] /(n) B cell/B lymphocyte/
0346 B専 [ビーせん] /(n) (sl) attraction to ugly people/
0347 B淋巴球 [ビーリンパきゅう] /(n) B lymphocyte/B cell/
0348 C [シー] /(n) C/c/
0349 C++言語 [シープラスプラスげんご] /(n) C++/C plus plus/
0350 C3植物 [シーさんしょくぶつ] /(n) C3 plant (any plant, such as rice, that uses C3 carbon fixation)/
0351 C4植物 [シーよんしょくぶつ] /(n) C4 plant (any plant, such as corn, that uses C4 carbon fixation)/
0352 CAD [キャド] /(n) (comp) computer-aided design/CAD/
0353 CAI [シーエーアイ] /(n) (comp) computer-assisted instruction/CAI/computer-aided instruction/
0354 CAM [キャム] /(n) (comp) computer-aided manufacturing/CAM/
0355 CAM植物 [カムしょくぶつ] /(n) CAM plant (any plant, such as the pineapple, that uses crassulacean acid metabolism)/
0356 CANDU炉 [キャンドゥろ] /(n) CANDU reactor/Candu reactor/
0357 CATV [シーエーティービー] /(n) community antenna television/CATV/
0358 CATV [シーエーティーブイ] /(n) community antenna television/CATV/
0359 CATVインターネット [シーエーティーブイインターネット] /(n) cable internet/
0360 CB [シービー] /(n) (1) Citizens' Band/CB (radio)/(2) convertible bond/(3) chronic bronchitis/(4) chemical and biological (weapons)/(5) center back/(6) community business/
0361 CD [シーディー] /(n) (1) compact disk/CD/(2) cash dispenser/(3) (negotiable) certificate of deposit/
0362 CD−DA [シーディーディーエー] /(n) (comp) CD-DA/
0363 CD−R [シーディーアール] /(n) (comp) CD-R/
0364 CD−ROM [シーディーロム] /(n) compact disk read-only memory/CD-ROM/
0365 CDDA [シーディーディーエー] /(n) (comp) CD-DA/
0366 CDR [シーディーアール] /(n) (comp) CD-R/
0367 CDROM [シーディーロム] /(n) compact disk read-only memory/CD-ROM/
0368 CDプレーヤー [シーディープレーヤー] /(n) CD player/(P)/
0369 CDプレイヤー [シーディープレイヤー] /(n) CD player/
0370 CDラジカセ [シーディーラジカセ] /(n) CD radio-cassette/
0371 CEO [シーイーオー] /(n) chief executive officer/CEO/
0372 CF [シーエフ] /(n) commercial film/CF/
0373 CFC [シーエフシー] /(n) (1) chlorofluorocarbon/CFC/(2) Common Fund for Commodities/CFC/
0374 CFIT [シーフィット] /(n) Controlled Flight Into Terrain/CFIT/
0375 CG [シージー] /(n) (comp) computer graphics/CG/
0376 CGI [シージーアイ] /(n) (1) (comp) common gateway interface/CGI/(2) computer generated imagery/CGI/
0377 CGS単位系 [シージーエスたんいけい] /(n) centimetre-gram-second system of units/
0378 CIA [シーアイエー] /(n) Central Intelligence Agency/CIA/
0379 CIS [シーアイエス] /(n) (1) Commonwealth of Independent States/CIS/(2) critical incident stress/CIS/
0380 CISC [シスク] /(n) (comp) complex instruction set computer/CISC/
0381 CM [シーエム] /(n) CM/commercial message/(P)/
0382 CNN [シーエヌエヌ] /(n) CNN/Cable News Network/
0383 COD [シーオーディー] /(n) (1) chemical oxygen demand/COD/(2) cash on delivery/COD/
0384 COSMETS [コスメッツ] /(n) (comp) Computer System for Meteorological Services/COSMETS/
0385 CRT [シーアルティー] /(n) cathode-ray tube/CRT/
0386 CT [シーティー] /(n) (comp) CT (computerized tomography)/
0387 CTC [シーティーシー] /(n) centralized traffic control (centralised)/CTC/
0388 CTS [シーティーエス] /(n) (1) (comp) computerized typesetting system (computerised)/CTS/(2) cold type system/CTS/
0389 CTスキャナー [シーティースキャナー] /(n) CT scanner/
0390 Cカード [シーカード] /(n) card carried by divers to prove they are certified/
0391 C型 [シーがた] /(n) type C (hepatitis, etc.)/
0392 C型肝炎 [シーがたかんえん] /(n) hepatitis C/
0393 C言語 [シーげんご] /(n) (comp) C programming language/
0394 D [ディー] /(n) D/d/
0395 DAT [ダット] /(n) digital audiotape/DAT/
0396 DAT [ディーエーティー] /(n) digital audiotape/DAT/
0397 DBMS [ディービーエムエス] /(n) (comp) database management system/DBMS/
0398 DDI [ディーディーアイ] /(n) dideoxyinosine/didanosine/DDI/ddI/
0399 DDT [ディーディーティー] /(n) dichlorodiphenyl-trichloro-ethane/DDT/
0400 DIN [ヂン] /(n) Deutsches Institut fuer Normung/DIN/German Institute for Standardization/
0401 DINKS [ディンクス] /(n) dinks (double-income, no kids)/childless working couple/
0402 DINバルブ [ディンバルブ] /(n) DIN type scuba tank valve/
0403 DJ [ディージェー] /(n) DJ/disc jockey/
0404 DL [ディーエル] /(n) (comp) download/
0405 DMA [ディーエムエー] /(n) (comp) direct memory access/DMA/
0406 DNA [ディーエヌエー] /(n) deoxyribonucleic acid/DNA/
0407 DNAウイルス [ディーエヌエーウイルス] /(n) DNA virus/
0408 DNAクローニング [ディーエヌエークローニング] /(n) DNA cloning/
0409 DNA鑑定 [ディーエヌエーかんてい] /(n) DNA test/
0410 DNS [ディーエヌエス] /(n) (comp) DNS/Domain Name System/
0411 DQN [ドキュン] /(n) (sl) dumb-ass (person or corporation)/
0412 DRS理論 [でぃーあーるえすりろん] /(n) discourse representation structure theory/
0413 DVD [ディーブイディー] /(n) digital versatile disc/DVD/
0414 DVD−R [ディーブイディーアール] /(n) DVD-R (digital versatile disc recordable)/
0415 DVD−RAM [ディーブイディーラム] /(n) (comp) DVD-RAM/
0416 DVD−ROM [ディーブイディーロム] /(n) (comp) DVD-ROM/
0417 DVDR [ディーブイディーアール] /(n) DVD-R (digital versatile disc recordable)/
0418 DVDRAM [ディーブイディーラム] /(n) (comp) DVD-RAM/
0419 DVDROM [ディーブイディーロム] /(n) (comp) DVD-ROM/
0420 DVDオーディオ [ディーブイディーオーディオ] /(n) DVD-Audio/
0421 DVDビデオ [ディーブイディービデオ] /(n) Digital Versatile Disc video/DVD video/
0422 DVDプレーヤー [ディーブイディープレーヤー] /(n) DVD player/(P)/
0423 DVDレコーダー [ディーブイディーレコーダー] /(n) DVD recorder/
0424 DoS攻撃 [ディーオーエスこうげき] /(n) (comp) denial-of-service (DoS) attack/
0425 D層 [ディーそう] /(n) D layer (of the ionosphere)/
0426 E [イー] /(n) E/e/
0427 EBM [イービーエム] /(n) evidence-based medicine/EBM/
0428 EBウイルス [イービーウイルス] /(n) Epstein-Barr virus/EBV/
0429 ECCS [イーシーシーエス] /(n) emergency core cooling system/ECCS/
0430 EDTA [イーディーティーエー] /(n) ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid/EDTA/
0431 EEPROM [イーイープロム] /(n) (comp) electrically erasable programmable read-only memory/EEPROM/E2PROM/
0432 EFF [イーエフエフ] /(n) (1) Extended Fund Facility/EFF/(2) Electronic Frontier Foundation/EFF/
0433 ERIC [エリック] /(n) Educational Resources Information Center/ERIC/
0434 ESP [イーエスピー] /(n) extrasensory perception/ESP/
0435 ES細胞 [イーエスさいぼう] /(n) (abbr) embryonic stem cell/
0436 ETC [イーティーシー] /(n) electronic toll collection system/ETC/
0437 ETR [イーティーアール] /(n) engineering testing reactor/ETR/
0438 EU [イーユー] /(n) EU/European Union/
0439 Eメール [イーメール] /(n) (comp) email/electronic mail/
0440 Eメールアドレス [イーメールアドレス] /(n) (comp) email address/
0441 E層 [イーそう] /(n) E layer (of the ionosphere)/
0442 F [エフ] /(n) F/f/
0443 FBI [エフビーアイ] /(n) Federal Bureau of Investigation/FBI/
0444 FFT [エフエフティー] /(n) fast-fourier-transform/FFT/
0445 FGM [エフジーエム] /(n) female genital mutilation/FGM/female circumcision/female genital cutting/
0446 FM [エフエム] /(n) FM/frequency modulation/
0447 FMチューナー [エフエムチューナー] /(n) FM tuner/
0448 FSH [エフエスエッチ] /(n) follicle-stimulating hormone/FSH/
0449 FTA [エフティーエー] /(n) (1) Free Trade Agreement/(2) free-trade area/
0450 FTTH [エフティーティーエッチ] /(n) fiber to the home (fibre)/FTTH/home fiber optic cable installation/
0451 FTTx [エフティーティーエックス] /(n) fiber to the x (generic term for any network architecture that uses optical fiber) (fibre)/FTTx/
0452 Fナンバー [エフナンバー] /(n) f-number (photography)/
0453 F層 [エフそう] /(n) F layer (of the ionosphere)/
0454 G [ジー] /(n) G/g/
0455 GABA [ギャバ] /(n) gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)/
0456 GATT [ガット] /(n) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade/GATT/
0457 GB理論 [ジービーりろん] /(n) (ling) government-binding theory/government and binding theory/
0458 GDP [ジーディーピー] /(n) gross domestic product/GDP/
0459 GHQ [ジーエッチキュー] /(n) General Headquarters (office of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers)/GHQ/
0460 GNP [ジーエヌピー] /(n) gross national product/GNP/
0461 GNPデフレーター [ジーエヌピーデフレーター] /(n) GNP deflator/
0462 GOP [ゴップ] /(n) Grand Old Party (Republican Party of the United States)/GOP/
0463 GSR [ジーエスアール] /(n) galvanic skin response/GSR/
0464 GUI [ジーユーアイ] /(n) graphical user interface/GUI/(P)/
0465 GUT [ジーユーティー] /(n) grand unified theory/GUT/
0466 GW [ジーダブリュー] /(n) golden week/
0467 Google八分 [グーグルはちぶ] /(n) (of a website) being delisted or censored by the Google search engine/
0468 Gスポット [ジースポット] /(n) Grafenberg spot (G-spot)/
0469 Gメン [ジーメン] /(n) FBI agent (lit: G-men, government men)/
0470 G様 [ジーさま] /(n) (sl) euph. for cockroach/
0471 H [エイチ] /(n) (1) H/h/(adj-na,n) (2) (uk) indecent/lewd/frisky/sexy/(vs) (3) (uk) to have sex/
0472 H [エッチ] /(n) (1) H/h/(adj-na,n) (2) (uk) indecent/lewd/frisky/sexy/(vs) (3) (uk) to have sex/
0473 HCFC [エッチシーエフシー] /(n) hydrochlorofluorocarbon/HCFC/
0474 HD・DVD [エッチディー・ディーブイディー] /(n) high-definition digital versatile disc (HD DVD, high-definition DVD)/
0475 HDD [エイチディーディー] /(n) (comp) hard disk drive/HDD/
0476 HDD [エッチディーディー] /(n) (comp) hard disk drive/HDD/
0477 HDDVD [エッチディーディーブイディー] /(n) high-definition digital versatile disc (HD DVD, high-definition DVD)/
0478 HDSL [エッチディーエスエル] /(n) (comp) high-bit-rate digital subscriber line/HDSL/
0479 HFC [エッチエフシー] /(n) (1) hydrofluorocarbon/HFC/(2) hybrid fiber coax/HFC/
0480 HIV [エッチアイブイ] /(n) human immunodeficiency virus/HIV/
0481 HLA抗原 [エッチエルエーこうげん] /(n) human leukocyte antigen/
0482 HP [エイチピー] /(n) (1) horsepower/HP/(2) home page/(3) half-pipe (i.e. in snowboarding)/(4) HP (i.e. a 'hit point' in a role-playing game)/
0483 HP [エッチピー] /(n) (1) horsepower/HP/(2) home page/(3) half-pipe (i.e. in snowboarding)/(4) HP (i.e. a 'hit point' in a role-playing game)/
0484 HR図 [エッチアールず] /(n) (abbr) Hertzsprung-Russel diagram/HR diagram/
0485 HTML [エッチティーエムエル] /(n) (comp) hypertext markup language/HTML/
0486 HTTP [エイチティーティーピー] /(n) Hypertext Transfer Protocol/http/
0487 HTTP [エッチティーティーピー] /(n) Hypertext Transfer Protocol/http/
0488 HWR [エッチダブリューアール] /(n) heavy-water reactor/HWR/
0489 Hな映画 [エッチなえいが] /(n) pornographic film/salacious film/
0490 Hビデオ [エッチビデオ] /(n) pornographic video/salacious video/
0491 I [アイ] /(n) I/i/
0492 ICBM [アイシービーエム] /(n) intercontinental ballistic missile/ICBM/
0493 ICカード [アイシーカード] /(n) IC card/smart card/
0494 ICタグ [アイシータグ] /(n) IC tag (integrated circuit tag, used as an alternative to bar codes)/
0495 ICレコーダー [アイシーレコーダー] /(n) IC recorder/
0496 ID [アイディー] /(n) identification/ID/identity/
0497 IDカード [アイディーカード] /(n) ID card/identification card/
0498 ID番号 [アイディーばんごう] /(n) ID number/
0499 IEEE [アイイーイーイー] /(n) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers/IEEE/
0500 IEEE [アイトリプルイー] /(n) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers/IEEE/
0501 IH調理器 [アイエッチちょうりき] /(n) induction cooker/
0502 IM [アイエム] /(n) (1) instant messaging (messenger, message)/IM/(2) (comp) input method/IM/
0503 IMO [アイエムオー] /(n) (1) International Mathematical Olympiad/IMO/(2) International Maritime Organization/IMO/(3) International Meteorological Organization/IMO/
0504 INAH [アイナ] /(n) isonicotinic acid hydrazide/INAH/
0505 IO [アイオー] /(n) (comp) input-output/
0506 IP [アイピー] /(n) Internet Protocol/IP/
0507 IPCC [アイピーシーシー] /(n) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change/IPCC/
0508 IPアドレス [アイピーアドレス] /(n) Internet Protocol address/IP address/
0509 IP電話 [アイピーでんわ] /(n) voice over IP (VoIP)/Internet protocol telephony/IP telephony/Internet telephony/
0510 IRBM [アイアールビーエム] /(n) intermediate-range ballistic missile/IRBM/
0511 ISDN [アイエスディーエン] /(n) integrated services digital network/ISDN/
0512 ISP [アイエスピー] /(n) Internet Service Provider/ISP/
0513 IT [アイティー] /(n) (comp) information technology/IT/
0514 ITU勧告 [アイティーユーかんこく] /(n) (comp) ITU Recommendation/
0515 Iノード [アイノード] /(n) (comp) i-node (Unix)/
0516 J [ジェー] /(n) J/j/
0517 JAS [ジャス] /(n) Japanese Agricultural Standard/JAS/
0518 JASDAQ [ジャスダック] /(n) Japanese Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (JASDAQ)/
0519 JASDAQ市場 [ジャスダックいちば] /(n) JASDAQ market/
0520 JASRAC [ジャスラック] /(n) Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers/JASRAC/
0521 JASマーク [ジャスマーク] /(n) JAS mark/
0522 JETRO [ジェトロ] /(n) Japanese External Trade Organization (Organisation)/JETRO/
0523 JIS [ジス] /(n) (comp) Japanese Industrial Standard/JIS/
0524 JMTR [ジェーエムティーアール] /(n) Japan Material Test Reactor/JMTR/
0525 JPDR [ジェーピーディーアール] /(n) Japan Power Demonstration Reactor/JPDR/
0526 JR [ジェーアール] /(n) Japan Railways/JR/(P)/
0527 Jカーブ効果 [ジェーカーブこうか] /(n) J-curve effect/
0528 K [ケー] /(n) K/k/
0529 K−1 [ケイワン] /(n) K-1 (Japanese kick-boxing promotion)/
0530 K−T境界 [ケイーティーきょうかい] /(n) K-T boundary (between the Cretaceous Period and the Tertiary Period)/
0531 KGB [カーゲーベー] /(n) KGB (former Soviet Union intelligency agency) (rus: Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti)/
0532 KGB [ケージービー] /(n) KGB (former Soviet Union intelligency agency) (rus: Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti)/
0533 KKK [ケーケーケー] /(n) (abbr) Ku Klux Klan/KKK/
0534 KT境界 [ケイティーきょうかい] /(n) K-T boundary (between the Cretaceous Period and the Tertiary Period)/
0535 KY [ケーワイ] /(n) being unable to read the situation/
0536 KY [ケイーワイ] /(n) being unable to read the situation/
0537 K粒子 [ケーりゅうし] /(n) K-meson/kaon/
0538 L [エル] /(n) L/l/
0539 LAN [ラン] /(n) (comp) local area network/LAN/
0540 LANエミュレーション [ランエミュレーション] /(n) (comp) LAN emulation/
0541 LAP [ラップ] /(n) link access protocol/LAP/
0542 LCD [エルシーディー] /(n) liquid crystal display/LCD/
0543 LDL [エルディーエル] /(n) Low-density lipoprotein/LDL/
0544 LED [エルイーディー] /(n) light-emitting diode/LED/
0545 LFG [エルエフジー] /(n) (ling) lexical-functional grammar/LFG/
0546 LL [エルエル] /(n) language laboratory/LL/
0547 LLC [エルエルシー] /(n) (1) (comp) logical link control/LLC/(2) long-life coolant/LLC/
0548 LOCA [ロカ] /(n) loss-of-coolant accident/LOCA/
0549 LPE [エルピーイー] /(n) liquid phase epitaxy/LPE/
0550 LPS [エルピーエス] /(n) lipopolysaccharide/LPS/
0551 LSD [エルエスディー] /(n) lysergic acid diethylamide/LSD/
0552 LWR [エルダブリューアール] /(n) light-water reactor/LWR/
0553 M [エム] /(n) (1) (abbr) letter 'M'/(2) Mega/(3) (col) masochist/masochistic/
0554 MBE [エムビーイー] /(n) molecular beam epitaxy/MBE/
0555 MIDI [ミディ] /(n) musical instrument digital interface/MIDI/
0556 MIDI [ミディー] /(n) musical instrument digital interface/MIDI/
0557 MIME [マイム] /(n) (comp) Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension/MIME/
0558 MIS [エムアイエス] /(n) management information system (MIS)/
0559 MIS [ミス] /(n) management information system (MIS)/
0560 MMRワクチン [エムエムアールワクチン] /(n) MMR vaccine (for measles, mumps and rubella)/
0561 MNP [エムエヌピー] /(n) mobile number portability/MNP/
0562 MN式血液型 [エムエヌしきけつえきがた] /(n) MN blood type/
0563 MODチップ [モッドチップ] /(n) mod chip/
0564 MOX燃料 [モックスねんりょう] /(n) mixed oxide fuel/MOX fuel/
0565 MP3 [エムピースリー] /(n) (comp) MP3/(P)/
0566 MP3プレーヤー [エムピースリープレーヤー] /(n) (comp) MP3 player/(P)/
0567 MRI [エムアールアイ] /(n) magnetic resonance imaging/MRI/
0568 MRSA [エムアールエスエー] /(n) methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus/MRSA/
0569 MTR [エムティーアール] /(n) material testing reactor/MTR/
0570 MiG [ミグ] /(n) (uk) Mig (Russian aeroplane, airplane)/MIG/
0571 M字開脚 [エムじかいきゃく] /(n) pornographic pose (spreading one's legs open wide with knees bent, creating the shape of the letter 'M')/
0572 M走 [メートルそう] /(suf) -meter race (after number)/
0573 M理論 [エムりろん] /(n) M-theory ("master theory" that unifies the five superstring theories)/
0574 N [エヌ] /(n) N/n/
0575 NAD [エヌエーディー] /(n) nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD)/
0576 NAD [ナッド] /(n) nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD)/
0577 NAK [ナック] /(n) (comp) negative acknowledgement/NAK/
0578 NAPS [ナプス] /(n) Numerical Analysis and Prediction System/NAPS/
0579 NASA [ナサ] /(n) National Aeronautics and Space Administration/NASA/
0580 NASDAQ [ナスダック] /(n) National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations/NASDAQ/
0581 NATO [ナトー] /(n) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Organisation)/NATO/
0582 NDフィルタ [エヌディーフィルター] /(n) neutral-density filter/neutral filter/
0583 NEET [ニート] /(n) NEET (young people not in education, employment or training)/
0584 NG [エヌジ] /(n,adj-na) (1) NG/no good/(2) gaffe or "blooper" in TV or movies/
0585 NG [エヌジー] /(n,adj-na) (1) NG/no good/(2) gaffe or "blooper" in TV or movies/
0586 NHK [エヌエッチケー] /(n) Japan Broadcasting Corporation/Nihon Housou Kyoukai/NHK/
0587 NHK教育テレビ [エヌエッチケーきょういくテレビ] /(n) NHK Educational TV/
0588 NHK教育テレビジョン [エヌエッチケーきょういくテレビジョン] /(n) NHK Educational TV/
0589 NHK受信料 [エヌエッチケーじゅしんりょう] /(n) NHK fees/
0590 NIMBY [ニンビー] /(n) NIMBY (not in my back yard)/Nimby/
0591 NMR [エヌエムアール] /(n) nuclear magnetic resonance/NMR/
0592 NPO [エヌピーオー] /(n) nonprofit organization/Not-for-Profit Organization/
0593 NPO法 [エヌピーオーほう] /(n) the NPO Law (1998)/Law Concerning the Promotion of Specific Non-Profit Organization Activities/
0594 NPO法人 [エヌピーオーほうじん] /(n) incorporated nonprofit organization/
0595 NPS [エヌピーエス] /(n) nuclear power station/NPS/
0596 NRC [エヌアールシー] /(n) (1) Nuclear Regulatory Commission/NRC/(2) National Research Council/NRC/
0597 NTT [エヌティーティー] /(n) Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation/NTT/
0598 NULLPO [なるぽ] /(n) (uk) (sl) null pointer exception (in the Java programming language)/
0599 NULLPO [ぬるぽ] /(n) (uk) (sl) null pointer exception (in the Java programming language)/
0600 NULLPO [ナルポ] /(n) (uk) (sl) null pointer exception (in the Java programming language)/
0601 NULLPO [ヌルポ] /(n) (uk) (sl) null pointer exception (in the Java programming language)/
0602 NaK [ナク] /(n) NaK (sodium-potassium alloy)/
0603 NaK [ナック] /(n) NaK (sodium-potassium alloy)/
0604 NaN [エヌエーエヌ] /(n) (comp) not a number/NaN/
0605 NaN [ナン] /(n) (comp) not a number/NaN/
0606 N響 [エヌきょう] /(n) (abbr) NHK Symphony Orchestra/
0607 O [オー] /(n) O/o/
0608 OA [オーエー] /(n) office automation/OA/
0609 OB [オービー] /(n) (1) old boy/OB/(2) out-of-bounds/
0610 OEM [オーイーエム] /(n) (comp) original equipment manufacturer/OEM/
0611 OG [オージー] /(n) (1) old girl/former female student/(2) office girl/
0612 OK [オーケー] /(n) (col) OK/
0613 OK [オッケー] /(n) (col) OK/
0614 OL [オーエル] /(n) (abbr) (sens) OL/office lady/
0615 OS [オーエス] /(n) (comp) operating system/OS/
0616 OTC [オーティーシー] /(n) over-the-counter drug/
0617 OTC薬 [オーティーシーやく] /(n) over-the-counter drug/
0618 OV [オーブイ] /(n) (abbr) film released direct-to-video/
0619 OVA [オーブイエー] /(n) (abbr) animated film released direct-to-video/
0620 Oバック [オーバック] /(n) O-back/skirt with peek-a-boo hole in rump/
0621 Oリング [オーリング] /(n) O-ring/loop of elastomer used as a gasket/
0622 O型 [オーがた] /(n) type O (blood, etc.)/
0623 P [ピー] /(n) P/p/
0624 PBX [ピービーエックス] /(n) Private Branch eXchange/PBX/
0625 PC [ピーシー] /(n) (comp) PC/personal computer/
0626 PCI [ピーシーアイ] /(n) (comp) PCI/
0627 PCR法 [ピーシーアールほう] /(n) polymerase chain reaction (method) (PCR)/
0628 PDA [ピーディーエー] /(n) personal digital assistant/PDA/
0629 PER [パー] /(n) price-earnings ratio/PER/
0630 PET [ペット] /(n) (1) polyethylene terephthalate/PET/(2) positron emission tomography/PET/
0631 PETボトル [ペットボトル] /(n) (uk) PET bottle (clear plastic beverage bottle)/
0632 PHS [ピーエイチエス] /(n) personal handyphone system/PHS/
0633 PHS [ピーエッチエス] /(n) personal handyphone system/PHS/
0634 PKO [ピーケーオー] /(n) peacekeeping operations/PKO/
0635 PL教団 [ピーエルきょうだん] /(n) Church of Perfect Liberty (religious group founded in Japan in 1924)/
0636 PM [ピーエム] /(n) (1) (comp) (abbr) private message/PM/(n-t) (2) post-meridiem/afternoon/
0637 PR [ピーアール] /(n) public relations/PR/
0638 PTA [ピーティーエー] /(n) Parent-Teacher Association/PTA/
0639 PTSD [ピーティーエスディー] /(n) post-traumatic stress disorder/PTSD/
0640 PUREX [ピューレックス] /(n) plutonium-uranium extraction/PUREX/
0641 PV [ピーブイ] /(n) (1) promotional video/music video/(2) page view/
0642 PVC [ピーブイシー] /(n) polyvinyl chloride/PVC/
0643 PVC管 [ピーブイシーかん] /(n) (abbr) polyvinyl chloride pipe/PVC pipe/
0644 PWR [ピーダブリューアール] /(n) pressurized-water reactor/PWR/
0645 Pタイル [ピータイル] /(n) vinyl floor tile (typically 30 cm square)/
0646 Pバルブ [ピーバルブ] /(n) P-valve/urinal built into a diver's dry suit/
0647 P波 [ピーは] /(n) P-wave (e.g. of earthquake)/primary wave/
0648 Q [キュー] /(n) Q/q/
0649 QOL [キューオーエル] /(n) quality of life/QOL/
0650 QRコード [キューアーコード] /(n) quick response code (2-dimensional bar code commonly used by Japanese mobile phones to link to URLs)/QR code/
0651 QRコード [キューアールコード] /(n) quick response code (2-dimensional bar code commonly used by Japanese mobile phones to link to URLs)/QR code/
0652 QT延長症候群 [きゅうちーえんちょうしょうこうぐん] /(n) long QT syndrome/
0653 Q熱 [キューねつ] /(n) Q fever (extremely contagious bacterial disease with flu-like symptoms)/
0654 R [アール] /(n) (1) R/r/(2) (math) radius/(3) (uk) curve/
0655 R&D [アールアンドディー] /(n) research and development/R&D/
0656 RAM [ラム] /(n) random-access memory/RAM/
0657 RAS [ラス] /(n) (1) remote access service/RAS/(2) reliability, availability, serviceability/RAS/
0658 RC造 [アールシーぞう] /(n) reinforced concrete construction/
0659 REM [レム] /(n) rapid eye movement/REM/
0660 REM睡眠 [レムすいみん] /(n) REM sleep/
0661 RF [アールエフ] /(n) radio frequency (RF)/
0662 RF−ID [アールエフアイディー] /(n) RFID (radio frequency identification)/
0663 RFID [アールエフアイディー] /(n) RFID (radio frequency identification)/
0664 RFタグ [アールエフタグ] /(n) RFID tag/
0665 RISC [リスク] /(n) (comp) reduced instruction set computer/RISC/
0666 RNA [アールエヌエー] /(n) ribonucleic acid/RNA/
0667 RNAウイルス [アールエヌエーウイルス] /(n) RNA virus/
0668 ROM [ロム] /(n) (1) read-only memory/ROM/(2) lurker (on a forum)/read-only member/
0669 RS232ケーブル [アールエスにさんにケーブル] /(n) rs232 cable/
0670 RSウイルス [アールエスウイルス] /(n) RS virus (respiratory syncytial virus)/
0671 RU486 [アールユーよんはちろく] /(n) RU-486 (trademarked development name of mifepristone)/RU 486/
0672 RV [アールブイ] /(n) (1) recreational vehicle/RV/sports utility vehicle/SUV/(2) reactor vessel/(3) reentry vehicle/(4) Revised Version/RV/
0673 RV車 [アールブイしゃ] /(n) sports utility vehicle/SUV/four wheel drive (car or minivan)/lit: recreational vehicle (RV) (usu. not camper or motor home)/
0674 Rh因子 [アールエッチいんし] /(n) Rh factor (Rhesus factor)/
0675 Rh式血液型 [アールエッチしきけつえきがた] /(n) Rh blood type/
0676 S [エス] /(n) (1) (abbr) letter "S" (abbr. for sister, south, steam, etc.)/(2) (abbr) sadistic/sadist/
0677 SARS [サーズ] /(n) severe acute respiratory syndrome/SARS/
0678 SB [エスビー] /(n) (1) store brand/(2) straight bond/(3) station break/(4) sideback/(5) social business/
0679 SCID [スキッド] /(n,adj-f) severe combined immune deficiency/severe combined immunodeficiency/SCID/
0680 SCIDマウス [スキッドマウス] /(n) SCID mouse (severe combined immune deficiency)/
0681 SDSL [エスディーエスエル] /(n) (comp) symmetric digital subscriber line/SDSL/
0682 SD法 [エスディーほう] /(n) semantic differential/
0683 SF [エスエフ] /(n) SF/science fiction/
0684 SIMカード [シムカード] /(n) SIM card/
0685 SIMロック解除 [シムロックかいじょ] /(n) SIM unlock/SIM lock cancellation/
0686 SIS [シス] /(n) strategic information system (SIS)/
0687 SL [エスエル] /(n) steam locomotive/
0688 SLBM [エスエルビーエム] /(n) submarine-launched ballistic missile/SLBM/
0689 SLE [エスエルイー] /(n) systemic lupus erythematosus/SLE/
0690 SNAP [スナップ] /(n) Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power/SNAP/
0691 SNP [エスエヌピー] /(n) (1) Scottish National Party (SNP)/
0692 SNP [スニップ] /(n) (1) single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)/
0693 SNS [エスエヌエス] /(n) social networking service/SNS/
0694 SOS [エスオーエス] /(n) save our souls/SOS/
0695 SRC造 [エスアールシーぞう] /(n) steel-framed reinforced concrete construction/
0696 SS [エスエス] /(n) (1) speed-sensitive/(2) suspended solids/(3) Schutzstaffel/SS/(4) service station/(5) sporty sedan/(6) shortstop/(7) steamship/(8) secret service/
0697 SSL [エスエスエル] /(n) secure socket layer/SSL/
0698 SSPE [エスエスピーイー] /(n) subacute sclerosing panencephalitis/SSPE/
0699 STOL [エストール] /(n) short take-off and landing/STOL/
0700 STOL [ストール] /(n) short take-off and landing/STOL/
0701 S状結腸 [エスじょうけっちょう] /(n) sigmoid colon/
0702 S造 [エスぞう] /(n) steel construction/
0703 S波 [エスは] /(n) S-wave (e.g. of earthquake)/secondary wave/
0704 T [ティー] /(n) T/t/
0705 TB [テーベー] /(n) tuberculosis/TB/
0706 TCA回路 [ティーシーエーかいろ] /(n) TCA (tricarboxylic acid) cycle/
0707 TEU [ティーイーユー] /(n) twenty foot equivalent unit (container)/TEU/
0708 TGV [テジェヴェ] /(n) TGV (fre: train a grande vitesse)/high-speed train/
0709 TOEFL [トーフル] /(n) Test of English as a Foreign Language/TOEFL/
0710 TOEFL [トッフル] /(n) Test of English as a Foreign Language/TOEFL/
0711 TOEFL [トフル] /(n) Test of English as a Foreign Language/TOEFL/
0712 TOPIX [トピックス] /(n) Tokyo Stock Price Index/TOPIX/
0713 TPO [ティーピーオー] /(n) time, place, occasion/TPO/
0714 TSL [ティーエスエル] /(n) techno-superliner (high-speed Japanese cargo ship)/TSL/
0715 Tシャツ [ティーシャツ] /(n) T-shirt/
0716 Tバック [ティーバック] /(n) T-back/bikini thong/(P)/
0717 Tリンパ球 [ティーリンパきゅう] /(n) T cell/T lymphocyte/
0718 T細胞 [ティーさいぼう] /(n) T cell/T lymphocyte/
0719 T字路 [ティーじろ] /(n) T junction/
0720 T淋巴球 [ティーリンパきゅう] /(n) T cell/T lymphocyte/
0721 U [ユー] /(n) U/u/
0722 UA能力の登録 [ユーエーのうりょくのとうろく] /(n) (comp) UA capabilities registration/
0723 UFO [ユーフォー] /(n) unidentified flying object/UFO/
0724 UHF [ユーエッチエフ] /(n) ultrahigh frequency/UHF/
0725 UMA [ユーエムエー] /(n) (comp) Unlicensed Mobile Access/UMA/
0726 UMA [ユーマ] /(n) (abbr) unidentified mysterious animal/
0727 UN [ユーエン] /(n) United Nations/UN/
0728 UNEP [ユネップ] /(n) United Nations Environment Program/UNEP/
0729 UNICEF [ユニセフ] /(n) United Nations Children's Fund (formerly Children's Emergency Fund)/UNICEF/
0730 URL [ユーアールエル] /(n) uniform resouce locator/URL/
0731 USB [ユーエスビー] /(n) (comp) universal serial bus/USB/
0732 USBハブ [ユーエスビーハブ] /(n) (comp) USB hub/
0733 USBバスパワー [ユーエスビーバスパワー] /(n) (comp) USB bus power/
0734 USBメモリー [ユーエスビーメモリー] /(n) (comp) USB flash drive/USB memory stick/thumb drive/
0735 Uターン [ユーターン] /(n,vs) U-turn/
0736 Uボート [ユーボート] /(n) U-boat/submarine/
0737 U字溝 [ユーじこう] /(n) U-shaped gutter/
0738 V [ブイ] /(n) (1) V/v/(2) victory/
0739 V [ヴィー] /(n) (1) V/v/(2) victory/
0740 VDSL [ブイディーエスエル] /(n) very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line/VDSL/
0741 VHF [ブイエッチエフ] /(n) very high frequency/VHF/
0742 VISAカード [ビザカード] /(n) Visa (credit) card/
0743 VPE [ヴイピーイー] /(n) vapor-phase epitaxy/VPE/
0744 VRE [ブイアールイー] /(n) vancomycin-resistant enterococcus/VRE/
0745 VS [ブイエス] /(conj) versus (vs, v.)/
0746 VTR [ブイティーアール] /(n) videotape recorder/VTR/
0747 VTR [ブイティアール] /(ik) (n) videotape recorder/VTR/
0748 VXガス [ブイエックスガス] /(n) VX gas/
0749 Vサイン [ブイサイン] /(n) V-sign/hand gesture similar to the peace sign, representing victory or happiness/
0750 Vシネマ [ブイシネマ] /(n) film released direct-to-video (trademark of Toei Company) (wasei: V-cinema)/
0751 V系 [ヴィジュアルけい] /(n) visual-kei (Japanese rock indies style)/
0752 W [ダブリュー] /(n) W/w/
0753 WAN [ワン] /(n) wide area network/WAN/
0754 WMO [ダブリューエムオー] /(n) World Meteorological Organization/WMO/
0755 WWW [ダブリューダブリューダブリュー] /(n) (1) world wide web/WWW/(2) World Weather Watch/WWW/
0756 WYSIWYG [ウィジウィグ] /(n) what you see is what you get/WYSIWYG/
0757 W杯 [ダブルはい] /(n) World Cup (soccer)/
0758 X [エックス] /(n) (1) X/x/(2) unknown quantity/an unknown/
0759 XML [エックスエムエル] /(n) (comp) extensible markup language/XML/
0760 XO醤 [エックスオーじゃん] /(n) XO sauce (spicy seafood sauce used primarily in Cantonese cooking)/
0761 Xデー [エックスデー] /(n) (col) day in the near future when a major event is expected to occur (wasei: X-day)/
0762 Xマス [エックスマス] /(n) Xmas/Christmas/
0763 X光線 [エックスこうせん] /(n) (obsc) X-ray/
0764 X染色体 [エックスせんしょくたい] /(n) X chromosome/
0765 X線 [エックスせん] /(n) X-ray/(P)/
0766 X線撮影 [エックスせんさつえい] /(n) x-ray photography/
0767 X端末 [エックスたんまつ] /(n) (comp) Xterm/Xterminal/
0768 Y [ワイ] /(n) Y/y/
0769 Yシャツ [ワイシャツ] /(n) (uk) (abbr) shirt (wasei: white shirt)/business shirt/dress shirt/(P)/
0770 Y染色体 [ワイせんしょくたい] /(n) Y chromosome/
0771 Y染色体アダム [ワイせんしょくたいアダム] /(n) Y-chromosomal Adam/
0772 Z [ゼット] /(n) Z/z/
0773 Z [ゼッド] /(n) Z/z/
0774 a [エー] /(n) A/a/
0775 b [ビー] /(n) B/b/
0776 be動詞 [ビーどうし] /(n) (ling) the 'to be' verb/
0777 c [シー] /(n) C/c/
0778 d [ディー] /(n) D/d/
0779 ddI [ディーディーアイ] /(n) dideoxyinosine/didanosine/DDI/ddI/
0780 e [イー] /(n) E/e/
0781 eラーニング [イーラーニング] /(n) e-learning/
0782 f [エフ] /(n) F/f/
0783 g [ジー] /(n) G/g/
0784 h [エイチ] /(n) (1) H/h/(adj-na,n) (2) (uk) indecent/lewd/frisky/sexy/(vs) (3) (uk) to have sex/
0785 h [エッチ] /(n) (1) H/h/(adj-na,n) (2) (uk) indecent/lewd/frisky/sexy/(vs) (3) (uk) to have sex/
0786 hoge [ほげ] /(n) (comp) foobar-style name for a dummy variable/
0787 hp [エイチピー] /(n) (1) horsepower/HP/(2) harp/
0788 hp [エッチピー] /(n) (1) horsepower/HP/(2) harp/
0789 http [エイチティーティーピー] /(n) Hypertext Transfer Protocol/http/
0790 http [エッチティーティーピー] /(n) Hypertext Transfer Protocol/http/
0791 i [アイ] /(n) I/i/
0792 j [ジェー] /(n) J/j/
0793 k [ケー] /(n) K/k/
0794 l [エル] /(n) L/l/
0795 mRNA [エムアールエヌエー] /(n) messenger RNA/mRNA/
0796 mixi [ミクシ] /(n) Mixi (Japanese social networking website)/
0797 mixi疲れ [ミクシィづかれ] /(n) (sl) growing tired of the mixi community due to constant use and quitting/
0798 n [エヌ] /(n) N/n/
0799 o [オー] /(n) O/o/
0800 p [ピー] /(n) P/p/
0801 pH [ピーエイチ] /(n) pH (measure of acidity)/concentration of hydrogen ions/
0802 pH [ペーハー] /(n) pH (measure of acidity)/concentration of hydrogen ions/
0803 q [キュー] /(n) Q/q/
0804 r [アール] /(n) (1) R/r/(2) (math) radius/(3) (uk) curve/
0805 rem [レム] /(n) rem (unit of radiation dose)/
0806 t [ティー] /(n) T/t/
0807 tRNA [ティーアールエヌエー] /(n) transfer RNA/tRNA/
0808 to不定詞 [ツーふていし] /(n) (ling) to-infitinitive/full infinitive/
0809 u [ユー] /(n) U/u/
0810 v [ブイ] /(n) (1) V/v/(2) victory/
0811 v [ヴィー] /(n) (1) V/v/(2) victory/
0812 w [ダブリュー] /(n) W/w/
0813 web拍手 [ウェブはくしゅ] /(n) system for showing appreciation to the author of a web-site (lit: web-applause)/virtual applause/
0814 x [エックス] /(n) (1) X/x/(2) unknown quantity/an unknown/
0815 xDSL [エックスディーエスエル] /(n) (comp) x digital subscriber line/xDSL/
0816 xx [ちょめちょめ] /(n) (m-sl) blankety-blank/bleep/used in place of sensitive word (often sexually related)/
0817 y [ワイ] /(n) Y/y/
0818 z [ゼット] /(n) Z/z/
0819 z [ゼッド] /(n) Z/z/
0820 あ /(int) (1) Ah! (expression of surprise, recollection, etc.)/Oh!/(2) Hey! (to get someone's attention)/
0821 あーあ /(int) oh no (used as an expression of despair or when giving up)/sigh of boredom or disgust/oh boy/
0822 あーた /(n) (sl) you (slang for anta, often used by a wife addressing her husband)/
0823 ああ /(adv) like that (used for something or someone distant from both speaker and listener)/so/(P)/
0824 ああいう /(exp,adj-pn) that sort of/like that/(P)/
0825 ああいう風に [ああいうふうに] /(exp) (uk) in that way/like that/
0826 ああいった /(exp,adj-f) that sort of/like that/
0827 ああした /(exp,adj-pn) that sort of/like that/
0828 ああしろこうしろ /(exp) do this, do that/dos and don'ts/
0829 ああそうそう /(int) (1) (col) oh yes!/(2) I remember/Oh, now I remember/
0830 ああだこうだ /(exp) this, that and the other/this and that/
0831 ああでもないこうでもない /(exp) humming and hawing/shilly-shallying/
0832 ああゆう /(exp,adj-pn) that sort of/like that/
0833 ああ見えても [ああみえても] /(exp) despite appearances/
0834 ああ言えばこう言う [ああいえばこういう] /(exp) to have a comeback (i.e. a reason, or rationalization) for every remark/
0835 あいうえお順 [あいうえおじゅん] /(n) aiueo-order/(table) index based on the kana syllabary order/
0836 あいきょう /(n) salted (pickled) ayu eggs baked in mother ayu/
0837 あいさつ回り [あいさつまわり] /(n) New Year courtesy calls/
0838 あいそ笑 [あいそわらい] /(n,vs) insincere smile/ingratiating smile/forced smile/
0839 あいそ笑い [あいそわらい] /(n,vs) insincere smile/ingratiating smile/forced smile/
0840 あいた /(int) Ouch!/
0841 あいたた /(int) Ouch!/
0842 あいたっ /(int) Ouch!/
0843 あいた口が塞がらぬ [あいたくちがふさがらぬ] /(exp,adj-f) surprising/shocking/jaw-dropping/
0844 あいた口も塞がらぬ [あいたくちもふさがらぬ] /(exp,adj-f) surprising/shocking/jaw-dropping/
0845 あいつら /(n) they/(P)/
0846 あいの子 [あいのこ] /(n) (derog) person of mixed parentage/crossbreed/Eurasian/mulatto/hybrid/
0847 あいの手 [あいのて] /(io) (n) (1) interlude/(2) interjection/interruption/
0848 あいまいな内容モデル [あいまいなないようモデル] /(n) (comp) ambiguous content model/
0849 あいまい検索 [あいまいけんさく] /(n) (comp) fuzzy reference/ambiguous search/ambiguous retrieval/
0850 あいまい制御 [あいまいせいぎょ] /(n) (comp) fuzzy control/
0851 あいまい性 [あいまいせい] /(n) ambiguity/fuzziness/
0852 あいまい度 [あいまいど] /(n) (comp) equivocation/
0853 あいまい理論 [あいまいりろん] /(n) (comp) fuzzy theory/
0854 あいまい量 [あいまいりょう] /(n) (comp) equivocation/
0855 あいまい論理 [あいまいろんり] /(n) (comp) fuzzy logic/
0856 あい変らず [あいかわらず] /(adv,n) as ever/as usual/the same/
0857 あい変わらず [あいかわらず] /(adv,n) as ever/as usual/the same/
0858 あい昧 [あいまい] /(adj-na,n) (1) vague/ambiguous/unclear/(2) (math) (comp) fuzzy/
0859 あい路 [あいろ] /(n) defile/narrow path/bottleneck/
0860 あうんの呼吸 [あうんのこきゅう] /(n) the harmonizing, mentally and physically, of two parties engaged in an activity/
0861 あえか /(adj-na) (poet) delicate/gentle/fleeting/
0862 あえぎ声 [あえぎごえ] /(n) heavy breathing/
0863 あえ物 [あえもの] /(n) (food) chopped fish, shellfish or vegetables, dressed with (miso or other) sauce/
0864 あおがら /(n) blue tit (Parus caeruleus)/
0865 あおぎ見る [あおぎみる] /(v1,vt) to look upwards/to look up/
0866 あおた /(n) blue shark (Prionace glauca, species of circumglobal requiem shark)/
0867 あおなぎ /(n) shark (esp. the blue shark, Prionace glauca)/
0868 あおば /(n) (obs) (former) regular (stops at every station) Touhoku-line Shinkansen/
0869 あおばせせり /(n) (uk) blue-winged skipper butterfly/
0870 あおり止め [あおりどめ] /(n) doorstop/
0871 あおり立てる [あおりたてる] /(v1,vt) to flap strongly/to stir up fiercely/
0872 あお向け [あおむけ] /(n) face up/
0873 あかし暮らす [あかしくらす] /(v5s) to spend one's days and nights doing .../
0874 あかの他人 [あかのたにん] /(exp,n) complete stranger/
0875 あかまた /(n) Ryukyu odd-tooth snake (Dinodon semicarinatum)/
0876 あかんべ /(int,n) facial gesture of pulling one's eyelid down and sticking out one's tongue/
0877 あかんべい /(int,n) facial gesture of pulling one's eyelid down and sticking out one's tongue/
0878 あかんべえ /(int,n) facial gesture of pulling one's eyelid down and sticking out one's tongue/
0879 あか抜ける [あかぬける] /(v1) to refine/
0880 あがり症 [あがりしょう] /(n) stage fright/social anxiety disorder/social phobia/
0881 あがり性 [あがりしょう] /(n) stage fright/social anxiety disorder/social phobia/
0882 あがり湯 [あがりゆ] /(n) clean hot bath water for rinsing/
0883 あがり目 [あがりめ] /(n) (1) eyes slanted upward/(2) rising tendency/
0884 あきたこまち /(n) Akitakomachi (variety of rice)/
0885 あきまへん /(adj-na) (ksb:) no good/unacceptable/
0886 あきれて物が言えない [あきれてものがいえない] /(exp,adj-i) utterly scandalized/
0887 あきれ返る [あきれかえる] /(v5r,vi) to be utterly amazed/to be stunned/
0888 あき場所 [あきばしょ] /(n) autumn (fall) (September) sumo tournament, held in Tokyo/
0889 あくあく /(n) (uk) (on-mim) bird's chirping sound/
0890 あくが強い [あくがつよい] /(exp,adj-i) (1) having a strong alkaline taste/harsh to the taste/(2) excessively strong-willed/fiercely individualistic/strongly idiosyncratic/
0891 あくの強い [あくのつよい] /(adj-i) (1) harsh tasting/strongly alkaline tasting/(2) excessively strong-willed/fiercely individualistic/strongly idiosyncratic/
0892 あくる日 [あくるひ] /(n-adv,n-t) next day/following day/
0893 あくを取る [あくをとる] /(exp,v5r) to skim the scum from broth or liquid/to skim (a liquid)/
0894 あく洗い [あくあらい] /(n) scouring/washing vegetables in lye/
0895 あく促 [あくせく] /(adv-to,vs) fussily/busily/sedulously/worrying about (small things)/
0896 あく抜き [あくぬき] /(n,vs) removal of astringent taste (e.g. by cooking)/
0897 あぐら鼻 [あぐらばな] /(n) snub nose/flat nose with flattened nostrils/
0898 あけおめ /(exp) (abbr) Happy New Year/
0899 あけおめことよろ /(exp) (col) (abbr) abbreviation of "akemashite omedetou, kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu"/
0900 あけっ放し [あけっぱなし] /(adj-na,n) (1) leaving open/leaving ajar/(2) outspoken/frank/
0901 あけ烏 [あけがらす] /(n) (1) daybreak sound of a crow/(2) (name of) poetry anthology/
0902 あげくの果て [あげくのはて] /(adv,n) finally/in the end/on top of all that/
0903 あげ間 [あげまん] /(n) (uk) (col) woman purported to bring good luck to the man she is near/
0904 あげ物 [あげもの] /(n) (food) deep-fried food/
0905 あこう鯛 [あこうだい] /(n) (1) (uk) Matsubara's red rockfish (Sebastes matsubarae)/(2) (food) Pacific ocean perch (Sebastes alutus)/
0906 あごが干上がる [あごがひあがる] /(exp,v5r) to lose one's means of livelihood/to become unable to earn a living/
0907 あごで使う [あごでつかう] /(exp,v5u) (1) to set somebody to work in an arrogant fashion/to push somebody around/to indicate by pointing one's chin/(2) (sl) to chatter/to jaw/to jabber/
0908 あごで人を使う [あごでひとをつかう] /(exp,v5u) to set somebody to work in an arrogant fashion/to push somebody around/to indicate someone by pointing one's chin/
0909 あさぎり型護衛艦 [あさぎりがたごえいかん] /(n) Asagiri class destroyer/
0910 あさだ /(n) Japanese hop hornbeam/ostrya japonica/
0911 あさひ /(n) skips-most-stations Jouetsu-line Shinkansen/
0912 あさま山荘事件 [あさまさんそうじけん] /(n) Asama-Sanso incident (famous hostage crisis and police siege in Feb. 1972)/
0913 あさ湯 [あさゆ] /(n) morning bath/
0914 あさ飯 [あさはん] /(n) breakfast/
0915 あさ飯 [あさめし] /(n) breakfast/
0916 あざーす /(exp) (abbr) (sl) thank you/
0917 あざーっす /(exp) (abbr) (sl) thank you/
0918 あざとい /(adj-i) clever/sly/cunning/pushy/
0919 あざ笑う [あざわらう] /(v5u,vt) (uk) to sneer at/to ridicule/
0920 あしきり /(n) (arch) cutting off the leg at the knee (form of punishment in ancient China)/
0921 あしらい /(n) treatment/reception/
0922 あしらう /(v5u,vt) to arrange/to treat/to handle/to deal with/
0923 あし毛 [あしげ] /(n,adj-no) grey (horse coat color)/gray/
0924 あずま屋 [あずまや] /(n) arbor/arbour/bower/summer house/square gazebo/
0925 あぜ道 [あぜみち] /(n) footpath between rice fields/
0926 あそばせ言葉 [あそばせことば] /(n) polite language used by women/
0927 あそび女 [あそびめ] /(n) (arch) prostitute/
0928 あたご型護衛艦 [あたごがたごえいかん] /(n) Atago class destroyer/
0929 あたふた /(adv-to) (on-mim) in a hurry/hastily/in feverish haste/
0930 あたぼう /(adj-na) (sl) natural/reasonable/obvious/
0931 あたり前 [あたりまえ] /(adj-na,n,adj-no) (1) natural/reasonable/obvious/(2) usual/common/ordinary/
0932 あだ花 [あだばな] /(n) (1) non-fruit-bearing flower/(2) something that is flashy with no content/
0933 あだ事 [あだごと] /(n) trivial matter/
0934 あだ討ち [あだうち] /(n) vengeance/revenge/retaliation/
0935 あだ名 [あだな] /(n,vs) nickname/
0936 あちゃー /(int) stone the crows/blow me down/oops/uh oh/expression of annoyed surprise or shock/
0937 あっかんべー /(int,n) facial gesture of pulling one's eyelid down and sticking out one's tongue/
0938 あっかんべえ /(int,n) facial gesture of pulling one's eyelid down and sticking out one's tongue/
0939 あっけらかんと /(adv) quite indifferent/looking blank/looking as though one has nothing at all to do with what is going on/
0940 あっさり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) easily/readily/quickly/(P)/
0941 あっさりした /(adj-f) simple/light/easy/openhearted/(P)/
0942 あっそ /(int) hmmmmm (lackadaisical, noncommittal reply)/
0943 あっちゃ /(int) stone the crows/blow me down/oops/uh oh/expression of annoyed surprise or shock/
0944 あっち行け [あっちいけ] /(exp) get away from me!/
0945 あってなきがごとき /(exp) (1) virtually nonexistent/negligible/(2) absolutely useless/
0946 あっての /(adj-f) which can exist solely due to the presence of/whose existence is determined entirely by/which owes everything to/(P)/
0947 あっと /(adv) (on-mim) in a surprising way/
0948 あっという間 [あっというま] /(exp) a blink of time (lit: the time it takes to say "Ah!")/
0949 あっという間に [あっというまに] /(exp) just like that (lit: in the time it takes to say "Ah!")/in the twinkling of an eye/in the blink of an eye/
0950 あっとゆう間 [あっとゆうま] /(exp) a blink of time (lit: the time it takes to say "Ah!")/
0951 あっとゆう間に [あっとゆうまに] /(exp) just like that (lit: in the time it takes to say "Ah!")/in the twinkling of an eye/in the blink of an eye/
0952 あっと言う間 [あっというま] /(exp) a blink of time (lit: the time it takes to say "Ah!")/
0953 あっと言う間 [あっとゆうま] /(exp) a blink of time (lit: the time it takes to say "Ah!")/
0954 あっと言う間に [あっというまに] /(exp) just like that (lit: in the time it takes to say "Ah!")/in the twinkling of an eye/in the blink of an eye/
0955 あっと言う間に [あっとゆうまに] /(exp) just like that (lit: in the time it takes to say "Ah!")/in the twinkling of an eye/in the blink of an eye/
0956 あっと言わせる [あっといわせる] /(exp,v1) to startle/to surprise/
0957 あっぱっぱ /(n) loose-fitting summer dress/
0958 あっぷあっぷ /(adv,n,vs) floundering and almost drowning/
0959 あっ化 [あっか] /(n,vs,adj-no) (suffer) deterioration/growing worse/aggravation/degeneration/corruption/
0960 あっ気 [あっけ] /(n) taken aback/dumbfounded/
0961 あっ砕 [あっさい] /(n,vs) crushing/
0962 あっ搾 [あっさく] /(n,vs) pressure/compression/
0963 あっ殺 [あっさつ] /(n,vs) crushing to death/
0964 あっ死 [あっし] /(n,vs) crushing to death/
0965 あっ縮 [あっしゅく] /(n,vs) compression/condensation/constriction/compaction/
0966 あっ勝 [あっしょう] /(n,vs) complete victory/
0967 あっ制 [あっせい] /(n) oppression/tyranny/despotism/
0968 あっ旋 [あっせん] /(n,vs) (1) kind offices/services/through the good offices of/influence/(2) intercession/mediation/
0969 あっ倒 [あっとう] /(n,vs) overwhelm/overpower/overwhelming/
0970 あてなき旅 [あてなきたび] /(n) journey without a destination/
0971 あて外れ [あてはずれ] /(n,adj-na) disappointment/
0972 あて字 [あてじ] /(n) kanji used as a phonetic symbol, instead of for the meaning/phonetic-equivalent character/substitute character/
0973 あて先 [あてさき] /(n) address/destination/
0974 あて先変更 [あてさきへんこう] /(n) (comp) redirection/
0975 あて先変更の発信者による禁止 [あてさきへんこうのはっしんしゃによるきんし] /(n) (comp) redirection disallowed originator/
0976 あて馬 [あてうま] /(n) stallion brought close to a mare to test her readiness to mate/stalking horse/spoiler/
0977 あて名 [あてな] /(n) (addressee's) name/(recipient's) name and address/
0978 あで姿 [あですがた] /(n) charming figure/alluring figure/
0979 あと一歩 [あといっぽ] /(adv,adj-na) one more/another/the other/not quite/not very good/
0980 あと口 [あとくち] /(n) (1) aftertaste/(2) later (in line or in turn, etc.)/
0981 あどけない /(adj-i) innocent/cherubic/
0982 あなた任せ [あなたまかせ] /(exp) leaving everything to Buddha's providence/depending on others/leaving things to others/
0983 あなた方 [あなたがた] /(pn,adj-no) (hon) you (plural)/
0984 あに図らんや [あにはからんや] /(exp) contrary to one's expectations/to one's surprise/
0985 あねさん被り [あねさんかぶり] /(n) towel wrapped around a woman's head/
0986 あの /(int) say/well/errr .../(P)/
0987 あのー /(int) say/well/errr .../
0988 あのう /(int) say/well/errr .../(P)/
0989 あのさあ /(int) Excuse me .../You see/
0990 あのね /(int) Excuse me .../You see/(P)/
0991 あのように /(exp) in that way/like that/that way/
0992 あの頃 [あのころ] /(exp) in those days/
0993 あの手この手 [あのてこのて] /(exp) this way and that/(by) various means/(by) every means/
0994 あの人 [あのひと] /(pn,adj-no) he/she/that person/
0995 あの世 [あのよ] /(n,adj-no) the other world/world of the dead/(P)/
0996 あの方 [あのかた] /(pn,adj-no) that gentleman (lady)/he/she/(P)/
0997 あはは /(int) a-ha-ha (laughing loudly)/
0998 あばよ /(conj,int) good-bye/farewell/
0999 あばら屋 [あばらや] /(n) (1) dilapidated house/tumbledown house/hovel/miserable shack/(2) (hum) my house/my home/(3) small resting place comprising four pillars and a roof (with no walls)/
1000 あばら家 [あばらや] /(n) (1) dilapidated house/tumbledown house/hovel/miserable shack/(2) (hum) my house/my home/(3) small resting place comprising four pillars and a roof (with no walls)/
1001 あばら骨 [あばらぼね] /(n) (1) rib/(2) frame (of a ship)/
1002 あば擦れ [あばずれ] /(adj-na,n) a bitch/
1003 あふれ検査 [あふれけんさ] /(n) (comp) overflow check/
1004 あふれ出す [あふれだす] /(v5s) to begin to overflow/to start overflowing/to pour out/
1005 あふれ表示 [あふれひょうじ] /(n) (comp) overflow indication/
1006 あぶくま型護衛艦 [あぶくまがたごえいかん] /(n) Abukuma class destroyer escort/
1007 あぶく銭 [あぶくぜに] /(n) easy money/
1008 あぶない橋を渡る [あぶないはしをわたる] /(exp,v5r) to tread on thin ice (lit: to cross a dangerous bridge)/to go out on a limb/to walk a tightrope/to take risks/
1009 あぶな絵 [あぶなえ] /(n) suggestive or indecent picture/
1010 あぶみ骨 [あぶみこつ] /(n,adj-no) stapes/stirrup (bone of the ear)/
1011 あぶらとり紙 [あぶらとりがみ] /(n) oil-absorbent paper used cosmetically to absorb oil from (facial) skin/
1012 あぶら身 [あぶらみ] /(n) fat meat/
1013 あぶら虫 [あぶらむし] /(n) (1) (uk) aphid/plant louse/(2) (obsc) cockroach/(3) (obsc) Japanese house bat (Pipistrellus abramus)/(4) hanger-on/parasite/(5) (arch) visitor to a red-light district who's only there to look/
1014 あぶり出し [あぶりだし] /(n,adj-no) invisible writing revealed by applying heat/writing done in invisible ink/
1015 あぶり出す [あぶりだす] /(v5s,vt) to bring into the open/to reveal/to uncover (e.g. evidence)/to bring to light/
1016 あべこべ /(adj-na,n) (on-mim) contrary/opposite/inverse/(P)/
1017 あほんだら /(n) (ksb:) fool/oaf/airhead/
1018 あまえん坊 [あまえんぼう] /(adj-na,n) pampered or spoiled child (spoilt)/
1019 あましいら /(n) luvar (Luvarus imperialis, species of perciform fish closely related to the surgeonfish)/
1020 あまに油 [あまにゆ] /(n) linseed oil/
1021 あま噛み [あまかみ] /(n,vs) play-biting/
1022 あま噛み [あまがみ] /(n,vs) play-biting/
1023 あま味 [あまみ] /(n) sweetness/sugary taste/
1024 あみ出す [あみだす] /(v5s,vt) to work out/to think out/
1025 あめ玉 [あめだま] /(n) candy/
1026 あめ色 [あめいろ] /(n) amber/yellowish-brown/
1027 あや /(int) (arch) wow/whoa/
1028 あやかし /(n) (1) ghost that appears at sea during a shipwreck/(2) something strange or suspicious/(3) idiot/fool/(4) Noh mask for roles involving dead or ghost characters/
1029 あやかり者 [あやかりもの] /(n) lucky person/
1030 あやす /(v5s,vt) to cuddle/to comfort/to rock/to soothe/to dandle/
1031 あやふや /(adj-na,n) (on-mim) uncertain/vague/ambiguous/(P)/
1032 あや取り [あやとり] /(n) (uk) cat's cradle/
1033 あや織り [あやおり] /(n) twill (fabric)/
1034 あら /(int) (fem) oh/ah/(P)/
1035 あらいやだ /(exp) Oh no/Oh dear/
1036 あらかじめ計画 [あらかじめけいかく] /(exp) advance plans/forward plans/
1037 あらせいとう /(n) stock (botanical)/
1038 あらぬ事 [あらぬこと] /(exp) the unthinkable/
1039 あらまあ /(int) wow!/gee!/oh dear!/
1040 あらまし /(adv,n) (1) outline/gist/abstract/(2) roughly/about/
1041 あらやだ /(exp) Oh no/Oh dear/
1042 あられ /(n) roasted mochi pieces (usu. flavoured with soy sauce, or sweetened with sugar, etc.)/
1043 あられもない /(adj-i) (1) unladylike/unbecoming/immodest/(2) unthinkable/impossible/ridiculous/
1044 あらん限り [あらんかぎり] /(exp,adv,adj-no) all/as much as possible/
1045 あら塩 [あらしお] /(n) sea salt/bay salt/coarse salt/
1046 あら塩 [あらじお] /(n) sea salt/bay salt/coarse salt/
1047 あら捜し [あらさがし] /(n,vs) finding fault/being picky/
1048 あら探し [あらさがし] /(n,vs) finding fault/being picky/
1049 あら熱 [あらねつ] /(n) the heat of food just after cooking/
1050 あら挽き [あらびき] /(adj-no) coarsely ground (e.g. coffee, grain)/minced (e.g. meat)/
1051 あら皮 [あらかわ] /(n) bark/husk/untanned pelt/
1052 ありあり /(adj-f,adv-to) (on-mim) distinct/clear/vivid/
1053 ありがた味 [ありがたみ] /(n) value/worth/virtue/blessing/
1054 ありがた迷惑 [ありがためいわく] /(adj-na,n) unwelcome favor/unwelcome favour/mixed blessing/white elephant/
1055 ありがと /(ik) (conj,exp) Thank you/
1056 ありき /(suf,adj-no) based on/originating from/
1057 ありし日 [ありしひ] /(n-t) (1) days of yore/the olden days/(2) during one's lifetime/
1058 ありなさい /(exp) please be ..../
1059 ありはしない /(exp) doesn't even exist/
1060 ありゃしない /(exp) doesn't even exist/
1061 ありんす /(exp) variation of "arimasu" used by the prostitutes of the Yoshiwara red light district in the Edo period/
1062 ありんすことば /(n) language used by the harlots of the Yoshiwara red light district during the Edo period/
1063 あり金 [ありがね] /(n) money on hand/
1064 あり触れた [ありふれた] /(adj-f) (uk) unsurprising/trite/commonplace/mundane/hackneyed/garden variety (of)/
1065 あり地獄 [ありじごく] /(n) (1) ant lion larva/doodlebug/(2) ant lion larva's pit/
1066 あり得 [ありう] /(v2a-s,vi) to be possible/to be likely/to be probable/
1067 あり得ない [ありえない] /(adj-i) (uk) impossible/(P)/
1068 あり得ないほど [ありえないほど] /(n) (uk) unbelievable (extent)/
1069 あり得ない程 [ありえないほど] /(n) (uk) unbelievable (extent)/
1070 あり得べき [ありうべき] /(adj-f) (uk) possible/probable/likely/
1071 あり得る [ありうる] /(adj-f,exp) possible/likely/probable/
1072 あり得る [ありえる] /(adj-f,exp) possible/likely/probable/
1073 あり方 [ありかた] /(n) (1) the way something ought to be/(2) the (current) state of things/how things are/
1074 あるある /(exp) Oh yeah/Of course it is so/Cheer up, that's average/It happens/It's possible/Don't worry, it happens/
1075 あること無いこと [あることないこと] /(exp) mixture of fact and fiction/half-truths/
1076 あるらしい /(exp) seems to be/appears to have/supposed to be/
1077 ある意味で [あるいみで] /(exp) in a sense/in some way/to an extent/(P)/
1078 ある意味では [あるいみでは] /(exp) in a sense/in some way/to an extent/(P)/
1079 ある限り [あるかぎり] /(n) (1) all (there is)/(exp,n-adv) (2) as long as there is/
1080 ある事ない事 [あることないこと] /(exp) mixture of fact and fiction/half-truths/
1081 ある時 [あるとき] /(n) once (i.e. "once, when I was studying ..")/
1082 ある種 [あるしゅ] /(adj-no) certain/some kind of/some sort of/of sorts/
1083 ある人 [あるひと] /(n) someone (unspecified, but someone in particular)/a certain person/
1084 ある程度 [あるていど] /(exp,adj-no) to some extent/to a certain extent/
1085 ある動詞 [あるどうし] /(n) irregularly conjugating honorific verb (gozaru, etc.)/
1086 ある日 [あるひ] /(n) one day (e.g. "one day while studying, ..")/
1087 あれあれ /(int) whoa (used to express surprise or stupefaction)/
1088 あれから /(conj) since then/after that/
1089 あれだけ /(exp) to that extent/to that degree/(P)/
1090 あれっきり /(exp) since then/
1091 あれまあ /(exp) Good heavens!/Oh my god!/gee whiz/
1092 あれよあれよ /(int) expression of surprise/dumbfounded/
1093 あれ以来 [あれいらい] /(exp) since then/
1094 あれ性 [あれしょう] /(n) dry or chapped skin/
1095 あれ程 [あれほど] /(adv,adj-no) (uk) to that extent/(P)/
1096 あれ肌 [あれはだ] /(n) rough skin/
1097 あろうとなかろう /(exp) whether or not/presence or absence/
1098 あわせ鏡 [あわせかがみ] /(n) opposite mirrors/
1099 あわてん坊 [あわてんぼう] /(n) flustered person/hasty person/
1100 あわや /(exp) in no time/in an instant/in the nick of time/in the twinkling of an eye/
1101 あわよくば /(exp) if there is a chance/if possible/if circumstances permit/if things go well/if luck is on my side/
1102 あんぐり /(adv,adj-f) open-mouthed/
1103 あんこ /(n) daughter (in Izu Oshima dialect)/young lady/
1104 あんこ型 [あんこがた] /(n) sumo wrestler with a big belly/
1105 あんさん /(n) (ksb:) you/
1106 あんじょう /(adv) (ksb:) well/
1107 あんす /(aux-v) to be/
1108 あんだ /(n) (rkb:) oil/
1109 あんだーぎー /(adj-f) (1) (rkb:) deep-fried/(2) Okinawan doughnut/
1110 あんだぎー /(adj-f) (1) (rkb:) deep-fried/(2) Okinawan doughnut/
1111 あんだけ /(exp) to that extent/to that degree/(P)/
1112 あんだんすー /(n) fried mixture of minced pork, miso, mirin, etc. (Okinawan dish)/
1113 あんちょこ /(n) crib notes/key (to a diagram)/
1114 あんな /(adj-pn) such (about something or someone distant from both speaker and listener, or about a situation unfamiliar to both speaker and listener)/so/that/sort of/(P)/
1115 あんなに /(exp) to that extent/to that degree/
1116 あんな風に [あんなふうに] /(exp) (uk) in that way/like that/that way/
1117 あんね /(int) Excuse me .../You see/
1118 あんぽ柿 [あんぽがき] /(n) partially-dried Japanese persimmon/
1119 あんま /(adv) (ksb:) not very (with negative sentence)/not much (with negative sentence)/
1120 あんよ /(n,vs) (1) foot (children's language)/tootsy/(2) toddle/walk/
1121 あん肝 [あんきも] /(n) monkfish liver/goosefish liver/
1122 あん馬 [あんば] /(n) (1) side horse/pommel horse/(2) saddled horse/
1123 あん分 [あんぶん] /(n,vs) proportional division or distribution/
1124 あん摩 [あんま] /(n,vs) (1) massage, esp. the Anma Japanese type of massage/(n) (2) (sens) masseur/masseuse/(P)/
1125 あ然 [あぜん] /(adj-t,adv-to) dumbfounded/in mute amazement/
1126 あ段 [あだん] /(n) (ling) 'a' row/
1127 い /(prt) (fam) strengthens a question, assertion, etc./
1128 いいか /(int) (col) Listen! (used to get someone's attention)/
1129 いいかい /(int) (col) Listen! (used to get someone's attention)/
1130 いいから /(exp) (col) listen up (used at start of command sentences for emphasis)/
1131 いいぞ /(int) way to go!/attaboy!/hear, hear!/
1132 いいとこ /(n) (1) good thing/strong point/(2) good family/prestigious school/(3) the right moment/(adj-f) (4) utter/extreme/(n-adv) (5) at (the) best/at most/
1133 いいところ /(n) (1) good thing/strong point/(2) good family/prestigious school/(3) the right moment/(adj-f) (4) utter/extreme/(n-adv) (5) at (the) best/at most/
1134 いいとこ取り [いいとこどり] /(n,vs) focusing on only the good points or strong points/incorporating the benefits (while ignoring the drawbacks)/picking the best of both (everything)/cherrypicking (e.g. information)/
1135 いいとも /(exp) damn straight/no problem/sounds good/sure thing/
1136 いいカモ /(exp) (uk) desirable prey/easy game/easy mark/easy prey/easy target/
1137 いい加減 [いいかげん] /(adj-na) (1) (uk) irresponsible/perfunctory/careless/(2) lukewarm/half-baked/halfhearted/vague/(3) reasonable/moderate (usu. in suggestions or orders)/(adv) (4) considerably/quite/rather/pretty/(P)/
1138 いい加減にしなさい [いいかげんにしなさい] /(exp) shape up!/act properly!/
1139 いい加減にしろ [いいかげんにしろ] /(exp) that's enough!/cut it out!/get a life!/(P)/
1140 いい加減にする [いいかげんにする] /(exp,vs-i) to put an end to something/to get something over with/to quit something one has been engaged in too long or to an excessive degree/
1141 いい鴨 [いいかも] /(exp) (uk) desirable prey/easy game/easy mark/easy prey/easy target/
1142 いい感じ [いいかんじ] /(n) pleasant feeling/good vibes/
1143 いい顔 [いいかお] /(n) (1) big-shot/influential person/(2) happy face/smiling face/(3) sympathetic attitude/
1144 いい気 [いいき] /(adj-na,n) easygoing/optimistic/conceited/
1145 いい気になる [いいきになる] /(exp,v5r) to be self-complacent/to be conceited/to flatter oneself/to be full of oneself/
1146 いい気持 [いいきもち] /(n,adj-no) good feeling/
1147 いい気持ち [いいきもち] /(n,adj-no) good feeling/
1148 いい気味 [いいきび] /(n,adj-na) it serves you (him) right/it's what you (he) deserves/
1149 いい気味 [いいきみ] /(n,adj-na) it serves you (him) right/it's what you (he) deserves/
1150 いい頃 [いいころ] /(exp) high time/about time/
1151 いい子 [いいこ] /(n) good child/
1152 いい子いい子 [いいこいいこ] /(n,vs) patting or stroking (pet, child, etc.)/
1153 いい子になる [いいこになる] /(exp,v5r) to make oneself popular without any regard to others/to take all the credit to oneself/
1154 いい子ぶる [いいこぶる] /(v5r) to act the goody-goody/to pretend to be nice/
1155 いい事 [いいこと] /(exp,n) (1) good thing/nice thing/(2) good excuse/good grounds/good opportunity/(int) (3) (fem) interjection used to impress an idea or to urge a response/
1156 いい人 [いいひと] /(exp) (1) good-natured person/(n) (2) lover/
1157 いい線 [いいせん] /(exp) more or less right/you are on the right track/getting warm/
1158 いい線いってる [いいせんいってる] /(exp,v1) (col) to be on the right track/to be close enough/
1159 いい線を行く [いいせんをいく] /(exp,v5k-s) to be on the right track/to go well/
1160 いい線行く [いいせんいく] /(exp,v5k-s) to be on the right track/to go well/
1161 いい線行ってる [いいせんいってる] /(exp,v1) (col) to be on the right track/to be close enough/
1162 いい天気 [いいてんき] /(n) fine weather/fair weather/
1163 いい度胸 [いいどきょう] /(n,vs) some nerve (as in 'you must have some nerve to ...')/
1164 いい年して [いいとしして] /(exp) (in spite of) being old enough to know better/
1165 いい年をして [いいとしをして] /(exp) (in spite of) being old enough to know better/
1166 いい薬になる [いいくすりになる] /(exp,v5r) to learn a lesson (usu. from an unpleasant experience)/to be good for someone/
1167 いぇい /(int) yay/
1168 いかがお過ごしですか [いかがおすごしですか] /(exp) How are things with you?/How are you doing?/
1169 いかさま裁判 [いかさまさいばん] /(n) fake trial/kangaroo court/
1170 いかさま師 [いかさまし] /(n) cheat/swindler/
1171 いかす /(v5s,vi) to be smart/to be cool/to be sharp/to be stylish/
1172 いかなる場合でも [いかなるばあいでも] /(exp) in any case/whatever the case may be/
1173 いかり肩 [いかりがた] /(n) square shoulders/
1174 いかれぽんち /(n) airhead (of a male)/ditz/
1175 いかれる /(v1,vi) (1) to be beaten/to break down/(2) to be crazy/to be touched/(3) to be infatuated with/(4) to be outdone (by someone)/to be beaten (in a contest)/
1176 いかんともし難い [いかんともしがたい] /(n) impenetrably difficult/
1177 いがいが /(n) (1) crying of a baby/(2) tickle in the throat/
1178 いがみ合い [いがみあい] /(n) (1) snarl/snarling/(2) quarrel/wrangling/feud/
1179 いがみ合う [いがみあう] /(v5u,vi) to snarl/to quarrel/
1180 いきり立つ [いきりたつ] /(v5t,vi) to get angry/to lose one's temper/
1181 いき値 [いきち] /(n) threshold (amount, dose, etc.)/
1182 いく /(v5k-s,vi) (X) (col) to have an orgasm/to come/to cum/
1183 いくつかの理由から [いくつかのりゆうから] /(exp) for whatever reason/
1184 いくない /(exp,adj-i) not good/
1185 いく重 [いくえ] /(n) multiple layers/many piles/
1186 いく日 [いくにち] /(n) how many days?/what day (of month)?/
1187 いく日か [いくにちか] /(exp) some days/several days/
1188 いく日もいく日も [いくにちもいくにちも] /(adv) day after day/for many days/
1189 いけ /(pref) prefix used to strengthen a derogatory adjective/
1190 いけいけ /(n) bitch/
1191 いけしゃあしゃ /(adv) shamelessly/brazenly/
1192 いけしゃあしゃあ /(adv,adv-to) brazenly/
1193 いけず /(adj-na) (1) (ksb:) unkind/mean/(2) wicked/
1194 いけぞんざい /(n,adj-na) rude/careless/slovenly/
1195 いけ好かない [いけすかない] /(adj-i) nasty/disgusting/disagreeable/creepy/
1196 いけ図図しい [いけずうずうしい] /(adj-i) (uk) impudent/shameless/
1197 いけ年 [いけどし] /(n) (arch) old enough (to know better, etc.)/
1198 いごっそう /(n) (tsb:) stubborn Kochi man/
1199 いささ小笹 [いささおざさ] /(n) (arch) (obsc) short bamboo/small bamboo/
1200 いささ小川 [いささおがわ] /(n) (arch) (obsc) trickling brook/
1201 いささ川 [いささがわ] /(n) (arch) trickling brook/
1202 いさら井 [いさらい] /(n) (arch) small water spring/
1203 いさら小川 [いさらおがわ] /(n) (arch) (obsc) trickling brook/
1204 いさら川 [いさらがわ] /(n) (arch) trickling brook/
1205 いざ /(adv,int) now/come (now)/well/
1206 いざこざ /(n) trouble/quarrel/difficulties/complication/tangle/(P)/
1207 いざさらば /(exp) (1) (arch) well then, (shall we)/well then, (I'll)/(2) goodbye/
1208 いざという時 [いざというとき] /(exp) when it's important/when it comes to the crunch/
1209 いざと言う時 [いざというとき] /(exp) when it's important/when it comes to the crunch/
1210 いざなぎ景気 [いざなぎけいき] /(n) Izanagi economic boom (1965-70) of Japan/
1211 いざなみ景気 [いざなみけいき] /(n) period of Japanese economic expansion from February 2002 to October 2007/
1212 いざ鎌倉 [いざかまくら] /(n) case that something major happens/event of an emergency/when it comes to the crunch/
1213 いざ知らず [いざしらず] /(exp) I don't know about ... but/it may be possible for ... but/
1214 いしかり型護衛艦 [いしかりがたごえいかん] /(n) Ishikari class destroyer escort/
1215 いし海豚 [いしいるか] /(n) (uk) Dall's porpoise (Phocoenoides dalli)/
1216 いじいじ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) reserved/timid/servile/(2) unable to be honest/perverse/
1217 いじくり回す [いじくりまわす] /(v5s) (uk) to fiddle with/to monkey around with/
1218 いじける /(v1,vi) (1) to grow timid (e.g. from an inferiority complex)/to lose one's nerve/(2) to become perverse/to become contrary/
1219 いじましい /(adj-i) piddling/paltry/
1220 いじめっ子 [いじめっこ] /(n) bully/
1221 いじめられっ子 [いじめられっこ] /(n) bullied child/
1222 いじらしい /(adj-i) innocent/lovable/sweet/pitiful/pathetic/
1223 いじり回す [いじりまわす] /(v5s) to tinker with/to fumble with/to twist up/
1224 いす取りゲーム [いすとりゲーム] /(n) musical chairs/
1225 いずれ菖蒲か杜若 [いずれあやめかかきつばた] /(exp) equally beautiful/
1226 いそいそ /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) cheerfully/excitedly/(P)/
1227 いたし方 [いたしかた] /(n) way/method/
1228 いたずらっ子 [いたずらっこ] /(n) (1) mischievous child/scamp/rascal/(2) elf/imp/
1229 いたずら好き [いたずらずき] /(adj-na,adj-no) mischievous/
1230 いたずら盛り [いたずらざかり] /(n) mischievous age/
1231 いたずら電話 [いたずらでんわ] /(n) crank call/prank phone call/
1232 いたずら坊主 [いたずらぼうず] /(n) mischievous boy/troublemaker/pesky kids/
1233 いたせんぱら /(n) deepbody bitterling (species of cyprinid, Acheilognathus longipinnis)/
1234 いたちの道 [いたちのみち] /(exp) not to write to or visit someone/road of the weasel (it is believed that if someone blocks the path a weasel, he will never take that path again)/
1235 いたちの道切り [いたちのみちきり] /(exp) not to write to or visit someone/road of the weasel (it is believed that if someone blocks the path a weasel, he will never take that path again)/
1236 いたみ悲しむ [いたみかなしむ] /(v5m) (obsc) to mourn/to grieve/
1237 いちい樫 [いちいがし] /(n) (uk) Quercus gilva (species of oak)/
1238 いちさかき /(ok) (n) (uk) Eurya japonica (species of evergreen related to sakaki)/
1239 いちびり /(n) (osb:) prankster/joker/taking a joke to the extreme/
1240 いちびる /(v5r,vi) (ksb:) to mess around/to get carried away/to press one's luck/
1241 いちゃいちゃ /(adv,n,vs) flirt/make out/
1242 いちゃつく /(v5k,vi) to flirt with/to dally/
1243 いちゃもん /(n) quibble/false charge/
1244 いちゃもんを付ける [いちゃもんをつける] /(exp,v1) to pick a fight/to find fault/
1245 いち押し [いちおし] /(n) (1) recommendation/(something) highly recommended/(vs) (2) to recommend/
1246 いち推し [いちおし] /(n) (1) recommendation/(something) highly recommended/(vs) (2) to recommend/
1247 いち早く [いちはやく] /(adv) promptly/quickly/without delay/
1248 いっかくじゅう座 [いっかくじゅうざ] /(n) (constellation) Monoceros/
1249 いっけ /(pref) prefix used to strengthen a derogatory adjective/
1250 いっそ /(adv) rather/sooner/preferably/(P)/
1251 いっその事 [いっそのこと] /(adv) rather/sooner/preferably/(P)/
1252 いったい何なんですか [いったいなんなんですか] /(exp) what is it exactly?/what is it precisely/
1253 いったい全体 [いったいぜんたい] /(adv) ... the heck (e.g. "what the heck?")/... in the world (e.g. "why in the world?")/... on earth (e.g. "who on earth?")/
1254 いって参ります [いってまいります] /(exp) So long (lit:"(I'm) going and coming back")/I'm off/see you later/
1255 いって来ます [いってきます] /(exp) (uk) I'm off/see you later/
1256 いって来る [いってくる] /(vk) (1) I'm off/see you later/(2) to go (and then come back)/
1257 いっらしゃいませ /(ik) (exp) welcome (in shops, etc.)/
1258 いつかそのうち /(exp) one of these days/before very long/in the near future/
1259 いつの間にか [いつのまにか] /(adv) before one knows/before one becomes aware of/unnoticed/unawares/
1260 いつの間にやら [いつのまにやら] /(n) unawares/unnoticed/before you know it/
1261 いつの時代にも [いつのじだいにも] /(adv) in all ages/over the ages/forever and ever/
1262 いつの時代も [いつのじだいも] /(adv) in all ages/over the ages/forever and ever/
1263 いつの日にか [いつのひにか] /(exp) one of these days/
1264 いつまで経っても [いつまでたっても] /(exp) no matter how much time passes/
1265 いつもいつも /(exp) year in, year out/24-7/
1266 いつもの通りに [いつものとおりに] /(adv) as always/
1267 いつも通り [いつもとおり] /(ik) (adv) as always/as usual/
1268 いつも通り [いつもどおり] /(adv) as always/as usual/
1269 いつ何どき [いつなんどき] /(adv) (uk) at any time/every moment/
1270 いつ何時 [いつなんどき] /(adv) (uk) at any time/every moment/
1271 いて座 [いてざ] /(n) Sagittarius/the Archer (constellation)/
1272 いと /(adv) greatly/really/
1273 いとこ婚 [いとここん] /(n) marriage between cousins/
1274 いとし子 [いとしご] /(n) beloved dear child/
1275 いとど /(n) (1) old name for a cave cricket/(2) even though/despite/even more/still/
1276 いとはん /(n) (ksb:) daughter (of a good family)/
1277 いとも /(adv) extremely/
1278 いとも簡単に [いともかんたんに] /(adv) very easily/
1279 いないいないばあ /(n) peekaboo (baby game)/peepbo/
1280 いなか者 [いなかもの] /(n,adj-no) countryman/provincial/person from the country/provincial person/bumpkin/hick/hillbilly/
1281 いなくなった /(exp) gone/left/
1282 いなくなる /(exp) to disappear/to stop being/to leave/
1283 いなだ /(n) young Japanese amberjack/
1284 いのころ草 [いのころぐさ] /(n) spike-eared grass/
1285 いのちの電話 [いのちのでんわ] /(n) telephone counselling service/
1286 いのちを捨てる [いのちをすてる] /(exp,v1) to give one's life/to lay down one's life/
1287 いの一番 [いのいちばん] /(exp) first of all/first thing/
1288 いばらの道 [いばらのみち] /(n) thorny path/
1289 いばら姫 [いばらひめ] /(n) Sleeping Beauty/Thorn Princess/Briar Rose/
1290 いばりんぼ /(n) (col) boaster/
1291 いびり出す [いびりだす] /(v5s) to drive someone out/to force someone to leave/
1292 いびる /(v5r,vt) to pick on/to tease/
1293 いぶし銀 [いぶしぎん] /(n) (1) oxidized silver/oxidised silver/(2) refined (aesthetic) taste/
1294 いぶり出す [いぶりだす] /(v5s,vt) to smoke animal out of its den/
1295 いぼた /(n) (uk) Ligustrum japonicum/
1296 いま一つ [いまひとつ] /(adj-na,adv) (1) (uk) (col) one more/another/the other/(2) not quite/not very good/lacking/
1297 いま一歩 [いまいっぽ] /(n,adv) (1) one more/another/the other/not quite/(2) close run/just falling short of success/
1298 いみじくも /(adv) admirably/exquisitely/aptly/
1299 いめいめしい /(adj-i) (obsc) annoying/
1300 いもち病 [いもちびょう] /(n) rice blight/rice blast/
1301 いもづる式 [いもづるしき] /(adv) one after another/in succession/
1302 いもづる接続 [いもづるせつぞく] /(n) (comp) daisy chain connection/
1303 いも虫 [いもむし] /(n) hornworm (caterpillar of a hawk moth)/(hairless) caterpillar/
1304 いやが上に [いやがうえに] /(exp,adv) even more/all the more/
1305 いやが上にも [いやがうえにも] /(adv) all the more/
1306 いやだ /(int) not a chance/not likely/no way/(P)/
1307 いやはや /(int) (Oh) dear!/(Oh) dear me!/Good gracious/
1308 いや増す [いやます] /(v5s,vi) to increase (all the more)/
1309 いよいよという時 [いよいよというとき] /(exp) (at the) last moment/(in the) nick of time/
1310 いよいよと言う時 [いよいよというとき] /(exp) (at the) last moment/(in the) nick of time/
1311 いようが /(exp) (following te-form verb) regardless of/whether (or not)/
1312 いよやか /(adj-na) tall/stout/clear/well defined/
1313 いらか段 [いらかだん] /(n) corbie-step/corbel gable/crowsteps/
1314 いらしてください /(exp) please come (and visit us)/please come (to our shop)/
1315 いらしゃい /(ik) (int,n) (1) (hon) (used as a polite imperative) come/go/stay/(2) welcome!/
1316 いらしゃいませ /(ik) (exp) welcome (in shops, etc.)/
1317 いらっしゃい /(int,n) (1) (hon) (used as a polite imperative) come/go/stay/(2) welcome!/(P)/
1318 いらっしゃいませ /(exp) welcome (in shops, etc.)/(P)/
1319 いらっしゃってください /(exp) (pol) please come (and visit us)/please come (to our shop)/
1320 いらっしゃる /(v5aru,vi) (1) (hon) to come/to go/to be (somewhere)/(aux-v) (2) (after a -te form, or the particle "de") is (doing)/are (doing)/(P)/
1321 いられないくらい /(exp) almost not able (to do something)/
1322 いら立たしい [いらだたしい] /(adj-i) irritating/frustrating/
1323 いら立ち [いらだち] /(n) irritation/
1324 いら立つ [いらだつ] /(v5t) to be irritated/
1325 いりがしら /(n) kanji "enter" radical at top (radical 11)/
1326 いりやね /(n) kanji "enter" radical at top (radical 11)/
1327 いるか座 [いるかざ] /(n) Delphinus/the Dolphin (constellation)/
1328 いろは歌 [いろはうた] /(n) iroha poem/
1329 いろは順 [いろはじゅん] /(n) Traditional ordering of Japanese syllabary based on a Buddhist poem/
1330 いわし雲 [いわしぐも] /(n) cirro-cumulus/mackerel sky/
1331 いを汲む [いをくむ] /(exp,v5m) to enter into a person's feelings/to guess what somebody feels (using one's intuition)/
1332 いを用いる [いをもちいる] /(exp,v1) to pay attention to/
1333 いんげん豆 [いんげんまめ] /(n) kidney bean/wax bean/
1334 いんちき /(adj-na,n,vs) (1) cheating/fake/bogus/(2) travelling seller of trinkets, magic tricks, etc. (traveling)/
1335 いん石 [いんせき] /(n) meteorite/
1336 い辛っぽい [いがらっぽい] /(adj-i) (uk) acrid/pungent/irritating/
1337 い段 [いだん] /(n) (ling) 'i' row/
1338 うーん /(int) hmm/well/
1339 ういっす /(int) (col) Hi/
1340 ううむ /(int) erm/hurm/
1341 ううん /(int) (1) no/(2) er, well, .../(3) groan/(P)/
1342 うお座 [うおざ] /(n,adj-no) (1) (constellation) Pisces/the Fish/the Fishes/(2) (arch) fishmongers' guild/
1343 うお氷に上る [うおこおりにのぼる] /(exp) third climate of spring (when the ice breaks and fish start appearing near the surface)/
1344 うお氷に上る [うおひにのぼる] /(exp) third climate of spring (when the ice breaks and fish start appearing near the surface)/
1345 うかうか /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) carelessly/inattentively/
1346 うかび出る [うかびでる] /(v1,vi) to surface/
1347 うかれ歩く [うかれあるく] /(v5k,vi) to gad around/
1348 うがい薬 [うがいぐすり] /(n) mouthwash/
1349 うがん /(n) (Okinawa) sacred place/sacred grove/
1350 うぐいす色 [うぐいすいろ] /(n) greenish brown/
1351 うぐいす張り [うぐいすばり] /(n) nightingale (flooring)/method of laying floors to deliberately make a noise (like a nightingale's call) when walked across (security feature)/
1352 うぐいす餅 [うぐいすもち] /(n) mochi filled with red bean paste and topped with green soy flour/
1353 うけ取る [うけとる] /(v5r,vt) (1) to receive/to get/to accept/(2) to take/to interpret/to understand/
1354 うさぎ座 [うさぎざ] /(n) Lepus/the Hare (constellation)/
1355 うざい /(adj-i) (1) (col) annoying/noisy/(2) strict/
1356 うざがる /(exp,v5r) to behave annoyed/to feel annoyed/
1357 うざっこい /(adj-i) jumbled up/confused/frustrating/
1358 うざったい /(adj-i) (1) (col) annoying/noisy/(2) strict/
1359 うしかい座 [うしかいざ] /(n) Bootes/the Herdsman (constellation)/
1360 うしろ手 [うしろで] /(n) (1) hands behind one's back/hands tied behind one's back/(2) behind (e.g. someone)/rear/back/(3) appearance from behind/
1361 うじうじ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) irresolute/hesitant/
1362 うじゃうじゃ /(adv,n,vs) in swarms/
1363 うす口 [うすくち] /(n) light (flavor, flavour)/
1364 うず /(aux-v) (1) (arch) will probably be/(2) intending to/will/(3) should/
1365 うずうず /(n,adv,vs) (on-mim) sorely tempted/itching to do something/(P)/
1366 うずまき線 [うずまきせん] /(n) spiral/
1367 うずら豆 [うずらまめ] /(n) pinto bean/mottled kidney bean/
1368 うず巻く [うずまく] /(v5k,vi) to whirl/to eddy/to swirl/to curl (smoke)/
1369 うず形式 [うずけいしき] /(n) vortex design/
1370 うそも方便 [うそもほうべん] /(exp) the end justifies the means/circumstances may justify a lie/
1371 うそやん /(exp) (osb:) You're kidding!/
1372 うそ寒い [うそさむい] /(adj-i) somewhat cold/a bit chilly/
1373 うそ泣き [うそなき] /(n,vs) faking crying/crocodile tears/
1374 うぞうぞ /(adv) (on-mim) fearfully/gingerly/
1375 うたた寝 [うたたね] /(n,vs) dozing/napping (e.g. on the floor in one's clothes, in the train)/
1376 うた沢 [うたざわ] /(n) slow-paced style of shamisen music with vocal accompaniment (popular during the late Edo period)/
1377 うた沢節 [うたざわぶし] /(n) slow-paced style of shamisen music with vocal accompaniment (popular during the late Edo period)/
1378 うだうだ /(adv) (on-mim) idle/long-winded and meaningless/
1379 うだつが上がらない [うだつがあがらない] /(exp) no hope of getting ahead/
1380 うだつの上がらない [うだつのあがらない] /(exp,adj-i) lacking potential for advancement/no-hoper/
1381 うちの者 [うちのもの] /(n) a member of one's "in group" (e.g. one's family, employees, etc.)/
1382 うちの人 [うちのひと] /(n) my husband/one's family/
1383 うちの奴 [うちのやつ] /(n) my wife/"the wife"/
1384 うちわやんま /(n) (uk) Sinictinogomphus clavatus (species of clubtail dragonfly)/
1385 うち捨てる [うちすてる] /(v1,vt) to throw away/to abandon/
1386 うち続く [うちつづく] /(v5k,vi) to continue for a long time/to undergo a repeated series/
1387 うち破る [うちやぶる] /(v5r,vt) to break/to smash/to defeat/to destroy/to eliminate/
1388 うち連れる [うちつれる] /(v1,vi) to go along with/
1389 うっかり /(adv,n,vs) carelessly/thoughtlessly/inadvertently/(P)/
1390 うっかりミス /(n) honest mistake/
1391 うって変わる [うってかわる] /(v5r) to change suddenly/
1392 うっとり /(adv,adv-to) (1) ecstatically/spellbound/with rapt attention/(2) abstractedly/absentmindedly/absorbedly/vacantly/
1393 うっとりさせる /(v1) to enchant/to enrapture/to enthrall (enthral)/to charm/
1394 うっとりする /(exp,vs-i) (1) to be entranced/to be enraptured/to be transported/to be fascinated/(2) to be absentminded/to be miles away/to be in a world of one's own/
1395 うっとりとする /(exp,vs-i) (1) to be entranced/to be enraptured/to be transported/to be fascinated/(2) to be absentminded/to be miles away/to be in a world of one's own/
1396 うっぷ /(n) (on-mim) burp/belch/
1397 うっ血 [うっけつ] /(n,vs) (1) blood congestion/(suf) (2) -stasis/
1398 うっ血性心不全 [うっけつせいしんふぜん] /(n) congestive heart failure/CHF/
1399 うっ滞 [うったい] /(n,adj-no,vs) (uk) congestion/pent-up feelings/
1400 うつつを抜かす [うつつをぬかす] /(exp,v5s) to be infatuated/to be hooked on/
1401 うつぼ /(n) (uk) moray (eel) (Gymnothorax kidako)/muraenid/
1402 うつらうつら /(adv) drowsily/nodding off/
1403 うつ向く [うつむく] /(v5k) to hang one's head in shame/to look downward/to cast one's eyes down/
1404 うつ状態 [うつじょうたい] /(n,adj-no) depression/manic depression/
1405 うつ病 [うつびょう] /(n) melancholia/depression/
1406 うつ伏す [うつぶす] /(v5s) (1) to lie with one's face on the ground/(2) (arch) to lower (one's head, gaze, etc.)/
1407 うつ伏せる [うつぶせる] /(v1,vt) to lie face-down/
1408 うとうと /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) falling in a doze/dozing/(P)/
1409 うとっと /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) falling in a doze/dozing/
1410 うどの大木 [うどのたいぼく] /(exp) good for nothing (of people)/derived from a large 'udo' plant being of no use (only the young, tender, plant can be eaten)/
1411 うどんこ病 [うどんこびょう] /(n) powdery mildew/
1412 うどん粉 [うどんこ] /(n) udon flour (wheat flour)/
1413 うながっぱ /(n) type of maki sushi typically made from eel and cucumber/
1414 うなぎ屋 [うなぎや] /(n) eel restaurant/
1415 うなぎ昇り [うなぎのぼり] /(n,adj-no) rapid promotion/soaring/going through the roof/
1416 うなぎ上り [うなぎのぼり] /(n,adj-no) rapid promotion/soaring/going through the roof/
1417 うなぎ登り [うなぎのぼり] /(n,adj-no) rapid promotion/soaring/going through the roof/
1418 うなぎ丼 [うなぎどんぶり] /(n) bowl of eel and rice (donburi)/
1419 うなり出す [うなりだす] /(v5s) to let out a roar (hum, groan, moan)/to produce a loud noise/
1420 うなり声 [うなりごえ] /(n) (1) roar/growl/(2) groan/moan/
1421 うな重 [うなじゅう] /(n) broiled eel served over rice a lacquered box/
1422 うな丼 [うなどん] /(n) bowl of eel and rice (donburi)/
1423 うねうね /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) winding/meandering/zigzag/sinuous/tortuous/
1424 うはうは /(exp) exhilarated/all smiles/
1425 うば車 [うばぐるま] /(n) baby carriage/perambulator/
1426 うふふ /(adv) chuckling/giggling/
1427 うぶ毛 [うぶげ] /(n) (1) soft, downy hair (i.e. such as on one's cheek)/peach fuzz/fluff/pappus/(2) lanugo/(adj-no) (3) lanuginous/pappose/pappous/
1428 うまい菜 [うまいな] /(n) (osb:) Swiss chard/
1429 うまい汁を吸う [うまいしるをすう] /(exp,v5u) to be onto a good thing/to make money without working/to line one's pockets/
1430 うまい棒 [うまいぼう] /(n) Umaibo/small, puffed, cylindrical corn snack (trademarked)/
1431 うまい話 [うまいはなし] /(n) too good to be true stories (offers) (e.g. scams and frauds)/
1432 うまくやって行く [うまくやっていく] /(exp,v5k-s) to get along well with/to make a go of it/
1433 うまく行かない [うまくいかない] /(exp,adj-i) unsuccessful/going badly/
1434 うまく行く [うまくいく] /(v5k-s) to go smoothly/to turn out well/to do the trick/to have peaceful relations/(P)/
1435 うま味 [うまみ] /(n) (1) good flavor (flavour)/good taste/deliciousness/(2) umami (fifth category of taste, corresponding to the flavour of glutamates)/(3) skill/(4) profit/
1436 うま味調味料 [うまみちょうみりょう] /(n) flavour enhancer (e.g. MSG)/flavor enhancer/
1437 うみへび座 [うみへびざ] /(n) Hydra (constellation)/
1438 うみ葡萄 [うみぶどう] /(n) sea grapes (Caulerpa lentillifera)/
1439 うむ /(int) (arch) yea/uh huh/
1440 うめき声 [うめきごえ] /(n) groan/moan/moaning/
1441 うようよ /(adv,vs) (on-mim) in swarms/crawling with/
1442 うらうら /(adv-to) (on-mim) gently and clearly shining (like the sun in springtime)/
1443 うらぶれる /(v1,vi) to get shabby/to go downhill/to go to seed/to go to the dogs/
1444 うら枯れる [うらがれる] /(v1,vi) to die (esp. foliage as winter approaches)/
1445 うら若い [うらわかい] /(adj-i) young/youthful/
1446 うら寂しい [うらさびしい] /(adj-i) lonesome/lonely/forlorn/
1447 うら恥ずかしい [うらはずかしい] /(adj-i) slightly ashamed/rather shy/
1448 うら悲しい [うらがなしい] /(adj-i) sad/mournful/melancholy/sorrowful/
1449 うりずん /(n) climate of the third month of the lunar calendar in Okinawa (end of the dry season)/early summer/
1450 うり二つ [うりふたつ] /(adj-na) as alike as two melons (two peas in a pod)/
1451 うるう年 [うるうどし] /(n,adj-no) (uk) leap year/
1452 うるき星 [うるきぼし] /(n) Chinese "Girl" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)/
1453 うるさ型 [うるさがた] /(n) fastidiousness/faultfinding/nit-picking/
1454 うるさ方 [うるさがた] /(iK) (n) fastidiousness/faultfinding/nit-picking/
1455 うるめぶし /(n) finely chopped round herring/
1456 うれしい悲鳴 [うれしいひめい] /(exp,n) shriek of delight/cry of joy/
1457 うれし泣き [うれしなき] /(n,vs) weeping for joy/crying with happiness/
1458 うろうろ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) loiteringly/aimless wandering/(P)/
1459 うろこ引き [うろこひき] /(n) fish scaler/
1460 うろちょろ /(n,vs) loitering/hanging around/wandering around/
1461 うろつき回る [うろつきまわる] /(v5r) to rove/to prowl/to go cruising/
1462 うろ覚え [うろおぼえ] /(n) (1) vague recollection/faint memory/
1463 うろ抜く [うろぬく] /(v5k,vt) to thin out (e.g. seedlings)/
1464 うわ /(int) Wow!/Holy smokes!/Aaargh!/O my God!/
1465 うわー /(int) Wow!/Holy smokes!/Aaargh!/O my God!/
1466 うわあ /(int) Wow!/Holy smokes!/Aaargh!/O my God!/
1467 うわさを聞く [うわさをきく] /(exp,v5k) to hear a rumor/to get wind of/
1468 うわさ話 [うわさばなし] /(n,vs) gossip/
1469 うわの空 [うわのそら] /(adj-na,n) inattention/absent-mindedness/
1470 うわ気 [うわき] /(n,adj-na,vs) (1) (sens) extramarital sex/affair/fooling around/(2) infidelity/wantonness/unfaithfulness/inconstancy/fickleness/caprice/
1471 うわ言 [うわごと] /(n) (uk) talking in delirium/incoherent muttering/
1472 うん /(int) (1) yeah/uh huh/(n-pref) (2) some (at the start of a number in place of a digit)/(P)/
1473 うんうん /(int) uh-huh/sound indicating agreement/grunting or groaning sound/
1474 うんこ /(n,vs) (col) shit/faeces/feces/(P)/
1475 うんざり /(adv,n,vs) tedious/boring/being fed up with/(P)/
1476 うんしょっと /(int) omigosh/crikey/
1477 うんたら /(n) mumble (used in place of meaningful words in a sentence)/
1478 うんたらかんたら /(n) something-something (phrase used in place of meaningful words in a sentence)/
1479 うんち /(n,vs) (col) shit/faeces/feces/(P)/
1480 うんちゃらかんちゃら /(exp) something-something ('fill in the blank' type phrase)/
1481 うんと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) a great deal/very much/a lot/(2) with a great amount of effort/
1482 うんとこさ /(n) (1) grunt of effort/oof/(2) a lot/plenty/
1483 うんとこしょ /(n) yell made when starting to move something/grunt/
1484 うんともすんとも /(exp,adv) (followed by a negative verb form) not uttering a single word/not giving even the slightest response/
1485 うんともすんとも言わない [うんともすんともいわない] /(exp,adj-i) keeping silent/saying nothing at all/
1486 うん蓄 [うんちく] /(n,vs) one's vast stock of knowledge/
1487 うん蓄を傾ける [うんちくをかたむける] /(exp,v1) (obs) to draw upon one's profound knowledge/
1488 うん薹 [うんたい] /(n) rape (seed oil plant, Brassica campestris)/Chinese colza/yuntai/
1489 うん薹 [うんだい] /(n) rape (seed oil plant, Brassica campestris)/Chinese colza/yuntai/
1490 う蝕 [うしょく] /(n) tooth decay/dental caries/
1491 う段 [うだん] /(n) (ling) 'u' row/
1492 え /(int) (1) eh? (surprise)/(2) eh (agreement)/(prt) (3) (arch) strengthens a question, assertion, etc./(4) (after a noun) used when calling out to someone/
1493 えいえいおう /(int) hurray/hurrah/
1494 えいや /(int) go for it/heave/ugh/
1495 えいやっ /(int) go for it/heave/ugh/
1496 えい航 [えいこう] /(n,vs) towing (a ship)/
1497 ええ /(int) (1) yes/that is correct/right/(2) um/errr/(3) huh?/(4) grrr/gah/Must I?/(adj-f) (5) (ksb:) good/(P)/
1498 ええじゃないか /(exp) (1) isn't it great?/(n) (2) carnival-like religious celebrations (e.g. dancing festivals) that occurred across Japan from June 1867 to May 1868/
1499 ええと /(int) let me see/well/errr .../(P)/
1500 ええ加減にしいや [ええかげんにしいや] /(exp) (uk) (ksb:) I've had enough of your messing around (orig. a phrase signaling the end of a manzai performance)/
1501 えげつない /(adj-i) dirty/vulgar/nasty/
1502 えこ贔屓 [えこひいき] /(adj-na,n,vs) favoritism/favouritism/partiality/prejudice/bias/
1503 えさ場 [えさば] /(n) feeding grounds/
1504 えずい /(adj-i) (1) unpleasant/uncomfortable/(2) frightening/(3) cruel/rude/violent/wild/
1505 えせ学者 [えせがくしゃ] /(n,adj-no) pseudo-scholar/fake scholar/would-be expert/
1506 えぞももんが /(n) (uk) Pteromys volans orii (subspecies of the Siberian flying squirrel, endemic to Hokkaido)/
1507 えっ /(int) Huh?/What's up?/
1508 えっさっさ /(int) heave-ho (chant when doing heavy work)/
1509 えっちらおっちら /(adv) with a great deal of effort/laboriously/
1510 えっと /(int) let me see/well/errr .../
1511 えっへん /(int) ahem/
1512 えのき茸 [えのきたけ] /(n) (uk) enoki mushroom (long, thin and white)/Flammulina velutipes/winter mushroom/
1513 えのき茸 [えのきだけ] /(n) (uk) enoki mushroom (long, thin and white)/Flammulina velutipes/winter mushroom/
1514 えばりんぼ /(n) (col) boaster/
1515 えびっさん /(n) (col) Ebisu (local dialect forms)/
1516 えへへ /(exp) tee-hee/giggle/
1517 えへらえへら /(adv) meaninglessly (laugh)/(laugh) hollowly/
1518 えへん /(int) ahem/
1519 えべっさん /(n) (col) Ebisu (local dialect forms)/
1520 えも言われず [えもいわれず] /(adj-f) indescribable (in praise of something)/exquisite/inexpressible/indefinable/
1521 えも言われぬ [えもいわれぬ] /(adj-f) indescribable (in praise of something)/exquisite/inexpressible/indefinable/
1522 えらい目 [えらいめ] /(exp) terrible time/hard time/bad day/
1523 えら呼吸 [えらこきゅう] /(n) branchial respiration (breathing using gills)/
1524 えら物 [えらぶつ] /(n) talented person/great man/great woman/
1525 えら物 [えらもの] /(n) talented person/great man/great woman/
1526 えり好み [えりごのみ] /(n,vs) being particular about/fastidious/
1527 えり蚕 [えりさん] /(n) (uk) eri silkmoth (Samia cynthia ricini)/eri silkworm/
1528 えり抜き [えりぬき] /(adj-no,n) the very best/elite/
1529 えり抜く [えりぬく] /(v5k,vt) to select/to choose/
1530 えり分ける [えりわける] /(v1,vt) to classify/to sort out/to sift through/
1531 えんがちょ /(n) (1) (col) crossed fingers and word said to call someone to be avoided as 'dirty' (kids' talk)/(vs) (2) to cross one's fingers (to ward off 'dirt')/
1532 えんがちょ切った [えんがちょきった] /(exp) phrase used (usu. with accompanying crossed fingers gesture) to ward off catching 'dirtiness' from another child (kids' talk)/
1533 えんこ /(n,vs) (1) squatting/sitting/(2) breaking down/stopping (e.g. of car engine)/
1534 えんさかほい /(n) heave! (sound made while pulling a heavy vehicle)/
1535 えんすう /(n) (obsc) mythical Chinese bird/
1536 えんぺら /(n) squid fin/
1537 えんま帳 [えんまちょう] /(n) teacher's mark or grade book/
1538 えん官 [えんかん] /(n) eunuch/
1539 えん罪 [えんざい] /(n) false charge/false accusation/misrepresentation/
1540 えん堤 [えんてい] /(n) dike/weir/
1541 えゾオオカミ /(n) (uk) Hokkaido wolf (Canis lupus hattai, extinct)/
1542 え辛っぽい [えがらっぽい] /(adj-i) (uk) acrid/pungent/irritating/
1543 え段 [えだん] /(n) (ling) 'e' row/
1544 お /(int) oh! (expression of slight surprise)/
1545 おーい /(int) ahoy/hullo/hello/
1546 おk [オーケー] /(n) (col) OK/
1547 おk [オッケー] /(n) (col) OK/
1548 おあつらえ向き [おあつらえむき] /(adj-no) perfect/just right/ideal/
1549 おい /(int) (1) hey!/oi!/(2) (ksb:) me/
1550 おいおい /(int) (1) Hey!/Wait a minute!/Whoa!/(adv,adv-to) (2) boohoo/waaaa/
1551 おいそれと /(adv) at a moment's notice/readily/
1552 おいた /(n) childish prank/mischief/
1553 おいでやす /(exp) (kyb:) welcome (in shops, etc.)/
1554 おいどん /(n) (Kagoshima dialect) I/me/
1555 おいべっさん /(n) (col) Ebisu (local dialect forms)/
1556 おい付く [おいつく] /(v5k,vi) to overtake/to catch up (with)/
1557 おうし座 [おうしざ] /(n) Taurus/the Bull (constellation)/
1558 おうむ返し [おうむがえし] /(n) parroting another's words/
1559 おう吐 [おうと] /(n,vs,adj-no) vomiting/
1560 おえら方 [おえらがた] /(n) superiors/very important persons/VIPs/dignitaries/big shots/
1561 おおい /(int) (1) hey!/oi!/
1562 おおいぬ座 [おおいぬざ] /(n) Canis Major (constellation)/
1563 おおかみ座 [おおかみざ] /(n) Lupus (constellation)/
1564 おおぐま座 [おおぐまざ] /(n) Ursa Major (constellation)/
1565 おおすみ型輸送艦 [おおすみがたゆそうかん] /(n) Osumi class vehicle transport ship/
1566 おおひるめのむち /(n) Sun Goddess/Amaterasu Oomikami/
1567 おおみず /(n) white angel/malus tschonoskii/
1568 おおアメリカももんが /(n) (uk) northern flying squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus)/
1569 おかか /(n) finely chopped katsuobushi, sometimes with soy sauce/
1570 おかけ下さい [おかけください] /(exp) (uk) please sit down/please have a seat/
1571 おかしみ /(n) humor/humour/wit/
1572 おかちん /(n) (fem) (arch) mochi/
1573 おが屑 [おがくず] /(n) sawdust/
1574 おぎゃあ /(n) cry (of baby)/mewl (of kitten)/
1575 おくびにも出さない [おくびにもださない] /(exp) not revealing (thoughts, feelings)/not breathing a word/
1576 おくれ毛 [おくれげ] /(n) straggling hair/
1577 おく病 [おくびょう] /(adj-na,n) cowardice/timidity/
1578 おけさ /(n) type of traditional vocal music/
1579 おけさ節 [おけさぶし] /(n) okesa song/
1580 おこしやす /(exp) (kyb:) welcome (in shops, etc.)/
1581 おこし種 [おこしだね] /(n) roasted millet or rice cake used to make okoshi/
1582 おこじょ /(n) stoat/ermine/short-tailed weasel (Mustela erminea)/
1583 おさげ髪 [おさげがみ] /(n) pigtails/two plaits hanging about one's shoulders/two plaits hanging down one's back/queue/
1584 おさらば /(n,vs) good-bye/farewell/
1585 おさ打ち [おさうち] /(n) beating/beating up/
1586 おさ通し [おさとおし] /(n) reed drawing-in (manuf.)/denting/
1587 おざなりになって /(exp) to say commonplace things/
1588 おしっこ /(n) (1) (col) wee-wee/pee-pee/number one/(vs) (2) to urinate/(P)/
1589 おしどり夫婦 [おしどりふうふ] /(exp) loving couple/couple of lovebirds/happily married couple (who are always together)/
1590 おしゃぶり /(n) teething ring/pacifier/dummy/
1591 おしゃま /(n,adj-na) precocity/
1592 おしろい焼 [おしろいやけ] /(n) damage to skin by ceruse/
1593 おしろい焼け [おしろいやけ] /(n) damage to skin by ceruse/
1594 おし黙る [おしだまる] /(v5r,vi) to keep silent/
1595 おじゃる /(v4r) (1) (arch) (hon) to come/to go/to be/(aux-v) (2) (usu. after the particle 'de') forms a polite copula/
1596 おじゃん /(n) coming to nothing/
1597 おじゃんになる /(exp) to fall through/to come to nothing/to be ruined/
1598 おじや /(n) rice gruel containing vegetables, fish, etc., and seasoned with miso or soy sauce/
1599 おじん /(n) old man/old-timer/old fogey/
1600 おせち料理 [おせちりょうり] /(n) food served during the New Year's Holidays/
1601 おせんち /(n,adj-na) (uk) (col) (abbr) sentimental/sentimentality/
1602 おそれ多い [おそれおおい] /(adj-i) awesome/awe-inspiring/august/
1603 おそろ /(n,adj-no) (abbr) (sl) same/matching/going together/
1604 おぞい /(adj-i) (1) (col) crude/inferior grade/worn/ragged/shameful/(2) sly/clever/(3) disgusting/repulsive/absurd/
1605 おぞけを振るう [おぞけをふるう] /(exp,v5u) to be horrified/to be filled with trepidation/
1606 おぞけ立つ [おぞけだつ] /(v5t,vi) to be horrified/to be filled with trepidation/to shake with fright/to yield to terror/
1607 おたおた /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) shocked speechless/
1608 おたふく風邪 [おたふくかぜ] /(n) mumps/
1609 おたんこなす /(n) fool/twit/idiot/bird-brain/
1610 おちゃっぴい /(n) chatterbox/talkative girl/precocious girl/
1611 おちょくる /(v5r,vt) to tease/to banter/to make fun of somebody/
1612 おちょける /(v5r,vt) to tease/to banter/to make fun of somebody/
1613 おちょぼ口 [おちょぼぐち] /(n) puckered-up mouth/button of a mouth/
1614 おっかけ /(n) person who chases after idol, showbiz star/
1615 おっかない /(adj-i) (1) frightening/scary/(2) extreme/exaggerated/huge/
1616 おっかなびっくり /(adv) fearfully/nervously/timidly/gingerly/
1617 おっさん /(n) (1) (abbr) rude term for middle-aged man/(2) Buddhist priest/(P)/
1618 おっちょこちょい /(adj-na,n) careless person/scatterbrain/birdbrain/
1619 おっつかっつ /(adj-no) much the same/nearly equal/
1620 おっと /(int) uh-oh/oops/sorry/
1621 おっとり /(adv-to,adv,vs) gently/quietly/calmly/
1622 おっぱい /(n) (1) (chn) breasts/boobies/tits/(2) (chn) breast milk/(P)/
1623 おっぱいアイス /(n) soft icecream sold in a balloon/
1624 おっぽり出す [おっぽりだす] /(v5s,vt) to throw out/to fire/to expel/to give up/to abandon/to neglect/
1625 おっ開く [おっぴらく] /(v5k) (1) to do something in public/(2) to open/
1626 おっ魂消る [おったまげる] /(v1,vi) (uk) to be very surprised/to be flabbergasted/
1627 おっ放り出す [おっぽりだす] /(v5s,vt) to throw out/to fire/to expel/to give up/to abandon/to neglect/
1628 おつむ /(n) (1) (abbr) face (used mostly with children)/head/(2) brains/intelligence/
1629 おつむてんてん /(exp,n) motion of a baby gently hitting his own face with both of his hands/
1630 おでん屋 [おでんや] /(n) oden vendor/
1631 おとぎの国 [おとぎのくに] /(n) a fairyland or never-never land/
1632 おとぎ話 [おとぎばなし] /(n) fairy-tale/nursery-tale/
1633 おとし入れる [おとしいれる] /(v1,vt) (1) to trick someone into (committing a crime, etc.)/to hatch a plan and deceive someone/(2) to assault (a castle, etc.)/(3) to drop something and have it fall into something/
1634 おととい来やがれ [おとといきやがれ] /(exp) (sl) Don't you ever come here again!/
1635 おとめ座 [おとめざ] /(n) Virgo (constellation)/the Virgin/
1636 おとり捜査 [おとりそうさ] /(n) sting operation/undercover investigation/
1637 おと年 [おととし] /(n-adv,n-t) year before last/
1638 おどおど /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) coweringly/hesitantly/(P)/
1639 おどり出る [おどりでる] /(v1,vi) to jump (e.g. to first place)/to spring out/
1640 おどり上がる [おどりあがる] /(v5r,vi) to spring up/to leap to one's feet/to jump up and down/
1641 おどろおどろしい /(adj-i) (1) (arch) eerie/hair-raising/(2) exaggerated/ostentatious/
1642 おなかの子 [おなかのこ] /(exp) child one is expecting/
1643 おにい系 [おにいけい] /(n) men's fashion style characterized by brown hair and deep-tanned skin, expensive brand-name clothes and accessories/
1644 おにかます /(n) (uk) great barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda)/
1645 おねんね /(n,vs) bed-time (for a baby)/going bye-byes/
1646 おのずから明らか [おのずからあきらか] /(adj-na) self-evident/
1647 おは /(int) (abbr) Good morning!/Hi!/
1648 おはか参り [おはかまいり] /(n) ritual visit to the tomb of one's ancestors (bringing flowers, burning incense, cleansing the tombstone)/
1649 おはよっす /(exp) G'morning/Hi!/
1650 おばこ /(n) (col) virgin/
1651 おばたりあん /(n) (col) generally obnoxious middle-aged woman (from aunt and battalion)/
1652 おばはん /(n,adj-na) (1) (ksb:) aunt/(2) middle-aged lady/
1653 おひつじ座 [おひつじざ] /(n) Aries (constellation)/the Ram/
1654 おびき寄せる [おびきよせる] /(v1,vt) to lure someone/to entice someone/
1655 おびき出す [おびきだす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to lure out of/to decoy out of/(2) to drive to (tears, sleep, etc.)/to evoke (sympathy, etc.)/(3) (arch) to abduct/to entice out of/
1656 おべっか /(n) flattery/
1657 おべっかを使う [おべっかをつかう] /(exp,v5u) to suck up to/to curry up to someone/
1658 おべっさん /(n) (col) Ebisu (local dialect forms)/
1659 おべんちゃら /(n) flattery/
1660 おほんおっほん /(int) ahem/harrumph/
1661 おぼれる者はわらをもつかむ [おぼれるものはわらをもつかむ] /(exp) (proverb) A drowning man will catch at a straw/
1662 おぼれる者は藁をもつかむ [おぼれるものはわらをもつかむ] /(exp) (proverb) A drowning man will catch at a straw/
1663 おぼろ雲 [おぼろぐも] /(n) altostratus cloud/
1664 おぼろ月夜 [おぼろづきよ] /(n) misty, moonlit night/
1665 おぼろ夜 [おぼろよ] /(n) misty, moonlit night/
1666 おまんこ /(n) (1) (X) (col) vagina/(vs) (2) to have sexual intercourse/to screw/
1667 おまんまの食い上げ [おまんまのくいあげ] /(exp) losing the means of livelihood/
1668 おみ /(n) (1) (abbr) (col) miso (usu. said by housewives)/(2) miso soup/
1669 おみ足 [おみあし] /(n) (hon) another's foot or leg/
1670 おみ籤 [おみくじ] /(n) (uk) written oracle/
1671 おめおめ /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) shamelessly/acting brazenly unaffected/(2) being resigned to (disgrace)/
1672 おめかし /(n,vs) dressing up/
1673 おめこ /(n) (1) (X) (col) vagina/(vs) (2) to have sexual intercourse/to screw/
1674 おめでた /(n) matter for congratulation (wedding, pregnancy, birth, etc.)/happy event/
1675 おめでた婚 [おめでたこん] /(n) (euph. for) shotgun wedding (seeking to avoid a negative connotation)/
1676 おもしい /(adj-i) interesting (Kanazawa dialect)/amusing/
1677 おもちゃ屋 [おもちゃや] /(n) toy shop/
1678 おもり /(n) clog/
1679 おもろい /(adj-i) (ksb:) interesting/amusing/
1680 おや /(conj,int,n) oh!/oh?/my!/(P)/
1681 おやおや /(int) my goodness!/oh my!/oh dear!/
1682 おやしお型潜水艦 [おやしおがたせんすいかん] /(n) Oyashio class submarine/
1683 おやじぎゃる /(n) (sl) young woman who acts like an old man/
1684 おやじギャル /(n) (sl) young woman who acts like an old man/
1685 おやじ狩り [おやじがり] /(n) street violence against middle-aged men/
1686 おやまあ /(exp) Good heavens!/Oh my god!/gee whiz/
1687 およしなさい /(exp) please stop/
1688 およべっさん /(n) (col) Ebisu (local dialect forms)/
1689 おりたたみ印刷物 [おりたたみいんさつぶつ] /(n) leaflet/folded printed matter/
1690 おり立つ [おりたつ] /(v5t,vi) (1) to go down and stand/(2) to alight/to get down/
1691 おれおれ詐欺 [おれおれさぎ] /(n) type of fraud involving phone calls pretending distress/
1692 おれんち /(n) (male) my house/
1693 おれ合う [おれあう] /(v5u,vi) to get along with/to compromise/to make concessions/to come to an agreement/
1694 おれ込む [おれこむ] /(v5m,vi) to be folded under or inside/
1695 おろおろ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) nervous/flustered/in a dither/all shook up/(P)/
1696 おろおろ声 [おろおろごえ] /(n) broken voice/emotional voice/
1697 おろか者 [おろかもの] /(n) fool/
1698 おろしポン酢 [おろしポンず] /(n) ponzu mixed with grated daikon/
1699 おろちょろ /(n,vs) lounging about/
1700 おわら風の盆 [おわらかぜのぼん] /(n) Owara-Kaze-no-Bon Festival (Toyama)/
1701 おん /(n) (Okinawa) sacred site/sacred grove/
1702 おんおん /(adv-to,adv) (obsc) bawling/crying/
1703 おんにゃのこ /(n) girl/
1704 おんぼろ /(adj-na,adj-no) worn-out/shabby/tattered/dilapidated/
1705 おんり /(vs) (chn) to get down (from being carried)/to get off (a vehicle)/
1706 おセンチ /(n,adj-na) (uk) (col) (abbr) sentimental/sentimentality/
1707 おデブさん /(n) chubby person/
1708 お愛でたい [おめでたい] /(n) (1) (uk) (pol) special/auspicious/happy/(2) naive/inncocent/good-natured/
1709 お愛想 [おあいそ] /(n) (1) (pol) compliment/flattery/(2) service/hospitality/(3) bill (at a restaurant; formerly, not used by customers)/check/
1710 お愛想 [おあいそう] /(n) (1) (pol) compliment/flattery/(2) service/hospitality/(3) bill (at a restaurant; formerly, not used by customers)/check/
1711 お握り [おにぎり] /(n) (uk) rice ball (often triangular, sometimes with a filling and wrapped in nori)/(P)/
1712 お安い [おやすい] /(adj-i) easy/simple/
1713 お安いご用 [おやすいごよう] /(n) easy task/no problem/
1714 お安い御用 [おやすいごよう] /(n) easy task/no problem/
1715 お安くない [おやすくない] /(exp) on very good terms with each other/romantically attached/
1716 お偉いさん [おえらいさん] /(n) (col) big shot/higher-ups/
1717 お偉方 [おえらがた] /(n) superiors/very important persons/VIPs/dignitaries/big shots/
1718 お為ごかし [おためごかし] /(n) self-aggrandizement under pretense of aiding another (aggrandisement, pretence)/
1719 お医者さん [おいしゃさん] /(n) (pol) doctor/(P)/
1720 お医者様 [おいしゃさま] /(n) (hon) doctor/
1721 お一人様 [おひとりさま] /(n) one person or customer/(may indicate a restaurant hospitable for lone women)/
1722 お稲荷さん [おいなりさん] /(n) (1) (hon) Inari (god of harvests, wealth, fertility, etc.)/(2) (hon) Inari shrine/(3) (pol) Inari-zushi (sushi wrapped in fried tofu)/
1723 お印 [おしるし] /(n) (1) (uk) a show/blood-stained mucus discharge that happens during pregnancy up to two weeks before delivery/(2) signature mark (crest) used by members of the Imperial family to mark their belongings/(3) a sign (with honorific 'o')/
1724 お引き受け [おひきうけ] /(n) undertaking/underwriting/acceptance/
1725 お引き摺り [おひきずり] /(n) (1) train of dress/trailing skirt/(2) woman who doesn't work and only thinks about fashion/
1726 お引摺り [おひきずり] /(n) (1) train of dress/trailing skirt/(2) woman who doesn't work and only thinks about fashion/
1727 お蔭 [おかげ] /(n) (your) backing/assistance/thanks or owing to/
1728 お蔭で [おかげで] /(exp) thanks to you/owing to you/because of you/
1729 お蔭参り [おかげまいり] /(n) pilgrimage to Ise/
1730 お蔭様 [おかげさま] /(n) (your) backing/assistance/
1731 お蔭様で [おかげさまで] /(exp) (pol) (I'm fine) thank you/under the gods' shadow/(P)/
1732 お陰 [おかげ] /(n) (your) backing/assistance/thanks or owing to/
1733 お陰で [おかげで] /(exp) (uk) thanks to ... (can be used for non-people causes)/owing to ..../
1734 お陰様で [おかげさまで] /(exp) (pol) (I'm fine) thank you/under the gods' shadow/
1735 お羽車 [おはぐるま] /(n) portable shrine used to transport a sacred object/
1736 お越し [おこし] /(exp) (hon) coming or leaving/
1737 お下がり [おさがり] /(n,adj-no) (1) food offering to the gods/(2) leftovers/hand-me-downs/
1738 お下げ [おさげ] /(n) wearing one's hair in braids/
1739 お下げ髪 [おさげがみ] /(n) pigtails/two plaits hanging about one's shoulders/two plaits hanging down one's back/queue/
1740 お化け [おばけ] /(n) goblin/apparition/monster/ghost/(P)/
1741 お化けの話 [おばけのはなし] /(n) spooky tale/ghost story/
1742 お化け屋敷 [おばけやしき] /(n) haunted house/
1743 お化け暦 [おばけごよみ] /(n) (arch) private koyomi published illegally (Edo period)/
1744 お化け話 [おばけばなし] /(n) ghost story/spooky story/
1745 お伽 [おとぎ] /(n) attending (upon)/keeping another company/
1746 お伽の国 [おとぎのくに] /(n) a fairyland or never-never land/
1747 お伽草子 [おとぎぞうし] /(n) fairy-tale book/
1748 お伽話 [おとぎばなし] /(n) fairy-tale/nursery-tale/
1749 お嫁さん [およめさん] /(n) bride/
1750 お家 [おうち] /(n) (pol) your home/your group/their home/
1751 お家芸 [おいえげい] /(n) (1) one's specialty/one's forte/(2) specialty of a kabuki school/
1752 お家騒動 [おいえそうどう] /(n) family trouble (quarrel)/domestic squabble/internal squabble (over headship rights) in a daimyo family in the Edo period/
1753 お暇 [おいとま] /(n,vs) (1) (uk) leaving/going home/(2) quitting one's job/(3) free time/leisure/spare time/
1754 お河童 [おかっぱ] /(n) (uk) bobbed hair (from resemblance to the mythical Kappa's hair style)/
1755 お火焚 [おひたき] /(n) Kyoto area festival held on the 11th lunar month (wherein bonfires are burned at shrines)/
1756 お火焚 [おほたき] /(n) Kyoto area festival held on the 11th lunar month (wherein bonfires are burned at shrines)/
1757 お花見 [おはなみ] /(n,vs) cherry blossom viewing/flower viewing/
1758 お花畑 [おはなばたけ] /(n) field of alpine flowers/
1759 お荷物 [おにもつ] /(n) (1) (pol) baggage/luggage/(2) burden/albatross around someone's neck/excess baggage/
1760 お菓子 [おかし] /(n) confections/sweets/candy/(P)/
1761 お過ごし [おすごし] /(exp) (hon) getting along/
1762 お芽出度い [おめでたい] /(ateji) (n) (1) (uk) (pol) special/auspicious/happy/(2) naive/inncocent/good-natured/
1763 お芽出度う [おめでとう] /(ateji) (int) (uk) congratulations!/an auspicious occasion!/
1764 お会計 [おかいけい] /(n) (restaurant) bill/
1765 お悔やみ申し上げます [おくやみもうしあげます] /(exp) my condolences/my deepest sympathy/
1766 お開き [おひらき] /(n) breakup (of a ceremony, wedding, party, meeting, etc.)/closure/
1767 お開きにする [おひらきにする] /(vs-i) to break up (e.g. a meeting)/to call it a night/
1768 お楽しみ [おたのしみ] /(n) (pol) enjoyment/pleasure/diversion/amusement/hobby/
1769 お掛け下さい [おかけください] /(exp) (uk) please sit down/please have a seat/
1770 お株 [おかぶ] /(n) one's forte/
1771 お株を奪う [おかぶをうばう] /(exp,v5u) to beat someone at his own game/
1772 お釜 [おかま] /(n) (1) (pol) pot/(2) volcanic crater/(3) (one's) buttocks/(4) (uk) (col) male homosexual/effeminate man/male transvestite/
1773 お釜を掘る [おかまをほる] /(exp,v5r) (1) to perform anal sex/to bugger/to sodomize/to sodomise/(2) to crash a car into the back of another (usu. used in the passive voice)/to rear-end/
1774 お粥 [おかゆ] /(n) thin rice porridge/watery cooked rice/rice gruel/
1775 お冠 [おかんむり] /(n) (uk) bad temper/bad mood/
1776 お寒い [おさむい] /(adj-i) (1) poor/unsatisfactory/inadequate/(2) (pol) cold/chilly/
1777 お勧め [おすすめ] /(n,vs) recommendation/advice/suggestion/encouragement/
1778 お丸 [おまる] /(n) (uk) bedpan/chamber pot/potty/
1779 お眼鏡 [おめがね] /(n) (your) judgment/discernment/
1780 お顔 [おかお] /(n) your (honorable) face (honourable)/
1781 お願い [おねがい] /(n,vs) (1) (hon) request/wish/(int) (2) (abbr) please/
1782 お願いいたします [おねがいいたします] /(exp) (hon) please/
1783 お願いごと [おねがいごと] /(n) request/
1784 お願いします [おねがいします] /(exp) (hum) please/(P)/
1785 お願いできますか [おねがいできますか] /(exp) (hon) may I ask (for)/might I ask (that)/
1786 お願いを聞く [おねがいをきく] /(exp,v5k) to grant someone's request/
1787 お願い事 [おねがいごと] /(n) request/
1788 お願い出来ますか [おねがいできますか] /(exp) (hon) may I ask (for)/might I ask (that)/
1789 お願い申し上げる [おねがいもうしあげる] /(exp,v1) (pol) please/
1790 お願い致します [おねがいいたします] /(exp) (hon) please/
1791 お帰り [おかえり] /(n) (1) (hon) return/(int) (2) (abbr) welcome home/(P)/
1792 お帰りなさい [おかえりなさい] /(int) welcome home/(P)/
1793 お気に召す [おきにめす] /(exp,v5s) (hon) to like/to prefer/to be pleased by/
1794 お気に入り [おきにいり] /(exp) (1) favorite/favourite/pet (e.g. teacher's pet)/(2) bookmark (in web browser)/(P)/
1795 お気の毒 [おきのどく] /(adj-na) pitiful/pity/
1796 お気の毒に [おきのどくに] /(exp) my sympathies/that's too bad/my condolences/
1797 お気を確かに [おきをたしかに] /(exp) Don't do anything rash!/Keep composed!/
1798 お祈り [おいのり] /(n,vs) prayer/supplication/
1799 お亀 [おかめ] /(n) plain-looking woman/
1800 お詰 [おつめ] /(n) (1) lowest-ranking guest at tea ceremony/(2) tea master/
1801 お詰め [おつめ] /(n) (1) lowest-ranking guest at tea ceremony/(2) tea master/
1802 お客さま [おきゃくさま] /(n) (hon) guest/visitor/customer/
1803 お客さん [おきゃくさん] /(n) guest/visitor/customer/
1804 お客好き [おきゃくずき] /(adj-na) enjoys company/enjoys having guests/
1805 お客様 [おきゃくさま] /(n) (hon) guest/visitor/customer/
1806 お久 [おひさ] /(exp) (abbr) (sl) long time no see/
1807 お久しぶり [おひさしぶり] /(exp) (abbr) (sl) it's been a long time/long time no see/
1808 お休み [おやすみ] /(n) (1) (pol) holiday/day off/absence/(2) (hon) sleep/rest/(exp) (3) (abbr) Good night/(P)/
1809 お休みなさい [おやすみなさい] /(exp) good night/(P)/
1810 お宮 [おみや] /(n) Shinto shrine/
1811 お宮参り [おみやまいり] /(n) shrine visit/
1812 お供 [おとも] /(n,vs) attendant/companion/
1813 お供え [おそなえ] /(n) an offering/
1814 お侠 [おきゃん] /(n) pert girl/girl with "attitude"/lively minx/tomboy/
1815 お強請り [おねだり] /(n) (uk) (pol) begging/pestering/pleading/coaxing/
1816 お玉 [おたま] /(n) egg/ladle/
1817 お玉杓子 [おたまじゃくし] /(n) (1) tadpole/(2) ladle/(3) musical note/
1818 お勤め [おつとめ] /(n) (1) (arch) (pol) one's business/(2) reading of scriptures before a (statue of) Buddha/(3) bargain/discount/(4) money paid to a prostitute or geisha/
1819 お近付き [おちかづき] /(n) making someone's acquaintance/
1820 お金 [おかね] /(n) (pol) money/(P)/
1821 お金持ち [おかねもち] /(n) rich person/
1822 お金本位 [おかねほんい] /(n,adj-no) money-centered way (of thinking)/
1823 お兄さん [おにいさん] /(n) (1) (hon) older brother/elder brother/(2) (vocative) young man/buddy/fella/laddie/(P)/
1824 お兄ちゃん [おにいちゃん] /(n) (1) (fam) familiar form of "older brother"/(2) (fam) form of address for young adult male/mister/
1825 お兄系 [おにいけい] /(n) men's fashion style characterized by brown hair and deep-tanned skin, expensive brand-name clothes and accessories/
1826 お経 [おきょう] /(n) (Buddh) Buddhist sutra/
1827 お迎え [おむかえ] /(vt) receiving/welcoming/
1828 お決まり [おきまり] /(n,adj-no) standard/set/routine/regular/usual/conventional/stereotyped/same old/
1829 お決り [おきまり] /(n,adj-no) standard/set/routine/regular/usual/conventional/stereotyped/same old/
1830 お結び [おむすび] /(n) rice ball/
1831 お月様 [おつきさま] /(n) (hon) the moon/
1832 お見えになる [おみえになる] /(exp) (hon) to arrive/
1833 お見合い [おみあい] /(n,vs) formal marriage interview/
1834 お見合いデート [おみあいデート] /(n) blind date/
1835 お見事 [おみごと] /(int) well done!/bravo/
1836 お見知りおき [おみしりおき] /(exp) pleased to make your acquaintance (formal phrase used on first meeting someone to encourage them to remember you)/
1837 お見知り置き [おみしりおき] /(exp) pleased to make your acquaintance (formal phrase used on first meeting someone to encourage them to remember you)/
1838 お見通し [おみとおし] /(n) seeing through (e.g. a trick, someone's mind)/
1839 お見逃しなく [おみのがしなく] /(exp) Don't miss it/
1840 お見舞 [おみまい] /(n) calling on someone who is ill/enquiry/inquiry/
1841 お見舞い [おみまい] /(n) calling on someone who is ill/enquiry/inquiry/
1842 お見舞い申し上げる [おみまいもうしあげる] /(exp,v1) (hum) you have my deepest sympathy/
1843 お遣い [おつかい] /(n) (1) (pol) errand/mission/going as envoy/(2) (pol) messenger/bearer/errand boy/errand girl/(3) (pol) (hon) familiar spirit/
1844 お元気ですか [おげんきですか] /(exp) how are you?/
1845 お言葉 [おことば] /(exp) (1) availing myself of your kind offer/taking you at your word/
1846 お古 [おふる] /(n) used article (esp. clothes)/
1847 お呼ばれ [およばれ] /(n) being invited/
1848 お呼び [および] /(n,vs) (hon) call/invitation/
1849 お虎子 [おまる] /(n) (uk) bedpan/chamber pot/potty/
1850 お雇い外国人 [おやといがいこくじん] /(n) hired foreigners/foreign advisors hired by the Japanese government for their specialized knowledge to assist in the modernization of Japan at the end of the Bakufu and during the Meiji Era/
1851 お互い [おたがい] /(n) mutual/reciprocal/each other/
1852 お互いさま [おたがいさま] /(adj-na,n) we are of equal status in this regard/
1853 お互いに [おたがいに] /(adv) (pol) mutually/with each other/reciprocally/together/both/
1854 お互い様 [おたがいさま] /(adj-na,n) we are of equal status in this regard/
1855 お後がよろしいようで [おあとがよろしいようで] /(exp) (from rakugo) that's all from me, and now the next speaker .../expression used to hand over to the next speaker/
1856 お御輿 [おみこし] /(n) (1) (pol) portable shrine (carried in festivals)/(2) (uk) buttocks/lower back/waist/hips/
1857 お御籤 [おみくじ] /(n) (uk) written oracle/
1858 お好み [おこのみ] /(n,adj-no) choice/preference/
1859 お好み焼き [おこのみやき] /(n) savoury pancake with various ingredients/
1860 お好み焼き屋 [おこのみやきや] /(n) okonomiyaki shop (savoury pancake shop)/
1861 お広め [おひろめ] /(n,vs) debut/
1862 お構い [おかまい] /(n) (1) (pol) entertainment/hospitality/(2) banishment (Edo period)/
1863 お構いなく [おかまいなく] /(exp) (pol) please don't fuss over me/
1864 お構いなし [おかまいなし] /(adj-na,n) being unmindful/
1865 お絞り [おしぼり] /(n) wet towel (supplied at table)/hot, moistened hand towel/(P)/
1866 お高い [おたかい] /(adj-i) haughty/
1867 お高く止まる [おたかくとまる] /(v5r) to assume an air of importance/to be self-important/to put on airs/
1868 お高く留まる [おたかくとまる] /(v5r) to assume an air of importance/to be self-important/to put on airs/
1869 お高祖頭巾 [おこそずきん] /(n) kerchief worn by women in former times in Japan in cold weather, covering the whole head (except eyes)/
1870 お告 [おつげ] /(n) oracle/divine message/
1871 お告げ [おつげ] /(n) oracle/revelation/divine message/
1872 お告げの祝日 [おつげのしゅくじつ] /(n) Annunciation Day/Lady Day/
1873 お国言葉 [おくにことば] /(n) (pol) national language/local dialect/
1874 お国自慢 [おくにじまん] /(n) boasting of one's hometown/
1875 お腰 [おこし] /(n) (1) (hon) buttocks/lower back/waist/hips/(2) (fem) kimono underskirt/
1876 お惚け [おとぼけ] /(n) feigned ignorance/
1877 お座なり [おざなり] /(adj-na) perfunctory/apathetic/careless/slapdash/commonplace/
1878 お座り [おすわり] /(n,vs) (1) (chn) sit down/sit up/(2) Sit! (to a dog)/
1879 お座成り [おざなり] /(adj-na) perfunctory/apathetic/careless/slapdash/commonplace/
1880 お座敷 [おざしき] /(n) (1) (pol) tatami room/(2) gathering (to which one has been invited to perform as a geisha, etc.)/
1881 お座敷がかかる [おざしきがかかる] /(exp,v5r) to be invited (often to perform for an audience)/to be called/
1882 お座敷が掛かる [おざしきがかかる] /(exp,v5r) to be invited (often to perform for an audience)/to be called/
1883 お歳暮 [おせいぼ] /(n) end of the year/year-end gift/(P)/
1884 お祭 [おまつり] /(n) (pol) festival/feast/carnival/
1885 お祭り [おまつり] /(n) (pol) festival/feast/carnival/
1886 お祭り騒ぎ [おまつりさわぎ] /(n) festival merrymaking/revelry/
1887 お菜 [おかず] /(n) (1) (uk) accompaniment for rice dishes/side dish/(2) food for thought (esp. in the context of conversation, or material for assisting arousal during masturbation)/
1888 お菜 [おさい] /(n) (1) (uk) accompaniment for rice dishes/side dish/
1889 お作り [おつくり] /(n) (1) make-up/(2) (ksb:) sashimi/
1890 お札 [おさつ] /(n) bill/note (currency)/
1891 お札 [おふだ] /(n) a charm/
1892 お雑煮 [おぞうに] /(n) New Year dish/
1893 お皿 [おさら] /(n) plate/dish/
1894 お三時 [おさんじ] /(n) three-o'clock snack/
1895 お参り [おまいり] /(n,vs) worship/shrine visit/(P)/
1896 お山 [おやま] /(n) (hon) (pol) (fam) mountain/
1897 お山の大将 [おやまのたいしょう] /(n) king of the castle/king of the mountain/
1898 お産 [おさん] /(n) (pol) (giving) birth/childbirth/delivery/confinement/(P)/
1899 お仕置き [おしおき] /(n,vs) punishment/spanking/smacking/chastisement/scolding/
1900 お仕着せ [おしきせ] /(n) uniforms supplied to employees/an allotment/
1901 お仕舞 [おしまい] /(n) (uk) (pol) the end/closing/being done for/
1902 お仕舞い [おしまい] /(n) (uk) (pol) the end/closing/being done for/(P)/
1903 お使 [おつかい] /(io) (n) (1) (pol) errand/mission/going as envoy/(2) (pol) messenger/bearer/errand boy/errand girl/(3) (pol) (hon) familiar spirit/
1904 お使い [おつかい] /(n) (1) (pol) errand/mission/going as envoy/(2) (pol) messenger/bearer/errand boy/errand girl/(3) (pol) (hon) familiar spirit/
1905 お姉さん [おねえさん] /(n) (1) (hon) elder sister/(2) (vocative) young lady/(3) miss (referring to a waitress, etc.)/(4) ma'am (used by geisha to refer to their superiors)/(P)/
1906 お姉ちゃん [おねえちゃん] /(n) (1) (fam) familiar form of "older sister"/(2) (fam) form of address for young adult female/
1907 お姉ギャル [おねえギャル] /(n) (abbr) fashion style characterized by brown hair and deep-tanned skin, expensive brand-name clothes and accessories/
1908 お姉系 [おねえけい] /(n) (abbr) fashion style characterized by brown hair and deep-tanned skin, expensive brand-name clothes and accessories/
1909 お姉系ギャル [おねえけいギャル] /(n) fashion style characterized by brown hair and deep-tanned skin, expensive brand-name clothes and accessories/
1910 お子 [おこ] /(n) (pol) (someone else's) child/
1911 お子さん [おこさん] /(n) (someone else's) child/
1912 お子ちゃま [おこちゃま] /(n) (1) child/(2) childish person/immature person/
1913 お子様 [おこさま] /(n) (pol) child (someone else's)/
1914 お子様セット [おこさまセット] /(n) kid's meal/special meal prepared for children at a restaurant/
1915 お子様ランチ [おこさまランチ] /(n) kid's lunch/special lunch (meal) prepared for children at a restaurant/
1916 お歯黒 [おはぐろ] /(n) tooth blackening/
1917 お寺 [おてら] /(n) (1) (hon) (pol) temple/(2) (abbr) monk/
1918 お寺さま [おてらさま] /(n) (hon) monk/
1919 お寺様 [おてらさま] /(n) (hon) monk/
1920 お持て成し [おもてなし] /(n) (uk) hospitality/entertainment/service/(P)/
1921 お辞儀 [おじぎ] /(n,vs) (pol) bow/bowing/(P)/
1922 お七夜 [おしちや] /(n) name-giving ceremony/
1923 お叱り [おしかり] /(n) (hon) scolding/
1924 お邪魔 [おじゃま] /(n,vs) (pol) hindrance/intrusion (suru and itasu verb forms are used as set phrases said prior to entering or leaving someone's home)/
1925 お邪魔します [おじゃまします] /(exp) (1) excuse me for disturbing (interrupting) you/(2) greeting used on going to someone's home/
1926 お邪魔虫 [おじゃまむし] /(n) someone who gets in the way without serving any useful purpose/fly in the ointment/buttinsky/third wheel/
1927 お酌 [おしゃく] /(n,vs) (1) pouring alcohol/(2) person pouring alcohol for guests or customers (typically a woman)/(3) (apprentice) geisha/dancing girl/
1928 お釈迦 [おしゃか] /(n) (1) poorly made or ruined articles/(2) the Buddha/
1929 お釈迦さん [おしゃかさん] /(n) Buddha/Shakyamuni/
1930 お釈迦様 [おしゃかさま] /(n) Buddha/Shakyamuni/
1931 お釈迦様 [おしゃかさん] /(n) Buddha/Shakyamuni/
1932 お釈迦様の誕生日 [おしゃかさまのたんじょうび] /(exp) Buddha's birthday/
1933 お主 [おぬし] /(pn,adj-no) (arch) you (when referring to one's equals or inferiors)/
1934 お取り置き [おとりおき] /(n) layaway/lay-bye/layaway plan/
1935 お守 [おまもり] /(io) (n) charm/amulet/
1936 お守 [おもり] /(n,vs) (1) babysitting/babysitter/(2) taking care of/assisting/assistant/helper/
1937 お守り [おまもり] /(n) charm/amulet/(P)/
1938 お守り [おもり] /(n,vs) (1) babysitting/babysitter/(2) taking care of/assisting/assistant/helper/
1939 お手 [おて] /(n) (1) (pol) hand/arm/(2) (hon) handwriting/penmanship/(int) (3) 'shake' (command to have a dog place its paw in your hand)/
1940 お手々 [おてて] /(n) hand(s) (kid talk)/
1941 お手つき [おてつき] /(n) (1) touching a wrong card/(2) making a mistress of a servant/mistress (who is one's servant)/
1942 お手て [おてて] /(n) hand(s) (kid talk)/
1943 お手の物 [おてのもの] /(n) one's speciality/one's forte/one's own thing/
1944 お手塩 [おてしょ] /(n) (fem) (obsc) small, shallow dish/
1945 お手塩 [おてしょう] /(n) (fem) (obsc) small, shallow dish/
1946 お手許 [おてもと] /(n) (uk) chopsticks (often written on the paper wrapper)/
1947 お手玉 [おてだま] /(n) (1) beanbag/beanbag juggling game/(2) bobbling the ball (baseball)/
1948 お手元 [おてもと] /(n) (uk) chopsticks (often written on the paper wrapper)/
1949 お手元金 [おてもときん] /(n) the privy purse/the money used for private purposes by the members of the Imperial family/
1950 お手手 [おてて] /(n) hand(s) (kid talk)/
1951 お手柔らか [おてやわらか] /(adv) gently/mildly/
1952 お手上げ [おてあげ] /(n) all over/given in/given up hope/bring to knees/(P)/
1953 お手数 [おてかず] /(n) (hon) trouble/bother/
1954 お手数 [おてすう] /(n) (hon) trouble/bother/
1955 お手数をおかけいたします [おてすうをおかけいたします] /(exp) (hum) to be a burden/to make trouble for someone/
1956 お手数をおかけ致します [おてすうをおかけいたします] /(exp) (hum) to be a burden/to make trouble for someone/
1957 お手盛り [おてもり] /(n) making arbitrary decisions which benefit oneself/self-approved plan/
1958 お手洗い [おてあらい] /(n) toilet/restroom/lavatory/bathroom/(P)/
1959 お手前 [おてまえ] /(n) (1) skill/dexterity/artistry/ingenuity/(2) etiquette of tea-ceremony/
1960 お手伝い [おてつだい] /(n,vs) (1) maid/(2) help/(P)/
1961 お手伝いさん [おてつだいさん] /(n) maid/(P)/
1962 お手付き [おてつき] /(n) (1) touching a wrong card/(2) making a mistress of a servant/mistress (who is one's servant)/
1963 お手並み拝見 [おてなみはいけん] /(exp) let's see what you've got/show me what you've got/
1964 お手並拝見 [おてなみはいけん] /(exp) let's see what you've got/show me what you've got/
1965 お手本 [おてほん] /(n) example/role model/
1966 お酒 [おさけ] /(n) (pol) alcohol/sake/
1967 お呪い [おまじない] /(n) (1) (uk) good luck charm/(exp) (2) uttered when using magic/abracadabra/presto/
1968 お終い [おしまい] /(n) (uk) (pol) the end/closing/being done for/
1969 お汁粉 [おしるこ] /(n) sweet red-bean soup/
1970 お重 [おじゅう] /(n) multi-tiered food box/
1971 お祝 [おいわい] /(n,vs) (hon) congratulation/congratulations/celebration/festival/congratulatory gift/
1972 お祝い [おいわい] /(n,vs) (hon) congratulation/congratulations/celebration/festival/congratulatory gift/(P)/
1973 お出かけ [おでかけ] /(n) about to start out/just about to leave or go out/
1974 お出で [おいで] /(n) (1) (uk) coming/going/being (somewhere)/(exp) (2) (col) (abbr) come (used as an imperative, usu. to children and one's inferiors)/go/stay/
1975 お出でなさい [おいでなさい] /(exp) (1) (uk) (hon) (used as a polite imperative) come/go/stay/(2) welcome!/
1976 お出でなさる [おいでなさる] /(v5aru) (1) (uk) (hon) to come/to go/to be (somewhere)/(2) (after the -te form of a verb) -ing/
1977 お出でになる [おいでになる] /(v5r) (1) (uk) (hon) to be/(2) to come/(3) to go/
1978 お出まし [おでまし] /(n) appearance/presence/
1979 お出掛け [おでかけ] /(n) about to start out/just about to leave or go out/
1980 お出来 [おでき] /(n) (uk) boil/blister/pimple/
1981 お巡り [おまわり] /(n) policeman/
1982 お巡りさん [おまわりさん] /(n) (fam) policeman/(P)/
1983 お暑うございます [おあつうございます] /(exp) it is warm (very polite)/
1984 お暑うご座います [おあつうございます] /(exp) it is warm (very polite)/
1985 お召し [おめし] /(n) (1) (hon) summoning/calling/riding/wearing/dressing/clothing/(2) (abbr) (high-quality) silk crepe (fabric)/
1986 お召し替え [おめしかえ] /(n) (hon) changing one's clothes/a change of clothes/
1987 お召し物 [おめしもの] /(n) (pol) clothing/
1988 お召し列車 [おめしれっしゃ] /(n) Imperial train/royal train/
1989 お奨め [おすすめ] /(n,vs) recommendation/advice/suggestion/encouragement/
1990 お小遣い [おこづかい] /(n) personal expenses/pocket money/spending money/incidental expenses/allowance/
1991 お焦げ [おこげ] /(n) burnt rice/scorched rice/
1992 お笑い [おわらい] /(n) comical (story, song)/comic/
1993 お笑いコンビ [おわらいコンビ] /(n) comic duo/
1994 お笑い芸人 [おわらいげいにん] /(n) comedian (esp. of traditional Japanese comedy)/
1995 お上 [おかみ] /(n) (1) (hon) Emperor/(2) (hon) authorities/government/(3) term used to refer to a woman running a restaurant, inn, etc./landlady/(4) (hon) your wife/his wife/madam/
1996 お上さん [おかみさん] /(n) (uk) missus (orig. honorific, now familiar)/missis/
1997 お上りさん [おのぼりさん] /(n) countryside people (in town)/visitor from the country/out-of-towner/country bumpkin (visiting the big city)/yokel/
1998 お上手 [おじょうず] /(n,adj-na) (1) skill/skillful/dexterity/(2) flattery/
1999 お上手を言う [おじょうずをいう] /(exp,v5u) to flatter/to boot-lick/to curry favour (favor)/
2000 お嬢 [おじょう] /(n) (hon) (someone else's) daughter/
2001 お嬢さま [おじょうさま] /(n) (term of respect for) another's daughter/daughter of a high-class family/
2002 お嬢さん [おじょうさん] /(n) (1) (hon) daughter/(2) young lady/(P)/
2003 お嬢様 [おじょうさま] /(n) (term of respect for) another's daughter/daughter of a high-class family/
2004 お情け [おなさけ] /(n) (1) pity/(2) affection/
2005 お飾り [おかざり] /(n) decorations/offerings/mere window dressing/
2006 お色直し [おいろなおし] /(n,vs) changing one's dress (e.g. at the wedding reception)/
2007 お食い初め [おくいぞめ] /(n) weaning ceremony/
2008 お食事処 [おしょくじどころ] /(n) (Japanese) restaurant/
2009 お尻 [おしり] /(n) arse/ass/bottom/buttocks/
2010 お尻ぺんぺん [おしりぺんぺん] /(n,vs) spanking (a child)/
2011 お寝小 [おねしょ] /(n,vs) (uk) (fem) (chn) bed-wetting/
2012 お新香 [おしんこ] /(n) pickled vegetables/pickles/
2013 お浸し [おひたし] /(n) vegetable side dish/
2014 お神興 [おみこし] /(iK) (n) (1) (pol) portable shrine (carried in festivals)/(2) (uk) buttocks/lower back/waist/hips/
2015 お神酒 [おみき] /(n) sacred wine or sake/sake offered to the gods/
2016 お神渡り [おみわたり] /(n) cracks that form in the ice on Lake Suwa/
2017 お神輿 [おみこし] /(n) (1) (pol) portable shrine (carried in festivals)/(2) (uk) buttocks/lower back/waist/hips/(P)/
2018 お神籤 [おみくじ] /(n) (uk) written oracle/
2019 お針 [おはり] /(n) (1) needlework/sewing/(2) seamstress/
2020 お針子 [おはりこ] /(n) seamstress/
2021 お人よし [おひとよし] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) softhearted (good-natured, credulous) person/easy mark/soft touch/simple soul/
2022 お人好し [おひとよし] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) softhearted (good-natured, credulous) person/easy mark/soft touch/simple soul/
2023 お尋ね者 [おたずねもの] /(n) wanted man/person sought by the police/
2024 お水 [おみず] /(n) (1) (a cup of) water/(adj-na) (2) racy/titillating/sexy/suggestive/
2025 お水取り [おみずとり] /(n) water-drawing ceremony (Toudaiji)/rite of drawing sacred water/
2026 お数 [おかず] /(n) (1) (uk) accompaniment for rice dishes/side dish/(2) food for thought (esp. in the context of conversation, or material for assisting arousal during masturbation)/
2027 お雛様 [おひなさま] /(n) set of dolls on display/
2028 お裾分け [おすそわけ] /(n,vs) sharing with others what has been given to you/sharing a portion of the profit with others/
2029 お澄まし [おすまし] /(adj-na,n) prim and proper girl/
2030 お世辞 [おせじ] /(n) flattery/compliment/(P)/
2031 お世話 [おせわ] /(n) help/aid/assistance/
2032 お世話さま [おせわさま] /(exp) thanks for taking care of me/thanks for taking care of my loved one/
2033 お世話になる [おせわになる] /(exp,v5r) to receive favor (favour)/to be much obliged to someone/to be indebted/to be grateful/
2034 お世話をする [おせわをする] /(exp,vs-i) to take care of/
2035 お成り [おなり] /(n) going out (of a nobleman, etc.)/visiting/
2036 お正月太り [おしょうがつぶとり] /(n) putting on weight over the New Year's holidays/
2037 お生 [おなま] /(n,adj-na) (fem) impudence/sauciness/
2038 お生憎さま [おあいにくさま] /(adj-na,int,n) that's too bad (ironical)/unfortunate person (often a gleeful "too bad for you!")/
2039 お生憎様 [おあいにくさま] /(adj-na,int,n) that's too bad (ironical)/unfortunate person (often a gleeful "too bad for you!")/
2040 お声掛かり [おこえがかり] /(n) a recommendation/an order/
2041 お節 [おせち] /(n) food served during the New Year's Holidays/
2042 お節介 [おせっかい] /(adj-na,n) meddling/meddlesomeness/nosiness/interference/officiousness/(P)/
2043 お節料理 [おせちりょうり] /(n) food served during the New Year's Holidays/(P)/
2044 お先 [おさき] /(n) going before/the future/
2045 お先に [おさきに] /(adv) (1) before/previously/(2) ahead/(exp) (3) (abbr) (hon) Pardon me for leaving (before you)/
2046 お先に失礼します [おさきにしつれいします] /(exp) pardon me for leaving (first) (used when leaving a workplace while others remain)/
2047 お先真っ暗 [おさきまっくら] /(adj-na) (of the future) very bleak/dim/
2048 お先棒 [おさきぼう] /(n) a person whose services are at the disposal of another/
2049 お先棒を担ぐ [おさきぼうをかつぐ] /(exp,v5g) to be a willing cats-paw or tool for a person/
2050 お薦 [おこも] /(n) (arch) beggar/
2051 お薦め [おすすめ] /(n,vs) recommendation/advice/suggestion/encouragement/
2052 お前 [おまい] /(pn,adj-no) (1) (fam) (male) you (formerly honorific, now sometimes derog. term referring to an equal or inferior)/
2053 お前 [おまえ] /(pn,adj-no) (1) (fam) (male) you (formerly honorific, now sometimes derog. term referring to an equal or inferior)/(2) presence (of a god, nobleman, etc.)/(P)/
2054 お前 [おめえ] /(pn,adj-no) (1) (fam) (male) you (formerly honorific, now sometimes derog. term referring to an equal or inferior)/
2055 お前さま [おまえさま] /(n) (hon) (arch) you/
2056 お前さん [おまえさん] /(n) (1) you/(2) my dear/(3) hey/
2057 お膳 [おぜん] /(n) (uk) four-legged tray for festive food/
2058 お膳立て [おぜんだて] /(n,vs) setting the table/preparation/
2059 お祖父さん [おじいさん] /(n) (1) grandfather/(2) male senior-citizen/(P)/
2060 お祖父ちゃん [おじいちゃん] /(n) (col) grandpa/grandad/
2061 お祖母さん [おばあさん] /(n) (1) grandmother/(2) female senior-citizen/(P)/
2062 お祖母ちゃん [おばあちゃん] /(n) (uk) (fam) granny/grandma/gran/female senior-citizen/
2063 お粗末 [おそまつ] /(adj-na) poor/lame/ill-prepared/
2064 お粗末さまでした [おそまつさまでした] /(exp) (hum) expression of humility said by the person who provided a meal after it is eaten/
2065 お粗末様でした [おそまつさまでした] /(exp) (hum) expression of humility said by the person who provided a meal after it is eaten/
2066 お倉 [おくら] /(n) (1) shelving (a play, movie, etc.)/closing down/cancelling/canceling/the shelf/(2) rice storehouse of the Edo shogunate/
2067 お早う [おはよう] /(int) (uk) (abbr) Good morning/(P)/
2068 お早うございます [おはようございます] /(int) (uk) (pol) good morning/(P)/
2069 お相伴 [おしょうばん] /(n,vs) sharing a meal/
2070 お草々 [おそうそう] /(adj-na) neglectful (i.e. in the treatment of one's guests)/
2071 お草々様 [おそうそうさま] /(adj-na) (pol) neglectful (i.e. in the treatment of one's guests)/
2072 お草草 [おそうそう] /(adj-na) neglectful (i.e. in the treatment of one's guests)/
2073 お草草様 [おそうそうさま] /(adj-na) (pol) neglectful (i.e. in the treatment of one's guests)/
2074 お蔵 [おくら] /(n) (1) shelving (a play, movie, etc.)/closing down/cancelling/canceling/the shelf/(2) rice storehouse of the Edo shogunate/
2075 お造り [おつくり] /(n) (1) make-up/(2) (ksb:) sashimi/
2076 お揃い [おそろい] /(adj-no) same/matching/going together/
2077 お孫さん [おまごさん] /(n) (hon) grandchild/
2078 お多福 [おたふく] /(n) moon-faced woman/homely woman/
2079 お多福豆 [おたふくまめ] /(n) (1) large broad bean/(2) (boiled and sweetened) broad bean/
2080 お多福風邪 [おたふくかぜ] /(n) mumps/
2081 お太鼓 [おたいこ] /(n) (abbr) very common way of tying a woman's kimono sash/
2082 お太鼓結び [おたいこむすび] /(n) very common way of tying a woman's kimono sash/
2083 お陀仏 [おだぶつ] /(n) dying/ruining oneself/
2084 お待たせしました [おまたせしました] /(exp) Thank you for waiting/Have I kept you waiting?/
2085 お待ち [おまち] /(n,n-suf) waiting/waiting time/
2086 お待ち遠さま [おまちどおさま] /(exp) I'm sorry to have kept you waiting/
2087 お待ち遠様 [おまちどおさま] /(exp) I'm sorry to have kept you waiting/
2088 お待ち兼ね [おまちかね] /(n,adj-no) long-waited-for/
2089 お替り [おかわり] /(n,vs) (1) second helping/another cup/seconds/(int) (2) command to have dog place its second paw in one's hand/
2090 お替わり [おかわり] /(n,vs) (1) second helping/another cup/seconds/(int) (2) command to have dog place its second paw in one's hand/
2091 お袋 [おふくろ] /(n) (col) one's mother/(P)/
2092 お代り [おかわり] /(n,vs) (1) second helping/another cup/seconds/(int) (2) command to have dog place its second paw in one's hand/
2093 お代わり [おかわり] /(n,vs) (1) second helping/another cup/seconds/(int) (2) command to have dog place its second paw in one's hand/(P)/
2094 お大事に [おだいじに] /(exp) take care of yourself/
2095 お題目 [おだいもく] /(n) (1) (pol) Nichiren chant/(2) (an empty) slogan/
2096 お宅 [おたく] /(n) (1) (hon) your house/your home/your family/(2) (hon) your husband/(3) (hon) your organization/(pn,adj-no) (4) (hon) you (referring to someone of equal status with whom one is not especially close)/(P)/
2097 お達し [おたっし] /(n) notice or order handed down from above/announcement/notification/
2098 お誕生おめでとうございます [おたんじょうおめでとうございます] /(exp) congratulations on the birth of your baby/
2099 お誕生会 [おたんじょうかい] /(n) birthday party/
2100 お誕生日おめでとう [おたんじょうびおめでとう] /(exp) Happy Birthday/
2101 お誕生日おめでとうございます [おたんじょうびおめでとうございます] /(exp) Happy Birthday/
2102 お弾き [おはじき] /(n) (1) children's game similar to marbles, played with coin-shaped coloured glass/(2) tiddlywink/counter/
2103 お断り [おことわり] /(n) (pol) declining/nonacceptance/declination/refusal/rejection/turndown/
2104 お断わり [おことわり] /(n) (pol) declining/nonacceptance/declination/refusal/rejection/turndown/
2105 お段 [おだん] /(n) (ling) 'o' row/
2106 お談義 [おだんぎ] /(n) lecture (i.e. an admonishment)/sermon/
2107 お知らせ [おしらせ] /(n,vs) notice/notification/
2108 お茶 [おちゃ] /(n) (1) (pol) tea (usu. green)/(2) tea break (at work)/(3) tea ceremony/(P)/
2109 お茶する [おちゃする] /(exp,vs-i) (col) to go out for tea (or coffee, etc.)/
2110 お茶っ葉 [おちゃっぱ] /(n) tea leaves/
2111 お茶の子 [おちゃのこ] /(n) a cinch/
2112 お茶を濁す [おちゃをにごす] /(exp,v5s) (1) to make do with/(2) to cook up a specious story to get out of an uncomfortable situation/(3) to speak ambiguously/to prevaricate/(4) to be evasive/to give an evasive answer/
2113 お茶請け [おちゃうけ] /(n) tea-cake/
2114 お茶目 [おちゃめ] /(adj-na,n) playfulness/mischief/urchin/wag/
2115 お中 [おなか] /(n) stomach/
2116 お中元 [おちゅうげん] /(n) Bon Festival gifts/(P)/
2117 お昼 [おひる] /(n-adv,n) (pol) lunch/noon/
2118 お猪口 [おちょこ] /(n) (1) (uk) small cup/sake cup/(2) cup-shaped/
2119 お喋り [おしゃべり] /(adj-na,n,adj-no,vs) (uk) chattering/talk/idle talk/chat/chitchat/gossip/chatty/talkative/chatterbox/blabbermouth/(P)/
2120 お調子者 [おちょうしもの] /(n,adj-no) flip/luck-pusher/frivolous person/person who readily chimes in with others/person who gets carried away easily/
2121 お通し [おとおし] /(n) appetizer/appetiser/
2122 お通じ [おつうじ] /(n) (pol) bowel movement/evacuation/
2123 お通夜 [おつや] /(n) (pol) all-night vigil over a body/wake/
2124 お釣り [おつり] /(n) (pol) change (i.e. money)/balance/(P)/
2125 お定まり [おさだまり] /(n) usual/normal/stereotyped/
2126 お摘まみ [おつまみ] /(n) snacks to go with alcohol/
2127 お摘み [おつまみ] /(n) snacks to go with alcohol/
2128 お天気 [おてんき] /(n) (1) (pol) weather/(2) temper/mood/
2129 お天気屋 [おてんきや] /(n) moody person/temperamental person/fickle person/
2130 お天道様 [おてんとさま] /(n) the sun/
2131 お店 [おたな] /(n) (1) merchant's home (esp. used by apprentices, etc.)/(2) (your) rental home/
2132 お転婆 [おてんば] /(adj-na,n) tomboy (dut: ontembaar)/
2133 お点前 [おてまえ] /(n) (1) skill/dexterity/artistry/ingenuity/(2) etiquette of tea-ceremony/
2134 お田植え祭 [おたうえまつり] /(n) (1) shrine ritual held with the first two months of the year to forecast (or pray for) a succesful harvest/(2) seasonal planting of rice on a field affiliated with a shrine/
2135 お田植え祭り [おたうえまつり] /(n) (1) shrine ritual held with the first two months of the year to forecast (or pray for) a succesful harvest/(2) seasonal planting of rice on a field affiliated with a shrine/
2136 お屠蘇 [おとそ] /(n) New Year's sake/spiced sake/
2137 お土産 [おみやげ] /(n) (pol) present/souvenir/(P)/
2138 お土産話 [おみやげばなし] /(n) trip story/vacation story/
2139 お湯 [おゆ] /(n) (pol) hot water/(hot) bath/
2140 お得意さん [おとくいさん] /(n) regular customer/valued client/
2141 お徳 [おとく] /(n) economical/
2142 お凸 [おでこ] /(n) (sens) brow/forehead/(P)/
2143 お内 [おうち] /(n) (pol) your home/your group/their home/
2144 お内儀さん [おかみさん] /(n) (uk) missus (orig. honorific, now familiar)/missis/
2145 お鍋 [おなべ] /(n) (1) (pol) pot/(2) (arch) typical name for a female servant in the Edo-period/(3) working at night/(4) (uk) (sl) female with symptoms of gender identity disorder (i.e. a transvestite)/
2146 お馴み [おなじみ] /(iK) (adj-no,n) (pol) familiar/well-known/regular (e.g. customer)/old stand-by/
2147 お馴染み [おなじみ] /(adj-no,n) (pol) familiar/well-known/regular (e.g. customer)/old stand-by/(P)/
2148 お日様 [おひさま] /(n) the sun/
2149 お任せ [おまかせ] /(exp) I'll leave it to you/meal selected by the chef/
2150 お忍び [おしのび] /(n) (1) (abbr) travelling incognito (traveling)/(2) special palanquin for carrying a daimyo or his wife incognito/
2151 お熱 [おねつ] /(n) (1) having a crush on someone/(2) flushing/
2152 お年玉 [おとしだま] /(n) New Year's gift (usu. money given to a child by relatives and visitors)/(P)/
2153 お捻り [おひねり] /(n) wrapped offering (of money)/
2154 お婆さん [おばあさん] /(n) (1) grandmother/(2) female senior-citizen/
2155 お婆ちゃん [おばあちゃん] /(n) (uk) (fam) granny/grandma/gran/female senior-citizen/(P)/
2156 お婆はる [おばはる] /(v5r) (sl) to shamelessly demand one's rights/
2157 お婆ん [おばん] /(n) old maid/frump/hag/old woman/
2158 お馬鹿さん [おばかさん] /(n) silly person/dumb-bunny/dope/
2159 お買い上げ [おかいあげ] /(n) (hon) buying/purchasing/
2160 お買い得 [おかいどく] /(n,adj-no) bargain/good buy/budget/(P)/
2161 お買い徳 [おかいどく] /(iK) (n,adj-no) bargain/good buy/budget/
2162 お買得 [おかいどく] /(n,adj-no) bargain/good buy/budget/(P)/
2163 お買徳 [おかいどく] /(iK) (n,adj-no) bargain/good buy/budget/
2164 お萩 [おはぎ] /(n) rice ball coated with sweetened red beans, soybean flour or sesame/
2165 お白州 [おしらす] /(n) (arch) court of law in the Edo period, in which the parties sat on white sand/
2166 お薄 [おうす] /(n) weak matcha/
2167 お八 [おやつ] /(n) (1) (uk) between meal snack/(2) mid-afternoon (around 3 o'clock) snack/afternoon refreshment/afternoon tea/
2168 お八つ [おやつ] /(n) (1) (uk) between meal snack/(2) mid-afternoon (around 3 o'clock) snack/afternoon refreshment/afternoon tea/(P)/
2169 お鉢 [おはち] /(n) container for boiled rice/
2170 お鉢が回ってくる [おはちがまわってくる] /(exp,vk) one's turn finally comes round/
2171 お髪 [おぐし] /(n) (hon) hair/
2172 お晩彩 [おばんさい] /(iK) (n) (uk) light Kyoto-style home cooking with boiled vegetables and marinated food, also now served in restaurants/
2173 お晩彩 [おばんざい] /(iK) (n) (uk) light Kyoto-style home cooking with boiled vegetables and marinated food, also now served in restaurants/
2174 お晩菜 [おばんさい] /(n) (uk) light Kyoto-style home cooking with boiled vegetables and marinated food, also now served in restaurants/
2175 お晩菜 [おばんざい] /(n) (uk) light Kyoto-style home cooking with boiled vegetables and marinated food, also now served in restaurants/
2176 お番菜 [おばんさい] /(n) (uk) light Kyoto-style home cooking with boiled vegetables and marinated food, also now served in restaurants/
2177 お番菜 [おばんざい] /(n) (uk) light Kyoto-style home cooking with boiled vegetables and marinated food, also now served in restaurants/
2178 お披露目 [おひろめ] /(n,vs) debut/
2179 お疲れさま [おつかれさま] /(exp) (1) thank you/many thanks/much appreciated/(2) that's enough for today/(P)/
2180 お疲れ様 [おつかれさま] /(exp) (1) thank you/many thanks/much appreciated/(2) that's enough for today/(P)/
2181 お美事 [おみごと] /(int) well done!/bravo/
2182 お膝下 [おひざもと] /(n) home territory of a powerful figure/Imperial Court/businessman's turf/Shogun's headquarters/
2183 お膝許 [おひざもと] /(n) home territory of a powerful figure/Imperial Court/businessman's turf/Shogun's headquarters/
2184 お膝元 [おひざもと] /(n) home territory of a powerful figure/Imperial Court/businessman's turf/Shogun's headquarters/
2185 お姫様 [おひめさま] /(n) spoiled girl/hothouse flower/princess/
2186 お姫様だっこ [おひめさまだっこ] /(n,vs) (col) carrying a person in one's arms/
2187 お姫様抱っこ [おひめさまだっこ] /(n,vs) (col) carrying a person in one's arms/
2188 お百姓さん [おひゃくしょうさん] /(n) farmer/
2189 お百度 [おひゃくど] /(n) hundred times worship (e.g. walking back and forth a hundred times before a shrine offering a prayer each time)/
2190 お百度を踏む [おひゃくどをふむ] /(exp,v5m) (obs) to visit repeatedly (to request)/
2191 お付き [おつき] /(n) retainer/attendant/escort/
2192 お付き合い [おつきあい] /(n) association/socializing/socialising/fellowship/
2193 お父さま [おとうさま] /(n) (hon) father/
2194 お父さん [おとうさん] /(n) (hon) father/dad/papa/pa/pop/daddy/dada/(P)/
2195 お父様 [おとうさま] /(n) (hon) father/
2196 お負け [おまけ] /(n,vs) (1) freebie (e.g. with a purchase)/something additional/bonus/an extra/(2) (on the spot) price reduction/(3) exaggeration/(P)/
2197 お負けに [おまけに] /(conj,exp) to make matters worse/besides/what's more/in addition/on top of that/
2198 お部屋 [おへや] /(n) (hon) (pol) room/
2199 お風呂 [おふろ] /(n) bath/
2200 お風呂に入る [おふろにはいる] /(exp,v5r) to take a bath/
2201 お腹 [おなか] /(n) stomach/(P)/
2202 お腹いっぱい [おなかいっぱい] /(exp) (1) (col) full up/(2) to have had enough of something (both good and bad nuance)/
2203 お腹がすく [おなかがすく] /(exp,v5k) to become hungry/to get an empty stomach/
2204 お腹がへる [おなかがへる] /(exp,v5r) to become hungry/
2205 お腹が空く [おなかがすく] /(exp,v5k) to become hungry/to get an empty stomach/
2206 お腹が減る [おなかがへる] /(exp,v5r) to become hungry/
2207 お腹の子 [おなかのこ] /(exp) child one is expecting/(P)/
2208 お腹をすかす [おなかをすかす] /(exp,v5s) to feel hungry/to get hungry/
2209 お腹を空かす [おなかをすかす] /(exp,v5s) to feel hungry/to get hungry/
2210 お腹を空かせる [おなかをすかせる] /(exp,v1) to feel hungry/to get hungry/
2211 お払い箱 [おはらいばこ] /(n) discarding/firing (an employee)/
2212 お払い物 [おはらいもの] /(n) goods to offer the junk dealer/
2213 お聞きいただく [おききいただく] /(v5k) to ask (politely)/
2214 お聞き頂く [おききいただく] /(v5k) to ask (politely)/
2215 お平に [おたいらに] /(exp) please make yourself comfortable/please relax your sitting position/
2216 お平らに [おたいらに] /(exp) please make yourself comfortable/please relax your sitting position/
2217 お米 [おこめ] /(n) (husked grains of) rice/
2218 お別れ [おわかれ] /(n) farewell/
2219 お変わりありませんか [おかわりありませんか] /(exp) (pol) how have (you) been? (gen. used after some time apart)/lit: nothing (untoward) has happened, has it?/
2220 お返し [おかえし] /(n,vs) (1) return gift/return favour (favor)/(2) revenge/(3) change (in a cash transaction)/(P)/
2221 お勉め品 [おつとめひん] /(n) article offered at a bargain price/real bargain/
2222 お弁当 [おべんとう] /(n) bento (Japanese box lunch)/
2223 お母 [おふくろ] /(iK) (n) (col) one's mother/
2224 お母さま [おかあさま] /(n) (hon) mother/
2225 お母さん [おかあさん] /(n) (hon) mother/(P)/
2226 お母ちゃん [おかあちゃん] /(n) (fam) mum/mom/
2227 お母様 [おかあさま] /(n) (hon) mother/
2228 お報せ [おしらせ] /(n,vs) notice/notification/
2229 お宝 [おたから] /(n,adj-no) (1) (pol) treasure/(2) picture of a treasure ship/(3) money/cash/
2230 お方 [おかた] /(n) this lady or gentleman/
2231 お坊さん [おぼうさん] /(n) Buddhist priest/monk/(P)/
2232 お坊ちゃん [おぼっちゃん] /(n) (1) (hon) son (of others)/(2) young master/(3) green young man from a well-to-do family/
2233 お坊っちゃん [おぼっちゃん] /(n) (1) (hon) son (of others)/(2) young master/(3) green young man from a well-to-do family/
2234 お墨付き [おすみつき] /(n) (1) handwriting/autograph/authorization/authorisation/(2) certificate/certified document/paper with signature of the shogun or lord/
2235 お盆 [おぼん] /(n) O-Bon/Bon Festival/Lantern Festival/Festival of the Dead/
2236 お毛々 [おけけ] /(n) (sl) (vulg) pubic hair/
2237 お毛毛 [おけけ] /(n) (sl) (vulg) pubic hair/
2238 お目 [おめ] /(n) (1) (hon) eye/eyes/(2) sight/vision/looking/
2239 お目々 [おめめ] /(n) (sl) eyes (kid talk)/
2240 お目にかかる [おめにかかる] /(exp,v5r) (1) (hum) to meet (someone of higher status)/(2) (arch) to be recognized (esp. by someone of higher status)/to be visible/to be seen/to be noticed/
2241 お目にかける [おめにかける] /(exp,v1) (hum) to show/
2242 お目にとまる [おめにとまる] /(exp,v5r) to be recognized (by someone of higher status)/to be noticed/to get attention/
2243 お目に掛かる [おめにかかる] /(exp,v5r) (1) (hum) to meet (someone of higher status)/(2) (arch) to be recognized (esp. by someone of higher status)/to be visible/to be seen/to be noticed/
2244 お目に掛ける [おめにかける] /(exp,v1) (hum) to show/
2245 お目に留まる [おめにとまる] /(exp,v5r) to be recognized (by someone of higher status)/to be noticed/to get attention/
2246 お目もじ [おめもじ] /(n,vs) personal meeting (esp. used by females)/
2247 お目覚 [おめざ] /(n) type of candy given to a child after it wakes up from a nap/wake-up sweets/
2248 お目覚まし [おめざまし] /(n) type of candy given to a child after it wakes up from a nap/wake-up sweets/
2249 お目玉 [おめだま] /(n) a scolding/
2250 お目玉を食らう [おめだまをくらう] /(exp,v5u) to get a good scolding/
2251 お目見え [おめみえ] /(n,vs) (1) (the privilege to have) an audience (with one's lord, a dignitary, etc.)/interview (with one's superior)/(2) one's debut (first) appearance/debut (of a new product, work of art, actor, etc.)/(3) trial service (of a servant)/
2252 お目見得 [おめみえ] /(n,vs) (1) (the privilege to have) an audience (with one's lord, a dignitary, etc.)/interview (with one's superior)/(2) one's debut (first) appearance/debut (of a new product, work of art, actor, etc.)/(3) trial service (of a servant)/
2253 お目出度い [おめでたい] /(ateji) (n) (1) (uk) (pol) special/auspicious/happy/(2) naive/inncocent/good-natured/
2254 お目出度う [おめでとう] /(ateji) (int) (uk) congratulations!/an auspicious occasion!/(P)/
2255 お目出度うご座います [おめでとうございます] /(exp) (uk) congratulations/
2256 お目文字 [おめもじ] /(n,vs) personal meeting (esp. used by females)/
2257 お目目 [おめめ] /(n) (sl) eyes (kid talk)/
2258 お餅 [おもち] /(n) (uk) rice cakes/pounded mochi rice/
2259 お問い合わせ [おといあわせ] /(n) enquiry/inquiry/
2260 お門違い [おかどちがい] /(exp) barking up the wrong tree/calling at the wrong house/
2261 お爺さん [おじいさん] /(n) (1) grandfather/(2) male senior-citizen/
2262 お役御免 [おやくごめん] /(n) dismissal/firing/retirement/being relieved from one's post/being relieved of a burden/
2263 お役所仕事 [おやくしょしごと] /(n) bureaucratic routine/red tape/
2264 お役目 [おやくめ] /(n) (public) duty/
2265 お預け [おあずけ] /(n) postponement/wait (until one is given permission)/
2266 お預けを食う [おあずけをくう] /(exp,v5u) to have to wait (for the realization of something hoped for)/to be forced to postpone/
2267 お預けを食らう [おあずけをくらう] /(exp,v5u) to have to wait (for the realization of something hoped for)/to be forced to postpone/
2268 お里 [おさと] /(n) (1) (hon) (pol) one's parents' home/(2) one's origins/one's upbringing/one's past/
2269 お里が知れる [おさとがしれる] /(exp,v1) to reveal one's upbringing (through one's words, actions, etc.)/to betray one's origin/to give oneself away/
2270 お立ち [おたち] /(n) polite term for calling, departing and staying where one is/
2271 お立ち台 [おたちだい] /(n) Balcony of Appearances (where the royal family appear)/
2272 お流れ [おながれ] /(n) cancellation/abandonment/
2273 お留守になる [おるすになる] /(exp,v5r) to fail to be attentive to/
2274 お旅所 [おたびしょ] /(n) place where the sacred palanquin is lodged during a festival/
2275 お隣さん [おとなりさん] /(n) (hon) the next-door neighbour (neighbor)/
2276 お涙頂戴 [おなみだちょうだい] /(n,adj-no) tearjerker/sob story/maudlin tale/
2277 お冷 [おひや] /(n) cold (drinking) water/cold boiled rice/
2278 お冷や [おひや] /(n) cold (drinking) water/cold boiled rice/
2279 お礼 [おれい] /(n) thanking/expression of gratitude/(P)/
2280 お礼の申しよう [おれいのもうしよう] /(n) expression of gratitude/
2281 お礼の申し様 [おれいのもうしよう] /(n) expression of gratitude/
2282 お礼参り [おれいまいり] /(n) (1) visiting a shrine or temple to give thanks/(2) settling scores/
2283 お礼奉公 [おれいぼうこう] /(n) free service after one has finished one's apprenticeship/
2284 お零れ [おこぼれ] /(n) leavings/leftovers/
2285 お歴々 [おれきれき] /(n) dignitaries/very important persons/VIPs/
2286 お歴歴 [おれきれき] /(n) dignitaries/very important persons/VIPs/
2287 お漏らし [おもらし] /(n,vs) (col) peeing/
2288 お話 [おはなし] /(n) story/tale/
2289 お話し [おはなし] /(n) story/tale/
2290 お話し中 [おはなしちゅう] /(n) busy (phone)/(P)/
2291 お話中 [おはなしちゅう] /(n) busy (phone)/
2292 お詫び [おわび] /(n,vs) apology/
2293 お碗 [おわん] /(n) bowl/
2294 お恍け [おとぼけ] /(n) feigned ignorance/
2295 お櫃 [おひつ] /(n) (uk) round, wooden container for cooked rice/
2296 お洒落 [おしゃれ] /(adj-na,adj-no) (1) (uk) smartly dressed/stylish/fashion-conscious/(n) (2) someone smartly dressed/(vs) (3) to dress up/to be fashionable/
2297 お浚い [おさらい] /(n) review/rehearsal/
2298 お祓い [おはらい] /(n) exorcism (Shinti rite)/purification/
2299 お臍 [おへそ] /(n) navel/belly button/
2300 お襁褓 [おむつ] /(n) (uk) diaper/nappy/
2301 お襁褓気触れ [おむつかぶれ] /(n) (uk) diaper rash/nappy rash/
2302 お誂え向き [おあつらえむき] /(adj-no) perfect/just right/ideal/
2303 か /(prt) (1) indicates question (sentence end)/(2) indicates choice, doubt, etc./(P)/
2304 かあ /(n) cawing (of a crow)/
2305 かあかあ /(adv) (1) (on-mim) caw-caw (the sound of a crow cawing)/(n) (2) (sl) crow (childish term)/
2306 かい /(prt) (fam) marks yes-no question/(P)/
2307 かいつぶり /(n) (1) (uk) little grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis)/(2) grebe (any waterbird of family Podicipedidae)/
2308 かいま見る [かいまみる] /(v1,vt) to take a peep at/to catch a glimpse of/
2309 かいま聞く [かいまきく] /(v5k,vt) (col) (obsc) to get wind of/
2310 かい込む [かいこむ] /(v5m,vt) to carry under the arm/to rake in/to scoop up/
2311 かい出す [かいだす] /(v5s,vt) to bail out/
2312 かい摘む [かいつまむ] /(v5m,vt) (uk) to sum up/to summarize/to summarise/
2313 かえ /(prt) (fam) marks yes-no question/
2314 かかえ込む [かかえこむ] /(v5m,vt) to hold (carry) a thing in one's arm/to embrace (a baby)/to take upon oneself/
2315 かかり合う [かかりあう] /(v5u) to have dealings with/to be involved in/
2316 かかわり合う [かかわりあう] /(v5u) to get involved or entangled in/to get mixed up in/to have something to do with/to have dealings with/
2317 かがい /(n) (arch) ritual singing and dancing gathering of young men and women/
2318 かがみ込む [かがみこむ] /(v5m,vi) to lean over/to lean in/
2319 かがり火 [かがりび] /(n) bonfire/watch fire/fishing fire/cresset/brazier/
2320 かきこ /(n) (abbr) (sl) post (to a BBS)/comment (on a blog)/
2321 かき回す [かきまわす] /(v5s,vt) to stir up/to churn/to ransack/to disturb/
2322 かき寄せる [かきよせる] /(v1,vt) to sweep/to rake up/
2323 かき交ぜる [かきまぜる] /(v1) to mix/to stir/to scramble/to churn/
2324 かき口説く [かきくどく] /(v5k,vi) to complain/to pester/to plead/to beg/
2325 かき合せる [かきあわせる] /(v1,vt) to adjust/to arrange/
2326 かき混ぜる [かきまぜる] /(v1) to mix/to stir/to scramble/to churn/
2327 かき混ぜ規則 [かきまぜきそく] /(n) scrambling/
2328 かき菜 [かきな] /(n) (uk) kakina (green leafy vegetable of the genus Brassica)/
2329 かき集める [かきあつめる] /(v1,vt) to gather up/to scrape up together/
2330 かき傷 [かききず] /(n) scratch/scrape/abrasion/
2331 かき消える [かききえる] /(v1,vi) to disappear/
2332 かき消す [かきけす] /(v5s,vt) to erase/
2333 かき切る [かききる] /(v5r,vt) to cut/to slit/
2334 かき氷 [かきごおり] /(n) shaved ice (usually served with flavored simple syrup)/Italian ice/Sno-cone/snow cone/(P)/
2335 かき分ける [かきわける] /(v1,vt) to push one's way through/
2336 かき鳴らす [かきならす] /(v5s,vt) to thrum/to strum/
2337 かき揚げ [かきあげ] /(n) shrimp and vegetable fritters/
2338 かき乱す [かきみだす] /(v5s,vt) to stir up/to disturb/
2339 かき立てる [かきたてる] /(v1,vt) to stir up/to arouse/
2340 かぎ回る [かぎまわる] /(v5r) to sniff around (looking for)/
2341 かぎ取る [かぎとる] /(v5r,vt) (1) to smell/(2) to sense/
2342 かぎ出す [かぎだす] /(v5s,vt) to scent out/to detect/
2343 かぎ針 [かぎばり] /(n) hook/crochet needle/
2344 かぎ針編み [かぎばりあみ] /(n) crochet/
2345 かぎ爪 [かぎづめ] /(n) claw/talon/
2346 かぎ縄 [かぎなわ] /(n) ninja rope with grappling hook/
2347 かくかくしかじか /(exp) blah-blah yadda-yadda/expression used to replace part of conversation/
2348 かくはん機 [かくはんき] /(n) mixer/agitator/
2349 かくれ家 [かくれが] /(n) hiding place/refuge/
2350 かけたかの鳥 [かけたかのとり] /(n) (obsc) lesser cuckoo (Cuculus poliocephalus)/
2351 かけ寄る [かけよる] /(v5r,vi) to rush over/to run up to/
2352 かけ橋 [かけはし] /(n) (1) suspension bridge/viaduct/temporary bridge/(2) mediation/go-between/
2353 かけ合い [かけあい] /(n) (1) negotiations/bargaining/(2) dialogue/duet/
2354 かけ合う [かけあう] /(v5u,vi) to negotiate with/to talk over with/
2355 かけ算 [かけざん] /(n) multiplication/
2356 かけ持ち [かけもち] /(n,vs) holding two or more positions concurrently/
2357 かけ声 [かけごえ] /(n,vs) yell used to time or encourage activity (e.g. "Heave ho!", "On three ... One, two, three!" in English)/enthusiastic shout from the audience (e.g. in kabuki)/shouting (in concerts)/
2358 かけ直す [かけなおす] /(v5s) to call again/to call someone back/
2359 かけ離む [かけこむ] /(v5m,vi) to rush in (at the last minute)/to stampede/
2360 かけ離れる [かけはなれる] /(v1,vi) to be very far apart from/to be remote/to be quite different from/
2361 かこう岩 [かこうがん] /(n,adj-no) granite/
2362 かごの鳥 [かごのとり] /(exp) (1) caged bird/(2) person whose freedom has been restricted (esp. a prostitute, mistress, concubine, etc.)/
2363 かご漁 [かごりょう] /(n) fishing baskets (esp. for crabs, lobsters, etc.)/lobster pots/
2364 かさかさ /(adj-na,vs,adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) dry/bone dry/(2) rustle/
2365 かさかさ鳴る [かさかさなる] /(v5r) to rustle/to make a rustling sound/to crinkle/
2366 かさこそ /(adv,adv-to) rustlingly/
2367 かさに着る [かさにきる] /(exp,v1) to wear the mantle of (borrowed) authority and misuse it/
2368 かさねの色目 [かさねのいろめ] /(n) combination of colors created by layering of garments (colours)/
2369 かさ高 [かさだか] /(adj-na) (1) bulky/unwieldy/(2) haughty/high-handed/
2370 かさ高い [かさだかい] /(adj-i) (1) bulky/unwieldy/(2) haughty/high-handed/
2371 かさ上げ [かさあげ] /(n,vs) increase/raising (e.g. embankment, levee)/padding or inflation (e.g. of a bill)/
2372 かざみ /(n) (uk) swimming crab (Portunus trituberculatus)/
2373 かざり職 [かざりしょく] /(n) maker of metallic ornaments/
2374 かしめる /(v1) to caulk/
2375 かしゃかしゃ /(adv-to) (on-mim) click-clack/clickety-click/clicking sound/clattering sound/
2376 かしゃっ /(adv-to) with a click/
2377 かしら /(prt) I wonder/(P)/
2378 かし携帯 [かしけいたい] /(n) rental mobile phone/rental cell phone/cell phone that is rented/
2379 かじ取り [かじとり] /(n,vs) helmsman/coxwain/steering/guidance/
2380 かじ付き [かじつき] /(adj-f) coxed (rowing)/having a coxswain/
2381 かじ付きフォア [かじつきフォア] /(n) coxed-four (rowing)/
2382 かじ無し [かじなし] /(adj-f) coxless (rowing)/
2383 かすかす /(adj-na,adj-no,adv,vs) (1) dry (and tasteless)/(adv,vs) (2) barely/just/
2384 かすり傷 [かすりきず] /(n,vs) scratch/graze/abrasion/
2385 かすれ声 [かすれごえ] /(n) hoarse voice/husky voice/
2386 かすんだ /(adj-f) (comp) grayed/
2387 かす汁 [かすじる] /(n) soup made with sake lees/
2388 かずの子 [かずのこ] /(n) herring roe/
2389 かせぎ高 [かせぎだか] /(n) earnings/
2390 かせ糸 [かせいと] /(n) reeled thread/
2391 かせ蚯蚓 [かせみみず] /(n) Epimenia verrucosa (mollusc)/
2392 かぜ薬 [かぜぐすり] /(n) remedy for a cold/cold medicine/
2393 かそこら /(exp) around .../or so/
2394 かたいことは言いっこなし [かたいことはいいっこなし] /(exp) let's put formalities aside/let's not speak so stiffly/
2395 かたかた /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) clattering/
2396 かたきを討つ [かたきをうつ] /(exp,v5t) to take revenge/
2397 かたき討 [かたきうち] /(n) vengeance/revenge/retaliation/
2398 かたき討ち [かたきうち] /(n) vengeance/revenge/retaliation/
2399 かたくり粉 [かたくりこ] /(n) (1) potato starch/(2) starch of dogtooth violet/
2400 かたり /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a clatter/clatteringly/
2401 かちかち /(adj-na,adv,n) (on-mim) tick-tock/knocking (stones together)/frozen solid/set rock hard/obstinate/scared stiff/(P)/
2402 かちっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) with a click (door sound)/(2) with tenseness or firmness/
2403 かちゃかちゃ /(n,adv-to) clink/clatter/clang/
2404 かちゃり /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a clang or a clink/tinkle/
2405 かちり /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a clink (click, clack)/
2406 かちん /(adv-to,n) (on-mim) clink/clack/
2407 かちんこ /(n) clapperboard/
2408 かち合う [かちあう] /(v5u,vi) to clash/to be in conflict with/
2409 かっか /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) burning hotly/burning redly/
2410 かっかと /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) burning hotly/burning redly/
2411 かっきり /(adv) (1) (on-mim) exactly/just/precisely/(2) punctually/(adv-to) (3) clearly delineated (of boundaries, etc.)/
2412 かっきりに /(adv) (1) (on-mim) exactly/just/precisely/(2) punctually/
2413 かっけー /(adj-na,adj-no) (col) attractive/good-looking/stylish/"cool"/
2414 かっこかわいい /(exp) (col) cool and cute/
2415 かっこ悪い [かっこわるい] /(adj-i) unattractive/ugly/unstylish/uncool/
2416 かっこ好い [かっこいい] /(adj-i) attractive/good-looking/stylish/"cool"/
2417 かっちり /(adv,n,vs) tightly/exactly/
2418 かっと /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) flare up/flying into a rage/
2419 かっとなる /(exp,v5r) (col) to flare up/to fly into a rage/
2420 かっぺ /(n) (abbr) (vulg) hick/country bumpkin/yokel/
2421 かっぽれ /(n) kappore (traditional Japanese comic dance)/
2422 かっ血 [かっけつ] /(n,vs) lung hemorrhage/lung haemorrhage/
2423 かっ飛ばす [かっとばす] /(v5s,vt) to knock out (a homer)/to slam/
2424 かつお節 [かつおぶし] /(n) katsuobushi (small pieces of sliced dried bonito)/
2425 かつかつ /(adj-na,adv) (on-mim) barely/scraping by/
2426 かて /(prt) (1) (ksb:) even if/if/(2) (ksb:) though/despite/(3) (ksb:) even/
2427 かてきょ /(n) (abbr) (sl) home tutor/private tutor/coach/
2428 かてて加えて [かててくわえて] /(exp) moreover/besides/in addition/on top of/to make matters worse/
2429 かと言って [かといって] /(exp) (uk) having said that/on the other hand/
2430 かどうか /(exp) whether or not (in phrases like "I don't know whether or not I can come")/(P)/
2431 かな /(prt) (1) I wonder (sentence ending prt)/(2) should I? (question prt when thinking out loud)/is it?/(3) I wish that (with a negative)/I hope that/(P)/
2432 かなあ /(prt) (1) I wonder (sentence ending prt)/(2) should I? (question prt when thinking out loud)/is it?/(3) I wish that (with a negative)/I hope that/
2433 かなきり声 [かなきりごえ] /(n,adj-no) shrill voice/piercing cry/shriek/scream/
2434 かなぐり捨てる [かなぐりすてる] /(v1) to fling off/to throw off/to throw to the winds/
2435 かなとこ雲 [かなとこぐも] /(n) anvil cloud/
2436 かなにか /(exp,suf) or something/
2437 かな漢字変換 [かなかんじへんかん] /(n) (comp) kana-kanji conversion (on a computer, etc.)/
2438 かな遣い [かなづかい] /(n) kana orthography/syllabary spelling/
2439 かな使い [かなづかい] /(n) kana orthography/syllabary spelling/
2440 かな入力 [かなにゅうりょく] /(n) (comp) kana input/
2441 かね /(prt) interrogative sentence-ending particle expressing doubt/(P)/
2442 かねてから /(exp) for some time/
2443 かばち /(n) (col) quibble (in Hiroshima dialect)/
2444 かばと /(adv) (on-mim) emphatically/energetically/
2445 かばん語 [かばんご] /(n) (obs) portmanteau/combination of two words (often first half of one, second half of another)/
2446 かばん持ち [かばんもち] /(n) (1) private secretary/(2) (derog) flunky/someone who is always following around someone of high rank/(3) someone who carries a bag for someone/luggage carrier/carrying a bag/
2447 かば焼き [かばやき] /(n) loach or eel dipped and broiled in soy-based sauce/
2448 かび止め [かびどめ] /(n) fungicide/preservative against mold/antimold agent/
2449 かび臭い [かびくさい] /(adj-i) musty/putrid/
2450 かぴかぴ /(adj-na,adv,adj-no) (on-mim) (col) crusty/flaky/dried out/
2451 かぶき者 [かぶきもの] /(n) dandy/peacock/early-17th-century equivalent of present-day yakuza/Edo-period eccentric who attracted public attention with their eye-catching clothes, peculiar hairstyle, and weird behavior/
2452 かぶり笠 [かぶりがさ] /(n) (obsc) conical hat (East-Asian style)/coolie hat/
2453 かぶり物 [かぶりもの] /(n) headdress/headgear/
2454 かぼちゃ野郎 [かぼちゃやろう] /(n) (derog) man with an unattractive, unusually shaped face/
2455 かまくら /(n) mid-January festival in northern Japan, with snow huts in which children play house/(P)/
2456 かませ犬 [かませいぬ] /(n) foil/someone to look as if he's putting up a fight but actually have no chance of winning/
2457 かみのけ座 [かみのけざ] /(n) (constellation) Coma Berenices/
2458 かみ合う [かみあう] /(v5u,vi) (1) to gear (engage) with/to be in gear (mesh)/(2) to bite each other/
2459 かみ合せ [かみあわせ] /(n) (1) engaging or meshing (of gears)/(2) occlusion (of teeth)/
2460 かみ合わせ [かみあわせ] /(n) (1) engaging or meshing (of gears)/(2) occlusion (of teeth)/
2461 かみ殺す [かみこなす] /(v5s,vt) to chew/to digest/
2462 かみ殺す [かみころす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to stifle a smile, yawn, etc./(2) to bite to death/
2463 かみ切る [かみきる] /(v5r,vt) to bite off/to gnaw through/
2464 かみ締める [かみしめる] /(v1,vt) (1) to chew thoroughly/(2) to reflect upon/to digest/
2465 かみ付く [かみつく] /(v5k,vt) to bite (at)/to snap at/to snarl at/
2466 かむ /(v5m) (uk) to blow (one's nose)/(P)/
2467 かも /(prt) (abbr) may/might/perhaps/may be/possibly/
2468 かもしれん /(exp) may/might/perhaps/may be/possibly/(P)/
2469 かもめーる /(n) summer greeting cards containing a lottery ticket, sold every year starting in June/
2470 かも知れない [かもしれない] /(exp) (uk) may/might/perhaps/may be/possibly/(P)/
2471 かも知れません [かもしれません] /(exp) (uk) (pol) may/might/perhaps/may be/possibly/(P)/
2472 かや葺 [かやぶき] /(n) thatching a roof with grass/
2473 かゆいところに手が届く [かゆいところにてがとどく] /(exp,v5k) to be extremely thorough, focusing on even the finest of details/
2474 かゆい所に手が届く [かゆいところにてがとどく] /(exp,v5k) to be extremely thorough, focusing on even the finest of details/
2475 かゆみ止め [かゆみどめ] /(n) anti-itch medication/antipruritic drug/
2476 かよ /(prt) sentence-ending particle expressing doubt/
2477 から /(prt) (1) from (e.g. time, place, numerical quantity)/since/(2) from (originator)/(3) because/(4) out of (constituent, part)/(5) through (e.g. window, vestibule)/(6) after/since (following te-form verb)/(P)/
2478 からから /(adj-na,adv,vs,adj-no) (1) (on-mim) parched/dried-up/(adv-to) (2) (on-mim) rattle/(3) (on-mim) loud laughter/
2479 からきし /(adv) quite/utterly/(not) at all/completely/
2480 からくり人形 [からくりにんぎょう] /(n) mechanical doll/automaton/string puppet/marionette/person who follows orders blindly/
2481 からころ /(n) clip-clop/
2482 からして /(exp) (1) even/for starters/(2) so/therefore/(3) judging from/based on/(4) since/from/
2483 からすの濡れ羽色 [からすのぬればいろ] /(n) glossy black (hair) (lit: color of a crow with wet feathers)/
2484 からすると /(n) judging from/on the basis of/from the point of view of/
2485 からす麦 [からすむぎ] /(n) (1) (uk) wild oat (Avena fatua)/wild oats/(2) oat (Avena sativa)/oats/
2486 からっきし /(adv) quite/utterly/(not) at all/completely/
2487 からっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) changing suddenly and completely/(2) crisp and dry (e.g. skies, weather, tempura, laundry, etc.)/
2488 からっ風 [からっかぜ] /(n) a cold, strong, dry wind/
2489 からと言って [からといって] /(exp) while it may be true that/just because/nevertheless/not necessarily/
2490 からなる /(exp) Y adding up to Z/Y making up Z/Y constituting Z/Z consisting of Y/Z composed of Y/Z containing Y/
2491 からには /(exp) now that/since/so long as/because/
2492 からみ /(n) (uk) slag/
2493 からみ合う [からみあう] /(v5u,vi) to be(come) intertwined/to be entangled/
2494 からりと /(adv) (on-mim) changing suddenly and completely/(P)/
2495 からんからん /(adv-to) (on-mim) clank clank/
2496 からんころん /(n) (on-mim) sound made by geta/clip-clop/
2497 から騒ぎ [からさわぎ] /(n,vs) much ado about nothing/
2498 から風 [からかぜ] /(n) dry wind/
2499 かりかり /(adj-f) (1) crisp/crunchy/(vs) (2) to be crisp/to eat a crisp/(3) to have a chip on one's shoulder/to be grumpy/to be irritated/to be annoyed/(adv,adv-to) (4) with crunching sound or effect/
2500 かりん糖 [かりんとう] /(n) (uk) fried dough cake/
2501 かり子 [かりこ] /(n) (arch) maid in an Osaka brothel/
2502 かれ草 [かれくさ] /(n) dry grass/dead grass/hay/withered grass/
2503 かわ /(n) (uk) matte (metallurgical)/
2504 かわい子ちゃん [かわいこちゃん] /(n) (sl) popsy/cutie/sweetie/
2505 かわゆす /(int) (abbr) cute!/adorable!/
2506 かわら状 [かわらがさね] /(adj-no) imbricate/
2507 かわり得る [かわりうる] /(exp,adj-f) able to change/
2508 かわり得る [かわりえる] /(ik) (exp,adj-f) able to change/
2509 かん /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) ding/chime (sound of a bell or a small gong)/
2510 かんかん /(n,adj-no) (1) anger/flare-up/(2) intense heat/(3) clanging noise/
2511 かんかん怒る [かんかんおこる] /(v5r) to get very mad/
2512 かんかん帽 [かんかんぼう] /(n) boater (flat straw hat)/
2513 かんこ鳥 [かんこどり] /(n) cuckoo/
2514 かんしゃく玉 [かんしゃくだま] /(n) (1) fit of anger/temper/rage/(2) firecracker/
2515 かんじき兎 [かんじきうさぎ] /(n) (uk) snowshoe hare/snowshoe rabbit (Lepus americanus)/
2516 かんで含めるように [かんでふくめるように] /(exp) in an easy-to-understand manner/in a very kind and detailed way/
2517 かんで吐き出すように [かんではきだすように] /(exp) curtly, in a displeased manner/
2518 かんばん方式 [かんばんほうしき] /(n) just-in-time inventory management/JIT/
2519 かんむり座 [かんむりざ] /(n) Corona Borealis (constellation)/
2520 かんらん岩 [かんらんがん] /(n) peridotite/
2521 かん口令 [かんこうれい] /(n) gag order/gag rule/
2522 かん高い [かんたかい] /(adj-i) shrill/
2523 かん子 [かんし] /(n) forceps/
2524 かん状 [かんじょう] /(adj-no) rod-shaped/bacillary/bacilliform/baculiform/
2525 かん状体 [かんじょうたい] /(n) rod (shape of cell)/
2526 かん体 [かんたい] /(n) rod (shape of cell)/
2527 かん体細胞 [かんたいさいぼう] /(n) rod cell/
2528 かん木 [かんぼく] /(n) bush/shrub/
2529 かクルマサカオウム /(n) (uk) Major Mitchell's cockatoo (Cacatua leadbeateri)/Leadbeater's cockatoo/
2530 か月 [かげつ] /(ctr) (number of) months/
2531 か国 [かこく] /(ctr) counter for countries/
2532 か国語 [かこくご] /(ctr) counter for languages/
2533 か黒い [かぐろい] /(adj-i) deep black/
2534 か細い [かぼそい] /(adj-i) (1) thin/skinny/(2) delicate/fragile/feeble/
2535 か弱い [かよわい] /(adj-i) frail/feeble/(P)/
2536 か所 [かしょ] /(n) passage/place/point/part/
2537 か否か [かいなか] /(exp) whether or not/
2538 か文字 [かもじ] /(n) (arch) mother/wife/
2539 か流ファン [かりゅうファン] /(n) regenerative fan/vortex flow fan/
2540 か流ブロワ [かりゅうブロワ] /(n) regenerative blower/vortex flow blower/
2541 か流形センサ [かりゅうがたセンサ] /(n) vortex sensor/
2542 か流形素子 [かりゅうけいそし] /(n) vortex device/
2543 が /(prt) (1) indicates sentence subject (occasionally object)/(2) indicates possessive (esp. in literary expressions)/(prt,conj) (3) but/however/still/and/(P)/
2544 がーっ /(n) with a grinding noise/
2545 がい骨 [がいこつ] /(n,adj-no) skeleton/
2546 がかる /(suf) (after a noun, used as a godan verb) inclining to/leaning to/
2547 がが芋 [ががいも] /(n) (uk) rough potato (Metaplexis japonica)/
2548 がが藷 [ががいも] /(n) (uk) rough potato (Metaplexis japonica)/
2549 がくがく /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) body trembling/teeth clattering/something coming loose/
2550 がくんと /(adv) (on-mim) suddenly/with a jerk/
2551 がさがさ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs,adj-no) (on-mim) rustling/dry or rough feeling/(P)/
2552 がさごそ /(n,adj-f) rustling sound/
2553 がさっ /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a swoosh/at one fell swoop/
2554 がさつ /(adj-na) (1) crude/unrefinded/coarse/rough/(2) ill-mannered/rude/insensitive/tactless/boorish/
2555 がさみ /(n) (uk) swimming crab (Portunus trituberculatus)/
2556 がざみ /(n) (uk) swimming crab (Portunus trituberculatus)/
2557 がざめ /(n) (uk) swimming crab (Portunus trituberculatus)/
2558 がしがし /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) boisterously/roughly/briskly/
2559 がしゃっ /(adv-to) (on-mim) (with a) crack/
2560 がしんたれ /(n) (ksb:) good-for-nothing/bum/loser/coward/
2561 がじゃがじゃ /(adj-na,adv) rummage (in a drawer)/
2562 がじゃまめ /(n) peanut brittle/
2563 がす [はがす] /(v5s,vt) to tear off/to peel off/to rip off/to strip off/to skin/to flay/to disrobe/to deprive of/to detach/to disconnect/
2564 がす [へがす] /(v5s,vt) to tear off/to peel off/to rip off/to strip off/to skin/to flay/to disrobe/to deprive of/to detach/to disconnect/
2565 がせ /(n,pref) fake/lie/nonsense/
2566 がせねた /(n) faked information/bogus intelligence/disinformation/
2567 がせネタ /(n) faked information/bogus intelligence/disinformation/
2568 がたい /(n) (sl) body build/
2569 がたがくる /(exp,vk) to show one's age (e.g. to start creaking at the joints)/to wear out (e.g. machinery)/
2570 がたがた /(adj-na,adv,adv-to,vs,adj-no) (on-mim) rattle/clatter/(P)/
2571 がたごと /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) rattling/clattering/
2572 がたっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) with a clunk/with a clank/(2) the sound of a sudden decrease (in profits, vigor, etc.)/
2573 がたつく /(v5k,vi) to rattle/to be bumpy/to be shaky/to be unsteady/
2574 がたぴし /(n,vs) rattle/rattling sound/
2575 がたり /(adv) (on-mim) with a bang (clash, bump)/
2576 がたん /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) (with a) bump/(with a) bang/(with a) crash/sharply/
2577 がた落ち [がたおち] /(n,vs) (value or amount) plummeting/
2578 がちがち /(adj-na,adv,n) (on-mim) chattering (teeth)/frozen solid/overly serious/
2579 がちっと /(adv) (on-mim) with a clashing or clanging sound/
2580 がちゃがちゃ /(adj-na,n,vs,adv,adv-to) (on-mim) clatter/
2581 がちゃつく /(v5k,vi) (1) to clatter/to rattle/(2) to turn into a ruckus/
2582 がちゃりと /(adv) (on-mim) with a clank/
2583 がちゃ目 [がちゃめ] /(n) (sl) strabismus/squint/
2584 がちんがちん /(n) tick-tock/chipping (sound)/
2585 がちんこ /(n) (sl) competing in earnest (esp. in sumo)/
2586 がっかり /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) feel disappointed/dejected/lose heart/feel emotionally drained/feel let down/(P)/
2587 がっかりするな /(exp) cheer up!/
2588 がっくり /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) heartbroken/crestfallen/(P)/
2589 がっこ /(n) water (dialect from the Tsugaru region of Aomori)/
2590 がっしり /(adv,n,vs) firmly/solidly/tough/(P)/
2591 がったんごっとん /(n) clickety-clack (e.g. train sound)/
2592 がっちり /(adv,n,vs) solidly built/tightly/shrewd/calculating/(P)/
2593 がっちり屋 [がっちりや] /(n) tightwad/
2594 がっつく /(v5k,vi) to be greedy/to devour greedily/
2595 がっつり /(adv) (sl) firmly/plentifully/with all one's might/
2596 がっぷり /(adv) firmly (grasped)/latched onto/locked onto/
2597 がっぽがっぽ /(adv-to) (on-mim) in large quantities/
2598 がっぽり /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) in large quantities/
2599 がつがつ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) greedily/burning with desire for something/
2600 がつんと言う [がつんという] /(exp,v5u) to tell a person (something) emphatically/to let a person have it/
2601 がてら /(prt) on the same occasion/at the same time/coincidentally/along with/partly (to do, for)/
2602 がなり立てる [がなりたてる] /(v1) to yell/to shout/
2603 がなる /(v5r) to yell/to shout/
2604 がに股 [がにまた] /(adj-no) bowlegged/bandy-legged/
2605 がね /(prt) (positive sentence end) I dare say/(negative sentence end) though, honestly/
2606 がはと /(adv) (on-mim) emphatically/energetically/
2607 がばがば /(adj-no) (1) (on-mim) over-sized/(adv) (2) in large quantities/
2608 がばっと /(adv) (on-mim) emphatically/energetically/
2609 がばと /(adv) (on-mim) emphatically/energetically/
2610 がぶがぶ /(adj-na,adv,n) (on-mim) gulping down/guzzling/(P)/
2611 がぶりと /(adv) (on-mim) emphatically (bite, gulp, chew, etc.)/
2612 がぶり寄り [がぶりより] /(n) pushing the opponent with the torso (sumo)/
2613 がぶる /(v5r) (1) to pitch (e.g. a boat)/(2) to force out an opponent (Sumo)/
2614 がぶ飲み [がぶのみ] /(n,vs) swig/gulp/
2615 がぼがぼ /(adj-f) squelching/
2616 がましい /(suf) look like/sound like/savor of/smack of/
2617 がまん強い [がまんづよい] /(adj-i) (very) patient/persevering/
2618 がま口 [がまぐち] /(n) pouch/purse/handbag/
2619 がみがみ /(adv) (on-mim) nagging/griping/
2620 がめつい /(adj-i) greedy/grasping/predatory/calculating/avaricious/
2621 がめる /(v1,vt) (1) to greedily try to win big (e.g. in mahjong)/(2) to swipe/to nick/to pilfer/
2622 がめ子 [がめこ] /(n) chintzy, money-grubbing girl/
2623 がやがや /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) crowd of people talking/(P)/
2624 がらがら /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) clattering/rattling/gargling/(adj-na,adj-no) (2) empty/bare/uninhabited/vacant/unoccupied/(3) raspy (voice)/gravelly/(n) (4) rattle (e.g. baby's toy)/
2625 がらがら蛇 [がらがらへび] /(n) (uk) rattlesnake/
2626 がらがら声 [がらがらごえ] /(n) rough voice (e.g. when one has a cold or sore throat)/
2627 がらくた食糧 [がらくたしょくりょう] /(n) (obsc) junk food/
2628 がらっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) to burst open/to open suddenly (of a door)/(2) to change completely/to do a 180/
2629 がらっぱち /(n,adj-na) (col) rudeness/rude person/
2630 がらり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) entirely/suddenly/completely/rudely/(n) (2) window louvre/
2631 がらんがらん /(adv-to) (on-mim) clanging/
2632 がらんと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) empty/deserted/(P)/
2633 がらんどう /(adj-na,n) hollowness/emptiness/void/
2634 がら空き [がらあき] /(adj-no) virtually empty/quite empty/
2635 がら明き [がらあき] /(adj-no) virtually empty/quite empty/
2636 がり /(n) (col) (abbr) mimeograph/
2637 がり /(n) sliced ginger prepared in vinegar (served with sushi)/pickled ginger/
2638 がりせん /(n) person physically attracted to thin people/
2639 がり版 [がりばん] /(n) mimeograph/
2640 がり勉 [がりべん] /(n,vs) drudge/grind/someone who studies too much/cram-study (for exam, etc.)/
2641 がる /(suf,v5r) (1) to feel (on adj-stem to represent a third party's apparent emotion)/(2) to behave as if one were/
2642 がれ /(n) scree/
2643 がれ場 [がれば] /(n) scree slope/
2644 がん /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) thump/thud (dull sound representing something being hit)/(2) severe/difficult/hard/
2645 がんがん /(adv,vs) (col) (on-mim) sound of large bell/sound of scolding voice/(pounding of) headache/intense/
2646 がんがん食べる [がんがんたべる] /(exp,v1) (sl) to pig out/to chow down/
2647 がんと一発くらわす [がんといっぱつくらわす] /(exp,v5s) to punch someone/to give someone a belt/
2648 がんば /(int) (col) Go for it (kiddy talk)/Keep at it/
2649 がんばり屋 [がんばりや] /(n) someone who battles on in difficult circumstances/
2650 がんも /(n) (abbr) deep-fried tofu mixed with thinly sliced vegetables/
2651 がん首 [がんくび] /(n) (1) head of a pipe, incl. the bowl and stem attachment/(2) (col) neck/head/
2652 がん首そろえる [がんくびそろえる] /(exp,v1) to sit silently at a meeting/
2653 がん首をそろえる [がんくびをそろえる] /(exp,v1) to sit silently at a meeting/
2654 がん診断 [がんしんだん] /(n) cancer diagnosis/
2655 がん抑制遺伝子 [がんよくせいいでんし] /(n) tumour suppressor gene/tumor suppressor gene/
2656 が早いか [がはやいか] /(exp) no sooner ... than .../hardly ... when .../
2657 が聞いてあきれる [がきいてあきれる] /(exp,v1) who do you think you're kidding by saying (used to indicate incredulous dismissal of some claim)/What a laugh!/
2658 が聞いて呆れる [がきいてあきれる] /(exp,v1) who do you think you're kidding by saying (used to indicate incredulous dismissal of some claim)/What a laugh!/
2659 きかっけ /(n) chance/start/cue/excuse/motive/impetus/occasion/
2660 きかん気 [きかんき] /(adj-na,n,adj-no) daring/unyielding/
2661 きしきし /(adv) (on-mim) squeak/creak/
2662 きしみ合う [きしみあう] /(v5u) to engage in (mutual) competition/
2663 きしょー /(int) gross/nasty/yuck/
2664 きしょい /(adj-f) (sl) feel sick/(something is) weird/
2665 きしり /(adv-to,adv) creak/squeak/
2666 きず音 [きずおん] /(n) flaw noise/
2667 きせ分 [きせぶん] /(n) excess of fold beyond the stitching seam/
2668 きぜん /(adv-to,adj-t) (arch) soaring highly/towering greatly/
2669 きちきち /(adj-na,adv-to,n) (1) (on-mim) jam-packed (physically or of schedule, etc.)/(2) (used to denote a) grinding noise/(3) precisely/correctly (e.g. when working, etc.)/(n) (4) acrida cinerea/oriental longheaded locust/
2670 きちきち蝗虫 [きちきちばった] /(n) (1) (uk) (col) male Oriental longheaded locust (Acrida cinerea)/(2) (obs) Gonista bicolor (species of grasshopper resembling the Oriental longheaded locust)/
2671 きちっと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) exactly/perfectly/(P)/
2672 きちんきちん /(adv-to,adv) correctly/properly/accurately/
2673 きちんと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) precisely/accurately/neatly/(P)/
2674 きっかり /(adv) exactly/precisely/
2675 きっきゅう如 [きっきゅうじょ] /(adj-t,adv-to) deferential/humble/reverent/respectful/
2676 きっしょー /(int) gross/nasty/yuck/
2677 きっちり /(adv,vs) (1) punctually/on the dot/precisely/(2) closely/tightly/(fits) like a glove/(3) without fail/(P)/
2678 きっぱり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) clearly/plainly/decisively/distinctly/flatly/(P)/
2679 きっぱりと /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) clearly/plainly/decisively/distinctly/flatly/
2680 きつい /(adj-i) (1) intense/severe/hard/(2) determined/forceful/formidable/(3) strong/(4) tight/close/(P)/
2681 きつねの嫁入り [きつねのよめいり] /(n) rain shower while the sun shines/sun shower/
2682 きつね色 [きつねいろ] /(n) light brown/
2683 きつぷ /(ik) (n) ticket/
2684 きつめ /(adj-no,adj-na,n) a little too tight/
2685 きなこ餅 [きなこもち] /(n) (uk) mochi sprinkled with soy flour/
2686 きな臭い [きなくさい] /(adj-i) (1) burning or scorched smell/(2) imminent military action/(3) suspicious/
2687 きな粉 [きなこ] /(n) (uk) soy flour/soybean flour/
2688 きな粉餅 [きなこもち] /(n) (uk) mochi sprinkled with soy flour/
2689 きぬごし豆腐 [きぬごしどうふ] /(n) silken tofu/soft tofu/
2690 きぬた骨 [きぬたこつ] /(n,adj-no) incus (bone of the ear)/
2691 きびきび /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) brisk/lively/energetic/
2692 きびすを返す [きびすをかえす] /(exp,v5s) to turn back/to return/
2693 きび砂糖 [きびざとう] /(n) light brown sugar/
2694 きまりが悪い [きまりがわるい] /(exp,adj-i) embarrassed/ashamed/
2695 きまり悪い [きまりわるい] /(adj-i) feeling awkward/being ashamed/being bashful/
2696 きまり文句 [きまりもんく] /(n) cliche/platitude/formula/set phrase/
2697 きめえ /(exp) (sl) disgusting/gross/bad feeling/weird/
2698 きめ細やか [きめこまやか] /(adj-na) smooth/polite and attentive to detail/
2699 きもい /(adj-i) (sl) (abbr) gross/disgusting/
2700 きもを冷やす [きもをひやす] /(exp,v5s) to be struck with terror/to be terrified/to be scared to death/
2701 きも可愛い [きもかわいい] /(adj-f) (sl) (col) being both repellant and attractive at the same time/being both cute and disgusting/
2702 きゃあ /(int) Eek!/Yipe!/
2703 きゃっ /(int) shriek/scream/
2704 きゃぴきゃぴ /(n,vs) (col) acting all cute and charged up/brimming with youthful enthusiasm/in high spirits/raring to go/overflowing with youthful energy (used mainly of girls)/
2705 きゃんきゃん /(int) yelp/yap/
2706 きゅうきゅう /(adj-na,adv,n) squeak/
2707 きゅうよ /(n) (obsc) armadillo/
2708 きゅう舎 [きゅうしゃ] /(n) barn/stable/
2709 きゅう首 [きゅうしゅ] /(n,vs) going into a huddle/
2710 きゅう鏘 [きゅうそう] /(adj-t,adv-to) (arch) echoing beautifully (of the sound produced by striking together jewels or metals)/beautiful (of a melody, etc.)/
2711 きゅっと /(adv) (on-mim) tightly/squeaking/
2712 きゅん /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) momentary tightening of one's chest caused by powerful feelings/
2713 きょう正 [きょうせい] /(n,vs,adj-no) correction/remedy/
2714 きょう体 [きょうたい] /(n) (comp) cabinet/case/housing/component/unit/chassis/main frame/
2715 きょしちょう座 [きょしちょうざ] /(n) Tucana (constellation)/the Toucan/
2716 きょときょと /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) look around restlessly/
2717 きょとんと /(adv) (on-mim) (looking) blankly/(staring) in puzzlement/
2718 きょろきょろ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) look around restlessly/(P)/
2719 きょん /(n) Chinese muntjac (species of barking deer, Muntiacus reevesi)/
2720 きらきら /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) glitter/sparkle/glisten/twinkle/(P)/
2721 きらっ /(adv-to) (on-mim) glittering/glitteringly/sparkling/twinkling/brightly/
2722 きらり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) with a momentary flash of light/
2723 きりきり /(adv) (on-mim) at once/right away/quickly/
2724 きりきり舞い [きりきりまい] /(n,vs) a whirl/going round and round/rushing a person off his feet/
2725 きりっと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) stiff and slackless/tense without any looseness/
2726 きりっとした /(adj-f) smart/spruce/neat/
2727 きりり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) stiff and slackless/tense without any looseness/(2) cling tightly/pulled or stretched as far as possible/(3) creaking of a door or oar/
2728 きれい事 [きれいごと] /(n) (1) (uk) whitewashing/glossing over/lip service/(2) deftly finishing up/putting on the final touches/
2729 きんき /(n) broadbanded thornyhead/broadfin thornyhead/kichiji rockfish (Sebastolobus macrochir)/
2730 きんきらきん /(adj-no) gaudy/flashy/showy/
2731 きんきん /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) shrill/strident/piercing/
2732 きんちゃく袋 [きんちゃくぶくろ] /(n) pouch/purse/
2733 き印 [きじるし] /(n) (sl) (sens) madness/madman/
2734 き損 [きそん] /(n,vs) damage/injury/defamation/waste/
2735 き鳳鏡 [きほうきょう] /(n) (obsc) intricately inscribed ancient bronze or iron mirror featuring a pair of firebirds/
2736 き鳳文 [きほうもん] /(n) (obsc) inscription of a fantastic birdlike creature found on Yin and Zhou dynasty bronze ware etc./
2737 き裂 [きれつ] /(n) crack/crevice/fissure/chap/
2738 ぎーぎー /(n) creak/squeak/rasping sound/
2739 ぎいぎい /(n) creak/squeak/rasping sound/
2740 ぎいとん /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) squeaking or creaking (followed by a thump)/
2741 ぎくぎく /(adv,adv-to,vs) jerkily/
2742 ぎくしゃく /(adv,n,vs) (1) jerkiness/awkwardness/stiltedness/(2) souring (of a relationship)/strain (e.g. in relations)/
2743 ぎくっと /(adv-to) (1) (with a) start/(vs) (2) to feel shocked/
2744 ぎくり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) (with a) start/(vs) (2) to be startled/
2745 ぎこぎこ /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) squeak squeak/squeaking/
2746 ぎこちない /(adj-i) awkward/clumsy/stiff/crude/unrefined/constrained/(P)/
2747 ぎごちない /(adj-i) awkward/clumsy/stiff/crude/unrefined/constrained/
2748 ぎざぎざ /(adj-na,adj-no,n,adv) (on-mim) jagged/notched/corrugated/milled/serrated/(P)/
2749 ぎしぎし /(n) creak/squeak/creaking sound/
2750 ぎすぎす /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) strained atmosphere/thin and bony/
2751 ぎちぎち /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) creakily/(adj-na) (2) close (i.e. with no room to spare)/
2752 ぎっくり腰 [ぎっくりごし] /(n) strained back/slipped disk/lumbosacral strain/
2753 ぎっしり /(adv) tightly/fully/(P)/
2754 ぎっちょ /(n) (sl) (sens) left-handed/
2755 ぎっちり /(adv) tightly/fully/
2756 ぎとぎと /(vs,adj-no) (on-mim) oily/sticky/greasy/
2757 ぎゃあぎゃあ /(adv,n) scream/squawk/squeal/
2758 ぎゃふん /(n) speechlessness/state of being unable to argue/
2759 ぎゃふんと言う [ぎゃふんという] /(exp,v5u) to be beaten hollow/to be argued into silence/
2760 ぎゅう /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) squeezing something tightly/sound made by someone (or something) being squeezed/(2) criticizing someone severely/sound made by someone being criticized/(n) (3) (col) hug/
2761 ぎゅうぎゅう /(adj-na,adv) (on-mim) packing in tightly/creaking leather, door, etc./(P)/
2762 ぎゅうぎゅう詰め [ぎゅうぎゅうづめ] /(exp) jam packed/
2763 ぎゅう詰め [ぎゅうづめ] /(adj-na,n) packed like sardines/jammed/
2764 ぎゅぎゅ /(adv) (on-mim) snoringly/
2765 ぎゅっと /(adv) (on-mim) hard/tight(ly)/(P)/
2766 ぎょうかく /(n,adj-na,adj-t,adv-to) (uk) stony, fallow land/
2767 ぎょっと /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) being startled/(P)/
2768 ぎょりゅう /(n) (uk) Tamarix chinensis/Chinese tamarisk/
2769 ぎょろぎょろ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) goggling/rolling (one's eyes)/
2770 ぎょろり /(adv,adv-to) staring (e.g. eyes)/goggling/
2771 ぎらぎら /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) glare/dazzle/(2) glitter/(P)/
2772 ぎらっ /(adv-to) (on-mim) dazzlingly/
2773 ぎらつく /(v5k,vi) (1) to glare/to dazzle/(2) to glitter/
2774 ぎりぎり /(adj-na,adv) (1) (on-mim) at the last moment/just barely/(2) grinding sound/(P)/
2775 ぎりぎりまで /(exp) until something reaches the very limit/until the very last minute/up to the breaking point/
2776 ぎりぎりセーフ /(exp) just safe (e.g. just avoiding being late, failing an exam, etc.)/just (barely) OK/
2777 ぎろぎろ /(adv,adv-to,vs) glaringly (staring)/
2778 ぎんた /(exp) (id) (kyu:) in case of/
2779 ぎんやんま /(n) (uk) lesser emperor (species of dragonfly, Anax parthenope)/
2780 くい違い [くいちがい] /(n) discrepancy/different or conflicting opinions/
2781 くい違う [くいちがう] /(v5u,vi) to cross each other/to run counter to/to differ/to clash/to go awry/
2782 くい止める [くいとめる] /(v1,vt) to check/to hold back/
2783 くぐもった声 [くぐもったこえ] /(n) muffled voice/
2784 くぐり戸 [くぐりど] /(n) side door/side gate/
2785 くぐり抜ける [くぐりぬける] /(v1,vi) to go through/to pass through/to escape (through the cordon)/to evade (the law)/
2786 くさくさ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) feeling depressed/
2787 くさび形 [くさびがた] /(adj-na,n) (uk) wedge-shape/
2788 くさび石 [くさびいし] /(n) (1) keystone/(2) sphene/
2789 くさや /(n) horse mackerel dipped in salt water and dried in the sun/
2790 くしゃくしゃ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) crumpled/disheveled/dishevelled/feel gloomy/(P)/
2791 くし形 [くしがた] /(adj-no) comb-shaped/
2792 くじで選ぶ [くじでえらぶ] /(exp,v5b) to choose by lot/
2793 くじら座 [くじらざ] /(n) (constellation) Cetus/Whale/
2794 くじを引く [くじをひく] /(exp,v5k) to draw lots/
2795 くじ引き [くじびき] /(n,vs) (uk) lottery/drawn lot/
2796 くじ運 [くじうん] /(n) luck in a lottery/luck in a raffle/
2797 くすくす /(n,adv,vs) (on-mim) chuckle/giggle/
2798 くすくす笑う [くすくすわらう] /(exp,v5u) to giggle/
2799 くすねる /(v1,vt) to pilfer/to filch/to swipe/
2800 くすみ /(n,adj-no) dullness (esp. of the skin)/lack of luster/dirt/soil/contamination/
2801 くすむ /(v5m,vi) to be quiet/to be dull/to darken/
2802 くすり指 [くすりゆび] /(n) ring finger/third finger/
2803 くすん /(n,adv-to) (on-mim) sniff/sniffle/snuffle/
2804 くず屋 [くずや] /(n) (sens) ragman/junkman/garbage man/
2805 くず屋さん [くずやさん] /(n) ragman/junkman/garbage man/
2806 くず肉 [くずにく] /(n) waste meat/meat scraps/offal/
2807 くず物 [くずもの] /(n) (1) trash/junk/garbage/(2) worthless product/
2808 くず粉 [くずこ] /(n) kudzu starch/
2809 くせっ毛 [くせっけ] /(n) kinky hair/frizzy hair/unruly hair/curly hair/
2810 くせ者 [くせもの] /(n) ruffian/villain/knave/thief/suspicious fellow/
2811 くせ毛 [くせげ] /(n) kinky hair/frizzy hair/unruly hair/curly hair/
2812 くそ食らえ [くそくらえ] /(exp) (uk) fuck off! (lit: eat shit)/up yours!/up your arse (ass)/
2813 くそ度胸 [くそどきょう] /(n) foolhardiness/daredevil courage/
2814 くそ勉強 [くそべんきょう] /(n,vs) (sl) cram for an exam/concentrated study/
2815 くたくた /(adj-na,adj-no) (1) (on-mim) exhausted/tired/(2) withered/worn out/(n) (3) boiling until shapeless or mushy/(4) tediously/repetitively/wordily/(P)/
2816 くたばっちまえ /(exp) (X) (vulg) (ktb:) Drop dead, you bastard!/fuck you!/
2817 くたばりぞこない /(exp) (vulg) worthless (of a person)/somebody who wouldn't be missed if they died/
2818 くたばる /(v5r,vi) (1) (col) to kick the bucket/to drop dead/to die/(2) to be pooped/to be exhausted/(P)/
2819 くたばれ /(exp) (X) (vulg) (ktb:) fuck you!/shove it!/go to hell!/drop dead!/
2820 くたびれ儲け [くたびれもうけ] /(n,adj-no) waste of effort/thankless task/
2821 くだくだ /(adv-to) (on-mim) tediously/lengthily/wordily/
2822 くだくだしい /(adj-i) tedious/lengthy/wordy/long-winded/
2823 くちゃくちゃ /(adv,adv-to,adj-na) (on-mim) crunching/crumpling/messy/
2824 くっきり /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) distinctly/clearly/boldly/(P)/
2825 くっくっくっ /(int) evil laughter/
2826 くっすん /(n) sobbing noise/
2827 くっちゃべる /(v5r) to talk/to chatter/to tell (e.g. secrets)/
2828 くっつき虫 [くっつきむし] /(n) burr (prickly seeds or seedheads that stick to fur and clothes)/
2829 くっ付き虫 [くっつきむし] /(n) burr (prickly seeds or seedheads that stick to fur and clothes)/
2830 くっ付く [くっつく] /(v5k) (uk) to adhere to/to keep close to/(P)/
2831 くっ付ける [くっつける] /(v1) to attach/(P)/
2832 くつくつ /(adv) (on-mim) simmering/
2833 くつくつ法師 [くつくつぼうし] /(ateji) (n) (obsc) Meimuna opalifera (species of cicada)/
2834 くつわを並べて [くつわをならべて] /(exp) together/abreast/side-by-side/
2835 くつ一足 [くついっそく] /(n) pair of shoes/
2836 くつ屋 [くつや] /(n) shoemaker/shoe store/
2837 くどくど /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) tediously/repetitively/(P)/
2838 くにゃくにゃ /(n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) (the impression of being) soft and flexible/
2839 くねくね /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) bending loosely back and forth/making something/meandering/wriggling body/
2840 くねる /(v5r,vi) to bend loosely back and forth/
2841 くの一 [くのいち] /(ik) (n) (1) female ninja/(2) (col) woman/
2842 くの字に曲げる [くのじにまげる] /(exp,v1) to bend over in the shape of the the character ku/to bend forward from the waist to form a chevron shape/
2843 くの字点 [くのじてん] /(n) iteration mark shaped like the hiragana "ku" (used in vertical writing to represent repetition of two or more characters)/
2844 くびすを返す [くびすをかえす] /(exp,v5s) to turn back/to return/
2845 くびれフェチ /(n) (sl) small waist fetish (from kubire fetish)/wasp waist fetish/
2846 くぼ地 [くぼち] /(n) pit/hollow/basin/depression/
2847 くみ取り便所 [くみとりべんじょ] /(n) outhouse (from which night-soil may be collected)/privy/
2848 くみ取る [くみとる] /(v5r,vt) (1) to scoop out/to pump out/(2) to understand/to surmise/
2849 くもの巣理論 [くものすりろん] /(n) cobweb theorem/
2850 くも膜 [くもまく] /(n) the arachnoid (membrane)/
2851 くも膜下出血 [くもまくかしゅっけつ] /(n) subarachnoid hemorrhage/subarachnoid haemorrhage/
2852 くよくよ /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) worry about/mope/brood over/(P)/
2853 くらい /(suf,prt) (1) approximately/about/around/or so/(2) to (about) the extent that/(almost) enough that/so ... that .../at least/(3) as ... as .../like/(P)/
2854 くらくら /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) dizziness/giddiness/
2855 くらっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) dizzyingly/(vs) (2) to feel dizzy/
2856 くりかえし /(n) repetition mark in hiragana/
2857 くりかえし /(n) repetition mark in katakana/
2858 くりかえし /(n) voiced repetition mark in hiragana/
2859 くりかえし /(n) voiced repetition mark in katakana/
2860 くりくり /(adj-f) big and round (e.g. eyes, shaven head, etc.)/
2861 くり色 [くりいろ] /(n,adj-no) chestnut-color/chestnut-colour/
2862 くり抜く [くりぬく] /(v5k,vt) to gouge out/to excavate/to bore/to drill/
2863 くり返し [くりかえし] /(n,vs,adj-no,adj-na) (1) repetition/reiteration/iteration/cycle/(adv) (2) repeatedly/
2864 くり返す [くりかえす] /(v5s,vi) to repeat/to do something over again/
2865 くるくる /(adv,n) (on-mim) like a small spinning object/winding up a long string, etc./(P)/
2866 くるっ /(adv-to) turn around/rapid turn/round and charming (e.g. eyes)/
2867 くるみ割り [くるみわり] /(n) nutcracker/nutcrackers/
2868 くるり棒 [くるりぼう] /(n) (obsc) flail (for threshing grain)/
2869 くる病 [くるびょう] /(n) rickets/
2870 くろくろ /(adv) (on-mim) going round and round/
2871 くわえ込む [くわえこむ] /(v5m) (1) to hold fast deep in (one's mouth or other orifice, often used in a sexual context)/(2) to bring in a man for sex/
2872 くわん /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) ding/chime (sound of a bell or a small gong)/
2873 くわ入れ式 [くわいれしき] /(n) ground-breaking ceremony/
2874 くんくん鳴く [くんくんなく] /(exp,v5k) to whine (of a dog)/
2875 くんろ /(aux) (ksb:) to give/to let one have/to do for one/to be given/
2876 くん蒸 [くんじょう] /(n,vs,adj-no) fumigation/smoking (out)/
2877 くん製 [くんせい] /(adj-no) smoking (of fish, meat, etc.)/
2878 くノ一 [くのいち] /(n) (1) female ninja/(2) (col) woman/
2879 ぐーぐー /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) snoring/(2) growling (low rumbling sound)/
2880 ぐい /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a jerk/
2881 ぐいぐい /(adv) (on-mim) doing something forcefully and continuously (pulling hard, gulping drink)/
2882 ぐいっ /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a jerk/
2883 ぐい飲み [ぐいのみ] /(n) (1) large sake cup/(n,vs) (2) gulping down a drink/taking a swig at something/
2884 ぐい呑 [ぐいのみ] /(n) (1) large sake cup/(n,vs) (2) gulping down a drink/taking a swig at something/
2885 ぐう /(n) (1) rock (in rock, paper, scissors)/(adv,n) (2) sound made through constricted throat/(3) sound made in suffering or under adversity/
2886 ぐうぐう /(adv) (on-mim) fast (asleep)/snoring or grumbling sound/
2887 ぐうぐう寝ちゃう [ぐうぐうねちゃう] /(v5u) (ktb:) to fall sound asleep/
2888 ぐうたら /(n,adj-na,adj-no) lazybones/good-for-nothing/idler/
2889 ぐうっと /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) heartily (drinking)/
2890 ぐうの音も出ない [ぐうのねもでない] /(exp,adj-i) lost for words/not knowing what to say by way of excuse (refutation)/
2891 ぐきぐき /(adv,n,vs) (1) throbbing pain/(2) jerkily/awkwardly/
2892 ぐさりと /(adv) (on-mim) deeply (e.g. dagger thrust)/
2893 ぐしゃぐしゃ /(adv-to,adv,adj-na,vs) (on-mim) soggy/mushy/crumpled/
2894 ぐしゃっ /(adv-to) (on-mim) crushed flat/squashed to a pulp/squished/crumpled/
2895 ぐしょぐしょ /(n,adj-no) sopping/soaking/
2896 ぐしょ濡れ [ぐしょぬれ] /(n,adj-no) sopping wet/sodden/wet to the skin/
2897 ぐし縫 [ぐしぬい] /(n) running stitch/
2898 ぐじぐじ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) mumblingly/grumblingly/(2) tardily/slowly/
2899 ぐじゃぐじゃ /(adj-no,adj-na,adv,adv-to) (1) soggy/soaking/drenched/(adv,adv-to) (2) incessantly (complaining)/
2900 ぐすく /(n) Okinawan fortress/
2901 ぐすん /(n,adv-to) (on-mim) sniff/sniffle/snuffle/
2902 ぐたぐた /(adj-na,adj-no) (1) (on-mim) exhausted/tired/(2) withered/worn out/(n) (3) boiling until shapeless or mushy/(4) tediously/repetitively/wordily/
2903 ぐたり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) completely exhausted/dead tired/limp/senseless/
2904 ぐだぐだ /(adj-na,adj-no) (1) (on-mim) exhausted/tired/(2) withered/worn out/(n) (3) boiling until shapeless or mushy/(4) tediously/repetitively/wordily/
2905 ぐちぐち /(n,vs) (1) to mumble/to mutter/(2) to complain (continuously) about something/
2906 ぐちゃ /(n) splat!/
2907 ぐちゃぐちゃ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) pulpy/soppy/sloppy/
2908 ぐちょぐちょ /(n,adj-no) sopping/soaking/
2909 ぐっしょり /(adv) soaking (wet)/wringing/
2910 ぐっすり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) sound asleep/fast asleep/(P)/
2911 ぐったり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) completely exhausted/dead tired/limp/senseless/(P)/
2912 ぐっと /(adv) (on-mim) firmly/fast/much/more/
2913 ぐつぐつ /(n,adv) (on-mim) simmering/boiling gently/
2914 ぐでぐで /(adj-na) dead drunk/
2915 ぐでんぐでん /(adj-na) dead drunk/
2916 ぐにゃぐにゃ /(adj-na,adj-no,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) flabby/limp/soft/flexible/
2917 ぐにゃっと /(vs) to become limp/
2918 ぐにゃり /(adv-to) flabbily/softly/limply/effortlessly/flexibly/mushy/
2919 ぐびぐび /(n) (on-mim) gulping/guzzling/
2920 ぐぶぐぶ /(n) sound of rinsing one's mouth/
2921 ぐむ /(suf,v5m) to appear/to start to appear/to show signs of appearing/
2922 ぐらい /(suf,prt) (1) approximately/about/around/or so/(2) to (about) the extent that/(almost) enough that/so ... that .../at least/(3) as ... as .../like/(P)/
2923 ぐらぐら /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) loose, irregular movement/lolling/indecisiveness/(P)/
2924 ぐらっと /(adv) (on-mim) shaking violently/
2925 ぐらつく /(v5k,vi) to be unsteady/to reel/to shake/
2926 ぐらり /(adv-to,adv) shaking violently/
2927 ぐる /(n) accomplice/cohort/
2928 ぐるぐる /(adv,vs,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) turning round and round/going around in circles/(2) wrapped around/(P)/
2929 ぐるっと /(adv) (on-mim) turning in a circle/going around/turning about/surrounding/encircling/(P)/
2930 ぐるみ /(suf) (together) with/-wide/including/
2931 ぐるり /(n) surroundings/circumference/(P)/
2932 ぐるりと /(adv) (on-mim) turning in a circle/going around/turning about/surrounding/encircling/
2933 ぐれる /(v1,vi) to stray from the right path/
2934 ぐろい /(adj-i) (sl) grotesque/disgusting/gross/
2935 ぐんぐん /(adv) (on-mim) steadily/
2936 ぐんと /(adv) (on-mim) remarkably/noticeably/
2937 ぐんにゃり /(adv) limp/enervated/
2938 け /(prt) particle indicating that the speaker is trying to recall some information/
2939 けい秀画家 [けいしゅうがか] /(n) (accomplished) woman painter/
2940 けい線 [けいせん] /(n) ruled line/rule/
2941 けい線を引く [けいせんをひく] /(exp,v5k) to rule (line)/
2942 けい線表 [けいせんひょう] /(n) chart/
2943 けい頭 [けいがしら] /(n) kanji "pig's head" radical/
2944 けい動脈 [けいどうみゃく] /(n) carotid artery/
2945 けが人 [けがにん] /(n) wounded or injured person/(P)/
2946 けし粒 [けしつぶ] /(n) (1) poppy seed/(adj-f) (2) pinhead-like/small as ants/
2947 けじめ /(n) distinction (between right and wrong)/(P)/
2948 けじめを付ける [けじめをつける] /(exp,v1) (1) to draw the line (between two situations)/to make a clear distinction/(2) to take clear responsibility for (mistakes, etc.)/
2949 けたけた /(adv) laughing foolishly/cackling/
2950 けたたましい /(adj-i) piercing/shrill/noisy/loud/clamorous/wild/
2951 けた位置 [けたいち] /(n) (comp) digit position/
2952 けた移動 [けたいどう] /(n) (comp) shift/
2953 けた区切り機能 [けたくぎりきのう] /(n) (comp) punctuation capability/
2954 けた上げ [けたあげ] /(n) (comp) carry (of digit, bit, etc.)/
2955 けた上げなし加算 [けたあげなしかさん] /(n) (comp) addition without carry/
2956 けた上げる [けたあげる] /(v1) (comp) to carry (of digit, bit, etc.)/
2957 けた上げ数 [けたあげすう] /(n) (comp) carry digit/
2958 けた上げ保留加算機 [けたあげほりゅうかさんき] /(n) (comp) carry-save adder/
2959 けた上り [けたあがり] /(n) (comp) carry (of digit, bit, etc.)/
2960 けた送り [けたおくり] /(n) (comp) shift/
2961 けち /(n,adj-na) (1) stinginess/miserliness/penny-pinching/cheesparing/miser/pinchpenny/skinflint/cheapskate/tightwad/niggard/(2) shabby/cheap/mangy/poor/(3) petty/narrow-minded/quibbling/mean-spirited/(4) bad luck/ill omen/glitch/
2962 けちけち /(adv,vs) stingy/tightfisted/miserly/
2963 けちつける /(v1) to find fault with/to rain on one's parade/to nitpick/to quibble/
2964 けちのつき始め [けちのつきはじめ] /(exp) the first sign of bad luck/the first bad omen/
2965 けちを付ける [けちをつける] /(exp,v1) (uk) to find fault with/to rain on one's parade/to nitpick/to quibble/
2966 けちん坊 [けちんぼ] /(n,adj-na) miser/cheapskate/skinflint/
2967 けちん坊 [けちんぼう] /(n,adj-na) miser/cheapskate/skinflint/
2968 けち臭い [けちくさい] /(adj-i) mean/stingy/
2969 けったい /(adj-na) (ksb:) queer/weird/bizarre/
2970 けったくそ悪い [けったくそわるい] /(adj-i) (vulg) extremely vexing/
2971 けってい /(n) (uk) hinny/
2972 けつの穴 [けつのあな] /(n) (X) (col) anus/asshole/arsehole/
2973 けど /(conj,prt) but/however/although/(P)/
2974 けども /(conj,prt) but/however/although/
2975 けばい /(adj-i) gawdy/glitzy/loud (e.g. of makeup)/
2976 けばけば /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) gaudy/garish/
2977 けむりフード /(n) anti-smoke hood/
2978 けらけら /(adv) (on-mim) cackling (sound of shrill laughter)/
2979 けらけら笑う [けらけらわらう] /(v5u) to cackle/
2980 けられ /(n) vignetting (darkening of the perimeter of a photographic image)/
2981 けり /(aux-v) (1) indicates recollection or realization (i.e. of hearsay or the past)/can form a poetic past tense/(2) indicates continuation from the past to the present/(3) end/conclusion/
2982 けりが付く [けりがつく] /(exp,v5k) (uk) to be settled/to be brought to an end/
2983 けりを付ける [けりをつける] /(exp,v1) (uk) to settle/to finish/to bring to an end/
2984 けり込む [けりこむ] /(v5m) to kick in/
2985 けり殺す [けりころす] /(v5s) to kick to death/
2986 けれど /(conj,prt) but/however/although/(P)/
2987 けれども /(conj,prt) but/however/although/(P)/
2988 けろっと /(adv,vs) as if nothing happened/nonchalantly/
2989 けろり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) completely/entirely/(2) nonchalantly/as if nothing happened/
2990 けん /(n) (arch) (obsc) xun (ancient Chinese musical instrument resembling a clay ocarina)/
2991 けんかを売る [けんかをうる] /(exp,v5r) to pick a fight/
2992 けんか腰 [けんかごし] /(n,adj-no) belligerent/
2993 けんか両成敗 [けんかりょうせいばい] /(exp) in a quarrel, both parties are to blame/
2994 けんけん /(n,vs) hopping on one foot/
2995 けんせい球 [けんせいきゅう] /(n) throw to check a runner/
2996 けんつくを食わす [けんつくをくわす] /(exp,v5s) (obsc) to burst out in anger/
2997 けんつくを食わせる [けんつくをくわせる] /(exp,v1) to angrily reject/to snub/to give a person a good scolding/to give a person a rap on the knuckles/
2998 けんもほろほろ /(ik) (adj-na,adj-no) curt/blunt/brusque/
2999 けんもほろろ /(adj-na,adj-no) curt/blunt/brusque/
3000 けん引 [けんいん] /(n,vs) hauling/tow/pull/drag/
3001 けん玉 [けんだま] /(n) Japanese bilboquet (cup-and-ball game)/
3002 けん怠感 [けんたいかん] /(n) physical weariness/sense of fatigue/washed-out feeling/
3003 けん土重来 [けんどじゅうらい] /(n) recouping one's strength for a renewed attack (on)/making another attempt with redoubled efforts/
3004 けん土重来 [けんどちょうらい] /(n) recouping one's strength for a renewed attack (on)/making another attempt with redoubled efforts/
3005 けん盤 [けんばん] /(n) keyboard (e.g. piano, computer)/
3006 げ /(int) exclamation of surprised disappointment, disgust, or worry (yuck, ick, ack, eeew, crap!, blech, gross)/
3007 げきを飛ばす [げきをとばす] /(exp,v5s) to issue a manifesto/to appeal/
3008 げそげそ /(n) (the appearance of having) lost weight/
3009 げた箱 [げたばこ] /(n) shoe rack (in genkan)/cupboard (for shoes and clogs)/
3010 げっ /(int) exclamation of surprised disappointment, disgust, or worry (yuck, ick, ack, eeew, crap!, blech, gross)/
3011 げっそり /(adv,n,vs) being disheartened/losing weight/
3012 げっぷ /(n) (on-mim) belch/burp/eructation/
3013 げっ歯動物 [げっしどうぶつ] /(n) (1) gnawing animal/(2) rodent/
3014 げっ歯目 [げっしもく] /(n) (1) Rodentia/(adj-no) (2) rat-like/rodential/
3015 げっ歯類 [げっしるい] /(n,adj-no) rodent/
3016 げつ /(n) (arch) (obsc) cutting off the leg at the knee (form of punishment in ancient China)/
3017 げらげら /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) guffaw/
3018 げらげら笑う [げらげらわらう] /(exp,v5u) to guffaw/
3019 げろ /(n) (col) spew/
3020 げろげろ /(exp) (sl) gross me out!/disgusting!/
3021 げろげろ吐く [げろげろはく] /(exp,v5k) to vomit/to throw up/
3022 げんぜん /(adv-to,adj-t) (1) (arch) alone/(2) spilling tears in large drops/crying out in anguish/crying out in sorrow/
3023 げんなり /(adv,vs) wearily/dejectedly/
3024 げんを担ぐ [げんをかつぐ] /(exp,v5g) to be superstitious/
3025 げん灯 [げんとう] /(n) running lights/sidelight/side light/
3026 こ /(suf) (1) (abbr) doing/in such a state/(2) doing together/contest/match/(3) (fam) familiarizing suffix (sometimes meaning "small")/
3027 こいさん /(n) (hon) (ksb:) youngest daughter (of a good family)/
3028 こういった /(exp) this sort of/
3029 こうかく /(n,adj-na,adj-t,adv-to) (uk) stony, fallow land/
3030 こうする /(exp,vs-i) to (do) like this/
3031 こうすると /(exp) having done this/if this is done/if it is done in this way/(P)/
3032 こうすれば /(exp) if you do this/if this is the case/(P)/
3033 こうなると /(exp) given the situation/now that it has come to this/
3034 こうべを垂れる [こうべをたれる] /(exp,v1) (1) to hang one's head/(2) to bow down/
3035 こうもり傘 [こうもりがさ] /(n) (Western-style) umbrella/
3036 こうやって /(conj) thus/in this way/
3037 こう化 [こうか] /(n,vs) gelatinization/gelatinisation/
3038 こう言う [こういう] /(adj-pn) such/like this/
3039 こう言う [こうゆう] /(adj-pn) such/like this/
3040 こう頭 [こうとう] /(adj-na,n,adj-no) larynx/
3041 こき下ろす [こきおろす] /(v5s,vt) to denounce/to disparage/to lambast/to abuse/
3042 こき使う [こきつかう] /(v5u,vt) to work someone hard/
3043 こくり /(n,vs,adv-to) (1) nodding/dozing off/(adv,adv-to) (2) suddenly/
3044 こくん /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) nod deeply/(2) glugging/drinking deeply/
3045 こくんこくん /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) glugging/drinking deeply/(2) nodding deeply/
3046 こけこっこう /(adv) (1) cock-a-doodle-doo (sound made by cockerels, roosters)/(n) (2) (sl) cockerel/rooster (childish term)/
3047 こけっこう /(adv) (1) cock-a-doodle-doo (sound made by cockerels, roosters)/(n) (2) (sl) cockerel/rooster (childish term)/
3048 こけら板 [こけらいた] /(n) thin shingles/
3049 こけら葺き [こけらぶき] /(n) shingling/shingled roof/
3050 こけら落し [こけらおとし] /(n) opening of a new theater (theatre)/
3051 こけら落とし [こけらおとし] /(n) opening of a new theater (theatre)/
3052 こげ茶色 [こげちゃいろ] /(n) dark brown/olive brown/
3053 ここで逢ったが百年目 [ここであったがひゃくねんめ] /(exp) (id) At last your time has come/
3054 ここで会ったが百年目 [ここであったがひゃくねんめ] /(exp) (id) At last your time has come/
3055 ここにきて /(exp) (1) (id) came here/coming here/(2) recently/
3056 こころを用いる [こころをもちいる] /(exp,v1) to be attentive to/to pay attention to/
3057 ここん所 [ここんとこ] /(n) this place/here/
3058 ここ一番 [ここいちばん] /(n) the crucial moment/the moment of truth/a do-or-die situation/a crucial juncture/a crucial stage/
3059 こざっぱり /(adv,vs) neat (neatly)/tidy/trim/
3060 こしょばい /(adj-i) ticklish/
3061 こし器 [こしき] /(n) filter/strainer/colander/
3062 こし紙 [こしがみ] /(n) filter paper/
3063 こし布 [こしぬの] /(n) cloth strainer/filter cloth/
3064 こし餡 [こしあん] /(n) strained bean paste/
3065 こじつけ /(n,adj-no) distortion/stretch/strained interpretation/technicality/casuistry/sophistry/
3066 こじつける /(v1,vt) to distort/to strain (interpretation)/to force (meaning)/
3067 こじ開ける [こじあける] /(v1,vt) to wrench open/to prize open/to pick (lock)/
3068 こすり合わせる [こすりあわせる] /(v1) to rub together (e.g. one's hands)/
3069 こせこせ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) fussy/make a big deal out of nothing/
3070 こそ /(prt) for sure (emphasize preceding word)/(P)/
3071 こそあど /(n) (ling) Japanese ko-so-a-do demonstratives (e.g. pronouns: kore, sore, are, dore)/
3072 こそげ取る [こそげとる] /(v5r,vt) to scape off/
3073 こそこそ /(adv,adv-to,n,vs) (on-mim) sneakily/move stealthily/(P)/
3074 こそばい /(adj-i) ticklish/
3075 こそばゆい /(adj-i) ticklish/
3076 こそ泥 [こそどろ] /(n) sneak-thief/
3077 こだま /(n) regular (stops at every station) Toukai-line Shinkansen/
3078 こだわり /(n) (1) obsession/fixation/hangup/(2) determination/fastidiousness/pickiness about (trait, style, etc.)/
3079 こちこち /(adj-na,adv,n,adj-no) (on-mim) dry/hard/puritanical/frightened/(P)/
3080 こちらこそ /(exp) it is I who should say so/
3081 こちらの話 [こちらのはなし] /(exp) talking to oneself/
3082 こちんこちん /(adj-no,adj-na) (1) hard (due to freezing, drying, etc.)/(2) wound up/tense/
3083 こっきり /(suf) just (applies to set number of items, instances, etc.)/
3084 こっくり /(n,vs,adv-to) (1) nodding/dozing off/(adv,adv-to) (2) suddenly/
3085 こっくりうなずく /(v5k) to nod in agreement/to nod in assent/
3086 こっくりこっくり /(n,vs) niddle-noddle/nid-nod/
3087 こっくりさん /(n) table turning (tipping, tilting)/divination by planchette/
3088 こっくりとうなずく /(v5k) to nod in agreement/to nod in assent/
3089 こっそり /(adv-to) (on-mim) stealthily/secretly/(P)/
3090 こった /(exp) (col) slang form of "koto da"/
3091 こっちの話 [こっちのはなし] /(exp) (col) talking to oneself/
3092 こっちゃ /(exp) (1) (as for (that)) thing/(given (that)) thing/matter/fact/(2) (ksb:) (it is a ~) thing/matter/fact/
3093 こってり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) thickly/heavily/richly/(2) severely/strongly/
3094 こっぱ微塵 [こっぱみじん] /(n,vs) (uk) broken into small fragments/smashed to atoms/fragments and splinters/smithereens/
3095 こっ酷い [こっぴどい] /(adj-i) (uk) bad/harsh/severe/
3096 こつこつ /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) unflaggingly/steadily/untiringly/laboriously/(2) clicking/drumming/(P)/
3097 こつこつ働く [こつこつはたらく] /(exp,v5k) to work hard/to moil/to keep one's nose to the grindstone/to slug away/
3098 こつんと /(adv) with a bump/with a clunk/
3099 こてこて /(adj-na,vs,adv) (1) (on-mim) over the top/(2) thickly/heavily/richly/
3100 こてんこてん /(n,adv) black and blue (e.g. beaten ...)/
3101 こてんぱ /(n,adv) black and blue (e.g. beaten ...)/
3102 こてんぱん /(n,adv) black and blue (e.g. beaten ...)/
3103 こと /(prt) (1) particle indicating a command/(2) (fem) particle indicating mild enthusiasm/(3) particle indicating a gentle interrogative/(4) particle used to soften a judgment or conclusion/
3104 ことあるごとに /(exp,adv) with every little thing/at every opportunity/for each and every thing that crops up/
3105 ことから /(exp) from the fact that .../
3106 ことができる /(exp,v1) can (do)/to be able to (do)/(P)/
3107 ことこと /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) simmering noise/light bubbling/gentle clinking/sound of rapping/sound of rattling/(2) cooking something on a low flame/chopping something lightly/
3108 こととて /(conj) because/
3109 ことなかれ主義 [ことなかれしゅぎ] /(n) (uk) principle of peace-at-any-price/
3110 ことになっている /(exp,v1) to be scheduled to (do)/to be expected to (do)/
3111 ことので /(exp) from the fact that .../
3112 ことばに甘える [ことばにあまえる] /(exp,v1) to accept an offer/to be charmed by someone's kind words and do as he wishes/
3113 ことば典 [ことばてん] /(n) dictionary/
3114 こともあろうに /(exp) of all things/
3115 ことゆえ無し [ことゆえなし] /(exp) (arch) without incident/
3116 ことよろ /(n) (col) (abbr) abbreviation of "kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu" (please be kind to me again this year)/
3117 ことん /(adv-to) (on-mim) clunk/thump/
3118 こと座 [ことざ] /(n) (constellation) Lyra/
3119 こと自体 [ことじたい] /(exp) (the thing) itself/
3120 こどもの日 [こどものひ] /(n) Children's Day (national holiday; May 5th)/
3121 こにちは /(ik) (int) (col) hello/good day (daytime greeting)/
3122 こにちわ /(ik) (int) (col) hello/good day (daytime greeting)/
3123 こぬか雨 [こぬかあめ] /(n) light or fine rain/drizzle/
3124 こねくり回す [こねくりまわす] /(v5s) to knead/to turn/
3125 こねくり返す [こねくりかえす] /(v5s) (1) to tamper/to mess with/(2) to go on endlessly/
3126 こね回す [こねまわす] /(v5s,vt) to knead/to mix/to complicate/to turn into a mess/
3127 こね上げる [こねあげる] /(v1,vt) (1) to knead thoroughly/to work up/(2) to concoct/to make up/
3128 こね返す [こねかえす] /(v5s,vt) to knead/to mix/to complicate/to turn into a mess/
3129 このおかげで /(exp) because of this/thanks to this/due to this/
3130 このぐらい /(exp) to this extent/(P)/
3131 このたびは大変お世話になりありがとうございました [このたびはたいへんおせわになりありがとうございました] /(exp) thank you for all your hard work/
3132 このため /(exp) because of this/(P)/
3133 このような場合に [このようなばあいに] /(exp,adv) in this kind of situation/
3134 この位 [このくらい] /(n,adv) (uk) this much/this amount/
3135 この位 [このぐらい] /(n,adv) (uk) this much/this amount/
3136 この外 [このほか] /(conj) (uk) besides/moreover/in addition/
3137 この間 [このあいだ] /(n-t,n-adv) (1) the other day/lately/recently/during this period/(P)/
3138 この間 [このかん] /(n-t,n-adv) (1) the other day/lately/recently/during this period/(2) meanwhile/in the meantime/
3139 この期 [このご] /(n-t) now (with the nuance of 'the last moment')/this late in the game/
3140 この結果 [このけっか] /(exp) consequently/as a result/
3141 この後 [このあと] /(exp) after this/henceforth/henceforward/from now on/
3142 この後 [こののち] /(exp) after this/henceforth/henceforward/from now on/
3143 この頃 [このころ] /(n-adv,n-t) recently/nowadays/these days/now/at present/
3144 この頃 [このごろ] /(n-adv,n-t) recently/nowadays/these days/now/at present/(P)/
3145 この際 [このさい] /(n-adv) on this occasion/now/
3146 この次 [このつぎ] /(adj-no) next/
3147 この次から [このつぎから] /(exp) from now on/
3148 この手 [このて] /(exp) this way (of doing)/this sort (of thing)/
3149 この種 [このしゅ] /(adj-no) this kind of/
3150 この所 [このところ] /(n) (uk) lately/recently/
3151 この上 [このうえ] /(exp) besides/moreover/in addition/further/
3152 この上ない [このうえない] /(exp) the most/the best/peerless/the greatest/first-rate/
3153 この上なく [このうえなく] /(exp) most of all/extremely/
3154 この上もなく [このうえもなく] /(exp) most of all/extremely/
3155 この場合 [このばあい] /(exp) in this case/
3156 この世 [このよ] /(n,adj-no) this world/the present life/
3157 この世を去る [このよをさる] /(exp,v5r) to leave this world/to die/
3158 この節 [このせつ] /(n-adv) these days/now/recently/
3159 この先 [このさき] /(n-adv) beyond this point/from now on/after this/
3160 この先の心持ち [このさきのこころもち] /(exp) feelings from this point on/
3161 この前 [このまえ] /(n,adj-no) (1) some time ago/recently/lately/(2) last (Sunday, etc.)/previous/(P)/
3162 この中 [このうち] /(exp) (1) (uk) among these/between these/of these/
3163 この中 [このなか] /(exp) (1) (uk) among these/between these/of these/(2) in here/in this/
3164 この通り [このとおり] /(exp) like this/in this way/as you see/
3165 この度 [このたび] /(n-adv,n-t) this occasion/at this time/now/
3166 この度は大変お世話になりありがとうございました [このたびはたいへんおせわになりありがとうございました] /(exp) thank you for all your hard work/
3167 この内 [このうち] /(exp) (1) (uk) among these/between these/of these/(P)/
3168 この分 [このぶん] /(exp) at this rate/
3169 この分では [このぶんでは] /(exp) as affairs stand/judging from the present situation/as things are now/
3170 この辺 [このへん] /(pn,adj-no) this area/around here/
3171 この方 [このかた] /(n-adv) (1) since/(pn,adj-no) (2) this person/
3172 この方 [このほう] /(n-adv) this one/this way/this method/
3173 この様 [このよう] /(adj-na) like this/this sort/this way/
3174 この様に [このように] /(adv) (uk) in this manner/in this way/like this/
3175 この類 [このるい] /(adj-no) this kind/
3176 この儘 [このまま] /(exp) (uk) as (it) is/
3177 こびり付く [こびりつく] /(v5k) (uk) to stick to/to cling to/
3178 こぴぺ /(n,vs) (abbr) copy-and-paste/
3179 こぶみかんの葉 [こぶみかんのは] /(n) Kaffir lime (leaves used in Thai, etc. cuisine) (Citrus hystrix DC., Rutaceae)/
3180 こぼし屋 [こぼしや] /(n) grump/heat merchant/
3181 こぼし合い [こぼしあい] /(n) gripe session/grievance session/
3182 こぼし話 [こぼしばなし] /(n) complaining/
3183 こぼれ落ちる [こぼれおちる] /(v1,vi) to spill over and fall/to scatter (petals, leaves, etc.)/
3184 こましゃくれる /(v1) to be saucy (of children)/to be impudent/to be cheeky/to be sassy/to be precocious/
3185 こます /(v5s,vi) (1) to do/to have sexual intercourse/(2) to give/to present/to award/
3186 こまちゃくれる /(v1) to be saucy (of children)/to be impudent/to be cheeky/to be sassy/to be precocious/
3187 こまっしゃくれる /(v1) to be saucy (of children)/to be impudent/to be cheeky/to be sassy/to be precocious/
3188 こまっちゃくれる /(v1) to be saucy (of children)/to be impudent/to be cheeky/to be sassy/to be precocious/
3189 こまを回す [こまをまわす] /(exp,v5s) to spin a top/
3190 こま板 [こまいた] /(n) cutting guide board for noodles/
3191 こま飛び [こまとび] /(n) (obsc) frame skipping (e.g. during video playback)/
3192 こみ合う [こみあう] /(v5u,vi) to be crowded/to be packed/to be jammed/
3193 こみ上げる [こみあげる] /(v1,vi) (1) to fill (one's heart)/to experience a welling up of feelings or sensations/(2) to feel nauseated/
3194 こむら返り [こむらがえり] /(n) cramp in the leg/
3195 こよない /(adj-i) best/perfect/superb/
3196 こよなく /(adv) exceedlingly/
3197 こよなく愛する [こよなくあいする] /(exp,vs-s) to love greatly/to love beyond all else/
3198 こら /(conj,int) (1) interjection meant to scold or reprove someone/hey!/(2) interjection to call out to someone/hey!/
3199 こりこり /(adv) crunchy/crisp/
3200 こりゃ /(exp) hey there/I say/see here/
3201 これ /(int) (used to get the attention of one's equals or inferiors) hey/oi/yo/
3202 これっ切り [これっきり] /(n,n-adv) (1) (uk) last time (as of now)/never again/(2) only this/
3203 これで /(exp) here/with this/(P)/
3204 これでも /(exp) even though things may appear this way/
3205 これでもかこれでもか /(exp,adv-to) as if it weren't already enough/
3206 これでもかと言うほど [これでもかというほど] /(exp) as if it weren't already enough/
3207 これと言った [これといった] /(exp) (uk) nothing special (with neg. verb)/
3208 これと言って [これといって] /(exp) nothing special (with neg. verb)/
3209 これと同じ [これとおなじ] /(exp) the same as this/
3210 これにより /(exp) herewith/from this/
3211 これより /(exp) from (this, here, etc.)/since (this)/
3212 これより三役 [これよりさんやく] /(n) final three bouts on the last day of a sumo tournament/
3213 これより先 [これよりさき] /(exp) ahead/further on/beyond (this place)/
3214 これを書いている時点で [これをかいているじてんで] /(exp) at the time of writing/
3215 これを要するに [これをようするに] /(exp,adv) to sum things up/in short/in other words/
3216 これ位 [これくらい] /(n,adv) this much/this amount/
3217 これ位 [これぐらい] /(n,adv) this much/this amount/
3218 これ見よがし [これみよがし] /(adj-no,adj-na) for show/ostentatious/flaunting/showing off/
3219 これ切り [これきり] /(n,n-adv) (1) (uk) last time (as of now)/never again/(2) only this/
3220 これ切り [これぎり] /(n,n-adv) (1) (uk) last time (as of now)/never again/(2) only this/
3221 これ等 [これら] /(pn,adj-no) (uk) these/
3222 ころ /(n) (obsc) roller/runner/dried whale blubber/
3223 ころく /(n) quiver (worn on the right hip; post-Nara period)/
3224 ころころ /(adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) small and round thing rolling/(2) pleasant, high-pitched sound/(3) something that changes frequently/something fickle/(P)/
3225 ころっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) sound of something small rolling once (often into a hole)/(2) disappointing/(3) complete reversal of a situation/(4) curling up into the fetal position/going to sleep suddenly/
3226 ころり /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) easily/effortlessly/suddenly/utterly/(2) changing completely/(n) (3) plink (sound of something light falling or rolling)/
3227 ころコンベア /(n) roller conveyor/roller way/roller path/
3228 ころコンベヤ /(n) roller conveyor/roller way/roller path/
3229 ころ柿 [ころがき] /(n) dried persimmon/
3230 ころ軸受け [ころじくうけ] /(n) roller bearing/
3231 こん /(adv-to) (1) the sound that something makes when it is hit/with a bump/(2) yelp (e.g. of a fox)/bark/howl/
3232 こんがらかる /(v5r) to become entangled/to become complicated/to get mixed up/to screw up/to get caught up in/
3233 こんがらがる /(v5r) to become entangled/to become complicated/to get mixed up/to screw up/to get caught up in/
3234 こんがり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) well-cooked/well-done/browned/
3235 こんこん /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) tap-tap/knock-knock/bang-bang/(2) (on-mim) cough-cough/(3) (on-mim) bark (of a fox)/yelp/cry/(4) (on-mim) heavily (e.g. of snow falling)/(n) (5) (chn) fox/
3236 こんごう型護衛艦 [こんごうがたごえいかん] /(n) Kongo class destroyer/
3237 こんち /(n-t) (sl) today/this day/
3238 こんちゃ /(int) (abbr) hi!/good day (daytime greeting)/
3239 こんとん /(n) steamed manju/steamed mochi/
3240 こんどん /(n) steamed manju/steamed mochi/
3241 こんな /(adj-pn) such (about something/someone close to the speaker (including the speaker), or about ideas expressed by the speaker)/like this/(P)/
3242 こんなに /(adv) so/like this/in this way/(P)/
3243 こんな風に [こんなふうに] /(adv) (uk) in this way/like this/
3244 こんにちわ /(ik) (int) (col) hello/good day (daytime greeting)/
3245 こんばんわ /(ik) (int) good evening/
3246 こんもり /(adv,vs) (on-mim) thickly/densely/luxuriantly/
3247 こんもりと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) thickly/densely/luxuriantly/
3248 こん睡状態 [こんすいじょうたい] /(n,adj-no) lethargic state/comatose state/
3249 こん包 [こんぽう] /(n,vs) packing/crating/packaging/
3250 こん包材 [こんぽうざい] /(n) packing material (boxes, insulation, shock resistance, etc.)/
3251 こん包費 [こんぽうひ] /(n) packaging cost/
3252 こん棒 [こんぼう] /(n) stick/club/cudgel/bludgeon/
3253 ごう慢 [ごうまん] /(adj-na,n) pride/haughtiness/arrogance/insolence/hubris/
3254 ごくごく /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) gulping repetitively/
3255 ごくり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) gulpingly/
3256 ごくわずか /(exp,adj-na) derisory/negligible/minimal/nominal/imperceptible/
3257 ごく一部 [ごくいちぶ] /(exp) small fraction/small proportion/
3258 ごく最近 [ごくさいきん] /(adj-no,n-adv,n-t) very recently/in the very recent past/
3259 ごく潰し [ごくつぶし] /(n) good-for-nothing/parasite/deadbeat/loafer/drone/idler/
3260 ごしごし /(n,vs,adv) (on-mim) scrubbing/rubbing briskly/rasping/
3261 ごしゃごしゃ /(adj-no,adj-na,adv,adv-to,vs) jumbled/disarrayed/messy/
3262 ごそごそ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) rummaging sound/jarring sound/
3263 ごたごた /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) trouble/confusion/
3264 ごたつく /(v5k,vi) to be confused/to be in disorder/
3265 ごた混ぜ [ごたまぜ] /(n,adj-na) jumble/hodgepodge/
3266 ごち /(n) (sl) treat/banquet/feast/entertainment/goodies/
3267 ごちゃごちゃ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) jumble/mix up/(2) complaining about various things/
3268 ごちゃ混ぜ [ごちゃまぜ] /(n,adj-na) mess/jumble/muddle/chaos/
3269 ごっくり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) gulpingly/
3270 ごっくん /(n) (1) (on-mim) gulp/(2) (vulg) semen-swallowing/
3271 ごっこ /(n-suf) something done together/game of make-believe/
3272 ごっそり /(adv) completely/entirely/wholly/
3273 ごった /(adj-na) confusion/mess/mix/huddle/
3274 ごった煮 [ごったに] /(n) various foods cooked together/hodgepodge/hotchpotch/mulligan stew/
3275 ごった返す [ごったがえす] /(v5s,vi) to be in confusion or commotion/to be in a turmoil/to be crowded or jammed with people/
3276 ごっちゃ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) jumble/mix up/(2) complaining about various things/
3277 ごっつあん /(exp) (sl) thank you (sumo slang)/
3278 ごっつい /(adj-i) (1) rough/tough/hard/(2) unrefined/rustic/(3) exceeding/extreme/too much/
3279 ごっつい手 [ごっついて] /(n) big hands/massive hands/
3280 ごっつん盗 [ごっつんとう] /(n) (sl) stealing a car by rear-ending it lightly and having a friend jump in and drive off after the driver gets out/
3281 ごってり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) thickly/heavily/richly/(2) severely/strongly/
3282 ごつい /(adj-i) (1) rough/tough/hard/(2) unrefined/rustic/(3) exceeding/extreme/too much/
3283 ごつい手 [ごついて] /(exp) big hands/massive hands/
3284 ごつごつ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) rugged/scraggy/angular/
3285 ごつん /(adv) thud/thump/bang/
3286 ごとごと /(adv,adv-to) (1) clop clop/rumble rumble/(2) sound of something being boiled/
3287 ごとり /(adv-to,adv) thump/clang/clank/
3288 ごにょごにょ /(adv) (speak) mumblingly/unintelligibly/
3289 ごねる /(v1,vi) to grumble/to make difficulties/
3290 ごね得 [ごねどく] /(n) (col) getting what one wants by complaining or grumbling/profiting by holding out or taking a hard line/getting more by raising a ruckus/
3291 ごほん /(int) cough/ahem/
3292 ごぼごぼ /(adv) (on-mim) sound of gushing water/
3293 ごぼっ /(adv-to) gurgling down/being sucked into/caving in suddenly/
3294 ごまんと /(adv) in a great quantity/
3295 ごま豆腐 [ごまどうふ] /(n) crushed sesame seeds boiled in water and chilled like tofu/
3296 ごま油 [ごまあぶら] /(n) sesame oil/
3297 ごみごみ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) squalid/messy/
3298 ごみ屋 [ごみや] /(n) (sens) ragman/garbage man/garbage collector/
3299 ごみ音 [ごみおん] /(n) contamination noise/noise from contamination/
3300 ごみ焼き炉 [ごみやきろ] /(n) incinerator/refuse furnace/
3301 ごみ袋 [ごみぶくろ] /(n) garbage bag/
3302 ごみ入 [ごみいれ] /(n) trashcan/rubbish bin/dustbin/ashcan/
3303 ごみ入れごみ出し [ごみいれごみだし] /(exp) (comp) garbage in, garbage out/
3304 ごみ箱 [ごみばこ] /(n) garbage can/garbage box/rubbish bin/trash can/dust bin/dustbin/
3305 ごりごり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) scraping/scratching/(adj-no,adj-na) (2) hard (to the bite, to the touch)/
3306 ごり押し [ごりおし] /(n,vs) pushing though/bulldozing/doing something by force/arm twisting/
3307 ごろごろ /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) thunder/purring/grumbling (e.g. stomach)/(2) something large and heavy starting to roll/(3) scattered about/(4) idleness/idle about/(5) having a foreign substance in (e.g. one's eye or stomach)/(P)/
3308 ごろっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) slumping/flopping down/(2) heavily rotating/
3309 ごろつく /(v5k,vi) (1) to rumble/to thunder/to roll about (people, large objects)/(2) to wander about without a fixed workplace, home, etc./to hang around/to loiter/
3310 ごろりと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) slumping/flopping down/(2) heavily rotating/
3311 ごろりと横になる [ごろりとよこになる] /(exp,v5r) to throw oneself down/to lie down/
3312 ごろ合せ [ごろあわせ] /(n) rhyming game/play on words/pun/
3313 ごろ寝 [ごろね] /(n,vs) dozing/napping (e.g. on the floor in one's clothes, in the train)/
3314 ごわごわ /(adj-na,adv,vs) (on-mim) stiff/starchy/
3315 ごわす /(aux-v) (Satsuma) to be/
3316 ごわつく /(v5k,vi) to be stiff/to be starchy/
3317 ごわんす /(aux-v) (Satsuma) to be/
3318 ごんごん /(adv) (on-mim) bang/clang/
3319 ごんす /(exp) (abbr) (arch) (pol) to be/to exist/
3320 ご挨拶 [ごあいさつ] /(n) (1) (pol) greeting/(2) a fine thing to say (used as part of a sarcastic response to a rude remark)/
3321 ご意見を伺う [ごいけんをうかがう] /(exp,v5u) to ask the opinion of (a superior)/
3322 ご意見箱 [ごいけんばこ] /(n) (1) suggestion box/opinion box/(2) advisor/sounding board/
3323 ご一緒 [ごいっしょ] /(n,vs) (hon) going together/
3324 ご一新 [ごいっしん] /(n) the (Meiji) restoration/
3325 ご影 [ごえい] /(n) (hon) image (esp. of a deity, buddha, royal, noble, etc.)/
3326 ご詠歌 [ごえいか] /(n) song in praise of the Buddha/
3327 ご遠慮ください [ごえんりょください] /(exp) please refrain from ~ (e.g. smoking, etc.)/(P)/
3328 ご遠慮下さい [ごえんりょください] /(exp) please refrain from ~ (e.g. smoking, etc.)/(P)/
3329 ご恩 [ごおん] /(n) (hon) (received) favor, kindness or blessing (favour)/
3330 ご下問 [ごかもん] /(n) a question from the emperor/
3331 ご家人 [ごけにん] /(n) lower-ranking vassal in the Kamakura and Edo periods/
3332 ご希望の向きは [ごきぼうのむきは] /(exp) those who want it/
3333 ご機嫌 [ごきげん] /(adj-na,n,adj-no) pleasant/in a good mood/in high spirits/
3334 ご機嫌いかがですか [ごきげんいかがですか] /(exp) (uk) How are you?/
3335 ご機嫌よう [ごきげんよう] /(int) (1) (uk) how do you do?/nice to meet you/(2) adieu/farewell/bon voyage/
3336 ご機嫌斜め [ごきげんななめ] /(exp) in a bad temper/
3337 ご機嫌麗しい [ごきげんうるわしい] /(adj-i) in good humor (humour)/
3338 ご協力 [ごきょうりょく] /(n,vs) cooperation/collaboration/
3339 ご苦労 [ごくろう] /(adj-na,int,n) (hon) trouble (I have put you through)/
3340 ご苦労さま [ごくろうさま] /(exp,adj-na) thank you very much for your .../I appreciate your efforts/(P)/
3341 ご苦労さん [ごくろうさん] /(exp) I appreciate your efforts/
3342 ご苦労様 [ごくろうさま] /(exp,adj-na) thank you very much for your .../I appreciate your efforts/
3343 ご兄弟 [ごきょうだい] /(n) (hon) siblings/brothers and sisters/
3344 ご降誕 [ごこうたん] /(n,vs) birth (regal)/nativity/
3345 ご沙汰 [ごさた] /(n) (imperial) words/
3346 ご座います [ございます] /(exp) (pol) to be/to exist/
3347 ご座る [ござる] /(v4r,vi) (pol) (arch) (abbr) to be/
3348 ご座居る [ございる] /(v1) (uk) (arch) to be (very pol.)/
3349 ご座所 [ござしょ] /(n) a throne/
3350 ご三家 [ごさんけ] /(n) (1) three branch Tokugawa families (Owari, Kii, and Mito)/(2) big three/top three/
3351 ご三卿 [ごさんきょう] /(n) three secondary Tokugawa branch families (Tayasu, Shimizu, and Hitotsubashi)/
3352 ご参考まで [ごさんこうまで] /(exp) for your reference/FYR/for your information/FYI/
3353 ご自身 [ごじしん] /(n) himself/yourself/herself/
3354 ご主人 [ごしゅじん] /(n) (hon) your husband/her husband/(P)/
3355 ご朱印 [ごしゅいん] /(n) letter bearing the shogun's scarlet seal/
3356 ご朱印船 [ごしゅいんせん] /(n) shogun-authorized trading vessel (authorised)/
3357 ご愁傷さま [ごしゅうしょうさま] /(exp) my condolences/
3358 ご愁傷様 [ごしゅうしょうさま] /(exp) my condolences/
3359 ご愁傷様でございます [ごしゅうしょうさまでございます] /(exp) my condolences/
3360 ご所 [ごしょ] /(n) old imperial palace/
3361 ご所車 [ごしょぐるま] /(n) an ox-drawn coach/
3362 ご笑納 [ごしょうのう] /(n,vs) (hum) please accept (this)/used to refer to another's acceptance of one's present/
3363 ご心配なく [ごしんぱいなく] /(exp) don't worry/never mind/
3364 ご新造 [ごしんぞ] /(n) wife (esp. of a prominent, recently married man)/
3365 ご新造 [ごしんぞう] /(n) wife (esp. of a prominent, recently married man)/
3366 ご真影 [ごしんえい] /(n) an imperial portrait/
3367 ご神火 [ごじんか] /(n) deified volcano or volcanic eruption/
3368 ご神体 [ごしんたい] /(n) shintai/object of worship housed in a Shinto shrine and believed to contain the spirit of a deity/
3369 ご神灯 [ごしんとう] /(n) (1) light used as a religious offering/(2) paper lantern (hung up near the door of performers and geishas)/
3370 ご親拝 [ごしんぱい] /(n) (hon) worship by the emperor at a shrine/
3371 ご仁 [ごじん] /(n) (hon) personage/
3372 ご成功 [ごせいこう] /(n) your success/
3373 ご前を退く [ごぜんをのく] /(exp,v5k) to withdraw from the presence (of the Emperor)/
3374 ご前会議 [ごぜんかいぎ] /(n) Imperial Council/
3375 ご膳 [ごぜん] /(n) (hon) meal/emperor's meal/
3376 ご存じ [ごぞんじ] /(n) (1) (hon) knowing/(2) (an) acquaintance/(P)/
3377 ご存じの方 [ごぞんじのかた] /(n) (1) (hon) your acquaintance/(2) (hon) people who know/
3378 ご存知 [ごぞんじ] /(ateji) (n) (1) (hon) knowing/(2) (an) acquaintance/
3379 ご存知なのか [ごぞんじなのか] /(exp) do you know/perhaps you know/I wonder if you know/
3380 ご多分 [ごたぶん] /(n) common/in the usual course/
3381 ご多分にもれず [ごたぶんにもれず] /(exp) as is usual with/in common with/
3382 ご多分に洩れず [ごたぶんにもれず] /(exp) as is usual with/in common with/
3383 ご多分に漏れず [ごたぶんにもれず] /(exp) as is usual with/in common with/
3384 ご多忙中 [ごたぼうちゅう] /(exp) in the midst of your work (often used as a formal phrase in business letters, etc.)/
3385 ご大層 [ごたいそう] /(adj-na,n) exaggerated story/
3386 ご託 [ごたく] /(n) tedious talk/impertinent talk/repetitious talk/saucy speech/pretentious statement/
3387 ご馳走 [ごちそう] /(n) (1) feast/treating (someone)/(vs) (2) to treat (someone, e.g. to a meal)/(P)/
3388 ご馳走さま [ごちそうさま] /(int) (1) word used after one has been treated (esp. used after a meal)/(2) used after hearing something lovey-dovey/(P)/
3389 ご馳走様でした [ごちそうさまでした] /(exp) said after meals/
3390 ご注意 [ごちゅうい] /(n) caution/being careful/attention (heed)/warning/advice/
3391 ご注文 [ごちゅうもん] /(n,vs) order/request/
3392 ご殿 [ごてん] /(n) palace/court/
3393 ご殿女中 [ごてんじょちゅう] /(n) waiting woman in a shogun or daimyo's palace/
3394 ご都合主義 [ごつごうしゅぎ] /(n) opportunism/double standards/timeserving/expediency/
3395 ご都合主義者 [ごつごうしゅぎしゃ] /(n) opportunist/
3396 ご難 [ごなん] /(adj-na,n) misfortune/calamity/
3397 ご念 [ごねん] /(n) worry/care/consideration/
3398 ご破算 [ごはさん] /(n) starting afresh/
3399 ご飯 [ごはん] /(n) (1) cooked rice/(2) meal/(P)/
3400 ご飯時 [ごはんどき] /(n) mealtime/
3401 ご飯蒸し [ごはんむし] /(n) a rice steamer/
3402 ご不浄 [ごふじょう] /(n) (pol) bathroom/
3403 ご府内 [ごふない] /(n) within the town limits of Edo/
3404 ご幣 [ごへい] /(n) (hon) staff with plaited paper streamers used in Shinto/
3405 ご幣担ぎ [ごへいかつぎ] /(n) superstition/superstitious person/
3406 ご鞭撻 [ごべんたつ] /(n,vs) encouragement/enthusiasm/urging/
3407 ご方便 [ごほうべん] /(n) (1) (Buddh) (hon) upaya (skillful means, methods of teaching)/(2) convenience/suitability/availability/
3408 ご褒美 [ごほうび] /(n) reward/prize/
3409 ご本 [ごほん] /(n) (hon) (pol) book/
3410 ご本尊 [ごほんぞん] /(n) (1) principal object of worship at a temple (usu. a buddha or bodhisattva)/principal image/idol/(2) the man himself/the person at the heart of the matter/
3411 ご満悦の体 [ごまんえつのてい] /(exp) looking satisified/looking very pleased/
3412 ご満悦の態 [ごまんえつのてい] /(exp) looking satisified/looking very pleased/
3413 ご無沙汰 [ごぶさた] /(n,vs) not writing or contacting for a while/neglecting (failing) to write (call, visit, etc.)/long silence/
3414 ご無理ご尤も [ごむりごもっとも] /(exp) you are unquestionably right/
3415 ご迷惑 [ごめいわく] /(n,adj-na) trouble/bother/annoyance/
3416 ご免 [ごめん] /(int,n) (uk) your pardon/declining (something)/dismissal/permission/(P)/
3417 ご免あそばせ [ごめんあそばせ] /(exp) (uk) (pol) (fem) I beg your pardon/
3418 ご免ください [ごめんください] /(exp) (1) may I come in?/(2) (pol) please forgive me/I'm sorry/(P)/
3419 ご免こうむる [ごめんこうむる] /(exp,v5r) (1) to receive permission/(2) to leave (with someone's permission)/to retire/(3) to refuse/to beg off doing/
3420 ご免なさい [ごめんなさい] /(exp) I beg your pardon/excuse me/
3421 ご免下さい [ごめんください] /(exp) (1) may I come in?/(2) (pol) please forgive me/I'm sorry/
3422 ご免被る [ごめんこうむる] /(exp,v5r) (1) to receive permission/(2) to leave (with someone's permission)/to retire/(3) to refuse/to beg off doing/
3423 ご免遊ばせ [ごめんあそばせ] /(iK) (exp) (uk) (pol) (fem) I beg your pardon/
3424 ご面相 [ごめんそう] /(n) frightful face/
3425 ご尤も [ごもっとも] /(exp) (1) You are quite right/(adj-na,adv) (2) (pol) plausible/natural/
3426 ご用 [ごよう] /(n) your order/your business/official business/
3427 ご用の方 [ごようのかた] /(n) customer/guest/
3428 ご用学者 [ごようがくしゃ] /(n) a scholar beholden to the government/
3429 ご用始め [ごようはじめ] /(n) re-opening of offices in New Year (usu. Jan. 4)/
3430 ご用商人 [ごようしょうにん] /(n) a purveyor to the government/
3431 ご用新聞 [ごようしんぶん] /(n) a government newspaper or organ/
3432 ご用組合 [ごようくみあい] /(n) a company union/
3433 ご用達 [ごようたし] /(n) purveyor to the government/purveyor to the Imperial Household/
3434 ご用達 [ごようたつ] /(n) purveyor to the government/purveyor to the Imperial Household/
3435 ご用達 [ごようだち] /(n) purveyor to the government/purveyor to the Imperial Household/
3436 ご用達 [ごようだつ] /(n) purveyor to the government/purveyor to the Imperial Household/
3437 ご用納め [ごようおさめ] /(n) year-end office closing (usu. Dec. 28)/
3438 ご用聞き [ごようきき] /(n) (1) the rounds of tradesmen going door to door/(2) route man/door-to-door tradesman/order taker/order-taking/(3) thief taker/secret policeman/
3439 ご来光 [ごらいこう] /(n) sunrise viewed from the top of a high mountain/the rising sun/
3440 ご来店 [ごらいてん] /(n,vs) (hon) coming to the store/
3441 ご覧 [ごらん] /(int) (1) (abbr) (after the -te form of a verb) (please) try to/(2) (abbr) (please) look/(n) (3) (hon) seeing/looking/watching/
3442 ご覧ください [ごらんください] /(exp) (uk) (hon) please look at it/
3443 ご覧なさい [ごらんなさい] /(exp) (1) (hon) (pol) (please) look/(2) see (used to emphasize that an earlier prediction was correct)/(aux-v) (3) (hon) (pol) (after the -te form of a verb) (please) try to do/
3444 ご覧なさる [ごらんなさる] /(v5aru) (hon) to see/to look/to watch/
3445 ご覧になる [ごらんになる] /(exp,v5r) (1) (hon) to see/to look/to watch/(2) (after the -te form of a verb) try to/(P)/
3446 ご覧に成る [ごらんになる] /(exp,v5r) (1) (hon) to see/to look/to watch/(2) (after the -te form of a verb) try to/
3447 ご覧に入れる [ごらんにいれる] /(exp,v1) (hum) to show/to display/
3448 ご覧の通り [ごらんのとおり] /(exp) (hon) as you see/
3449 ご覧下さい [ごらんください] /(exp) (uk) (hon) please look at it/
3450 ご利益 [ごりやく] /(n) (1) grace (of God)/divine favour/blessing/miracle/(2) benefit/(3) efficacy/
3451 ご立派 [ごりっぱ] /(adj-na) (pol) splendid/fine/handsome/elegant/imposing/prominent/legal/legitimate/
3452 ご了承 [ごりょうしょう] /(n,vs) acknowledgement/acknowledgment/understanding (e.g. "please be understanding of the mess during our renovation")/noting/
3453 ご両親 [ごりょうしん] /(n) your (honorable, honourable) parents/
3454 ご寮人 [ごりょうにん] /(n) mistress/madam/
3455 ご陵 [ごりょう] /(n) imperial tomb/
3456 ご令嬢 [ごれいじょう] /(n) (hon) (your) daughter/young woman/
3457 ご令息 [ごれいそく] /(n) (hon) son/
3458 ご霊前 [ごれいぜん] /(n) "before the spirit of the deceased" (written on the condolence-money envelope)/
3459 ご連絡 [ごれんらく] /(vs) (1) (hon) to contact/to get in touch/(n) (2) contacting/getting in touch/communication/(your) call/(your) message/
3460 ご連絡申し上げます [ごれんらくもうしあげます] /(exp) I am writing ..../we are contacting .../
3461 さ /(suf) (1) -ness (nominalizing suffix indicating degree or condition)/(prt) (2) (sentence end, mainly masc.) indicates assertion/(int) (3) come/come now/(P)/
3462 さーたーあんだぎー /(n) type of Okinawan doughnut (donut)/
3463 さあ /(conj,int) come/come now/(P)/
3464 さあさあ /(int) come/come now/
3465 さあっと /(n) (1) relatively quickly (esp. actions)/(2) quite suddenly (esp. wind, rain, etc.)/
3466 さいの目 [さいのめ] /(n) (1) pip (spot on a die)/(2) small cube (esp. of food)/die/dice/
3467 さい銭 [さいせん] /(n) monetary offering/offertory/
3468 さい帯血 [さいたいけつ] /(n) umbilical cord blood/
3469 さえ /(prt) even/if only/if just/as long as/the only thing needed/(P)/
3470 さえあれば /(exp) if only (you) have/(P)/
3471 さえに /(exp) furthermore/and another thing/even as/
3472 さえも /(exp) even/if only/if just/as long as/the only thing needed/
3473 さお竹 [さおだけ] /(n) bamboo pole/
3474 さかい /(prt) (ksb:) because/since/
3475 さがし出す [さがしだす] /(v5s,vt) to locate/to discover/
3476 さく /(n) (1) (uk) capsule (moss sporangium)/(2) capsule (type of dehiscent fruit)/
3477 さくい /(adj-i) (1) friendly/sociable/(2) brittle/fragile/light/
3478 さくさく /(adv,vs) (on-mim) crunchy/crisp (not moist or juicy)/flaky (as in pastry)/
3479 さくっ /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) with a crunching or grinding sound/(2) quickly/promptly/abruptly/simply/efficiently/(3) crispily/crunchily/
3480 さくらの木 [さくらのき] /(n) cherry tree/
3481 さくらめーる /(n) congratulatory postcards with a spring pattern sold every year in February/
3482 さくらメール /(n) congratulatory postcards with a spring pattern sold every year in February/
3483 さく果 [さくか] /(n) capsule (type of dehiscent fruit)/
3484 さく乳器 [さくにゅうき] /(n) (1) breast pump/(2) milking device/milking machine/
3485 さく薬 [さくやく] /(n) explosives/
3486 さく裂 [さくれつ] /(n,vs) explosion/
3487 ささくれ /(n) fine split/hangnail/
3488 ささくれる /(v1,vi) (1) to split finely/to splinter/to get frayed/(2) to become irritable/
3489 ささげ持つ [ささげもつ] /(v5t) to hold something reverently with both hands/
3490 ささげ銃 [ささげつつ] /(n) presenting arms/
3491 ささめく /(v5k,vi) to whisper/
3492 ささやき声 [ささやきごえ] /(n) whisper/murmur/
3493 さざめき /(n) hubbub/din/noise/
3494 さざめく /(v5k,vi) to be boisterously noisy/
3495 さざれ石 [さざれいし] /(n) (1) pebbles/gravel/(2) boulder formed from gravel and sediment/
3496 さざれ波 [さざれなみ] /(n) (arch) ripple/
3497 さざ波 [さざなみ] /(n) (uk) ripple (on water)/wavelets/
3498 さし /(n) blowfly maggots used as fishing bait/
3499 さしすせそ /(n) the five fundamental seasonings used in Japanese cooking: (in order) sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, miso/
3500 さしもの /(exp) as though one is/
3501 さし出す [さしだす] /(v5s,vt) to present/to submit/to tender/to hold out/
3502 さし招く [さしまねく] /(v5k,vt) to beckon (to)/
3503 さし錠 [さしじょう] /(n) (obsc) bolt/
3504 さじ加減 [さじかげん] /(n) prescription/consideration/making allowances for/
3505 さすけね /(exp) (thb:) no problem/that's OK/
3506 させて頂く [させていただく] /(exp,v5k) (hum) to have the privilege of doing/
3507 させる /(aux-v,v1) (1) auxiliary verb indicating the causative/(2) (hum) auxiliary verb indicating that one has been granted the permission to do something/(3) auxiliary verb used to make verbs more "active"/(4) (hon) auxiliary verb used as an extreme honorific for others' actions/
3508 させ子 [させこ] /(n) whore/
3509 さっき /(n) some time ago/(P)/
3510 さっくり /(adv) lightly/gently/
3511 さっさと /(adv) (on-mim) quickly/(P)/
3512 さった /(n) (1) (Buddh) (abbr) sattva (being)/(2) bodhisattva/
3513 さっぱり /(adj-na,adv,n,vs,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) feeling refreshed/feeling relieved/(2) neat/trimmed/(3) plain/simple/(4) completely/entirely/(5) not in the least (in sentence with negative verb)/not at all/(n) (6) completely ignorant/not doing at all/(P)/
3514 さっぱり分かりません [さっぱりわかりません] /(exp) having no inkling of/having no idea of/
3515 さっぱり分らない [さっぱりわからない] /(exp,adj-i) having no inkling of/having no idea of/
3516 さっ果 [さっか] /(n) capsule (type of dehiscent fruit)/
3517 さつま芋 [さつまいも] /(n) sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas)/
3518 さてこそ /(adv) (1) just as I thought/as expected/(2) that's why/
3519 さてさて /(int) well/now/then/
3520 さては /(conj) and then/besides/on top of that/
3521 さて置き [さておき] /(conj) setting aside/leaving to one side/
3522 さて置く [さておく] /(v5k) (uk) to set aside/
3523 さばけ口 [さばけぐち] /(n) (1) outlet (e.g. for water or gas)/(2) market (for something)/(3) outlet (e.g. for excess energy)/vent (e.g. for emotions)/
3524 さばさば /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) relief/candid/
3525 さばを読む [さばをよむ] /(exp,v5m) to manipulate figures to one's advantage/to count wrongly on purpose/to inflate or deflate one's age/
3526 さば雲 [さばぐも] /(n) cirrocumulus cloud/
3527 さば節 [さばぶし] /(n) dried, smoked mackerel/shavings from dried, smoked mackerel/
3528 さび /(n) (1) hook (high point of a song)/(2) (abbr) (at a sushi shop) wasabi/
3529 さび止め [さびどめ] /(n) rust-proofing/anti-corrosive/
3530 さび色 [さびいろ] /(n,adj-no) rust (colour)/
3531 さぶる児 [さぶるこ] /(n) (arch) (uk) prostitute and entertainer/
3532 さぶる少女 [さぶるおとめ] /(n) (arch) prostitute and entertainer/
3533 さまざまな理由から [さまざまなりゆうから] /(exp) for various reasons/
3534 さまよえるユダヤ人 [さまよえるユダヤじん] /(n) Wandering Jew/
3535 さめざめ /(adv) (on-mim) sorrowfully/anguishedly/
3536 さもしい /(adj-i) selfish/self-seeking/self-interested/mean/
3537 さやさや /(adv,adv-to) rustling/
3538 さや取り [さやとり] /(n) brokerage/
3539 さようならホームラン /(n) game-ending home run (baseball)/
3540 さよか /(int) (1) (osb:) really?/(2) no thanks/
3541 さよなら /(int) good-bye/(P)/
3542 さよならホームラン /(n) game-ending home run (baseball)/
3543 さらけ出す [さらけだす] /(v5s,vt) to expose/to disclose/to lay bare/to confess/
3544 さらさら /(adj-na,adv-to,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) rustling/murmuring/(2) fluently/(3) silky (hair)/(P)/
3545 さらし者 [さらしもの] /(n) pilloried criminal exposed to public view/public scorn or humiliation/person shamed in front of others/
3546 さらし粉 [さらしこ] /(n) bleaching powder/
3547 さらに悪いこと [さらにわるいこと] /(exp) and what is worse/to make matters worse/
3548 さらば /(conj,int) farewell/
3549 さらり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) sleek/smooth/(2) thin (of a liquid)/(3) without hesitation or delay/
3550 さり気ない [さりげない] /(adj-i) (uk) nonchalant/unconcerned/in a casual manner/
3551 さるおがせ /(n) (uk) old man's beard (any lichen of genus Usnea)/
3552 さる事 [さること] /(n) (1) (uk) something like that/that sort of thing/(2) something natural/something plausible/
3553 さる年 [さるどし] /(n) year of the monkey/
3554 されてしまった /(exp) (suru verb ending, passive) done and finished/done once and for all/
3555 されなければならない /(exp) must have been done/has to have been done/
3556 さん /(suf) (1) Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms/(2) honorific used with occupational titles/(P)/
3557 さんざ /(adv) (abbr) severely/harshly/utterly/terribly/
3558 さんざめく /(v5k,vi) to be boisterously noisy/
3559 さんや袋 [さんやぶくろ] /(n) pilgrim's carry-all bag/
3560 さん付け [さんづけ] /(n,vs) attaching 'san' to somebody's name/
3561 さ湯 [さゆ] /(n) (plain) hot water/boiled water/
3562 さ迷う [さまよう] /(v5u,vi) to loiter/to putter/to prowl/to wander about/to roam about/to knock around/
3563 さ迷える [さまよえる] /(v1) (uk) to wander/
3564 さ迷えるユダヤ人 [さまよえるユダヤじん] /(n) Wandering Jew/
3565 さ来月 [さらいげつ] /(n-adv,n-t) month after next/
3566 さ来週 [さらいしゅう] /(n-adv,n-t) week after next/
3567 さ来年 [さらいねん] /(n-adv,n-t) year after next/
3568 ざあざあ /(adv) (on-mim) sound of rushing water/sound of pouring rain/white noise sound/(P)/
3569 ざあっ /(adv,n) (on-mim) sound of water/
3570 ざくざく /(adj-na,adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) lots of coins or jewels/(2) cutting up roughly/(3) walking on frost/(4) mixing gravel/
3571 ざくろ鼻 [ざくろばな] /(n) rhinophyma/red swollen nose (often associated with alcoholism)/
3572 ざく切り [ざくぎり] /(n,vs) cutting into chunks (esp. vegetables)/
3573 ざけんじゃねーよ /(exp) (X) (vulg) fuck you!/don't fuck with me!/don't fuck around!/don't be a screw off!/
3574 ざけんなよ /(exp) (X) (vulg) fuck you!/don't fuck with me!/don't fuck around!/don't be a screw off!/
3575 ざざめく /(v5k,vi) to be boisterously noisy/
3576 ざざ虫 [ざざむし] /(n) (in Shinshu) dobsonfly or stonefly larva/
3577 ざっくざっく /(adv) crunch crunch/thud thud/tramp tramp/
3578 ざっくばらん /(adj-na,n) frankness/
3579 ざっくり /(adv,vs) (1) roughly/approximately/loosely/(2) cutting or breaking apart with vigour/(3) deeply (cut or split)/(4) rough (woollens, etc., as adjectival phrase with (to)shita)/(5) sound of treading on pebbles/
3580 ざっと /(adv) (on-mim) roughly/in round numbers/(P)/
3581 ざぶざぶ /(adv) (on-mim) gushing (of water, etc.)/
3582 ざぶりざぶり /(adv-to) (on-mim) sound of living, moving water/
3583 ざぶんと /(adv) (on-mim) with a splash/
3584 ざます /(aux-v) (arch) to be/
3585 ざまを見ろ [ざまをみろ] /(exp) serves you right!/see what happens!/
3586 ざら /(adj-na) common/
3587 ざらざら /(adj-na,adv,n,vs,adv-to,adj-no) (on-mim) feeling rough/(P)/
3588 ざらつく /(v5k,vi) to be rough feeling/
3589 ざらにある /(exp) common (of object)/
3590 ざらにいる /(exp,v1) common (of people)/
3591 ざらめ糖 [ざらめとう] /(n) granulated sugar/
3592 ざら紙 [ざらがみ] /(n) pulp paper/rough (printing) paper/
3593 ざら場 [ざらば] /(n) continuous session (e.g. trading in a stock exchange)/zaraba/
3594 ざり /(aux) (1) (arch) (used after a -nai stem) not .../(exp) (2) is/are/
3595 ざりがに /(n) (uk) crayfish (esp. Japanese crayfish, Cambaroides japonicus)/
3596 ざる /(aux) (arch) not/un-/
3597 ざるべからず /(exp,aux) (arch) must (do, be)/
3598 ざるを得ない [ざるをえない] /(exp) cannot help (doing)/have no choice but to/am compelled to/am obliged to/it is incumbent upon (me) to/
3599 ざる得ない [ざるえない] /(exp) cannot help (doing)/have no choice but to/
3600 ざわざわ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) noisy/sound of people talking/(P)/
3601 ざわつく /(v5k,vi) to be noisy (e.g. from people talking)/
3602 ざんざめく /(v5k,vi) to be boisterously noisy/
3603 ざんす /(aux-v) (arch) to be/
3604 ざんばら髪 [ざんばらがみ] /(n) loose and disheveled hair/
3605 ざ瘡 [ざそう] /(n) acne/
3606 し /(n) (obsc) 10**24/septillion (American)/quadrillion (British)/
3607 し /(prt,conj) (at the end of a phrase) notes one (of several) reasons/(P)/
3608 しーっ /(int) Shhh! (sound used when getting someone to shut up)/
3609 しいさあ /(n) Okinawan lion statues, used as talisman against evil/
3610 しいら /(n) (uk) mahimahi (Coryphaena hippurus)/common dolphinfish/dolphin/dorado/
3611 しいんと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) silently (as the grave)/quietly (as in death)/
3612 しおらしい /(adj-i) meek/gentle/modest/sweet/
3613 しか /(prt) only (used with a negative verb)/nothing but/(P)/
3614 しかけ絵本 [しかけえほん] /(n) pop-up book/
3615 しかと /(n,vs) (sl) ostracism/ignoring someone/leaving someone out/
3616 しかない /(exp) have no choice/(P)/
3617 しかめっ面 [しかめっつら] /(n) frown or scowl/grimace/
3618 しかめ面 [しかめつら] /(n) frown or scowl/grimace/
3619 しかるが故に [しかるがゆえに] /(conj) as such/that being so/for that reason/
3620 しかる後 [しかるのち] /(n-adv,n-t) thereafter/after doing that/followed by/
3621 しかる上は [しかるうえは] /(conj) now that it is as such/since it is as such/
3622 しがたい /(exp) (suru verb ending) hard to do/
3623 しがない /(adj-i) (1) poor/humble/(2) (arch) uninteresting/trivial/
3624 しがみ付く [しがみつく] /(v5k) (uk) to cling/
3625 しきい値 [しきいち] /(n) threshold (amount, dose, etc.)/(P)/
3626 しくしく /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) weeping/sobbing/crying/(2) with a dull pain/prolonged dull pain/
3627 しくしく泣く [しくしくなく] /(v5k) to sob/to weep/
3628 しくじり /(n) failure/
3629 しくじる /(v5r,vi) to fail/to fall through/to blunder/(P)/
3630 しくる /(v5r) (sl) to fail/to stuff up/
3631 しけもく /(n) (sl) smokeable cigarette end (butt)/
3632 しこたま /(adv) a lot/loads/plenty/
3633 しこ名 [しこな] /(n) (uk) sumo wrestler's stage name/
3634 しずしず /(adv) (on-mim) sweaty atmosphere/
3635 したい /(adj-i) want to do/
3636 したい気がする [したいきがする] /(exp,vs-i) to feel like doing/
3637 したがる /(exp,v5r) (1) to wish (to do)/to desire/to want/(2) to be ready/to be eager/
3638 したたか者 [したたかもの] /(n) (1) strong-willed person/old hand/shrewd rascal/wily fox/desperate character/formidable woman/(2) strong man/brave man/
3639 したり /(int) God bless me!/Good heavens!/
3640 したり顔 [したりがお] /(n,adj-no) self-satisfied look/triumphant expression/
3641 した方がいい [したほうがいい] /(exp) had better do so/
3642 しだらない /(adj-i) slovenly/
3643 しだり尾 [しだりお] /(n) drooping tail/
3644 しっくり /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) exactly/nicely/to a tee/(vs) (2) to be fitting/
3645 しっくり行く [しっくりいく] /(v5k-s) to get on well with (someone)/
3646 しっこ /(n) (1) (col) wee-wee/pee-pee/number one/(vs) (2) to urinate/
3647 しっとり /(adv,vs) (1) calm/graceful/(2) quiet/mellow/(3) damp/moist/
3648 しっとりと /(adv) (on-mim) gently/softly/
3649 しっぺ返し [しっぺがえし] /(n) returning tit for tat/retaliating/
3650 しっぽり /(adv) (1) drenched/soaked/(2) (of love) tender/
3651 しつこい /(adj-i) insistent/obstinate/(P)/
3652 しつっこい /(adj-i) insistent/obstinate/
3653 しつつある /(exp,v5r-i) to be doing/to be in the process of doing/
3654 しつつ行なう [しつつおこなう] /(exp,v5u) (1) to be carrying out/to be in the process of carrying out/(2) to be performing/to be in the process of performing/
3655 して /(prt) (1) by (indicating means of action)/as (a group, etc.)/(2) indicates patient of a causative expression/(3) (after the ren'youkei form of an adjective) acts as a connective/(4) (after an adverb or a particle) adds emphasis/(conj) (5) and then/
3656 してみると /(exp) then/in that case/considering/if that is the case/if so/
3657 してみれば /(exp) then/in that case/considering/if that is the case/if so/
3658 して遣られる [してやられる] /(exp,v1) (uk) to be forestalled/to be taken in/to be cheated/to be outwitted/
3659 して遣る [してやる] /(v5r,vt) (uk) to do for (someone)/
3660 して言えば [していえば] /(n) if I must say (choose)/
3661 しとしと /(adj-na,adv,n) (on-mim) gently/(P)/
3662 しとど /(adv) (arch) dripping wet/
3663 しどけない /(adj-i) slovenly/
3664 しどろもどろ /(adj-no) flustered/confused/disordered/incoherent/
3665 しないのではないか /(exp) I think (something) won't (something)/probably (something) isn't (something)/(P)/
3666 しなを作る [しなをつくる] /(exp,v5r) to put on coquettish airs/to act flirtatiously/to act kittenish/
3667 しのぎを削る [しのぎをけずる] /(exp,v5r) to compete ruthlessly/to sharpen swords/
3668 しばおま /(exp) (abbr) please wait/one moment please/
3669 しばく /(v5k) (ksb:) to strike/to hit/
3670 しばしば /(vs,adv) (on-mim) blinking repeatedly/
3671 しばしば目 [しばしばめ] /(exp) blinking away tears/blinking tear filled eyes/
3672 しばらくの間 [しばらくのあいだ] /(exp,adv) for a short while/for a while/for some time/for the time being/
3673 しびれ感 [しびれかん] /(n) numbness/
3674 しびれ薬 [しびれぐすり] /(n) (obsc) anesthetic/anaesthetic/
3675 しぶとい /(adj-i) tenacious/tough/enduring/dogged/headstrong/stubborn/obstinate/unyielding/
3676 しぼり汁 [しぼりじる] /(n) squeezed juice (e.g. of a lemon)/
3677 しまいに /(adj-f) at the end/finally/
3678 しまい込む [しまいこむ] /(v5m,vt) to put away/to stow away/to tuck away/to hoard/
3679 しまった /(exp) damn it!/damn!/oops!/oh dear!/oh no!/(P)/
3680 しまりが無い [しまりがない] /(exp,adj-i) not at all tense/relaxed/calm/
3681 しまんちゅ /(n) (rkb:) islanders/
3682 しま模様 [しまもよう] /(n,adj-no) striped pattern/
3683 しみったれ /(n,adj-na,adj-no) stinginess/miser/
3684 しみったれる /(v1,vi) to be stingy/to be tightfisted/
3685 しみ込む [しみこむ] /(v5m,vi) to soak into/to permeate/
3686 しみ出し [しみだし] /(n) seepage/
3687 しみ出す [しみだす] /(v5s) to ooze (out)/to seep/
3688 しみ出る [しみでる] /(v1,vi) to ooze/to exude/to percolate/to soak through/
3689 しめやか /(adj-na) quiet and subdued in appearance/solemn/sad and depressed in manner/soft/gentle/
3690 しめる /(v1,aux-v) (arch) to make (old causative verbal ending)/to let/
3691 しめ縄 [しめなわ] /(n) (Shinto) rope used to cordon off consecrated areas or as a talisman against evil/
3692 しもた屋 [しもたや] /(n) store that has been gone out of business/household that lives without carrying on a business/
3693 しもつかれ /(n) dish of simmered salmon head, soybeans, vegetables, and leftovers (popular in Tochigi Prefecture and surrounds)/
3694 しゃあしゃあ /(adv,n,vs) shamelessly/
3695 しゃあない /(exp) (osb:) it can't be helped/so it goes/c'est la vie/
3696 しゃがみ込む [しゃがみこむ] /(v5m,vi) (uk) to squat/to crouch down (completely, generally with face looking through knees)/
3697 しゃがむ /(v5m,vi) to squat/to crouch/(P)/
3698 しゃきしゃき /(adv,n,vs) crisp/precise/clipped/
3699 しゃきっと /(adv) (1) crisp/crunchy/(2) refreshing/straight/firm/sharp/smart and stylish/
3700 しゃぎり /(n) (1) short flute piece (in kyogen; usu. a lively solo)/(2) flute and drum music played after each act but the last (in kabuki)/
3701 しゃくに障る [しゃくにさわる] /(exp,v5r) to irritate/to grate on one's nerves/to aggravate/to be galling/to be invidious/
3702 しゃくの種 [しゃくのたね] /(n) irritant/cause of irritation/cause of annoyance/
3703 しゃくり上げる [しゃくりあげる] /(v1) to sob convulsively/to heave with sobs/
3704 しゃく熱 [しゃくねつ] /(n,adj-no) red hot/scorching heat/incandescence/
3705 しゃこ /(n) (1) (uk) (abbr) giant clam (any clam of subfamily Tridacnidae)/(2) giant clam shell/
3706 しゃこめし /(n) shako meshi/rice cooked with shrimp/
3707 しゃこ貝 [しゃこがい] /(n) (uk) giant clam (any clam of subfamily Tridacnidae)/
3708 しゃしゃり出る [しゃしゃりでる] /(v1) to come uninvited/to crash (a party)/to butt in/
3709 しゃちほこ張る [しゃちほこばる] /(v5r) (1) to stand on ceremony/(2) to stiffen up (the nerves)/to be tense/
3710 しゃっきり /(adv) crisp/straight (back)/unwavering attitude/brisk/
3711 しゃばい /(adj-i) (1) (sl) dangerous/(2) (sl) unsatisfactory/boring/
3712 しゃぶしゃぶ /(adv,n) (1) shabu-shabu (thinly sliced meat boiled quickly with vegetables, and dipped in sauce)/(2) sound of this dish being prepared/(P)/
3713 しゃぶる /(v5r,vt) to suck/to chew/
3714 しゃり /(n) rice prepared for sushi/
3715 しゃりしゃり /(adv,vs) sound of two hard thin objects rubbing together/
3716 しゃんと /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) being in shape/holding a dignified appearance/
3717 しゃ断機 [しゃだんぺき] /(n) bulkhead/barrier/
3718 しやすい /(n) easy to make/easy to do/
3719 しゅっしゅっ /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) choo-choo/chug-chug/chuff-chuff/hiss-hiss/(2) (on-mim) brush-brush/scrub-scrub/
3720 しゅんと /(vs) to feel despondent/
3721 しゅん功 [しゅんこう] /(n,vs) completion (e.g. of construction)/
3722 しゅん工 [しゅんこう] /(n,vs) completion (e.g. of construction)/
3723 しょうがないなぁ /(exp) if you insist (on it)/
3724 しょうがないなあ /(exp) if you insist (on it)/
3725 しょうが茶 [しょうがちゃ] /(n) ginger tea/
3726 しょうが無い [しょうがない] /(ik) (exp,adj-i) (uk) it can't be helped/it is inevitable/nothing can be done/
3727 しょうも無い [しょうもない] /(exp,adj-i) (1) (uk) useless/stupid/good-for-nothing/(2) having no way to do .../
3728 しょう液 [しょうえき] /(n) juice/sap/blood serum/
3729 しょっちゅう /(adv) always/constantly/frequently/often/(P)/
3730 しょぼい /(adj-i) (1) shabby/dull/(2) gloomy/
3731 しょぼくれる /(v1,vi) to be dispirited/to be dejected/to be disheartened/to lose heart/
3732 しょぼしょぼ /(adv,vs) drizzling/weakly (blinking)/blearily/
3733 しょぼん /(adv-to) (on-mim) down-hearted/dejected/
3734 しょんべんをたれる /(exp,v1) to pee/to piss/
3735 しょんぼり /(adv,n,vs) being downhearted/(P)/
3736 しょ難しい [しょむずかしい] /(adj-i) (obsc) terribly difficult/
3737 しようかしまいか /(exp) to do or not to do/
3738 しようとしまいと /(exp) whether one does or does not/
3739 しようとする /(exp,vs-i) to try and do something/to attempt to do something/
3740 しようも無い [しようもない] /(exp,adj-i) (1) (uk) useless/stupid/good-for-nothing/(2) having no way to do .../
3741 しらす漁 [しらすりょう] /(n) fishing for young anchovy, sardines, etc./
3742 しらね型護衛艦 [しらねがたごえいかん] /(n) Shirane class destroyer/
3743 しらばくれる /(v1,vi) to play dumb/to feign ignorance/to act as innocent/
3744 しらばっくれる /(v1,vi) to play dumb/to feign ignorance/to act as innocent/
3745 しらを切る [しらをきる] /(exp,v5r) to feign ignorance/to pretend to be ignorant of/to play innocent/to brazen it out/
3746 しるこ屋 [しるこや] /(n) sweet red-bean soup shop/shiruko shop/
3747 しれっと /(adv-to,vs) nonchalantly/as if nothing happened/
3748 しろ /(n) intestine (yakitori)/
3749 しろと言う [しろという] /(exp,v5u) (uk) to advise strongly/to insist (on something)/
3750 しわを寄せる [しわをよせる] /(exp,v1,vt) to wrinkle up (one's eyebrows, one's nose)/to furrow/to crimple/
3751 しわ寄せ [しわよせ] /(n,vs) foisting upon/shifting to/shifting (the loss) to someone else/
3752 しんしん /(adv-to,adj-t) (uk) falling heavily (of rain, snow, etc.)/
3753 しんと /(vs,adv) (on-mim) silent (as the grave)/deadly silent/
3754 しんどい /(adj-i) (1) tired/frazzled/(2) tiresome/worrisome/bothersome/(P)/
3755 しんねり /(adv,n,vs) annoying persistence/
3756 しんみり /(adv,n,vs) solemn/serious/sad/heart-to-heart/
3757 しん酌 [しんしゃく] /(n,vs) consideration (for others)/(making) allowance/
3758 し慣れる [しなれる] /(v1) to be used to doing/to be experienced in/
3759 し兼ねない [しかねない] /(adj-i) (uk) capable of anything/liable to do/
3760 し兼ねる [しかねる] /(v1) (uk) to be reluctant to do/to hesitate to do/to refuse to do/to be unable to do/
3761 し甲斐 [しがい] /(exp) (col) (uk) worthy of/worth doing/worth having/
3762 し合う [しあう] /(v5u,vt) (uk) to do together/
3763 し始める [しはじめる] /(v1,vt) to begin/to start/
3764 し終える [しおえる] /(v1,vt) to finish/
3765 し吹く [しぶく] /(v5k,vi) to splash/to spray/
3766 し続ける [しつづける] /(v1) to continue to do/to persist in doing/(P)/
3767 し損じる [しそんじる] /(v1,vt) to blunder/to fail/to make a mistake/
3768 し損ずる [しそんずる] /(vz,vt) to blunder/to fail/to make a mistake/
3769 し直す [しなおす] /(v5s) to do over/to remake/to resume/
3770 し難い [しにくい] /(adj-i) (uk) hard to do/
3771 じーっと /(adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) (uk) motionlessly/(2) (uk) fixedly (e.g. of staring)/(3) (uk) patiently/(4) (uk) firmly (e.g. hold)/restrained/
3772 じーと /(adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) (uk) motionlessly/(2) (uk) fixedly (e.g. of staring)/(3) (uk) patiently/(4) (uk) firmly (e.g. hold)/restrained/
3773 じーんと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) extremely cold feeling that makes one feel numb/sharp pain that is almost numbing/(2) heartrending/touching the heart/
3774 じいじい /(adv) (1) (on-mim) sizzle (sound of meat cooking)/(2) shrill droning of a cicada/
3775 じいんと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) extremely cold feeling that makes one feel numb/sharp pain that is almost numbing/(2) heartrending/touching the heart/
3776 じくじく /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) oozily/
3777 じたばた /(adv,n,vs) (kick and) struggle/wriggle/
3778 じだんだを踏む [じだんだをふむ] /(exp,v5m) to stamp one's feet (in frustration, impatience, etc.)/
3779 じっくり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) deliberately/carefully/(P)/
3780 じっとり /(adv,vs) damp/moist (negative nuance)/
3781 じっと見る [じっとみる] /(exp,v1) to watch steadily/to stare/
3782 じっと見返す [じっとみかえす] /(v5s) to gaze back at/
3783 じとじと /(adv-to,adj-na) damp, soaked, moist to the point of being uncomfortable/
3784 じまう /(v5u) (col) to do something completely/
3785 じめじめ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) damp and humid/sodden/wet/clammy/(P)/
3786 じゃ /(conj,int) (1) then/well/so/well then/(2) combination of 'de' and 'wa' particles/(aux) (3) (ksb:) plain copula/(P)/
3787 じゃーね /(exp) See you then/Bye/Ciao/
3788 じゃあ /(conj,int) (1) then/well/so/well then/(2) combination of 'de' and 'wa' particles/(P)/
3789 じゃあじゃあ /(adv) (water spilling) noisily/
3790 じゃあね /(exp) See you then/Bye/Ciao/
3791 じゃう /(aux-v,v5u) to do something completely/
3792 じゃかすか /(adv,adv-to) with gusto/
3793 じゃが芋 [じゃがいも] /(n) (uk) potato (Solanum tuberosum)/(P)/
3794 じゃじゃ馬 [じゃじゃうま] /(n) (1) (col) restive horse/(2) unmanageable person (esp. a woman)/shrew/stubborn tomboy/
3795 じゃないか /(exp) (1) questioning (something)/(2) let's do (something)/(P)/
3796 じゃね /(exp) See you then/Bye/Ciao/
3797 じゃぱゆき /(n) derog. term for Asian women working in Japan/
3798 じゃぶじゃぶ /(adv) splashing water sound/(P)/
3799 じゃまた /(exp) (abbr) see you later (used in casual correspondence and conversation)/goodbye/sincerely/
3800 じゃまたね /(exp) good-bye/see you later/
3801 じゃらじゃら /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) jingling/jangling/clinking/chinking/(2) lasciviously/coquettishly/
3802 じゃら付く [じゃらつく] /(v5k,vi) (1) (uk) to jingle/to jangle/to clink/to chink/(2) to act lasciviously/to act coquettishly/
3803 じゃりじゃり /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) crunchy/
3804 じゃん /(aux-v) (sl) isn't it/
3805 じゃんじゃか /(adv) (1) noisily (playing a musical instrument)/(2) doing something on and on/
3806 じゃんじゃん /(adv) clanging noise of a bell/something happening non-stop/
3807 じゃん拳 [じゃんけん] /(n,vs) (uk) rock, paper, scissors game/
3808 じゃん拳ぽん [じゃんけんぽん] /(n) (uk) rock, paper, scissors game/
3809 じゃ口 [じゃぐち] /(n) faucet/tap/
3810 じゃ無さそう [じゃなさそう] /(exp,aux) does not seem (to be)/
3811 じゅうじゅう /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) sizzle (as in meat cooking)/sizzling sound/frizzle/
3812 じゅるり /(n) (m-sl) sound effect for slurping back up excess saliva (e.g. as stimulated by desire for food)/
3813 じゅ文 [じゅもん] /(n) spell/charm/incantation/magic word/
3814 じらす女 [じらすおんな] /(n) cock-teaser (woman who pretends to be "easy")/
3815 じりじり /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) running out of patience/slowly approaching/scorching sun/sound of alarm bell/
3816 じり安 [じりやす] /(n) gradual decline (of stock prices)/
3817 じり高 [じりだか] /(n) gradual rise in prices/
3818 じり貧 [じりひん] /(n) gradually becoming poor/situation getting gradually worse and worse/
3819 じろじろ /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) staringly/scrutinizing/scrutinising/
3820 じろじろ見る [じろじろみる] /(exp,v1) to stare at/to look hard at/to look up and down/to scrutinize/to scrutinise/
3821 じろっと /(adv) (on-mim) glancing (look)/
3822 じろり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) glancing (look)/
3823 じろりと見る [じろりとみる] /(v1) to throw a glance/
3824 じんじん /(adv,adv-to) (1) tingling sensation (e.g. in a leg)/feeling numb/painful tingle/throbbing/(2) noisily/ears ringing/
3825 じんと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) extremely cold feeling that makes one feel numb/sharp pain that is almost numbing/(2) heartrending/touching the heart/
3826 じんわり /(adv) gradually/
3827 じん帯 [じんたい] /(n,adj-no) ligament/
3828 じん肺 [じんはい] /(n) pneumoconiosis (lung disease caused by dust inhalation)/
3829 じん肺 [じんぱい] /(n) pneumoconiosis (lung disease caused by dust inhalation)/
3830 すーすー /(adv,vs) (on-mim) cool sensation from passing air/sound of air leaking/
3831 すぃません /(exp) (col) sorry/excuse me/
3832 すい /(adv-to) lightly/nimbly/
3833 すいすい /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) (swim, work) smoothly/unhindered/
3834 すいっ /(adv-to) lightly/nimbly/
3835 すいません /(exp) (col) excuse me/
3836 すい炎 [すいえん] /(n) pancreatitis/
3837 すい星 [すいせい] /(n) comet/
3838 すい賓 [すいひん] /(n) (1) (in China) 7th note of the ancient chromatic scale (approx. G sharp)/(2) fifth lunar month/
3839 すうすう /(adv,vs) (on-mim) sound of wind rustling through a crack/wheezing/
3840 すうっと /(vs,adv) (on-mim) refreshed/relieved/
3841 すう勢 [すうせい] /(n) tendency/trend/
3842 すえ臭い [すえくさい] /(adj-i) (obsc) smelling of rotten food and drink/
3843 すか /(n) (1) nonsense/(2) loss (on scratch lottery tickets, etc.)/
3844 すかす /(v5s) to pose/to be affected/to put on an air/
3845 すかすか /(adj-na) (1) hollow/(adv,adv-to) (2) sharply/cleanly (of cutting)/(3) smoothly/
3846 すかっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) refreshed/clear/(vs) (2) to feel refreshed/
3847 すかり /(n) (1) net for caught fish/(2) net-like tassel of Buddhist prayer beads/(adv,adv-to) (3) easily/
3848 すがり /(n) (1) net for caught fish/(2) net-like tassel of Buddhist prayer beads/(3) (thb:) Vespula flaviceps (species of yellowjacket)/(4) (kyu:) ant/
3849 すがる /(n) (1) (uk) (arch) red-banded sand wasp (Ammophila sabulosa)/(2) deer/
3850 すきま風 [すきまかぜ] /(n) (1) draft/draught/cold air entering through the crack of a door or window/(2) cooling off of a relationship/draft of cold air between two persons/
3851 すき間 [すきま] /(n) crevice/crack/gap/opening/
3852 すき間市場 [すきましじょう] /(n) niche market/
3853 すき焼 [すきやき] /(n) (food) thin slices of beef, cooked with various vegetables in a table-top cast-iron pan/sukiyaki/(P)/
3854 すき焼き [すきやき] /(n) (food) thin slices of beef, cooked with various vegetables in a table-top cast-iron pan/sukiyaki/(P)/
3855 すき腹 [すきはら] /(n) empty stomach/hunger/
3856 すき腹 [すきばら] /(n) empty stomach/hunger/
3857 すくい上げる [すくいあげる] /(v1,vt) to dip or scoop up/
3858 すくい綴じ [すくいとじ] /(n) (uk) mattress stitch/
3859 すくすく /(adv) (on-mim) quickly/fast/rapidly/
3860 すくすくと /(adv) (on-mim) quickly/fast/rapidly/
3861 すくみ /(n) (comp) deadlock/
3862 すくみ上がる [すくみあがる] /(v5r) to cringe with fear/to cower with fright/to be terribly afraid/
3863 すぐ側 [すぐそば] /(n) (uk) near/immediately/(P)/
3864 すぐ様 [すぐさま] /(adv) (uk) immediately/promptly/
3865 すけこまし /(n) lady-killer/philanderer/
3866 すげい /(adj-i) (sl) (ksb:) incredible/terrific/impressive/
3867 すし詰め [すしづめ] /(n) (food) jam-packed/packed in like sushi (like sardines)/
3868 すじ雲 [すじぐも] /(n) (col) cirrus cloud/
3869 すじ肉 [すじにく] /(n) sinewy meat/
3870 すすり泣き [すすりなき] /(n) sobbing/sob/weeping/
3871 すすり泣く [すすりなく] /(v5k,vi) to sob/
3872 すす色 [すすいろ] /(n,adj-no) color of soot (colour)/
3873 すす掃き [すすはき] /(n) sweeping the soot from one's house (to welcome the kami of the New Year)/
3874 すずめの涙 [すずめのなみだ] /(n) drop in the bucket/very small quantity/chicken feed/insignificant amount/
3875 すそ分け [すそわけ] /(n) sharing with others what has been given to you/sharing a portion of the profit with others/
3876 すたこら /(adv) helter-skelter/
3877 すたすた /(adv) (on-mim) briskly/
3878 すっからかん /(adj-na,n) (1) flat out (of)/completely empty/(2) out of money/penniless/broke/
3879 すっかり /(adv,adv-to) all/completely/thoroughly/(P)/
3880 すっきり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) clearly/refreshed/(2) shapely/neatly/refinedly/(3) cleanly/without trouble/(4) clearly/plainly/distinctly/(5) completely/thoroughly/(6) not at all (with negative sentence)/not even slightly/(P)/
3881 すっくと /(adv) straight/upright/erect/
3882 すっこむ /(v5m) to draw back/to leave (the area)/
3883 すっすっ /(adv-to,adv) smoothly/frictionlessly/easily/
3884 すってんてん /(adj-na) flat broke/cleaned out/penniless/
3885 すっと /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) straight/quickly/directly/all of a sudden/quietly/gently/softly/(P)/
3886 すっとこどっこい /(n,adj-na) idiot/fool/idiocy/stupidity/
3887 すっぱ /(adv,adv-to) do something completely/cut cleanly/
3888 すっぱり /(adv,adv-to) do something completely/
3889 すっぱ抜く [すっぱぬく] /(v5k,vt) to expose/to disclose/to unmask/
3890 すっぽかす /(v5s,vt) to stand (someone) up/to leave (something) undone/to neglect (a duty)/
3891 すっぽり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) entirely/completely/(2) cleanly/snugly/(P)/
3892 すっぽんぽん /(adj-na,n) utterly stark naked/wearing only one's birthday suit/
3893 すっぽ抜ける [すっぽぬける] /(v1) (1) to slip out (e.g. from one's fingers)/(2) to cleanly forget/
3894 すっ転ぶ [すっころぶ] /(v5b,vi) to (dramatically) fall over/to fall flat/
3895 すっ飛ぶ [すっとぶ] /(v5b,vi) to rush off/to rush away/to vanish/
3896 すててこ /(n) men's underwear/
3897 すとん /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) (with a) thump/(2) (on-mim) (hanging) straight down/
3898 すね毛 [すねげ] /(n) leg hair/
3899 すばしこい /(adj-i) nimble/smart/quick/
3900 すばしっこい /(adj-i) nimble/smart/quick/
3901 すべからず /(exp) must not do/should not do/do not do/
3902 すべく /(aux-v,conj) doing in order to/doing for the purpose of/
3903 すべし /(exp) should do/ought to do/
3904 すべすべ /(adj-f) smooth/silky/
3905 すべすべした /(adj-f) smooth to the touch/
3906 すべた /(n) (col) bitch/
3907 すべらか /(adj-na) slippery/smooth/
3908 すべりひゆ /(n) (uk) common purslane (Portulaca oleracea)/
3909 すべり出し [すべりだし] /(n) start/beginning/
3910 すべり台 [すべりだい] /(n) (1) (playground) slide/(2) (ship) launching platform/sliding bed/
3911 すまし込む [すましこむ] /(v5m) to put on airs/to affect (importance, etc.)/to look wise/
3912 すまじき /(adj-f) should not be done/must not be done/
3913 すまじきものは宮仕え [すまじきものはみやづかえ] /(exp) phrase indicating that it is better to work for oneself than to work for someone else/
3914 すまらん /(exp) (col) Excuse me (coll. form of sumaranai)/
3915 すまん /(exp) sorry/excuse me/
3916 すみれ色 [すみれいろ] /(n,adj-no) violet (colour)/
3917 すやすや /(adv) (on-mim) sleeping soundly/(P)/
3918 すら /(prt) even/if only/if just/as long as/the only thing needed/
3919 すらすら /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) smoothly/(P)/
3920 すらっと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) slender/slim/
3921 すらも /(exp) even/if only/if just/as long as/the only thing needed/
3922 すらり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) long, slender and well-proportioned/(2) smooth, continuous (movement)/
3923 すり衣 [すりぎぬ] /(n) (arch) plain white clothing patterned using dyes/
3924 すり衣 [すりごろも] /(n) (arch) plain white clothing patterned using dyes/
3925 すり寄る [すりよる] /(v5r,vi) to draw close to/to edge up to/to snuggle up to/to nestle close to/to cuddle with/to draw closer to/
3926 すり減らす [すりへらす] /(v5s,vt) to wear away/to rub down/to abrade/
3927 すり減る [すりへる] /(v5r,vi) to be worn down/to be reduced/
3928 すり合わせ [すりあわせ] /(n) (1) precision surface finishing/lapping/(2) bouncing of ideas (opinions, etc.) off each other to obtain a fine-tuned integrated whole/
3929 すり合わせる [すりあわせる] /(v1) to rub together/
3930 すり込む [すりこむ] /(v5m) to rub in/to grind and mix/
3931 すり込む [すりこむ] /(v5m,vt) to insert (an illustration)/to stencil (a pattern)/to print on/
3932 すり傷 [すりきず] /(n,vs) scratch/graze/abrasion/
3933 すり身 [すりみ] /(n) surimi/minced fish (or meat) mashed into a paste/
3934 すり足 [すりあし] /(n) sliding feet/shuffling (one's feet)/moving legs forward with feet never leaving the ground (sumo exercise)/
3935 すり替える [すりかえる] /(v1,vt) to switch (secretly)/to substitute/to sidestep (an issue)/
3936 すり潰す [すりつぶす] /(v5s,vt) to pulverize/to pulverise/to mash/to deface/to lose a fortune/
3937 すり鉢 [すりばち] /(n) (earthenware) mortar (for grinding)/
3938 すり抜ける [すりぬける] /(v1,vi) to slip through/to make one's way through quickly/
3939 すり付ける [すりつける] /(v1,vt) (1) to rub against/to nuzzle against (e.g. dog nosing a person)/(2) to strike (a match)/
3940 するが良い [するがいい] /(exp) had better .../may as well .../
3941 するが良い [するがよい] /(exp) had better .../may as well .../
3942 するする /(adv) smoothly/swiftly/
3943 するすると /(adv) smoothly/swiftly/
3944 すると /(conj) thereupon/hereupon/(P)/
3945 するべき /(exp) should do/ought to do/
3946 するよろし /(n) had better .../may as well .../
3947 するり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) with a smooth, unhindered motion/speedily and without delay/
3948 する事なす事 [することなすこと] /(exp) (uk) everything one does/
3949 すれてない /(adj-i) naive/
3950 すれば /(exp) if so/in that case/in that situation/
3951 すればするほど /(exp) the more you do (it), the... (i.e. "the more you drink, the better it tastes")/
3952 すれ違い [すれちがい] /(n) passing each other/crossing paths without meeting/being at cross purposes/
3953 すれ違う [すれちがう] /(v5u,vi) to pass by one another/to disagree/to miss each other/
3954 すんごい /(adj-i) (col) terrible/dreadful/terrific/amazing/great/wonderful/to a great extent/
3955 すんづくり /(n) kanji sun ("inch") radical at right (radical 41)/
3956 すんでの所で [すんでのところで] /(exp) (uk) almost/very nearly/
3957 すんなり /(adv,n,vs) pass with no objection/slim/slender/
3958 すんません /(exp) (col) excuse me/
3959 すんまへん /(exp) (col) excuse me/
3960 す可き [すべき] /(exp) (uk) should do (abbr. of suru+beki)/ought to do/
3961 す巻 [すまき] /(n) (1) wrapping something in a bamboo mat/(2) wrapping somebody in a bamboo mat and throwing him in a river (Edo period unofficial punishment)/
3962 ずーっと /(adv) (1) continuously in some state (for a long time, distance)/throughout/all along/the whole time/all the way/(2) much (better, etc.)/by far/far and away/(3) far away/long ago/(4) direct/straight/(P)/
3963 ずい /(adv-to) straightforwardly/readily/without hesitation/
3964 ずいっ /(adv-to) straightforwardly/readily/without hesitation/
3965 ずうずう弁 [ずうずうべん] /(n) thick Tohoku accent (wherein some "j" sounds become "z" sounds)/
3966 ずうっと /(adv) (1) continuously in some state (for a long time, distance)/throughout/all along/the whole time/all the way/(2) much (better, etc.)/by far/far and away/(3) far away/long ago/(4) direct/straight/
3967 ずかずか /(adv) (on-mim) making rude entrance/
3968 ずきずき /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) throbbing pain/heartbreakingly/(P)/
3969 ずきん /(adv-to) (on-mim) throbbing (pain)/pounding/
3970 ずきんずきん /(adv-to) (on-mim) throbbing (pain)/pounding/
3971 ずく /(n) (nab:) putting oneself into something/exerting oneself/
3972 ずくが無い [ずくがない] /(n) (uk) unmotivated/unenthusiastic/
3973 ずく無し [ずくなし] /(n) (uk) bum/slacker/good-for-nothing/loser/
3974 ずけずけ /(adv) (on-mim) bluntly/
3975 ずしずし /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) thump/thud (sound representing the footfalls of something heavy)/
3976 ずしっ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) heavily/profoundly/
3977 ずして /(conj,aux) without doing/not being/
3978 ずしり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) heavily/profoundly/
3979 ずっこけ /(n,adj-f) (1) not the norm/(2) foolish/(3) stupid/
3980 ずっこける /(v1) to make a fool of oneself/to whoop it up/to be on the spree/to fall down/
3981 ずっしり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) heavily/profoundly/
3982 ずっと /(adv) (1) continuously in some state (for a long time, distance)/throughout/all along/the whole time/all the way/(2) much (better, etc.)/by far/far and away/(3) far away/long ago/(4) direct/straight/(P)/
3983 ずっと前に [ずっとまえに] /(exp) a long time ago/
3984 ずつ /(suf) (1) apiece/each/(2) at a time/piecemeal/(P)/
3985 ずとも /(conj,aux) even without doing/even without being/
3986 ずどん /(n,adv-to) thud/bang/
3987 ずに /(conj,aux) without doing/
3988 ずには居られない [ずにはいられない] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) (after neg. verb stem) feel compelled to/can't help but feel/can't help but do/
3989 ずばずば /(adv) (on-mim) straightforwardly/
3990 ずばずば言う [ずばずばいう] /(exp,v5u) to speak one's mind/to speak very frankly/
3991 ずばっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) piercing or cutting something/(2) getting to the heart of the matter/
3992 ずばり /(adv) decisively/decidedly/once and for all/unreservedly/frankly/(P)/
3993 ずば抜ける [ずばぬける] /(v1,vi) to tower above the rest/to be by far the best/to be prominent/to be outstanding/to be a cut above/
3994 ずぶ /(adv) (obsc) completely/entirely/totally/
3995 ずぶの /(adj-pn) complete/total/absolute/
3996 ずぶり /(adv,adv-to) (stabbing) through/(plunging) into/
3997 ずぶ焼き入れ [ずぶやきいれ] /(n) immersion quenching (hardening by dropping heated metal into water or oil)/
3998 ずぶ濡れ [ずぶぬれ] /(n) soaked/dripping wet/
3999 ずべら /(adj-na) sloppy/slovenly/slipshod/negligent/loose/unkempt/
4000 ずべら坊 [ずべらぼう] /(n) (1) plain (e.g. face)/smooth/(2) slovenly/
4001 ずぼら /(adj-na) sloppy/slovenly/slipshod/negligent/loose/unkempt/
4002 ずまん /(exp) (col) Excuse me (coll. form of sumimasen)/
4003 ずらかる /(v5r) to leave/to run away/to escape/to avoid detection after having done something/to play truant/to skedaddle/
4004 ずらずら /(adv-to) in succession/in an endless stream/continuing without pause or interruption/
4005 ずらっと /(adv) (on-mim) in a line/in a row/
4006 ずらり /(adv-to) (on-mim) in a row/
4007 ずりせん /(n) (col) (sl) masturbation (male)/
4008 ずり下がる [ずりさがる] /(v5r,vi) to slide down/to slip down/
4009 ずり上がる [ずりあがる] /(v5r,vi) to creep up/to ride up/
4010 ずり落ちる [ずりおちる] /(v1,vi) to slip down/to slide down/to glide down/
4011 ずるずる /(adj-na,adv,n,adv-to) (on-mim) sound or act of dragging/loose/inconclusive but unwanted situation/trailingly/(P)/
4012 ずる休み [ずるやすみ] /(n,vs) playing hookey/being away from work without a good reason/
4013 ずる賢い [ずるがしこい] /(adj-i) sly/
4014 ずれ /(n) gap/slippage/
4015 ずれる /(v1,vi) to slide/to slip off/to get dislocated/to be out of alignment/to get dislodged/to deviate/to shift (position)/to be out of sync./to be slightly off/to be off-point/(P)/
4016 ずれ込む [ずれこむ] /(v5m,vi) to drag on/to be delayed/
4017 ずわい蟹 [ずわいがに] /(n) (uk) snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio)/queen crab/
4018 ずんぐり /(adv,vs) short and stout/small but wide around/
4019 ずんぐりむっくり /(adv,vs) very short and stout/small but quite wide around/
4020 ずんずん /(adv) (on-mim) rapidly/
4021 ずんと /(adv) much/
4022 ずんべら坊 [ずんべらぼう] /(n) (1) plain (e.g. face)/smooth/(2) slovenly/
4023 ずんべら棒 [ずんべらぼう] /(n) (1) plain (e.g. face)/smooth/(2) slovenly/
4024 せいご /(n) (uk) juvenile Japanese sea perch (under two years of age and 25 cm in length)/
4025 せかせか /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) impetuously/hastily/(P)/
4026 せがむ /(v5m,vt) to badger (pester) (a person to do)/(P)/
4027 せきを切ったよう [せきをきったよう] /(exp,adj-na) gushing forth/bursting out/
4028 せきを切る [せきをきる] /(exp,v5r) to break a dam and gush forth/to burst out/
4029 せき止める [せきとめる] /(v1,vt) (1) to dam up/to hold back/to keep back/to bring to a halt/to intercept/(2) to check/
4030 せき板 [せきいた] /(n) sheeting/sheathing board/cover/
4031 せき立てる [せきたてる] /(v1,vt) to hurry (up)/to press/to urge on/
4032 せこい /(adj-i) petty/small-minded/stingy/cheap (as in cheap shot, cheating, skirting the rules, etc.)/
4033 せざるを得ない [せざるをえない] /(exp,adj-i) cannot avoid doing/cannot help but (do)/is compelled to do/(feel) obliged to (do)/has to do/
4034 せざる得ない [せざるえない] /(exp,adj-i) cannot avoid doing/cannot help but (do)/is compelled to do/(feel) obliged to (do)/has to do/
4035 せしめる /(v1,vt) to cheat someone out of/to wangle/
4036 せず /(prt,suf) without/
4037 せずに /(adv) without (doing)/instead of/(P)/
4038 せせこましい /(adj-i) (1) narrow/limited/(2) fussy/
4039 せせらぎ /(n) (1) small stream/brooklet/(2) murmuring (as of a stream)/
4040 せせらぐ /(v5g) to babble (stream)/
4041 せせら笑い [せせらわらい] /(n) sardonic laugh/scornful smile/
4042 せせら笑う [せせらわらう] /(v5u,vt) (uk) to sneer at/to ridicule/
4043 せせり蝶 [せせりちょう] /(n) (uk) skipper butterfly/
4044 せせり箸 [せせりばし] /(n) poking one's food around using one's chopsticks/playing with one's food with one's chopsticks (a breach of etiquette)/
4045 せせる /(v5r) (uk) to perform a small motion repetitively (i.e. picking or poking something)/
4046 せっかち /(adj-na,n) hasty/impatient/(P)/
4047 せっけん石 [せっけんせき] /(n) soapstone/
4048 せっせと /(adv) (on-mim) diligently/assiduously/(P)/
4049 せっ器 [せっき] /(n) earthenware (baked at high temperature)/stoneware/
4050 せっ生 [せっしょう] /(n,vs) (1) killing/destruction of life/(adj-na) (2) barbarous/callous/brutal/cruel/
4051 せっ生 [せっせい] /(n,vs) hygiene/health maintenance/
4052 せつ /(n) furuncle/
4053 せびる /(v5r,vt) to demand money/to pester/to extort/
4054 せぶる /(v5r) to sleep/to lie down/
4055 せみほうぼう /(n) (uk) Oriental flying gurnard (Dactyloptena orientalis)/
4056 せめぎ合い [せめぎあい] /(n) conflict/fighting each other/
4057 せめて /(adv) at least/at most/(P)/
4058 せめてもの /(adj-pn) minimal/
4059 せよ /(exp) granted that/even if/even though/
4060 せよと言う [せよという] /(exp,v5u) (uk) to advise strongly/to insist (on something)/
4061 せられる /(v1,aux-v) (1) (hon) verb used as an honorific for others' actions/(aux-v,v1) (2) (hon) auxiliary verb used as an extreme honorific for others' actions/
4062 せりばんご /(n) ordinal number/
4063 せり出す [せりだす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to push (a thing) out/to jut out (can have a negative nuance)/to protrude/(2) to rise out the trap door (on stage)/
4064 せる /(aux-v,v1) (1) auxiliary verb indicating the causative/(2) (hum) auxiliary verb indicating that one has been granted the permission to do something/(3) auxiliary verb used to make verbs more "active"/(4) (hon) auxiliary verb used as an extreme honorific for others' actions/
4065 せんさく好き [せんさくずき] /(n) nosy person/busybody/
4066 せんとする /(exp,vs-i) (arch) to attempt to do something/
4067 せん光 [せんこう] /(n) flash/glint/
4068 せん孔機 [せんこうき] /(n) drill/perforator/(hole) puncher/keypunch/
4069 せん孔装置 [せんこうそうち] /(n) (comp) punch/
4070 せん状骨 [せんじょうこつ] /(n) scaphoid bone (in wrist near thumb)/
4071 せん断 [せんだん] /(n,vs) shear/shearing/
4072 せん断強さ [せんだんつよさ] /(n) shear strength/
4073 せん断強度 [せんだんきょうど] /(n) shear strength/
4074 せん断効果 [せんだんこうか] /(n) shear effect/shearing effect/
4075 せん断剛性 [せんだんごうせい] /(n) shear modulus/
4076 せん断弾性係数 [せんだんだんせいけいすう] /(n) elastic shear modulus/
4077 せん断抵抗角 [せんだんていこうかく] /(n) angle of shearing resistance/
4078 せん断破壊 [せんだんはかい] /(n) shear failure/
4079 せん断箱 [せんだんばこ] /(n) shear box/
4080 せん頭 [せんとう] /(n,adj-no) point/pointed end/cusp/
4081 せん馬 [せんば] /(n) gelding/castrated horse/
4082 ぜ /(prt) (male) (sentence end) adds force/indicates command/(P)/
4083 ぜいぜい /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) gasping for breath/puffing and panting/wheezing/
4084 ぜえ /(prt) (arch) (at sentence-end) indicates mild emphasis/
4085 ぜえぜえ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) gasping for breath/puffing and panting/wheezing/
4086 ぜんまい仕掛け [ぜんまいじかけ] /(n,adj-no) clockwork (motor, etc.)/spring action/
4087 ぜん音 [ぜんおん] /(n) (1) stridor/(adj-no) (2) stridulous/
4088 そーっと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) softly/gently/quietly/secretly/
4089 そーれっ /(int) oof/umph/whoosh/
4090 そう /(adv) (1) so/really/seeming/(adj-na,suf) (2) (after masu stem and adj-stem) appearing that/seeming that/looking like/having the appearance of/(P)/
4091 そういうことか /(exp) I got it/I see/I now know/So that's the reason/
4092 そううつ病 [そううつびょう] /(n,adj-no) manic depression/manic-depressive psychosis/bipolar disorder/
4093 そううつ病 [そううつやまい] /(n,adj-no) manic depression/manic-depressive psychosis/bipolar disorder/
4094 そうか /(exp) is that so? (generally rhetorical)/(P)/
4095 そうかと言って [そうかといって] /(conj) but still/
4096 そうかもしれない /(exp) you could say that/
4097 そうかもしれません /(exp) you could say that/
4098 そうさ /(int) yes, that's right/yep/sure thing/
4099 そうした中で [そうしたなかで] /(exp) meanwhile/
4100 そうして見ると [そうしてみると] /(exp) when looked at in that way/
4101 そうする /(exp,vs-i) to do so/to do thus/
4102 そうすると /(exp) having done that/if that is done/if it is done in that way/(P)/
4103 そうすれば /(exp) if so/in that case/in that situation/(P)/
4104 そうだ /(int) (1) that is so/that is right/it looks to me/I am of the impression/(2) people say that (after plain verb, adj)/it is said that/I hear that/(P)/
4105 そうっと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) softly/gently/quietly/secretly/
4106 そうです /(int) (1) that is so/that is right/it looks to me/I am of the impression/(2) people say that (after plain verb, adj)/it is said that/I hear that/(P)/
4107 そうですが /(exp) that's so, however ..../(P)/
4108 そうですね /(exp) that's so, isn't it/(P)/
4109 そうでない /(exp) not so/
4110 そうでない場合は [そうでないばあいは] /(exp) if this is not the case/
4111 そうとも言える [そうともいえる] /(exp,v1) you could say that/
4112 そうなると /(exp) if that is the case/if it becomes so/when it becomes so/(P)/
4113 そうなんです /(int) (col) yes/that is so/
4114 そうなんですか /(exp) is that so?/
4115 そうなんですけどねぇ /(exp) that may be so/
4116 そうにない /(exp) (after masu-stem of verb) showing no signs of (verb)/extremely unlikely to (verb)/
4117 そうになった /(exp) almost (did)/nearly (did)/
4118 そうね /(exp) Oh well/
4119 そうは問屋がおろさない [そうはとんやがおろさない] /(exp) things don't work that well in the real world/things seldom go as one wishes/that is expecting too much/
4120 そうは問屋が卸さない [そうはとんやがおろさない] /(exp) things don't work that well in the real world/things seldom go as one wishes/that is expecting too much/
4121 そうみたい /(exp) (col) it seems so/that's what it looks like/
4122 そうもありません /(exp) (after -masu base of verb) very unlikely to (verb)/
4123 そうもない /(exp) (after -masu base of verb) very unlikely to (verb)/
4124 そう言う [そういう] /(adj-pn) such/like that/that sort of/very/
4125 そう言う [そうゆう] /(ok) (adj-pn) such/like that/that sort of/very/
4126 そう言えば [そういえば] /(exp) (uk) which reminds me .../come to think of it .../now that you mention it .../on that subject .../so, if you say .../(P)/
4127 そう言った [そういった] /(exp) (uk) like that/this type/
4128 そう身 [そうしん] /(n) slim figure/weight reduction/
4129 そう身 [そうみ] /(n) one's whole body/
4130 そう氷 [そうひょう] /(n) pack ice/
4131 そう来なくっちゃ [そうこなくっちゃ] /(exp) (col) I thought so/I suspected as much/Just as I thought/Now you are talking/
4132 そう囃 [そうざつ] /(n,vs) (obsc) heartburn/sour stomach/
4133 そう痒 [そうよう] /(n) (1) itch/pruritus/(adj-na) (2) amyctic/pruritic/itchy/irritating/
4134 そおっと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) softly/gently/quietly/secretly/
4135 そぎ落とす [そぎおとす] /(v5s) to chip off/to scrape off/to prune/
4136 そぐう /(v5u,vi) to be suitable/to be appropriate/to match/
4137 そぐわない /(adj-i) unsuitable/not matching/out of character/
4138 そこから /(adv) from there/thence/
4139 そこそこ /(adv) (1) (on-mim) reasonably/fairly well/(suf) (2) or so/about/
4140 そこそこに /(adv) hurriedly/in a hurry/
4141 そこはかとない /(adj-i) faint/slight/vague/nebulous/indeterminate/tinge of .../touch of .../
4142 そこはかとなく /(adv) somehow/for some reason/
4143 そこへ持ってきて [そこへもってきて] /(exp) what is worse/to make matters worse/
4144 そこまで /(exp) go that far/to that extent/
4145 そこら中 [そこらじゅう] /(n) everywhere/all over the place/
4146 そこら辺 [そこらへん] /(n-adv) (uk) (col) hereabouts/around there/that area/(P)/
4147 そこんち /(exp) (col) that house/
4148 そしたら /(exp) then/(P)/
4149 そそくさ /(adv-to) (on-mim) hurriedly/in haste/
4150 そそける /(v1) to be nappy/to get fluffy/
4151 そそけ立つ [そそけだつ] /(v5t,vi) (1) to be nappy/to be disheveled (hair)/(2) to shudder/
4152 そそっかしい /(adj-i) careless/thoughtless/(P)/
4153 そそられる /(v1,vt) to be interesting/to be fascinating/to be tantalizing/to be intriguing/(P)/
4154 そぞろ歩き [そぞろあるき] /(n,vs) slow, relaxed walk/stroll/
4155 そちら様 [そちらさま] /(pn,adj-no) (hon) you/
4156 そち退け [そちのけ] /(n) (uk) ignoring (one thing) for (another)/
4157 そっか /(exp) is that so? (generally rhetorical)/
4158 そっから /(adv) from there/thence/
4159 そっくり /(adj-na,adv,n) (on-mim) all/altogether/entirely/just like/the spitting image of/(P)/
4160 そっくり返る [そっくりかえる] /(v5r,vi) to throw one's chest out/to hold one's head high/
4161 そっち退け [そっちのけ] /(n) (uk) ignoring (one thing) for (another)/
4162 そっと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) softly/gently/quietly/secretly/(P)/
4163 そっぽを向く [そっぽをむく] /(v5k,exp) to turn away/to face away/
4164 そつ /(n) (1) slip-up/miss/(2) waste/wasteful or pointless action/
4165 そない /(adv) (ksb:) so/to such an extent/such/
4166 そに鳥 [そにどり] /(n) (arch) kingfisher/
4167 そのこと自体は [そのことじたいは] /(exp) as such ..../
4168 そのよう /(adj-na) that kind of/of the sort/of the kind/such/
4169 そのケ /(exp) (col) euph. for (male or female) homosexuality/interest in same gender/
4170 その為 [そのため] /(exp) hence/for that reason/
4171 その下で [そのしたで] /(adv) thereunder/whereunder/
4172 その下に [そのしたに] /(adv) whereunder/thereunder/
4173 その外 [そのた] /(n-adv,conj) etc./otherwise/besides/in addition/the rest/the others/and so forth/
4174 その外 [そのほか] /(n-adv,conj) etc./otherwise/besides/in addition/the rest/the others/and so forth/(P)/
4175 その割には [そのわりには] /(exp) unexpectedly/unusually/considering all that/
4176 その割りには [そのわりには] /(exp) unexpectedly/unusually/considering all that/
4177 その気 [そのき] /(n) what one has a mind to do/what one feels like (doing)/being so minded/(with) that in mind/
4178 その気 [そのけ] /(exp) (col) euph. for (male or female) homosexuality/interest in same gender/
4179 その気になる [そのきになる] /(exp,v5r) to feel like it/to get to think that way/to become so minded/
4180 その儀 [そのぎ] /(exp) that matter/those matters/
4181 その筋 [そのすじ] /(n) (1) that field/(2) the authorities (esp. the police)/
4182 その後 [そのあと] /(n-adv,n-t) after that/afterwards/thereafter/
4183 その後 [そのご] /(n-adv,n-t) after that/afterwards/thereafter/
4184 その後 [そののち] /(n-adv,n-t) after that/afterwards/thereafter/
4185 その頃 [そのころ] /(n,adj-no) (uk) at that time/in those days/at that moment/then/
4186 その時 [そのとき] /(exp) at that time/at that moment/then/on that occasion/
4187 その時以来 [そのときいらい] /(adv) since that time/since then/from that point (on)/
4188 その実 [そのじつ] /(adv) in fact/
4189 その手は食わない [そのてはくわない] /(exp) I am not going to fall for that trick/
4190 その上 [そのうえ] /(conj) (1) in addition/furthermore/(2) above (which)/on top of (which)/(P)/
4191 その上で [そのうえで] /(exp) moreover/in addition/
4192 その場 [そのば] /(n) (1) there/that situation/that occasion/(2) the spot (i.e. "on the spot")/immediately/then and there/
4193 その場しのぎ [そのばしのぎ] /(n,adj-no) stopgap/makeshift/temporary measure/
4194 その場限り [そのばかぎり] /(n) temporary/ad hoc/
4195 その場合には [そのばあいには] /(n) in that case/
4196 その場逃れ [そのばのがれ] /(n) makeshift/stopgap/
4197 その場凌ぎ [そのばしのぎ] /(n,adj-no) stopgap/makeshift/temporary measure/
4198 その昔 [そのむかし] /(exp) a long time ago/in those days/
4199 その折り [そのおり] /(n-t,n-adv) on that occasion/at that time/
4200 その節 [そのせつ] /(n-adv) at that time/that time/
4201 その先 [そのさき] /(exp) beyond that point/after that/
4202 その他 [そのた] /(n-adv,conj) etc./otherwise/besides/in addition/the rest/the others/and so forth/
4203 その他 [そのほか] /(n-adv,conj) etc./otherwise/besides/in addition/the rest/the others/and so forth/(P)/
4204 その他にも [そのほかにも] /(exp) in addition/furthermore/also/
4205 その代り [そのかわり] /(conj) instead/but (on the other hand)/
4206 その代わり [そのかわり] /(conj) instead/but (on the other hand)/
4207 その通り [そのとおり] /(exp) just like that/quite so/I agree/
4208 その都度 [そのつど] /(n) each time it happens/at all such times/
4209 その道 [そのみち] /(exp) line (of business)/profession/trade/
4210 その内 [そのうち] /(adv) (uk) eventually/sooner or later/of the previously mentioned/(P)/
4211 その内に [そのうちに] /(exp,adv) (uk) one of these days/sooner or later/eventually/(P)/
4212 その日 [そのひ] /(exp) that day/the very same day/
4213 その日その日 [そのひそのひ] /(exp) each day/from day to day/day-to-day/
4214 その日暮し [そのひぐらし] /(n) (1) financially scraping by/meagre existence (meager)/hand to mouth existence/(2) living one's life without plan/living life day-by-day/taking life one day at a time/
4215 その日暮らし [そのひぐらし] /(n) (1) financially scraping by/meagre existence (meager)/hand to mouth existence/(2) living one's life without plan/living life day-by-day/taking life one day at a time/
4216 その反面 [そのはんめん] /(n) on the other hand/
4217 その物 [そのもの] /(n) the very thing/itself/(P)/
4218 その分 [そのぶん] /(exp) (1) to that extent/(2) that state/that look/
4219 その癖 [そのくせ] /(conj) (uk) and yet/even so/nonetheless/for all that/
4220 その辺 [そのへん] /(n,adj-no) (1) around there/near there/(2) or thereabouts/or so/(3) such a matter/such a thing/
4221 その辺り [そのあたり] /(exp) thereabouts/vicinity/that area/
4222 その方 [そのかた] /(pn,adj-no) (hon) that person/
4223 その方 [そのほう] /(pn,adj-no) (arch) you (referring to one's inferior)/
4224 そば殻 [そばがら] /(n) buckwheat chaff/
4225 そば杖 [そばづえ] /(n) blow received by a bystander/getting dragged in to somebody else's fight/
4226 そば切 [そばきり] /(n) soba/Japanese buckwheat noodles/
4227 そば切り [そばきり] /(n) soba/Japanese buckwheat noodles/
4228 そば湯 [そばゆ] /(n) water left in the pot after one has boiled soba/
4229 そば粉 [そばこ] /(n) buckwheat flour/
4230 そびえ立つ [そびえたつ] /(v5t) to stand towering over the surrounds/
4231 そびれる /(v1,vi) to miss a chance/to fail to do/
4232 そぼそぼ /(adv) drizzling (rain)/
4233 そぼろ /(n) minced meat or fish with soy sauce, etc. (served on rice)/
4234 そぼ降る [そぼふる] /(v5r) to drizzle (rain)/
4235 そやす /(v5s,vt) (arch) to praise/to extol/
4236 そよ /(adv-to) with a slight (breeze)/
4237 そよそよ /(adv) (on-mim) breeze (sound representing a soft wind)/
4238 そよ風 [そよかぜ] /(n) gentle breeze/soft wind/breath of air/zephyr/(P)/
4239 そら /(conj,exp) look!/look out!/look at me!/
4240 そらそら /(int) sparklingly/
4241 そらで歌う [そらでうたう] /(exp,v5u) to sing from memory/
4242 そらで覚える [そらでおぼえる] /(exp,v1) to learn by heart (rote)/to memorize/to memorise/
4243 そらで言う [そらでいう] /(exp,v5u) to speak from memory/
4244 そらで読む [そらでよむ] /(exp,v5m) recite from memory/
4245 そら耳 [そらみみ] /(n) (1) mishearing/(2) (feigned) deafness/
4246 そら豆 [そらまめ] /(n) broad bean/horse bean/fava bean/
4247 そりが合わない [そりがあわない] /(exp,adj-i) unable to cooperate/unable to hit it off/
4248 そりゃ /(adv) (1) very/extremely/(exp) (2) that is/
4249 そり上げる [そりあげる] /(v1) to shave off/
4250 それ /(int) there! (used to call someone's attention to something)/
4251 それからというもの /(exp) after that (a substantive change occurred)/
4252 それこそ /(exp) degree or extent (of effect or result)/
4253 それご覧 [それごらん] /(exp) (obsc) Well, look at that... (used when someone ignores your advice and ultimately fails at something)/
4254 それすら /(n) even that/
4255 それだから /(exp) therefore/and so/for that reason/accordingly/consequently/hence/
4256 それっぽい /(exp) like that/looks real/seems authentic/(P)/
4257 それっ切り [それっきり] /(n,adv) (1) (uk) no more than that/with that/on that note/altogether/(2) since then/ending there/
4258 それでいて /(conj) and yet/despite (all) that/(P)/
4259 それとて /(conj) even so/even that/
4260 それと無く [それとなく] /(adv) (uk) indirectly/obliquely/
4261 それなのに /(conj) and yet/despite this/but even so/but even then/however/nevertheless/for all that/notwithstanding that/
4262 それならそうと /(exp) even so (expressing frustration, etc.)/still/
4263 それならそれで /(exp) even so (expressing frustration, etc.)/still/
4264 それにしても /(exp) nevertheless/at any rate/even so/(P)/
4265 それにも拘わらず [それにもかかわらず] /(conj) (uk) nonetheless/nevertheless/
4266 それに加えて [それにくわえて] /(exp) in addition to this/
4267 それは /(adv) (1) very/extremely/(exp) (2) that is/
4268 それはさておき /(exp) apart from that/to return to the topic/enough of that/(P)/
4269 それはそうかもしれない /(exp) that may be true/that might be the case/
4270 それはそうかもしれません /(exp) (pol) that may be true/that might be the case/
4271 それはそれで /(exp) in that case/(might not be what was expected or hoped for but) if that's the case/
4272 それはそれは /(exp,int) (1) My goodness (expresses surprise, wonder, etc.)/(adv) (2) very/extremely/
4273 それはどうかな /(exp) I wonder about that/don't bet on it/famous last words/
4274 それはどうも /(exp) why yes, thank you/
4275 それも /(conj) and in addition to that/
4276 それもこれも /(n) all/everything/
4277 それより /(conj) apart from that/other than that/leaving that aside/more ... than that/but/however/(P)/
4278 それ以外のものは [それいがいのものは] /(exp) aside from this/aside from these/
4279 それ以上 [それいじょう] /(exp) further/above/anymore/
4280 それ以来 [それいらい] /(n) since then/from that time/ever since/
4281 それ計り [そればかり] /(n-t) (uk) that much/as much/to that extent/only that/that alone/no more than that/
4282 それ見たことか [それみたことか] /(exp) You see that? (used when someone ignores your advice and ultimately fails at something)/
4283 それ見た事か [それみたことか] /(exp) (id) I told you so/
4284 それ見ろ [それみろ] /(exp) Well, look at that... (used when someone ignores your advice and ultimately fails at something)/
4285 それ故 [それゆえ] /(conj) therefore/for that reason/so/
4286 それ故に [それゆえに] /(adv) and so .../
4287 それ御覧 [それごらん] /(exp) (obsc) Well, look at that... (used when someone ignores your advice and ultimately fails at something)/
4288 それ自身 [それじしん] /(pn) itself/himself/herself/
4289 それ自体 [それじたい] /(n) in itself/the thing itself/this itself/for its own sake/per se/
4290 それ処か [それどころか] /(exp) (uk) on the contrary/
4291 それ切り [それきり] /(n,adv) (uk) with that/on that note/altogether/ending at that point/cut off there/
4292 それ切り [それぎり] /(n,adv) (uk) with that/on that note/altogether/ending at that point/cut off there/
4293 それ相応 [それそうおう] /(adj-no,adj-na,n) appropriate/suitable/proper/fitting/
4294 それ程 [それほど] /(adv) (uk) to that degree/extent/
4295 それ迄 [それまで] /(exp,n-t) (uk) That's the end of the matter/That's it/Until then/
4296 それ来た [それきた] /(exp) there it is/there it comes/got it/expression one says when what is expected comes/
4297 そろそろ /(adv,adv-to) (1) slowly/quietly/steadily/gradually/gingerly/(adv) (2) soon/momentarily/before long/any time now/(P)/
4298 そろっと /(adv) (1) soon/momentarily/before long/any time now/
4299 そろり /(adv-to,adv) (1) slowly and quietly/(2) smoothly/
4300 そわそわ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) fidgety/restless/nervous/uneasy/(P)/
4301 そんじょそこら /(exp) anywhere/here and there/
4302 そんだけ /(n,adv) only that/that's all (used in casual speech)/(P)/
4303 そんで /(conj) (col) and/thereupon/because of that/
4304 そんでもって /(conj) (col) and (so)/because of which/(P)/
4305 そんな /(adj-pn) such (about the actions of the listener, or about ideas expressed or understood by the listener)/like that/that sort of/(P)/
4306 そんなこんな /(exp) this and that/various things/(P)/
4307 そんなに /(exp) so much/so/like that/(P)/
4308 そんな具合に [そんなぐあいに] /(exp) in that manner/
4309 そんな風に [そんなふうに] /(exp) (uk) in that manner/like that/
4310 そ求 [そきゅう] /(n) redemption/recourse/
4311 そ求権 [そきゅうけん] /(n) right of recourse/right for redemption/
4312 そ知らぬ顔 [そしらぬかお] /(n) pretending not to recognize (recognise)/feigned ignorance/
4313 そ嚢 [そのう] /(n) bird's crop/bird's craw/
4314 ぞ /(prt) (male) (sentence end) adds force/indicates command/(P)/
4315 ぞい /(prt) (arch) (at sentence-end) indicates mild emphasis/
4316 ぞえ /(prt) (arch) (at sentence-end) indicates mild emphasis/
4317 ぞくぞく /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) shiver/feel chilly/shudder/thrill/(P)/
4318 ぞくっと /(adv) tremblingly/having the chills (through fear, cold, anticipation, etc.)/
4319 ぞっこん /(adv) (1) from the bottom of one's heart/with all one's heart/(2) completely/entirely/
4320 ぞっと /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) shiver/shudder/
4321 ぞっとしない /(exp) not very appealing/pretty disgusting/
4322 ぞろぞろ /(adv,n) (on-mim) in groups/in succession/(P)/
4323 ぞろっぺい /(adj-na) slovenly/
4324 ぞろり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (arch) (on-mim) all together in a line/all together in a lump/(2) dressed sloppily/overdressed for the occasion/
4325 ぞろ目 [ぞろめ] /(n) (1) matching dice/doublets/(2) bet on two horses in the same bracket/
4326 ぞろ薬 [ぞろやく] /(n) (col) generic drug/
4327 ぞんざい /(adj-na,n) rude/careless/slovenly/(P)/
4328 たい /(aux-adj) (1) (after the -masu stem of a verb) want to ... do something/would like to .../(prt) (2) (kyu:) (at sentence-end) indicates emphasis/(suf,adj-i) (3) (after a noun or the -masu stem of a verb) very .../(P)/
4329 たいらぎ /(n) fan mussel (species of pen shell, Atrina pectinata)/
4330 たいりくももんが /(n) (uk) Siberian flying squirrel (Pteromys volans)/
4331 たい肥 [たいひ] /(n) compost/
4332 たかなみ型護衛艦 [たかなみがたごえいかん] /(n) Takanami class destroyer/
4333 たかり /(n) extortion/sponging/
4334 たがる /(aux-v,v5r) wanting to (verb) (not used in the first person, combination of ~tai and ~garu)/
4335 たき火 [たきび] /(n,vs) (1) open-air fire (e.g. for garden refuse)/bonfire/(2) open fire (e.g. in a kitchen)/
4336 たき木 [たきぎ] /(n) (1) firewood/kindling/fuel/(2) piece(s) of firewood/
4337 たくし上げる [たくしあげる] /(v1) to roll up or pull up (sleeves, skirt, etc.)/
4338 たくる /(v5r) to pull in/to take for oneself/to tuck up (one's sleeves)/
4339 たけり /(n) ox or whale penis, used as a tonic or aphrodisiac/
4340 たけり狂う [たけりくるう] /(v5u) to rage/to rampage/
4341 たけり立つ [たけりたつ] /(v5t,vi) (1) to rage/(2) to howl/
4342 たこつぼ型心筋症 [たこつぼがたしんきんしょう] /(n) takotsubo cardiomyopathy/
4343 たこつぼ心筋症 [たこつぼしんきんしょう] /(n) takotsubo cardiomyopathy/
4344 たこ焼き [たこやき] /(n) octopus dumplings/
4345 たこ焼き器 [たこやきき] /(n) tako-yaki pan (cast iron with semi-spherical molds)/
4346 たこ焼き鍋 [たこやきなべ] /(n) (obsc) tako-yaki pan (cast iron with semi-spherical molds)/
4347 たこ足 [たこあし] /(adj-f,n) many-legged/octopus-like/
4348 たじたじ /(adv,n) (on-mim) overwhelmed/recoiling/cringing/
4349 たじろぐ /(v5g,vi) to falter/to wince/
4350 たすき掛け [たすきがけ] /(n,vs) tucking up the sleeves of a kimono with a tasuki/
4351 たたき壊す [たたきこわす] /(v5s) to tear down/to shatter/
4352 たたき起こす [たたきおこす] /(v5s,vt) to wake up/to rouse out of bed/
4353 たたき込む [たたきこむ] /(v5m,vt) to drive into/to throw into/to hit into/
4354 たたき出す [たたきだす] /(v5s,vt) to begin to strike/to kick out/
4355 たたき上げ [たたきあげ] /(n) (1) working one's way up/(n,adj-no) (2) self-made person/veteran/
4356 たたき切る [たたききる] /(v5r) to mangle/to hack down/to chop down/
4357 たたき台 [たたきだい] /(n,adj-no) chopping block/springboard for discussion/
4358 たたらを踏む [たたらをふむ] /(exp,v5m) to stumble a step or two forward (when trying to stop)/to pass one's destination and stumble a step or two forward/to totter/
4359 たたら星 [たたらぼし] /(n) Chinese "Bond" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)/
4360 ただいま帰りました [ただいまかえりました] /(exp,int) Here I am/I'm home!/
4361 ただごと歌 [ただごとうた] /(n) plain form (of waka)/
4362 ただし書 [ただしがき] /(n) proviso/
4363 ただし書き [ただしがき] /(n) proviso/
4364 ただじゃおかないぞ /(exp) You'll pay for this!/You'd better keep your mouth shut!/
4365 ただでは /(exp) This isn't over/I will get my revenge/
4366 ただではおかないぞ /(exp) You'll pay for this!/You'd better keep your mouth shut!/
4367 ただより高いものはない [ただよりたかいものはない] /(exp) (id) Nothing costs as much as what is given to us/
4368 ただ今 [ただいま] /(int,exp) (1) (uk) (abbr) Here I am/I'm home!/(n-t,adv) (2) presently/right away/right now/just now/(P)/
4369 ただ今帰りました [ただいまかえりました] /(exp,int) Here I am/I'm home!/
4370 ただ事 [ただごと] /(n) trivial matter/
4371 ただ者 [ただもの] /(n) ordinary person (usu. in neg. sentences)/
4372 ただ中 [ただなか] /(n) middle/
4373 たちかぜ型護衛艦 [たちかぜがたごえいかん] /(n) Tachikaze class destroyer/
4374 たちが悪い [たちがわるい] /(exp,adj-i) nasty/vicious/wicked/poor (quality)/
4375 たちが良い [たちがいい] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) good (quality)/
4376 たちが良い [たちがよい] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) good (quality)/
4377 たちの悪い [たちのわるい] /(adj-i) nasty/poor (quality)/
4378 たちの良い [たちのいい] /(exp) good (quality)/
4379 たちの良い [たちのよい] /(exp) good (quality)/
4380 たった /(adj-f,adv) only/merely/but/no more than/(P)/
4381 たった1人 [たったひとり] /(n) just one person/only one/
4382 たった一人 [たったひとり] /(n) just one person/only one/
4383 たった今 [たったいま] /(adv) just now/a moment ago/this very minute/
4384 たって /(conj,prt) (1) but/however/still/yet/although/even though/(suf) (2) even/even if/(3) or something/
4385 たっぷり /(adj-na,adv,n) (on-mim) full/in plenty/ample/(P)/
4386 たっ観 [たっかん] /(n,vs) farsightedness/taking a philosophic view (ripeness)/
4387 たっ成 [たっせい] /(n,vs) achievement/
4388 たてうね織 [たてうねおり] /(n) warp rib weave (cloth)/
4389 たてびき鋸 [たてびきのこ] /(n) ripsaw/
4390 たて琴 [たてごと] /(n) harp/lyre/
4391 たて穴 [たてあな] /(n) pit/shaft/
4392 たて糸 [たていと] /(n) (weaving) warp/
4393 たて続け [たてつづけ] /(n) succession/
4394 たとえ歌 [たとえうた] /(n) (1) metaphorical poem (of the Man'yoshu)/(2) metaphorical form (of waka)/
4395 たとえ話 [たとえばなし] /(n) allegory/fable/parable/
4396 たどり着く [たどりつく] /(v5k,vi) to struggle on to/to arrive somewhere after a struggle/to grope along to/to barely manage to reach/to finally arrive at/to finally hit on (e.g. an idea)/(P)/
4397 たなご /(n) (uk) bitterling (any fish of subfamily Acheilognathinae, esp. species Acheilognathus melanogaster)/
4398 たな引く [たなびく] /(v5k) (uk) to linger/to hover above/to trail/to hang over/to lie over/
4399 たぬき寝入り [たぬきねいり] /(n,vs) feigning sleep/
4400 たね違い [たねちがい] /(n) half-brother/half-sister/
4401 たの /(exp) (usu. sentence end) indicates emotion, admiration, emphasis, etc./
4402 たのもし講 [たのもしこう] /(n) mutual financing association/
4403 たばこ税 [たばこぜい] /(n) tobacco tax/cigarette tax/
4404 たび心 [たびごころ] /(n) desire to travel/
4405 たび人 [たびびと] /(n) traveller/traveler/wayfarer/tourist/
4406 たぶたぶ /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) brimming/full to the point of overflowing/(2) loose/baggy/
4407 たぷたぷ /(adj-no) (on-mim) flabby/
4408 たほいや /(n) Fictionary game/dictionary game/
4409 たまご酒 [たまござけ] /(n) eggnog/
4410 たまご焼き [たまごやき] /(n) fried eggs/omelet/omelette/
4411 たまご色 [たまごいろ] /(n) yellowish colour (color)/
4412 たまさか鳥 [たまさかどり] /(n) (obsc) lesser cuckoo (Cuculus poliocephalus)/
4413 たまて箱 [たまてばこ] /(n) (1) treasure chest (in the story of Urashima Taro)/Urashima's casket/Pandora's box/(2) important secret that is not easily revealed to others/
4414 たまり醤油 [たまりじょうゆ] /(n) tamari soy sauce/variety of rich soy sauce (used for sashimi, etc.)/
4415 たまり場 [たまりば] /(n) gathering spot/haunt/rendezvous/meeting place/hang-out/
4416 たまり水 [たまりみず] /(n) stagnant water/
4417 たま蝿 [たまばえ] /(n) (uk) gall midge (any insect of family Cecidomyiidae)/
4418 たま蜂 [たまばち] /(n) (uk) gall wasp (any insect of family Cynipidae)/
4419 たま蠅 [たまばえ] /(n) (uk) gall midge (any insect of family Cecidomyiidae)/
4420 ため /(n) (col) the same/
4421 ため桶 [ためおけ] /(n) (1) bucket (for carrying sake, soy sauce, etc.)/(2) manure bucket/(3) rainwater bucket (for dousing fires)/
4422 ため口 [ためぐち] /(n) casual talk/frank, unreserved speech/peer language/
4423 ため込む [ためこむ] /(v5m,vt) to save up/to stockpile/
4424 ため息 [ためいき] /(n) sigh/(P)/
4425 ため息をつく [ためいきをつく] /(exp,v5k) to sigh/to breathe a sigh/
4426 ため息を吐く [ためいきをつく] /(exp,v5k) to sigh/to breathe a sigh/
4427 ため池 [ためいけ] /(n) reservoir/pond/
4428 ため年 [ためどし] /(n) (sl) same age/
4429 たも /(n) (abbr) fishing net (hand held, hoop with net on a bamboo stick)/
4430 たも /(n) Japanese ash (Fraxinus mandshurica var. japonica)/
4431 たも網 [たもあみ] /(n) fishing net (hand held, hoop with net on a bamboo stick)/
4432 たゆまず努力 [たゆまずどりょく] /(n,vs) untiring labor (labour)/
4433 たゆまぬ努力 [たゆまぬどりょく] /(exp) diligence/unceasing efforts/
4434 たら /(conj,prt) (1) indicates supposition/if ... then/when/after/(prt) (2) (typically after someone's name) indicates exasperation/(P)/
4435 たらい回し [たらいまわし] /(n,vs) (1) acrobatic barrel-rolling (performed using the feet while lying on the back)/(2) handing something around (within a fixed group of people in a pre-arranged order)/(3) handing off a problem to someone else (in order to evade responsibility)/
4436 たらしい /(suf,adj-i) (after a noun or the stem of an adjective) seeming very... (usu. with a negative connotation)/
4437 たらしめる /(v1) (arch) to make/to make something what it should be/to cause to be/
4438 たらし込む [たらしこむ] /(v5m,vt) to cajole/to deceive/to seduce/
4439 たらたら /(adv) (1) (on-mim) drop-by-drop/dribbling/in a trickle/(2) incessantly/in great profusion/(P)/
4440 たらの木 [たらのき] /(n) (uk) devil's walking stick (tree) (Aralia elata)/Japanese angelica tree/
4441 たらば蟹 [たらばがに] /(n) (uk) red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus)/
4442 たらんと /(n,vs) tending to be/wanting to be/
4443 たら子 [たらこ] /(n) cod roe (roe of any fish from family Gadidae, esp. salted walleye pollack roe)/
4444 たり /(prt) (1) -ing and -ing (e.g. "coming and going")/(2) (used adverbially) doing such things as.../(3) expresses a command/(aux-v) (4) (arch) (after a noun) to be/(5) (arch) indicates completion or continuation of an action/(P)/
4445 たりけり /(exp,aux-v) (arch) auxiliary verb indicating past condition or occurrence (e.g. "was", "had been", etc.)/
4446 たりとも /(exp) (not) even/(not) any/
4447 たる /(aux-v) (those) who are/(that) which is/often used in relation to qualifications and requirements for a position/in the capacity of/
4448 たるや /(exp,adv) (after a noun) speaking of... (used to introduce a topic emphatically)/
4449 たる木 [たるき] /(n) rafter/
4450 たれ込む [たれこむ] /(v5m) to inform on someone/to squeal (to the police)/
4451 たれ込める [たれこめる] /(v1,vi) (1) (uk) to hang low over (e.g. clouds)/(2) (arch) to seclude oneself (behind screens, curtain, etc.)/
4452 たれ壁 [たれかべ] /(n) hanging partition wall (e.g. against smoke)/
4453 たろう /(aux) (1) ought to have been/was ... right?/(2) (ksb:) to do for (inferiors)/
4454 たわい無い [たわいない] /(adj-i) (uk) silly/foolish/absurd/childish/easy/trifling/guileless/
4455 たわけ者 [たわけもの] /(n) idiot/dummy/joker/fool/trickster/
4456 たわみ計 [たわみけい] /(n) deflectometer/
4457 たわ言 [たわこと] /(ok) (n) nonsense/bullshit/silly things/joke/
4458 たわ言 [たわごと] /(n) nonsense/bullshit/silly things/joke/
4459 たん /(suf) (m-sl) (fam) (fem) (cute) suffix for familiar person/
4460 たんこぶ /(n) bump/lump/protuberance/swelling/
4461 たんと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) (poss. Kansai dialect) many/much/a great amount/(2) excessive amount/
4462 たんぱく質 [たんぱくしつ] /(n) protein/
4463 たんび /(n,n-suf,ctr) time (three times, each time, etc.)/times/
4464 たんぽ /(n) pad/wad/wadding/
4465 たんぽ槍 [たんぽやり] /(n) padded spear (for practice)/
4466 たんま /(n) (children's language) to interrupt a game/time out/
4467 たんまり /(adv) quite a lot/
4468 だ /(aux) plain copula/(P)/
4469 だい /(prt) (1) (fam) marks wh-question (what, where, who)/(2) (chn) strengthens one's judgment or conclusion/(P)/
4470 だいだい色 [だいだいいろ] /(n) orange-colored/orange-coloured/
4471 だから /(conj,n) so/therefore/(P)/
4472 だからこそ /(exp) for this reason/
4473 だからって /(exp) even so/all the same/nevertheless/yes, but .../
4474 だからと言って [だからといって] /(conj) while it may be true that/just because/nevertheless/not necessarily/
4475 だから何だ [だからなんだ] /(exp) so what!/who gives a damn?/
4476 だが /(conj) but/however/(and) yet/nevertheless/still/for all that/(P)/
4477 だく /(n) (abbr) trot (as in horse riding)/
4478 だく足 [だくあし] /(n) (obsc) trot (as in horse riding)/
4479 だけあって /(suf) .. being the case/(precisely) because .../as might be expected (from ..)/
4480 だけでなく /(exp) not just ... (but also ..)/(P)/
4481 だけど /(conj) however/(P)/
4482 だけども /(exp) though/much as/(P)/
4483 だけれども /(exp) though/much as/(P)/
4484 ださい /(adj-i) primitive/unsophisticated/out of fashion/
4485 ださ男 [ださお] /(n) (sl) an uncool man/dork/geek/dweeb/nerd/
4486 だし巻き卵 [だしまきたまご] /(n) Japanese omelette/
4487 だだっ広い [だだっぴろい] /(adj-i) very (excessively) spacious/unduly wide/sprawling/
4488 だだっ子 [だだっこ] /(n) unmanageable child/spoiled child (spoilt)/spoiled brat/
4489 だだっ児 [だだっこ] /(n) unmanageable child/spoiled child (spoilt)/spoiled brat/
4490 だち /(n) (col) (abbr) friend/
4491 だっけ /(exp) expression used when the speaker is trying to recall some information/(P)/
4492 だったら /(conj) if it's the case/(P)/
4493 だって /(conj,prt) (1) but/however/still/yet/although/even though/(suf) (2) even/even if/(3) or something/(P)/
4494 だてらに /(suf,prt) a mere (status or characteristic)/implies activity unsuited to (status or characteristic)/(P)/
4495 だと /(exp) if it's the case/(P)/
4496 だに /(prt) even/
4497 だの /(suf,prt) and/or/and the like/and so forth/and what not/(P)/
4498 だぶだぶ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs,adj-no) (1) (on-mim) loose/baggy/(2) overflowing/brimming/(P)/
4499 だぶつく /(v5k,vi) (1) to be too large/to be baggy/to be flabby/(2) to have a glut/
4500 だぼ /(n) dowel/joggle/
4501 だぼ鯊 [だぼはぜ] /(n) goby (fish)/
4502 だまし絵 [だましえ] /(n) trompe l'oeil/
4503 だまし取る [だましとる] /(v5r) to take something away by deception/
4504 だみ声 [だみごえ] /(n) (1) thick voice/hoarse voice/(2) voice with a thick accent/
4505 だめる /(int) "Shut up!"/"Be quiet!"/
4506 だめ押し [だめおし] /(exp) (1) making doubly sure/(2) insurance runs (baseball)/
4507 だもの /(n,vs) indicate reason/infers some protest/
4508 だもので /(exp) thereupon/therefore/because of that/
4509 だもんで /(exp) thereupon/therefore/because of that/
4510 だらけ /(n-suf) (1) implying (negatively) that something is full of (e.g. mistakes)/(2) covered all over (e.g. with blood)/(P)/
4511 だらける /(v1,vi) to be lazy/to be slack/to feel dull/to feel languid/to feel listless/
4512 だらしが無い [だらしがない] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) slovenly/loose/sluttish/slatternly/untidy/undisciplined/careless/
4513 だらしの無い [だらしのない] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) slovenly/loose/sluttish/slatternly/untidy/undisciplined/careless/
4514 だらし無い [だらしない] /(adj-i) (uk) slovenly/loose/sluttish/slatternly/untidy/undisciplined/careless/
4515 だらだら /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) pouring liquid/(2) prevaricating/(3) long, gentle slope/(4) sluggishly/endlessly/(P)/
4516 だらだらかげろう景気 [だらだらかげろうけいき] /(n) period of Japanese economic expansion from February 2002 to October 2007/
4517 だらだら陽炎景気 [だらだらかげろうけいき] /(n) period of Japanese economic expansion from February 2002 to October 2007/
4518 だらり /(adv-to) (on-mim) languidly/loosely/
4519 だらん /(adv-to) (on-mim) languidly/loosely/
4520 だり /(prt) (1) -ing and -ing (e.g. "coming and going")/(2) (used adverbially) doing such things as.../(3) expresses a command/
4521 だれる /(v1,vi) (1) to lose interest/to weaken/to slacken/(2) to lose value after a peak (e.g. stock)/
4522 だろ /(exp) (1) seems/I think/I guess/I wonder/I hope/(2) don't you agree?/I thought you'd say that!/
4523 だろう /(exp) (1) seems/I think/I guess/I wonder/I hope/(2) don't you agree?/I thought you'd say that!/(P)/
4524 だんだん /(exp) thank you (dialect from the Izumo region of Shimane Prefecture)/
4525 だんな取り [だんなどり] /(vs) (1) to become a mistress/to serve as a concubine/(2) to serve one's master/
4526 だ円 [だえん] /(n,adj-no) ellipse/
4527 だ円関数 [だえんかんすう] /(n) (math) elliptic function/
4528 だ体 [だたい] /(n) literary form imparting the nuance of speech (with sentences ending in "da")/
4529 だ捕 [だほ] /(n,vs) capture/seizure/
4530 ちぇ /(int) shoot/shit/dang/crap/rats/dammit/
4531 ちぇっ /(int) shoot/shit/dang/crap/rats/dammit/
4532 ちぎりぎ /(n) (MA) weight-chain-pole weapon/
4533 ちぎり絵 [ちぎりえ] /(n) collage of pieces of colored paper/
4534 ちくちく /(n,vs) (on-mim) type of prickling pain/prick/prickle/
4535 ちくちく痛む [ちくちくいたむ] /(exp,v5m) to prickle/to tingle/
4536 ちくる /(v5r) (sl) to tattle/to inform a superior of someone's actions/
4537 ちぐはぐ /(adj-na,n) (on-mim) mismatched/(P)/
4538 ちちり星 [ちちりぼし] /(n) Chinese "Well" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)/
4539 ちぢれ毛 [ちぢれげ] /(n) curly hair/kinky hair/frizzy hair/
4540 ちっちゃい人間 [ちっちゃいにんげん] /(exp) person of poor character/narrow-minded/unpleasant person/gossip-monger/person of low self-esteem/
4541 ちっとも気にならない [ちっともきにならない] /(exp,adj-i) not be concerned about at all/not mind about at all/not care a bit/
4542 ちっとやそっと /(exp) small amount/bit/smidgen/
4543 ちっぽけ /(adj-na,n) very small/tiny/
4544 ちはや /(n) (obsc) (uk) thin, white ceremonial haori worn by miko/
4545 ちびくろサンボ /(n) Little Black Sambo (book title)/
4546 ちびちび /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) making something last/
4547 ちびっ子 [ちびっこ] /(n) (col) small child/rug rat/ankle-biter/
4548 ちびりちびり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) making something last/
4549 ちびる /(v5r,vt) (1) (col) to wet oneself/to shit oneself/(2) to be miserly/
4550 ちまう /(v5u) (col) to do something completely/
4551 ちまちま /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) small/compact/
4552 ちゃいかん /(exp) must not do/
4553 ちゃう /(aux-v,v5u) to do something completely/
4554 ちゃう /(exp) (1) (osb:) No!/(2) isn't it?/wasn't it?/
4555 ちゃうちゃう /(exp) (1) (osb:) That's not true!/
4556 ちゃきちゃき /(n) efficient/
4557 ちゃち /(adj-na) cheap/rubbishy/shoddy/roughly made/
4558 ちゃっかり /(adv,n,vs) shrewd/calculating/nervy/cheeky/
4559 ちゃった /(exp) finished doing/did completely/
4560 ちゃぶ台 [ちゃぶだい] /(n) low dining (tea) table/
4561 ちゃぶ台返し [ちゃぶだいがえし] /(n) flipping a table over in anger/overturning a table in anger/
4562 ちゃぷちゃぷ /(adj-na,adj-no,adv-to,n) splish-splash/glug-glug/
4563 ちゃほや /(ik) (adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) pamper/make a fuss of/spoil/
4564 ちゃぽちゃぽ /(adv,n,vs) (1) splash water/dabble in water/splashing sound/
4565 ちゃら /(n) (col) forgiving a debt/getting even/
4566 ちゃらい /(adj-i) flashy/gaudy/wrapped in cheap flattery/
4567 ちゃらっぽこ /(int) no way/that can't be true/nonsense!/
4568 ちゃらんぽらん /(n,adj-no) devil-may-care/speaking off-hand/slaphappy/
4569 ちゃり /(n) (abbr) (col) bicycle/
4570 ちゃりんこ /(n) (1) (sl) child pickpocket/(2) (col) bicycle/
4571 ちゃん /(n-suf) (1) suffix for familiar person/(n) (2) (arch) (abbr) (sl) (chn) daddy/pa/(P)/
4572 ちゃんこ /(n) traditional sumo stew/
4573 ちゃんこ屋 [ちゃんこや] /(n) chanko restaurant, often owned by former sumo wrestler/
4574 ちゃんこ長 [ちゃんこちょう] /(n) most experienced chanko cook in the sumo stable/
4575 ちゃんこ鍋 [ちゃんこなべ] /(n) weight-gaining stew for sumo/
4576 ちゃんこ番 [ちゃんこばん] /(n) (sumo) person in charge of preparing food for rikishi (usually performed by low-ranking rikishi)/
4577 ちゃんこ料理 [ちゃんこりょうり] /(n) sumo food/
4578 ちゃんたま /(n) (col) testicles/
4579 ちゃんちゃん /(adv,n) regularly/promptly/
4580 ちゃんちゃんこ /(n) padded sleeveless kimono jacket/Japanese vest/
4581 ちゃんと /(adv,n,vs) perfectly/properly/exactly/(P)/
4582 ちゃんばら /(n) sword fight/
4583 ちゃんばら映画 [ちゃんばらえいが] /(n) samurai movie/
4584 ちゃんぽん /(n,adj-na) (1) practice of mixing things normally kept separate (practise)/mixture/(2) dish of noodles, seafood, vegetables (from Nagasaki)/
4585 ちゃんぽんに /(adv) (1) alternately/by turns/(2) all together/
4586 ちゃんぽん語 [ちゃんぽんご] /(n) words from another language/
4587 ちゃん付け [ちゃんづけ] /(n,vs) attaching 'chan' to somebody's name/
4588 ちゃ色 [ちゃいろ] /(n,adj-no) light brown/tawny/
4589 ちやほや /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) pamper/make a fuss of/spoil/
4590 ちゅう /(n,vs) (1) (col) kiss/(n,adv-to) (2) squeak (as in the sound made by mice)/(3) sound of liquid being sucked up/
4591 ちゅうちゅう吸う [ちゅうちゅうすう] /(exp,v5u) to suck/
4592 ちゅうちゅう鳴く [ちゅうちゅうなく] /(exp,v5k) to squeak/to chirp/to twitter/
4593 ちゅうひ /(n) (uk) Eastern marsh harrier (Circus spilonotus)/
4594 ちゅっと /(adv,vs) (col) kissing/
4595 ちゅらさん /(n) (rkb:) beauty/prettiness/
4596 ちゅん /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) chirp/cheep/
4597 ちゅんちゅん /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) chirp/cheep/
4598 ちょい /(adv,adv-to) (1) just a minute/short time/just a little/(2) somewhat/easily/readily/rather/
4599 ちょいちょい /(adv,int,n) often/frequently/now and then/occasionally/
4600 ちょいと /(adv) (1) (uk) just a minute/short time/just a little/(2) somewhat/easily/readily/rather/(3) (before a verb in negative form) (will not) easily/(int) (4) hey!/
4601 ちょいむず /(n,adj-na) (abbr) (sl) slightly difficult/
4602 ちょいムズ /(n,adj-na) (abbr) (sl) slightly difficult/
4603 ちょい悪おやじ [ちょいわるおやじ] /(n) (col) older and fashionable man (wild-looking, burly, etc.)/
4604 ちょい悪オヤジ [ちょいわるオヤジ] /(n) (col) older and fashionable man (wild-looking, burly, etc.)/
4605 ちょい役 [ちょいやく] /(n) bit part (e.g. in a film)/extra/
4606 ちょうど今 [ちょうどいま] /(exp,n-t) right now/just now/
4607 ちょう形骨 [ちょうけいこつ] /(n) sphenoid bone (of the skull)/
4608 ちょう待って [ちょうまって] /(exp) (ksb:) Wait a minute/
4609 ちょう度 [ちょうど] /(n) consistency/
4610 ちょくちょく /(adv) often/frequently/now and then/occasionally/(P)/
4611 ちょくる /(v5r,vt) to tease/to banter/to make fun of somebody/
4612 ちょける /(v5r,vt) to tease/to banter/to make fun of somebody/
4613 ちょこちょこ /(adv,n,vs) toddling/hobbling/restless/easily accomplished/
4614 ちょこっと /(adv,adj-f) (on-mim) rather/a little/small/
4615 ちょこなん /(adv-to) (on-mim) slightly (of an action)/(looking) small and quiet/
4616 ちょこまか /(vs,adv-to) restlessly/in continuous motion/
4617 ちょこん /(adv-to) (on-mim) slightly (of an action)/(looking) small and quiet/
4618 ちょちょいのちょい /(exp) piece of cake/a walk in the park/
4619 ちょっかい /(n) meddle/dabble/make a pass at/
4620 ちょっきり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) exactly/just/(2) snip/
4621 ちょっくら /(adv,n) (a) little/
4622 ちょっとそこまで /(exp) nowhere in particular/just out for a bit/(euph. for) toilet break/
4623 ちょっと一杯 [ちょっといっぱい] /(exp) let's have a quick drink/
4624 ちょっと見 [ちょっとみ] /(n) a look or glance/
4625 ちょっぴり /(adv) very little bit/just a smidgin/wee bit/(P)/
4626 ちょびっと /(adv) a little/(P)/
4627 ちょびと /(adv) a little/(P)/
4628 ちょび髭 [ちょびひげ] /(n) small mustache/short mustache/
4629 ちょぼちょぼ /(adj-na,adv,n) (on-mim) sparsely/drop-by-drop/
4630 ちょろい /(adj-i) easy/simple/
4631 ちょろちょろ /(adv,n,vs) (1) in trickles (e.g. water flowing)/(2) darting about (e.g. a small animal)/moving rapidly/
4632 ちょろまかす /(v5s,vt) to pilfer/to filch/to snaffle/to pocket/
4633 ちょん /(adv-to,n) (1) (on-mim) clap clap (sound)/(2) chop vigorously/(3) slight movement/(4) the end/
4634 ちょんちょん /(n,adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) sound of wooden clappers clapping/(n) (2) punctuation marks such as the dakuten/
4635 ちょんになる /(exp,v5r) to come to an end/to finish/to get fired/
4636 ちょんぼ /(n,vs) apparent and grievous error/mistake/blunder/bungle/goof/
4637 ちょんまげ /(aux) (sl) please do (for me)/
4638 ちょん掛 [ちょんがけ] /(n) pulling heel hook (sumo)/
4639 ちょん掛け [ちょんがけ] /(n) pulling heel hook (sumo)/
4640 ちょん切る [ちょんぎる] /(v5r,vt) to chop something off (e.g. head)/to snip off/to fire/
4641 ちらし寿司 [ちらしずし] /(n) (food) sushi rice in a box or bowl with a variety of ingredients sprinkled on top/
4642 ちらちら /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) fluttering/flickering/intermittently/(P)/
4643 ちらっと /(adv) (on-mim) at a glance/by accident/(P)/
4644 ちらっと見る [ちらっとみる] /(exp,v1) to glance at/to glimpse/
4645 ちらつき /(n) flickering (e.g. on a video display)/
4646 ちらつき防止フィルタ [ちらつきぼうしフィルタ] /(n) (comp) glare filter/
4647 ちらつく /(v5k,vi) to flicker/to flit/to litter/to be dazzled/
4648 ちらと /(adv) (on-mim) at a glance/by accident/
4649 ちらほら /(adv) (on-mim) here and there/now and then/in twos and threes/
4650 ちらり /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) fleeting (glimpse, glance, etc.)/(P)/
4651 ちらりほらり /(adv,adv-to) here and there/now and then/twos and threes/sparsely/
4652 ちらりズム /(n) the art of giving a brief glimpse of something (e.g. one's underwear)/
4653 ちら見 [ちらみ] /(n,vs) (sl) glancing look/
4654 ちり /(n) dish of fish (meat, etc.), tofu, vegetables boiled together and served with ponzu dipping sauce/
4655 ちりこ星 [ちりこぼし] /(n) Chinese "Extended Net" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)/
4656 ちりちり /(adv,n,adj-na,vs) (on-mim) bits and pieces/frizzily (as in perm)/
4657 ちりんちりん /(adv) jingle/ding (sound representing the ringing of small bells)/
4658 ちり紙 [ちりがみ] /(n) (1) (a) tissue/(2) toilet paper/(P)/
4659 ちり取 [ちりとり] /(n) dustpan/(P)/
4660 ちり取り [ちりとり] /(n) dustpan/(P)/
4661 ちり鍋 [ちりなべ] /(n) dish of fish (meat, etc.), tofu, vegetables boiled together and served with ponzu dipping sauce/pot used to cook such a dish/
4662 ちろちろ /(adv-to) (1) flicker (light)/waver/(2) trickle (water)/(3) glance at/
4663 ちわっす /(int) (col) Hi/Yo/
4664 ちん /(n-suf) intimate (or disdainful) suffix used after a person's name (or the base of an adjective describing that person)/
4665 ちんけ /(adj-na) worst/poor and boring/uncool/
4666 ちんこ /(n) (col) (vulg) penis/
4667 ちんすこう /(n) Okinawan sweet/
4668 ちんたら /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) dilatorily/sluggishly/
4669 ちんちくりん /(n,adj-na) short (person)/shorty/stumpy/
4670 ちんちん /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) chink/jingle/tinkle/whistle (kettle)/(n,vs) (2) begging (animal)/(n) (3) (chn) penis/
4671 ちんちん電車 [ちんちんでんしゃ] /(n) (sl) streetcar, trolley/
4672 ちんちん鳴る [ちんちんなる] /(v5r) to jingle/to tinkle/to whistle (kettle)/
4673 ちんどん屋 [ちんどんや] /(n) traditional Japanese band of sandwich board advertisers/
4674 ちんぴら /(n,adj-no) (young) hoodlum/small-time yakuza/delinquent boy/delinquent girl/hooligan/punk/
4675 ちんぽ /(n) (col) penis/
4676 ちんまり /(adv-to,vs) (on-mim) snugly/cosily/compactly/
4677 ちん入 [ちんにゅう] /(n,vs) intrusion/forced entry/
4678 ちん毛 [ちんげ] /(n) (sens) (sl) (uk) pubic hair/penis hair/
4679 っけ /(prt) particle indicating that the speaker is trying to recall some information/
4680 っこ /(suf) (1) (abbr) doing/in such a state/(2) doing together/contest/match/(3) (fam) familiarizing suffix (sometimes meaning "small")/
4681 っこない /(exp) (after a verb's -masu base) no chance of (verb)/
4682 っしょ /(aux) (col) col. form of deshou/
4683 っす /(aux) col. form of desu/
4684 ったく /(int) (col) (abbr) good grief (expression of exasperation)/
4685 ったら /(conj,prt) (1) indicates supposition/if ... then/when/after/(prt) (2) (typically after someone's name) indicates exasperation/(P)/
4686 ったらありゃしない /(exp) (col) (used after adj.) nothing more ... than this/as .... as it could possibly be/
4687 ったらしい /(suf,adj-i) (after a noun or the stem of an adjective) seeming very... (usu. with a negative connotation)/
4688 ったらない /(exp) (col) (used after adj.) nothing more ... than this/as .... as it could possibly be/
4689 っつーか /(conj) (col) or rather (say)/or better (say)/or perhaps I should say/or, how should I put it,.../I mean/
4690 っつうか /(conj) (col) or rather (say)/or better (say)/or perhaps I should say/or, how should I put it,.../I mean/
4691 って /(prt) casual quoting particle/(P)/
4692 っていうか /(conj) (col) or rather (say)/or better (say)/or perhaps I should say/or, how should I put it,.../I mean/
4693 ってか /(conj) (col) or rather (say)/or better (say)/or perhaps I should say/or, how should I put it,.../I mean/
4694 ってば /(prt) (1) indicates emotional closeness or annoyance with someone/(2) indicates an indirect command by expressing annoyance (in sentence-final position)/
4695 ってゆうか /(conj) (col) or rather (say)/or better (say)/or perhaps I should say/or, how should I put it,.../I mean/
4696 っぷり /(suf) (col) manner/style/
4697 っぽい /(n-suf) (col) -ish/-like/(P)/
4698 っ限り [っきり] /(prt) (1) (uk) only/just/(2) (uk) since/(3) (uk) remaining (in a particular state)/
4699 っ子 [っこ] /(suf) (col) someone with a liking or characteristic/a true representative of (place)/
4700 っ切り [っきり] /(prt) (1) (uk) only/just/(2) (uk) since/(3) (uk) remaining (in a particular state)/
4701 っ放し [っはなし] /(n-suf) (uk) keep ...-ing (negative nuance, with the state being improper, unpleasant, etc.)/have been ...-ing/leaving (something) on/leaving (something) still in use/
4702 っ放し [っぱなし] /(n-suf) (uk) keep ...-ing (negative nuance, with the state being improper, unpleasant, etc.)/have been ...-ing/leaving (something) on/leaving (something) still in use/
4703 つ /(conj) (1) indicates two contrasting actions/(prt) (2) (arch) indicates possessive (often found in place names and compound words)/
4704 つーか /(conj) (col) or rather (say)/or better (say)/or perhaps I should say/or, how should I put it,.../I mean/
4705 つーんと /(adv) pungently (of a smell)/
4706 つい /(adv) (1) just (now)/(2) quite (near)/(3) unintentionally/unconsciously/by mistake/against one's better judgement (judgment)/(P)/
4707 ついさっき /(n) just now/a little while back/a short time ago/
4708 ついつい /(adv) (on-mim) unintentionally/unconsciously/by mistake/against one's better judgement/against one's better judgment/
4709 ついて回る [ついてまわる] /(v5r,vi) to follow around/
4710 ついて行く [ついていく] /(v5k-s) to accompany/to follow/
4711 ついて行く [ついてゆく] /(v5k-s) to accompany/to follow/
4712 つうっと /(adv) (on-mim) quickly/smoothly/
4713 つうと /(adv) (on-mim) quickly/smoothly/
4714 つかず離れず [つかずはなれず] /(exp,adv) maintaining a reasonable distance/neutral position/indecision/
4715 つかず離れずの態度 [つかずはなれずのたいど] /(n) neutral attitude/
4716 つかつか /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) walking briskly/determinedly/
4717 つかの間 [つかのま] /(n,adj-no) moment/brief time/brief/transient/(P)/
4718 つかみ取る [つかみとる] /(v5r) to grasp/to get/
4719 つかみ所 [つかみどころ] /(n) (1) (uk) point (of a conversation, etc.)/sense/(2) hold/grip/
4720 つきが回る [つきがまわる] /(exp,v5r) to have fortune come your way/to become lucky/
4721 つき合い [つきあい] /(n) association/socializing/socialising/fellowship/
4722 つき合う [つきあう] /(v5u,vi) (1) to associate with/to keep company with/to go out with/to go steady with/to get on with/(2) to go along with/to follow someone's lead/to accompany someone/to compromise/
4723 つき刺す [つきさす] /(v5s,vt) to stab/to pierce/to thrust/
4724 つき手 [つきて] /(n) hand touch down (sumo)/
4725 つき従う [つきしたがう] /(v5u,vi) to follow/to accompany/to cleave to/to join up with/to obey implicitly/to flatter/
4726 つき出し [つきだし] /(n) (1) protrusion/(2) (Japanese) hors d'oeuvre/snacks/(3) (sumo winning technique of) pushing out of the ring/
4727 つき出す [つきだす] /(v5s,vt) to push out/to project/
4728 つき物 [つきもの] /(n) accessory/accompaniment/indispensable part/appendage/
4729 つぎ込む [つぎこむ] /(v5m,vt) to invest in/to sink money into/to put into/to lay out (funds)/to inject/to impregnate/to infuse/to instill/to implant/to imbue/to focus (attention, efforts)/
4730 つくつく法師 [つくつくぼうし] /(ateji) (n) (uk) Meimuna opalifera (species of cicada)/
4731 つくねんと /(adv) (1) absentmindedly/vacantly/blankly/(2) by oneself/all alone/
4732 つくり直す [つくりなおす] /(v5s,vt) to remake/to rebuild/
4733 つけ加える [つけくわえる] /(v1,vt) to add one thing to another/
4734 つけ込む [つけこむ] /(v5m,vi) to take advantage of/to impose on/to make an entry/
4735 つけ根 [つけね] /(n) root/joint/base/crotch/
4736 つけ入る [つけいる] /(v5r) to take advantage of/to impose on/
4737 つけ麺 [つけめん] /(n) cold Chinese noodles accompanied by soup for dipping/
4738 つじ風 [つじかぜ] /(n) (1) whirlwind/
4739 つっと /(adv) (on-mim) quickly/smoothly/
4740 つつ /(prt) while/though/(P)/
4741 つつある /(suf) (with masu stem) to be doing/to be in the process of doing/
4742 つつき回す [つつきまわす] /(v5s) (uk) to poke something around/
4743 つづら折 [つづらおり] /(adj-no,n) winding/meandering/sinuous/zigzag/
4744 つづら折り [つづらおり] /(adj-no,n) winding/meandering/sinuous/zigzag/
4745 つづり方 [つづりかた] /(n) (1) (way of) literary composition/(2) (way of) spelling/(3) school composition/
4746 つづれ錦 [つづれにしき] /(n) (hand-woven) brocade/
4747 つづれ織り [つづれおり] /(n) (hand-woven) tapestry/
4748 つと /(adv) (1) quickly/(2) calmly/(3) intently/
4749 つなぎ合わせる [つなぎあわせる] /(v1) to connect/to join/to join or tie or knot together/
4750 つなぎ止める [つなぎとめる] /(v1,vt) to tie/to fasten/to hitch/to secure (e.g. load, patronage of customers, etc.)/to hold on to/
4751 つなぎ売り [つなぎうり] /(n,vs) hedging/hedge selling/
4752 つなぎ服 [つなぎふく] /(n) overalls/boiler suit/
4753 つなぎ目 [つなぎめ] /(n) joint/link/tie-together point/
4754 つばさ /(n) extra-high-speed Touhoku-line Shinkansen/
4755 つばす /(n) (ksb:) young Japanese amberjack/
4756 つぶしが利く [つぶしがきく] /(exp,v5k) to be valuable as scrap/to be able to do other work/to have marketable skills/
4757 つぶし島田 [つぶししまだ] /(n) type of woman's hairdo (Edo period)/
4758 つぶし餡 [つぶしあん] /(n) slightly crushed sweetened red-bean paste/
4759 つべこべ /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) complaining/nitpicking/
4760 つまみ上げる [つまみあげる] /(v1) to take a pinch of something (e.g. salt)/to pick up in one's fingers/
4761 つまみ食い [つまみぐい] /(n,vs) (1) eating with one's fingers/(2) snitching food/snatched food/secret eating/food snatched and eaten without the meal starting/(3) embezzlement/misappropriation/exploiting something/(4) flirting/
4762 つまらない物ですが [つまらないものですが] /(exp) (uk) "It's not much, but..." (phrase often used when giving gifts)/
4763 つまる処 [つまるところ] /(adv) in sum/in short/in the end/
4764 つまる所 [つまるところ] /(adv) in sum/in short/in the end/
4765 つまんない /(adj-i) (sl) dull/boring/(P)/
4766 つま先 [つまさき] /(n) tiptoe/(P)/
4767 つま先下がり [つまさきさがり] /(n) downhill path/
4768 つま先上がり [つまさきあがり] /(n) uphill path/
4769 つま先立ち [つまさきだち] /(n) standing on tiptoes/
4770 つま先立つ [つまさきだつ] /(v5t,vi) to stand on tiptoes/
4771 つみ重ねる [つみかさねる] /(v1,vt) to pile up/to accumulate/
4772 つむじ曲がり [つむじまがり] /(adj-na,n) perversity/cantankerous/eccentric/
4773 つむじ風 [つむじかぜ] /(n) (1) whirlwind/
4774 つめ見出し [つめみだし] /(n) thumb index (e.g. in a dictionary)/
4775 つめ車 [つめぐるま] /(n) ratchet/toothed wheel/
4776 つもりである /(exp,v5r-i) to intend/
4777 つや出し [つやだし] /(n,vs) burnishing/glazing/polishing/
4778 つや消し [つやけし] /(adj-na,adj-no) (1) frosted (glass)/matted/(n,adj-na) (2) disillusionment/letdown/
4779 つや消しガラス [つやけしガラス] /(n) frosted glass/
4780 つゆ /(adv,n) sauce for dipping tempura/
4781 つゆだく /(n) soupy/containing more broth or sauce than usual (of gyudon, etc.)/
4782 つらい目にあう [つらいめにあう] /(exp,v5u) to have a hard time of it/
4783 つり下げる [つりさげる] /(v1,vt) to suspend from/to be suspended (from)/
4784 つり革 [つりかわ] /(n) strap (to hang onto)/
4785 つり索 [つりさく] /(n) shroud line/
4786 つり上げる [つりあげる] /(v1,vt) (1) to raise/to lift/to hang up/to suspend/(2) to (artificially, deliberately) raise prices/
4787 つり針 [つりばり] /(n) fish hook/
4788 つり銭 [つりせん] /(n) change (e.g. for dollar)/
4789 つり銭口 [つりせんぐち] /(n) coin return slot/change slot/
4790 つり足場 [つりあしば] /(n) suspended scaffolding/
4791 つり輪 [つりわ] /(n) (gymnastic) rings/
4792 つるし雲 [つるしぐも] /(n) roll cloud/rotor cloud/
4793 つるし上げ [つるしあげ] /(n) (1) hung up/hoist/(2) denounced/severely criticised/kangaroo court/
4794 つるし上げる [つるしあげる] /(v1,vt) (1) to hang up/to hoist/(2) to denounce/to subject someone to a kangaroo court/
4795 つるつる /(adj-na,adv,n,vs,adj-no) (on-mim) slippery/smooth/(P)/
4796 つるり /(adv-to) (on-mim) smoothly/with a slipping or sliding motion/
4797 つるん /(adv-to) (on-mim) smoothly/with a slipping or sliding motion/
4798 つる鋸 [つるのこ] /(n) traditional Japanese woodworking saw/bow saw/
4799 つる植物 [つるしょくぶつ] /(n,adj-no) creeper (creeping plant)/trailer (trailing plant)/climber (climbing plant)/vine/
4800 つる性植物 [つるせいしょくぶつ] /(n) creeper (plant that grows along the ground, etc. similar to a vine)/
4801 つる草 [つるくさ] /(n) vine/creeper/
4802 つる鍋 [つるなべ] /(n) pot with a bail for a handle/
4803 つる返し [つるがえし] /(n) (uk) digging up, removing sprouts from, and replanting tubers (esp. of the sweet potato) to make for a bigger end product/
4804 つれない /(adj-i) cold/indifferent/unfriendly/unsympathetic/unkind/
4805 つれ帰る [つれかえる] /(v5r) to bring (someone) back home/to take (someone) back home/
4806 つれ添う [つれそう] /(v5u,vi) to become a couple/to be man and wife/to be married to/
4807 つわ者 [つわもの] /(n) (1) soldier/warrior/(2) strong man/exceptional person/man of courage/
4808 つんけん /(adv,vs) crabbily/unsociably/
4809 つんつん /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) aloof/morose/pointed/
4810 つんでれ /(adj-f,n) (1) being on the surface sharp and sarcastic (tsuntsun) but underneath lovestruck and fawning (deredere)/characteristic of a gap between acted out actions and feelings in mind/(2) normally being sharp but at some prompt suddenly becoming lovestruck/hot-cold personality type/
4811 つんと /(adv) (1) prickly (attitude)/aloof/(vs) (2) to look standoffish/(3) acrid/sharp (smell)/(4) popping (e.g. of ears, sinuses, etc.)/
4812 つんのめる /(v5r,vi) to pitch (fall) forward/
4813 つんぼ桟敷 [つんぼさじき] /(n) (1) (sens) being kept uninformed/being cut off/out of the loop/(2) (arch) upper gallery (where one can't hear)/blind seat/
4814 づつ /(ok) (suf) (1) apiece/each/(2) at a time/piecemeal/(P)/
4815 づんと /(ok) (adv) much/
4816 て /(prt) casual quoting particle/(P)/
4817 てい /(n) (1) Di (ancient Chinese ethnic group)/(2) Chinese "root" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)/
4818 ていい /(exp,adj-i) (1) (after the ren'youkei form of a verb) indicates concession or compromise/(2) indicates permission/
4819 ていうか /(exp) I mean (used at the beginning of a sentence)/
4820 てかてか /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) gleaming/
4821 てきばき /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) briskly/quickly/promptly/
4822 てきぱき /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) briskly/quickly/promptly/
4823 てき儻 [てきとう] /(n) exceedingly wiser than the common man/
4824 てくてく /(adv) (on-mim) trudgingly/going long way at steady pace/(P)/
4825 てくシー /(n) (sl) going on foot/
4826 てこてこ /(n) sound of walking/
4827 てこの原理 [てこのげんり] /(n) principle of leverage/
4828 てっきり /(adv) surely/certainly/beyond doubt/(P)/
4829 てっさ /(n) (ksb:) fugu sashimi/
4830 てっぺんかけたか /(adv) (1) (obsc) calling sound of the lesser cuckoo/(n) (2) lesser cuckoo (Cuculus poliocephalus)/
4831 てつまん /(n) all-night Mah Jongg/
4832 てな /(prt) a sort of thing like/used after a phrase to modify the following noun/
4833 てば /(prt) (1) indicates emotional closeness or annoyance with someone/(2) indicates an indirect command by expressing annoyance (in sentence-final position)/
4834 ても /(conj,prt) (1) but/however/still/yet/although/even though/(suf) (2) even/even if/(3) or something/
4835 ても /(prt) (1) (abbr) even if/even though/(int) (2) wow/
4836 てもいい /(exp,adj-i) (1) (after the ren'youkei form of a verb) indicates concession or compromise/(2) indicates permission/
4837 てゆーか /(conj) (col) or rather (say)/or better (say)/or perhaps I should say/or, how should I put it,.../I mean/
4838 てらてら /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) gleamingly/shinily/
4839 てれながら /(n) feeling awkward/
4840 てれ隠し [てれかくし] /(n) hiding one's embarrassment/
4841 てんてこ舞 [てんてこまい] /(n,vs) whirl of busyness/humming with activity/bustling activity/
4842 てんてこ舞い [てんてこまい] /(n,vs) whirl of busyness/humming with activity/bustling activity/
4843 てんで /(adv) (not) at all/altogether/entirely/
4844 てんびん座 [てんびんざ] /(n) (constellation) Libra/the Scales/
4845 てんやわんや /(adj-no) hectic/topsy-turvy/chaotic/
4846 てん補 [てんぽ] /(n,vs) (1) supplementation/replenishment/(2) compensation/indemnification/
4847 て拳道 [てこんどー] /(n) (uk) Tae Kwon Do (kor:)/
4848 て成らない [てならない] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) unable to resist/unable to supress/
4849 で /(prt) (1) indicates location of action/at/in/(2) indicates time of action/(3) indicates means of action/cause of effect/by/(conj) (4) and then/so/(P)/
4850 であ /(aux) (abbr) (arch) to be/
4851 であります /(exp) (pol) to be (copula)/
4852 である /(v5r-i) to be (formal, literary)/
4853 であるから /(exp) therefore/and so/for that reason/accordingly/consequently/hence/
4854 であるからして /(exp) therefore/and so/for that reason/accordingly/consequently/hence/
4855 である体 [であるたい] /(n) literary form imparting a formal written nuance (with sentences ending in "de aru")/
4856 であれ /(conj) (1) even if/(2) (it doesn't matter) whether (A or B or ...)/whatever/(3) should/
4857 であろう /(aux) will/probably/may/I think/surely/I hope/I fear/it seems/
4858 でい岩 [でいがん] /(n) mudstone/
4859 でか /(n) (sl) detective/
4860 でかい /(adj-i) huge/gargantuan/(P)/
4861 でかい顔する [でかいかおする] /(exp,vs-i) (col) to act self-importantly/to be arrogant/to be high-handed/to puff up/
4862 でかい顔をする [でかいかおをする] /(exp,vs-i) (col) to act self-importantly/to be arrogant/to be high-handed/to puff up/
4863 でかちん /(n,adj-no) (sl) (vulg) large penis/huge dick/
4864 でかでか /(adv) (on-mim) in a big way/
4865 でかぱい /(n) (X) (vulg) huge breasts/
4866 できこと /(n) event/
4867 できちゃった結婚 [できちゃったけっこん] /(n) marriage due to unintended pregnancy/shotgun wedding/
4868 できちゃった婚 [できちゃったこん] /(n) marriage due to unintended pregnancy/shotgun wedding/
4869 できない相談 [できないそうだん] /(n) impossible proposition/unreasonable proposal/tall order/
4870 できるだけ早く [できるだけはやく] /(exp) as soon as possible/(P)/
4871 できる限り [できるかぎり] /(n) as ... as one can/
4872 できる限り早い [できるかぎりはやい] /(adj-i) as soon as possible/at the earliest time/
4873 できる限り早期 [できるかぎりそうき] /(n) as soon as possible/ASAP/
4874 でき婚 [できこん] /(n,vs) (abbr) shotgun marriage/
4875 でき次第 [できしだい] /(n-t) as soon as completed/
4876 でき上がる [できあがる] /(v5r,vi) (1) to be completed/to be finished/to be ready (e.g. to serve or eat)/(2) to be very drunk/
4877 でき損い [できそこない] /(n) failure/dead loss/washout/badly done/good-for-nothing/
4878 でくでく /(adv) (on-mim) plump/fat/
4879 でくの坊 [でくのぼう] /(n) (1) wooden doll/(2) blockhead/good-for-nothing/
4880 でこぴん /(n) poke in the forehead/
4881 でこピン /(n) poke in the forehead/
4882 でごんす /(exp) (arch) (pol) to be (copula)/
4883 でご座る [でござる] /(v5aru) (uk) (pol) to be/
4884 でさえ /(prt) even/but/however/(P)/
4885 でしょ /(ik) (exp) (1) (pol) seems/I think/I guess/I wonder/I hope/(2) don't you agree?/I thought you'd say that!/
4886 でしょう /(exp) (1) (pol) seems/I think/I guess/I wonder/I hope/(2) don't you agree?/I thought you'd say that!/(P)/
4887 です /(aux) (pol) polite copula in Japanese/(P)/
4888 ですか /(exp) (pol) indicates question (sentence end)/
4889 ですから /(conj) so/therefore/(P)/
4890 ですが /(conj) but/however/(and) yet/nevertheless/still/for all that/(P)/
4891 ですが何か [ですがなにか] /(exp) what if I am ..?/
4892 ですます体 [ですますたい] /(n) literary form imparting the nuance of polite speech (with sentences ending in "desu" and verbs ending in "masu")/
4893 です体 [ですたい] /(n) literary form imparting the nuance of polite speech (with sentences ending in "desu" and verbs ending in "masu")/
4894 でっかい /(adj-i) huge/gargantuan/(P)/
4895 でっち上げ [でっちあげ] /(n) (uk) fabrication/put-up job/trumped-up story/frame-up/hoax/
4896 でっち上げる [でっちあげる] /(v1,vt) (1) (uk) to fabricate/to invent/to make up (a story)/to hoax/to pull a hoax/(2) to frame someone/
4897 でっぷり /(n,vs,adj-f) stoutness/corpulence/
4898 でっぷりした /(adj-f) stout/fat/corpulent/portly/
4899 ででむし /(n) (arch) snail/
4900 でないと /(exp) without/but if/(P)/
4901 でなくて何だろう [でなくてなんだろう] /(exp) (uk) if not ... then what is it?/(this) is nothing other than .../
4902 でなければ /(exp) without/but if/(P)/
4903 でなければいけない /(exp) having to be/must be/should be/ought to be/
4904 でなければならない /(exp) having to be/must be/should be/ought to be/(P)/
4905 でなければならぬ /(exp) having to be/must be/should be/ought to be/
4906 では /(conj,int) then/well/so/well then/(P)/
4907 ではありますまいか /(exp) I wonder if it is not (something, a thing)/
4908 ではある /(exp,v5r-i) to be (in contrast to something that is not the case)/
4909 ではないか /(exp) (1) questioning (something)/(2) let's do (something)/(P)/
4910 ではまた /(exp) (abbr) see you later (used in casual correspondence and conversation)/goodbye/sincerely/
4911 では無さそう [ではなさそう] /(exp,aux) does not seem (to be)/
4912 でぶっちょ /(n,adj-na,adj-no) (derog) fatty/butterball/
4913 でぶでぶ /(adj-no,adj-na,adv,adv-to,vs) fat/
4914 でぶ専 [でぶせん] /(n) (sl) chubby-chasing (fat fetishism)/chubby-chaser/
4915 でも /(conj,prt) (1) but/however/still/yet/although/even though/(suf) (2) even/even if/(3) or something/(P)/
4916 でもある /(v5r-i) (1) to also be (formal, literary)/implies that as well as the earlier stated this is also the case/(2) to be ... or something/(P)/
4917 でもって /(prt) (uk) indicates means of action/cause of effect/by/
4918 でもない /(exp) (1) neither... nor... (with the implication that there are other "nor..." items)/(2) denying explicitly one thing and also denying implicitly other things as well/(3) not like (you)/not (your) usual self/(P)/
4919 でも医者 [でもいしゃ] /(n) quack (doctor)/
4920 でれっと /(adv,n,vs) (col) (on-mim) exhausted/lovestruck/logy/
4921 でれでれ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) exhausted/lovestruck/logy/fawning/mooning/
4922 でんぐり返る [でんぐりがえる] /(v5r,vi) to turn a somersault/to turn over (topsy-turvy)/to turn head over heels/
4923 でんと /(adv) imposingly/heavily/conspicuously/in a dignified manner/
4924 でん粉 [でんぷん] /(n) starch/
4925 で御座います [でございます] /(exp) (uk) (pol) to be (copula)/
4926 で御座ります [でござります] /(exp) (arch) (pol) to be (copula)/
4927 で御座る [でござる] /(v5aru) (uk) (pol) to be/
4928 で候 [でそう] /(aux) (pol) (arch) to be/
4929 で成らない [でならない] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) unable to resist/unable to supress/
4930 と /(prt,conj) (1) if/when/(2) and/(3) with/(4) particle used for quoting (with speech, thoughts, etc.)/(n) (5) (abbr) promoted pawn (shogi)/(P)/
4931 とあって /(conj) due to the fact that/because of/
4932 とあらば /(conj) if it is the case that/if/
4933 とあれば /(conj) if it is the case that/if/
4934 といったらない /(exp) (col) (used after adj.) nothing more ... than this/as .... as it could possibly be/
4935 といっても過言ではない [といってもかごんではない] /(exp,adj-i) it is no exaggeration to say/it is not too much to say/
4936 とうの昔 [とうのむかし] /(exp,n-t) a long time ago/
4937 とう嚢炎 [とうのうえん] /(n) navicular disease/navicular syndrome/
4938 とう鞳 [とうとう] /(adj-t,adv-to) (1) (uk) sound of bells or drums reverberating/(2) (uk) sound of water or waves resounding/
4939 とか /(prt,conj) among other things/such things as/or something like that/(P)/
4940 とき /(n) regular (stops at every station) Jouetsu-line Shinkansen/
4941 ときの声 [ときのこえ] /(n) war cry/battle cry/
4942 ときめき /(n) palpitation/throbbing/
4943 ときめく /(v5k,vi) to throb/to flutter/to palpitate/
4944 とき卵 [ときたまご] /(n) beaten egg/eggwash/
4945 とぎまぎ /(n,vs) confusion/bewilderment/embarrassment/
4946 とぎ汁 [とぎしる] /(n) water that has been used to wash rice/
4947 とぎ汁 [とぎじる] /(n) water that has been used to wash rice/
4948 とく /(v5k) to do something in readiness for/to get something (needful) done/
4949 とくだま /(n) Tokudama plantation lily/Hosta tokudama/
4950 とくの昔 [とくのむかし] /(exp,n-t) (obsc) a long time ago/
4951 とぐろを巻く [とぐろをまく] /(exp,v5k) (1) to coil itself (e.g. a snake)/(2) to loaf around/
4952 とけ込む [とけこむ] /(v5m,vi) (1) to melt into/to merge into/(2) to fit in/to adapt/to blend/
4953 とことこ /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) briskly with small steps/trotting/
4954 とことん /(adv,n) (to) the end/thoroughly/
4955 ところがどっこい /(exp) funny you should mention that/
4956 ところてん式に [ところてんしきに] /(adv) systematically/in turn/
4957 ところを /(prt,conj) although (it is a certain time or something is in a certain condition)/(P)/
4958 ところ狭し [ところせし] /(adv-to) crowded/overflowing/cramped/
4959 ところ狭し [ところせまし] /(adv-to) crowded/overflowing/cramped/
4960 とこを /(prt,conj) although (it is a certain time or something is in a certain condition)/
4961 とさかに来る [とさかにくる] /(exp,v5r) to get mad/
4962 とされる /(exp) ... is considered to .../
4963 としたら /(conj) if it happens that/if we make .../if we take .../if we assume .../
4964 としちゃ /(exp) as (for)/for/in the capacity of/
4965 としちゃあ /(exp) as (for)/for/in the capacity of/
4966 として /(exp) (1) as (i.e. in the role of)/for (i.e. from the viewpoint of)/(2) apart from... (used to change the topic)/(3) (before a negative form) even (e.g. "not even a single person")/(4) (after a volitional form) thinking that.../trying to.../(P)/
4967 としては /(exp) as (for)/for/in the capacity of/
4968 としても /(prt) assuming .../even if .../(P)/
4969 とじ針 [とじばり] /(n) large sewing needle/wool needle/
4970 とする /(exp,vs-i) (1) to try to .../to be about to do .../(2) to decide to .../(3) to take as/to treat as/(4) to use for/(5) to suppose that (such) is the case/to assume/(6) to decide that/to think that/(7) to make into/to change into/(8) to feel (e.g. after sound symbolism or psychological experience word)/to look/to feel like/(9) to intend/to have the intention/
4971 とすると /(conj) if we make .../if we take .../if we assume .../(P)/
4972 とすれば /(conj) if it happens that/if we make .../if we take .../if we assume .../(P)/
4973 とちる /(v5r,vt) (1) to flub (one's lines)/(v5r,vi) (2) to be flustered/to be confused/
4974 とち狂う [とちくるう] /(v5u,vi) to be playful/to gambol/to be amused (with something)/to play/to sport/to frolic/to joke/
4975 とち狂う [とちぐるう] /(v5u,vi) to be playful/to gambol/to be amused (with something)/to play/to sport/to frolic/to joke/
4976 とっくの昔 [とっくのむかし] /(exp,n-t) a long time ago/
4977 とったり /(n) arm bar throw (sumo)/
4978 とっちる /(v1,vi) to be flustered/to be confused/
4979 とっとと /(adv) (on-mim) quickly/hurriedly/
4980 とっぷり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) completely/fully/entirely/
4981 とっぽい /(adj-i) (col) pompous/affected/fresh/
4982 とて /(prt) (1) even/(2) even if/even though/(3) because of/on the grounds that/
4983 とと /(n) (children's term for) fish/
4984 とどの詰まり [とどのつまり] /(exp,adv) final outcome/final result/consequence/upshot/in the end/after all is said and done/
4985 とどまるところを知らない [とどまるところをしらない] /(exp) knowing no bounds/showing no signs of stopping or slowing down/
4986 とどめを刺す [とどめをさす] /(exp,v5s) (1) to finish off/to ensure (something) is dead/to deliver the coup de grace/(2) to put an end to/to deliver the final blow/(3) to be the best for A/
4987 となく /(suf,exp) adds vagueness and indirectness to the word or phrase it is used with/
4988 となったら /(exp) where ... is concerned/when it becomes/if it becomes/(P)/
4989 となりのサインフェルド /(n) Seinfeld (TV Show)/
4990 となりの芝生は青い [となりのしばふはあおい] /(exp) the grass is always greener on the other side/
4991 となる /(exp) to become/to amount to/
4992 となるために /(exp) (1) in order to be(come).../(2) since it amounts to.../(3) since it is advantageous to.../
4993 となると /(exp) where ... is concerned/when it comes to .../if it comes to .../as far as ... is concerned/(P)/
4994 となれば /(exp) where ... is concerned/when it becomes/if it becomes/(P)/
4995 とは /(prt) indicates word or phrase being defined/(P)/
4996 とは言うものの [とはいうものの] /(exp) (uk) having said that/be that as it may/(P)/
4997 とは言え [とはいえ] /(conj) (uk) though/although/be that as it may/nonetheless/
4998 とは限らない [とはかぎらない] /(exp) not necessarily so/is not always true/
4999 とは別に [とはべつに] /(adv) in addition to/apart from/
5000 とば口 [とばくち] /(n) (1) entrance/threshold/(2) beginning/first step/start/
5001 とびえい /(n) (uk) Japanese eagle ray (Myliobatis tobijei)/
5002 とびっきり /(adj-no,adv) extraordinary/superior/choice/
5003 とびっこ /(n) flying fish roe/
5004 とび出る [とびでる] /(v1,vi) (1) to project/to protrude/to pop out (e.g. eyes)/(2) to jump out/to rush out/
5005 とび職 [とびしょく] /(n) scaffolding or construction worker/steeplejack/
5006 とび職人 [とびしょくにん] /(n) scaffold constructor/steeplejack/
5007 とび色 [とびいろ] /(n) reddish brown/
5008 とべ /(n) (sl) last (in a contest)/
5009 とぼとぼ /(adv) (on-mim) totteringly/trudgingly/
5010 とまれ /(adv) anyway/in any case/
5011 とみて星 [とみてぼし] /(n) Chinese "Emptiness" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)/
5012 とも /(suf,prt) (1) certainly/of course/to be sure/rather/(2) even if/no matter (who, what, when, where, why, how)/(3) at the (least, earliest, etc.)/(P)/
5013 ともあろうもの /(exp) of all people (expression showing surprise at a high standing person's misbehavior)/
5014 ともし火 [ともしび] /(n) light/lamp/torch/
5015 ともすると /(exp,adv) (on-mim) apt to (do)/liable to/prone to/
5016 ともすれば /(adv) apt to (do)/liable to/prone to/
5017 ともろく /(n) (abbr) (sl) Internet friend or buddy list/
5018 とも言う [ともいう] /(exp) also called/
5019 とも星 [ともぼし] /(n) Chinese "root" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)/
5020 とも無く [ともなく] /(exp) (uk) phrase used to express the uncertainty or lack of intent in what precedes it/
5021 とも無しに [ともなしに] /(exp) (uk) to do something without any particular intention or mind to do so/
5022 とやかく言う [とやかくいう] /(exp,v5u) to say all kinds of things/to complain/to find fault (with)/
5023 とやら /(prt) indicates uncertainty or second hand nature of information quoted/
5024 とらの子 [とらのこ] /(n) (1) tiger cub/(2) treasure (as it is said that tigers treasure their young)/
5025 とりむね肉 [とりむねにく] /(n) chicken breast meat/
5026 とり囲む [とりかこむ] /(v5m,vt) to surround/to crowd around/
5027 とり貝 [とりがい] /(n) Japanese egg cockle (Fulvia mutica)/
5028 とり結ぶ [とりむすぶ] /(v5b,vt) (1) to make (a promise)/to conclude (a contract)/(2) to act as a go-between/to act as mediator/(3) to curry favour with/
5029 とり出す [とりだす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to take out/to produce/to pick out/(2) to fetch/to retrieve/
5030 とり払う [とりはらう] /(v5u,vt) to clear away/to remove/to demolish/
5031 とり戻す [とりもどす] /(v5s,vt) to take back/to regain/to get back/to recover/
5032 とる /(v5r) is being/
5033 とるに足りない [とるにたりない] /(exp,adj-i) of little importance/trivial/worthless/valueless/
5034 とろ /(n) fatty, more expensive tuna meat/(P)/
5035 とろい /(adj-i) slow (slightly pejorative)/dull/stupid/
5036 とろき星 [とろきぼし] /(n) Chinese "Turtle Beak" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)/
5037 とろくさい /(adj-i) (derog) dull/slow/stupid/
5038 とろっと /(vs) (1) to become syrupy/to become thick (e.g. when cooking)/(adv) (2) stickily/
5039 とろとろ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) dozing/drowsily/(2) simmering/(3) sticky/syrupy/(4) oily/brimming with melted fat/
5040 とろり /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) thick/viscous/(2) (on-mim) sleepy/
5041 とろろ芋 [とろろいも] /(n) yam/
5042 とろろ昆布 [とろろこぶ] /(n) (1) (uk) shredded kombu/(2) Kjellmaniella gyrata (species of kelp)/
5043 とろろ昆布 [とろろこんぶ] /(n) (1) (uk) shredded kombu/(2) Kjellmaniella gyrata (species of kelp)/
5044 とろん /(adv-to) (on-mim) appearing drowsy or intoxicated (of eyes, actions, etc.)/
5045 とろ火 [とろび] /(n) low flame (heat, gas)/
5046 とんかち /(n) (col) hammer/
5047 とんがり帽子 [とんがりぼうし] /(n) pointy hat/
5048 とんずら /(n,vs) (sl) fleeing/escape/
5049 とんだ /(adj-pn) (1) unthinkable/unimaginable/inconceivable/unexpected/(2) terrible/awful/serious/(adv) (3) (arch) very/(P)/
5050 とんでもありません /(adj-f) (1) unthinkable/unexpected/outrageous/offensive/(exp) (2) (col) absolutely not!/not at all!/far from it!/impossible!/preposterous!/what a thing to say!/no way!/bullshit/(3) don't mention it/you're welcome/
5051 とんでもございません /(adj-f) (1) unthinkable/unexpected/outrageous/offensive/(exp) (2) (col) absolutely not!/not at all!/far from it!/impossible!/preposterous!/what a thing to say!/no way!/bullshit/(3) don't mention it/you're welcome/
5052 とんでも無い [とんでもない] /(adj-f) (1) (uk) unthinkable/unexpected/outrageous/offensive/(exp) (2) (col) (uk) absolutely not!/not at all!/far from it!/impossible!/preposterous!/what a thing to say!/no way!/bullshit/(3) (uk) don't mention it/you're welcome/
5053 とんと /(adv) (on-mim) completely/not at all/
5054 とんとん /(adj-na,adv,n,adv-to) (on-mim) tap/rap-tap/tapping/(P)/
5055 とんとん拍子 [とんとんびょうし] /(adv) without a hitch/swimmingly/with rapid strides/
5056 とんど /(n) burning of New Year's gate decorations (usu. on the 15th day of the new year)/
5057 とんぶり /(n) belvedere fruit/field caviar/land caviar/mountain caviar/kochia seed/
5058 とんぼ返り [とんぼがえり] /(n,vs) (1) somersault/(2) returning from a destination right after arriving there/non-stop round trip/round trip without an overnight stop/(3) abrupt change of direction/
5059 と或る [とある] /(adj-pn) (uk) a certain .../
5060 と仮定して [とかていして] /(exp) assuming that .../supposing that .../
5061 と仮定しても [とかていしても] /(exp) even assuming that .../even granted that .../
5062 と覚しい [とおぼしい] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) thought to be/seen as/
5063 と共に [とともに] /(exp) together with/
5064 と金 [ときん] /(n) promoted pawn (shogi)/
5065 と見られる [とみられる] /(exp,v1) (followed by verb) believed to/expected to/feared to/poised to/considered to/likely to/
5066 と言う [という] /(exp) (uk) said/called thus/
5067 と言うか [というか] /(exp,adv) or perhaps I should say/or, how should I put it,..../
5068 と言うことだ [ということだ] /(exp) (1) I've heard that .../rumour has it that .../(2) it appears as if .../
5069 と言うことは [ということは] /(exp,adv) (uk) that is to say/so that means/
5070 と言うことはない [ということはない] /(exp) (uk) it is not possible (to, that)/there is no such thing as/(P)/
5071 と言うと [というと] /(conj) (1) (uk) if one were to speak of ..., then certainly/if it were the case that ..., then certainly/if it were a ..., then certainly/phrase used to indicate the inevitability of what follows it (based on what precedes it)/(2) so that means (when used in sentence-initial position)/
5072 と言うところ [というところ] /(exp) (1) (uk) a state called/a position described as/can sum up as/approximates to/(2) places known as/that called/(3) the place named/
5073 と言うところ [とゆうところ] /(exp) (1) (uk) a state called/a position described as/can sum up as/approximates to/(2) places known as/that called/(3) the place named/
5074 と言うのに [というのに] /(exp) even though/despite/when/
5075 と言うのは [というのは] /(exp) (1) (uk) means/is/(2) because (often with kara)/that is to say/
5076 と言うのも [というのも] /(exp) because/
5077 と言うもの [というもの] /(exp) (uk) something like .../something called .../(P)/
5078 と言うより [というより] /(exp) rather than/
5079 と言う所 [というところ] /(exp) (1) (uk) a state called/a position described as/can sum up as/approximates to/(2) places known as/that called/(3) the place named/
5080 と言う所 [とゆうところ] /(exp) (1) (uk) a state called/a position described as/can sum up as/approximates to/(2) places known as/that called/(3) the place named/
5081 と言う物 [というもの] /(exp) (uk) something like .../something called .../
5082 と言う訳だ [というわけだ] /(exp) this is why/this means/
5083 と言えど [といえど] /(exp) be (that) as it may/having said that/
5084 と言えなくもない [といえなくもない] /(exp) (one) could even say that/
5085 と言えなくも無い [といえなくもない] /(exp) (one) could even say that/
5086 と言えば [といえば] /(exp) speaking of/
5087 と言った [といった] /(conj) (uk) such ... as/or some such/
5088 と言ったら嘘になる [といったらうそになる] /(exp,v5r) I'd be lying if I said .../
5089 と言って [といって] /(exp) however/because/as/
5090 と言ってきかない [といってきかない] /(exp) insisting/
5091 と言ってしまえばそれまで [といってしまえばそれまで] /(exp) it is certain true that ... (but)/you can't argue that it's not ... (but)/
5092 と言っても [といっても] /(conj) (uk) although I say/although one might say/although called/(P)/
5093 と言ってもいい [といってもいい] /(exp) you could say/you might say/verging on the/
5094 と言ってもよい [といってもよい] /(exp) you could say/you might say/verging on the/
5095 と言っても過言ではない [といってもかごんではない] /(exp,adj-i) it is no exaggeration to say/it is not too much to say/
5096 と言っても良い [といってもいい] /(exp) you could say/you might say/verging on the/
5097 と言っても良い [といってもよい] /(exp) you could say/you might say/verging on the/
5098 と言って聞かない [といってきかない] /(exp) insisting/
5099 と言われる [といわれる] /(exp,v1) to be called .../to be referred to as .../
5100 と公言してはばからない [とこうげんしてはばからない] /(exp,adj-i) have no hesitation in stating (declaring)/
5101 と考えられる [とかんがえられる] /(exp,v1) one can think that .../it is conceivable that .../
5102 と思しい [とおぼしい] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) thought to be/seen as/
5103 と思われる [とおもわれる] /(exp,v1) be considered/be deemed/thought to be/
5104 と畜場 [とちくじょう] /(n) abattoir/slaughterhouse/
5105 と同じように [とおなじように] /(exp) in the same way as/just like/
5106 と同じ様に [とおなじように] /(exp) in the same way as/just like/
5107 と比べて [とくらべて] /(exp) compared with/
5108 と来たら [ときたら] /(exp) (uk) when it comes to .../concerning/where ... are concerned/
5109 ど /(pref) (1) (ksb:) precisely/exactly/plumb/totally/very/(2) derogatory prefix used before nouns & adjectives/
5110 どう /(int) whoa (command used to stop a horse, etc.)/
5111 どう /(ok) (pref) (1) (ksb:) precisely/exactly/plumb/totally/very/(2) derogatory prefix used before nouns & adjectives/
5112 どういう風に [どういうふうに] /(exp) in what way (do you mean)/
5113 どういう風の吹き回しか [どういうかぜのふきまわしか] /(exp) whatever brought that on?/
5114 どうか /(adv,n) please/somehow or other/
5115 どうかした /(exp) by mere chance/by some chance/somehow or other/in some way/
5116 どうかしたのか /(exp) is something up?/is something wrong?/
5117 どうかしたのですか /(exp) is something up?/is something wrong?/
5118 どうかしたんですか /(exp) is something up?/is something wrong?/
5119 どうかして /(exp) by mere chance/by some chance/somehow or other/in some way/
5120 どうかすると /(exp) there is a tendency/there is a possibility/
5121 どうかと言うと [どうかというと] /(exp) if you ask me .../as for .../
5122 どうかと思う [どうかとおもう] /(exp,v5u) to doubt/to have a problem with/to think badly of/
5123 どうかな /(exp) (1) how about ...?/(2) I wonder/I don't know/
5124 どうしたって /(adv) (col) by all means/no matter what/at any rate/
5125 どうしたの /(adj-f) what's the matter?/what's wrong?/
5126 どうしたもの /(exp) (col) what's up with/what's the deal with/what's to be done with/
5127 どうしたもん /(exp) (col) what's up with/what's the deal with/what's to be done with/
5128 どうしたら /(exp) how can (we, I, et al. do something)/
5129 どうしたら良い [どうしたらいい] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) what's the best thing to do?/
5130 どうしたら良い [どうしたらよい] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) what's the best thing to do?/
5131 どうしたん /(adj-f) what's the matter?/what's wrong?/
5132 どうした風の吹き回しか [どうしたかぜのふきまわしか] /(exp) whatever brought that on?/
5133 どうしてる /(exp) How did you like ...?/How about ...?/What's going on?/How's it going?/
5134 どうしますか /(exp) what would (you) do?/what to do about it/
5135 どうしょう /(ik) (exp) what to do/
5136 どうしよう /(exp) what to do/
5137 どうするか /(exp) what would (you) do?/what to do about it/
5138 どうせ /(adv) anyhow/in any case/at any rate/after all/at best/at most/at all/(P)/
5139 どうせなら /(conj) (if you want to do something) you might as well/
5140 どうぞ /(adv) (1) please/kindly/(2) by all means/(P)/
5141 どうぞ宜しく [どうぞよろしく] /(exp) (uk) pleased to meet you/
5142 どうだい /(exp) How did you like ...?/How about ...?/What's going on?/How's it going?/
5143 どうだっていい /(exp) inconsequential/indifferent/not worth worrying about/whatever you do is OK/trivial/
5144 どうってことはない /(exp) nothing special/no big deal/doesn't matter/
5145 どうであれ /(conj) however/whatever/
5146 どうであろうと /(exp) whatever (the case may be)/
5147 どうでもいい /(exp) inconsequential/indifferent/not worth worrying about/whatever you do is OK/trivial/(P)/
5148 どうと /(adv) (on-mim) crash/smash/bang/sound of a large, heavy object falling/
5149 どうということはない /(exp) nothing special/no big deal/doesn't matter/
5150 どうということもない /(exp) nothing special/no big deal/doesn't matter/
5151 どうど /(ok) (adv) (on-mim) crash/smash/bang/sound of a large, heavy object falling/
5152 どうどう /(int) whoa, whoa (command used to stop or quiet down a horse, etc.)/
5153 どうどうと /(adv) (on-mim) with roaring sound/
5154 どうにか /(adv,vs) in some way or other/one way or another/(P)/
5155 どうにかこうにか /(exp) somehow or other/
5156 どうにかして /(exp) by any means (possible)/somehow/
5157 どうにもならない /(exp) helpless/futile/situation about which nothing can be done/(P)/
5158 どうも /(int) (1) (abbr) thanks/(adv) (2) much (thanks)/very (sorry)/quite (regret)/(3) quite/really/(4) somehow/(5) no matter how hard one may try/(int) (6) greetings/hello/goodbye/(P)/
5159 どうも有難う [どうもありがとう] /(exp) Thank you/(P)/
5160 どうも有難うございます [どうもありがとうございます] /(exp) thank you very much/
5161 どうやったら /(exp) how (can)/by what means/
5162 どうやったらいい /(exp) what one should do (usu. in questions)/
5163 どうやって /(exp) how/in what way/by what means/
5164 どうやら /(adv) it seems like/it appears that/somehow or other/(P)/
5165 どうやらこうやら /(exp) somehow or other/
5166 どうゆう風に [どうゆうふうに] /(exp) in what way (do you mean)/
5167 どう言う [どういう] /(adj-pn) (uk) somehow/how/in what way/why/what kind of/
5168 どう言う風に [どういうふうに] /(exp) in what way (do you mean)/
5169 どう言う風に [どうゆうふうに] /(exp) in what way (do you mean)/
5170 どう仕様もない [どうしようもない] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) it cannot be helped/there is no other way/
5171 どう仕様も無い [どうしようもない] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) it cannot be helped/there is no other way/
5172 どう致しまして [どういたしまして] /(int) (uk) you are welcome/don't mention it/not at all/my pleasure/(P)/
5173 どう猛 [どうもう] /(adj-na,n) ferocity/truculence/
5174 どかっと /(adv) (on-mim) thuddingly/plumping down (like a heavy weight)/
5175 どかと /(adv) (on-mim) thuddingly/plumping down (like a heavy weight)/
5176 どかどか /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) noisily/with loud footsteps/(2) in a crowd/incessantly/all together/
5177 どかり /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) falling heavily/
5178 どかん /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) with a bang/
5179 どか食い [どかぐい] /(n,vs) eating a lot/excessive eating/
5180 どきっと /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) feeling a shock/startling/(P)/
5181 どきつく /(v5k,vi) to palpitate (with anxiety, etc.)/
5182 どきどき /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) throb/beat (fast)/(P)/
5183 どきり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) feeling shocked or startled/
5184 どきんと /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) feeling a shock/startling/
5185 どぎつい /(adj-i) gaudy/loud/garish/violent/harsh/
5186 どぎまぎ /(n,vs,adv) flurried/in a flutter/upset/nervous/
5187 どく /(v5k) to do something in readiness for/to get something (needful) done/
5188 どくどく /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) gushingly/copiously/profusely/in a steady stream/
5189 どくろマーク /(n) skull and crossbones/
5190 どけち /(n,adj-na) (uk) cheapskate/very miserly/
5191 どこからともなく /(exp) suddenly (appears) out of nowhere/
5192 どこであれ /(conj) whereever/
5193 どこのどいつ /(exp) Who on earth?/
5194 どこへともなく /(exp) suddenly disappears somewhere/
5195 どころ /(prt) particle used to indicate that what precedes it is an extreme example and strongly negates it/
5196 どこ吹く風 [どこふくかぜ] /(exp) something that doesn't concern one at all/
5197 どさくさ /(n,adv) confusion/turmoil/
5198 どさくさ紛れに [どさくさまぎれに] /(exp,adv) in the confusion of the moment/taking advantage of the confused state of affairs/
5199 どさっと /(adv) (on-mim) with a thud/
5200 どさどさ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) throwing down multiple objects in succession/(2) at once in great numbers/
5201 どさり /(adv-to) with a thud/
5202 どさ回り [どさまわり] /(n) touring/on the road/
5203 どさ回りをやる [どさまわりをやる] /(exp,v5r) to go on tour/to be on the road (e.g. theatre troupe) (theater)/
5204 どしどし /(adv) (on-mim) rapidly/constantly/one after the other/without hesitation/sound of tramping/(P)/
5205 どしゃ降り [どしゃぶり] /(n) downpour/pouring rain/cloudburst/pelting rain/heavy rain/
5206 どしり /(adv-to,adv) sound of an heavy object falling/
5207 どしん /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) plump/with a thud/heavily/
5208 どしんどしん /(adv-to) (on-mim) walking (with heavy steps)/tramping/lumbering/clumping/
5209 どじ /(adj-na,n) blunder/bungle/clumsiness/
5210 どじる /(v5r) to fail/to mess up/to bungle/to screw the pooch/
5211 どじを踏む [どじをふむ] /(exp,v5m) to bungle/to make a blunder/
5212 どすこい /(n) sumo exclamation/
5213 どすっ /(adv-to) kerplunk/smack/bang/
5214 どすん /(int,adv-to) (on-mim) bam/whomp/thump/
5215 どす黒い [どすぐろい] /(adj-i) darkish/dusky/
5216 どたどた /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) noisily (esp. the noise of heavy feet)/
5217 どたばた /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) noisily (esp. the noise of heavy feet)/(n) (2) (abbr) slapstick/(P)/
5218 どたばた喜劇 [どたばたきげき] /(n) slapstick comedy/
5219 どたりと /(adv) (on-mim) with a flop/flump/plump/
5220 どたん /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) thud/
5221 どたキャン /(n,vs) (abbr) last-minute cancellation/
5222 どちみち /(n) whichever/whatever/
5223 どちらか /(n) either/one (of the two)/
5224 どちらかと言うと [どちらかというと] /(exp) (uk) if pushed I'd say/if I had to say then/
5225 どちらかと言えば [どちらかといえば] /(exp) if pushed I'd say/if I had to say then/
5226 どちらにしても /(exp) either way/in any case/one way or another/
5227 どちらにしろ /(exp) whichever one one chooses/either way/
5228 どちらにせよ /(exp) in either case (used specifically in the instance of two possible outcomes or situations)/either way/one way or another/(P)/
5229 どちら共 [どちらとも] /(n) (uk) both/
5230 どちら様 [どちらさま] /(exp) (1) (hon) (id) who are you?/(n) (2) (hon) who/
5231 どち狂う [どちぐるう] /(v5u,vi) to be playful/to gambol/to be amused (with something)/to play/to sport/to frolic/to joke/
5232 どっかと /(adv) (on-mim) with a thump/floppingly/
5233 どっかり /(adv-to) (on-mim) plunk (down something heavy)/flump (into a chair)/
5234 どっきり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) feeling shocked or startled/
5235 どっきりカメラ /(n) candid-camera/candid-camera footage/
5236 どっこい /(exp) heigh-hoh/heave-ho/hold on!/just a minute/
5237 どっこいどっこい /(adj-na) about the same/about equal to/close match/
5238 どっさり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) lot of/heaps/
5239 どっしり /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) bulky and heavy/massive/massy/substantial/
5240 どっちか /(n) either/one (of the two)/
5241 どっと /(adv) (on-mim) suddenly/
5242 どっぴゅ /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) sound of something being powerfully ejected/
5243 どっぷり /(adj-na,adv,adv-to) (on-mim) totally (immersed in something, e.g. liquid, work)/addicted/
5244 どっぷりと漬かる [どっぷりとつかる] /(exp,v5r) to be deeply submerged/
5245 どつぼ /(adj-na) state of profound sadness/
5246 どでかい /(adj-i) huge/gargantuan/
5247 どないしたん /(exp) (osb:) what's the matter?/
5248 どなたか /(n) (hon) someone/
5249 どなり立てる [どなりたてる] /(v1) to stand and shout/
5250 どの位 [どのくらい] /(exp,n,n-adv) (uk) how long/how far/how much/(P)/
5251 どの位 [どのぐらい] /(exp,n,n-adv) (uk) how long/how far/how much/(P)/
5252 どの場合にも [どのばあいにも] /(exp) in any case/in either case/whichever the case may be/
5253 どの道 [どのみち] /(adv) anyway/anyhow/at any rate/in any case/
5254 どの辺 [どのへん] /(n) whereabouts/(P)/
5255 どの面さげて [どのつらさげて] /(exp) How could I (you, etc.) ...?/How dare you (they, etc.) (have the nerve to) ...?/
5256 どの面下げて [どのつらさげて] /(exp) How could I (you, etc.) ...?/How dare you (they, etc.) (have the nerve to) ...?/
5257 どの様 [どのよう] /(exp,adj-na) how/
5258 どの様なこと [どのようなこと] /(n) what kind (of thing)/
5259 どぶ /(n) (abbr) unrefined sake/
5260 どぶに捨てる [どぶにすてる] /(exp,v1) to throw down the drain/to waste/
5261 どぶん /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) plop/splash/
5262 どぶ鼠 [どぶねずみ] /(n) (1) (uk) brown rat (Rattus norvegicus)/common rat/Norway rat/(2) dark grey (colour, color)/dark gray/(3) secret evil-doer/
5263 どぶ漬 [どぶづけ] /(n) drenching/soaking/marinating/
5264 どぶ板 [どぶいた] /(n) boards covering a ditch (drainage, sewage, etc.)/
5265 どぼん /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) plop/splash/
5266 どや /(n) cheap lodging or flophouse, especially in a skid row area or slum/
5267 どやし付ける [どやしつける] /(v1,vt) (1) (uk) to strike/to hit/(2) to give hell to/
5268 どやす /(v5s) (1) to shout at/(2) (arch) to hit/to beat/
5269 どやどや /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) sound of many footsteps/
5270 どや街 [どやがい] /(n) flophouse area/flophouse district/flophouse quarter/
5271 どや顔 [どやがお] /(n) self-satisfied look/triumphant look/
5272 どら /(n-pref,n) (1) loafing/indolent/lazy/debauched/profligate/(int) (2) hey/
5273 どら焼き [どらやき] /(n) Japanese dessert consisting of two slices of kasutera (sponge cake) with red bean jam in between/
5274 どら声 [どらごえ] /(n) gruff voice/
5275 どら猫 [どらねこ] /(n) stray cat/
5276 どれか /(n) (1) which one/(2) one of/any of/
5277 どれだけ /(exp) how long/how much/to what extent/(P)/
5278 どれでも /(n) any one/(P)/
5279 どれにも /(exp) none (in sentence with negative verb)/
5280 どれ位 [どれくらい] /(exp,n) (uk) how long/how far/how much/
5281 どれ位 [どれぐらい] /(exp,n) (uk) how long/how far/how much/
5282 どれ一つ [どれひとつ] /(exp) not one (in sentence with negative verb)/
5283 どれ程 [どれほど] /(adv,n) (uk) how much (long, far)/
5284 どろどろ /(adj-na,adv,n,adj-no) (on-mim) syrupy/muddled/(P)/
5285 どろり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) thick (of a liquid)/muddy/gooey/
5286 どろん /(n,vs) absconding/taking oneself off/slipping out (home) unnoticed early (e.g. from work, out of parties, etc.)/
5287 どん /(pref) (1) very/totally/(2) polite suffix used after a person's name (often of an apprentice; used much more broadly in southern Kyushu)/(n,adv-to) (3) bang (e.g. of large drum, signal pistol, etc.)/with a thud/sound when slamming something down/
5288 どんぐりの背比べ [どんぐりのせいくらべ] /(exp) having no outstanding characteristics (lit: height comparison among acorns)/to all seem about the same/bragging competition ("pissing contest") concerning matters of little importance/
5289 どんけつ /(n) (uk) tail end/very bottom/the lowest rank/
5290 どんだけ /(exp) what a ..... (word used to show strong emotion, emphasis, punchlines, etc.)/
5291 どんちゃん騒ぎ [どんちゃんさわぎ] /(n) merrymaking/high jinks/spree/
5292 どんつく /(v5k) to make a drumming noise/
5293 どんでん返し [どんでんがえし] /(n) (sudden) complete reversal (of plot)/unexpected twist (at end of story)/
5294 どんど /(n) burning of New Year's gate decorations (usu. on the 15th day of the new year)/
5295 どんどん /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) drumming (noise)/(2) rapidly/steadily/(P)/
5296 どんど焼 [どんどやき] /(n) burning of New Year's gate decorations (usu. on the 15th day of the new year)/
5297 どんど焼き [どんどやき] /(n) burning of New Year's gate decorations (usu. on the 15th day of the new year)/
5298 どんな /(adj-pn) what/what kind of/(P)/
5299 どんなに /(adv) how/how much/(P)/
5300 どんぴしゃり /(int) exactly right!/dead on/
5301 どんぶらこ /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) tumbling/
5302 どんぶり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) plop/splash/
5303 どんぶりこ /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) plop/splash/(2) (on-mim) tumbling/
5304 どんより /(n,vs,adv) (1) heavy/leaden/dull/(2) glazed (eyes)/
5305 どん詰まり [どんづまり] /(n) (uk) (dead) end/end of the line/
5306 どん詰り [どんづまり] /(n) (uk) (dead) end/end of the line/
5307 どん尻 [どんじり] /(n) tail end/tailender/
5308 どん底 [どんぞこ] /(n) very bottom/
5309 どアホ /(n) (uk) (ksb:) total idiot/fuck-wit/
5310 ど阿呆 [どあほ] /(n) (uk) (ksb:) total idiot/fuck-wit/
5311 ど阿呆 [どあほう] /(n) (uk) (ksb:) total idiot/fuck-wit/
5312 ど偉い [どえらい] /(adj-i) immense/awesome/enormous/terrific/
5313 ど演歌 [どえんか] /(n) quintessential enka/enka with age-old lyrical themes set to a haunting traditional-style melody/
5314 ど下手 [どべた] /(n,adj-na) very unskillful/extremely awkward/
5315 ど根性 [どこんじょう] /(n) utter gutsiness/
5316 ど真ん中 [どまんなか] /(n,adj-no) (col) right in the center (centre)/
5317 ど真中 [どまんなか] /(n,adj-no) (col) right in the center (centre)/
5318 ど田舎 [どいなか] /(n) remote countryside/boondocks/the sticks/
5319 ど頭 [どたま] /(n) (uk) (derog) head/dome/bean/nob/noggin/
5320 ど突く [どつく] /(v5k) to jab/to hit/to punch/to stand out/
5321 ど突く [どづく] /(ok) (v5k) to jab/to hit/to punch/to stand out/
5322 ど忘れ [どわすれ] /(n,vs) lapse of memory/forgetting for a moment something one knows well/(something) slipping one's mind/
5323 な /(prt) (1) (sentence end, mainly masc.) indicates emotion or emphasis/(2) (abbr) (used with masu stem verb) command/(3) (used with dictionary form verb) prohibition/(P)/
5324 なあ /(int) (fam) hey/say/look/used to get someone's attention or press one's point/
5325 なあなあ /(n) complicit/colluding/
5326 ない /(aux-adj) (1) not (verb-negating suffix; may indicate question or invitation with rising intonation)/(suf,adj-i) (2) emphatic suffix (used after the root of an adjective)/(P)/
5327 ないか /(exp) (1) (used to ask a question in the negative) won't (hasn't, isn't, doesn't, etc.)/(2) (used to make invitations, express desires or give indirect commands) won't you/
5328 ないことには /(exp) (with verb stem) unless you do something/
5329 ないちゃー /(n) (rkb:) person from any part of Japan that is not also part of Okinawa/
5330 ないで /(conj,aux) (1) without doing .../(aux) (2) used in sentence-final position as an indirect prohibition/
5331 ないでは居られない [ないではいられない] /(exp,adj-i) (uk) feel compelled to/can't help but feel/can't help but do/
5332 ないと行けない [ないといけない] /(exp,adj-i) (1) (uk) (after negative base of verb) have to (verb)/must (verb)/(2) is indispensable/absolutely necessary/(P)/
5333 ないと行けません [ないといけません] /(exp) (1) (uk) (after negative base of verb) have to (verb)/must (verb)/(2) is indispensable/absolutely necessary/
5334 ないのではないか /(exp) I think (something) won't (something)/probably (something) isn't (something)/
5335 ないよりはまし /(exp) better than a poke in the eye/better than none at all/
5336 ないよりまし /(exp) better than a poke in the eye/better than none at all/
5337 ない交ぜにする [ないまぜにする] /(exp,vs-i) to blend (e.g. truth and lies)/to mix together (e.g. kanji and kana)/
5338 ない内に [ないうちに] /(exp) (after neg. stem of verb) before it becomes (verb)/before (an undesirable thing occurs)/
5339 ない乳 [ないちち] /(n) (uk) (col) very small breasts/
5340 なう /(suf,v5u) (after a noun, etc.) to do .../
5341 なえ /(adv) (arch) accompanying/at the same time as/together with/
5342 なえに /(adv) (arch) accompanying/at the same time as/together with/
5343 なおこ /(n) long thin brown "naoko" mushroom/
5344 なお更 [なおさら] /(adv) all the more/still less/
5345 なお書 [なおがき] /(n) proviso/
5346 なかば眠っている [なかばねむっている] /(exp,v1) to be half asleep/
5347 なかろう /(exp) probably not so/
5348 ながし眼 [ながしめ] /(n) (1) sidelong glance/(2) flirtatious glance/
5349 ながし目 [ながしめ] /(n) (1) sidelong glance/(2) flirtatious glance/
5350 ながら族 [ながらぞく] /(n) people who study or work while listening to the radio (or watching television, etc.)/
5351 なぎ倒す [なぎたおす] /(v5s,vt) to mow down/to beat/to cut a swath/to sweep off one's feet/
5352 なくても良い [なくてもいい] /(exp) (1) (after neg. stem of verb) need not (verb)/(not) have to/expressing absence of obligation or necessity/(2) need not have/need not exist/
5353 なくても良い [なくてもよい] /(exp) (1) (after neg. stem of verb) need not (verb)/(not) have to/expressing absence of obligation or necessity/(2) need not have/need not exist/
5354 なぐり倒す [なぐりたおす] /(v5s) to knock down/to knock out/
5355 なけばならない /(exp) have to do/must/should/ought to/
5356 なければいけない /(exp) have to do/must/should/ought to/(P)/
5357 なければならない /(exp) have to do/must/should/ought to/(P)/
5358 なければならぬ /(exp) have to do/must/should/ought to/
5359 なければなりません /(exp) have to do/must/should/ought to/(P)/
5360 なければなるまい /(exp) (after neg. verb stem) ought to (verb)/should (verb)/
5361 なごりの雪 [なごりのゆき] /(n) (1) lingering snow/(2) snowfall at the end of the winter or the beginning of spring/
5362 なごり雪 [なごりゆき] /(n) (1) lingering snow/(2) snowfall at the end of the winter or the beginning of spring/
5363 なさい /(aux) do (imperative form often used after ~masu base of verbs)/
5364 なしで済ます [なしですます] /(exp,v5s) to do without/
5365 なし崩し [なしくずし] /(n) (1) paying back in installments (instalments)/amortization plan/(adv) (2) gradual reduction/little by little/
5366 なじみ深い [なじみぶかい] /(adj-i) extremely intimate/very well-acquainted/
5367 なすがまま /(exp) at someone's (something's) mercy/
5368 なすり合い [なすりあい] /(n) recrimination/
5369 なずらえ歌 [なずらえうた] /(n) allusive form (of waka)/
5370 なせば成る [なせばなる] /(exp) (id) if you have a mind to do something, you can do it/if you do, it will become .../where there is a will.../
5371 なぞ /(prt,n-suf) (col) et cetera/etc./and the like/and so forth/
5372 なだれ込む [なだれこむ] /(v5m,vi) to rush or crowd into/to surge into/
5373 なってない /(exp) to be unacceptable/
5374 なつあし /(n) kanji radical 35 when at the bottom (as in the character for summer)/
5375 なつい /(adj-i) (abbr) (sl) dear/desired/missed/
5376 なつメロ /(n) (abbr) nostalgic melody/
5377 なで回す [なでまわす] /(v5s) to pat (e.g. dog)/to rub/to stroke/to fondle/
5378 なにかいい手はないか [なにかいいてはないか] /(exp) what would be a good way to do it?/
5379 なに食わぬ顔 [なにくわぬかお] /(exp) innocent look/nonchalant look/air of innocence/
5380 なの /(aux) (fem) (col) feminine copula/
5381 なのだ /(aux) it is assuredly that .../can say with confidence that .../
5382 なのである /(aux) it is assuredly (that).../can say with confidence that it is.../
5383 なのです /(aux) it is assuredly that .../can say with confidence that .../
5384 なのに /(conj) and yet/despite this/but even so/but even then/however/nevertheless/for all that/notwithstanding that/
5385 なはる /(v4r,aux-v) (hon) (arch) to do/
5386 なぶり殺し [なぶりごろし] /(n) torture to death/torment to death/
5387 なへに /(adv) (arch) accompanying/at the same time as/together with/
5388 なべに /(adv) (arch) accompanying/at the same time as/together with/
5389 なべ物 [なべもの] /(n) stew/food cooked in a pot/
5390 なまこ板 [なまこいた] /(n) corrugated iron sheet/
5391 なまこ板 [なまこばん] /(n) corrugated iron sheet/
5392 なまめ星 [なまめぼし] /(n) Chinese "Wall" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)/
5393 なまり節 [なまりぶし] /(n) boiled and half-dried bonito/
5394 なま足 [なまあし] /(n) (sl) bare legs/bare feet/
5395 なみなみ /(adv,adv-to) to the brim/
5396 なめし革 [なめしがわ] /(n,adj-no) (1) leather/tanned animal hide/suede/(2) kanji "tanned leather" radical (radical 178)/
5397 なよなよ /(adv-to,adv,vs) delicately/weakly/gently/supplely/
5398 なら /(aux) (1) if/in case/if it is the case that/if it is true that/(2) as for/on the topic of/(conj) (3) (col) (abbr) if that's the case/if so/that being the case/(P)/
5399 ならず者 [ならずもの] /(n,adj-no) ruffian/scamp/hooligan/
5400 ならず者国家 [ならずものこっか] /(n) rogue nation/rogue state/
5401 ならでは /(n-suf) but/except/without/but for/
5402 ならではの /(exp,aux) distinctive of/characteristic of/uniquely applying to/special to/
5403 ならともかく /(exp) it's different when ... but/it's not so bad when ... but/
5404 ならない /(exp) (1) cannot help (doing, etc.)/irresistibly/unbearably/(2) must not do/bad/wrong/not good/(P)/
5405 ならぬ /(exp) (1) cannot help (doing, etc.)/irresistibly/unbearably/(2) must not do/bad/wrong/not good/
5406 ならば /(aux) (1) if/in case/if it is the case that/if it is true that/(conj) (2) (col) (abbr) if that's the case/if so/that being the case/(3) if possible/if circumstances allow/(P)/
5407 なり /(prt) (1) or/whether or not/(2) (after dictionary form verb) as soon as/right after/(3) (after past tense verb) while still/with previous state still in effect/(P)/
5408 なりけり /(exp,aux-v) (arch) auxiliary verb indicating the speaker's personal recollection or something they've heard (e.g. "was", "wasn't it?", "is said to have ...", etc.)/
5409 なりに /(prt) in one's own way or style/(P)/
5410 なる /(suf,adj-f) (1) (arch) that is in/(2) who is called/that is called/(3) that is/
5411 なれど /(conj) but/however/
5412 なれども /(conj) (arch) but/however/
5413 なれの果て [なれのはて] /(exp) the mere shadow of one's former self/the ruin of what one once was/
5414 なれ合い [なれあい] /(n) collusion/conspiracy/illicit intercourse/liaison/
5415 なれ鮨 [なれずし] /(n) (uk) old-style fermented sushi (pickled in brine rather than vinegar)/
5416 なわ編み [なわあみ] /(n) cable stitch/
5417 なわ編み針 [なわあみばり] /(n) cable needle (knitting)/
5418 なをん /(n) (col) woman/
5419 なんか /(exp,suf) things like .../or something like that ... (often derogatory)/(P)/
5420 なんくるない /(exp) (rkb:) don't worry - be happy/
5421 なんじゃそりゃ /(exp) (col) what's that?/
5422 なんじゃらほい /(int) What!/
5423 なんぞ /(prt,n-suf) (col) et cetera/etc./and the like/and so forth/
5424 なんたらかんたら /(exp) something or other (often used in place of a word or phrase that has been forgotten)/
5425 なんだ /(aux) it is assuredly that .../can say with confidence that .../
5426 なんだよおい /(int) What!/
5427 なんちゃって /(int) (1) (col) just kidding!/(pref) (2) fake/
5428 なんて /(suf) (1) such as/(things) like/(2) exclamation/(P)/
5429 なんてこった /(exp) (col) Oh no!/Holy cow!/Damn!/
5430 なんて目じゃない [なんてめじゃない] /(exp) it's not a problem/it's not a big deal/(person or thing) can be easily beaten or bettered (by one)/
5431 なんです /(aux) it is assuredly that .../can say with confidence that .../
5432 なんでも屋 [なんでもや] /(n) (1) Jack of all trades/(2) general merchant/
5433 なんでよっ /(adv) Why?/Why not?/What for?/What's wrong?/
5434 なんでよつ /(adv) Why?/Why not?/What for?/What's wrong?/
5435 なんど /(prt,n-suf) (col) et cetera/etc./and the like/and so forth/
5436 なんにしても /(exp) even so/
5437 なんやかんや /(n) one thing or another/this and that/something or another/
5438 に /(prt) indicates such things as location of person or thing, location of short-term action, etc./(P)/
5439 にあっては /(conj) in/on/at/during/in the condition of/(P)/
5440 にいにい蝉 [にいにいぜみ] /(n) (uk) Kaempfer cicada (Platypleura kaempferi)/
5441 にかけて /(exp) (1) till/to/over (a period)/through (e.g. Monday through Thursday)/about (approx. time or place)/on/(2) concerning (an area of expertise)/(3) to swear by (one's sword, God, etc.)/(P)/
5442 にかけては /(exp) when it comes to/at home with/being a master of/being clever at/
5443 にかたくない /(exp) not hard to... (in certain circumstances, it would be possible)/
5444 にかわって /(exp) (1) instead of/replacing/(2) on behalf of/
5445 にかわり /(exp) (1) instead of/replacing/(2) on behalf of/
5446 にきび面 [にきびづら] /(n) face covered with pimples/
5447 にこっと /(adv) pleasantly smiling/
5448 にこっと笑う [にこっとわらう] /(exp,v5u) to smile pleasantly/
5449 にこぽん /(n) (1) backslapping/a smile and a tap on the shoulder/(2) backslapper/someone who smiles and gives you a slap on the shoulder/someone who wins people over/
5450 にこやか /(adj-na,n) smiling/(P)/
5451 にこよん /(n) day laborer (slang term)/
5452 にこり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) smile (sweetly)/grin/
5453 にして /(exp) (1) only/just because/(2) although/even/(3) at (place, time)/in (time span)/
5454 にしては /(exp) for (e.g. "she dances well for an eight-year old")/considering it's (something or someone)/
5455 にしても /(exp) even if/(P)/
5456 にして置く [にしておく] /(exp,v5k) (uk) to leave as/to view as/to maintain the status quo/
5457 にしろ /(exp) though/even if/whether ... or .../
5458 にじみ出る [にじみでる] /(v1,vi) to exude/to ooze/to seep out/
5459 にじり寄る [にじりよる] /(v5r,vi) to sidle up to/
5460 にじり口 [にじりぐち] /(n) small door which leads into a tea ceremony hut/
5461 にする /(exp,vs-i,vt) (1) to place, or raise, person A to a post or status B/(2) to transform A to B/to make A into B/to exchange A for B/(3) to make use of A for B/to view A as B/to handle A as if it were B/(4) to feel A about B/(5) to decide (on something)/
5462 にせよ /(exp) granted that/even if/even though/
5463 にせ医者 [にせいしゃ] /(n) quack/quack doctor/fake doctor/
5464 にたつく /(v5k,vi) to have (break out into) a broad (suggestive) grin/
5465 にたにた /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) broad grin/
5466 にたり /(adv-to) smirkingly/smugly/broadly/
5467 にちゃにちゃ /(adv,n,vs) slimy/
5468 にっこり /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) smile sweetly/smile/grin/(P)/
5469 にっこり笑う [にっこりわらう] /(exp,v5u) to smile cheerfully/to crack a smile/
5470 にて /(prt) indicates location of action (formal literary form of "de")/at/in/(P)/
5471 になって初めて [になってはじめて] /(exp) (it was) not until/(it was) only when/
5472 になる /(suf) (1) becomes/will become/turns out/(2) (with "o" and masu-stem of verb) grammatical form creating an honorific verbal expression/(P)/
5473 になると /(exp) when it becomes/when it comes to/(P)/
5474 には /(prt) for (in regard to)/in order to/
5475 には及ばない [にはおよばない] /(exp) (1) (uk) (after a verb) there is no need to/it is fine if you don't/unnecessary/(2) (after a noun) does not match/out of reach of/
5476 にべ /(n) (1) (uk) drum/croaker (any fish of the family Sciaenidae)/(2) (uk) Nibe croaker (Nibea mitsukurii)/
5477 にも /(exp) also/too/not ... either/as well/even/
5478 にも関らず [にもかかわらず] /(conj,exp) in spite of/nevertheless/
5479 にも関わらず [にもかかわらず] /(conj,exp) in spite of/nevertheless/(P)/
5480 にも拘らず [にもかかわらず] /(conj,exp) in spite of/nevertheless/(P)/
5481 にも拘わらず [にもかかわらず] /(conj,exp) in spite of/nevertheless/
5482 にゃ /(exp) (1) if not ... (negative conditional)/(2) for (in regard to)/in order to/
5483 にゃあ /(n) mewing (cat)/meow/miaow/
5484 にゃあにゃあ /(n) (1) (baby talk for) cat/(2) mewing (of a cat)/meow/miaow/
5485 にゃお /(n) mewing (cat)/meow/miaow/
5486 にゃにゃ /(n,vs) (1) cat meow/miaow/(n) (2) cat/(n,vs) (3) sexual intercourse/making out/
5487 にゃんこ /(n) (chn) kitty cat/
5488 にゃんにゃん /(n,vs) (1) cat meow/miaow/(n) (2) cat/(n,vs) (3) sexual intercourse/making out/
5489 にやつく /(v5k) to smirk/to grin broadly/
5490 にやにや /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) grinning/broad grin/smirk/(P)/
5491 にやり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) broadly grinning/
5492 にょきにょき /(adv) shooting up one after another/
5493 にょきりにょきり /(adv-to) (on-mim) feelings/memories/imagined items or dreams that sprout up one after the other/
5494 にょっきり /(adv) sticking out prominently (usu. something long and thin)/rising up/
5495 にょろにょろ /(adv,vs) slitheringly/wriggling, slipping and sliding/
5496 によって異なる [によってことなる] /(exp,v5r) to differ depending on .../(P)/
5497 にらいかない /(n) paradise across the ocean (folk belief of Okinawa & Amami)/
5498 にらみ付ける [にらみつける] /(v1,vt) to glare at/to scowl at/
5499 にわか雨 [にわかあめ] /(n,adj-no) rain shower/
5500 にわたって /(exp) throughout/over a period of .../over a span of .../
5501 にんまり /(n,vs,adv) complacent smile/
5502 にんまり笑う [にんまりわらう] /(exp,v5u) to smile complacently/to smile a smile of satisfaction/
5503 にん傷に及ぶ [にんじょうにおよぶ] /(exp,v5b) to come to bloodshed/
5504 に依って [によって] /(exp) (uk) according to/by (means of)/due to/because of/
5505 に依り [により] /(exp) (uk) according to/by (means of)/due to/because of/
5506 に依る [による] /(exp,v5r) (uk) by means of/due to/because of/according to/
5507 に依ると [によると] /(exp) (uk) according to (someone)/
5508 に依れば [によれば] /(exp) (uk) according to (quotation)/
5509 に違いない [にちがいない] /(exp) I am sure/no doubt that/must/must have (done)/
5510 に因って [によって] /(exp) (uk) according to/by (means of)/due to/because of/
5511 に因り [により] /(exp) (uk) according to/by (means of)/due to/because of/
5512 に因る [による] /(exp,v5r) (uk) by means of/due to/because of/according to/
5513 に因れば [によれば] /(exp) (uk) according to (quotation)/
5514 に因んで [にちなんで] /(exp) (uk) named after/associated with/connected with/
5515 に影響されて [にえいきょうされて] /(exp) influenced by/in response to/in the wake of/triggered by/following/
5516 に越したことはない [にこしたことはない] /(exp) it is better to/it is best to/
5517 に沿って [にそって] /(exp,adv) along/parallel to/in accordance with/
5518 に於いて [において] /(exp) (uk) in/on/at (place)/as for/regarding/
5519 に於ける [における] /(exp) (uk) in/at/on/as for/regarding/with regards to/
5520 に応じて [におうじて] /(exp) depending on/dependent on/
5521 に加え [にくわえ] /(exp) in addition/
5522 に加えて [にくわえて] /(exp) in addition/(P)/
5523 に過ぎない [にすぎない] /(exp) no more than/just/only/
5524 に関し [にかんし] /(exp) related to/in relation to/
5525 に関して [にかんして] /(exp) related to/in relation to/
5526 に関する [にかんする] /(exp) related to/in relation to/
5527 に基づいて [にもとづいて] /(exp) based on/on the basis of/
5528 に基づき [にもとづき] /(exp) based on/
5529 に拠る [による] /(exp,v5r) (uk) by means of/due to/because of/according to/
5530 に拠れば [によれば] /(exp) (uk) according to (quotation)/
5531 に限って [にかぎって] /(exp) (particularly) when ... (often in phrases like "the bus just has to be on-time when we are late")/(only) for .../if we are restricting the discussion to.../in the particular case of/(P)/
5532 に限らず [にかぎらず] /(conj) not limited to/not just .../
5533 に限る [にかぎる] /(exp,v5r) nothing better than/
5534 に際して [にさいして] /(exp) on the occasion of/at the time of/(P)/
5535 に似て [ににて] /(exp) similar to/like/
5536 に取って [にとって] /(exp) (uk) to/for/concerning/as far as ... is concerned/regarding/
5537 に就いて [について] /(exp) (uk) concerning/along/under/per/
5538 に就て [について] /(exp) (uk) concerning/along/under/per/
5539 に准じて [にじゅんじて] /(exp) in proportion (to)/
5540 に準じて [にじゅんじて] /(exp) in proportion (to)/
5541 に照らして [にてらして] /(exp) in comparison with/when compared with/according to/in light of/in view of/
5542 に乗っとり [にのっとり] /(exp) (uk) in compliance with/in accordance with/
5543 に続いて [につづいて] /(exp) (temporal or logical sense) following .../in the wake of .../
5544 に続く [につづく] /(exp,v5k) (temporal or logical sense) follow .../come after .../
5545 に他ならない [にほかならない] /(exp) it is nothing else but/it is nothing short of/it is simply that/
5546 に対し [にたいし] /(exp) towards/against/regarding/in contrast with/
5547 に対して [にたいして] /(exp) towards/against/regarding/in contrast with/
5548 に対する [にたいする] /(exp) regarding/in/to/towards/with regards to/
5549 に置いて [において] /(iK) (exp) (uk) in/on/at (place)/as for/regarding/
5550 に超したことはない [にこしたことはない] /(exp) it is better to/it is best to/
5551 に当たって [にあたって] /(exp) (uk) at the time of (ind. opportunity or situation where something should be done)/
5552 に伴い [にともない] /(exp) as/because/with/due to/
5553 に反して [にはんして] /(exp) against/contrary to/
5554 に比べ [にくらべ] /(exp) compared to/
5555 に付いて [について] /(exp) (uk) concerning/along/under/per/
5556 に付き [につき] /(exp) per/apiece/because of/regarding/(printing) impression/sociability/appearance/
5557 に劣らず [におとらず] /(adv) (uk) just like/the same as/no different than/
5558 に連れ [につれ] /(conj) (uk) as X, then Y (e.g. as we age we gain wisdom, as wine matures it becomes more valuable, etc.)/
5559 に連れて [につれて] /(conj) (uk) as X, then Y (e.g. as we age we gain wisdom, as wine matures it becomes more valuable, etc.)/
5560 ぬ /(aux-v,suf) (1) (after the -nai stem of a verb) not (verb-negating suffix)/(2) (arch) indicates completion/
5561 ぬうっと /(adv) (on-mim) suddenly/abruptly/
5562 ぬえ的 [ぬえてき] /(adj-na) mysterious/strange/sphinx-like/enigmatic/noncommital/
5563 ぬき足 [ぬきあし] /(n) stealthy footsteps/
5564 ぬぐい去る [ぬぐいさる] /(v5r) to rub out/to clean off/to clear away/to efface/to erase/
5565 ぬぐい取る [ぬぐいとる] /(v5r,vt) to wipe off/to wipe out/to expunge/
5566 ぬこ /(n) (col) cat (net slang)/
5567 ぬすみ食い [ぬすみぐい] /(n) sneaking a bite/snitching food/
5568 ぬたうつ /(v5t,vi) to roll around in the grass or mud/
5569 ぬたくる /(v5r,vi) to scrawl/to daub/
5570 ぬっと /(adv) (on-mim) suddenly/abruptly/
5571 ぬめっと /(adv) (on-mim) glistening/shiny/sleek/slippery/
5572 ぬめ革 [ぬめかわ] /(n) cow hide tanned using tannin/
5573 ぬらぬら /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) slimy/slippery/
5574 ぬらりくらり /(adv,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) lazy/evasive/non-commital/slippery as an eel/
5575 ぬりこ星 [ぬりこぼし] /(n) Chinese "Willow" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)/
5576 ぬるぬる /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) slimy/slippery/(P)/
5577 ぬるま湯 [ぬるまゆ] /(n) tepid water/lukewarm water/
5578 ね /(prt) (1) (sentence end) indicates emphasis, agreement, request for confirmation, etc./is it so/(int) (2) hey/come on/(P)/
5579 ねえ /(prt) (1) (sentence end) indicates emphasis, agreement, request for confirmation, etc./is it so/(int) (2) hey/come on/
5580 ねぎだく /(n) containing more onions or leeks than usual (of gyudon, etc.)/
5581 ねじりゴム編み [ねじりゴムあみ] /(n) twisted rib stitch (knitting)/
5582 ねじり秤 [ねじりばかり] /(n) torsion balance/
5583 ねじり鉢巻きで [ねじりはちまきで] /(exp,adv) as hard as one can/with one's whole heart/
5584 ねじれ国会 [ねじれこっかい] /(n) the two houses of the Diet being controlled by different parties (lit: twisted parliament)/
5585 ねじれ秤 [ねじればかり] /(n) torsion balance/
5586 ねじ花 [ねじばな] /(n) screw flower/
5587 ねじ回し [ねじまわし] /(n) screwdriver/
5588 ねじ曲がる [ねじまがる] /(v5r) to be twisted/to be wrapped/to be distorted/
5589 ねじ曲げる [ねじまげる] /(v1,vt) to twist/to distort/
5590 ねじ込む [ねじこむ] /(v5m,vt) to screw in/to thrust into a container/to protest against (and demand compensation)/
5591 ねじ式 [ねじしき] /(adj-no,n) screw type/screw-on/threaded/
5592 ねじ釘 [ねじくぎ] /(n) screw/screw spike/
5593 ねじ伏せる [ねじふせる] /(v1,vt) to hold down/to twist one's arm/
5594 ねずみ講 [ねずみこう] /(n) pyramid scheme/
5595 ねずみ算 [ねずみさん] /(n) (1) geometric progression/(2) proliferation/multiplying like rats/
5596 ねずみ算 [ねずみざん] /(n) (1) geometric progression/(2) proliferation/multiplying like rats/
5597 ねずみ取り [ねずみとり] /(n) (1) mousetrap/rattrap/(2) speed trap/(3) rat poison/
5598 ねた /(n) (1) material/joke material/contents/proof/(2) topping of nigiri sushi/(P)/
5599 ねちこい /(adj-i) persistent/obstinate/stubborn/pigheaded/
5600 ねちっこい /(adj-i) persistent/obstinate/stubborn/pigheaded/
5601 ねちねち /(adv-to,n,vs) (on-mim) sticky/persistent/
5602 ねっとり /(adv,adv-to,vs) viscously/stickily/
5603 ねつ造 [ねつぞう] /(n,vs) fabrication/forgery/falsehood/hoax/
5604 ねとねと /(adv,vs) sticky/gooey/sirupey/
5605 ねば /(exp) if not ... (negative conditional)/
5606 ねばならない /(exp) have to do/must/should/ought to/
5607 ねばならぬ /(exp) have to do/must/should/ought to/
5608 ねばなりません /(exp) have to do/must/should/ought to/
5609 ねばなるまい /(exp) (after neg. verb stem) ought to (verb)/should (verb)/
5610 ねばり強い [ねばりづよい] /(adj-i) tenacious/persevering/persistent/stubborn/steadfast/
5611 ねぶた /(n) (1) nighttime festival in Aomori/(adj-na) (2) drowsy (Aomori dial.)/
5612 ねぶた祭り [ねぶたまつり] /(n) nighttime festival in Aomori/
5613 ねんね /(n,vs) bed-time (for a baby)/going bye-byes/
5614 の /(prt) indicates possessive among other uses (for full details and examples see the main entry (linked))/
5615 のうのう /(adv-to) (id) (on-mim) careless/carefree/
5616 のか /(prt) endorsing and questioning the preceding statement (sentence ending particle)/lamenting reflections on the preceding statement (sentence ending particle)/
5617 のぎ /(n) (arch) small fish bone stuck in one's throat/
5618 のけ者 [のけもの] /(n) outcast/odd man out/pariah/
5619 のけ者にする [のけものにする] /(exp,vs-i) to shun somebody/to send a person to Coventry/to ignore someone/
5620 のこのこ /(adv) (on-mim) unconcernedly/nonchalantly/
5621 のさばる /(v5r) to act as one pleases/to throw one's weight around/to have everything one's own way/
5622 のしのし /(adv-to) (on-mim) walking heavily/lumbering/
5623 のしのしと歩く [のしのしとあるく] /(exp,v5k,vi) to walk heavily and clumsily/to lumber/
5624 のしを付ける [のしをつける] /(exp,v1) (uk) to make a gift of/
5625 のし歩く [のしあるく] /(v5k,vi) to swagger/
5626 のすり /(n) (uk) common buzzard (Buteo buteo)/
5627 のそのそ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) slowly/
5628 のそり /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) moving slowly (and dull-wittedly)/
5629 のぞき込む [のぞきこむ] /(v5m,vt) to look into/to peer in/
5630 のぞのぞ /(exp) slowly/sluggishly/
5631 のぞみ /(n) extra-high-speed Toukai-line Shinkansen/(P)/
5632 のたうち回る [のたうちまわる] /(v5r,vi) to writhe/
5633 のたくる /(v5r,vi) to wriggle/to writhe/to squirm/
5634 のたりのたり /(exp) undulating/rolling slowly/gently swelling/
5635 のたれ死に [のたれじに] /(n,vs) (sens) dying by the roadside/dying a dog's death/
5636 のた打つ [のたうつ] /(v5t) (uk) to writhe/to squirm/to wriggle/
5637 のだ /(exp) the expectation is that .../the reason is that .../the fact is that .../it is that .../(P)/
5638 のっけ /(n) the very beginning/
5639 のっしのっし /(adv-to) (on-mim) walking heavily/lumbering/
5640 のっそり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) sluggishly/
5641 のっと /(adv) (on-mim) suddenly/abruptly/
5642 のっぺらぼう /(adj-na) (1) smooth/flat/lacking bumps and dents/(2) featureless/uneventful/(n) (3) mythical being with flat featureless face/
5643 のっぺり /(adv) flat/smooth/expressionless/blank/
5644 のっぽ /(n) tall lanky person/bean pole/daddy-longlegs/
5645 ので /(prt) that being the case/because of .../the reason is ..../given that.../(P)/
5646 のです /(exp) the expectation is that .../the reason is that .../the fact is that .../it is that .../(P)/
5647 のどから手が出る [のどからてがでる] /(exp,v1) to want something desperately/to want something (so badly one can taste it)/
5648 のどが渇く [のどがかわく] /(exp,v5k) to be thirsty/
5649 のどが乾く [のどがかわく] /(exp,v5k) to be thirsty/
5650 のどに詰まる [のどにつまる] /(exp,v5r) to stick in one's throat/to choke on something/
5651 のど飴 [のどあめ] /(n) throat lozenge/cough drop/
5652 のど自慢 [のどじまん] /(n) (1) singing contest/(2) person proud of their voice/
5653 のど袋 [のどぶくろ] /(n) dewlap/gular pouch/
5654 のに /(prt) (1) although/when/and yet/despite this/in spite of/even though/but even so/but even then/however/nevertheless/for all that/notwithstanding that/(2) while/(3) if only/I wish/(4) I tell you/you should do/(5) in order to/(P)/
5655 のべつ /(adv) ceaselessly/continually/all the time/incessantly/
5656 のべつ幕なし [のべつまくなし] /(adv) without a break/without stopping/incessantly/ceaselessly/
5657 のべつ幕無し [のべつまくなし] /(adv) without a break/without stopping/incessantly/ceaselessly/
5658 のほほんと /(adv) (on-mim) nonchalantly/without a care/
5659 のぼせ上がる [のぼせあがる] /(v5r,vi) to be beside oneself/to lose one's head/to go mad with something/
5660 のぼり詰める [のぼりつめる] /(v1,vi) (1) to go to the top/to climb to the top/to ascend to the top/to reach the summit (e.g. of a mountain)/(2) to be engrossed in/to be very enthusiastic about/to be infatuated with/
5661 のみ /(suf,prt) only/nothing but/(P)/
5662 のみならず /(conj) besides/as well as/
5663 のみの市 [のみのいち] /(n) flea market/
5664 のみ込む [のみこむ] /(v5m,vt) (1) to gulp down/to swallow deeply/(2) to understand/to take in/to catch on to/to learn/to digest/
5665 のみ取り首輪 [のみとりくびわ] /(n) flea collar/
5666 のめのめ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) shamelessly/
5667 のめり込む [のめりこむ] /(v5m,vi) to be completely absorbed in/to fall for (something)/
5668 のめる /(v5r,vi) to fall forward/
5669 のらくら /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) vaguely/idly/lazily/aimlessly/
5670 のらりくらり /(adv,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) lazy/evasive/non-commital/slippery as an eel/
5671 のりのり /(adj-f) in high spirits/
5672 のり巻き [のりまき] /(n) (food) vinegared rice rolled in nori (laver)/
5673 のり面 [のりめん] /(n) slope (e.g. of embankment)/
5674 のろけ話 [のろけばなし] /(n) (uk) speaking fondly of/
5675 のろのろ /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) slowly/sluggishly/(P)/
5676 のんけ /(n) (male) (sl) heterosexual male (as viewed by homosexual males)/
5677 のんどり /(n,adv,vs) tranquility/tranquillity/leisure/
5678 のんびり /(adv,n,vs) carefree/at leisure/(P)/
5679 のんびり屋 [のんびりや] /(n) easygoing person/
5680 のんべんだらり /(adv-to) idly/sluggishly/doing nothing/
5681 の為に [のために] /(aux) (uk) for the sake of/because/(P)/
5682 の下に [のもとに] /(exp) (1) (uk) under the supervision of/(2) underneath/(3) on the basis of/
5683 の許に [のもとに] /(exp) (1) (uk) under the supervision of/(2) underneath/(3) on the basis of/
5684 の向かいに [のむかいに] /(adv) opposite of/across from/
5685 の度に [のたびに] /(exp,aux) (uk) on the occasion of/(P)/
5686 の度に [のたんびに] /(exp,aux) (uk) on the occasion of/
5687 の辺に [のあたりに] /(exp) (1) (uk) on the shores of/by the side of (e.g. rivers, ponds)/(2) in the neighborhood of/in the neighbourhood of/in the vicinity of/close by/near/by/
5688 の辺に [のほとりに] /(exp) (1) (uk) on the shores of/by the side of (e.g. rivers, ponds)/(2) in the neighborhood of/in the neighbourhood of/in the vicinity of/close by/near/by/
5689 の辺りに [のあたりに] /(exp) (1) (uk) on the shores of/by the side of (e.g. rivers, ponds)/(2) in the neighborhood of/in the neighbourhood of/in the vicinity of/close by/near/by/
5690 の辺りに [のほとりに] /(exp) (1) (uk) on the shores of/by the side of (e.g. rivers, ponds)/(2) in the neighborhood of/in the neighbourhood of/in the vicinity of/close by/near/by/
5691 の余り [のあまり] /(exp) so much (something) as to (e.g. so moved as to cry)/overwhelmed/carried away/because of too much/
5692 の様に [のように] /(adv) (1) (uk) like/similar to/(2) as with/in the same way/
5693 は /(int) (1) yes/indeed/well/(2) ha!/(3) what?/huh?/(4) sigh/
5694 は /(prt) (1) topic marker particle/(2) indicates contrast with another option (stated or unstated)/(3) adds emphasis/(P)/
5695 はあ /(int) (1) yes/indeed/well/(2) ha!/(3) what?/huh?/(4) sigh/
5696 はあとめーる /(n) postcards associated with Respect-for-the-Aged Day, and sold every year starting in September (wasei: heart mail)/
5697 はあはあ /(n) (on-mim) gasp/pant/
5698 はい /(int) (1) (pol) yes/(2) OK (used to get attention prior to an utterance)/okay/(3) giddy-up/giddap/(P)/
5699 はい /(n) (arch) lotus root/
5700 はいはい /(int) (col) yeah, yeah (used for half-hearted or insincere agreement)/
5701 はい芽 [はいが] /(n) embryo bud/germ/
5702 はい回る [はいまわる] /(v5r,vi) to creep about/
5703 はい作業主任者 [はいさぎょうしゅにんしゃ] /(n) bulk loading safety officer/
5704 はえぬき /(n) Haenuki (variety of rice)/
5705 はがき大 [はがきだい] /(n) postcard size/
5706 はきはき /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) briskly/smartly/promptly/clearly/lucidly/
5707 はぎ取り [はぎとり] /(n) stripping/skinning/tearing/removing/
5708 はぎ取る [はぎとる] /(v5r,vt) to tear off/to strip/to rob/
5709 はくしょん /(int,vs) achoo!/atishoo!/sneeze/
5710 はく製 [はくせい] /(n,vs,adj-no) (1) stuffing/mounting/(n) (2) stuffed animal/
5711 はぐる /(v5r,vt) to roll up (e.g. sleeves)/to turn over/
5712 はけ口 [はけぐち] /(n) (1) outlet (e.g. for water or gas)/(2) market (for something)/(3) outlet (e.g. for excess energy)/vent (e.g. for emotions)/
5713 はげ上がる [はげあがる] /(v5r) to become bald from the forehead/to recede/
5714 はげ頭 [はげあたま] /(n,adj-no) (1) bald head/(2) baldness/
5715 はこべ塩 [はこべじお] /(n) (obsc) chickweed (stitchwort) roasted and mixed with salt, then ground into a powder for use as toothpaste/
5716 はしごを掛ける [はしごをかける] /(exp,v1) to set a ladder up against/
5717 はしご車 [はしごしゃ] /(n) hook-and-ladder truck/
5718 はしご酒 [はしござけ] /(n) barhopping/
5719 はしご段 [はしごだん] /(n) step/stair/staircase/
5720 はした金 [はしたがね] /(n) odd money/loose change/small (paltry) sum (of money)/chicken feed/(mere) pittance/
5721 はしどい /(n) Japanese tree lilac (Syringa reticulata)/
5722 はじき飛ばす [はじきとばす] /(v5s,vt) to flick off/to give ... the flick/to send something flying/to hit (a person)/to knock down/
5723 はじけ飛ぶ [はじけとぶ] /(v1,vi) to pop off/to pop out/to fly off/to shoot off/to burst open/
5724 はす /(n) (uk) three-lips (freshwater fish of the minnow family, Opsariichthys uncirostris)/
5725 はずがない /(exp) cannot (do)/it is impossible that.../
5726 はずだ /(exp) be supposed or expected to (do)/be sure to (do)/ought to (do)/
5727 はずです /(exp) be supposed or expected to (do)/be sure to (do)/ought to (do)/
5728 はず押し [はずおし] /(n) pushing up with hands under opponent's armpits (sumo)/armpit push/
5729 はたかぜ型護衛艦 [はたかぜがたごえいかん] /(n) Hatakaze class destroyer/
5730 はたたく /(v5k,vi) (arch) to resound loudly (of thunder, etc.)/
5731 はたと /(adv) suddenly/sharply (to cast a glance, to make a sound)/
5732 はたはた /(n) flutter/flap (sound representing something light such as cloth or feathers moving in the wind)/
5733 はためく /(v5k,vi) to flutter (e.g. a flag)/
5734 はた迷惑 [はためいわく] /(adj-na,n) nuisance to other people/inconvenience to others/
5735 はだ脱ぐ [はだぬぐ] /(v5g,vi) (1) to remove one's shirt thus revealing the skin/to remove the upper part of one's garments/(2) to work with great effort/
5736 はちきん /(n) (tsb:) strong independent Japanese woman from the Kochi area/
5737 はちの子 [はちのこ] /(n) (food) hornet larva (esp. of yellowjacket species Vespula flaviceps)/bee larva/
5738 はちぶんぎ座 [はちぶんぎざ] /(n) Octans (constellation)/the Octant/
5739 はちみつ酒 [はちみつしゅ] /(n) mead/honey wine/ambrosia/nectar of the gods/
5740 はち切れる [はちきれる] /(v1,vi) to be filled to bursting/to burst/
5741 はっきり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) clearly/plainly/distinctly/(P)/
5742 はっくしょん /(int,vs) achoo!/atishoo!/sneeze/
5743 はっけよい /(int) phrase shouted by a sumo referee when both rikishi have stopped moving/
5744 はったい /(n) (uk) parched flour, esp. barley (can be drunk in hot water with sugar)/
5745 はったり /(n) bluff/
5746 はっちゃける /(v1) to make merry and forgot one's troubles/to do as one pleases/
5747 はって行く [はっていく] /(v5k-s) to creep/to crawl/
5748 はっと /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) taken aback/
5749 はっと息を呑む [はっといきをのむ] /(exp,v5m) to gasp in or with surprise/
5750 はっ着 [はっちゃく] /(n,vs) arrival and departure/
5751 はつい星 [はついぼし] /(n) Chinese "Encampment" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)/
5752 はつゆき型護衛艦 [はつゆきがたごえいかん] /(n) Hatsuyuki class destroyer/
5753 はつ恋 [はつこい] /(n) first love/puppy love/
5754 はて /(int) (1) Dear me!/Good gracious!/(2) well ... (used before sentences expressing a doubt)/let me see/now .../
5755 はてさて /(exp) (id) Let me see/
5756 はてな /(int) (1) Dear me!/Good gracious!/(2) well ... (used before sentences expressing a doubt)/let me see/now .../
5757 はてなマーク /(n) question mark/
5758 はと座 [はとざ] /(n) (constellation) Columba/
5759 はと目 [はとめ] /(n) eyelet/
5760 はなきり /(n) (arch) cutting off the nose (form of punishment in ancient China)/
5761 はにかみ屋 [はにかみや] /(n) shy/very shy person/
5762 はね上がる [はねあがる] /(v5r,vi) to jump up/to spring up/
5763 はね飛ばす [はねとばす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to send (something) flying/to splatter/(2) to drive (something) off/
5764 はね返る [はねかえる] /(v5r) to rebound/to recoil/to spring back up/
5765 ははあ /(int) Aha!/
5766 はばき /(n) metal collar mounted between a sword blade and the hand guard/
5767 はまち /(n) (uk) (ksb:) young Japanese amberjack/young yellowtail/
5768 はまり込む [はまりこむ] /(v5m) (1) to get stuck in/to be mired in/(2) to be addicted to/
5769 はまり道 [はまりみち] /(n) road to (figurative) addiction/
5770 はまり役 [はまりやく] /(n) well-suited role/
5771 はみパン /(n) (abbr) (sl) having part of one's underwear exposed from their shorts/
5772 はみ出し [はみだし] /(n) jutting out (of bounds)/being crowded out/
5773 はみ出す [はみだす] /(v5s,vi) (1) to be forced out/to be crowded out/(2) to jut out (of bounds)/
5774 はみ出る [はみでる] /(v1,vi) (1) to jut out (of bounds)/(2) to be crowded out/to be forced out/
5775 はみ乳 [はみちち] /(n) (sl) exposed breasts/
5776 はめ込み [はめこみ] /(n) (1) insertion/inlaying/(2) (math) immersion/
5777 はめ込む [はめこむ] /(v5m,vt) (1) to inlay/to insert/to set/(2) (math) to plug in (to a formula)/to immerse/(3) to trick/to deceive/
5778 はめ殺し [はめごろし] /(n) fixed fitting/
5779 はめ倒す [はめたおす] /(v5s) (col) to make love/
5780 はやり病 [はやりやまい] /(n) epidemic/
5781 はやり目 [はやりめ] /(n) conjunctivitis/pink eye/epidemic keratoconjunctivitis/
5782 はらはら /(adv,vs,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) heart going pit-a-pat/falling rapidly in big drops/fluttering down/(2) keeping on tenterhooks/suspense/(3) exciting/thrilling/
5783 はらみ /(n) skirt steak/tender beef around the diaphragm/
5784 はららご /(n) (uk) hard roe (esp. salmon)/
5785 はらり /(adv-to,adv) gently (falling)/
5786 はりはり /(n) thin, dried strips of daikon soaked in vinegar and other flavorings/
5787 はりはり漬け [はりはりつけ] /(n) thin, dried strips of daikon soaked in vinegar and other flavorings/
5788 はり合わせる [はりあわせる] /(v1) to paste together/
5789 はり札 [はりふだ] /(n,vs) poster/notice/
5790 はり師 [はりし] /(n) acupuncturist/
5791 はり紙 [はりがみ] /(n) paper patch/paper backing/poster/sticker/label/
5792 はり付け [はりつけ] /(n) (comp) paste/
5793 はる /(v5r,aux-v,suf) (hon) (ksb:) to do/
5794 はるしお型潜水艦 [はるしおがたせんすいかん] /(n) Harushio class submarine/
5795 はるじおん /(n) common fleabane/Philadelphia fleabane (Erigeron philadelphicus)/
5796 はるじょおん /(n) common fleabane/Philadelphia fleabane (Erigeron philadelphicus)/
5797 はるな型護衛艦 [はるながたごえいかん] /(n) Haruna class destroyer/
5798 はん /(suf) (ksb:) Mr/Mrs/Ms/-san/
5799 はんなり /(adv-to,adv,vs) (ksb:) elegant/lively but restrained/quietly beautiful/
5800 はん用レジスタ [はんようレジスタ] /(n) (comp) general purpose register/
5801 はん用階層ファイルモデル [はんようかいそうファイルモデル] /(n) (comp) general hierarchical model/
5802 はん用体 [はんようたい] /(n) (comp) generic unit/
5803 はん用定義 [はんようていぎ] /(n) (comp) generic definitions/
5804 はん用的試験項目 [はんようてきしけんこうもく] /(n) (comp) generic test case/
5805 はん用的試験項目群 [はんようてきしけんこうもくぐん] /(n) (comp) generic test suite/
5806 は種 [はしゅ] /(n,vs) sowing/seeding/planting/
5807 は虫類 [はちゅうるい] /(n) reptiles/
5808 ば /(prt) indicates supposition/if ... then/(P)/
5809 ばあちゃん /(n) (fam) granny/grandma/gran/female senior-citizen/(P)/
5810 ばい煙 [ばいえん] /(n) dirty smoke/soot and smoke/
5811 ばい貝 [ばいがい] /(n) whelk/small water snails/
5812 ばい菌 [ばいきん] /(n) (1) (col) germ/germs/bacteria/mold (mould)/(2) something harmful (used figuratively)/vermin/(P)/
5813 ばかっぽい /(adj-i) geeky/geekish/
5814 ばかを見る [ばかをみる] /(exp,v1) to feel like an idiot/to make a fool of yourself/
5815 ばか者 [ばかもの] /(n) (derog) moron/idiot/stupid person/
5816 ばか笑い [ばかわらい] /(n,vs) horse laugh/guffaw/wild laughter/
5817 ばか騒ぎ [ばかさわぎ] /(n,vs) horseplay/fooling around/
5818 ばきっ /(adv-to) snapping (i.e. branch)/
5819 ばくち打ち [ばくちうち] /(n) (1) professional gambler/(2) gambling/
5820 ばくんちょ /(n) (1) (sl) eating in one bite/(2) sexual intercourse/
5821 ばく大 [ばくだい] /(adj-na,n) enormous/vast/
5822 ばさばさ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) rustle/loose/
5823 ばさりと /(adv) (on-mim) with a thud/
5824 ばたつく /(v5k,vi) to clatter/to flap (noisily)/to rattle/to walk around being unable to settle down/
5825 ばたばた /(n,vs,adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) flapping/rattling (sound)/noisily/clattering noise/(n) (2) commotion/kerfuffle/(P)/
5826 ばたり /(adv) with a flop/
5827 ばた脚 [ばたあし] /(n) flutter kick (swimming)/the thrash/
5828 ばた足 [ばたあし] /(n) flutter kick (swimming)/the thrash/
5829 ばちゃん /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) with a splash/
5830 ばちん /(adv-to) (on-mim) (with a) slap/smack/
5831 ばっくれ /(n) (1) (sl) feigning ignorance/(2) evading one's responsibilities/
5832 ばっくれる /(v1) (1) (sl) to feign ignorance/(2) to evade one's responsibilities/
5833 ばっくんちょ /(n) (1) (sl) eating in one bite/(2) sexual intercourse/
5834 ばっさばっさ /(adv-to,adv) rapidly/flapping wings/
5835 ばっさり /(adv) with a single stroke/resolutely/drastically/completely/
5836 ばったり /(adv) with a clash (thud)/with a bang/plump/flop/suddenly/abruptly/unexpectedly/
5837 ばっちい /(adj-i) (sl) dirty (word used by kids)/unclean/
5838 ばっちり /(adv) perfectly/properly/right on the mark/sure thing/
5839 ばってん /(conj) (kyu:) but/however/although/
5840 ばっと /(adv) (on-mim) suddenly/in a flash/rapidly/nimbly/alertly/
5841 ばっ気 [ばっき] /(n,vs) aeration/
5842 ばつ /(n,adj-no) (1) one's circumstances or condition, esp. compared to that of another/(2) coherence (e.g. of a conversation)/
5843 ばついち /(n) divorced (once) (lit: strike one, i.e. one name struck from the koseki)/
5844 ばつが悪い [ばつがわるい] /(exp,adj-i) awkward/uncomfortable/embarrassing/
5845 ばつの悪い [ばつのわるい] /(adj-i) awkward/uncomfortable/embarrassing/
5846 ばつを合わせる [ばつをあわせる] /(exp,v1) to make one's story to seem coherent/to adjust one's story to fit the situation/
5847 ばてる /(v1,vi) to be exhausted/to be worn out/(P)/
5848 ばね仕掛け [ばねじかけ] /(n,adj-no) clockwork (motor, etc.)/spring action/
5849 ばね指 [ばねゆび] /(n) trigger finger/flexor tendinitis/
5850 ばね秤 [ばねばかり] /(n) spring balance/spring scale/pull tension gauge/
5851 ばば /(n) shit/bullshit/
5852 ばば抜き [ばばぬき] /(n) old maid/living without one's mother-in-law/
5853 ばむ /(suf,v5m) to be ...y (suffix indicating that something is in the state of the preceding noun, etc.)/
5854 ばやい /(n-adv,n) case/situation/(slangy version of baai)/
5855 ばらす /(v5s,vt) (1) to expose/to lay open (e.g. secret)/(2) to take to pieces/(3) to kill/to murder/(P)/
5856 ばらつき /(n) scattering (e.g. in statistics)/a scatter/dispersion/
5857 ばらつく /(v5k,vi) to rain (drops on the large side)/to go to pieces/to be taken apart/
5858 ばらばら /(adj-na,adj-no,adv,vs) (on-mim) scattered/disperse/loose/disconnected/in pieces/in drops/rustling/
5859 ばらばら事件 [ばらばらじけん] /(n) murder case in which the victim is chopped into pieces/mutilation murder case/
5860 ばらまき政治 [ばらまきせいじ] /(n) money politics/pork-barrel politics/
5861 ばら荷 [ばらに] /(n) bulk goods/
5862 ばら撒き [ばらまき] /(n) (1) (uk) broadcasting (e.g. seed)/disseminating/(2) distributing (e.g. favours)/pork barrelling/
5863 ばら蒔く [ばらまく] /(v5k,vt) (uk) to disseminate/to scatter/to give money freely/
5864 ばら寿司 [ばらずし] /(n) (ksb:) type of sushi with a variety ingredients sprinkled on the rice/
5865 ばら色 [ばらいろ] /(n) rose-colour/rose-color/
5866 ばら肉 [ばらにく] /(n) boned rib (esp. of pork)/
5867 ばら鮨 [ばらずし] /(n) (ksb:) type of sushi with a variety ingredients sprinkled on the rice/
5868 ばりばり /(adj-na,adv,n) (on-mim) tearing/crunching (sound)/work hard/actively/(P)/
5869 ばりッと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) sound of an object breaking loudly/ripping sound/tearing sound/(2) being stylish/
5870 ばれる /(v1,vi) to leak out (a secret)/to be exposed (a lie, improper behaviour, etc.) (behavior)/(P)/
5871 ばわい /(n-adv,n) case/situation/(slangy version of baai)/
5872 ばんばん /(adv) (1) (on-mim) bang bang (sound of a hammer or gunfire)/(2) doing something at a mad pace (spend money, work)/
5873 ぱ /(suf) apiece/each/
5874 ぱあ /(n,adj-na) (1) paper (in rock, paper, scissors)/(2) disappearing completely/(3) foolishness/stupidity/
5875 ぱあっと /(adv) with energy (of parties and such)/enthusiastically/going all out/
5876 ぱいおつ /(n) (X) (col) tits (trendy inverse of oppai)/
5877 ぱいぱい /(n) (chn) (sl) boobs/female breasts/hooters/
5878 ぱくつく /(v5k,vt) to open your mouth wide and eat heartily/to gulp down food/
5879 ぱくぱく /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) flapping open and closed (e.g. mouth)/
5880 ぱくり /(adv,adv-to,n) (1) (on-mim) gaping (esp. mouth)/(2) snapping into/biting into/(n,vs) (3) cribbing/lifting/plagiarism/rip-off/
5881 ぱくり屋 [ぱくりや] /(n) confidence man/con man/company (or person) carrying out credit fraud/
5882 ぱさつく /(v5k,vi) to be dried out/to be parched/
5883 ぱしり /(n) (abbr) person who is made to do things or go get things for someone else/gofer/
5884 ぱしる /(v5r) (sl) to make do errands/to set to scutwork/
5885 ぱたぱた /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) flap (sound of something light and thin such as a fan moving through the air)/(2) pitter-patter (sound of light footsteps)/(3) dealing with a situation quickly/
5886 ぱたり /(adv) clink/sudden stop/
5887 ぱたんと /(adv,vs) with a snap/with a bang/with a plonk/with a click/sudden stopping/
5888 ぱちくり /(adv,n,vs) blinking with surprise/
5889 ぱちっ /(n,adv-to) snapping (e.g. fingers) sound/with a pop/
5890 ぱちつかせる /(v1) to blink repeatedly/to wave repeatedly (e.g. a paper fan)/
5891 ぱちり /(adv-to) (on-mim) quickly/suddenly/
5892 ぱちんこ /(n,vs) (1) pachinko (Japanese pinball)/(2) slingshot/catapult/
5893 ぱちんこ屋 [ぱちんこや] /(n) pinball parlor/pinball hall/
5894 ぱっくり /(adv,adv-to,n) (1) (on-mim) gaping (esp. mouth)/(2) snapping into/biting into/(n,vs) (3) cribbing/lifting/plagiarism/rip-off/
5895 ぱったり /(adv,adv-to) unexpectedly/suddenly/abruptly/
5896 ぱっちり /(adv,n,vs) (of eyes) big and beautiful, or open wide/
5897 ぱっと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) suddenly/in a flash/rapidly/nimbly/alertly/(P)/
5898 ぱっとしない /(exp) expression of vague dissatisfaction with a thing, person, or situation/
5899 ぱっぱっと /(adv) (1) in puffs/in whiffs/(2) in flashes/
5900 ぱっぱと /(adv) quickly/
5901 ぱねぇ /(adv,pref) (sl) a lot/to a very great extent/absolutely/
5902 ぱらつく /(v5k,vi) to sprinkle (e.g. with rain)/
5903 ぱらり /(adv-to,adv) sprinkling/dropping in small light bits/
5904 ぱりっと /(adv,vs) (1) (col) dashing/classy/posh/new/modern/(2) crisp/crisply/crunchy/
5905 ぱりぱり /(adj-na,adv,n) (on-mim) crispy/first-class/
5906 ぱるる /(n) Postal Savings system/
5907 ぱんぱん /(n,adj-na,adv) (1) (on-mim) kapow/bang/slap/(n) (2) prostitute (esp. just after WWII)/
5908 ひいて板 [ひいてばん] /(n) boards/cut timber/
5909 ひいひい /(adv) (on-mim) sound of a baby crying/
5910 ひかり /(n) skips-most-stations Toukai-line Shinkansen/
5911 ひがみっぽい /(adj-i) cynical/warped/
5912 ひき殺す [ひきころす] /(v5s,vt) to kill by running over/
5913 ひき逃げ [ひきにげ] /(n,vs) (uk) hit-and-run accident causing personal injury/
5914 ひき肉 [ひきにく] /(n) minced meat/ground meat/
5915 ひくつく /(v5k,vi) to twitch/
5916 ひくひく /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) twitching/
5917 ひけらかす /(v5s,vt) to show off/to make a display (e.g. of wealth)/
5918 ひけ目 [ひけめ] /(n) weakness/drawing back/
5919 ひげを生やす [ひげをはやす] /(exp,v5s) to grow a beard/
5920 ひげ面 [ひげづら] /(n) bearded face/unshaven face/hairy face/
5921 ひさかき /(n) (uk) Eurya japonica (species of evergreen related to sakaki)/
5922 ひさぎ /(n) (uk) Eurya japonica (species of evergreen related to sakaki)/
5923 ひさし髪 [ひさしがみ] /(n) (obsc) classic Japanese women's low pompadour hairstyle/
5924 ひざ元 [ひざもと] /(n) (1) near one's knee/below one's knee/(2) under the protection of (e.g. one's parents)/under the care of/(3) territory of a powerful person/
5925 ひしめき合う [ひしめきあう] /(v5u) to crowd together in a confined space/to gather and make a commotion/
5926 ひじ掛け [ひじかけ] /(n) armrest (of a chair)/elbow rest/
5927 ひじ掛けいす [ひじかけいす] /(n) (1) armchair/chair with arm rests/(2) senior staff/
5928 ひじ掛け椅子 [ひじかけいす] /(n) (1) armchair/chair with arm rests/(2) senior staff/
5929 ひじ当て [ひじあて] /(n) (1) (detachable) elbow rest/arm rest/elbow pad/(2) (MA) elbow strike (karate)/
5930 ひそひそ /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) whisperingly/(P)/
5931 ひそひそ話 [ひそひそばなし] /(n,vs) whispering/
5932 ひたひた /(adv) (1) (on-mim) gradually/steadily/(2) lapping (against, on, toward)/(3) lightly submerging something (in water)/
5933 ひたむきに聞く [ひたむきにきく] /(exp,v5k) to listen intently/
5934 ひた隠し [ひたかくし] /(n) cover-up/hiding at all costs/
5935 ひた謝り [ひたあやまり] /(n) earnest apology/profuse apology/
5936 ひっきり無し [ひっきりなし] /(adj-na) (uk) continually/continuously/incessantly/
5937 ひっくり返す [ひっくりかえす] /(v5s,vt) to turn over/to overturn/to knock over/to upset/to turn inside out/
5938 ひっくり返る [ひっくりかえる] /(v5r,vi) to be overturned/to be upset/to topple over/to be reversed/
5939 ひっしゅ /(n) (Buddh) (obsc) bhikkhu (fully ordained Buddhist monk)/
5940 ひっすう /(n) (Buddh) (obsc) bhikkhu (fully ordained Buddhist monk)/
5941 ひっそり /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) quiet/still/silent/deserted/(P)/
5942 ひっそり閑 [ひっそりかん] /(adv,adv-to) (uk) quietly/
5943 ひっつき虫 [ひっつきむし] /(n) burr (prickly seeds or seedheads that stick to fur and clothes)/
5944 ひっ提げる [ひっさげる] /(v1) (uk) (col) to carry in one's own hands/to carry in a manner that is obvious to others/
5945 ひつじ雲 [ひつじぐも] /(n) altocumulus cloud/
5946 ひとっ走り [ひとっぱしり] /(n,vs) spin (as in 'take a car for a spin')/run/
5947 ひとつとっても /(exp) one example of (when there are more examples)/
5948 ひとめぼれ /(n) Hitomebore (variety of rice)/
5949 ひとり言 [ひとりごと] /(n) soliloquy/monologue/speaking to oneself/
5950 ひとり子 [ひとりご] /(n) child/only child/
5951 ひとり歩き [ひとりあるき] /(n,vs) walking alone/walking unaided/going alone/standing on one's own/
5952 ひとり暮し [ひとりぐらし] /(n) a single life/a solitary life/living alone/
5953 ひとり立ち [ひとりだち] /(n,vs) being independent/standing on one's own/becoming independent/
5954 ひと雨 [ひとあめ] /(n) shower/rainfall/
5955 ひと泳ぎ [ひとおよぎ] /(n,vs) a swim/
5956 ひと押し [ひとおし] /(n,vs) push/another try/
5957 ひと回り [ひとまわり] /(n-adv) (1) one turn/one round/(2) (a) size/(vs) (3) to go around/to make a circuit/to take a turn/
5958 ひと塊 [ひとかたまり] /(n) one lump/one group/
5959 ひと塊り [ひとかたまり] /(n) one lump/one group/
5960 ひと休み [ひとやすみ] /(n,vs) rest/
5961 ひと欠けら [ひとかけら] /(n) fragment/piece/
5962 ひと欠片 [ひとかけら] /(n) fragment/piece/
5963 ひと結び [ひとむすび] /(n,vs) knotting/
5964 ひと月 [ひとつき] /(n) one month/
5965 ひと言 [ひとこと] /(n,vs) single word/
5966 ひと口 [ひとくち] /(n) (1) mouthful/bite/sip/draft/draught/(2) one word/
5967 ひと財産 [ひとざいさん] /(n) a fortune/
5968 ひと時 [ひととき] /(n-t,n-adv) (1) moment/a (short) time/a while/(2) former times/(3) (arch) two-hour period/
5969 ひと升 [ひとます] /(n) one square on a grid/one cell of a grid/
5970 ひと吹き [ひとふき] /(n) blast/puff/whiff/gust/
5971 ひと切り [ひときり] /(n) pause/period/step/once/some years ago/
5972 ひと先ず [ひとまず] /(adv) (uk) for the present/once/in outline/
5973 ひと騒動 [ひとそうどう] /(n) disturbance/kerfuffle/
5974 ひと続き [ひとつづき] /(n,adj-no) a chain (of)/a series (of)/
5975 ひと度 [ひとたび] /(n-adv) (1) once/one time/on one occasion/(2) temporarily/for a moment/
5976 ひと肌 [ひとはだ] /(n,adj-no) the skin/body warmth/
5977 ひと晩 [ひとばん] /(n-adv,n-t) one evening/all night/overnight/
5978 ひと味違う [ひとあじちがう] /(exp,v5u) (col) to be somewhat different (from before, from others, etc.)/
5979 ひと眠り [ひとねむり] /(n,vs) (1) (usu. in positive sentences) (a) sleep/(a) nap/(2) first sleep of silkworms/
5980 ひと目 [ひとめ] /(n-adv,n-t) (1) (a) glance/(a) look/(a) glimpse/(2) complete view/bird's-eye view/
5981 ひと舐め [ひとなめ] /(n,vs) a lick/one lick/
5982 ひどい仕打ち [ひどいしうち] /(exp) cruel treatment/raw deal/kick in the pants/
5983 ひどい目にあう [ひどいめにあう] /(exp,v5u) to have a bad time/to go through a bitter experience/to get into trouble/to get hurt/to suffer/
5984 ひどい目にあわせる [ひどいめにあわせる] /(exp,v1) to bring someone to grief/to give someone hell/
5985 ひどい目に遭わせる [ひどいめにあわせる] /(exp,v1) to bring someone to grief/to give someone hell/
5986 ひど過ぎる [ひどすぎる] /(v1) too much/too cruel/
5987 ひな菊 [ひなぎく] /(n) daisy/
5988 ひな型 [ひながた] /(n) (1) model/miniature/pattern/(2) sample/specimen/(3) prescribed form/
5989 ひな形 [ひながた] /(n) (1) model/miniature/pattern/(2) sample/specimen/(3) prescribed form/
5990 ひな祭り [ひなまつり] /(n) Girls' (dolls') Festival (March 3rd)/
5991 ひな壇 [ひなだん] /(n) tiered doll stand/tiered platform or gallery/
5992 ひな段 [ひなだん] /(n) tiered doll stand/tiered platform or gallery/
5993 ひな鳥 [ひなどり] /(n) chick/baby bird/
5994 ひねり出す [ひねりだす] /(v5s,vt) to work out/to think up/to devise/to manage (somehow)/to summon up (e.g. courage)/
5995 ひび /(n) brushwood, etc. used as cultch for seaweed or oyster farming (culch)/
5996 ひびが入る [ひびがはいる] /(exp,v5r) to get cracked/to develop a crack/to be fissured/
5997 ひびの切れた [ひびのきれた] /(adj-f) chapped (hands)/
5998 ひび割れ [ひびわれ] /(n,vs) crack/crevice/fissure/
5999 ひび割れる [ひびわれる] /(v1,vi) to crack/to develop a crack/
6000 ひび焼き [ひびやき] /(n) crackleware/
6001 ひま人 [ひまじん] /(n) man of leisure/woman of leisure/
6002 ひめじおん /(n) daisy/Erigeron annuus/
6003 ひめじょおん /(n) daisy/Erigeron annuus/
6004 ひもじい /(adj-i) hungry/
6005 ひもじい思い [ひもじいおもい] /(n) state of feeling hungry/
6006 ひゃっくり /(n) (obsc) hiccup/hiccough/
6007 ひやりはっと /(n) close call/near miss/
6008 ひゅー /(adv-to) (on-mim) (with a) whizzing sound/sound of something whizzing by/
6009 ひゅーっ /(adv-to) (on-mim) (with a) whizzing sound/sound of something whizzing by/
6010 ひゅうひゅう /(n) whistling sound/sound of the wind/
6011 ひゆ /(n) (uk) Joseph's-coat (Amaranthus tricolor)/tampala/
6012 ひょいと /(adv) (on-mim) by chance/suddenly/accidentally/with agility/
6013 ひょいひょい /(adv,adv-to) (1) with agility/(2) casually/
6014 ひょう /(n) (uk) Joseph's-coat (Amaranthus tricolor)/tampala/
6015 ひょう窃 [ひょうせつ] /(n,vs,adj-no) plagiarism/piracy/
6016 ひょう柄 [ひょうがら] /(n) leopard print (design)/
6017 ひょう疽 [ひょうそ] /(n) whitlow/
6018 ひょこひょこ /(adv,n) unsteady steps/
6019 ひょっくり /(adv) all of a sudden/suddenly/by chance/unexpectedly/
6020 ひょっこり /(adv) all of a sudden/suddenly/by chance/unexpectedly/
6021 ひょっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) possibly/perhaps/perchance/(2) (on-mim) unintentionally/accidentally/
6022 ひょっとしたら /(exp) possibly/by some possibility/perhaps/(P)/
6023 ひょっとして /(exp) by any chance/(should) it happen (that)/(P)/
6024 ひょっとすると /(adv) (on-mim) perhaps/maybe/possibly/(P)/
6025 ひょろひょろ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) frail/lanky/swaying/
6026 ひょろりと /(adv) (on-mim) long and thin/tall and thin/
6027 ひょろ長い [ひょろながい] /(adj-i) long and narrow/lanky/gangling/spindly/
6028 ひょんな /(adj-pn) strange/unexpected/(by) chance/unusual/curious/
6029 ひよこ豆 [ひよこまめ] /(n) chickpea (Cicer arietinum)/garbanzo bean/
6030 ひよひよ /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) cheep cheep/tweet tweet/(2) gently (moving)/
6031 ひらひら /(adv,adv-to,n,vs) (on-mim) flutter/(P)/
6032 ひらり /(adv-to) (on-mim) nimbly/lightly/
6033 ひら社員 [ひらしゃいん] /(n) rank and file member of staff/ordinary employee/low-grade employee/
6034 ひら茸 [ひらたけ] /(n) (uk) oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus)/
6035 ひりつく /(v5k,vi) to hurt/to smart/to sting/
6036 ひりひり /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) prickling pain/smarting/stinging/
6037 ひれ伏す [ひれふす] /(v5s,vi) to prostrate oneself before/
6038 ひんやり /(adv,n,vs) to feel (pleasantly) cool/
6039 ひん曲げる [ひんまげる] /(v1,vt) (1) to bend (with great force)/to twist/to wrench/(2) to distort (the truth)/
6040 ひん死 [ひんし] /(n,adj-no) dying/(on the) verge of death/
6041 ひん斥 [ひんせき] /(n,vs) rejection/ostracism/
6042 ひん剥く [ひんむく] /(v5k) to strip/to peel/to tear off/
6043 ひん抜く [ひんぬく] /(v5k) to uproot/to pull out/
6044 ひ弱 [ひよわ] /(adj-na,n) weak/delicate/sickly/
6045 ひ弱い [ひよわい] /(adj-i) weak/sickly/
6046 ひ孫 [ひいまご] /(n) great-grandchild/
6047 ひ孫 [ひこ] /(ok) (n) great-grandchild/
6048 ひ孫 [ひこまご] /(ok) (n) great-grandchild/
6049 ひ孫 [ひひこ] /(ok) (n) great-grandchild/
6050 ひ孫 [ひまご] /(n) great-grandchild/
6051 びくっと /(adv) with a start/
6052 びくつく /(v5k,vi) to be scared/
6053 びくともしない /(adj-i) (1) unperturbed/undaunted/retaining composure/(2) unyielding/not giving an inch/
6054 びくびく /(adv,n,vs,adj-no) (on-mim) being afraid of/being fearful/being timid/being nervous/(P)/
6055 びくりと /(adv) with a start/
6056 びけ /(n) last on the list/at the bottom/
6057 びしっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) with a snap/(break) cleanly/(2) (reject) sternly/flatly/(3) smartly (e.g. of dressing up well)/
6058 びしびし /(adv) (on-mim) stickily/relentlessly/
6059 びしゃびしゃ /(adv) soaked/slushy/wet/
6060 びしゃん /(n) bush hammer/
6061 びしょびしょ /(adj-na,adv,n) (on-mim) saturated/wet through/(P)/
6062 びしょ濡れ [びしょぬれ] /(n,adj-no) sopping wet/sodden/wet to the skin/(P)/
6063 びしり /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) with a snap/(break) cleanly/(2) (reject) sternly/flatly/(3) smartly (e.g. of dressing up well)./
6064 びたびた /(adj-no,adj-na,adv,vs) (1) drenched/soaked/(adv,vs) (2) romantically/
6065 びた一文 [びたいちもん] /(exp) being penniless/not having a cent/
6066 びちゃびちゃ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) splashing/dabbling/
6067 びちょびちょ /(adj-na,adv,n) (on-mim) saturated/wet through/
6068 びっくりカメラ /(n) candid-camera/candid-camera footage/
6069 びっくり仰天 [びっくりぎょうてん] /(n,vs) astonished/stunned/startled out of one's wits/thunderstruck/open-eyed astonishment/
6070 びっくり箱 [びっくりばこ] /(n) jack-in-the-box/jack-in-a-box/
6071 びっこを引く [びっこをひく] /(exp,v5k) to limp/
6072 びっしょり /(adj-na,adv) (on-mim) wet through/drenched/(P)/
6073 びっしり /(adv) closely packed/crowded close/(P)/
6074 びにる /(v5r) (sl) to go to a convenience store/
6075 びびり /(n) chatter mark (machine tools)/
6076 びびる /(v5r,vi) (1) to feel nervous/to feel self-conscious/to feel surprise/(2) (col) to get cold feet/to get the jitters/to feel frightened/
6077 びらびら /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) flutter/flutteringly/
6078 びり /(n) last on the list/at the bottom/
6079 びりびり /(adj-na,adv,n) (on-mim) like an electric shock/ripping/rattling/(P)/
6080 びる /(suf,v1) seeming to be .../becoming like .../behaving as .../
6081 びわ酒 [びわしゅ] /(n) loquat wine/
6082 びんた /(n) slap in the face/
6083 びんびん /(adj-no) hard (e.g. penis)/strong (e.g. beat of music)/
6084 ぴいかん /(n) state of fine weather where one is subject to direct sunlight/
6085 ぴいぴい /(n,adj-f,adv) (1) (on-mim) whistling or chirping/(2) flute/(3) beginner/(4) poor/
6086 ぴかっと /(adv,vs) brightly/dazzlingly/sparklingly/brilliantly (shining)/
6087 ぴかぴか /(adj-na,adv-to,n,adj-no) (on-mim) glitter/sparkle/(P)/
6088 ぴかぴか光る [ぴかぴかひかる] /(exp,v5r) to sparkle/to glitter/to twinkle/
6089 ぴか一 [ぴかいち] /(n) (1) scoring hand with one 20 point flower card and six 1 point flower cards/(2) something (or someone) that stands out above the rest/
6090 ぴくっと /(adv) with a twitch (e.g. an eyebrow)/with a dip/with a bob/with a flutter/
6091 ぴくぴく /(vs) (1) to twitch/(adv-to) (2) twitchingly/
6092 ぴくぴく動く [ぴくぴくうごく] /(exp,v5k) to jerk/to wiggle/to twitch/
6093 ぴくり /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) with a twitch (e.g. an eyebrow)/with a dip/with a bob/with a flutter/
6094 ぴくんぴくん /(vs) to twitch/
6095 ぴしっ /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a crack/with a snap/slam (a door)/stretch (one's spine)/
6096 ぴしゃっと /(adv) (on-mim) slapping/splatting/
6097 ぴしゃっぴしゃっ /(adv) (1) slap (sound of a flat object continuously striking something)/(2) splash/
6098 ぴしゃぴしゃ /(adv) (1) slap (sound of a flat object continuously striking something)/(2) splash/
6099 ぴしゃり /(adv,adv-to) slapping/splashing/splatting/banging shut/flat (refusal, denial, etc.)/
6100 ぴしり /(adv-to) with a click/with a snap/
6101 ぴたっと /(adv) (on-mim) closely/exactly/suddenly/tightly/
6102 ぴたりと /(adv) (on-mim) closely/exactly/suddenly/tightly/
6103 ぴちっと /(adv,vs) tightly/snugly/
6104 ぴちぴち /(adv,adj-na) (on-mim) lively/spunky/energetic/
6105 ぴちゃぴちゃ /(adv,n,vs) (1) splash water/dabble in water/splashing sound/
6106 ぴちゃん /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) splash/(2) (on-mim) slam/slap/
6107 ぴったり /(adj-na,adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) exactly/neatly/sharp/(P)/
6108 ぴっちり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (on-mim) tightly/snugly/
6109 ぴゅう /(adv-to) (1) swoosh/whoosh/(2) sound of a whistle/
6110 ぴゅうぴゅう /(adv) sound of whistling or wheezing/
6111 ぴゅぴゅ /(n) whistling of wind/
6112 ぴょこぴょこ /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) up and down/lightly/nimbly/moving in small leaps as a frog or rabbit/(2) (on-mim) casually/(strolling about) without a care/
6113 ぴょこん /(adv) quickly, in a bouncing way (e.g. for a bow)/action of quickly bowing or lowering one's head/
6114 ぴょこんと /(adv) quickly, in a bouncing way (e.g. for a bow)/action of quickly bowing or lowering one's head/
6115 ぴょんぴょん /(adv) hopping/skipping/(P)/
6116 ぴよぴよ /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) cheep cheep/tweet tweet/
6117 ぴよぴよ鳴く [ぴよぴよなく] /(exp,v5k) to peep/to cheep/
6118 ぴりっと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) tingling/stinging/pungently/
6119 ぴりっとくる /(exp,vk) pungent/biting/racy/hot/
6120 ぴりぴり /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) tingle/sting/smart/hot/burning the tongue/becoming tense/(P)/
6121 ぴんと張る [ぴんとはる] /(exp,v5r) to pull tight/
6122 ぴんと来る [ぴんとくる] /(vk) to get (a joke or explanation)/to strike home/to know intuitively/
6123 ぴんぴん /(adv,n,vs,adj-no) (on-mim) lively/(P)/
6124 ぴん札 [ぴんさつ] /(n) (col) crisp, unwrinkled banknote/
6125 ふーふー /(adv) (1) (on-mim) sound of heavy breathing/(n,vs) (2) blowing on something (e.g. to cool it down)/
6126 ふーん /(int) (1) hmm/well .../humph/huh/pshaw/pish/
6127 ふい /(n) coming to nothing/ending without result/total waste/
6128 ふいと /(adv) abruptly/suddenly/unexpectedly/
6129 ふいにする /(exp,vs-i) to lose completely/to waste all/to let something slip away/
6130 ふいになる /(exp) to come to nothing/to fall through/to end without result/
6131 ふうふう /(adv) (1) (on-mim) sound of heavy breathing/(n,vs) (2) blowing on something (e.g. to cool it down)/
6132 ふうん /(int) (1) hmm/well .../humph/huh/pshaw/pish/
6133 ふかふか /(adv) soft (and fluffy)/
6134 ふき /(n) (obsc) turned-back hem of a kimono/
6135 ふき取る [ふきとる] /(v5r,vt) to wipe off/to wipe up/
6136 ふくれっ面 [ふくれっつら] /(n,adj-no) sulky look/sullen look/
6137 ふくろももんが /(n) (uk) sugar glider (species of flying phalanger, Petaurus breviceps)/
6138 ふける /(v1,vi) (sl) to run away (e.g. from work)/
6139 ふさ /(adv,adj-na) (arch) plenty/
6140 ふさぎ込む [ふさぎこむ] /(v5m,vi) to mope/to brood/to be in low spirits/to have the blues/
6141 ふざく /(v5k) to frolic/to romp/to fool/to be flip/
6142 ふざけんなよ /(exp) (vulg) stop bullshitting me/you're fucking kidding me/you're full of shit/
6143 ふしだら /(adj-na,n) slovenly/untidy/messy/fast/loose/
6144 ふし穴 [ふしあな] /(n) (1) knothole/peep-hole/(2) bad eyes/
6145 ふたご座 [ふたござ] /(n) Gemini (constellation)/the Twins/
6146 ふためく /(v5k) to make a commotion/
6147 ふたを開ける [ふたをあける] /(exp,v1) to open the lid/
6148 ふたを閉める [ふたをしめる] /(exp,v1) to shut the lid/
6149 ふた時 [ふたとき] /(n-t) (1) fairly long period of time/(2) (arch) four-hour period/
6150 ふだん草 [ふだんそう] /(n) Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris var. cicla)/silverbeet/
6151 ふっくら /(adv-to) (on-mim) fully/luxuriantly/fluffy/plump/soft and full/
6152 ふっくり /(adv-to) fully/luxuriantly/fluffy/plump/soft and full/corpulent/
6153 ふっこ /(n) juvenile Japanese sea perch (usu. 2-3 years in age and 40-60 cm in length)/
6154 ふっつり /(adv,adv-to) break/snapping off/suddenly stopping/
6155 ふっと /(adv) (1) (on-mim) with a whiff/with a puff/(2) suddenly/abruptly/without warning/
6156 ふっ飛ばす [ふっとばす] /(v5s) (1) to blow off something (strongly)/(2) to blow off one's worries/to brush away one's worries/(3) to accomplish a task very rapidly/(4) to drive (a car) at full speed/
6157 ふつおた /(n) listeners' corner (portion of radio programming for correspondence from listeners)/
6158 ふつり /(adv-to,adv) breaking/snapping off/suddenly stopping/
6159 ふて寝 [ふてね] /(n,vs) staying in bed out of spite/
6160 ふて腐れる [ふてくされる] /(v1,vi) (uk) to become sulky/to become irresponsible/
6161 ふところ手 [ふところで] /(n,vs) with hands in pockets/idleness/
6162 ふところ都合 [ふところつごう] /(n) financial situation/financial standing/
6163 ふとした /(adj-pn) impulsive/unexpected/accidental/casual/inadvertent/on a whim/
6164 ふにゃふにゃ /(n,vs) (1) limpness/(adj-na,adj-no) (2) soft/limp/flabby/(3) mumbling/talking with food in one's mouth/
6165 ふふ /(n) giggling sound/laugh/ha ha/
6166 ふふん /(int) pooh!/
6167 ふむ /(int) hmm/I see/hrm/
6168 ふらっと /(adv) (on-mim) aimlessly/by chance/accidentally/casually/suddenly/unexpectantly/
6169 ふらつき /(n,adj-no,adv) lightheadedness/disorientation/wobbliness/staggering/
6170 ふらつき感 [ふらつきかん] /(n) lightheadedness/disorientation/wobbliness/
6171 ふらつく /(v5k,vi) to feel giddy/to totter/to stagger/
6172 ふらふら /(adj-na,adv-to,vs,adj-no) (on-mim) unsteady on one's feet/stagger/reel/totter/dizzy/(P)/
6173 ふらり /(adv) aimlessly/
6174 ふるいに掛ける [ふるいにかける] /(v1) (uk) to sieve/to sift/
6175 ふるい落す [ふるいおとす] /(v5s) to shake off/
6176 ふるい落す [ふるいおとす] /(v5s) to sift out/to screen or eliminate (candidates)/
6177 ふるい落とす [ふるいおとす] /(v5s) to shake off/
6178 ふるい落とす [ふるいおとす] /(v5s) to sift out/to screen or eliminate (candidates)/
6179 ふるえ音 [ふるえおん] /(n) (ling) trill/
6180 ふるまい酒 [ふるまいざけ] /(n) treat of sake/
6181 ふれあい動物園 [ふれあいどうぶつえん] /(n) petting zoo/
6182 ふわっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) floating/drifting/weightlessness/(2) (on-mim) softly/gently/lightly/
6183 ふわり /(adv-to) (on-mim) softly/gently/lightly/(P)/
6184 ふん /(int) (1) hmm/well .../humph/huh/pshaw/pish/(pref) (2) roughly/harshly/violently/
6185 ふんぞり返る [ふんぞりかえる] /(v5r,vi) (1) to lie on one's back with legs outstretched/to recline/(2) to get cocky/to be arrogant/
6186 ふんだくる /(v5r,vt) (1) to snatch/to grab/to steal/(2) to charge (an exorbitant price) for/
6187 ふんだん /(adj-na,n) plentiful/abundant/lavish/
6188 ふんどし担ぎ [ふんどしかつぎ] /(n) (1) (uk) (col) rikishi of the lowest rank/(2) underling/
6189 ふんなんに /(adv) in plenty/fully/
6190 ふんわり /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) gently/airily/fluffily/(P)/
6191 ふん縛る [ふんじばる] /(v5r,vt) to tie fast/
6192 ふ化 [ふか] /(n,vs) incubation/hatching/
6193 ふ頭 [ふとう] /(n) pier/wharf/quay/
6194 ふ卵 [ふらん] /(n,vs) incubation/hatching/
6195 ぶーん /(adv-to,adv) (1) whirr/hum/buzz/(2) whoosh/woosh/whiz/
6196 ぶうぶう /(adv) (1) (on-mim) bugling sound/honking/oinking/(2) (on-mim) grumbling/complaining/(n) (3) (chn) car/automobile/
6197 ぶうん /(adv-to,adv) (1) whirr/hum/buzz/(2) whoosh/woosh/whiz/
6198 ぶかぶか /(adj-na,adv,n,vs,adj-no) (on-mim) too big/baggy/(P)/
6199 ぶきっちょ /(adj-na,n) awkward/
6200 ぶくぶく /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) bulging/swelling (e.g. with water)/loose-fitting or baggy (clothing)/(2) bubbling/foaming/
6201 ぶくり /(adv) sound of something floating or sinking in water/
6202 ぶすっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) sound of something thick and soft being pierced by something sharp and hard/(2) containing sullen anger or discontempt/
6203 ぶすぶす /(adv-to,vs) (on-mim) sputtering/smoldering/
6204 ぶち壊す [ぶちこわす] /(v5s,vt) to destroy/to spoil/to crush/to break by striking/to wreck/
6205 ぶち開ける [ぶちあける] /(v1,vt) (1) to forcefully open up a hole (in a wall, etc.)/(2) to speak frankly, holding nothing back/(3) to throw out everything inside/
6206 ぶち込む [ぶちこむ] /(v5m) to drive in (e.g. nail, stake)/to devote oneself to/to shoot into/to smash/to throw into/to cast into/
6207 ぶち切れ [ぶちきれ] /(adj-f) livid/
6208 ぶち切れ [ぶちぎれ] /(adj-f) livid/
6209 ぶち切れる [ぶちきれる] /(v1) (col) to be enraged/to flip out/
6210 ぶち切れる [ぶちぎれる] /(v1) (col) to be enraged/to flip out/
6211 ぶち当たる [ぶちあたる] /(v5r) (1) to slam into (e.g. a wall, a limit) (figuratively)/to hit/(2) to face (e.g. trouble, a problem)/to confront/
6212 ぶち破る [ぶちやぶる] /(v5r) (col) to smash down/to beat in/
6213 ぶち抜き [ぶちぬき] /(n) (1) removing a partition/(adv) (2) (col) straight through without interruption/
6214 ぶち明ける [ぶちあける] /(v1,vt) (1) to forcefully open up a hole (in a wall, etc.)/(2) to speak frankly, holding nothing back/(3) to throw out everything inside/
6215 ぶっきら棒 [ぶっきらぼう] /(adj-na,n) curt/blunt/brusque/(P)/
6216 ぶった切る [ぶったぎる] /(v5r,vt) to chop (a branch, etc.)/
6217 ぶっちゃけ /(n) speaking one's mind and holding nothing back/
6218 ぶっちゃける /(v1,vt) to be frank .../to put things bluntly .../
6219 ぶっつけ /(n,adj-na) without preparation/off the cuff/abrupt/outspoken/(at) first/
6220 ぶっつけ本番 [ぶっつけほんばん] /(n,adj-no) performing without rehearsal/
6221 ぶっとい /(adj-i) fat/thick/
6222 ぶっとび /(adj-f) (sl) surprise/surprising/
6223 ぶっ壊す [ぶっこわす] /(v5s,vt) (col) to destroy/to crush/to wreck/
6224 ぶっ掛ける [ぶっかける] /(v1,vt) to dash (slosh) water (or other liquid) on a person or in a person's face/
6225 ぶっ殺す [ぶっころす] /(v5s,vt) to beat to death/to kill/
6226 ぶっ続け [ぶっつづけ] /(adv) (1) (uk) continuously/throughout/(2) in succession/
6227 ぶっ叩く [ぶったたく] /(v5k) to beat vigorously/to rain stikes upon someone/to tan someone's hide/to mericlessly pummel/to beat the daylights out of/
6228 ぶっ通し [ぶっとおし] /(adj-no,n-t) continuous/
6229 ぶっ倒す [ぶったおす] /(v5s) to knock down/
6230 ぶっ倒れる [ぶったおれる] /(v1,vi) to fall flat/to collapse in a heap/
6231 ぶっ飛ばす [ぶっとばす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to strike (as to send flying)/to beat/to knock/(2) to jump with force/to leap/(3) to accomplish a task very rapidly/(4) to drive at full speed (e.g. a car)/
6232 ぶっ放す [ぶっぱなす] /(v5s) to fire a gun/to let off a gun/to loose off a shell/
6233 ぶつかり合い [ぶつかりあい] /(n) collision/clashing/
6234 ぶつかり合う [ぶつかりあう] /(v5u,vt) to collide/to clash/
6235 ぶつくさ /(adv) moaning/muttering/complaining/
6236 ぶつぶつ /(n,adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) grunt/grumble/complaint/mutter/(2) pimples/spots/eruption/rash/(3) cutting into small pieces/(4) simmering/(P)/
6237 ぶどう酒 [ぶどうしゅ] /(n,adj-no) (grape) wine/
6238 ぶなの木 [ぶなのき] /(n) Japanese beech tree/
6239 ぶほっっ /(int) boohoo (crying)/
6240 ぶよぶよ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) soft and flabby/
6241 ぶらっと /(adv) (1) limply/(2) idly/(3) aimlessly/
6242 ぶらつく /(v5k,vi) to dangle/to swing/to stroll about/to hang around/to linger/
6243 ぶらぶら /(adj-na,adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) dangling heavily/swaying to and fro/swinging/(adv,adv-to,vs) (2) (on-mim) strolling/rambling/roaming/wandering/(3) (on-mim) idly/lazily/leisurely/aimlessly/(4) (on-mim) persisting (of an illness)/(P)/
6244 ぶらり /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) dangling/(2) (on-mim) aimlessly/casually/idly/(3) (on-mim) unexpectedly/
6245 ぶらりぶらり /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) dangling heavily/swaying to and fro/swinging/
6246 ぶら下がり [ぶらさがり] /(n) (1) (id) cornering someone by lying in wait, e.g. for an unexpected interview or photograph/doorstepping/(adj-f) (2) hanging/dangling/
6247 ぶら下がりインデント [ぶらさがりインデント] /(n) (comp) hanging indent/
6248 ぶら下がり取材 [ぶらさがりしゅざい] /(n) doorstop interview/doorstep interview/on-the-move interview/informal interview in which reporters surround a public figure and prod him for an off-the-cuff response/
6249 ぶら下がる [ぶらさがる] /(v5r,vi) to hang from/to dangle/to swing/(P)/
6250 ぶら下げる [ぶらさげる] /(v1,vt) to hang/to suspend/to dangle/to swing/to carry/(P)/
6251 ぶりこ /(n) sailfin sandfish eggs/
6252 ぶりっ子 [ぶりっこ] /(n,vs,adj-no) cutesy girl/child-like woman/
6253 ぶりぶり /(adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) angrily/in a huff/in anger/(2) high on marijuana/
6254 ぶり返す [ぶりかえす] /(v5s,vi) to come back/to return/to recur/
6255 ぶるぶる /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) shivering with cold or fear/shaking/trembling/(P)/
6256 ぶるり /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) with a vroom/with a sudden shaking/
6257 ぶるん /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) with a vroom/with a sudden shaking/
6258 ぶれ /(n) camera shake/picture blur/
6259 ぶれる /(v1,vi) to be blurred (photo, video, etc.)/for a camera to be shaken/
6260 ぶんぶん /(n,adv) (on-mim) buzz/hum/
6261 ぶん殴る [ぶんなぐる] /(v5r,vt) to knock/
6262 ぶん屋 [ぶんや] /(n) (abbr) newspaper reporter/
6263 ぶん投げる [ぶんなげる] /(v1,vt) to throw (strongly, violently, etc.)/
6264 ぶ厚い [ぶあつい] /(adj-i) bulky/massive/thick/heavy/
6265 ぷいと /(adv) (on-mim) acting rudely and suddenly/
6266 ぷちぷち /(adv-to,adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) sound of bubbles (or other small objects) being popped/(2) (on-mim) lumpy sensation (e.g. of food)/(n) (3) little bits/small grains/
6267 ぷっつん /(n,vs) (1) (sl) weird/crazy/losing common sense/snapping/(2) sound of a stretched string snapping/
6268 ぷっと /(adv) (1) puffing motion (when blowing, spitting, etc.)/(2) pouting (with displeasure)/
6269 ぷつん /(n,adv-to) snap (sound of something being suddenly and irreversibly broken)/
6270 ぷにぷに /(adj-f) squishy/
6271 ぷよぷよ /(n) jelly-like/
6272 ぷりぷり /(adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) angrily/in a huff/in anger/(2) high on marijuana/(3) tender (to chew)/
6273 ぷりぷりして /(adv) in an angry mood/in anger/angrily/in a huff/
6274 ぷりぷり怒る [ぷりぷりおこる] /(exp,v5r) to be in a huff/
6275 ぷるぷる /(adv-to) (1) yielding, soft, elastic/(n,vs) (2) jiggle, bounce, slightly trembling/
6276 ぷんと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) crossly/angrily/
6277 ぷんぷん /(adv,vs,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) intense smell (hanging around)/(2) state of being furious or angry/
6278 ぷんぷんして /(adv) in an angry mood/in anger/angrily/in a huff/
6279 へ /(prt) indicates direction or goal (e.g. "to")/(P)/
6280 へいへい /(int) (col) yeah, yeah (used for half-hearted or insincere agreement)/
6281 へえ /(int) oh, yes?/really?/
6282 へきへき /(n,vs) being gobsmacked/being struck dumb/being fed up with something/
6283 へき地 [へきち] /(n) (sens) remote place/backcountry/the sticks/
6284 へぎ板 [へぎいた] /(n) splint/shingle/
6285 へこき虫 [へこきむし] /(n) fart bug/
6286 へこき蟲 [へこきむし] /(n) fart bug/
6287 へこたれる /(v1,vi) to lose heart/
6288 へこへこ /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) pliantly/pliably/(2) ingratiatingly/
6289 へご /(n) (uk) Cyathea spinulosa (species of tree fern)/
6290 へしむくれ /(exp) term of abuse about someone's looks, etc./
6291 へし折る [へしおる] /(v5r,vt) to smash/to break/
6292 へそくり金 [へそくりがね] /(n) secret savings/
6293 へその緒 [へそのお] /(n) umbilical cord/
6294 へそを曲げる [へそをまげる] /(exp,v1) to get angry/to become perverse/
6295 へそ曲がり [へそまがり] /(n,adj-na,adj-no) perverseness/devil's advocate/
6296 へそ曲り [へそまがり] /(n,adj-na,adj-no) perverseness/devil's advocate/
6297 へたこいた /(exp) (sl) failed/
6298 へたの横好き [へたのよこずき] /(n) being crazy about something but being very bad at it/
6299 へたばる /(v5r,vi) to be exhausted/to be worn out/
6300 へたり込む [へたりこむ] /(v5m) to sit down hard/to sink down to the floor/
6301 へたる /(v5r) to fall on one's backside/to be exhausted/to lose strength/to lose one's abilities/
6302 へたれ /(n,adj-na) (col) (ksb:) good-for-nothing/incompetent/lazy/
6303 へちむくれ /(exp) term of abuse about someone's looks, etc./
6304 へちゃむくれ /(exp) term of abuse about someone's looks, etc./
6305 へちゃもくれ /(exp) term of abuse about someone's looks, etc./
6306 へったくれ /(exp) to hell with/be damned/
6307 へっぴり腰 [へっぴりごし] /(n) (1) bent back/prone posture/(2) weak-kneed/timidity/lack of nerve/
6308 へっぽこ /(n,adj-na) hack/untrained/quack (doctor)/
6309 へとへと /(adj-na,n,adj-no) completely exhausted/(P)/
6310 へどもど /(vs,adv) flustered/flurried/stuttering (e.g. an apology)/
6311 へどろ /(n) sludge/slime/chemical ooze/
6312 へなへな /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) bending/loss of strength/
6313 への字 [へのじ] /(n) mouth shaped like a kana "he" character/mouth turned down at the corners/
6314 への字に結んだ口 [へのじにむすんだくち] /(n) mouth shaped like a kana "he" character/mouth turned down at the corners/
6315 へばり付く [へばりつく] /(v5k) to cling to/
6316 へばる /(v5r,vi) to be exhausted/to be worn out/
6317 へべれけ /(adj-na) (col) drunk/blotto/
6318 へぼ /(adj-na,n) bungler/greenhorn/clumsy/poor hand/
6319 へぼい /(adj-i) clumsy/unskillful/bungling/poor/bad/
6320 へぼ医者 [へぼいしゃ] /(n) quack doctor/
6321 へま /(adj-na,n) blunder/bungle/gaffe/
6322 へまをやる /(exp,v5r) to commit a blunder/
6323 へらへら /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) frivolous/
6324 へりくだった /(exp) condescending/modest/
6325 へりくだって /(exp) cap in hand/
6326 へろへろ /(adj-na,adv-to,vs) completely exhausted/dog-tired/dreadfully weary/terribly frustrated/limp/weak/flimsy/
6327 へん /(exp) (ksb:) suffix used to negate a verb in the non-past tense/
6328 へんとう炎 [へんとうえん] /(n) tonsillitis/
6329 べ /(aux) (1) (ktb:) (thb:) word used at sentence-end (like a particle) to indicate speculation, volition or invitation/
6330 べーだ /(int) (abbr) sound often made when performing the akanbe- (childish and insulting) gesture/
6331 べーっだ /(int) (abbr) sound often made when performing the akanbe- (childish and insulting) gesture/
6332 べえ /(aux) (1) (ktb:) (thb:) word used at sentence-end (like a particle) to indicate speculation, volition or invitation/
6333 べからざる /(exp) cannot/must not/
6334 べか船 [べかぶね] /(n) small sailing boat used for collecting nori, etc./
6335 べきではない /(exp) should not/must not/
6336 べき乗打切り待機法 [べきのりうちきりたいきほう] /(n) (comp) truncated binary exponential back-off/
6337 べく /(aux-v,conj) (1) in order to/for the purpose of/(aux,suf) (2) must/should/
6338 べくもない /(exp) cannot possibly be/
6339 べこべこ /(n) empty/hungry/
6340 べし見 [べしみ] /(n) beshimi/type of Noh mask with a slanted mouth, bulging eyes and large nostrils/
6341 べそ /(n) child's tear-stained face/
6342 べそをかく /(exp,v5k) to be ready to cry/to be on the point of tears/
6343 べそを作る [べそをつくる] /(exp,v5r) (uk) to be ready to cry/to be on the point of tears/
6344 べた /(adj-na) (1) things without gaps or spaces between them/something painted or printed solid/(2) (comp) plain (e.g. plain text)/(3) (sl) cliched/hackneyed/
6345 べたべた /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) sticky/(2) all over/(3) clinging (e.g. of a person)/following around/(adj-na) (4) cliched/hackneyed/(P)/
6346 べたんこ /(adj-no) squished flat/
6347 べた惚れ [べたぼれ] /(n,vs) (falling) deeply in love/
6348 べた焼き [べたやき] /(n) contact print/
6349 べた組み [べたぐみ] /(n) solid printing/solid typesetting/
6350 べた塗り内部様式 [べたぬりないぶようしき] /(n) (comp) solid interior style/
6351 べた付く [べたつく] /(v5k,vi) (1) (uk) to be sticky/(2) to be close together/
6352 べた褒め [べたほめ] /(n,vs) high praise/eulogy/rave review/
6353 べた褒め [べたぼめ] /(n,vs) high praise/eulogy/rave review/
6354 べちゃべちゃ /(adj-na,adv,vs) (on-mim) chattering/prattling/gooey/messy (from mud, ink, etc.)/
6355 べちゃんこ /(adj-no) squished flat/
6356 べったり /(adv,n) closely/thickly/hard/
6357 べっとり /(adv) (1) sticky/thick (e.g. thickly plastered)/ikky/gummy/(2) to stick closely/
6358 べっ甲 [べっこう] /(n) (1) tortoiseshell (of the hawksbill turtle)/bekko/(2) (in Chinese medicine) tortoiseshell (esp. of the Chinese soft-shelled turtle)/
6359 べとつく /(v5k,vi) to be sticky/
6360 べとべと /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) being sticky/
6361 べと病 [べとびょう] /(n) downy mildew (disease)/
6362 べらべら /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) non-stop talking/speaking indiscreetly/chattering/(2) thin/flimsy/
6363 べらぼう奴 [べらぼうめ] /(n) (derog) (uk) moron/idiot/
6364 べらんめえ /(exp) bloody fool!/
6365 べろっと /(adv) licking/sticking out one's tongue/
6366 べろべろ /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) licking/(adj-na) (2) drunken/
6367 べろべろ嘗める [べろべろなめる] /(exp,v1) (uk) to lick something up/to lap something up/
6368 べろべろ舐める [べろべろなめる] /(exp,v1) (uk) to lick something up/to lap something up/
6369 べろんべろん /(adj-na) (1) drunken/
6370 べんべら /(n) worn-out silk clothes/cheap items/
6371 ぺ /(aux) (1) (ktb:) (thb:) word used at sentence-end (like a particle) to indicate speculation, volition or invitation/(suf) (2) familiar suffix used after a personal name/
6372 ぺこぺこ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) fawning/being obsequious/cringing/(2) being very hungry/(3) giving in/being dented/(P)/
6373 ぺこり /(adv,adv-to) (1) sound of thin metal or plastic surface caving in and springing back/(2) action of quickly bowing or lowering one's head/
6374 ぺこりと /(adv,adv-to) (1) sound of thin metal or plastic surface caving in and springing back/(2) action of quickly bowing or lowering one's head/
6375 ぺこん /(adv,adv-to) (1) sound of thin metal or plastic surface caving in and springing back/(2) action of quickly bowing or lowering one's head/
6376 ぺこんと /(adv,adv-to) (1) sound of thin metal or plastic surface caving in and springing back/(2) action of quickly bowing or lowering one's head/
6377 ぺしゃんこ /(adj-na,adj-no) (1) crushed flat/flattened/squashed/flat-topped/(n) (2) (col) (m-sl) flat-chested girl/(3) (on-mim) sound of a sticky rice cake sticking to something/
6378 ぺたぺた /(adv) (on-mim) sound of a flat surface repeatedly making contact with something/
6379 ぺたり /(adv-to) slapping on/flopping down/
6380 ぺたん /(adv) (on-mim) sound of something making firm contact with a flat surface/
6381 ぺたんこ /(adj-na,adj-no) (1) crushed flat/flattened/squashed/flat-topped/(n) (2) (col) (m-sl) flat-chested girl/(3) (on-mim) sound of a sticky rice cake sticking to something/
6382 ぺちゃくちゃ /(adv,vs) (on-mim) chattering/chit-chat/(ladies) prattle/
6383 ぺちゃぱい /(n) small breasts/flat-chested/
6384 ぺちゃぺちゃ /(adv) (1) chatter/prattle/(2) sound of juicy food being bitten into/
6385 ぺちゃんこ /(adj-na,adj-no) (1) crushed flat/flattened/squashed/flat-topped/(n) (2) (col) (m-sl) flat-chested girl/(3) (on-mim) sound of a sticky rice cake sticking to something/
6386 ぺったり /(adv) closely/fast/
6387 ぺったん /(adv-to) flattening/
6388 ぺったんこ /(adj-na,adj-no) (1) crushed flat/flattened/squashed/flat-topped/(n) (2) (col) (m-sl) flat-chested girl/(3) (on-mim) sound of a sticky rice cake sticking to something/
6389 ぺっちゃんこ /(adj-na,adj-no) (1) crushed flat/flattened/squashed/flat-topped/(n) (2) (col) (m-sl) flat-chested girl/(3) (on-mim) sound of a sticky rice cake sticking to something/
6390 ぺてん /(n) fraud/swindle/
6391 ぺてん師 [ぺてんし] /(n) swindler/imposter/crook/
6392 ぺらっ /(adv-to) (1) flipping (e.g. a page), peel off/(2) fluently/
6393 ぺらぺら /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) fluent/fluency/(2) flipping (pages)/(3) thin or weak (paper, cloth)/(P)/
6394 ぺろりと /(adv) (on-mim) while sticking out one's tongue/
6395 ぺろりと平らげる [ぺろりとたいらげる] /(exp,v1) to make short work of/to eat up quickly/
6396 ぺんぺん /(n,vs) smack/spanking/
6397 ぺチャパイ /(n) small breasts/flat-chested/
6398 ほいほい /(adv) (1) Shoo! (used to drive away people or animals)/without considering the pros and (particularly) the cons/thoughtlessly/readily/blithely/willingly/(vs) (2) to pamper/to spoil/
6399 ほうき星 [ほうきぼし] /(n) comet/
6400 ほうじ茶 [ほうじちゃ] /(n) roasted green tea/
6401 ほうっと /(adv) deeply/
6402 ほうの木 [ほうのき] /(ik) (ik) (n) (uk) magnolia (Magnolia obovata)/Japanese big leaf magnolia/
6403 ほうほうの体 [ほうほうのてい] /(exp) scuttling (to escape in a panic, in shame, etc.)/scurrying/scrambling/
6404 ほうり込む [ほうりこむ] /(v5m,vt) to throw into/to toss into/
6405 ほうり出す [ほうりだす] /(v5s,vt) to throw out/to fire/to expel/to give up/to abandon/to neglect/
6406 ほうり投げる [ほうりなげる] /(v1,vt) to throw/to fling/to heave/to toss/
6407 ほうれん草 [ほうれんそう] /(n) spinach/
6408 ほお紅 [ほおべに] /(n) rouge/blusher/
6409 ほかす /(v5s,vt) (ksb:) to throw away/to dispose/
6410 ほかっておく /(v5k) (col) to leave alone/to leave as is/to ignore/to neglect/
6411 ほかない /(exp) can do nothing but (do)/cannot help (doing) something/
6412 ほかほか /(adj-na,adv,n,vs,adj-no) (on-mim) steamy hot food/warm(ly)/
6413 ほかほか弁当 [ほかほかべんとう] /(n) hot bento/
6414 ほか弁 [ほかべん] /(n) hot bento/
6415 ほくそ笑む [ほくそえむ] /(v5m,vi) to chuckle/to snicker/
6416 ほくほく /(adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) not soggy/(2) pleased with oneself/chuckling to oneself/
6417 ほざく /(v5k,vt) (vulg) to say/to spatter/to prate/to prattle/to babble/to grumble/to murmur/to brawl/
6418 ほじそ /(n) flowers heads of beefsteak plant (food)/
6419 ほそぼそ話す [ほそぼそはなす] /(v5s) to speak slowly and quietly/
6420 ほそ道 [ほそみち] /(n) narrow path/narrow lane/
6421 ほぞ /(n) (uk) tenon/cog/dovetail/pivot/
6422 ほぞを噛む [ほぞをかむ] /(exp,v5m) to regret bitterly/to be very sorry (for)/
6423 ほぞを固める [ほぞをかためる] /(exp,v1) to make up one's mind (to do something)/to resolve firmly (to do something)/
6424 ほぞんかけたか /(n) calling sound of the lesser cuckoo/
6425 ほぞ穴 [ほぞあな] /(n) mortice/mortise/
6426 ほたえる /(v1,vi) (1) (arch) to mess around/to clown around/(2) (arch) to take advantage of/to be spoiled/to be spoilt/
6427 ほだえる /(v1,vi) (1) (arch) to mess around/to clown around/(2) (arch) to take advantage of/to be spoiled/to be spoilt/
6428 ほっかいろ /(n) (chemical) body warmer/
6429 ほっけ /(n) Arabesque greenling (Pleurogrammus azonus)/Okhostk Atka mackerel/
6430 ほっこり /(adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) warm and fluffy/soft/(2) steamy hot (food)/hot and flaky/(exp) (3) (ksb:) feeling mentally tired/feeling of tired relief or accomplishment after effort or perseverance/
6431 ほっそり /(n,vs,adv,adv-to) (on-mim) being slim/slender/
6432 ほっつき歩く [ほっつきあるく] /(v5k) (col) to loiter around/to wander about/
6433 ほっつく /(v5k,vi) (1) to loiter/(2) to waste money/
6434 ほっと /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) feeling relieved/(sigh of) relief/(P)/
6435 ほっといて /(exp) back off!/leave me alone!/(P)/
6436 ほっといてくれ /(exp) back off!/leave me alone!/(P)/
6437 ほっほっほっ /(exp) Hohoho, as for Santa Clause/
6438 ほっぽかす /(v5s) (obsc) (col) to leave/to skip out/
6439 ほっぽらかす /(v5s,vt) to neglect/to abandon/
6440 ほっぽり出す [ほっぽりだす] /(v5s,vt) to throw out/to fire/to expel/to give up/to abandon/to neglect/
6441 ほつく /(v5k,vi) (1) to loiter/(2) to waste money/
6442 ほつれ髪 [ほつれがみ] /(n) unkempt hair/
6443 ほとおり星 [ほとおりぼし] /(n) (1) constellation/(2) (arch) mansion (any of the Chinese constellations used to divide the ecliptic into 28 positions)/(3) Chinese "star" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)/
6444 ほとばしり出る [ほとばしりでる] /(v1) to gush out/to gush forth/to effuse/
6445 ほとんどの人 [ほとんどのひと] /(exp) most people/
6446 ほどき物 [ほどきもの] /(n) unsewing/clothes to be unsewn/
6447 ほどのことは無い [ほどのことはない] /(exp) (uk) not worth (getting angry about, etc.)/
6448 ほどの事はない [ほどのことはない] /(exp) (uk) not worth (getting angry about, etc.)/
6449 ほど遠い [ほどとおい] /(adj-i) far off or away/
6450 ほど近い [ほどちかい] /(adj-i) near/nearby/not far off/
6451 ほな /(int) (osb:) well then/
6452 ほにゃらら /(exp) something something (used to indicate a blank to be filled in)/
6453 ほの暗い [ほのぐらい] /(adj-i) gloomy/obscure/
6454 ほの字 [ほのじ] /(n) the L-word (i.e. love)/
6455 ほの明かり [ほのあかり] /(n) faint light/dim light/
6456 ほふく前進 [ほふくぜんしん] /(n,vs) crawling along/
6457 ほほえみ返す [ほほえみかえす] /(v5s) to smile back (at a person)/to answer someone's smile/
6458 ほほ笑み [ほほえみ] /(n) smile/
6459 ほほ笑む [ほほえむ] /(v5m,vi) to smile/
6460 ほめぱげ /(n) (sl) homepage/home page/
6461 ほめ言葉 [ほめことば] /(n) words of praise/eulogy/compliment/
6462 ほやほや /(adj-na,adj-no,adv) (on-mim) fresh/new/
6463 ほら /(conj,exp) look!/look out!/look at me!/(P)/
6464 ほらね /(int) see/you see/ha/
6465 ほらを吹く [ほらをふく] /(exp,v5k) to boast/to brag/
6466 ほら貝 [ほらがい] /(n) (uk) conch (Charonia tritonis)/trumpet shell/
6467 ほら穴 [ほらあな] /(n) cave/den/grotto/
6468 ほら吹き [ほらふき] /(n) braggart/boaster/
6469 ほら話 [ほらばなし] /(n) tall story/cock-and-bull story/
6470 ほれ込む [ほれこむ] /(v5m,vi) to be charmed by/
6471 ほろほろ /(adv) (1) (on-mim) by ones and twos/(2) tears or flower petals falling quietly/(3) gurgling bird sound/
6472 ほろほろ鳥 [ほろほろちょう] /(n) guinea fowl/
6473 ほろり /(adv-to) (on-mim) being moved (to tears)/being touched by/becoming sentimental/
6474 ほろ苦い [ほろにがい] /(adv,adj-i) bittersweet/slightly bitter/something that has a strong taste that adults favor/
6475 ほろ子 [ほろし] /(n) (arch) rash/skin eruption/
6476 ほろ子 [ほろせ] /(n) (arch) rash/skin eruption/
6477 ほろ酔い [ほろよい] /(n) slight intoxication/
6478 ほんで /(conj) (ksb:) and/thereupon/because of that/
6479 ほんのり /(adv,n) slightly/faintly/
6480 ほんわか /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) warm/snug/
6481 ほんわかした /(adj-f) (uk) warm and snug/soft and comfortable/
6482 ほんわかとした /(adj-f) (uk) warm and snug/soft and comfortable/
6483 ほ場 [ほじょう] /(n) cultivated land (field, garden, orchard, etc.)/
6484 ほ乳動物 [ほにゅうどうぶつ] /(n) mammal/
6485 ほ乳瓶 [ほにゅうびん] /(n) baby bottle/
6486 ほ乳類 [ほにゅうるい] /(n) mammal/mammalian/
6487 ぼーっと /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) doing nothing/being stupefied/faintly/vaguely/in flames/flushingly/abstractedly/dazedly/blankly/dimly/hazily/dreamily/indistinctly/
6488 ぼいん /(n) big breasts/
6489 ぼうぜん自失 [ぼうぜんじしつ] /(n,vs,adj-no) stupor/stupefaction/trance/(being) dumbfounded/
6490 ぼうっと /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) doing nothing/being stupefied/faintly/vaguely/in flames/flushingly/abstractedly/dazedly/blankly/dimly/hazily/dreamily/indistinctly/
6491 ぼうぼう /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) burning vigorously/burning furiously/
6492 ぼう張 [ぼうちょう] /(n,vs,adj-no) expansion/swelling/increase/growth/
6493 ぼおっと /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) doing nothing/being stupefied/faintly/vaguely/in flames/flushingly/abstractedly/dazedly/blankly/dimly/hazily/dreamily/indistinctly/
6494 ぼくぼく /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (arch) (of soil, etc.) soft, dry and crumbly/(2) sound of quiet walking/
6495 ぼけっと /(adv,vs) being stupified/doing nothing/
6496 ぼこぼこ /(n-adv) (1) (on-mim) burbling/(2) hollow (sounding)/(3) holey/full of holes/
6497 ぼこる /(v5r) (sl) to beat the hell out of/
6498 ぼさっと /(adv,vs) (1) absent-mindedly/vacantly/idly/lazily/
6499 ぼさぼさ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs,adj-no) (on-mim) unkempt, ruffled hair or brush bristles/idling away time/
6500 ぼそっと /(adv,vs) (1) absent-mindedly/vacantly/idly/lazily/(2) in a whisper/
6501 ぼそぼそ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) dry and crumbling/(2) whispering/subdued/(3) tasteless/flavorless/flavourless/
6502 ぼそり /(adv) whispering/murmuring/subdued/
6503 ぼたぼた /(adv,adv-to,n) (on-mim) drip drip/
6504 ぼたり /(adv,adv-to) falling with a splat/oozing/dripping/
6505 ぼだいさった /(n) (Buddh) bodhisattva/
6506 ぼちぼち /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) little-by-little/gradually/slowly/soon/(adj-na) (2) (ksb:) not bad/passable/so-so/
6507 ぼちゃぼちゃ /(adv,n,vs) (1) splash water/dabble in water/splashing sound/
6508 ぼちゃんと /(adv) (on-mim) with a splash/
6509 ぼったくり /(n) (ksb:) rip-off/unfair overcharging/clip joint/
6510 ぼったくる /(v5r) to rip someone off/
6511 ぼったり /(adv,adv-to) falling with a splat/oozing/dripping/
6512 ぼっちゃま /(n) (hon) son/boy/
6513 ぼってり /(adj-f) (1) fleshy/plump/chubby/corpulent/(vs) (2) to apply thickly/to slap on/to coat with something thick/
6514 ぼつぼつ /(adv,n) (on-mim) gradually/here and there/spots/pimples/
6515 ぼとぼと /(adv) dripping/in drops/
6516 ぼぼ /(n) baby/doll/pussy(cat)/slang for cunt/
6517 ぼやかす /(v5s,vt) to make ambiguous/
6518 ぼやく /(v5k,vi) to grumble/to complain/
6519 ぼやける /(v1,vi) to become dim/to become blurred/(P)/
6520 ぼやっと /(adv,vs) (on-mim) absentmindedly/dazedly/vaguely/
6521 ぼらぼら /(exp) one after another/
6522 ぼりぼり /(adv) (on-mim) munch/crunch/
6523 ぼりぼり食べる [ぼりぼりたべる] /(exp,v1) to eat with a munching or crunching sound/
6524 ぼる /(v5r) to ask a high price/to overcharge/
6525 ぼろい /(adj-i) (1) profitable/(2) worn-out/crumbling/
6526 ぼろくそに言う [ぼろくそにいう] /(exp,v5u) to speak ill of/to speak very disparagingly about/to speak very harshly about/
6527 ぼろっちい /(adj-i) (sl) worn-out/crumbling/
6528 ぼろぼろ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs,adj-no) (1) (on-mim) worn-out/torn/crumbling/tattered/(2) tears or grain of rice falling/(P)/
6529 ぼろを出す [ぼろをだす] /(exp,v5s) to reveal the faults/
6530 ぼろ屋 [ぼろや] /(n) (1) run-down shabby house/(2) (arch) rag and scrap merchant/
6531 ぼろ家 [ぼろや] /(n) (1) run-down shabby house/(2) (arch) rag and scrap merchant/
6532 ぼろ切れ [ぼろきれ] /(n) old rag/
6533 ぼろ布 [ぼろきれ] /(n) old rag/
6534 ぼろ儲け [ぼろもうけ] /(n,vs) easy money/easy gain/
6535 ぼんたん飴 [ぼんたんあめ] /(n) Botan Rice Candy (lemon orange flavored soft, chewy candy with an edible wrapper and includes a small Botan Ame)/Botan Ame/Bontan Ame/
6536 ぼんぼん /(adv,adv-to) (1) fiercely (e.g. of a fire burning)/(2) bong-bong (of clock ringing)/(3) with repeated bangs (e.g. of fire cracker)/(n) (4) (abbr) striking clock/(5) (ksb:) green young man from a well-to-do family/
6537 ぼんぼん時計 [ぼんぼんどけい] /(n) striking clock/wall clock/pendulum clock/
6538 ぼんやり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) dimly/faintly/indistinctly/vaguely/(2) (on-mim) absentmindedly/vacantly/carelessly/(3) (on-mim) idly/aimlessly/(n) (4) absence of mind/fool/blockhead/dunce/(P)/
6539 ぽい /(n,vs) (col) throwing something away/
6540 ぽいっ /(n,vs) (col) throwing something away/
6541 ぽいと /(adv) (on-mim) carelessly/nonchalantly/
6542 ぽい捨て [ぽいすて] /(n) littering, esp. such things as empty cans, cigarette butts, dog faeces, etc. along roads, in parks, etc./careless tossing away/
6543 ぽうっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) shrill whistling sound/(2) reddening or brightening slightly/(3) rush of blood to the head/
6544 ぽか /(n,vs) (col) blunder/(careless) mistake/error/
6545 ぽかぽか /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) warmth throughout your body/(2) sound of beating someone/(P)/
6546 ぽかよけ /(n) fool-proofing/mistake-proofing/error-proofing/fail-safe/
6547 ぽかん /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a whack/slowly and lazily/gaping/absentmindedly/flabbergasted/(P)/
6548 ぽきっと /(adv) (on-mim) snappingly/with a snap/
6549 ぽこちん /(n) (col) penis/
6550 ぽたぽた /(adv) (on-mim) dripping water/(P)/
6551 ぽたぽた焼 [ぽたぽたやき] /(n) pota pota yaki (var. of senbei (rice cracker) coated with a sweet soy-sauce glaze on top)/
6552 ぽたぽた落ちる [ぽたぽたおちる] /(exp,v1) to fall in drops/to drip down/to trickle down/
6553 ぽたり /(adv-to) (1) (on-mim) drip/fall drop-by-drop/(2) suddenly (of drops of water)/
6554 ぽちぽち /(adv,adv-to) (1) spattering/splotching/(2) step-by-step/little-by-little/(3) soon/(n) (4) dots/(5) ditto mark/
6555 ぽちゃぽちゃ /(adv,n,vs) (1) splash water/dabble in water/splashing sound/(adj-f) (2) plump/chubby/
6556 ぽちゃり /(adv-to,adv) (on-mim) splash/splosh/
6557 ぽっ /(adv-to) (on-mim) with a blush/slightly flushed/fresh-faced/
6558 ぽっかり /(adv,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) lightly/(2) gaping wide/
6559 ぽっきり /(adv) merely/having just .../
6560 ぽっくり /(adv) suddenly (e.g. sudden death)/
6561 ぽっちゃり /(adv,adv-to) plump/chubbily/
6562 ぽっちり /(adv,adv-to) very slightly/a little/
6563 ぽっつり /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) isolated/standing alone/(2) falling in drops (e.g. rain)/(3) sighing (when saying something)/
6564 ぽってり /(adv,vs) plump/fat/
6565 ぽっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) slightly (blushing)/(2) (on-mim) suddenly (getting bright, flaring up, flashing on, etc.)/(3) (on-mim) distractedly/
6566 ぽつぽつ /(adv,n) (on-mim) bit by bit/piece by piece/spots/pimples/
6567 ぽつり /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) isolated/standing alone/(2) falling in drops (e.g. rain)/(3) sighing (when saying something)/
6568 ぽつん /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) isolated/standing alone/(2) falling in drops (e.g. rain)/(3) sighing (when saying something)/
6569 ぽとぽと /(adv) (on-mim) trickle down in thick drops/
6570 ぽとり /(adv-to) with a "plop" (of tears, drop of water, etc.)/
6571 ぽとりと落ちる [ぽとりとおちる] /(exp,v1) to fall down with a "plop"/
6572 ぽにょぽにょ /(exp) to be fat/
6573 ぽりぽり /(adv) (on-mim) crunching sound/
6574 ぽろぽろ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (on-mim) in large drops/
6575 ぽろり /(adv) (1) crying/(2) falling off/falling down/(3) inadvertently coming to the surface/
6576 ぽん /(adv) (on-mim) pop/plop/cloop/
6577 ぽんと /(adv) (on-mim) with a pop/
6578 ぽん引き [ぽんびき] /(n) (1) tout/swindler/con-man/(2) pimp/
6579 ぽん引き [ぽんぴき] /(n) (1) tout/swindler/con-man/(2) pimp/
6580 まあ /(adv,conj,int) (fem) you might say/Oh!/Wow!/Well!/(P)/
6581 まあね /(exp) well, I must admit .../
6582 まあまあ /(adj-na,adv,int) (1) (on-mim) so-so/(int) (2) now, now (used in calming people down)/(3) (fem) my, my (expression of wonder, surprise, etc.)/(P)/
6583 まい /(aux) (1) probably isn't (doesn't, won't, etc.)/(2) don't (doesn't) intend to/intend not to/(3) must not/(when used in an imperative sentence) don't/
6584 まいう /(n,adj-f) (sl) delicious (slang reversal of "umai")/
6585 まいうー /(n,adj-f) (sl) delicious (slang reversal of "umai")/
6586 まいか /(exp) (used to make a request, etc.) won't you/
6587 まいとーく /(n) (comp) Mytalk/
6588 まいに /(conj) even though it is not/despite not/
6589 まいゆ /(adj-f) (1) delicious/appetizing/appetising/(2) skillful/clever/expert/wise/successful/(3) fortunate/splendid/promising/
6590 まいゆう /(adj-f) (1) delicious/appetizing/appetising/(2) skillful/clever/expert/wise/successful/(3) fortunate/splendid/promising/
6591 まか不思議 [まかふしぎ] /(adj-na,n) mysterious/profound mystery/
6592 まがい物 [まがいもの] /(n) imitation/fake/sham/
6593 まがりかわ /(n) kanji "curving river" radical (variant of radical 47)/
6594 まき込む [まきこむ] /(v5m,vt) to roll up/to involve/to enfold/to swallow up/to drag into/
6595 まき散らす [まきちらす] /(v5s,vt) to scatter/to spread/
6596 まくし立てる [まくしたてる] /(v1,vt) to talk on and on/
6597 まくり上げる [まくりあげる] /(v1) to tuck (e.g. sleeves)/to roll up/
6598 まぐわう /(v5u,vi) to have sexual intercourse/
6599 まげわりふ /(n) kanji "crooked seal" radical at right (variant of radical 26)/
6600 まごまご /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) confused/(P)/
6601 まさかの時 [まさかのとき] /(exp) in time of need/for a rainy day/in case of emergency/
6602 まざまざ /(adv-to) (on-mim) plainly/clearly/vividly/
6603 まし /(aux) (1) (pol) (used to make a polite request or demand) please/(2) used to increase the politeness of a greeting, apology, etc./
6604 ましなんだ /(exp) (pol) (arch) suffix used to negate a verb in the past tense/
6605 ましょ /(ik) (exp) (1) (pol) (used to express the speaker's volition) I'll/(2) (used to make an invitation, request, etc.) let's/(3) (used to express a conjecture) probably/
6606 ましょう /(exp) (1) (pol) (used to express the speaker's volition) I'll/(2) (used to make an invitation, request, etc.) let's/(3) (used to express a conjecture) probably/
6607 ましょうか /(exp) (1) shall I?/(2) shall we?/
6608 まじ /(adj-na,n) (1) (sl) serious (not capricious or flirtatious)/(aux-v) (2) cannot/should not/will not/must not/
6609 まじき /(aux-adj,adj-f) should not be/must not be/
6610 まじまじと /(adv) staringly/fixedly/
6611 まじまじと見る [まじまじとみる] /(exp,v1) to take a long hard look at something/
6612 ます /(aux-v) (1) (pol) used to indicate respect for the listener (or reader)/(2) (arch) (hum) used to indicate respect for those affected by the action/
6613 ますです体 [ますですたい] /(n) literary form imparting the nuance of polite speech (with sentences ending in "desu" and verbs ending in "masu")/
6614 ます目 [ますめ] /(n) (1) measure/(2) square (e.g. of graph paper or Japanese manuscript paper)/(3) box (e.g. on a form)/
6615 まずる /(v5r) to bungle/to make things awkward/
6616 まず隗より始めよ [まずかいよりはじめよ] /(exp) he who first suggests it should be the first to do it/
6617 ませ /(aux) (1) (pol) (used to make a polite request or demand) please/(2) used to increase the politeness of a greeting, apology, etc./
6618 ませなんだ /(exp) (pol) (arch) suffix used to negate a verb in the past tense/
6619 ませる /(v1) to seem grown-up/to seem mature/to be precocious/to be advanced for one's age/
6620 ません /(exp) (pol) suffix used to negate a verb in the non-past tense/
6621 ませんか /(exp) (1) (pol) (used to ask a question in the negative) won't (hasn't, isn't, doesn't, etc.)/(2) (used to make invitations, express desires or give indirect commands) won't you/(P)/
6622 ませんかった /(exp) (pol) (arch) suffix used to negate a verb in the past tense/
6623 ませんだった /(exp) (pol) (arch) suffix used to negate a verb in the past tense/
6624 ませんでした /(exp) (pol) suffix used to negate a verb in the past tense/
6625 またぎ /(n) ancient hunting communities in Touhoku/
6626 またたく間に [またたくまに] /(adv) in the twinkling of an eye/in a flash/
6627 またね /(exp) good-bye/see you later/(P)/
6628 またの名 [またのな] /(n) alias/another name/
6629 また逢う日まで [またあうひまで] /(exp) till we meet again/
6630 また会う日まで [またあうひまで] /(exp) till we meet again/
6631 また明日 [またあした] /(exp) (uk) see you tomorrow/
6632 また来週 [またらいしゅう] /(exp) See you next week/
6633 まだまだこれから /(exp) it's not over yet/you haven't seen anything yet/it's not over until the fat lady sings/it's too soon to tell/we're not out of the woods/(P)/
6634 まったく気にかけない [まったくきにかけない] /(exp,adj-i) not be concerned about at all/not be troubled by/to not care about/
6635 まったく気にならない [まったくきにならない] /(exp,adj-i) not be concerned about at all/not mind about at all/not care a bit/
6636 まったり /(adj-f) (1) rich (taste)/full-bodied (flavour, flavor)/mellow(ness)/(2) laid-back (lifestyle)/
6637 まっ四角 [まっしかく] /(n) square/
6638 まっ正直 [まっしょうじき] /(adj-na,n) perfectly honest/
6639 まっ昼間 [まっぴるま] /(n-adv,n-t) broad daylight/
6640 まっ白 [まっしろ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) pure white/
6641 まつ毛 [まつげ] /(n,adj-no) (uk) eyelashes/
6642 までなら /(exp) up to ... (e.g. items) (nuance of comparison)/until ... (times)/as far as/(P)/
6643 までもない /(exp) (after verb phrase) doesn't amount to doing (something)/not significant enough to require (something)/(P)/
6644 まとめ買い [まとめがい] /(n,vs) collecting together and buying/doing a big shop/
6645 まとめ役 [まとめやく] /(n) mediator/peacemaker/troubleshooter/manager/
6646 まどろこい /(adj-i) dull (e.g. of movement or reaction)/sluggish/
6647 まどろこしい /(adj-i) dull (e.g. of movement or reaction)/sluggish/
6648 まどろっこい /(adj-i) dull (e.g. of movement or reaction)/sluggish/
6649 まどろっこしい /(adj-i) dull (e.g. of movement or reaction)/sluggish/
6650 まなじりを決して [まなじりをけっして] /(exp) with one's eyes flashing/
6651 まな板 [まないた] /(n) chopping board/
6652 まの当り [まのあたり] /(adv,n) in one's presence/face to face/on the spot/before one's eyes/
6653 まひょ /(ik) (exp) (1) (pol) (used to express the speaker's volition) I'll/(2) (used to make an invitation, request, etc.) let's/(3) (used to express a conjecture) probably/
6654 まぶ達 [まぶだち] /(n) (col) true friend/close friend/
6655 まへん /(exp) (pol) (ksb:) suffix used to negate a verb in the non-past tense/
6656 まべ貝 [まべがい] /(n) (uk) penguin wing oyster (Pteria penguin)/
6657 まま息子 [ままむすこ] /(n) stepson/
6658 まま娘 [ままむすめ] /(n) stepdaughter/
6659 まむし /(n) (food) (ksb:) broiled eel (usu. mixed into rice)/
6660 まむし丼 [まむしどん] /(n) (ksb:) bowl of eel and rice (donburi)/
6661 まむし丼 [まむしどんぶり] /(n) (ksb:) bowl of eel and rice (donburi)/
6662 まやかし /(n,adj-no) deception/make-believe/fake/counterfeit/phony/
6663 まやかす /(v5s,vt) to cheat/to swindle/to deceive/
6664 まる覚え [まるおぼえ] /(n,vs) full memorization/full memorisation/
6665 まわり灯篭 [まわりどうろう] /(n) revolving lantern/
6666 まんざら夢ではない [まんざらゆめではない] /(exp,adj-i) not altogether a dream/
6667 まんじり /(n) (1) (usu. with negative verb) nap/doze/short sleep/(adv-to) (2) staringly/fixedly/
6668 まんじりともしない /(exp) not sleeping a wink/wide awake all night/
6669 まんじりともせず /(exp) not sleeping a wink/wide awake all night/
6670 まんまと /(adv) (on-mim) successfully/fairly/artfully/nicely/thoroughly/
6671 まん丸 [まんまる] /(adj-na,n) perfect circle/
6672 まん前 [まんまえ] /(adj-no,adv) right in front/just opposite/under the nose/
6673 まん中 [まんなか] /(n) middle/centre/center/mid-way/
6674 み /(suf) (1) -ness (nominalizing suffix, esp. of sensory or subjective adjectives)/(2) nominalizing suffix indicating location/(3) (as ...mi ...mi) alternating between ... and .../
6675 みいちゃんはあちゃん /(exp) the follower of each new fad/
6676 みいはあ /(adj-na,n) (1) (abbr) follower of each new fad/(2) (sl) poser/
6677 みかじめ料 [みかじめりょう] /(n) protection money/
6678 みかん箱 [みかんばこ] /(n) cardboard box for mandarin oranges/
6679 みかん畑 [みかんばたけ] /(n) mandarin plantation/
6680 みこしを据える [みこしをすえる] /(exp,v1) to ensconce oneself (e.g. in a chair)/to settle oneself down/to plant oneself/
6681 みこしを担ぐ [みこしをかつぐ] /(exp,v5g) (1) to wheedle a person into doing something/(2) to carry a portable shrine/
6682 みしみし /(adv,adv-to,vs) creaking/groaning (e.g. of something under physical stress)/
6683 みじん切り [みじんぎり] /(n) finely chopped (cooking)/(P)/
6684 みずほ銀行 [みずほぎんこう] /(n) Mizuho Bank/
6685 みそ汁 [みそしる] /(n) miso soup/
6686 みたい /(suf,adj-na) (col) -like/sort of/similar to/resembling/(P)/
6687 みっちり /(adv) (1) severely/strictly/fully/(2) earnestly/diligently/
6688 みつかけ星 [みつかけぼし] /(n) Chinese "Chariot" constellation (one of the 28 mansions)/
6689 みどりの日 [みどりのひ] /(n) Greenery Day (national holiday; May 4)/
6690 みなし子 [みなしご] /(n,adj-no) orphan/
6691 みなし配当 [みなしはいとう] /(n) consent dividend/constructive dividend/deemed dividend/
6692 みなし有価証券 [みなしゆうかしょうけん] /(n) deemed securities/
6693 みなみじゅうじ座 [みなみじゅうじざ] /(n) Southern Cross/
6694 みみっちい /(adj-i) tightfisted/stingy/miserly/small-minded/
6695 みやげもの屋 [みやげものや] /(n) souvenir store/gift shop/
6696 みやこたなご /(n) (uk) Tokyo bitterling (species of cyprinid fish, Tanakia tanago)/
6697 みる貝 [みるがい] /(n) (uk) Tresus keenae (species of trough shell)/
6698 みんなの党 [みんなのとう] /(n) Your Party (a Japanese political party)/
6699 みんみん /(adv,n) (on-mim) seeing through another person's scheme (e.g. lies and flattery)/
6700 みんみん蝉 [みんみんぜみ] /(n) (uk) Oncotympana maculaticollis (large black and green species of Oriental cicada)/
6701 み国 [みくに] /(n) (1) (hon) country/(2) (hon) Japan/
6702 み使い [みつかい] /(n) angel/
6703 む /(int) (1) (arch) unh (sound of physical exertion)/oof/(2) wow/whoa/(3) yes/yeah/uh-huh/(aux-v) (4) (after a -nai stem) probably/(5) will/intend to/(6) would like to have done (for me)/
6704 むうっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) sullenly/angrily/testily/huffily/petulantly/indignantly/(2) (on-mim) stuffily/stiflingly/(adv) (3) (on-mim) slowly (exhaling smoke)/
6705 むかっと /(adv,vs) feeling angry (or nauseated, etc.) suddenly/
6706 むかっ腹 [むかっぱら] /(n) anger/passion/
6707 むかつく /(v5k,vi) to feel sick/to feel irritated/to feel offended/to feel angry/
6708 むかむか /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) nausea/queasy/surge of anger/(P)/
6709 むき出し [むきだし] /(adj-na,n) nakedness/frankness/
6710 むき出す [むきだす] /(v5s,vt) to show/to bare (the teeth)/
6711 むき身 [むきみ] /(n) shellfish removed from the shell/
6712 むくつけき /(adj-pn) coarse/uncultured/
6713 むくむく /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (on-mim) rising up/towering/billowing (e.g. clouds of smoke)/(2) (on-mim) plump/chubby/fat/(3) (on-mim) shaggy/hairy/
6714 むくり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (rising) abruptly/
6715 むさい /(adj-i) filthy/squalid/dirty/foul/sordid/
6716 むささび /(n) (uk) giant flying squirrel (Petaurista leucogenys)/
6717 むさ苦しい [むさくるしい] /(adj-i) (uk) filthy/squalid/dirty/foul/sordid/
6718 むざむざ /(adv) helplessly/easily/without resistance/without regret/
6719 むしゃくしゃ /(adv,vs) (1) vexed/irritated/fretful/in ill humour/in ill humor/in a temper/(2) shaggy/bushy/ragged/rugged/
6720 むしゃむしゃ /(adv) munch/crunch/
6721 むしょ送り [むしょおくり] /(n) being sent to prison/
6722 むしり取る [むしりとる] /(v5r,vt) to tear off/to pluck off/
6723 むず /(aux-v) (1) (arch) will probably be/(2) intending to/will/(3) should/
6724 むずい /(adj-i) (abbr) difficult/
6725 むずつく /(v5k,vi) to itch/
6726 むずむず /(vs) (1) (on-mim) to feel itchy/to itch/to feel creepy/(2) to be impatient/to itch (to do something)/to be eager/
6727 むずむず脚症候群 [むずむずあししょうこうぐん] /(n) Restless Leg Syndrome/RLS/
6728 むずむず足症候群 [むずむずあししょうこうぐん] /(n) Restless Leg Syndrome/RLS/
6729 むず痒い [むずがゆい] /(adj-i) (1) itchy/(2) creepy/feeling uneasy/
6730 むせび泣き [むせびなき] /(vs) (1) to sob/to be choked with tears/(n) (2) sobbing/
6731 むせび泣く [むせびなく] /(v5k,vi) to sob/to be choked with tears/
6732 むせ返る [むせかえる] /(v5r,vi) to choke/to sob convulsively/to cough/
6733 むだ骨 [むだぼね] /(n) useless/waste of time and effort/pointless/vain efforts/
6734 むだ足 [むだあし] /(n,vs) visit for no reason/go on fool's errand/
6735 むちむち /(adv-to,adv,vs) (on-mim) plump/chubby/voluptuous/
6736 むち打ち [むちうち] /(n) (1) (abbr) whipping/beating with a whip/(2) (abbr) whiplash/
6737 むち打ち症 [むちうちしょう] /(n) whiplash/
6738 むち打つ [むちうつ] /(v5t,vt) to whip/to lash/to give the rod/to spur on/to encourage/
6739 むっくり /(adv,adv-to,vs) (1) (rising) abruptly/(2) plump/rotund/
6740 むっちり /(adv-to,adv,vs) (on-mim) plump/chubby/voluptuous/
6741 むっちりと /(adv) (on-mim) plumply/
6742 むっつり /(adv-to,adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) sullenly/taciturnly/morosely/gloomily/silently/(n) (2) taciturn person/uncommunicative person/(P)/
6743 むっと /(adv,vs) (1) (on-mim) sullenly/angrily/testily/huffily/petulantly/indignantly/(2) (on-mim) stuffily/stiflingly/(P)/
6744 むつ /(n) (uk) gnomefish (Scombrops boops)/
6745 むつ五郎 [むつごろう] /(n) (uk) mudskipper (Boleophthalmus pectinirostris)/goggle-eyed goby/
6746 むとす /(exp,vs-i) (1) (after a -nai stem) to be trying to/(2) to be just about to/
6747 むにゃむにゃ /(adv) mumbling/incomprehensible muttering/talking with food in one's mouth/talking in sleep/
6748 むねを冷やす [むねをひやす] /(exp,v5s) to be frightened/
6749 むらさめ型護衛艦 [むらさめがたごえいかん] /(n) Murasame class destroyer/
6750 むんず /(adv-to) strongly/violently/with all one's strength/
6751 むんむん /(adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) stuffy/(2) woman's desire/
6752 めい想 [めいそう] /(n,vs) meditation/contemplation/
6753 めかけ奉公 [めかけぼうこう] /(n,vs) serving as a concubine/
6754 めがねっ娘 [めがねっこ] /(n) (m-sl) girl (usu. attractive) with glasses/glasses-wearing girl/
6755 めきめき /(adv) (on-mim) conspicuously/(P)/
6756 めく /(suf,v5k) (1) to show signs of .../to have the appearance of .../(2) (X) (col) to jerk off/to masturbate/(P)/
6757 めくら印 [めくらいん] /(n) (col) (obsc) (sens) rubber stamp/
6758 めくら判 [めくらばん] /(n) (sens) approving a document without adequately reading it/rubber-stamping/
6759 めくり上げる [めくりあげる] /(v1) to lift/to turn over/to fold over/
6760 めぐり会う [めぐりあう] /(v5u) to meet fortuitously (e.g. running into an old friend)/to meet by chance/to happen across/
6761 めぐり合う [めぐりあう] /(v5u) to meet fortuitously (e.g. running into an old friend)/to meet by chance/to happen across/
6762 めぐり合わせ [めぐりあわせ] /(n) fate/chance/
6763 めげる /(v1,vi) to be discouraged/to shrink from/
6764 めじ /(n) young tuna (esp. northern bluefin tuna under 1 meter)/
6765 めじろ押し [めじろおし] /(n) jostling/milling about/
6766 めそめそ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) uncontrolled weeping/sobbing/
6767 めためた /(adj-na,adv,adv-to) beyond repair/
6768 めちゃぱい /(n) big breasts/
6769 めっ /(int) used to scold small children and pets/
6770 めっきり /(adv) remarkably/(P)/
6771 めっさ /(adj-na) (sl) extremely/very/
6772 めっちゃ /(adv) (sl) (ksb:) very/extremely/excessively/
6773 めばち /(n) sty (on the eyelid)/stye/
6774 めばちこ /(n) sty (on the eyelid)/stye/
6775 めらめら /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) flaring up/bursting into flames/
6776 めりはりの利いた [めりはりのきいた] /(exp) explicit/clear/unambiguous/meaningful/lively/
6777 めりはりを利かせた [めりはりをきかせた] /(exp) explicit/clear/unambiguous/meaningful/lively/
6778 めりめり /(adv-to) (on-mim) splintering or cracking (e.g. in a strong wind)/
6779 めり込む [めりこむ] /(v5m,vi) to sink into/to cave in/
6780 めんこい /(adj-i) (thb:) lovely/sweet/cute/
6781 めんご /(n) (sl) sorry (not very sincere)/
6782 めんそーれ /(n) (rkb:) welcome/
6783 めんそおれ /(n) (rkb:) welcome/
6784 めん棒 [めんぼう] /(n) cotton swab/
6785 めん棒 [めんぼう] /(n) rolling pin/
6786 め組 [めぐみ] /(n) (arch) fire brigade (in Edo)/
6787 め組の頭 [めぐみのかしら] /(n) (arch) fire brigade chief (in Edo)/chief fireman/
6788 も /(prt) (1) also/too/words of similar weight/(2) about (emphasizing an upper limit)/as much as/even/(adv) (3) more/further/other/again/(P)/
6789 もう /(adv,int) (1) already/anymore/(2) soon/shortly/(3) more/further/other/again/(int,adv) (4) interjection used to strengthen expression of an emotion (often exasperation)/(P)/
6790 もういっちょ /(exp) (col) once more/again/
6791 もうけ物 [もうけもの] /(n) good bargain/a find/godsend/a steal/
6792 もうすっかり /(exp) already completed (arrived, happened, etc.)/(P)/
6793 もうちょっとしたら /(exp) in a little while (referring to the very near future on the order of minutes)/in a bit/
6794 もうひと頑張り [もうひとがんばり] /(n,vs) one more effort/
6795 もうひと踏ん張り [もうひとふんばり] /(exp) holding out a little longer/
6796 もうもう /(n) (1) mooing/(2) moo-moo (kid's talk for 'cow')/
6797 もう一つ [もうひとつ] /(n,adv) (uk) another/one more/
6798 もう一回 [もういっかい] /(exp) once more/once again/
6799 もう一頑張り [もうひとがんばり] /(n,vs) one more effort/
6800 もう一人 [もうひとり] /(n,adv) another (person)/the other person/one more (person)/
6801 もう一度 [もういちど] /(exp) once more/again/
6802 もう一踏ん張り [もうひとふんばり] /(exp) holding out a little longer/
6803 もう一遍 [もういっぺん] /(exp) (uk) (ksb:) once more/again/
6804 もう少し [もうすこし] /(exp) a bit more/a bit longer/
6805 もう少しで [もうすこしで] /(exp) almost/nearly/close to/
6806 もう少しのところで [もうすこしのところで] /(exp) almost/nearly/close to/
6807 もう少しの所で [もうすこしのところで] /(exp) almost/nearly/close to/
6808 もう直 [もうじき] /(exp,adv) (uk) soon/
6809 もう直ぐ [もうすぐ] /(exp) (uk) very soon/
6810 もがな /(prt) particle used to indicate the speaker's hope, desire, wish, etc. (e.g. "it would be nice if ...", "I wish there were ...", etc.)/
6811 もぎたて /(adj-no) fresh-picked/
6812 もぎり /(n) ticket-collector/
6813 もぎる /(v5r,vt) (uk) to pluck/to pick/to tear off/
6814 もぎ取る [もぎとる] /(v5r) (uk) to pluck off/to pick/to break or tear off/to wrest (away from)/to wrench free/to snatch (away)/
6815 もくもく /(adv,adv-to) (on-mim) with clouds of smoke/
6816 もくる /(v5r) (sl) to smoke/
6817 もぐ /(v5g) (uk) to pluck (usually from a tree)/to pick (e.g. apples)/(P)/
6818 もぐもぐ /(adv,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) mumbling/chewing one's words/
6819 もぐり込む [もぐりこむ] /(v5m,vi) to slip into/to crawl into (under)/to conceal oneself (under)/
6820 もげる /(v1,vi) (uk) to be torn off/to come off/
6821 もこもこ /(adj-f) lumpy/fluffy/
6822 もごもご /(adv,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) mumbling/chewing one's words/
6823 もさっと /(adv,vs) absentmindedly/
6824 もさもさ /(vs) (1) hairy (person)/thickly bearded person/(2) slow person/dull person/
6825 もさることながら /(exp) one may well say so, but .../even more than/
6826 もし /(int) excuse me! (when calling out to someone)/
6827 もしあれば /(exp) if any/if it exists/
6828 もしかし /(exp,adv) (abbr) perhaps/maybe/by some chance/
6829 もしかしなくても /(exp,adv) (col) no need to guess/certainly/
6830 もしそうなら /(exp) if so/in that case/
6831 もしそれが興奮させなかったら [もしそれがこうふんさせなかったら] /(exp) If it was not exciting/
6832 もしもし /(int) (1) hello (e.g. on phone)/(2) excuse me! (when calling out to someone)/(P)/
6833 もしもの事 [もしものこと] /(exp) emergency/accident/rare possibility/unexpected occurrence/
6834 もしゃもしゃ /(adj-na,adv,vs) shaggy/scraggly/bushy/disheveled/dishevelled/unkempt/tousled/raggedy/
6835 もし可能ならば [もしかのうならば] /(exp) if possible/
6836 もじもじ /(adv,vs) (on-mim) bashfully/hesitantly/fidgety/restlessly/squirming/wriggling/haltingly/
6837 もじゃもじゃ /(adj-na) tousled/shaggy (hair)/dishevelled/disheveled/unkempt/
6838 もじら組 [もじらぐみ] /(n) Mozilla community/
6839 もそっと /(adv) a little more/
6840 もそもそ /(vs,adv,adv-to) (on-mim) creeping about/stirring restlessly/squirming/
6841 もぞもぞ /(vs,adv,adv-to) (on-mim) creeping about/stirring restlessly/squirming/
6842 もたつく /(v5k,vi) to be slow/to not make progress/to be inefficient/
6843 もたもた /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) inefficient/slow/
6844 もたれ掛る [もたれかかる] /(v5r,vi) (1) to lean on/to recline on/(2) to rely on/to depend on/
6845 もち /(adv) (abbr) (col) of course/for sure/definitely/
6846 もちのろん /(adv) (sl) of course/certainly/naturally/
6847 もちの木 [もちのき] /(n) (uk) Nepal holly (Ilex integra)/
6848 もちもち /(adj-no,vs) springy (texture)/
6849 もち肌 [もちはだ] /(n) soft skin/smooth skin/
6850 もち米 [もちごめ] /(n) glutinous rice/
6851 もっかい /(n) (col) once more/once again/
6852 もっけの幸い [もっけのさいわい] /(exp) windfall/piece of good luck/
6853 もっこり /(vs,adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) bulge in a pocket or clothing/(2) "tent" an erection makes against pants or bedsheets/
6854 もっさい /(adj-i) (sl) unfashionable/
6855 もっさり /(adv,vs) (1) unfashionable/lacking style/(2) dim-witted/slow/
6856 もっそり /(adv-to,adv,vs) (1) slowly/(2) unrefined/
6857 もっての外 [もってのほか] /(adj-na,n) absurd/unreasonable/
6858 もって瞑すべし [もってめいすべし] /(exp) one can now rest in peace/one ought to be contented with what has been accomplished/
6859 もっと /(adv) (on-mim) (some) more/even more/longer/further/(P)/
6860 もっともらしい顔 [もっともらしいかお] /(exp) dignified expression/solemn expression/serious expression/
6861 もっぺん /(exp) (col) (abbr) once more/again (abbr. of mou ippen)/
6862 もつ /(n) (food) (abbr) entrails/giblets/guts/internal organs (as food)/
6863 もつれ合う [もつれあう] /(v5u) to entangle themselves together (e.g. of butterflies)/to be intertwined/
6864 もつ焼 [もつやき] /(n) roast giblets/
6865 もつ焼き [もつやき] /(n) roast giblets/
6866 もつ鍋 [もつなべ] /(n) miso nabe made with offal and vegetables/(P)/
6867 もて /(pref) emphatic prefix/
6868 もてあそび物 [もてあそびもの] /(n) plaything/toy/
6869 もて扱う [もてあつかう] /(v5u,vt) (1) (arch) to take care of/(2) (arch) to be too much for one/to find unmanageable/to be beyond one's control/to not know what to do with/
6870 もて映やす [もてはやす] /(v5s,vt) (uk) to praise extravagantly/to lionize/to lionise/to make much of/
6871 もて栄やす [もてはやす] /(v5s,vt) (uk) to praise extravagantly/to lionize/to lionise/to make much of/
6872 もて遊ぶ [もてあそぶ] /(v5b,vt) (1) (uk) to play with (a toy, one's hair, etc.)/to fiddle with/(2) to toy with (one's emotions, etc.)/to trifle with/(3) to do with something as one pleases/(4) to appreciate/
6873 もて囃す [もてはやす] /(v5s,vt) (uk) to praise extravagantly/to lionize/to lionise/to make much of/
6874 もと /(n) yeast mash/
6875 もどかしい /(adj-i) irritating/not quick enough/tantalizing/tantalising/feel impatient/tardy/
6876 もどかしげに /(adv) fretfully/impatiently/
6877 もにゃもにゃ /(adv) mumbling/incomprehensible muttering/talking with food in one's mouth/talking in sleep/
6878 もぬけの殻 [もぬけのから] /(exp) (uk) completely empty/
6879 ものか /(prt) (male) used to create a form of question indicating that the speaker actually believes the opposite is true/emphasizes a determination not to do something, e.g. "Like hell I will!"/
6880 ものが言えない [ものがいえない] /(exp) speechless (with amazement)/struck dumb/
6881 ものだから /(conj) the reason for something/
6882 もので /(prt,conj) conjunctive particle indicating a cause or reason/
6883 ものである /(exp) is something that/is that which/
6884 ものですか /(exp) (fem) used to create a rhetorical question indicating that the speaker actually believes the opposite is true/emphasizes a determination not to do something by means of a rhetorical question/
6885 ものですから /(exp) reason or excuse (nuance of seeking understanding)/
6886 ものの /(prt) but/although/(P)/
6887 ものの数ではない [もののかずではない] /(exp) nothing special/nothing significant/
6888 ものの道理 [もののどうり] /(n) the principle of the thing/
6889 ものも言いよう [ものもいいよう] /(exp) (id) To make or mar depends on the telling/
6890 ものを /(conj,prt) although (with nuance of strong discontent)/but/even though/I wish ..../
6891 ものを言う [ものをいう] /(exp,v5u) (1) to speak (of something)/(2) to be effective/to be powerful/to mean everything/
6892 もの言う [ものいう] /(v5u,vt) to talk/to carry meaning/
6893 もの寂しい [ものさびしい] /(adj-i) lonely/
6894 もの臭い [ものぐさい] /(adj-i) troublesome/bothersome/burdensome/
6895 もの柔らか [ものやわらか] /(adj-na,n) mild/mild-mannered/gentle/
6896 もの静か [ものしずか] /(adj-na,n) quiet/still/calm/
6897 もの悲しい [ものがなしい] /(adj-i) sad/melancholy/
6898 もの憂い [ものうい] /(adj-i) languid/weary/listless/melancholy/
6899 もの淋しい [ものさびしい] /(adj-i) lonely/
6900 もみじ袋 [もみじぶくろ] /(n) rice-bran bag (used for scrubbing the skin when bathing)/
6901 もみの木 [もみのき] /(n) fir tree/
6902 もみもみ /(n,vs) massage/
6903 もみ殻 [もみがら] /(n) rice husks/
6904 もみ合い [もみあい] /(n) jostle/struggle/scuffle/
6905 もみ合う [もみあう] /(v5u,vt) to jostle/to shove and push/to struggle with one another/
6906 もみ手 [もみで] /(n,vs) rubbing one's hands together/
6907 もみ手で頼む [もみででたのむ] /(exp,v5m) to supplicate/to implore humbly/
6908 もみ消す [もみけす] /(v5s,vt) to crush/to hush up/to blanket/
6909 もみ療治 [もみりょうじ] /(n,vs) (therapeutic) massage/
6910 もめ事 [もめごと] /(n) quarrel/trouble/dispute/friction (between people)/
6911 ももんが /(n) (uk) small Eurasian flying squirrel (Pteromys momonga)/
6912 ももんがあ /(n) (uk) small Eurasian flying squirrel (Pteromys momonga)/
6913 ももんじい屋 [ももんじいや] /(n) (arch) meat vendor/butcher/
6914 ももんじ屋 [ももんじや] /(n) (arch) meat vendor/butcher/
6915 もも引き [ももひき] /(n) close fitting trousers/working trousers/long johns/long underpants/
6916 もも上げ [ももあげ] /(n) high knee (exercise drill where one brings one's knees up high while walking or running)/
6917 もも肉 [ももにく] /(n) leg (meat)/round/ham/
6918 もやい結び [もやいむすび] /(n) bowline (knot)/
6919 もやしっ子 [もやしっこ] /(n) weak, frail or gangly child/
6920 もやもや /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) hazy/misty/feeling sad/feeling fuzzy/feeling depressed/gloomy/
6921 もやもや病 [もやもやびょう] /(n) moyamoya disease (rare, progressive cerebrovascular disorder caused by blocked arteries in the basal ganglia)/
6922 もようびゆ /(n) (uk) calico plant (Alternanthera ficoidea)/
6923 もらい受ける [もらいうける] /(v1,vt) to get/to be given/
6924 もりもり /(adv,n) (on-mim) swelling/someone full of zest/gusto/
6925 もろ刃 [もろは] /(adj-no) (1) double-edged/
6926 もろ肌 [もろはだ] /(n) both bare shoulders/stripped to the waist/
6927 もろ肌を脱ぐ [もろはだをぬぐ] /(exp,v5g) (1) to strip to one's waist/(2) to go at with might and main/
6928 もろ肌脱ぎ [もろはだぬぎ] /(n) stripping to one's waist/being bare from the waist up/
6929 もんか /(prt) (male) used to create a form of question indicating that the speaker actually believes the opposite is true/emphasizes a determination not to do something, e.g. "Like hell I will!"/
6930 もんじゃ焼き [もんじゃやき] /(n) savoury pancake with various fillings, thinner than okonomiyaki/
6931 もんだから /(conj) the reason for something/
6932 もんで /(prt,conj) conjunctive particle indicating a cause or reason/
6933 もんですか /(exp) (fem) used to create a rhetorical question indicating that the speaker actually believes the opposite is true/emphasizes a determination not to do something by means of a rhetorical question/
6934 もんどり打つ [もんどりうつ] /(v5t) to turn a somersault/
6935 もんぺ /(n) women's work pants/
6936 も一つ [もひとつ] /(exp) furthermore/adding to the above-mentioned/
6937 や /(prt) (1) such things as (non-exhaustive list related to a specific time and place)/and ... and/(2) (after the dictionary form of a verb) the minute (that) .../no sooner than .../(int) (3) punctuational exclamation in haiku, renga, etc./(aux) (4) (ksb:) plain copula/(P)/
6938 やあ /(int) (1) Yo! (greeting)/(2) Wow! (expression of surprise)/
6939 やいやい /(adv,adv-to) (1) pressingly/demandingly/(int) (2) hey! hey!/oi!/
6940 やえやま型掃海艦 [やえやまがたそうかいかん] /(n) Yaeyama class minesweeper/
6941 やおい /(n) manga on the theme of male homosexual love/
6942 やおら /(adv) slowly/leisurely/deliberately/
6943 やか /(suf,adj-na) (after a noun, adjective stem, onomatopoeic-mimetic word, etc.) seeming very .../
6944 やがる /(aux,v5r) verb suffix (te form or masu stem) to indicate hatred and contempt, or disdain for another's action (vulg)/
6945 やきもき /(adv,n,vs) impatient/worry about/
6946 やきもちを焼く [やきもちをやく] /(exp,v5k) to be jealous/
6947 やきもちを妬く [やきもちをやく] /(exp,v5k) to be jealous/
6948 やきもち焼き [やきもちやき] /(n) jealous person/
6949 やくざ /(n) (1) professional gambler or ruffian (esp. a member of the Japanese mafia)/yakuza (member)/(adj-na,n) (2) uselessness/purposelessness/(P)/
6950 やくざ者 [やくざもの] /(n) (1) professional gambler/(2) good-for-nothing/ne'er-do-well/hoodlum/ruffian/
6951 やけっ腹 [やけっぱら] /(n,vs) desperation/despair/
6952 やけに /(adv) (sl) awfully/frightfully/desperately/violently/
6953 やけを起こす [やけをおこす] /(exp,v5s) to become desperate/to give way to despair/
6954 やけ酒 [やけざけ] /(n) drowning one's cares in drink/drinking in desperation/
6955 やけ食い [やけぐい] /(n,vs) binge eating/stress eating/
6956 やご /(n) (uk) dragonfly naiad (nymph)/
6957 やさぐれ /(n) (1) (sl) running away from home/(2) runaway (child)/
6958 やさぐれる /(v1) (sl) to sulk/to be peevish/
6959 やしない /(aux) (col) (usu. used after -masu stem of verb) emphatic negative (verb)/
6960 やせても枯れても [やせてもかれても] /(exp) even though one has fallen on hard times/however down on one's luck one may be/
6961 やせ我慢 [やせがまん] /(n,vs) (uk) fake stoicism/pretended endurance (for sake of pride)/false courage/
6962 やせ型 [やせがた] /(n) (1) slender build/slender figure/leptosome/leptosomatic habit/(adj-no) (2) waifish/leptosomaic/leptosomatic/ectomorphic/
6963 やせ形 [やせがた] /(n) (1) slender build/slender figure/leptosome/leptosomatic habit/(adj-no) (2) waifish/leptosomaic/leptosomatic/ectomorphic/
6964 やせ細る [やせほそる] /(v5r,vi) to lose weight/to become thin/to wither away/
6965 やっかむ /(v5m,vi) (col) (ktb:) to be jealous/to be envious/
6966 やっさもっさ /(n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) hurly-burly/helter-skelter/hustle and bustle/turmoil/
6967 やった /(int) hooray (lit: I or we did it)/whee/hot dog!/you beaut/whacko/yowzer!/whoopee!/yes!/(P)/
6968 やったー /(int) hooray (lit: I or we did it)/whee/hot dog!/you beaut/whacko/yowzer!/whoopee!/yes!/
6969 やっちまう /(exp,v5u) to do something one regrets/
6970 やっつけ仕事 [やっつけしごと] /(n) rush job/quick-and-dirty work/
6971 やって見る [やってみる] /(exp,v1) to have a go/to try and do (something)/to take a chance with something/
6972 やって行く [やっていく] /(v5k-s) to live/to make a living/to get on with/
6973 やって来る [やってくる] /(exp,vk) to come along/to come around/to turn up/(P)/
6974 やっと /(adv) (on-mim) at last/at length/(P)/
6975 やっとこ /(adv) barely/
6976 やっとこまかせ /(n) yell made when starting to move something/grunt/
6977 やっとの思いで [やっとのおもいで] /(exp,adv) finally/after great pains/
6978 やっとの事で [やっとのことで] /(exp) just managing/with great difficulty/
6979 やっとまかせ /(n) yell made when starting to move something/grunt/
6980 やっ付ける [やっつける] /(v1,vt) to beat/to attack (an enemy)/to do away with/to finish off/(P)/
6981 やとらに /(adv) indiscriminately/
6982 やなぐい /(n) quiver (worn on the right hip; post-Nara period)/
6983 やねん /(aux) (ksb:) it is assuredly that .../can say with confidence that .../
6984 やばい /(adj-i) (1) (sl) dangerous/risky/(2) (sl) awful/terrible/crap/(3) (sl) terrific/amazing/cool/(P)/
6985 やぶ蛇 [やぶへび] /(n,vs) unnecessary trouble brought upon oneself/stirring up a hornet's nest/
6986 やほー /(int) (col) hi/howdy/
6987 やまびこ /(n) skips-most-stations Touhoku-line Shinkansen/
6988 やまめ /(n) (uk) dragonfly naiad (nymph)/
6989 やみ屋 [やみや] /(n) black marketeer/black market trader/
6990 やむを得ず [やむをえず] /(adv) unavoidably/inevitably/necessarily/reluctantly/against one's will/
6991 やむを得ない [やむをえない] /(exp) cannot be helped/unavoidable/(P)/
6992 やむ終えない [やむおえない] /(exp,adj-i) cannot be helped/unavoidable/
6993 やむ得ず [やむえず] /(adv) (uk) unavoidably/inevitably/necessarily/reluctantly/against one's will/
6994 やめ検 [やめけん] /(n) (abbr) (col) former public prosecutor who now works as a lawyer/retired public prosecutor/
6995 やめ検弁護士 [やめけんべんごし] /(n) (col) former public prosecutor who now works as a lawyer/prosecutor-turned-lawyer/
6996 やもう得ない [やもうえない] /(exp,adj-i) cannot be helped/unavoidable/
6997 やもめ暮らし [やもめぐらし] /(n) widowhood/widowerhood/viduity/
6998 やも知れぬ [やもしれぬ] /(suf) (arch) may/might/perhaps/may be/possibly/
6999 ややあって /(exp) after a little while/presently/
7000 ややこしい /(adj-i) puzzling/tangled/complicated/complex/(P)/
7001 やや小さい [ややちいさい] /(exp,adj-i) smallish/on the small side/
7002 やや大きい [ややおおきい] /(exp,adj-i) biggish/largish/
7003 やら /(prt) (1) indicates a non-exhaustive list of items/(2) denotes uncertainty/
7004 やらざるを得ない [やらざるをえない] /(exp) cannot avoid doing/cannot help but (do)/is compelled to do/(feel) obliged to (do)/has to do/
7005 やらしい /(adj-i) (uk) unpleasant/disgusting/repulsive/detestable/disagreeable/indecent/lewd/dirty/lascivious/
7006 やらせ /(n) (1) faked situation/(2) prearranged performances/
7007 やらやら /(int) expression of strong emotion or surprise/
7008 やりこい /(adj-i) (tsb:) soft/tender/limp/
7009 やりっぱ /(n) (abbr) (sl) leave unfinished or incomplete/
7010 やりっ放し [やりっぱなし] /(adj-no,adj-na) unfinished/incomplete/
7011 やりとも /(n) someone with whom one is not romantically involved but frequently has sexual relations with anyway/
7012 やりまん /(n) (col) slut/bimbo/
7013 やりよう /(n) way of doing something/
7014 やりコン /(n) blind date party, with the object of sex (slang)/
7015 やり過ぎ [やりすぎ] /(n,adj-no) overkill/(something) overdone/
7016 やり過ぎる [やりすぎる] /(v1) to overdo/to go too far/to go to excess/
7017 やり過ごす [やりすごす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to let something (or somebody) go past/(2) to do too much/(P)/
7018 やり玉 [やりだま] /(n) make an example of/singled out/
7019 やり繰り [やりくり] /(n,vs) (uk) making do/getting by (somehow)/managing/(P)/
7020 やり甲斐 [やりがい] /(n) (uk) being worth doing/(P)/
7021 やり合う [やりあう] /(v5u,vt) to compete with/to argue with/to quarrel/
7022 やり込める [やりこめる] /(v1,vt) to talk down/to corner someone in an argument/
7023 やり残し [やりのこし] /(n) things left undone/
7024 やり残す [やりのこす] /(v5s) to leave undone/
7025 やり取り [やりとり] /(n,vs) giving and taking/exchange (of letters)/arguing back and forth/(conversational) exchange/(P)/
7026 やり手 [やりて] /(n) (1) doer/(2) giver/(3) skilled person/capable person/shrewd person/go-getter/hotshot/(4) brothel madam/
7027 やり場 [やりば] /(n) place of refuge (figurative)/outlet (for an emotion, anger, etc.)/
7028 やり遂げる [やりとげる] /(v1,vt) to accomplish/
7029 やり切る [やりきる] /(v5r) (uk) complete decisively/to do to completion/
7030 やり切れない [やりきれない] /(adj-i) unbearable/intolerable/too much/(P)/
7031 やり損なう [やりそこなう] /(v5u) to fail/
7032 やり直し [やりなおし] /(n,vs) redoing/(P)/
7033 やり直す [やりなおす] /(v5s,vt) to do over again/to redo/to start over/to remake/to resume/to recommence/(P)/
7034 やり通す [やりとおす] /(v5s) to carry through/to achieve/to complete/
7035 やり投げ [やりなげ] /(n) javelin (throw)/
7036 やり逃げ [やりにげ] /(n) (sl) (vulg) having sex with a woman and then breaking off contact with her (esp. after telling her that you love her)/wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am/hit it and quit it/fuck and chuck/
7037 やり抜く [やりぬく] /(v5k,vt) to carry out to completion/to accomplish/
7038 やり返す [やりかえす] /(v5s,vt) to do over/to answer or fire back/to retort/
7039 やり方 [やりかた] /(n) manner of doing/way/method/means/(P)/
7040 やる気 [やるき] /(n) willingness (e.g. to do something)/eagerness/motivation/inspiration/determination/high aspirations/
7041 やる気をそがれる [やるきをそがれる] /(exp,v1) to be discouraged/
7042 やる気を削がれる [やるきをそがれる] /(exp,v1) to be discouraged/
7043 やる気を殺がれる [やるきをそがれる] /(exp,v1) to be discouraged/
7044 やる気充分 [やるきじゅうぶん] /(exp) sufficiently motivated (to do something)/
7045 やる気十分 [やるきじゅうぶん] /(exp) sufficiently motivated (to do something)/
7046 やる気満々 [やるきまんまん] /(adj-no) totally willing/fully motivated/
7047 やる瀬ない [やるせない] /(adj-i) helpless/cheerless/miserable/disconsolate/dreary/downhearted/
7048 やれ /(int) oh!/ah!/oh dear!/dear me!/thank God!/
7049 やれやれ /(int) exclamation of relief or disappointment/(P)/
7050 やろう /(exp) (ksb:) seems/I guess/
7051 やん /(n-suf) suffix for familiar person/
7052 やんか /(exp) (ksb:) questioning (something)/
7053 やんけ /(suf) (ksb:) questioning (something)/
7054 やんす /(aux-v) to be/
7055 やんちゃ /(adj-na,n) naughty/mischievous/
7056 やんでれ /(n,adj-f) (m-sl) person (usu. female) with an unhealthy romantic obsession (has a connotation of mental instability)/
7057 やんま /(n) (1) (uk) darner (any dragonfly of family Aeshnidae)/devil's darning needle/(2) dragonfly (esp. a large one)/
7058 やんややんや /(exp) hear! hear!/hooray/
7059 やんわり /(adv,vs) softly/mildly/gently/
7060 やんわりと /(adv,vs) softly/mildly/gently/
7061 や否や [やいなや] /(exp) (1) the minute (that) .../no sooner than .../(2) whether or not/
7062 ゆうちょ銀行 [ゆうちょぎんこう] /(n) JP Bank (former Postal Savings Bank, created when the Postal Services were privatized)/(P)/
7063 ゆうちょ銀行を除く [ゆうちょぎんこうをのぞく] /(exp,v5k) excluding the Post Office bank/excluding Japan Post Bank/
7064 ゆうばり型護衛艦 [ゆうばりがたごえいかん] /(n) Yubari class destroyer escort/
7065 ゆうパック /(n) You Pack (Japan Post's parcel delivery service)/(P)/
7066 ゆかた地 [ゆかたじ] /(n) yukata cloth material/special light woven material 36-40cm wide for making yukata/
7067 ゆくりなく /(adv) unexpectedly/
7068 ゆさゆさ /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) large thing swaying/
7069 ゆすり取る [ゆすりとる] /(v5r) to extort/to shake down (for money)/
7070 ゆず胡椒 [ゆずこしょう] /(n) condiment paste made from yuzu zest and chile peppers/
7071 ゆず胡椒 [ゆずごしょう] /(n) condiment paste made from yuzu zest and chile peppers/
7072 ゆっくり /(adv,n,vs,adv-to) (on-mim) slowly/at ease/restful/(P)/
7073 ゆっくり地震 [ゆっくりじしん] /(n) slow earthquake/
7074 ゆったり /(adv,vs,adv-to) (1) (on-mim) comfortable/easy/calm/(2) loose/spacious/
7075 ゆで麺 [ゆでめん] /(n) boiled noodles/
7076 ゆで卵 [ゆでたまご] /(n) boiled egg/
7077 ゆとり /(n,adj-f) elbowroom/leeway/room/reserve/margin/allowance/latitude/time/(P)/
7078 ゆとり教育 [ゆとりきょういく] /(exp) "education with breathing space" system/pressure-free education/
7079 ゆむし /(n) (uk) spoonworm (esp. species Urechis unicinctus)/
7080 ゆらり /(adv,adv-to) (1) swaying (only once, in a large, slow motion)/(2) relaxedly/
7081 ゆらりゆらり /(adv,adv-to) swaying (repeatedly, in a large, slow motion)/
7082 ゆり落とす [ゆりおとす] /(v5s) to shake down (e.g. nuts from a tree)/
7083 ゆるキャラ /(n) (weak) mascot character (e.g. devised for PR purposes by local government, government departments, etc.)/
7084 よ /(prt) (1) (at sentence end) indicates indicates certainty, emphasis, contempt, request, etc./(2) (after a noun) used when calling out to someone/(3) (in mid-sentence) used to catch one's breath or get someone's attention/(int) (4) yo!/(P)/
7085 よーし /(int) alright/all right/right on/looking good/OK/okay/
7086 よいしょ /(int) (1) (expression of) effort or strain/Yo-heave-ho!/(vs) (2) to butter up/to suck up to/
7087 よいっしょ /(int) (1) (expression of) effort or strain/Yo-heave-ho!/(vs) (2) to butter up/to suck up to/
7088 よいやよいや /(exp) hear! hear!/hooray/
7089 よいよい /(n) (col) (sens) locomotor ataxia/difficulty walking or speaking (due to alcoholism, a stroke, etc.)/someone with this problem/
7090 よい天気 [よいてんき] /(n) fine weather/fair weather/
7091 よい旅を [よいたびを] /(exp) bon voyage!/have a nice trip!/
7092 よい旅行を [よいりょこうを] /(exp) "Bon voyage!"/"Have a nice trip!"/
7093 ようが /(exp) (volitional form of verb + ga) regardless of/whether (or not)/
7094 ようこそ /(int) welcome!/nice to see you!/(P)/
7095 ようこそ画面 [ようこそがめん] /(n) (comp) welcome screen/
7096 ようさん /(adv,adj-no) (ksb:) many/a lot/much/
7097 ようし /(int) alright/all right/right on/looking good/OK/okay/
7098 ようつべ /(n) (sl) YouTube (Internet video-sharing web site)/
7099 ような /(adj-pn) like/similar to/
7100 ように /(exp) (1) in order to (e.g. meet goal)/so that/take care (so as)/(2) hoping or wishing for something/(P)/
7101 ようにする /(exp,vs-i) (following a verb) to be sure to/to do (something) so that .../to make sure to/to try to/(P)/
7102 ようになる /(exp) to reach the point that/to come to be that/(P)/
7103 ように言う [ようにいう] /(exp,v5u) to tell (somebody) to (do something)/
7104 よき人 [よきひと] /(n) (arch) person of high rank/
7105 よくあるご質問 [よくあるごしつもん] /(n) frequently asked questions/FAQ/(P)/
7106 よくある御質問 [よくあるごしつもん] /(n) frequently asked questions/FAQ/
7107 よくある事だが [よくあることだが] /(exp) (uk) as often is the case/
7108 よくある質問 [よくあるしつもん] /(n) frequently asked questions/FAQ/
7109 よく学びよく遊べ [よくまなびよくあそべ] /(exp) study hard and play hard/
7110 よく言うよ [よくいうよ] /(exp) Look who's talking./Oh, look who's talking!/Give me a break!/Blow it out/Get out of here!/
7111 よく出来た [よくできた] /(adj-f) well-balanced/considerate/of fine character/
7112 よこ糸 [よこいと] /(n) weft/woof (crosswise threads on a loom)/
7113 よさこい /(n) dance originating in Kochi Prefecture using "naruko"/
7114 よし /(int) alright/all right/right on/looking good/OK/okay/(P)/
7115 よしなに /(adv) at your own discretion/as you see fit/
7116 よしよし /(exp) there, there/
7117 よじ上る [よじのぼる] /(v5r,vi) to climb/to clamber (over, up)/to scramble (up)/to scale/to claw one's way up/
7118 よじ登る [よじのぼる] /(v5r,vi) to climb/to clamber (over, up)/to scramble (up)/to scale/to claw one's way up/
7119 よそ見 [よそみ] /(n,vs) looking away/looking aside/(P)/
7120 よそ行き [よそいき] /(adj-no) (1) going out/(2) one's best (clothes, looks, manners, behaviour, etc.)/(3) formal behaviour (manners, speech, etc.)/
7121 よそ行き [よそゆき] /(adj-no) (1) going out/(2) one's best (clothes, looks, manners, behaviour, etc.)/(3) formal behaviour (manners, speech, etc.)/(P)/
7122 よそ者 [よそもの] /(n) stranger/outsider/
7123 よたよた /(adv,vs) unsteadily/waddling/staggeringly/totteringly/
7124 よだれを垂らす [よだれをたらす] /(exp,v5s) to drool/to dribble/to slobber/
7125 よちよち /(adv,int,n,vs) (on-mim) totteringly/with tottering steps/(P)/
7126 よちよち歩き [よちよちあるき] /(n,adj-no) toddling/taking tottering steps/
7127 よっこいしょ /(int) (expression of) effort or strain/heave-ho/
7128 よって来たる [よってきたる] /(exp,adj-f) (uk) originating/causing/beginning/
7129 よって来る [よってきたる] /(exp,adj-f) (uk) originating/causing/beginning/
7130 よぼよぼ /(adj-na,adv,n,vs) (1) (on-mim) unsteady/tottering/(2) weak from old age/infirm/
7131 よもや /(adv) surely/certainly/
7132 より /(adv,prt) (1) from/out of/since/at/(2) than/(3) other than/except/but/(4) more/(P)/
7133 よりによって今日 [よりによってきょう] /(exp) today of all days/
7134 よりを戻す [よりをもどす] /(exp,v5s) to get back together again/to be reconciled/
7135 より糸 [よりいと] /(n) twisting (thread, etc.)/twisted yarn/twisted thread/twine/
7136 より小さい [よりちいさい] /(n) (1) less than .../(2) smaller .../
7137 より対線 [よりついせん] /(n) (comp) twisted pair cable/
7138 より大きい [よりおおきい] /(adj-i) (1) greater than .../(2) bigger .../
7139 より抜き [よりぬき] /(adj-no,n) the very best/elite/
7140 より分ける [よりわける] /(v1,vt) to classify/to sort out/to sift through/
7141 より良い [よりよい] /(adj-i) superior/better/
7142 よれば /(exp) according to/(P)/
7143 よれよれ /(adj-na,n) worn-out/shabby/seedy/wrinkled-up/
7144 よろしくお願いいたします [よろしくおねがいいたします] /(exp) (hon) please remember me/please help me/please treat me well/
7145 よろしくお願いします [よろしくおねがいします] /(exp) please remember me/please help me/please treat me well/I look forward to working with you/
7146 よろぴく /(adv) (1) well/properly/suitably/(exp) (2) best regards/please remember me/
7147 よろよろ /(adv,n,vs,adv-to,adj-no) (on-mim) unsteady on its feet/tottering/(P)/
7148 よんやよんや /(exp) hear! hear!/hooray/
7149 らい病 [らいびょう] /(n) (sens) Hansen's disease/leprosy/
7150 らか /(suf,adj-na) (after an adjective stem, onomatopoeic-mimetic word, etc.) being .../
7151 らくだ色 [らくだいろ] /(n) (uk) camel color/
7152 らしい /(aux-adj) (1) seeming ... (expresses judgment based on evidence, reason or trustworthy hearsay)/appearing .../(suf,adj-i) (2) (after a noun, adverb or adjective stem) -ish/like a .../typical of .../appropriate for .../becoming of .../worthy of the name .../(P)/
7153 らしくない /(adj-i) unusual/different/
7154 らせん状 [らせんじょう] /(n,adj-no) helical/spiral-shaped/
7155 らっしゃる /(v5aru,vi) (abbr) (hon) to be/to come/to go/
7156 らっぱ飲み [らっぱのみ] /(n,vs) drinking straight from a bottle/
7157 らっぱ吹き [らっぱふき] /(n) (1) bugler/trumpeter/(2) blowing one's own horn/
7158 らりる /(v5r) (sl) to become intoxicated (e.g. with drugs)/
7159 られる /(aux-v,v1) (1) auxiliary verb indicating passive voice (inc. the "suffering passive")/(2) auxiliary verb indicating the potential form/(3) auxiliary verb indicating spontaneous occurrence/(4) (hon) auxiliary verb used as an honorific for others' actions/
7160 ら抜き [らぬき] /(n) (abbr) 'ra'-removed/the practice of skipping the 'ra' from the 'rareru' verb conjugation/
7161 ら抜き言葉 [らぬきことば] /(n) 'ra'-removed word (i.e. lacking the 'ra' in the 'rareru' verb conjunction)/
7162 りどめ /(n) (comp) (sl) readme/
7163 りゅう天に登る [りゅうてんにのぼる] /(exp) rise of the dragon (bringing rain around the time of the spring equinox)/
7164 りんごアメ /(n) candied apple/toffee apple/
7165 りんご飴 [りんごあめ] /(n) candied apple/toffee apple/
7166 りんご園 [りんごえん] /(n) apple orchard/
7167 りんご狩り [りんごがり] /(n) apple picking/
7168 りんご摘み [りんごつみ] /(n) (obsc) picking apples/harvesting apples/
7169 りんりん /(adv) (on-mim) bell ringing (chiming)/
7170 りん気 [りんき] /(n,vs) jealousy/
7171 るっさい /(adj-f) (1) noisy/loud/(2) fussy/(3) annoying/troublesome/tiresome/importunate/(4) bossy/
7172 るんるん気分 [るんるんきぶん] /(n) euphoric mood/exuberant mood/
7173 れどめ /(n) (comp) (sl) readme/
7174 れる /(aux-v,v1) (1) auxiliary verb indicating passive voice (inc. the "suffering passive")/(2) auxiliary verb indicating the potential form/(3) auxiliary verb indicating spontaneous occurrence/(4) (hon) auxiliary verb used as an honorific for others' actions/
7175 れんが塀 [れんがべい] /(n) brick wall/
7176 ろうけつ染め [ろうけつぞめ] /(n) batik (handbag, purse)/
7177 ろう引き [ろうびき] /(n,adj-no) waxing/
7178 ろう者 [ろうしゃ] /(n) deaf person/
7179 ろう付け [ろうづけ] /(n) soldering/brazing/
7180 ろくぶんぎ座 [ろくぶんぎざ] /(n) Sextant (constellation)/
7181 ろくろっ首 [ろくろっくび] /(n) rokurokubi/long-neck woman/monstrous person (often a woman) with a neck that can expand and contract (in Japanese folklore)/
7182 ろくろ首 [ろくろくび] /(n) rokurokubi/long-neck woman/monstrous person (often a woman) with a neck that can expand and contract (in Japanese folklore)/
7183 ろにん /(ik) (n) (1) ronin/wandering samurai without a master to serve/(2) out of work/(3) waiting for another chance to enter a university/
7184 ろは /(n) (col) free/
7185 ろは台 [ロハだい] /(n) (col) free seat (i.e. a park bench)/
7186 ろれつが回らない [ろれつがまわらない] /(exp,adj-i) speaking inarticulately (slurring, lisping, etc.)/
7187 ろ液 [ろえき] /(n) filtrate/
7188 ろ過 [ろか] /(n,vs) filtration/filtering/percolation/
7189 ろ過器 [ろかき] /(n) strainer/colander/filter/
7190 ろ砂 [ろしゃ] /(n) ammonium chloride/
7191 ろ紙 [ろし] /(n) filter paper/
7192 ろ紙クロマトグラフィー [ろしクロマトグラフィー] /(n) paper chromatography/
7193 ろ紙ディスク [ろしディスク] /(n) filter paper disk/
7194 ろ紙電気泳動 [ろしでんきえいどう] /(n) paper electrophoresis/
7195 ろ水 [ろすい] /(n) (1) filtered water/(2) drainage/
7196 ろ水タンク [ろすいタンク] /(n) filter bed/
7197 ろ水器 [ろすいき] /(n) water filter/
7198 ろ波器 [ろぱき] /(n) filter/wave filter/
7199 わ /(prt) (fem) (sentence end) indicates emotion or admiration/(P)/
7200 わあ /(int) (1) wow! (surprise)/(2) yeah!/alright! (joy)/(3) waah! (crying)/
7201 わあわあ /(n) waah waah! (crying)/
7202 わい /(prt) (sentence end, mainly male) indicates emotion/
7203 わいせつ罪 [わいせつざい] /(n) criminal indecency/
7204 わいわい /(adv) (on-mim) noisily/clamorously/many people making a din/(P)/
7205 わい曲 [わいきょく] /(n,vs) distortion/falsification/perversion/
7206 わい小 [わいしょう] /(adj-na,n) diminutive/pygmy/pigmy/stunted/
7207 わい小不規則銀河 [わいしょうふきそくぎんが] /(n) dwarf irregular galaxy/
7208 わい星 [わいせい] /(n) dwarf star/
7209 わい談 [わいだん] /(n,vs) indecent talk/
7210 わえ /(prt) (sentence end, mainly male) indicates emotion/
7211 わかし /(n) (ktb:) young Japanese amberjack/
7212 わかし湯 [わかしゆ] /(n) hot water (esp. cold mineral spring water heated up at the right temperature for bathing)/
7213 わからず屋 [わからずや] /(n) obstinate person/blockhead/
7214 わかれ道 [わかれみち] /(n) branch/forked road/crossroads/branch road/parting of the ways/turning point/
7215 わが意を得たり [わがいをえたり] /(exp) that's just what I thought/that's exactly like I feel/that's exactly what I think, too/
7216 わが校 [わがこう] /(exp,n) our school/my school/
7217 わが国 [わがくに] /(n) our country/our land/one's own country/
7218 わが子 [わがこ] /(n) one's own child/one's own children/
7219 わが社 [わがしゃ] /(n) our company/my company/
7220 わが身 [わがみ] /(n) (1) myself/oneself/(pn) (2) (arch) I/me/(3) (arch) (fam) you (referring to one's inferior)/
7221 わが闘争 [わがとうそう] /(n) Mein Kampf (by Adolf Hitler, 1925-1926)/
7222 わが輩 [わがはい] /(pn,adj-no) (1) (arch) (male) I (nuance of arrogance)/me/myself/(2) we/us/ourselves/
7223 わきが甘い [わきがあまい] /(exp,adj-i) (1) preventing one's opponent from getting an underarm grip (in sumo)/(2) having weak defenses/
7224 わきの下 [わきのした] /(n) armpit/axilla/
7225 わき上がる [わきあがる] /(v5r,vi) (1) to boil up/to come to the boil/to seethe/(2) to arise/to break out/(3) to get excited/to be in uproar/
7226 わき道 [わきみち] /(n,adj-no) side road/byroad/digression/
7227 わき目 [わきめ] /(n) looking aside/(from the) eyes of an onlooker/
7228 わき目も振らずに [わきめもふらずに] /(exp) without looking aside/looking neither right nor left/wholeheartedly/
7229 わくわく /(adv,n,vs) (on-mim) tremble/get nervous/excitedly/thrilled/(P)/
7230 わけが無い [わけがない] /(exp) (uk) there is no way that ... (expresses speaker's belief that something is impossible)/
7231 わけでは無い [わけではない] /(exp) (uk) it does not mean that .../I don't mean that .../
7232 わけには行かない [わけにはいかない] /(exp) (uk) impossible to do (although wants to)/
7233 わけ知り顔 [わけしりがお] /(n) know-it-all airs/I-know-how-it-is look/
7234 わさび醤油 [わさびじょうゆ] /(n) soy sauce flavoured with grated wasabi (used for sashimi, etc.)/
7235 わさび大根 [わさびだいこん] /(n) horseradish/
7236 わたし的 [わたしてき] /(adj-na) personal/my style/my way/
7237 わっと /(adv) (on-mim) suddenly and in a loud voice (e.g. sobbing)/
7238 わなわな /(adv-to,vs) (on-mim) trembling from fear/trembling all over/
7239 わね /(exp) (fem) expresses depth of feeling or emphasis (sentence end)/
7240 わはは /(int,adv-to) Wa-haha!/vigorous laughter/
7241 わめき声 [わめきごえ] /(n) yell/shout/outcry/
7242 わや /(exp) fiasco/debacle/disaster/train wreck/
7243 わやく /(n) (1) (arch) trickery/(2) fiasco/(3) disobedience/
7244 わらじを脱ぐ [わらじをぬぐ] /(exp,v5g) to complete one's journey/
7245 わらび糊 [わらびのり] /(n) (uk) type of glue produced from bracken starch/
7246 わらび粉 [わらびこ] /(n) bracken starch (starch produced from the rhizomes of bracken)/
7247 わらび餅 [わらびもち] /(n) bracken-starch dumpling (type of dumpling traditionally made using bracken starch)/
7248 わらわら /(adv) (on-mim) bustling/shuffling/squirming/creepy crawly/
7249 わら屋根 [わらやね] /(n) straw-thatched roof/
7250 わら人形 [わらにんぎょう] /(n) straw doll or figure/straw effigy/
7251 わり込む [わりこむ] /(v5m,vt) to cut in/to thrust oneself into/to wedge oneself in/to muscle in on/to interrupt/to disturb/
7252 わり箸 [わりばし] /(n) splittable (wood) chopsticks/
7253 われめ /(n) (X) vulva/slit/cunt/vagina/twat/
7254 われめちゃん /(n) (X) vulva/slit/cunt/vagina/twat/
7255 われを忘れる [われをわすれる] /(exp,v1) to forget oneself/to lose control of oneself/
7256 われ鐘のような声 [われがねのようなこえ] /(n) resounding voice/thunderous voice/
7257 われ知らず [われしらず] /(adv) involuntarily/instinctively/without realizing/
7258 わん /(n) (1) (on-mim) woof/bark/
7259 わんさ /(adv-to) in swarms/in great crowds/
7260 わんさか /(n,adj-na) a lot/
7261 わんさガール /(n) small-part actress/female extras/
7262 わんぱく盛り [わんぱくざかり] /(n) (at the) peak of mischievousness/little demon (of children)/
7263 わんわん /(adv-to,adv) (1) (on-mim) bow-wow (barking sound)/arf arf/woof/bark/(2) (on-mim) waah-waah (crying sound)/(3) (on-mim) clamouring/clamoring/echoing/(n) (4) (chn) a bow-wow (i.e. a dog)/doggy/
7264 わん曲 [わんきょく] /(n,vs,adj-no) curve/bend/crook/
7265 わん公 [わんこう] /(n) (col) dog/
7266 ゐ /(n) (obs) hiragana for "wi"/
7267 ゑ /(n) (obs) hiragana for "we"/
7268 を /(prt) (1) indicates direct object of action/(2) indicates subject of causative expression/(3) indicates an area traversed/(4) indicates time (period) over which action takes place/(5) indicates point of departure or separation of action/(6) indicates object of desire, like, hate, etc./(P)/
7269 をば /(prt) (arch) marks object of action, etc. (also adds emphasis)/
7270 を以って [をもって] /(adv) (uk) by (means of)/with/
7271 を以て [をもって] /(adv) (uk) by (means of)/with/
7272 を介して [をかいして] /(exp) using as an intermediary/through/
7273 を回って [をめぐって] /(exp) in regard to/concerning (usu. of disputes)/
7274 を廻って [をめぐって] /(exp) in regard to/concerning (usu. of disputes)/
7275 を基として [をもととして] /(exp) based on/built on/made from/
7276 を基にして [をもとにして] /(exp) based on/built on/made from/
7277 を経て [をへて] /(exp) via/passing through/
7278 を元として [をもととして] /(exp) based on/built on/made from/
7279 を元にして [をもとにして] /(exp) based on/built on/made from/
7280 を限りに [をかぎりに] /(exp) as of the end of (today, this month, etc.)/to make (today, etc.) the last (day)/
7281 を巡って [をめぐって] /(exp) in regard to/concerning (usu. of disputes)/
7282 を措いて [をおいて] /(exp) (uk) other than/excluding/without/
7283 を単位として [をたんいとして] /(exp) (comp) in increments of/
7284 を通して [をとおして] /(exp) through/throughout/through (the good offices of)/by way of/
7285 ん /(int) (1) (abbr) used to express approval, especially in slurred or unclear speech (abbr. of interjection "un")/(2) negative verb ending used in informal speech (abbr. of negative verb ending "nu")/(3) abbr. of particle "no"/(4) abbr. of particle "ni" (used especially when it precedes the verb "naru")/
7286 んがため /(exp) in order to/
7287 んず /(aux-v) (1) (arch) will probably be/(2) intending to/will/(3) should/
7288 んだ /(exp) the expectation is that .../the reason is that .../the fact is that .../it is that .../
7289 んで /(prt) that being the case/because of .../the reason is ..../given that.../
7290 んです /(exp) the expectation is that .../the reason is that .../the fact is that .../it is that .../
7291 んとす /(exp,vs-i) (1) (after a -nai stem) to be trying to/(2) to be just about to/
7292 んとする /(exp,vs-i) (1) (after a -nai stem) to be trying to/(2) to be just about to/
7293 んと欲す [んとっほす] /(conj) (arch) to endeavor to (connects to -nai stem)/
7294 アー /(int) (1) (uk) Ah!/Oh!/Alas!/(2) Yes/Indeed/That is correct/(3) Hey!/Yo!/(4) Uh huh/Yeah yeah/Right/Gotcha/
7295 アーアー /(int) uh oh/
7296 アーウィン /(n) (comp) ERwin/
7297 アーカイバ /(n) (comp) archiver/
7298 アーカイバー /(n) (comp) archiver/
7299 アーカイバルファイル /(n) (comp) archival file/
7300 アーカイバルメモリ /(n) (comp) archival memory/
7301 アーカイビング /(n) (comp) archiving/
7302 アーカイブ /(n) archive/
7303 アーカイブサーバ /(n) (comp) archive server/
7304 アーカイブサーバー /(n) (comp) archive server/
7305 アーカイブス /(n) archives/
7306 アーカイブズ /(n) archives/
7307 アーカイブデータセット /(n) (comp) archive data set/
7308 アーカイブビット /(n) (comp) archive bit/
7309 アーカイブファイル /(n) (comp) archive file/
7310 アーカイブライブラリ /(n) (comp) archive library/
7311 アーカイブ先 [アーカイブさき] /(n) (comp) archiving destination/
7312 アーカイブ属性 [アーカイブぞくせい] /(n) (comp) archive attribute/
7313 アーカイブ対象ファイル [アーカイブたいしょうファイル] /(n) (comp) archived file/
7314 アーガイル /(n) argyle/
7315 アーガイルチェック /(n) argyle check/
7316 アーガット /(n) ergot/
7317 アーガルチェック /(n) argyle check/
7318 アーキー /(n) (comp) ARCHIE/
7319 アーキオロジー /(n) archaeology/
7320 アーキタイプ /(n) archetype/
7321 アーキテクチャ /(n) architecture/(P)/
7322 アーキテクチャー /(n) architecture/
7323 アーキテクチャラル /(n) architectural/
7324 アーキテクチュア /(n) architecture/
7325 アーキテクチュラル /(n) architectural/
7326 アーキテクト /(n) architect/
7327 アーキテクトニック /(n) aechitectonic/
7328 アーキトレーブ /(n) architrave/
7329 アーキペラゴ /(n) archipelago/
7330 アーギュー /(n,vs) argue/
7331 アーギュメント /(n) argument/
7332 アーク /(n) (1) arc/(2) arch-/(P)/
7333 アークエネルギー /(n) arc energy/
7334 アークエンジェル /(n) archangels/
7335 アークガイド /(n) arc guide/
7336 アークガウジング /(n) arc gouging/
7337 アークコサイン /(n) arccosine/arc-cosine/
7338 アークコセカント /(n) arccosecant/arc-cosecant/
7339 アークコタンジェント /(n) arccotangent/arc-cotangent/
7340 アークサイン /(n) arcsine/
7341 アークスペクトル /(n) arc spectrum/
7342 アークセカント /(n) arcsecant/
7343 アークタンジェント /(n) arctangent/
7344 アークティック /(n) Arctic/
7345 アークティックグレイリング /(n) Arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus arcticus)/
7346 アークティックシスコ /(n) Arctic cisco (Coregonus autumnalis)/
7347 アークティックスタッグホーンスカルピン /(n) Arctic staghorn sculpin (Gymnocanthus tricuspis)/
7348 アークティックチャー /(n) Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus alpinus)/
7349 アークティックフラウンダー /(n) Arctic flounder (Liopsetta glacialis, was Pleuronectes glacialis)/
7350 アークライト /(n) arc light/
7351 アークランプ /(n) arc lamp/arc light/
7352 アーク切断 [アークせつだん] /(n) arc cutting/
7353 アーク灯 [アークとう] /(n) arc light/
7354 アーク燈 [アークとう] /(n) arc light/
7355 アーク放電 [アークほうでん] /(n) arc discharge/
7356 アーク溶接 [アークようせつ] /(n) arc welding/
7357 アーク炉 [アークろ] /(n) arc furnace/
7358 アーケード /(n) arcade/(P)/
7359 アーケードゲーム /(n) (comp) arcade game/
7360 アーケード街 [アーケードがい] /(n) shopping arcade/
7361 アーケイイック /(adj-na,n) archaic/
7362 アーケイイック /(adj-no) archaic/
7363 アーケイック /(adj-na,n) archaic/
7364 アーケイック /(adj-no) archaic/
7365 アーケイックスマイル /(n) archaic smile/
7366 アーケイド /(n) arcade/
7367 アーケオロジー /(n) archaeology/
7368 アーケステティズム /(n) archaesthetism/
7369 アーケゾア /(n) Archezoa/
7370 アーゴノミックス /(n) ergonomics/
7371 アーゴン /(n) argon/
7372 アーサー王物語 [アーサーおうものがたり] /(n) Arthurian romances/
7373 アーサナル /(n) arsenal/
7374 アーシン /(n) arsine/
7375 アージ /(n,vs) urge/
7376 アージェンシー /(n) urgency/
7377 アージェント /(n) urgent/
7378 アージャンシー /(n) urgency/
7379 アージャント /(n) urgent/
7380 アージュアス /(adj-no) arduous/
7381 アース /(n) earth/(electrical) ground/(P)/
7382 アースウオッチ /(n) Earthwatch/
7383 アースカラー /(n) earth color/earth colour/
7384 アースク /(n,vs) ask/
7385 アースクウェイク /(n) earthquake/
7386 アースクェイク /(n) earthquake/
7387 アースクエイク /(n) earthquake/
7388 アースダム /(n) earth dam/
7389 アースデー /(n) Earth Day (April 22nd)/
7390 アースデイ /(n) Earth Day (April 22nd)/
7391 アースナル /(n) arsenal/
7392 アースバンド /(n) (comp) earth band/earth strap/strap snug/
7393 アースマウンド /(n) earth mound/
7394 アースムーバ /(n) earth mover/
7395 アースライン /(n) (comp) ground line/earth line/
7396 アースリ /(adj-no) earthly/
7397 アースワーム /(n) earthworm/
7398 アースン /(adj-no) earthen/
7399 アース線 [アースせん] /(n) ground (earth) wire/earthed line/
7400 アース端子付きのACコンセント [アースたんしづきのエーシーコンセント] /(n) (comp) grounded (or earthed) outlet/
7401 アース端子付きプラグ [アースたんしづきプラグ] /(n) (comp) grounding (or grounded) type plug/
7402 アース用ストラップ [アースようストラップ] /(n) (comp) ground strap/
7403 アーズラナイト /(n) arzrunite/
7404 アーセナル /(n) arsenal/
7405 アーセニック /(n) arsenic/
7406 アーセニッククロライド /(n) arsenic chloride/
7407 アーセン /(n) arsenic/
7408 アーゼノクラサイト /(n) arsenoclasite/arsenoklasite/
7409 アーソノライト /(n) arsenolite/
7410 アーダー /(n) ardor/ardour/
7411 アーダント /(adj-no) ardent/
7412 アーチ /(n) (1) arch/(2) homerun (baseball)/(P)/
7413 アーチー /(n) (comp) ARCHIE/
7414 アーチェリ /(n) archery/
7415 アーチェリー /(n) archery/(P)/
7416 アーチザン /(n) artisan/
7417 アーチステック /(adj-no) artistic/
7418 アーチスト /(n) artist/musician/(P)/
7419 アーチダム /(n) arch dam/
7420 アーチビショップ /(n) archbishop/
7421 アーチファクト /(adj-na) artifact/
7422 アーチャ /(n) archer/
7423 アーチャー /(n) archer/
7424 アーチャン /(n) urchin/
7425 アーチリュート /(n) archlute/
7426 アーチン /(n) urchin/
7427 アーチ橋 [アーチきょう] /(n) arch bridge/
7428 アーチ型 [アーチがた] /(n,adj-no) arch shaped/arched/
7429 アーチ作用 [アーチさよう] /(n,vs) arching/
7430 アーッ /(int) aah/
7431 アーツアンドクラフツ運動 [アーツアンドクラフツうんどう] /(n) Arts and Crafts Movement/
7432 アーティキュレーション /(n) articulation/
7433 アーティキュレーテッドアクスル /(n) articulated axle/
7434 アーティキュレーテッドコンロッド /(n) articulated con-rod/
7435 アーティキュレーテッドシャフト /(n) articulated shaft/
7436 アーティキュレイション /(n) articulation/
7437 アーティキュレット /(adj-no) articulate/
7438 アーティクル /(n) article/
7439 アーティザン /(n) artisan/
7440 アーティスティック /(adj-f) artistic/
7441 アーティスティックインプレッション /(n) artistic impression/
7442 アーティスト /(n) artist/musician/(P)/
7443 アーティチョーク /(n) artichoke/
7444 アーティチョウク /(n) artichoke/
7445 アーティファクト /(adj-na) artifact/
7446 アーティフィシャル /(adj-na) artificial/
7447 アーティフィシャルインテリジェンス /(n) artificial intelligence/
7448 アーティフィス /(n) artifice/
7449 アーティレリ /(n) artillery/
7450 アーテキュレイション /(n) articulation/
7451 アーテキュレイト /(n) articulate/
7452 アーテキュレット /(n) articulate/
7453 アーテクル /(n) article/
7454 アーテフィシャル /(adj-na) artificial/
7455 アーテフィス /(n) artifice/
7456 アーテラリ /(n) artillery/
7457 アーテリ /(n) artery/
7458 アーデント /(n) ardent/
7459 アート /(n) art/(P)/
7460 アートガラス /(n) art glass/
7461 アートギャラリー /(n) art gallery/
7462 アートシアター /(n) art theater/art theatre/
7463 アートスーパバイザ /(n) art supervisor/
7464 アートスタジオ /(n) art studio/
7465 アートタイトル /(n) art title/
7466 アートタイプ /(n) artotype/
7467 アートディレクター /(n) art director/
7468 アートフェア /(n) art fair/
7469 アートフォトグラフィー /(n) art photography/
7470 アートワーク /(n) artwork/
7471 アート紙 [アートし] /(n) coated paper/art paper/
7472 アードバーク /(n) aardvark/
7473 アーニス /(n) arnis (Filipino marshal art)/
7474 アーネット /(n) (comp) AARnet/
7475 アーバニズム /(n) urbanism/
7476 アーバニティ /(n) urbanity/
7477 アーバニティー /(n) urbanity/
7478 アーバン /(n) urban/(P)/
7479 アーバンエクソダス /(n) urban exodus/
7480 アーバンコンプレックス /(n) urban complex/
7481 アーバンスプロール /(n) urban sprawl/
7482 アーバンツイル /(n) urban twill (fabric)/
7483 アーバンデクライン /(n) urban decline/
7484 アーバンデザイナー /(n) urban designer/
7485 アーバンデザイン /(n) urban design/
7486 アーバンビレッジ /(n) urban village/
7487 アーバンファーニチャー /(n) urban furniture/
7488 アーバンファミリー /(n) urban family/
7489 アーバンブルース /(n) urban blues/
7490 アーバンプランナー /(n) urban planner/
7491 アーバンライフ /(n) urban life/
7492 アーバンリゾート /(n) urban resort/
7493 アーバンリニューアル /(n) urban renewal/
7494 アーバンリニュアル /(n) urban renewal/
7495 アーパ /(n) (comp) ARPA/
7496 アーパー /(n) (sl) stupid person/dummy/dolt/
7497 アーパネット /(n) (comp) Advanced Research Projects Agency Network/ARPANET/
7498 アービタ /(n) arbiter/
7499 アービトラージ /(n) arbitrage/
7500 アービトラージ取引 [アービトラージとりひき] /(n) arbitrage/arbitrage position/arbitrage transaction/
7501 アービトラリ /(n) arbitrary/
7502 アービトレーション /(n) arbitration/
7503 アービトレーショングループ /(n) (comp) arbitration group/
7504 アービトレーションレベル /(n) (comp) arbitration level/
7505 アービトレィジャー /(n) arbitrager/arbitrageur/
7506 アービトレリ /(n) arbitrary/
7507 アービュタス /(n) arbutus/
7508 アーフタ /(n) after/
7509 アーフタヌーン /(n) afternoon/
7510 アーフタワーズ /(n) afterwards/
7511 アープ /(n) (comp) ARP/
7512 アーベイン /(adj-no) urbane/
7513 アーベル /(adj-na) (math) Abelian/
7514 アーベント /(n) evening (ger: Abend)/
7515 アーマー /(n) armor/armour/
7516 アーマードプレコ /(n) Pseudorinelepis genibarbis (species of armored catfish from the Amazon River)/
7517 アーマープレート /(n) armor plate/
7518 アーマジロ /(n) armadillo/
7519 アーマチャ /(n) armature/
7520 アーマチャー /(n) armature/
7521 アーマチュア /(n) armature/
7522 アーマチュアコア /(n) armature core/
7523 アーマチュアコイル /(n) armature coil/
7524 アーマチュアシート /(n) armature sheet/
7525 アーマチュアブレーキ /(n) armature brake/
7526 アーマメント /(n) armament/
7527 アーマライト /(n) Armalite/
7528 アーマリー /(n) armory/
7529 アーミー /(n) army/(P)/
7530 アーミーブルー /(n) army blue/
7531 アーミールック /(n) army look/
7532 アーミィ /(n) army/
7533 アーミスティス /(n) armistice/
7534 アーミッシュ /(n) Amish/
7535 アーミン /(n) ermine/
7536 アーミング /(n) arming/
7537 アーム /(n) (1) arm/(2) automated retroactive minimal moderation/ARMM/(P)/
7538 アームウォマー /(n) arm warmer/knitted sleeve, analogous to a leg warmer/
7539 アームカバー /(n) arm cover (e.g. chair)/
7540 アームチェア /(n) armchair/
7541 アームチェアー /(n) armchair/
7542 アームバンド /(n) arm band/
7543 アームホール /(n) armhole/sleeve-hole/
7544 アームライト /(n) adjustable lamp (wasei: arm light)/
7545 アームリフター /(n) armlifter (e.g. on a gramophone turntable)/
7546 アームレスト /(n) armrest/
7547 アームレスリング /(n) (1) arm wrestling/(vs) (2) to arm wrestle/
7548 アームレット /(n) armlet/
7549 アームロック /(n) arm lock/armlock/
7550 アーメン /(n) amen/
7551 アーモンド /(n) almond/(P)/
7552 アーモンドスネークヘッド /(n) Channa lucius (species of snakehead fish)/
7553 アーモンドパウダー /(n) almond powder/
7554 アーモンドミール /(n) almond meal/
7555 アーヤトッラー /(n) Ayatollah/
7556 アーユルヴェーダ /(n) Ayurveda (traditional system of medicine practiced in India)/
7557 アーラン /(n) erlang/
7558 アーリーアメリカン /(n) early American/
7559 アーリーミュージック /(n) early music/
7560 アーリア人 [アーリアじん] /(n) Aryan/
7561 アール /(n) (1) are (fre:)/measure of area (100 sq.m.)/(2) art (fre:)/
7562 アールをとる /(exp,v5r) to take the radius/
7563 アールエイチ /(n) Rh/Rhesus factor/
7564 アールエスニーサンニーシー /(n) (comp) RS-232C/
7565 アールエスニーサンニーディー /(n) (comp) RS-232D/
7566 アールエスヨンニーニ /(n) (comp) RS-422/
7567 アールエフシー /(n) (comp) RFC/
7568 アールエムアイ /(n) (comp) RMI/
7569 アールオーラップ /(n) (comp) ROLAP/
7570 アールグレイ /(n) Earl Grey (tea)/
7571 アールジービー /(n) (comp) RGB/
7572 アールダム /(n) earldom/
7573 アールティーエフ /(n) (comp) RTF/
7574 アールティーエフジェイ /(n) (comp) RTFJ/
7575 アールデービー /(n) (comp) RDB/
7576 アールデービーエムエス /(n) (comp) RDBMS/
7577 アールディーオー /(n) (comp) RDO/
7578 アールデコ /(n) art deco (fre:)/
7579 アールドム /(n) earldom/
7580 アールヌーボー /(n) art nouveau (fre:)/
7581 アールヌーヴォー /(n) art nouveau (fre:)/
7582 アールブイ車 [アールブイしゃ] /(n) sports utility vehicle/SUV/four wheel drive (car or minivan)/lit: recreational vehicle (RV) (usu. not camper or motor home)/
7583 アーレ /(n) measure of area (ger: Ar)/
7584 アーレフ /(n) Aleph (new name of religious group Aum Shinrikyo)/
7585 アーン /(n) (comp) EARN/
7586 アーンして /(exp) open wide/say 'aah'/
7587 アーント /(n) aunt/
7588 アーンドラン /(n) earned run/
7589 アィディア /(n) idea/
7590 アイ /(n) eye/
7591 アイアールキュー /(n) (comp) IRQ/
7592 アイアールシー /(n) (comp) IRC/
7593 アイアールディーエー /(n) (comp) IrDA/
7594 アイアイ /(n) aye-aye (primate, Daubentonia madagascariensis)/
7595 アイアイエス /(n) (comp) IIS/
7596 アイアイオーピー /(n) (comp) IIOP/
7597 アイアイジェイ /(n) (comp) IIJ/
7598 アイアイジェイフォーユー /(n) (comp) IIJ4U/
7599 アイアニング /(n) ironing/
7600 アイアランド /(n) (uk) Ireland/Eire/
7601 アイアロニ /(n) irony (fre: ironie, ger: Ironie)/
7602 アイアン /(n) iron/
7603 アイアンクラブ /(n) iron club/
7604 アイアンストン /(n) ironstone/
7605 アイアンメイデン /(n) iron maiden/
7606 アイイー /(n) (comp) IE/
7607 アイイーティーエフ /(n) (comp) IETF/
7608 アイウェア /(n) eyewear/
7609 アイエーイーエー /(n) International Atomic Energy Agency/IAEA/
7610 アイエーシーエー /(n) International Atomic Energy Agency/IACA/IAEA/
7611 アイエービー /(n) (comp) IAB/
7612 アイエスエーピーアイ /(n) (comp) ISAPI/
7613 アイエスオー /(n) (comp) ISO/
7614 アイエスオーシー /(n) (comp) ISOC/
7615 アイエスオーディーイー /(n) (comp) ISODE/
7616 アイエスディーエヌ /(n) (comp) ISDN/
7617 アイエニウェア /(n) (comp) iAnywhere/
7618 アイエムイー /(n) (comp) IME/
7619 アイエムエフ /(n) International Monetary Fund/IMF/
7620 アイエルオー /(n) International Labour Organization (Labor, Organisation)/ILO/
7621 アイオー /(n) (comp) I-O/
7622 アイオーコントロール /(n) (comp) IO control/input-output control/
7623 アイオーデータ /(n) (comp) I-O DATA/
7624 アイオダイン /(n) iodine/
7625 アイオライト /(n) iolite (blue gemstone)/
7626 アイオリ /(n) aioli (fre:)/
7627 アイオリソース /(n) aioli sauce/
7628 アイカメラ /(n) eye camera/
7629 アイキャッチ /(n) short clip used to begin and end commercial breaks on Japanese TV (wasei: eyecatch)/
7630 アイキャッチャ /(n) eye-catcher/
7631 アイキャッチャー /(n) eye-catcher/
7632 アイキャン /(n) (comp) Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers/ICANN/
7633 アイキュー /(n) IQ/intelligence quotient/
7634 アイケア /(n) eye care/
7635 アイコ /(n) (abbr) iced coffee/
7636 アイコニックインタフェース /(n) (comp) iconic interface/
7637 アイコニックサイン /(n) iconic signs/
7638 アイコニックメモリ /(n) iconic memory/
7639 アイコニファイ /(n) iconify/
7640 アイコノクラズム /(n) iconoclasm/
7641 アイコノスコープ /(n) iconoscope/
7642 アイコラ /(n) (abbr) altered photograph, usu. with sexual connotations, such as putting someone's face on top of a picture of a nude idol, etc./
7643 アイコン /(n) (comp) icon/(P)/
7644 アイコンエディタ /(n) (comp) icon editor/
7645 アイコンキャラクタ /(n) (comp) icon character/
7646 アイコンタクト /(n) eye contact/
7647 アイコンプ /(n) (comp) iCOMP/
7648 アイコンボタン /(n) (comp) icon button/
7649 アイコン化 [アイコンか] /(n,vs) (comp) iconization/minimization/
7650 アイゴ /(n) (uk) mottled spinefoot (Siganus fuscescens, species of Western Pacific rabbitfish)/dusky rabbitfish/sandy spinefoot/
7651 アイゴー /(int) argh (kor: aigo)/sigh/
7652 アイゴ科 [アイゴか] /(n) Siganidae (family of fishes known as rabbitfishes, spinefoots and foxfaces)/
7653 アイゴ属 [アイゴぞく] /(n) Siganus (genus of perciform fishes in the family Siganidae)/rabbitfish/spinefoot/foxface/
7654 アイサ /(n) (uk) merganser (any duck of genus Mergus)/
7655 アイサイト /(n) eyesight/
7656 アイサピ /(n) (comp) ISAPI/
7657 アイサム /(n) (comp) ISAM/
7658 アイザメ /(n) (uk) any shark of genus Centrophorus (esp. the dwarf gulper shark, Centrophorus atromarginatus)/
7659 アイザメ科 [アイザメか] /(n) Centrophoridae (family of generally deepwater gulper sharks)/
7660 アイシー /(n) (comp) IC/
7661 アイシーエムピー /(n) (comp) ICMP/
7662 アイシーキュー /(n) (comp) ICQ/
7663 アイシェード /(n) eyeshade/
7664 アイシクル /(n) icicle/
7665 アイシャドー /(n) eyeshadow/
7666 アイシャドウ /(n) eyeshadow/(P)/
7667 アイシュ /(n) (comp) ish/
7668 アイシング /(n) icing/
7669 アイシングザパック /(n) icing the puck/
7670 アイシングラス /(n) fish gelatin/isinglass/
7671 アイジングラス /(n) isinglass/
7672 アイス /(n) (1) ice (eng: ice, ger: Eis)/(2) (abbr) ice cream/icecream/(P)/
7673 アイス・ホッケー /(n) ice hockey/
7674 アイスアリーナ /(n) ice arena/
7675 アイスィ /(adj-f) icy/
7676 アイスキャンデー /(n) ice pop (wasei: ice candy)/icy pole/popsicle/
7677 アイスキャンディー /(n) ice pop (wasei: ice candy)/icy pole/popsicle/
7678 アイスキューブ /(n) ice cube/
7679 アイスクライミング /(n) ice climbing/
7680 アイスクリーム /(n) ice cream/icecream/(P)/
7681 アイスクリームコーン /(n) ice cream cone/
7682 アイスクリームサンデー /(n) ice cream sundae/icecream sundae/
7683 アイスクリームソーダ /(n) ice cream soda/icecream soda/
7684 アイスクリン /(n) old fashioned-style ice cream (icecream)/
7685 アイスコーヒー /(n) iced coffee/(P)/
7686 アイスコンデンサ /(n) ice condenser/
7687 アイスショー /(n) ice show/
7688 アイススケート /(n) ice skating/
7689 アイススプリンタ /(n) ice splinters/
7690 アイススマック /(n) ice smack (ice cream, icecream)/
7691 アイスズメダイ /(n) Australian gregory (Stegastes apicalis)/
7692 アイスダイビング /(n) ice diving/
7693 アイスダンス /(n) ice dancing/
7694 アイスティ /(n) iced tea/ice tea/
7695 アイスティー /(n) iced tea/ice tea/
7696 アイステズボド /(n) eisteddfod/
7697 アイストング /(n) ice tongs/
7698 アイスハーケン /(n) ice piton (ger: Eishaken)/ice screw/
7699 アイスバーグ /(n) iceberg/
7700 アイスバーン /(n) ice skating place (ger: Eisbahn)/
7701 アイスバケット /(n) ice bucket/
7702 アイスバックス /(n) icebox/
7703 アイスパック /(n) ice bag/ice pack/pack ice/
7704 アイスピック /(n) ice pick/
7705 アイスフォール /(n) icefall/
7706 アイスブリッジ /(n) ice bridge/
7707 アイスブレイカー /(n) icebreaker/
7708 アイスプディング /(n) ice pudding/
7709 アイスプラント /(n) ice plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum)/
7710 アイスペール /(n) ice pail/
7711 アイスホッケー /(n) ice hockey/(P)/
7712 アイスボックス /(n) icebox/
7713 アイスポッテッドパファー /(n) Tetraodon leiurus (species of pufferfish)/
7714 アイスポットクテノポマ /(n) eyespot ctenopoma (species of freshwater fish, Ctenopoma ocellatum)/
7715 アイスミルク /(n) ice milk/iced milk/
7716 アイスヨット /(n) ice yacht/
7717 アイスランド /(n) (uk) Iceland/
7718 アイスランドキャットシャーク /(n) Iceland catshark (Apristurus laurussonii, an Atlantic species)/
7719 アイスランドポピー /(n) Iceland poppy (Papaver nudicaule)/Icelandic poppy/
7720 アイスランド語 [アイスランドご] /(n) Icelandic (language)/
7721 アイスランド苔 [アイスランドごけ] /(n) (obsc) Iceland moss (Cetraria islandica)/Iceland lichen/
7722 アイスリンク /(n) ice rink/skating rink/
7723 アイズ /(n) eyes/
7724 アイセック /(n) L'Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commercial/AIESEC/
7725 アイゼン /(n) metal pins of climbing shoes (ger: Eisen)/crampons/climbing irons/
7726 アイゼンメンゲル症候群 [アイゼンメンゲルしょうこうぐん] /(n) Eisenmenger syndrome/
7727 アイソキネティックス /(n) isokinetics/
7728 アイソクロナルテスト /(n) isochronal test/
7729 アイソザイム /(n) isozyme/isoenzyme/
7730 アイソスタシー /(n) isostasy/
7731 アイソスピン /(n) isospin/
7732 アイソセンタ /(n) isocentre/
7733 アイソタイプ /(n) isotype/
7734 アイソタクチックポリオレフィン /(n) isotactic polyolefin/
7735 アイソタクチックポリプロピレン /(n) isotactic polypropylene/
7736 アイソトープ /(n) isotope/
7737 アイソトープ検査 [アイソトープけんさ] /(n) isotope examination/
7738 アイソトープ治療 [アイソトープちりょう] /(n) isotope therapy/
7739 アイソトニック /(adj-f) isotonic/
7740 アイソトニックス /(n) isotonics/
7741 アイソトロン /(n) isotron/
7742 アイソバリックスピン /(n) isobaric spin/
7743 アイソパイア /(n) isopyre/
7744 アイソパラメトリック /(adj-f) isoparametric/
7745 アイソパルスシステム /(n) isopulse system/
7746 アイソメトリック /(adj-f) isometric/
7747 アイソメトリックエクササイズ /(n) isometric exercise/
7748 アイソメトリックス /(n) isometrics/
7749 アイソレーション /(n) isolation/
7750 アイソレーションシンドローム /(n) isolation syndrome/
7751 アイソレータ /(n) isolator/
7752 アイソレーター /(n) isolator/
7753 アイソレイト /(n) isolate/
7754 アイタム /(ik) (n) (1) item/(2) something that one "just has to have"/
7755 アイダイアグラム /(n) (comp) eye diagram/
7756 アイティーエフ /(n) (comp) ITF/
7757 アイティーユー /(n) (comp) ITU/
7758 アイティーユーティー /(n) (comp) ITU-T/
7759 アイティーユーティーエス /(n) (comp) ITU-TS/
7760 アイテニアム /(n) (comp) Itanium/
7761 アイテム /(n) (1) item/(2) something that one "just has to have"/(P)/
7762 アイデア /(n) idea/(P)/
7763 アイデアプロセッサ /(n) (comp) idea processor/
7764 アイデアマン /(n) idea man/ideas man/person of ideas/
7765 アイデアライズ /(vs) idealize/
7766 アイデアラッシュ /(n,vs) brainstorming (wasei: idea rush)/
7767 アイデアル /(adj-na) ideal/
7768 アイディーイー /(n) (comp) IDE/
7769 アイディーイーエー /(n) (comp) IDEA/
7770 アイディーエル /(n) (comp) IDL/
7771 アイディーシー /(n) (comp) IDC/
7772 アイディア /(n) idea/(P)/
7773 アイディアマン /(n) idea man/ideas man/person of ideas/
7774 アイディアリスト /(n) idealist/
7775 アイディアリズム /(n) idealism/
7776 アイディアル /(adj-na) ideal/
7777 アイディア商品 [アイディアしょうひん] /(n) novelty (wasei: idea product)/
7778 アイディリスト /(ik) (n) idealist/
7779 アイディル /(n) idyll/
7780 アイデンティカル /(adj-f) identical/
7781 アイデンティティ /(n) identity/(P)/
7782 アイデンティティー /(n) identity/(P)/
7783 アイデンティティーカード /(n) identity card/
7784 アイデンティティークライシス /(n) identity crisis/
7785 アイデンティティクライシス /(n) identity crisis/
7786 アイデンティファイ /(n,vs) identify/
7787 アイデンティフィケーション /(n) identification/
7788 アイデンティフィケーションカード /(n) identification card/
7789 アイデンティフケイション /(n) identification/
7790 アイデンテティ /(n) identity/
7791 アイデンテファイ /(n,vs) identify/
7792 アイデンテフィケイション /(n) identification/
7793 アイトリプルイー /(n) (comp) IEEE/
7794 アイドゥリ /(adv) idly/
7795 アイドゥル /(n) (1) idol/(2) idle/
7796 アイドゥルネス /(n) idleness/
7797 アイドリ /(adv) idly/
7798 アイドリング /(n) idling/
7799 アイドリングストップ /(n) turning off a vehicle engine when stopped (wasei: idling stop)/
7800 アイドル /(n) (1) idol/(2) idle/(P)/
7801 アイドルインタラプト /(n) (comp) idle interrupt/
7802 アイドルキャピタル /(n) idle capital/
7803 アイドルギア /(n) idle gear/intermediate gear/
7804 アイドルギヤ /(n) idle gear/intermediate gear/
7805 アイドルコスト /(n) idle cost/
7806 アイドルコラージュ /(n) altered photograph, usu. with sexual connotations, such as putting someone's face on top of a picture of a nude idol, etc. (wasei: idol collage)/
7807 アイドルシステム /(n) idle system/
7808 アイドルタイム /(n) idle time/
7809 アイドルネス /(n) idleness/
7810 アイドルビット /(n) idle bit/
7811 アイドルフラグ /(n) (comp) idle flag/
7812 アイドルマネー /(n) idle money/
7813 アイドル歌手 [アイドルかしゅ] /(n) pop idol/idol singer/
7814 アイドル時間 [アイドルじかん] /(n) (comp) idle time/
7815 アイドル状態 [アイドルじょうたい] /(n) (comp) idle state/idle conditions/
7816 アイナメ /(n) (uk) fat greenling (Hexagrammos otakii)/
7817 アイナメ科 [アイナメか] /(n) Hexagrammidae (family of marine fishes incorporating the greenlings)/
7818 アイヌ /(n,adj-no) Ainu/(P)/
7819 アイヌ犬 [アイヌけん] /(n) Hokkaido dog/dog breed native to Hokkaido/
7820 アイヌ語 [アイヌご] /(n) Ainu (language)/
7821 アイヌ新法 [アイヌしんぽう] /(n) New Ainu Law (passed in 1997, aiming at promoting and protecting Ainu culture)/
7822 アイヌ族 [アイヌぞく] /(n) the Ainu race/
7823 アイネク /(n) (abbr) Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (work by Mozart)/
7824 アイネット /(n) (comp) INET/
7825 アイバンク /(n) eye bank/
7826 アイパック /(n) (comp) iPaq/
7827 アイパッチドバタフライフィッシュ /(n) Philippine butterflyfish (Chaetodon adiergastos)/panda butterflyfish/
7828 アイビ /(n) (1) ivy/(2) Ivy League (style)/
7829 アイビー /(n) (1) ivy/(2) Ivy League (style)/
7830 アイビーエム /(n) (comp) IBM/
7831 アイビーシャツ /(n) ivy shirt/
7832 アイビースタイル /(n) ivy style/
7833 アイビーム /(n) (comp) i-beam/
7834 アイビームポインタ /(n) (comp) I-beam pointer/
7835 アイビーリーグ /(n) Ivy League/
7836 アイビールック /(n) ivy look/
7837 アイビス /(n) ibis/
7838 アイピーエックスエスピーエックス /(n) (comp) IPX-SPX/
7839 アイピーブイシックス /(n) (comp) IPv6/
7840 アイフ /(n) (comp) AIFF/
7841 アイフック /(n) eye hook/eyehook/
7842 アイブック /(n) (comp) iBook/
7843 アイブラウ /(n) eyebrow/
7844 アイブリ /(n) blackbanded trevally (Seriolina nigrofasciata)/blackbanded amberjack/
7845 アイブリ属 [アイブリぞく] /(n) Seriolina (genus of jacks in the family Carangidae)/
7846 アイブロー /(n) eyebrow/
7847 アイブローシェープ /(n) eyebrow shape/
7848 アイブローペンシル /(n) eyebrow pencil/
7849 アイブロウ /(n) eyebrow/
7850 アイベックス /(n) ibex/
7851 アイボリ /(n) ivory/
7852 アイボリー /(n) ivory/(P)/
7853 アイボリーブラック /(n) ivory black/
7854 アイボリーホワイト /(n) ivory-white/
7855 アイボリー板紙 [アイボリーいたがみ] /(n) ivory paper/
7856 アイボルト /(n) eye bolt/eyebolt/
7857 アイマスク /(n) eye mask/
7858 アイマック /(n) (comp) iMac/
7859 アイマックス /(n) (comp) IMAX/
7860 アイマップ /(n) (comp) IMAP/
7861 アイメート /(n) seeing-eye dog (wasei: eye mate)/guide dog/
7862 アイメイク /(n) eye makeup (wasei: eye make)/
7863 アイメイト /(n) seeing-eye dog (wasei: eye mate)/guide dog/
7864 アイモードサービス /(n) i-mode service/
7865 アイヨンハチロク /(n) (comp) i486/
7866 アイライナー /(n) eye liner/eyeliner/
7867 アイライン /(n) eyeline/
7868 アイラッシュ /(n) eyelash/
7869 アイラッシュカーラー /(n) eyelash curler/
7870 アイラブユー /(exp) (sl) I love you/
7871 アイランド /(n) island/
7872 アイランドキッチン /(n) island kitchen/
7873 アイランドグレゴリー /(n) island gregory (Stegastes insularis)/
7874 アイランドホッグフィッシュ /(n) island hogfish (Bodianus insularis)/
7875 アイリス /(n) iris/(P)/
7876 アイリスアウト /(n) iris-out/
7877 アイリスイン /(n) iris-in/
7878 アイリックス /(n) (comp) IRIX/
7879 アイリッシュ /(n,adj-no) Irish/
7880 アイリッシュウルフハウンド /(n) Irish wolfhound/
7881 アイリッシュコーヒー /(n) Irish coffee/
7882 アイリッシュハープ /(n) Irish harp/
7883 アイリフト /(n) eyelift/
7884 アイリンク /(n) (comp) i.LINK/
7885 アイル /(n) aisle/
7886 アイルランド /(n) (uk) Ireland/Eire/
7887 アイルランド語 [アイルランドご] /(n) Irish (language)/Erse/
7888 アイルランド人 [アイルランドじん] /(n) Irish (person)/
7889 アイレット /(n) eyelet/
7890 アイレットワーク /(n) eyelet work/
7891 アイロニー /(n) irony (fre: ironie, ger: Ironie)/
7892 アイロニカル /(adj-na) ironical/
7893 アイロニック /(adj-na) ironic/
7894 アイロン /(n) (electric) iron/(P)/
7895 アイロンを掛ける [アイロンをかける] /(exp,v1) (uk) to iron/to do the ironing/
7896 アイロン掛け [アイロンかけ] /(n,vs) (doing the) ironing/
7897 アイロン掛け [アイロンがけ] /(n,vs) (doing the) ironing/
7898 アイロン台 [アイロンだい] /(n) ironing board/
7899 アインシュタイン宇宙 [アインシュタインうちゅう] /(n) Einsteinian universe/
7900 アインスタイニウム /(n) einsteinium (Es)/
7901 アウア /(n) hour/
7902 アウアズ /(n) ours/
7903 アウアセルブズ /(n) ourselves/
7904 アウェーゲーム /(n) away game/
7905 アウェーゴール /(n) away goals (rule in soccer)/
7906 アウェア /(n) aware/
7907 アウェイ /(n) away/
7908 アウェイク /(n) awake/
7909 アウェイクン /(vs) awaken/
7910 アウェイト /(n) await/
7911 アウエア /(n) aware/
7912 アウエイ /(n) away/
7913 アウエイク /(n) awake/
7914 アウエイクン /(vs) awaken/
7915 アウエイト /(n) await/
7916 アウォード /(n) award/
7917 アウケニプテルス科 [アウケニプテルスか] /(n) Ageneiosidae (family of driftwood catfishes)/
7918 アウケニプテルス属 [アウケニプテルスぞく] /(n) Auchenipterus (genus of catfishes in the family Auchenipteridae)/
7919 アウケノグラニスオッキデンタリス /(n) bubu (Auchenoglanis occidentalis)/giraffe catfish/
7920 アウスト /(vs) oust/
7921 アウストラロピテクス /(n) Australopithecus (lat:)/
7922 アウストロアジア語族 [アウストロアジアごぞく] /(n) Austro-Asiatic languages/
7923 アウストロネシア語族 [アウストロネシアごぞく] /(n) Austronesian languages/
7924 アウストロレビアスアドルフィー /(n) killifish (Austrolebias adloffi)/
7925 アウタ /(n) outer/
7926 アウター /(n) outer/
7927 アウターウエア /(n) outerwear/
7928 アウタースペース /(n) outer space/
7929 アウタルキー /(n) autarchy (ger: Autarkie)/
7930 アウチ /(n) ouch/
7931 アウティング /(n) outing/
7932 アウテリア /(n) exterior (wasei: outerior)/
7933 アウテング /(n) outing/
7934 アウト /(n) out/(P)/
7935 アウトゥサイド /(n) outside/
7936 アウトゥドア /(n,adj-no) outdoor/al fresco/
7937 アウトゥドアズ /(n) outdoors/
7938 アウトゥブレイク /(n) outbreak (of war or disease)/
7939 アウトゥプット /(n) output/
7940 アウトゥライン /(n) outline/
7941 アウトゥルック /(n) outlook/
7942 アウトゥレット /(n) outlet (store that sells seconds, discontinued lines, etc.)/
7943 アウトゥワァド /(n) outward/
7944 アウトゥワッズ /(n) outwards/
7945 アウトウエア /(n) out wear/
7946 アウトオブオーダー実行 [アウトオブオーダーじっこう] /(n) (comp) out of order execution/
7947 アウトオブデート /(adj-na) out-of-date/
7948 アウトオブバウンズ /(n) out of bounds/
7949 アウトオブファッション /(n) out of fashion/
7950 アウトオブ眼中 [アウトオブがんちゅう] /(n) (col) being out of consideration/effectively not existing as an option/
7951 アウトカウント /(n) out count/
7952 アウトカム /(n) outcome/
7953 アウトコース /(n) (1) outside track (wasei: out course)/(2) outside pitch (baseball)/
7954 アウトコーナー /(n) outside corner (baseball, racetrack, etc.) (wasei: out corner)/
7955 アウトサイダー /(n) outsider/
7956 アウトサイド /(n) outside/
7957 アウトサイドグリップ /(n) outside grip/
7958 アウトスウィング /(n) outswing/
7959 アウトスタンディング /(n) outstanding/
7960 アウトストラーダ /(n) autostrada (ita:)/
7961 アウトソーシング /(n,vs) out-sourcing/outsourcing/
7962 アウトソース /(n,vs) outsourcing/
7963 アウトダイヤル /(n) (comp) outdialing/
7964 アウトテイク /(n) outtake (of a film, television program, etc.)/
7965 アウトドア /(n,adj-no) outdoor/al fresco/
7966 アウトドアゲーム /(n) outdoor game/
7967 アウトドアショップ /(n) outdoor shop/
7968 アウトドアスポーツ /(n) outdoor sports/
7969 アウトドアズ /(n) outdoors/
7970 アウトドアライフ /(n) outdoor life/
7971 アウトドアリビング /(n) out-door living/
7972 アウトドアレジャー /(n) outdoor leisure/
7973 アウトドライブ /(n) outdrive/
7974 アウトバーン /(n) autobahn (only used for German, etc. highways) (ger: Autobahn)/
7975 アウトバウンド /(n) (comp) outbound/
7976 アウトバスト /(n) outburst/
7977 アウトバック /(n) outback/
7978 アウトフィールダー /(n) (obsc) outfielder/
7979 アウトフィールド /(n) outfield/
7980 アウトフィット /(n) outfit/
7981 アウトフォーカス /(n) soft focus (photography, film) (wasei: out focus)/out-of-focus technique/
7982 アウトフロー /(n) outflow/
7983 アウトブリード /(n) outbreed/
7984 アウトブレイク /(n) outbreak (of war or disease)/
7985 アウトプット /(n) output/
7986 アウトプットポート /(n) (comp) output port/
7987 アウトプレースメント /(n) outplacement/
7988 アウトボクシング /(n) out boxing/
7989 アウトボックス /(n) (comp) out-box/
7990 アウトポケット /(n) outpocket/
7991 アウトライト取引 [アウトライトとりひき] /(n) outright transaction/
7992 アウトライン /(n) outline/
7993 アウトラインステッチ /(n) outline stitch/
7994 アウトラインフォント /(n) (comp) outline font/
7995 アウトラインプロセッサ /(n) (comp) outline processor/
7996 アウトラインプロセッサー /(n) outline processor/
7997 アウトラインユーティリティ /(n) (comp) outline utility/
7998 アウトラインレベル /(n) (comp) outline level/
7999 アウトリガ /(n) outrigger/
8000 アウトリガー /(n) outrigger/
8001 アウトルック /(n) outlook/
8002 アウトレイジ /(n) outrage/
8003 アウトレット /(n) outlet (store that sells seconds, discontinued lines, etc.)/(P)/
8004 アウトレットストア /(n) outlet store/
8005 アウトレットボックス /(n) outlet box/
8006 アウトロ /(n) outro/conclusion (music)/
8007 アウトロー /(n) outlaw/
8008 アウトワァド /(n) outward/
8009 アウトワッズ /(n) outwards/
8010 アウフタクト /(n) upbeat (ger: Auftakt)/anacrusis/
8011 アウフヘーベン /(n) lift (ger: aufheben)/pick up/
8012 アウム真理教 [アウムしんりきょう] /(ik) (n) Aum Shinrikyou religious group/
8013 アウラ /(n) aura/
8014 アウル /(n) owl/
8015 アウロノカラエテルヴァイナエ /(n) Chitande aulonocara (species of peacock cichlid, Aulonocara ethelwynnae)/Northern Aulonocara/
8016 アウロノカラスチュアートグランティ /(n) flavescent peacock (species of peacock cichlid, Aulonocara stuartgranti)/
8017 アウロノカラハンスバエンシィ /(n) Aulonocara Fort Maguire (species of peacock cichlid, Aulonocara hansbaenschi)/firebird cichlid/
8018 アウロノカラバエンシ /(n) Nkhomo-benga peacock (species of peacock cichlid, Aulonocara baenschi)/new yellow regal/yellow peacock/
8019 アウロノカラフエセリ /(n) night aulonocara (species of peacock cichlid, Aulonocara hueseri)/Aulonocara white top/
8020 アウロノカラメイランディ /(n) sulfurhead Aulonocara (species of peacock cichlid, Aulonocara maylandi maylandi)/
8021 アウロノカラヤコブフライベルギ /(n) fairy cichlid (species of peacock cichlid, Aulonocara jacobfreibergi)/Malawi butterfly/
8022 アウロノカラロストラートゥム /(n) Aulonocara rostratum (species of peacock cichlid from Lake Malawi)/
8023 アウロノカラ属 [アウロノカラぞく] /(n) Aulonocara (genus of cichlids endemic to Lake Malawi in East Africa in the family Cichlidae)/peacock cichlids/
8024 アウロノクラヌスデウィンドティ /(n) Aulonocranus dewindti (cichlid fish endemic to Lake Tanganyika in E. Africa)/
8025 アウン /(n) (1) (uk) Om (san:)/Aun/syllable representing the primordial trinity of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma/(2) inspiration and expiration/respiration/alpha and omega/
8026 アウンス /(n) ounce/28.35g/
8027 アエクィデンスサパイェンシス /(n) Sapayo cichlid (Aequidens sapayensis)/
8028 アエクィデンステトラメルス /(n) saddle cichlid (Aequidens tetramerus)/
8029 アエクィデンスディアデマ /(n) Aequidens diadema (species of South American freshwater cichlid)/
8030 アエクィデンスパリドゥス /(n) doublespot acara (species of S. American cichlids, Aequidens pallidus)/
8031 アエクィデンスメタエ /(n) yellow acara (species of cichlid in Colombia, Aequidens metae)/
8032 アエクィデンス属 [アエクィデンスぞく] /(n) Aequidens (genus of fish in the family Cichlidae)/
8033 アオアシシギ /(n) (uk) greenshank (species of sandpiper, Tringa nebularia)/
8034 アオイ /(n) (1) (uk) mallow (any plant of family Malvaceae)/(2) Asarum caulescens (species of wild ginger)/(3) hollyhock/
8035 アオイガイ /(n) (1) (uk) eggcase (shell) of the greater argonaut/(2) (col) greater argonaut (species of paper nautilus, Argonauta argo)/
8036 アオイソハゼ /(n) prasites pygmy goby (Eviota prasites)/hairfin pygmy goby/
8037 アオイ目 [アオイもく] /(n) Malvales (order of plants)/
8038 アオウミガメ /(n) (uk) green turtle (Chelonia mydas)/
8039 アオカケス /(n) (uk) blue jay (Cyanocitta cristata)/
8040 アオカワラヒワ /(n) (uk) European greenfinch (Carduelis chloris)/
8041 アオガラ /(n) blue tit (Parus caeruleus)/
8042 アオキ /(n) (1) Japanese laurel/spotted laurel/Aucuba japonica/(2) live tree/
8043 アオギハゼ /(n) blue-striped cave goby (Trimma tevegae, was Trimma caudomaculata)/blue-striped dwarfgoby/cave pygmy-goby/
8044 アオギリ /(n) (uk) Chinese parasol-tree (Firmiana simplex)/Chinese-bottletree/Japanese varnishtree/phoenix-tree/
8045 アオゲラ /(n) (uk) Japanese green woodpecker (Picus awokera)/Japanese woodpecker/wavy-bellied woodpecker/
8046 アオコ毒 [アオコどく] /(n) poisonous algae bloom (often green in color) (colour)/
8047 アオサ /(n) (uk) sea lettuce (Ulva spp.)/
8048 アオザイ /(n) ao dai (traditional Vietnamese dress) (vie:)/
8049 アオザメ /(n) (uk) shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus)/
8050 アオザメ属 [アオザメぞく] /(n) Isurus (genus of mackerel sharks in the family Lamnidae commonly known as the mako sharks)/
8051 アオシタトカゲ /(n) bluetongued lizard/sleepy lizard/
8052 アオジ /(n) (uk) black-faced bunting (Emberiza spodocephala)/
8053 アオジタトカゲ /(n) bluetongued lizard/sleepy lizard/
8054 アオタ /(n) blue shark (Prionace glauca, species of circumglobal requiem shark)/
8055 アオタテジマチョウチョウウオ /(n) bluestriped butterflyfish (Chaetodon frembii)/
8056 アオダイショウ /(n) (uk) Japanese rat snake (Elaphe climacophora)/
8057 アオダモ /(n) chinese flowering ash/fraxinus lanuginosa form. serrata/
8058 アオナギ /(n) shark (esp. the blue shark, Prionace glauca)/
8059 アオノメハタ /(n) peacock grouper (Cephalopholis argus)/
8060 アオハダ /(n) macropoda holly/variety of holly common in Japan/ilex macropoda/
8061 アオハナホソオオトカゲ /(n) canopy goanna (Varanus keithhornei, species of carnivorous monitor lizard native to Northeast Australia)/blue-nosed goanna/Nesbit River monitor/
8062 アオバスズメダイ /(n) black-axil chromis (Chromis atripectoralis)/blackfin chromis/
8063 アオバズク /(n) (uk) brown hawk owl (Ninox scutulata)/
8064 アオバセセリ /(n) (uk) blue-winged skipper butterfly/
8065 アオバト /(n) (uk) white-bellied green pigeon (Treron sieboldii)/
8066 アオブダイ属 [アオブダイぞく] /(n) Scarus (genus of parrotfish in the family Scaridae)/
8067 アオホソオオトカゲ /(n) blue-spotted tree monitor (Varanus macraei, species of carnivorous monitor lizard from the island of Batanta, Indonesia)/
8068 アオミドロ /(n) spirogyra/algae forming pond scum/
8069 アオメエソ /(n) (uk) Chlorophthalmus albatrossis (species of greeneye)/
8070 アオモリトドマツ /(n) (uk) Maries' fir (Abies mariesii)/
8071 アオヤガラ /(n) (uk) bluespotted cornetfish (Fistularia commersonii)/
8072 アオヤサイ /(n) green crop/green vegetable/
8073 アオリイカ /(n) bigfin reef squid/oval squid (Sepioteuthis lessoniana)/
8074 アオリスト /(n) aorist/
8075 アカアシイワシャコ /(n) (uk) red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa)/
8076 アカアシシギ /(n) (uk) common redshank (Tringa totanus)/
8077 アカイエカ /(n) common house mosquito (Culex pipiens pallens)/
8078 アカイソハゼ /(n) Eviota masudai (species of pygmy goby found in Japanese waters)/
8079 アカウオ /(n) (1) Matsubara's red rockfish (Sebastes matsubarae)/(2) Pacific ocean perch (Sebastes alutus)/(3) comb goby (Ctenotrypauchen microcephalus)/(4) Japanese dace (Tribolodon hakonensis)/(5) any edible red saltwater fish/
8080 アカウシアブ /(n) (uk) Tabanus chrysurus (species of horsefly)/
8081 アカウソ /(n) (uk) bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula rosacea)/
8082 アカウミガメ /(n) (uk) loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta)/
8083 アカウンタビリティ /(n) accountability/
8084 アカウンタビリティー /(n) accountability/
8085 アカウンティング /(n) accounting/
8086 アカウンティングファイル /(n) (comp) accounting file/
8087 アカウンティングマシン /(n) accounting machine/
8088 アカウント /(n) account/
8089 アカウントエイリアス /(n) (comp) account alias/
8090 アカウントエグゼクティブ /(n) account executive/
8091 アカウントドメイン /(n) (comp) account domain/
8092 アカウントプランナー /(n) account planner/
8093 アカウントポリシー /(n) (comp) account policy/
8094 アカウントマネージャ /(n) account manager/
8095 アカウントロックアウト /(n) (comp) account lockout/
8096 アカウント管理 [アカウントかんり] /(n) account management/
8097 アカエリヒレアシシギ /(n) (uk) red-necked phalarope (Phalaropus lobatus)/
8098 アカオノスリ /(n) (uk) red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)/
8099 アカカマス /(n) red barracuda (Sphyraena pinguis)/
8100 アカガイ /(n) (uk) blood clam (Scapharca broughtonii)/
8101 アカガエル /(n) (1) (uk) any brown or reddish-brown frog (esp. of family Ranidae)/(2) Japanese brown frog (Rana japonica)/brown frog/
8102 アカガレイ /(n) (uk) flathead flounder (Hippoglossoides dubius)/
8103 アカギツネ /(n) (uk) (obsc) red fox (Vulpes vulpes)/
8104 アカギンザメ /(n) spookfish (Hydrolagus mitsukurii, species of cartilaginous fish from the Northwest Pacific)/
8105 アカギンザメ属 [アカギンザメぞく] /(n) Hydrolagus (genus of cartilaginous fish in the family Chimaeridae)/
8106 アカククリ /(n) dusky batfish (Platax pinnatus, species of Western Pacific spadefish found from the Ryukyu Islands to Australia)/
8107 アカグツ /(n) (uk) starry handfish (Halieutaea stellata)/
8108 アカグマ /(n) (uk) brown bear (esp. the Ussuri brown bear, Ursus arctos lasiotus)/
8109 アカコッコ /(n) Izu thrush (Turdus celaenops)/
8110 アカサンゴ /(n) (uk) red coral (Corallium japonicum)/
8111 アカザ /(n) (uk) white gooseweed (Chenopodium album)/fat hen/lamb's-quarters/pigweed/
8112 アカザエビ /(n) (uk) Japanese lobster (Metanephrops japonicus)/
8113 アカザ科 [アカザか] /(n) Chenopodiaceae (plant family)/
8114 アカシア /(n) acacia/
8115 アカシカ /(n) (uk) red deer (Cervus elaphus)/
8116 アカシガタ /(n) (uk) Camellia sasanqua 'Akasigata' (cultivar of Christmas camellia)/
8117 アカシデ /(n) (uk) loose-flowered hornbeam (Carpinus laxiflora)/akashide/
8118 アカシュモクザメ /(n) (uk) scalloped hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini)/bronze hammerhead shark/
8119 アカショウビン /(n) (uk) ruddy kingfisher (Halcyon coromanda)/
8120 アカスグリ /(n) red-currant (Ribes rubrum)/
8121 アカダニ /(n) (col) spider mite (any mite of family Tetranychidae)/
8122 アカツキハギ /(n) Achilles tang (Acanthurus achilles, species of surgeonfish found from the Western Pacific to the East Central Pacific)/
8123 アカテガニ /(n) (uk) red-clawed crab (Chiromantes haematocheir)/
8124 アカデミー /(n) academia (fre: academie)/academy/(P)/
8125 アカデミー賞 [アカデミーしょう] /(n) Academy Award/(P)/
8126 アカデミシズム /(n) academicism/
8127 アカデミシャン /(n) academician/
8128 アカデミズム /(n) academism/
8129 アカデミック /(adj-na,n) academic/(P)/
8130 アカデミックガウン /(n) academic gown/
8131 アカデミックディスカウント /(n) academic discount/
8132 アカデミックパッケージ /(n) (comp) academic package/
8133 アカニシ /(n) (uk) veined rapa whelk (Rapana venosa)/
8134 アカネ /(n) (1) (uk) madder (esp. Japanese madder, Rubia argyi)/(2) madder (red color)/
8135 アカネキンチャクダイ /(n) orangeface angelfish (Chaetodontoplus chrysocephalus)/
8136 アカネズミ /(n) (uk) large Japanese field mouse (Apodemus speciosus)/
8137 アカハタ /(n) (uk) blacktip grouper (species of fish, Epinephelus fasciatus)/
8138 アカバナ /(n) (uk) willowherb (Epilobium pyrricholophum)/
8139 アカヒメジ /(n) yellowfin goatfish (Mulloidichthys vanciolensis)/
8140 アカプリッチオ /(n) a capriccio (ita:)/
8141 アカプルコグレゴリー /(n) Acapulco major (Stegastes acapulcoensis)/Acapulco gregory/Acapulco damselfish/
8142 アカペラ /(n) a capella (unaccompanied choir or choral work) (ita: a cappella)/
8143 アカホシイソハゼ /(n) melasma pygmy goby (Eviota melasma)/black-spotted pygmy-goby/
8144 アカホシキツネベラ /(n) lined hogfish (Bodianus leucosticticus)/Bodianus rubrisos (declared separate species from B. leucosticticus in 2006)/
8145 アカボウ /(n) Bodianus cylindriatus (species of hogfish)/
8146 アカボウクジラ /(n) (1) (uk) beaked whale/(2) Cuvier's beaked whale (Ziphius cavirostris)/
8147 アカボウフラ /(n) (uk) (obsc) bloodworm (nonbiting midge larva)/
8148 アカマタ /(n) Ryukyu odd-tooth snake (Dinodon semicarinatum)/
8149 アカマタクロマタ /(n) (uk) red-masked and black-masked gods (folk belief of the Yaeyama Islands)/harvest festival celebrating these gods (held in the 6th lunar month)/
8150 アカマツカサ /(n) bigscale soldierfish (Myripristis berndti)/
8151 アカマンボウ /(n) (uk) opah (Lampris guttatus)/moonfish/
8152 アカミミダレミツスイ /(n) (uk) red wattlebird (Anthochaera carunculata)/
8153 アカムツ /(n) (1) Doederleinia berycoides (species of temperate ocean bass)/(2) male dark chub (Zacco temmincki) in mating season/
8154 アカムパニ /(vs) accompany/
8155 アカムパニメント /(n) accompaniment/
8156 アカムプリッシュ /(vs) accomplish/
8157 アカメイモ /(n) (uk) type of taro originally from Sulawesi, has large tubers with red eyes/
8158 アカメガシワ /(n) (1) Mallotus japonicus/(2) mallotus bark (herbal medicine)/
8159 アカメフグ /(n) red-eyed puffer (Takifugu chrysops)/
8160 アカモミタケ /(n) Lactarius laeticolorus (edible species of lactarius mushroom)/
8161 アカヤガラ /(n) (uk) red cornetfish (Fistularia petimba)/
8162 アカヤマアリ /(n) (uk) Formica sanguinea (species of red wood ant)/
8163 アカラシア /(n) achalasia/
8164 アカル・テケ /(n) Akhal-Teke, a breed of horses originating in Turkmenistan/
8165 アカルテケ /(n) Akhal-Teke, a breed of horses originating in Turkmenistan/
8166 アカントアメーバ /(n) Acanthamoeba/
8167 アカンパニ /(vs) accompany/
8168 アカンパニメント /(n) accompaniment/
8169 アカンプリッシュ /(vs) accomplish/
8170 アカンベー /(int,n) facial gesture of pulling one's eyelid down and sticking out one's tongue/
8171 アガナイズ /(vs) agonize/
8172 アガパンサス /(n) agapanthus (esp. the African lily, Agapanthus africanus) (lat:)/lily-of-the-nile/
8173 アガペー /(n) (1) agape (Christian love)/(2) agape (love feast)/
8174 アガリクス /(n) Agaricus subrufescens (species of mushroom with purported medicinal properties)/
8175 アガロース /(n) agarose/
8176 アキー /(n) akee (Blighia sapida)/ackee/
8177 アキアカネ /(n) (uk) var. of red dragonfly (Sympetrum frequens)/
8178 アキカラマツ /(n) (uk) Thalictrum minus var. hypoleucum (variety of lesser meadow rue)/
8179 アキシアルジェット /(n) axial jet/
8180 アキシアルピストンポンプ /(n) axial piston pump/
8181 アキシャルオフセット /(n) axial offset/
8182 アキダクト /(n) aqueduct/
8183 アキテクチャ /(n) architecture/
8184 アキニレ /(n) (uk) Chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia)/
8185 アキバ系 [アキバけい] /(n,adj-no) (sl) Akihabara style/nerdy/
8186 アキヘラザメ /(n) deep-water catshark (Apristurus profundorum, species found in the Atlantic)/
8187 アキメネス /(n) achimenes (lat:)/
8188 アキャデミィ /(n) academia (fre: academie)/academy/
8189 アキュームレータ /(n) (comp) accumulator/
8190 アキュセイション /(n) accusation/
8191 アキュゼイション /(n) accusation/
8192 アキュテイン /(n) Accutane/
8193 アキュパイ /(vs) occupy/
8194 アキュペイション /(n) occupation/
8195 アキュミュレイト /(n,vs) accumulate/
8196 アキュムレータ /(n) (comp) accumulator/
8197 アキュムレーター /(n) (comp) accumulator/
8198 アキュムレイト /(n,vs) accumulate/
8199 アキュラシ /(n) accuracy/
8200 アキュラスィ /(n) accuracy/
8201 アキュレイト /(n) accurate/
8202 アキュレット /(n) accurate/
8203 アキレア /(n) achillea (lat:)/
8204 アキレス /(n,adj-no) Achilles/
8205 アキレスの論証 [アキレスのろんしょう] /(n) Achilles argument (i.e. Achilles and the tortoise; one of Zeno's paradoxes)/
8206 アキレスタン /(n) Achilles tang (Acanthurus achilles, species of surgeonfish found from the Western Pacific to the East Central Pacific)/
8207 アキレス腱 [アキレスけん] /(n) (1) Achilles tendon/calcaneal tendon/(2) Achilles' heel/vulnerable point/
8208 アキレス腱炎 [アキレスけんえん] /(n) achilles tendonitis/achilles tendinitis/
8209 アキレス腱滑液嚢炎 [アキレスけんかつえきのうえん] /(n) achillobursitis/
8210 アキレス腱反射 [アキレスけんはんしゃ] /(n) Achilles tendon reflex/
8211 アギ /(n) (uk) asafetida (Ferula assafoetida)/
8212 アクースティック /(n,adj-na) acoustic/
8213 アクア /(n) aqua/
8214 アクアチント /(n) aquatint/
8215 アクアティック /(adj-na) aquatic/
8216 アクアティント /(n) aquatint/
8217 アクアテック /(adj-na) aquatic/
8218 アクアトロン /(n) aquatron/
8219 アクアノート /(n) aquanaut/
8220 アクアビット /(n) aquavit/akvavit/
8221 アクアプレーン /(n) aquaplane/
8222 アクアポリス /(n) aqua polis/city on water/
8223 アクアポリン /(n) aquaporin/
8224 アクアマリーン /(n) aquamarine/
8225 アクアマリン /(n) aquamarine/
8226 アクアミネラル /(n) mineral water (wasei: aqua mineral)/
8227 アクアラング /(n) aqualung/Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus/SCUBA/
8228 アクアリウム /(n) aquarium/
8229 アクアロビクス /(n) aquarobics/
8230 アクイエス /(n) acquiesce/
8231 アクイジション /(n) acquisition/
8232 アクイット /(n) acquit/
8233 アクイロニウム /(n) Aulonocara aquilonium (species of peacock cichlid from Lake Malawi)/
8234 アクウィエス /(n) acquiesce/
8235 アクウィジション /(n) acquisition/
8236 アクウィダクト /(n) aqueduct/
8237 アクウィット /(n) acquit/
8238 アクウェアリアム /(n) aquarium/
8239 アクウェインタンス /(n) acquaintance/
8240 アクウェイント /(n) acquaint/
8241 アクウェリアム /(n) aquarium/
8242 アクウダクト /(n) aqueduct/
8243 アクエインタンス /(n) acquaintance/
8244 アクエイント /(n) acquaint/
8245 アクサン /(n) accent (usu. French accents such as acute and grave) (fre:)/
8246 アクサングラーブ /(n) "grave" accent (fre: accent grave)/
8247 アクサンシルコンフレックス /(n) circumflex accent (fre: accent circonflexe)/
8248 アクサンスィルコンフレックス /(n) circumflex accent (fre: accent circonflexe)/
8249 アクサンツルコンフレックス /(ik) (n) circumflex accent (fre: accent circonflexe)/
8250 アクサンテギュ /(n) "acute" accent (fre: aigu)/
8251 アクシオン /(n) axion/
8252 アクシス /(n) axis/
8253 アクシデンタル /(n) accidental/
8254 アクシデント /(n) accident/(P)/
8255 アクション /(n) action/(P)/
8256 アクションアイテム /(n) action item/
8257 アクションクエリ /(n) (comp) action query/
8258 アクションゲーム /(n) (comp) action game/
8259 アクションスター /(n) action star/
8260 アクションタイプ /(n) (comp) action type/
8261 アクションドラマ /(n) action drama/
8262 アクションバー /(n) action bar/
8263 アクションプラン /(n) action plan/
8264 アクションプログラム /(n) action program/action programme/
8265 アクションペインティング /(n) action painting/
8266 アクションリサーチ /(n) action research/
8267 アクション映画 [アクションえいが] /(n) action movie/
8268 アクスィジェン /(n) oxygen/
8269 アクスィデン /(n) accident/
8270 アクスィデンタル /(n) accidental/
8271 アクスル /(n) axle/
8272 アクスルスタンド /(n) axle stand/
8273 アクスルハウジング /(n) axle housing/
8274 アクセ /(n) (abbr) accessory/
8275 アクセサ /(n) (comp) accessor/
8276 アクセサリ /(n) accessory/
8277 アクセサリー /(n) accessory/(P)/
8278 アクセシビリティ /(n) accessibility/a11y (in IT)/
8279 アクセシビリティー /(n) accessibility/
8280 アクセシブル /(adj-na) accessible/
8281 アクセス /(n,vs) access/(P)/
8282 アクセスを許可する [アクセスをきょかする] /(exp,vs-i) (comp) to permit access/
8283 アクセスアーム /(n) (comp) access arm/
8284 アクセスカウンタ /(n) (comp) access counter/Web counter/
8285 アクセスカウンター /(n) (comp) access counter/Web counter/
8286 アクセスキー /(n) (comp) access key/
8287 アクセスコード /(n) access code/
8288 アクセスコンテキスト /(n) (comp) access context/
8289 アクセスコントロール /(n) (comp) access control/
8290 アクセスコントロールリスト /(n) (comp) access control list/ACL/
8291 アクセススイッチ /(n) (comp) access switch/
8292 アクセススピード /(n) (comp) access speed/
8293 アクセスタイム /(n) (comp) access time/
8294 アクセスチャージ /(n) access charge/
8295 アクセスパネル /(n) access panel/
8296 アクセスブロック /(n) (comp) access block/
8297 アクセスプロバイダ /(n) (comp) access provider/
8298 アクセスポイント /(n) access point/
8299 アクセスマスク /(n) (comp) access mask/
8300 アクセスモード /(n) (comp) access mode/
8301 アクセスレベル /(n) (comp) access level/
8302 アクセスログ /(n) (comp) access log/
8303 アクセス可能 [アクセスかのう] /(adj-na) (comp) accessible/
8304 アクセス回線 [アクセスかいせん] /(n) (comp) access line/
8305 アクセス管理 [アクセスかんり] /(n) (comp) access management/
8306 アクセス機構 [アクセスきこう] /(n) (comp) access mechanism/actuator/
8307 アクセス許可 [アクセスきょか] /(n) (comp) access permission/
8308 アクセス禁止 [アクセスきんし] /(exp) (comp) banned from access (e.g. from a web forum, etc.)/
8309 アクセス系 [アクセスけい] /(n) (comp) access system/
8310 アクセス権 [アクセスけん] /(n) right of access/access permission/access right/
8311 アクセス権限 [アクセスけんげん] /(n) (comp) access authorizations/
8312 アクセス時間 [アクセスじかん] /(n) (comp) access time/
8313 アクセス失敗率 [アクセスしっぱいりつ] /(n) (comp) failure rate/
8314 アクセス情報 [アクセスじょうほう] /(n) (comp) access information/
8315 アクセス制御 [アクセスせいぎょ] /(n) (comp) access control/
8316 アクセス制御フィールド [アクセスせいぎょフィールド] /(n) (comp) access control field/
8317 アクセス制御一覧 [アクセスせいぎょいちらん] /(n) (comp) access control list/
8318 アクセス制御語 [アクセスせいぎょご] /(n) (comp) access control word/
8319 アクセス単位 [アクセスたんい] /(n) (comp) Access Unit/AU/
8320 アクセス点 [アクセスてん] /(n) (comp) access point/
8321 アクセス番号 [アクセスばんごう] /(n) (comp) access number/
8322 アクセス番組 [アクセスばんぐみ] /(n) access program/access programme/
8323 アクセス頻度が低いファイル [アクセスひんどがひくいファイル] /(n) (comp) inactive file/
8324 アクセス頻度の低いファイル [アクセスひんどのひくいファイル] /(n) (comp) infrequently accessed files/
8325 アクセス不能 [アクセスふのう] /(n) (comp) unaccessible/
8326 アクセス保護手続き [アクセスほごてつづき] /(n) (comp) access security procedure/
8327 アクセス方式 [アクセスほうしき] /(n) (comp) access method/
8328 アクセス方式実行プログラム [アクセスほうしきじっこうプログラム] /(n) (comp) access method executor/
8329 アクセス法 [アクセスほう] /(n) (comp) access method/
8330 アクセス網 [アクセスもう] /(n) (comp) access network/
8331 アクセス要求信号 [アクセスようきゅうしんごう] /(n) (comp) access request signal/
8332 アクセス料金 [アクセスりょうきん] /(n) (comp) access charge/access fee/
8333 アクセス例外 [アクセスれいがい] /(n) (comp) access exception/
8334 アクセソワリスト /(n) accessoiriste (fre:)/
8335 アクセッシング /(n) accessing/
8336 アクセプター /(n) acceptor/
8337 アクセプタンス /(n) acceptance/
8338 アクセプト /(n) accept/
8339 アクセラレータ /(n) accelerator/
8340 アクセラレーター /(n) accelerator/
8341 アクセラレータカード /(n) (comp) accelerator card/
8342 アクセル /(n) (1) (abbr) accelerator/(2) (abbr) Axel (figure skating jump)/axel/(P)/
8343 アクセル・ジャンプ /(n) Axel jump (figure skating)/
8344 アクセル・パウルゼン・ジャンプ /(n) (obsc) Axel Paulsen jump (figure skating)/
8345 アクセルジャンプ /(n) Axel jump (figure skating)/
8346 アクセルパウルゼンジャンプ /(n) (obsc) Axel Paulsen jump (figure skating)/
8347 アクセルペダル /(n) accelerator pedal/gas pedal/throttle pedal/
8348 アクセルレータ /(n) accelerator/
8349 アクセレレーター /(n) accelerator/
8350 アクセンチュエイション /(n) accentuation/
8351 アクセント /(n) (1) accent (in language)/(2) stress/highlight/accent/(P)/
8352 アクセント記号 [アクセントきごう] /(n) accent mark/
8353 アクセント照明 [アクセントしょうめい] /(n) accent lighting/
8354 アクセント付き文字 [アクセントつきもじ] /(n) (comp) accented character/
8355 アクタ /(n) actor/
8356 アクター /(n) actor/
8357 アクチナイド /(n,adj-f) actinide (family of elements)/actinides/actinoid/
8358 アクチニウム /(n) actinium (Ac)/
8359 アクチニウム系列 [アクチニウムけいれつ] /(n) actinium series/Actinides/
8360 アクチニド /(n,adj-f) actinide (family of elements)/actinides/actinoid/
8361 アクチノイド /(n,adj-f) actinide (family of elements)/actinides/actinoid/
8362 アクチノマイシン /(n) actinomycin/
8363 アクチビティ /(n) activity/
8364 アクチブ /(adj-na) active/
8365 アクチブディフェンス /(n) active defense/active defence/
8366 アクチャリ /(adv) actually/
8367 アクチャル /(adj-na,n) actual/
8368 アクチュアリ /(adv) actually/
8369 アクチュアリー /(n) actuary/
8370 アクチュアリティー /(n) actuality/
8371 アクチュアル /(adj-na,n) actual/
8372 アクチュアルタイム /(n) actual time/
8373 アクチュアルポジション /(n) actual position/
8374 アクチュエータ /(n) (comp) access mechanism (e.g. disk)/actuator/
8375 アクチュエタ /(n) actuator/
8376 アクチン /(n) actin/
8377 アクティビティ /(n) activity/(P)/
8378 アクティビティー /(n) activity/
8379 アクティビティサンプリング /(n) activity sampling/
8380 アクティビティモデルステップ /(n) (comp) activity model step/
8381 アクティビティ間コンテキスト定義集合 [アクティビティかんコンテキストていぎしゅうごう] /(n) (comp) inter-activity defined context set/
8382 アクティビティ属性 [アクティビティぞくせい] /(n) (comp) activity attributes/
8383 アクティブ /(adj-na) active/(P)/
8384 アクティブなバス /(n) (comp) active bus/
8385 アクティブウィンドウ /(n) (comp) active window/
8386 アクティブエックス /(n) (comp) ActiveX/
8387 アクティブエックスドキュメンツ /(n) (comp) ActiveX Documents/
8388 アクティブオブジェクト /(n) (comp) active object/
8389 アクティブキャッシュ /(n) (comp) active cache/
8390 アクティブコンテンツ /(n) (comp) active content/
8391 アクティブサーバーページ /(n) (comp) Active Server Page/ASP/
8392 アクティブサーバーページズ /(n) (comp) ActiveServerPages/
8393 アクティブシステム /(n) active system/
8394 アクティブスクリプティング /(n) (comp) active scripting/
8395 アクティブスクリプト /(n) (comp) active script/
8396 アクティブスポーツウエア /(n) active sportswear/
8397 アクティブセーフティー /(n) active safety/
8398 アクティブセットアップ /(n) (comp) active setup/
8399 アクティブセル /(n) (comp) active cell/
8400 アクティブソーラー /(n) active solar/
8401 アクティブソーラーハウス /(n) active solar house/
8402 アクティブソナー /(n) active sonar/
8403 アクティブターミネータ /(n) (comp) active-terminator/
8404 アクティブタスク /(n) active task/
8405 アクティブチャネル /(n) (comp) active channel/
8406 アクティブディスプレイ /(n) active display/
8407 アクティブディフェンス /(n) active defense/active defence/
8408 アクティブディレクトリ /(n) (comp) Active Directory/
8409 アクティブデスクトップ /(n) (comp) Active Desktop/
8410 アクティブハブ /(n) (comp) active hub/
8411 アクティブパール /(n) (comp) Active Perl/
8412 アクティブファイル /(n) (comp) active file/
8413 アクティブフィルタ /(n) active filter/
8414 アクティブプログラム /(n) (comp) active program/
8415 アクティブホーミング /(n) active homing/
8416 アクティブマトリクスディスプレイ /(n) (comp) active matrix display/
8417 アクティブマトリクス方式 [アクティブマトリクスほうしき] /(n) (comp) active matrix/
8418 アクティブマトリックス /(n) active matrix/
8419 アクティブリスク /(n) active risk/
8420 アクティブロジック機能 [アクティブロジックきのう] /(n) (comp) active logic function/
8421 アクティブ化 [アクティブか] /(n) (comp) activate/
8422 アクティベーション /(n) activation/
8423 アクティベート /(n) (comp) activation (e.g. of network accounts, etc.)/
8424 アクティング /(n) acting/
8425 アクティングアウト /(n) acting out/
8426 アクティヴ /(adj-na) active/
8427 アクテビティ /(n) activity/
8428 アクト /(n) act/
8429 アクトゥレス /(ik) (n) actress/
8430 アクトパス /(n) octopus/
8431 アクトビット /(n) activation bit/
8432 アクトミオシン /(n) actomyosin/
8433 アクトレス /(n) actress/
8434 アクネ /(n) acne/
8435 アクノリッジ /(n) (comp) acknowledge/
8436 アクムレイト /(n,vs) accumulate/
8437 アクメ /(n) orgasm (fre: acme)/
8438 アクリジン /(n) acridine/
8439 アクリッド /(adj-na) acrid/
8440 アクリノール /(n) acrinol/
8441 アクリフラビン /(n) acriflavine/
8442 アクリリックレジンセメント /(n) acrylic resin cement/
8443 アクリル /(n,adj-no) acrylic (esp. acrylic fibre, fiber)/(P)/
8444 アクリルアミド /(n) acrylamide/
8445 アクリルアルデヒド /(n) acrylic aldehyde/
8446 アクリルゴム /(n) acrylic rubber/
8447 アクリルシロップ /(n) acrylic syrup/
8448 アクリルセメント /(n) acrylic cement/
8449 アクリルプラスチック /(n) acrylic plastic/
8450 アクリルペインティング /(n) acrylic painting/
8451 アクリルレンズ /(n) acrylic lens/
8452 アクリル絵の具 [アクリルえのぐ] /(n) acrylic paint/
8453 アクリル絵具 [アクリルえのぐ] /(n) acrylic paint/
8454 アクリル酸 [アクリルさん] /(n) acrylic acid/
8455 アクリル樹脂 [アクリルじゅし] /(n) acrylic resin/
8456 アクリル繊維 [アクリルせんい] /(n) acrylic fiber/acrylic fibre/
8457 アクリル板 [アクリルばん] /(n) acrylic plate/
8458 アクリロイド /(n) acryloid/
8459 アクリロイルモルホリン /(n) acryloyl morpholine/
8460 アクリログアナミン /(n) acryloguanamine/
8461 アクリロニトリル /(n) acrylonitrile/
8462 アクリロニトリルゴム /(n) acrylonitrile rubber/
8463 アクリロニトリルブタジエンゴム /(n) acrylonitrile/butadiene rubber/
8464 アクレイム /(n) acclaim/
8465 アクレジット /(vs) accredit/
8466 アクレディット /(vs) accredit/
8467 アクロシン /(n) acrosin/
8468 アクロス /(adv) across/
8469 アクロスティック /(n) acrostic/
8470 アクロスティックパズル /(n) acrostic puzzle/
8471 アクロステックパズル /(n) acrostic puzzle/
8472 アクロニム /(n) acronym/
8473 アクロバチック /(adj-na) acrobatic/
8474 アクロバット /(n) (1) acrobat/(2) acrobatics/(P)/
8475 アクロバットダンサー /(n) acrobatic dancer/contortionist/
8476 アクロバットダンス /(n) acrobatic dance/
8477 アクロバットチーム /(n) aerobatic team/acrobatic team/
8478 アクロバティック /(adj-na) acrobatic/
8479 アクロポリス /(n) acropolis/
8480 アクロマート /(n) achromat/
8481 アクロマチックレンズ /(n) achromatic lens/
8482 アクロメガリー /(n) acromegaly/
8483 アクロレイン /(n) acrolein/
8484 アクワイア /(vs) acquire/
8485 アクワイヤ /(vs) acquire/
8486 アクワティック /(adj-na) aquatic/
8487 アク禁 [アクきん] /(n) (comp) (col) (abbr) banned from access (e.g. from a web forum, etc.)/
8488 アグーチ /(n) Brazilian agouti (Dasyprocta leporina)/
8489 アグニ /(n) Agni (Vedic god of fire) (san:)/
8490 アグヌスデイ /(n) Agnus Dei (lat:)/
8491 アグラデーション /(n) aggradation/
8492 アグラベイト /(vs) aggravate/
8493 アグリ /(n) (1) agree/(2) ugly/
8494 アグリー /(n) (1) agree/(2) ugly/
8495 アグリーメント /(n) agreement/
8496 アグリカルチャ /(n) agriculture/
8497 アグリカルチャー /(n) agriculture/
8498 アグリカルチュラル /(n) agricultural/
8499 アグリケミカル /(n) agrichemicals/
8500 アグリゲイション /(n,vs) aggregation/
8501 アグリゲイト /(vs) aggregate/
8502 アグリネス /(n) ugliness/
8503 アグリビジネス /(n) agribusiness/
8504 アグリビジネスマン /(n) agribusinessman/
8505 アグリベイト /(vs) aggravate/
8506 アグリメント /(n) agreement/
8507 アグレアブル /(n) agreeable/
8508 アグレガシオン /(n) civil service competitive examination for some positions in the public education system in France (fre: agregation)/
8509 アグレゲイション /(n,vs) aggregation/
8510 アグレゲイト /(vs) aggregate/
8511 アグレシブ /(adj-na) aggressive/
8512 アグレション /(n) aggression/
8513 アグレッシブ /(adj-na) aggressive/(P)/
8514 アグレッション /(n) aggression/
8515 アグレッシン /(n) aggression/
8516 アグレマン /(n) agreement (fre:)/
8517 アグロフォレストリー /(n) agroforestry/
8518 アグロメ /(n) (abbr) agglomeration/
8519 アケイシャ /(n) acacia/
8520 アケオメコトヨロ /(exp) (col) (abbr) abbreviation of "akemashite omedetou, kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu"/
8521 アケビ科 [アケビか] /(n) Lardizabalaceae (plant family)/(common name) the lardizabala family/
8522 アケボノソウ /(n) (uk) Swertia bimaculata (species of felwort)/
8523 アケボノチョウチョウウオ /(n) (uk) blackback butterflyfish (Chaetodon melannotus, species found in the Indo-Pacific)/
8524 アケボノヒメオオトカゲ /(n) northern ridge-tailed monitor (Varanus primordius, species of carnivorous monitor lizard native to the Northern Territory of Australia)/blunt-spined goanna/
8525 アゲーン /(n) (1) repeat of a deuce (in tennis, etc.) (eng: again)/(adv) (2) again/
8526 アゲィンスト /(adv) against/
8527 アゲイン /(n) (1) repeat of a deuce (in tennis, etc.) (eng: again)/(adv) (2) again/
8528 アゲハ /(n) (uk) (abbr) swallowtail butterfly (esp. the citrus swallowtail butterfly, Papilio xuthus)/
8529 アゲハチョウ /(n) (uk) swallowtail butterfly (esp. the citrus swallowtail butterfly, Papilio xuthus)/
8530 アゲマキガイ /(n) (uk) constricted tagelus (Sinonovacula constricta)/Chinese razor clam/
8531 アゲラタム /(n) ageratum/
8532 アゲン /(n) (1) repeat of a deuce (in tennis, etc.) (eng: again)/(adv) (2) again/
8533 アゲンスト /(adv) against/
8534 アゲンストウインド /(adv) against wind/
8535 アコースティック /(n,adj-na) acoustic/(P)/
8536 アコースティックエミッション /(n) acoustic emission/
8537 アコースティックギター /(n) acoustic guitar/
8538 アコースティックサウンド /(n) acoustic sound/
8539 アコーディアン /(n) accordion/
8540 アコーディオン /(n) accordion/(P)/
8541 アコーディオンドア /(n) accordion door/
8542 アコーディオンプリーツ /(n) accordion pleats/
8543 アコーデオン /(n) accordion/
8544 アコーデオンドア /(n) accordion door/
8545 アコーデオンプリーツ /(n) accordion pleats/
8546 アコード /(n) accord/(P)/
8547 アコウ /(n) (uk) Japanese sea fig (Ficus superba var. japonica)/
8548 アコギ /(n) (abbr) acoustic guitar/
8549 アコナイト /(n) aconite/
8550 アコニチン /(n) aconitine/
8551 アコニットアルカロイド /(n) aconitum alkaloid/
8552 アコモデーション /(n) accommodation/
8553 アコモデーター /(n) accommodator/
8554 アコモデイション /(n) accommodation/
8555 アコモデイト /(vs) accommodate/
8556 アコヤガイ /(n) (uk) Marten's pearl oyster (Pinctada fucata martensii)/Akoya pearl oyster/
8557 アコライト /(n) acolyte/
8558 アコンドライト /(n) achondrite/
8559 アコンパニ /(vs) accompany/
8560 アコンパニメント /(n) accompaniment/
8561 アコンプリス /(n) accomplice/
8562 アコンプリッシ /(vs) accomplish/
8563 アコンプリッシュ /(vs) accomplish/
8564 アゴハゼ /(n) (uk) forktongue goby (Chaenogobius annularis)/chestnut goby/
8565 アゴヒゲアザラシ /(n) (uk) bearded seal (Erignathus barbatus)/
8566 アゴラ /(n) (comp) Agora/
8567 アゴラフォビア /(n) agoraphobia/
8568 アサーション /(n) assertion/
8569 アサーティブネストレーニング /(n) assertiveness training/
8570 アサート /(n,vs) assert/
8571 アサイド /(n) aside/
8572 アサイラム /(n) asylum/
8573 アサイン /(n) assign/
8574 アサインメント /(n) assignment/
8575 アサガオガイ /(n) (uk) common purple snail (Janthina janthina)/common purple sea snail/violet snail/purple bubble raft snail/janthina/
8576 アサクサノリ /(n) (1) (uk) Porphyra tenera (species of edible seaweed)/(2) dried nori/dried laver/
8577 アサシネイション /(n) assassination/
8578 アサシネイト /(vs) assassinate/
8579 アサシン /(n) assassin/
8580 アサターム /(n) (comp) ASATERM/
8581 アサダ /(n) Japanese hop hornbeam/ostrya japonica/
8582 アサヒる /(v5r) (uk) (sl) to fabricate (stories) (based on alleged behaviour of the Asahi newspaper)/to make up/
8583 アサヒコム /(n) (comp) asahi.com/
8584 アサヒビール /(n) (1) Asahi beer/(2) Asahi Breweries, Ltd./
8585 アサマツゲ /(n) (uk) (obsc) Japanese box tree (Buxus microphylla var. japonica)/
8586 アサリ /(n) Manila clam (Ruditapes philippinarum)/
8587 アサリウスバタフライフィッシュ /(n) West Australian butterflyfish (Chaetodon assarius)/Assarius butterflyfish/Western butterflyfish/
8588 アサルト /(n) assault/
8589 アサルトライフル /(n) assault rifle/
8590 アサンプション /(n) assumption/
8591 アザチオプリン /(n) azathioprine/
8592 アザミ /(n) (uk) thistle (Cirsium spp.)/
8593 アザミウマ /(n) (uk) thrips (any insect of order Thysanoptera)/thrip/
8594 アザミゲシ /(n) (uk) Mexican prickly poppy (Argemone mexicana)/
8595 アザラシ /(n) (uk) true seal (animal)/earless seal/
8596 アザラシ科 [アザラシか] /(n) Phocidae (seals)/
8597 アザレア /(n) azalea/
8598 アザワイズ /(adv) otherwise/
8599 アシ /(n,adj-no) (uk) common reed (Phragmites australis)/
8600 アシ /(n,vs) (abbr) assistant/
8601 アシェイムド /(adj-f) ashamed/
8602 アシカ /(n,adj-no) (uk) eared seal (esp. the California sea lion, Zalophus californianus)/sea lion/
8603 アシクロビル /(n) aciclovir/
8604 アシスタンス /(n) assistance/
8605 アシスタント /(n) assistant/(P)/
8606 アシスタントオブジェクト /(n) (comp) assistant object/
8607 アシスタントディレクター /(n) assistant director/
8608 アシスタントパーサー /(n) assistant purser/
8609 アシスト /(n,vs) assist/assistance/(P)/
8610 アシタバ /(n) (uk) Angelica keiskei (species of angelica, a herb of the parsley family)/
8611 アシダカグモ /(n) (uk) huntsman spider (Heteropoda venatoria)/
8612 アシッド /(n) acid/
8613 アシッドジャズ /(n) acid jazz/
8614 アシドーシス /(n) acidosis/
8615 アシナガグモ /(n) (uk) Tetragnatha praedonia (species of long-jawed orb weaver)/
8616 アシナシイモリ /(n) (uk) caecilian (any burrowing legless amphibian of the order Gymnophiona)/
8617 アシナシトカゲ /(n) (uk) legless lizard (esp. Anguidae spp., inc. glass lizards and slow worms)/
8618 アシボソ /(n) (uk) Japanese stilt grass (Microstegium vimineum)/
8619 アシマネ /(n) (abbr) assistant manager/
8620 アシミレイション /(n) assimilation/
8621 アシミレイト /(vs) assimilate/
8622 アシメ /(n,adj-no) (abbr) (sl) assymetry/
8623 アシメトリ /(n) asymmetry/
8624 アシメトリー /(n) asymmetry/
8625 アシメトリックデザイン /(n) asymmetric design/
8626 アシモ /(n) ASIMO (bipedal robot created by Honda)/
8627 アシュア /(vs) assure/
8628 アシュアランス /(n) assurance/
8629 アシュアリッドリ /(adv) assuredly/
8630 アシュケナジム /(n) Ashkenazim (Jews of Central European descent)/
8631 アシル基 [アシルき] /(n) acyl group/
8632 アシンメトリー /(n) asymmetry/
8633 アシンメトリックデザイン /(n) asymmetric design/
8634 アシ君 [アシくん] /(n) (sl) man who drives a woman around for free/man used by a woman for his car/
8635 アジ /(n) (abbr) agitation/
8636 アジる /(v5r,vt) to stir up/to instigate (somebody to do something)/to agitate/to foment/
8637 アジア /(n) (1) (uk) Asia (esp. "the Far East")/(adj-no) (2) Asian/Asiatic/(P)/
8638 アジア・太平洋戦争 [アジア・たいへいようせんそう] /(n) Asia-Pacific War (starting with the Manchurian Incident in 1931 and ending with the Japanese surrender in 1945)/
8639 アジアーゴ・チーズ /(n) Asiago cheese/
8640 アジアかぜ /(n) Asia influenza/
8641 アジアアフリカ会議 [アジアアフリカかいぎ] /(n) Asian-African Conference (1955)/Afro-Asian Conference/
8642 アジアインフルエンザ /(n) Asian influenza/
8643 アジアカップ /(n) Asian Cup/
8644 アジアダラー /(n) Asia dollar/
8645 アジアヒキガエル /(n) (uk) Asiatic toad (Bufo gargarizans)/
8646 アジアプレス /(n) Asia Press (company)/
8647 アジアン /(adj-f) Asian (esp. SE Asian)/
8648 アジア開発銀行 [アジアかいはつぎんこう] /(n) Asian Development Bank/
8649 アジア競技大会 [アジアきょうぎたいかい] /(n) Asian Games/
8650 アジア系 [アジアけい] /(n) Asian/(person) of Asian descent/
8651 アジア諸国 [アジアしょこく] /(n) Asian countries/Asian nations/
8652 アジア象 [アジアぞう] /(n) (uk) Asian elephant/Indian elephant/
8653 アジア太平洋 [アジアたいへいよう] /(n) Asia-Pacific (region)/
8654 アジア太平洋機械翻訳協会 [アジアたいへいようきかいほんやくきょうかい] /(n) Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation/AAMT/
8655 アジア太平洋経済協力会議 [アジアたいへいようけいざいきょうりょくかいぎ] /(n) Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation/APEC/
8656 アジア太平洋戦争 [アジアたいへいようせんそう] /(n) Asia-Pacific War (starting with the Manchurian Incident in 1931 and ending with the Japanese surrender in 1945)/
8657 アジア太平洋地域 [アジアたいへいようちいき] /(n) Asia-Pacific region/
8658 アジア大会 [アジアたいかい] /(n) Asian Games/
8659 アジア大陸 [アジアたいりく] /(n) Asian Continent/
8660 アジア的生産様式 [アジアてきせいさんようしき] /(n) Asiatic mode of production (Marx)/
8661 アジア蟇 [アジアひきがえる] /(n) (uk) Asiatic toad (Bufo gargarizans)/
8662 アジェイサント /(adj-f) adjacent/
8663 アジェイスント /(adj-f) adjacent/
8664 アジェクティブ /(n) adjective/
8665 アジェクテブ /(n) adjective/
8666 アジェンダ /(n) agenda/
8667 アジェンダセッティング /(n) agenda setting/
8668 アジクト /(n) addict/
8669 アジサイ /(n) (uk) hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla)/
8670 アジサイ科 [アジサイか] /(n) Hydrangeaceae (plant family)/hydrangea/
8671 アジサシ /(n) (uk) tern (esp. the common tern, Sterna hirundo)/
8672 アジソン症候群 [アジソンしょうこうぐん] /(n) Addison's syndrome/
8673 アジソン病 [アジソンびょう] /(n) Addison's disease/
8674 アジタート /(n) agitato (ita:)/
8675 アジテーション /(n) agitation/
8676 アジテーター /(n) agitator/
8677 アジテート /(vs) agitate/
8678 アジテイション /(n) agitation/
8679 アジテイト /(vs) agitate/
8680 アジト /(n) hideout (rus: agitpunkt)/secret base of operations/safe house/(P)/
8681 アジドチミジン /(n) azidothymidine/AZT/
8682 アジビラ /(n) (abbr) propaganda handbill (wasei: agitation bill)/
8683 アジピン酸 [アジピンさん] /(n) adipic acid/
8684 アジマス角 [アジマスかく] /(n) (comp) azimuth angle/
8685 アジャスター /(n) adjuster/
8686 アジャスタブルレンチ /(n) adjustable wrench/
8687 アジャスト /(n) adjust/
8688 アジャタ /(n) (abbr) sport similar to ball-toss game played in schools (All Japan Tamaire)/
8689 アジュバント /(n) adjuvant/
8690 アジリティ /(n) (comp) agility/
8691 アジ演説 [アジえんぜつ] /(n) propaganda speech/inflammatory speech/
8692 アジ化鉛 [アジかなまり] /(n) lead azide/
8693 アスィスタント /(n) assistant/
8694 アスキー /(n) (comp) American Standard Code for Information Interchange/ASCII/(P)/
8695 アスキーネット /(n) (comp) ASCII Net/
8696 アスキーファイル /(n) (comp) ASCII file/
8697 アスキーモード /(n) (comp) ASCII mode/
8698 アスキファイル /(ik) (n) (comp) ASCII file/
8699 アスクル /(n) (comp) ASKUL/
8700 アスクレピオスの杖 [アスクレピオスのつえ] /(n) rod of Asclepius/
8701 アスコットタイ /(n) Ascot tie/
8702 アスコルビン酸 [アスコルビンさん] /(n) ascorbic acid/
8703 アスコン /(n) (abbr) asphalt concrete/
8704 アスター /(n) (abbr) asterisk/
8705 アスタチン /(n) astatine (At)/
8706 アスタリスク /(n) asterisk/
8707 アスチルベ /(n) astilbe (flowering plant of the saxifrage family)/
8708 アステカ /(n) Aztec/
8709 アステカ族 [アステカぞく] /(n) Aztec/
8710 アステック /(n) Aztec/
8711 アステリ /(n) (abbr) asterisk/
8712 アステリスク /(n) asterisk/
8713 アステリズム /(n) asterism (pattern of stars which do not form a constellation)/
8714 アステロイド /(n) asteroid/
8715 アストゥラノマ /(n) astronomer/
8716 アストゥラノミィ /(n) astronomy/
8717 アストニッシメント /(n) astonishment/
8718 アストニッシュ /(vs) astonish/
8719 アストニッシュメント /(n) astonishment/
8720 アストラカン /(n) astrakhan/
8721 アストラゼネカ /(n) AstraZeneca (212-atenolol)/
8722 アストラル /(adj-f) astral/
8723 アストリンゼン /(n) (1) astringent/(2) astringent lotion/
8724 アストリンゼント /(n) (1) astringent/(2) astringent lotion/
8725 アストロサイト /(n) astrocyte/
8726 アストロドーム /(n) Astrodome/
8727 アストロノート /(n) astronaut/
8728 アストロノウト /(n) astronaut/
8729 アストロノマー /(n) astronomer/
8730 アストロノミー /(n) astronomy/
8731 アストロラーベ /(n) astrolabe/
8732 アストロラマ /(n) astro-rama/
8733 アストロロジー /(n) astrology/
8734 アスナロ /(n) (uk) hiba false arborvitae (species of cypress, Thujopsis dolabrata)/
8735 アスパック /(n) ASPAC/
8736 アスパラ /(n) (abbr) asparagus/
8737 アスパラガス /(n) asparagus/(P)/
8738 アスパラギン /(n) asparagine/
8739 アスパラギン酸 [アスパラギンさん] /(n) aspartic acid/
8740 アスパルテーム /(n) aspartame/
8741 アスピー /(n) (comp) ASPI/
8742 アスピーテ /(n) Aspite (ger:)/
8743 アスピック /(n) aspic/
8744 アスピリン /(n) aspirin (ger: Aspirin)/
8745 アスピリンスノー /(n) aspirin snow/
8746 アスファルト /(n,adj-no) asphalt/(P)/
8747 アスファルトコンクリート /(n) asphalt concrete/
8748 アスファルトシングル /(n) asphalt shingle/
8749 アスファルトジャングル /(n) asphalt jungle/
8750 アスファルトフェルト /(n) asphalt felt/
8751 アスファルト道路 [アスファルトどうろ] /(n) asphalt road/blacktop/tarmac road/
8752 アスプ /(n) Egyptian cobra/asp (Naja haje)/
8753 アスプ鎖蛇 [アスプくさりへび] /(n) (uk) asp viper (Vipera aspis)/
8754 アスベスト /(n) asbestos (dut: asbest)/(P)/
8755 アスベストセメント /(n) asbestos cement/
8756 アスペクト /(n) aspect/
8757 アスペクトレーショ /(n) (comp) aspect ratio/
8758 アスペクトレシオ /(n) (comp) aspect ratio/
8759 アスペクト指向 [アスペクトしこう] /(n) aspect-oriented design/
8760 アスペクト比 [アスペクトひ] /(n) (comp) aspect ratio/
8761 アスペルガー症候群 [アスペルガーしょうこうぐん] /(n) Asperger's syndrome/
8762 アスペルギルス症 [アスペルギルスしょう] /(n) aspergillosis/
8763 アスペン /(n) aspen/
8764 アスリート /(n) athlete/(P)/
8765 アスリートトラスト /(n) athlete trust/
8766 アスリートファンド /(n) athlete fund/
8767 アスレチック /(n) (1) athletic/(2) leisure facilities/(P)/
8768 アスレチッククラブ /(n) athletic club/fitness club/gym/sports club/
8769 アスレチックス /(n) athletics/
8770 アスレチックフィールド /(n) athletic field/
8771 アスロック /(n) Anti-Submarine ROCket/ASROC/
8772 アスロン /(n) (comp) Athlon/
8773 アズキゾウムシ /(n) (uk) adzuki bean weevil (Callosobruchus chinensis)/
8774 アズサ /(n) (1) (uk) Japanese cherry birch (Betula grossa)/(2) yellow catalpa (Catalpa ovata)/(3) printing block/
8775 アズファーエンジェル /(n) Arabian angelfish (Pomacanthus asfur)/
8776 アズマギンザメ /(n) Pacific longnose chimaera (Harriotta raleighana, species of deep water cartilaginous fish)/narrownose chimaera/
8777 アズマギンザメ属 [アズマギンザメぞく] /(n) Harriotta (genus with two species of long-nosed chimaeras in the family Rhinochimaeridae)/
8778 アズマシャクナゲ /(n) (uk) Azuma rhododendron/Rhododendron metternichii var./
8779 アズマネザサ /(n) (uk) Pleioblastus chino (species of bamboo grass)/
8780 アズマヒガン /(n) (uk) double weeping rosebud cherry (Prunus pendula)/
8781 アズマヤマアザミ /(n) (uk) Azumayama thistle/Cirsiummicrospicatum/
8782 アセス /(n) (abbr) assessment/
8783 アセスメント /(n) assessment/(P)/
8784 アセタール樹脂 [アセタールじゅし] /(n) acetal resin/
8785 アセチリーン /(n) acetylene/
8786 アセチル /(n) acetyl/
8787 アセチルCoA [アセチルコエー] /(n) acetyl-CoA/acetyl-coenzyme A/
8788 アセチルコリン /(n) acetylcholine/
8789 アセチルコリンエステラーゼ /(n) acetylcholinestrase/
8790 アセチルサリチル酸 [アセチルサリチルさん] /(n) acetylsalicylic acid (i.e. aspirin)/
8791 アセチルセルロース /(n) (obsc) acetylcellulose/
8792 アセチル化 [アセチルか] /(n,vs) acetylation/
8793 アセチル基 [アセチルき] /(n) acetyl group/
8794 アセチレン /(n) acetylene/
8795 アセチレンランプ /(n) acetylene torch/
8796 アセチレン系炭化水素 [アセチレンけいたんかすいそ] /(n) (obsc) alkyne/
8797 アセット /(n) asset/
8798 アセットマネージメント /(n) asset management/
8799 アセテート /(n) acetate/
8800 アセテートレーヨン /(n) acetate rayon/
8801 アセテート繊維 [アセテートせんい] /(n) acetate fiber/acetate fibre/
8802 アセティシズム /(n) asceticism/
8803 アセトアニリド /(n) acetanilide/
8804 アセトアミノフェン /(n) acetaminophen/paracetamol/
8805 アセトアルデヒド /(n) acetaldehyde/
8806 アセトン /(n,adj-no) acetone/
8807 アセトンブタノール発酵 [アセトンブタノールはっこう] /(n) acetone-butanol fermentation/
8808 アセノスフェア /(n) asthenosphere/
8809 アセフェート /(n) acephate/
8810 アセローラ /(n) acerola (spa:)/
8811 アセロラ /(n) acerola (Malpighia glabra) (spa:)/Barbados cherry/
8812 アセンダ /(n) (comp) ascender/
8813 アセンブラ /(n) (comp) assembler/
8814 アセンブラー /(n) (comp) assembler/
8815 アセンブラマクロ変換支援プログラム [アセンブラマクロへんかんしえんプログラム] /(n) (comp) assembler macro conversion aid/
8816 アセンブラ言語 [アセンブラげんご] /(n) (comp) assembly language/
8817 アセンブラ制御命令 [アセンブラせいぎょめいれい] /(n) (comp) assembler control instruction/
8818 アセンブリ /(n) (comp) assembly/
8819 アセンブリー /(n) (comp) assembly/
8820 アセンブリー言語 [アセンブリーげんご] /(n) assembly language/
8821 アセンブリー言葉 [アセンブリーことば] /(n) assembly language/
8822 アセンブリー工業 [アセンブリーこうぎょう] /(n) assembly industry/
8823 アセンブリキャッシュ /(n) (comp) assembly cache/
8824 アセンブリマニフェスト /(n) (comp) assembly manifest/
8825 アセンブリライン /(n) assembly line/
8826 アセンブリ言語 [アセンブリげんご] /(n) (comp) assembly language/
8827 アセンブル /(n,vs) assemble/
8828 アセンブル時 [アセンブルじ] /(n) (comp) assembly time/
8829 アセンブル時間 [アセンブルじかん] /(n) (comp) assembly time/
8830 アセンブル編集 [アセンブルへんしゅう] /(n) (comp) assemble edit/
8831 アゼルバイジャン語 [アゼルバイジャンご] /(n) Azerbaijani (language)/
8832 アソーシエイト /(n) associate/
8833 アソートメント /(n) assortment/
8834 アソシエーション /(n) association/
8835 アソシエーションフットボール /(n) association football/soccer/
8836 アソシエーション応答側 [アソシエーションおうとうがわ] /(n) (comp) association-responder/
8837 アソシエーション応答側応用エンティティ [アソシエーションおうとうがわおうようエンティティ] /(n) (comp) association-responding-application-entity/association-responder/
8838 アソシエーション起動側 [アソシエーションきどうがわ] /(n) (comp) association-initiator/
8839 アソシエーション起動側応用エンティティ [アソシエーションきどうがわおうようエンティティ] /(n) (comp) association-initiating-application-entity/association-initiator/
8840 アソシエーション制御サービス要素 [アソシエーションせいぎょサービスようそ] /(n) (comp) association control service element/ACSE/
8841 アソシエーション制御プロトコル機械 [アソシエーションせいぎょプロトコルきかい] /(n) (comp) Association Control Protocol Machine/
8842 アソシエーツ /(n) associates/
8843 アソシエート /(n,adj-f) associate/
8844 アソシエイト /(n,adj-f) associate/
8845 アゾトバクター /(n) azotobacter/
8846 アゾレスクロミス /(n) Azores chromis (Chromis limbata)/
8847 アゾ化合物 [アゾかごうぶつ] /(n) azo compound/
8848 アゾ基 [アゾき] /(n) azo group/
8849 アゾ染料 [アゾせんりょう] /(n) azo dye/
8850 アタシンチ /(n) (abbr) (col) (fem) my family/
8851 アタッカー /(n) attacker/
8852 アタック /(n,vs) attack/(P)/
8853 アタックパターン /(n) (comp) attack pattern/
8854 アタックライン /(n) attack line/
8855 アタッシェ /(n) attache (fre:)/
8856 アタッシェケース /(n) attache case/
8857 アタッシュケース /(n) attache case/
8858 アタッチ /(n) (comp) attach/
8859 アタッチファイル /(n) (comp) attach file/
8860 アタッチメント /(n) attachment/
8861 アタッチメントユニットインタフェース /(n) (comp) attachment unit interface/AUI/
8862 アタピー /(n) (comp) ATAPI/
8863 アタマジラミ /(n) (uk) head louse (Pediculus humanus capitis)/head lice/
8864 アタラクシア /(n) ataraxia (gre:)/
8865 アタリ /(n) collision/overlapping (e.g. of two objects in a video game)/
8866 アタリメ /(n) (uk) dried squid/dried cuttlefish/
8867 アダージェット /(n) adagietto (ita:)/
8868 アダージョ /(n) adagio (ita:)/
8869 アダジオ /(n) adagio (ita:)/
8870 アダプタ /(n) adapter/
8871 アダプター /(n) adapter/(P)/
8872 アダプタカード /(n) (comp) adaptor card/
8873 アダプテーション /(n) adaptation/
8874 アダプテーションレイヤ /(n) (comp) adaptation layer/
8875 アダプテーション機能 [アダプテーションきのう] /(n) (comp) adaptation function/
8876 アダプテーション層 [アダプテーションそう] /(n) (comp) adaptation layer/
8877 アダプティヴ /(n) adaptive/
8878 アダプト /(vs) to adapt/
8879 アダムスストークス症候群 [アダムスストークスしょうこうぐん] /(n) Adams-Stokes syndrome/
8880 アダルト /(n) adult/(P)/
8881 アダルト・グラフィック /(n) glossy sex magazine (wasei: adult graphic)/
8882 アダルトエデュケーション /(n) adult education/
8883 アダルトグッズ /(n) sex toy (wasei: adult goods)/
8884 アダルトグラフィック /(n) glossy sex magazine (wasei: adult graphic)/
8885 アダルトゲーム /(n) adult game/
8886 アダルトコンテンツ /(n) adult content/pink content/
8887 アダルトサイト /(n) sexually explicit WWW sites (from adult site)/
8888 アダルトショップ /(n) sex shop/adult shop/porn shop/
8889 アダルトチルドレン /(n) (1) (col) people psychologically traumatized from being raised in an abusive or dysfunctional family (e.g. by alcoholic parents) (wasei: adult children)/(2) immature adults/childish adults/
8890 アダン /(n) (uk) screw pine (Pandanus odoratissimus, P. tectorius)/pandanus palm/pandanus fruit/
8891 アチーブ /(n) (1) achieve/(2) (abbr) achievement test/
8892 アチーブメントテスト /(n) achievement test/
8893 アチェレランド /(n) accelerando/
8894 アッ /(int) oh/ah/
8895 アッカド語 [アッカドご] /(n) Akkadian (language)/
8896 アック /(n) (comp) ACK/
8897 アックス /(n) axe/
8898 アッサイ /(n) assai (ita:)/
8899 アッシー /(n) (1) (abbr) (automotive) assembly/(2) (sl) man who drives a woman around for free/man used by a woman for his car/
8900 アッシー君 [アッシーくん] /(n) (sl) man who drives a woman around for free/man used by a woman for his car/
8901 アッシュ /(n) ash/
8902 アッセンブリー /(n) assembly/
8903 アッセンブリーライン /(n) assembly line/
8904 アッチェレランド /(n) accelerando/
8905 アッテネータ /(n) attenuator/
8906 アッテネーター /(n) attenuator/
8907 アット /(n) at/(P)/
8908 アットニフティ /(n) (comp) at nifty/
8909 アットバット /(exp) at bat/
8910 アットホーム /(adj-na,n) cosy (wasei: at home)/cozy/
8911 アットランダム /(n) at random/
8912 アッハッハ /(int) guffaw/
8913 アッパー /(n) upper/(P)/
8914 アッパーウィンドウディスプレイカラムアセンブリ /(n) (comp) upper window display column assembly/
8915 アッパーカット /(n) uppercut/
8916 アッパーケース /(n) upper case/
8917 アッパーミドル /(n) upper-middle/
8918 アッパッパ /(n) loose-fitting summer dress/
8919 アッピール /(n) (1) appeal/(vs) (2) to attract/to appeal (to)/
8920 アッピア街道 [アッピアかいどう] /(n) Appian Way/
8921 アップ /(n,n-suf,vs) (1) increasing (eng: up)/(n,vs) (2) (abbr) uploading/(n) (3) (abbr) close-up/(n,vs) (4) (abbr) finishing shooting (of a film, etc.)/(n) (5) up (i.e. of a woman's hair)/(6) being up (i.e. leading in sports)/(7) (abbr) warming up/(n-suf) (8) being over/being finished/(P)/
8922 アップグレード /(n) upgrade/
8923 アップグレードの準備 [アップグレードのじゅんび] /(n) (comp) preparing to upgrade/upgrade preparation/
8924 アップグレード手順 [アップグレードてじゅん] /(n) (comp) upgrade procedures/
8925 アップグレード版 [アップグレードはん] /(n) (comp) upgrade version/
8926 アップサイドダウンケーキ /(n) upside-down cake/
8927 アップサンプル /(n) (comp) upsample/
8928 アップスタイル /(n) up style/up sweep/
8929 アップストリーム /(n) (comp) upstream/
8930 アップタイム /(n) (comp) uptime/
8931 アップタウン /(n) uptown/
8932 アップダウン /(n) up down/
8933 アップツーデート /(adj-na,n) up to date/
8934 アップテンポ /(n) uptempo/
8935 アップデート /(n) update/
8936 アップデイト /(n) update/
8937 アップトーク /(n) style of speaking in which the speaker gives the end of each sentence or phrase a higher intonation (wasei: up talk)/
8938 アップビート /(n) upbeat/
8939 アップライト /(n) upright/
8940 アップライトピアノ /(n) upright piano/
8941 アップリケ /(n) applique (fre:)/
8942 アップリンク /(n,vs) (comp) uplink/
8943 アップリンクID [アップリンクアイディー] /(n) (comp) uplink ID/
8944 アップリンクライセンス /(n) (comp) uplink license/
8945 アップル /(n) (1) apple/(2) (comp) Apple (computer company)/
8946 アップルキー /(n) (comp) Apple key/
8947 アップルソース /(n) apple sauce/apple-sauce/
8948 アップルデスクトップバス /(n) (comp) Apple Desktop Bus/
8949 アップルトーク /(n) (comp) AppleTalk/
8950 アップルパイ /(n) apple pie/
8951 アップルメニュー /(n) (comp) Apple menu/
8952 アップル拡張キーボード [アップルかくちょうキーボード] /(n) (comp) Apple Extended Keyboard/
8953 アップローダ /(n) (comp) uploader/
8954 アップロード /(n,vs) (comp) upload/
8955 アップワードコンパチブル /(n) (comp) upward compatibility/upward compatibile/
8956 アッペ /(n) (abbr) appendicitis/
8957 アッポジャトゥーラ /(n) appoggiatura/
8958 アツモリソウ /(n) (uk) large-flowered cypripedium (species of lady's slipper, Cypripedium macranthos, esp. Cypripedium macranthos var. speciosum)/
8959 アティック /(n) attic/
8960 アテスト /(n) attest/
8961 アテトーシス /(n) athetosis/
8962 アテトージス /(n) athetosis/
8963 アテナ /(n) Athena (Greek goddess)/Athene/
8964 アテネ /(n) Athens (lat: Athenae)/
8965 アテネータ /(n) attenuator/
8966 アテネーター /(n) attenuator/
8967 アテレクトミー /(n) atherectomy/
8968 アテレコ /(n) (abbr) dubbing/voice over/
8969 アテローム /(n) atheroma (ger: atherom)/
8970 アテローム性動脈硬化症 [アテロームせいどうみゃくこうかしょう] /(n) atherosclerosis/
8971 アテンション /(n) attention/
8972 アテンションバリュー /(n) attention value/
8973 アテンダンス /(n) attendance/
8974 アテンダント /(n) attendant/
8975 アテンド /(n,vs) attendance/attending to someone/taking care of someone/
8976 アテンポ /(exp) a tempo (ita:)/
8977 アディオス /(exp) good-bye (spa: adios)/carton/
8978 アディショナル /(adj-f) additional/
8979 アディダス /(n) Adidas (brand name)/
8980 アディポネクチン /(n) adiponectin/
8981 アデニル酸シクラーゼ [アデニルさんシクラーゼ] /(n) adenylate cyclase/adenyl cyclase/
8982 アデニン /(n) adenine/
8983 アデノイド /(n) adenoid/
8984 アデノウイルス /(n) Adenovirus (ger:)/
8985 アデノシン /(n) adenosine/
8986 アデノシンデアミナーゼ /(n) adenosine deaminase/
8987 アデノシン一リン酸 [アデノシンいちリンさん] /(n) adenosine monophosphate (AMP)/
8988 アデノシン一燐酸 [アデノシンいちりんさん] /(n) adenosine monophosphate (AMP)/
8989 アデノシン三リン酸 [アデノシンさんリンさん] /(n) adenosine triphosphate/ATP/
8990 アデノシン三燐酸 [アデノシンさんりんさん] /(n) adenosine triphosphate/ATP/
8991 アデノシン二リン酸 [アデノシンにリンさん] /(n) adenosine diphosphate/ADP/
8992 アデノシン二燐酸 [アデノシンにりんさん] /(n) adenosine diphosphate/ADP/
8993 アデプト /(n) adept/
8994 アデヤッコ /(n) yellowface angelfish (Pomacanthus xanthometopon)/blueface angelfish/
8995 アデュー /(exp) good-bye (fre: adieu)/
8996 アデリーペンギン /(n) Adelie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae)/
8997 アト /(n,pref) atto-/10^-18/
8998 アトニー /(n) (physiological) atony (ger: Atonie)/
8999 アトピー /(n,adj-no) atopic/predisposition toward allergies/(P)/
9000 アトピー性皮膚炎 [アトピーせいひふえん] /(n) atopic dermatitis/
9001 アトピン /(n) focal point of a lens behind the subject/
9002 アトミズム /(n) atomism/
9003 アトミック /(n) atomic/
9004 アトム /(n) atom/(P)/
9005 アトモキセチン /(n) atomoxetine (Strattera)/
9006 アトモスフィア /(n) atmosphere/
9007 アトモスフェア /(n) atmosphere/
9008 アトモメーター /(n) (obsc) atmometer/
9009 アトラク /(n) (abbr) attraction/
9010 アトラクション /(n) attraction/(P)/
9011 アトラクター /(n) attractor/
9012 アトラクティブ /(adj-na) attractive/
9013 アトラジン /(n) atrazine/
9014 アトラス /(n) (1) Atlas/(2) atlas/(P)/
9015 アトランダム /(adj-na,n) at random/
9016 アトリ /(n) (uk) brambling (bird) (Fringilla montifringilla)/
9017 アトリウム /(n) atrium/
9018 アトリエ /(n) studio (fre: atelier)/(P)/
9019 アトリエ巡り [アトリエめぐり] /(n) art studio visits/
9020 アトリビューション /(n) (comp) attribution/
9021 アトリビュート /(n) attribute/
9022 アトルバスタチン /(n) atrovastatin/
9023 アトロード /(n) autoload/
9024 アトロピン /(n) atropine/
9025 アド /(n) (1) ad/advertisement/(2) (abbr) address/(P)/
9026 アド /(n) (uk) secondary or supporting actor in a noh or kyogen play/
9027 アドービ /(n) adobe/
9028 アドイン /(n) (comp) add-in/
9029 アドインソフト /(n) (comp) add-in software/
9030 アドインソフトウェア /(n) (comp) add-in software/
9031 アドインパクト /(n) ad impact/
9032 アドゥバタイズメント /(n) advertisement/
9033 アドゥベンチャラス /(adj-f) adventurous/
9034 アドゥレッス /(n) (1) address/(2) (comp) email address/
9035 アドウェア /(n) (comp) adware/
9036 アドオン /(n) add-on/
9037 アドオンセクション /(n) (comp) add-on section/
9038 アドオンデバイス /(n) (comp) add-on device/
9039 アドオンボード /(n) (comp) add-on board/
9040 アドオンモジュール /(n) add-on module/
9041 アドオン電話 [アドオンでんわ] /(n) add-on telephone/
9042 アドオン方式 [アドオンほうしき] /(n) add-on/
9043 アドキャンペーン /(n) ad campaign/
9044 アドストリップ /(n) (comp) Add-Strip/
9045 アドバイザー /(n) adviser/advisor/(P)/
9046 アドバイザリ /(n,adj-no) advisory/
9047 アドバイザリー /(n,adj-no) advisory/
9048 アドバイザリスタッフ /(n) (comp) advisory staff/
9049 アドバイス /(n,vs) advice/(P)/
9050 アドバタイジング /(n) advertising/
9051 アドバタイズメント /(n) advertisement/
9052 アドバルーン /(n) advertising balloon/ad-balloon/
9053 アドバンス /(n) advance(d)/
9054 アドバンスト /(adj-f) advanced/
9055 アドバンストプログラム間通信 [アドバンストプログラムかんつうしん] /(n) (comp) Advanced Program-to-Program Communication/APPC/
9056 アドバンスド /(n) advanced/
9057 アドバンスドオープンウオーターダイバー /(n) advanced open water diver/
9058 アドバンテージ /(n) advantage/(P)/
9059 アドバンテージルール /(n) advantage rule/
9060 アドバンテッジ /(n) advantage/
9061 アドビ /(n) (comp) Adobe/
9062 アドプション /(n) adoption/
9063 アドベ /(n) adobe/
9064 アドベンチャー /(n) adventure/(P)/
9065 アドベンチャーゲーム /(n) (comp) adventure game/
9066 アドベンチャースポーツ /(n) adventure sports/
9067 アドベンチャラス /(adj-f) adventurous/
9068 アドホクラシー /(n) ad-hocracy/
9069 アドホック /(n) ad hoc (lat:)/
9070 アドホックモード /(n) (comp) ad hoc mode/
9071 アドボ /(n) Filipino national dish of braised chicken or pork/
9072 アドマン /(n) ad man/
9073 アドミタンス /(n) admittance/
9074 アドミッション /(n) admission/
9075 アドミッションオフィス /(n) admission office/
9076 アドミッションフリー /(n) free admission (wasei: admission free)/
9077 アドミッションポリシー /(n) admission policy/
9078 アドミッタンス /(n) admittance/
9079 アドミニストレーション /(n) (comp) administration/
9080 アドミニストレータ /(n) administrator/
9081 アドミニストレーター /(n) administrator/
9082 アドミラル /(n) admiral/
9083 アドミン /(n) admin/
9084 アドモード /(n) (comp) add mode/
9085 アドリブ /(n,adj-no) ad lib (lat:)/ad-lib/(P)/
9086 アドレシング /(n) (comp) addressing/
9087 アドレシング可能 [アドレシングかのう] /(adj-na) (comp) addressable/
9088 アドレス /(n) (1) address/(2) (comp) email address/(P)/
9089 アドレスカウンタ /(n) (comp) address counter/
9090 アドレスクラス /(n) (comp) address classes/
9091 アドレスジェネレータ /(n) (comp) address generator/
9092 アドレススクリーニング /(n) (comp) address screening/
9093 アドレスデコーダ /(n) (comp) address decoder/
9094 アドレスバス /(n) (comp) address bus/
9095 アドレスマスク /(n) (comp) address mask/
9096 アドレスレジスタ /(n) (comp) address register/
9097 アドレスレンジ /(n) (comp) address range/
9098 アドレス可能カーソル [アドレスかのうカーソル] /(n) (comp) addressable cursor/
9099 アドレス可能点 [アドレスかのうてん] /(n) (comp) addressable point/
9100 アドレス解決 [アドレスかいけつ] /(n) (comp) address resolution/
9101 アドレス解決プロトコル [アドレスかいけつプロトコル] /(n) (comp) address resolution protocol/
9102 アドレス管理 [アドレスかんり] /(n) (comp) address administration/
9103 アドレス空間 [アドレスくうかん] /(n) (comp) address space/
9104 アドレス形式 [アドレスけいしき] /(n) (comp) address format/
9105 アドレス計算 [アドレスけいさん] /(n) (comp) address computation/
9106 アドレス構成要素 [アドレスこうせいようそ] /(n) (comp) address component/
9107 アドレス指定可能な記憶域をもたない計算器 [アドレスしていかのうなきおくいきをもたないけいさんき] /(exp) (comp) calculator without addressable storage/
9108 アドレス指定能力 [アドレスしていのうりょく] /(n) (comp) addressability/
9109 アドレス指定例外 [アドレスしていれいがい] /(n) (comp) addressing exception/
9110 アドレス修飾 [アドレスしゅうしょく] /(n) (comp) address modification/
9111 アドレス情報 [アドレスじょうほう] /(n) (comp) address information/
9112 アドレス生成 [アドレスせいせい] /(n) (comp) address generation/
9113 アドレス帳 [アドレスちょう] /(n) address book/
9114 アドレス定数 [アドレスていすう] /(n) (comp) address constant/
9115 アドレス定数リテラル [アドレスていすうリテラル] /(n) (comp) address constant literal/
9116 アドレス部 [アドレスぶ] /(n) (comp) address field/address part/
9117 アドレス部拡張 [アドレスぶかくちょう] /(n) (comp) address field extension/
9118 アドレス変換 [アドレスへんかん] /(n) (comp) address translation/address mapping/
9119 アドレス変換バッファ [アドレスへんかんバッファ] /(n) (comp) Translation Look-aside Buffer/TLB/
9120 アドレス変換機構 [アドレスへんかんきこう] /(n) (comp) address translator/
9121 アドレス変換例外 [アドレスへんかんれいがい] /(n) (comp) (address) translation exception/
9122 アドレス変更 [アドレスへんこう] /(n) (comp) address modification/
9123 アドレス変更子 [アドレスへんこうし] /(n) (comp) address modifier/
9124 アドレッシング /(n) addressing/
9125 アドレッシングモード /(n) (comp) addressing mode/
9126 アドレナリン /(n) adrenalin/(P)/
9127 アドヴァイザー /(n) adviser/advisor/
9128 アドヴァイス /(n,vs) advice/
9129 アド帳 [アドちょう] /(n) address book (email)/
9130 アナ /(n) (abbr) announcer/(P)/
9131 アナーキー /(n,adj-na) anarchy/
9132 アナーキスト /(n) anarchist/
9133 アナーキズム /(n) anarchism/
9134 アナウサギ /(n) (uk) European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)/
9135 アナウンサ /(n) announcer/
9136 アナウンサー /(n) announcer/(P)/
9137 アナウンス /(n) (1) (abbr) announcement/(vs) (2) to announce/(P)/
9138 アナウンスメント /(n) announcement/
9139 アナカン /(n) (abbr) unaccompanied baggage/
9140 アナキスト /(n) anarchist/
9141 アナキズム /(n) anarchism/
9142 アナクロ /(n) (abbr) anachronism/
9143 アナクロニズム /(n) anachronism/
9144 アナグマ /(n) (1) (uk) badger/(2) (uk) Eurasian badger (Meles meles)/(3) (abbr) defensive opening for shogi/
9145 アナグラム /(n) anagram/
9146 アナコン /(n) (comp) (abbr) analog computer/
9147 アナコンダ /(n) anaconda (esp. the green anaconda, Eunectes murinus)/
9148 アナザー /(n) another/
9149 アナスチグマート /(n) anastigmat (compound lens corrected for astigmatism) (ger: Anastigmat)/
9150 アナタース /(n) anatase/
9151 アナターゼ /(n) anatase/
9152 アナツバメ /(n) (uk) swiftlet/
9153 アナテマ /(n) anathema/
9154 アナデジ /(n) (abbr) analog digital/
9155 アナトー /(n) annatto/annato/
9156 アナトー色素 [アナトーしきそ] /(n) annatto colouring/annato coloring/
9157 アナトキシン /(n) (obsc) anatoxin/
9158 アナトミー /(n) anatomy/
9159 アナトリア語派 [アナトリアごは] /(n) Anatolian (branch of languages)/
9160 アナバス亜目 [アナバスあもく] /(n) Anabantoidei (suborder of the order Perciformes known as labyrinth fish that are defined by having an accessory breathing organ for respiration in air)/
9161 アナバチ /(n) (uk) digger wasp/
9162 アナバプティスト /(n) anabaptist/
9163 アナバプテスト /(n) anabaptist/
9164 アナフィラキシー /(n) Anaphylaxie (ger:)/
9165 アナプラズマ病 [アナプラズマびょう] /(n) anaplasmosis/
9166 アナホリフクロウ /(n) (uk) burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia)/
9167 アナボリズム /(n) anabolism/
9168 アナボリックステロイド /(n) anabolic steroids/
9169 アナムネーシス /(n) anamnesis (gre:)/
9170 アナライザ /(n) analyzer/
9171 アナライザー /(n) analyzer/
9172 アナライズ /(n) analysis/
9173 アナリシス /(n) analysis/
9174 アナリスト /(n) analyst/(P)/
9175 アナリストミーティング /(n) analyst meeting/
9176 アナル /(adj-f) (1) anal/(vs) (2) to annul/
9177 アナルコ・サンディカリスム /(n) anarcho-syndicalism/
9178 アナルコサンディカリスム /(n) anarcho-syndicalism/
9179 アナルジージク /(n) analgesic/
9180 アナルセックス /(n,vs) anal intercourse/anal sex/
9181 アナル舐め [アナルなめ] /(n) (col) rimming (i.e. analingus)/rimjob/
9182 アナログ /(adj-na,n,adj-no) analog/analogue/(P)/
9183 アナログRGB [アナログアージービー] /(n) (comp) analog RGB (red green blue)/
9184 アナログコントローラ /(n) analog controller/
9185 アナログコンピュータ /(n) (comp) analog computer/
9186 アナログコンピューター /(n) (comp) analog computer/
9187 アナログシンセサイザー /(n) analog synthesizer/
9188 アナログジョイスティック /(n) (comp) analog joystick/
9189 アナログスイッチ /(n) (comp) analog switch/
9190 アナログスピードメーター /(n) analog speedometer/
9191 アナログデータ /(n) (comp) analog data/
9192 アナログディジタル変換器 [アナログディジタルへんかんき] /(n) (comp) analog-to-digital converter/AD converter/ADC/
9193 アナログディスプレイ /(n) (comp) analog display/
9194 アナログデジタル変換器 [アナログデジタルへんかんき] /(n) (comp) analog-digital converter/AD converter/ADC/
9195 アナログボード /(n) (comp) analog board/
9196 アナログポート /(n) (comp) analog port/
9197 アナログモデム /(n) (comp) analog modem/
9198 アナログ加算器 [アナログかさんき] /(n) (comp) summer/analog adder/
9199 アナログ回線 [アナログかいせん] /(n) (comp) analog line (circuit)/
9200 アナログ回路 [アナログかいろ] /(n) (comp) analog circuitry/
9201 アナログ掛算器 [アナログかけざんき] /(n) (comp) analog multiplier/
9202 アナログ割算器 [アナログわりざんき] /(n) (comp) analog divider/
9203 アナログ計算機 [アナログけいさんき] /(n) (comp) analog computer/
9204 アナログ時計 [アナログとけい] /(n) analogue watch or clock/
9205 アナログ時計 [アナログどけい] /(n) analogue watch or clock/
9206 アナログ出力 [アナログしゅつりょく] /(n) analog output/AO/
9207 アナログ出力チャネル増幅器 [アナログしゅつりょくチャネルぞうふくき] /(n) (comp) analog output channel amplifier/
9208 アナログ除算器 [アナログじょざんき] /(n) (comp) analog divider/
9209 アナログ乗算器 [アナログじょうざんき] /(n) (comp) analog multiplier/
9210 アナログ信号 [アナログしんごう] /(n) (comp) analog signal/
9211 アナログ信号処理 [アナログしんごうしょり] /(n) analog signal processing/
9212 アナログ信号生成器 [アナログしんごうせいせいき] /(n) (comp) analog signal generator/
9213 アナログ装置 [アナログそうち] /(n) (comp) analog device/
9214 アナログ通信路 [アナログつうしんろ] /(n) (comp) analog channel/
9215 アナログ伝送 [アナログでんそう] /(n) (comp) analog transmission/
9216 アナログ入力 [アナログにゅうりょく] /(n) analog input/AI/
9217 アナログ入力チャネル [アナログにゅうりょくチャネル] /(n) (comp) analog input channel (e.g. in process control)/
9218 アナログ入力チャネル増幅器 [アナログにゅうりょくチャネルぞうふくき] /(n) (comp) analog input channel amplifier/
9219 アナログ表現 [アナログひょうげん] /(n) (comp) analog representation/
9220 アナログ表示 [アナログひょうじ] /(n) (comp) analog representation/
9221 アナログ変数 [アナログへんすう] /(n) (comp) analog variable/
9222 アナログ放送 [アナログほうそう] /(n) analog broadcasting/
9223 アナロジー /(n) analogy/
9224 アナン /(n) Annan, Kofi (former UN Secretary-General)/
9225 アニーリング /(n) annealing/
9226 アニール /(n) annealing/
9227 アニオタ /(n) (col) (abbr) anime otaku/
9228 アニオン /(n) anion/
9229 アニカラ /(n) (abbr) anime karaoke/karaoke accompanied by animation/
9230 アニサキス症 [アニサキスしょう] /(n) anisakiasis/
9231 アニス /(n) anise/
9232 アニゼット /(n) anisette (fre:)/
9233 アニソール /(n) (chem) anisole/
9234 アニソン /(n) (abbr) anime song/
9235 アニバーサリー /(n) anniversary/
9236 アニマ /(n) anima (lat:)/
9237 アニマート /(n) animato (ita:)/
9238 アニマティズム /(n) animatism/
9239 アニマリズム /(n) animalism/
9240 アニマル /(n) animal/(P)/
9241 アニマルトレーナー /(n) animal trainer/
9242 アニマルライツ /(n) animal rights/
9243 アニミズム /(n) animism/
9244 アニメ /(n,adj-no) (1) animated film/animated cartoon/anime (when referring to Japanese cartoons)/(2) (abbr) animation/(P)/
9245 アニメーション /(n,adj-no) (1) animation/(2) animated film/animated cartoon/(P)/
9246 アニメーションソフト /(n) (comp) animation software/
9247 アニメーター /(n) animator/
9248 アニメーテッドGIF [アニメーテッドギッフ] /(n) (comp) Animated Graphics Interchange Format/
9249 アニメーテッドGIF [アニメーテッドジッフ] /(n) (comp) Animated Graphics Interchange Format/
9250 アニメイト /(adj-f) animate/
9251 アニメオタク /(n) anime otaku/
9252 アニメキャラ /(n) (abbr) cartoon characters/anime characters/
9253 アニメキャラクター /(n) cartoon characters/anime characters/
9254 アニメソング /(n) anime song/
9255 アニメ映画 [アニメえいが] /(n) animated cartoon/animated film/
9256 アニュアル /(n,adj-f) annual/
9257 アニュアルレポート /(n) annual report/
9258 アニュスデイ /(n) Agnus Dei (lat:)/
9259 アニョロッティ /(n) agnolotti (ita:)/
9260 アニリン /(n) aniline/
9261 アニリングス /(n) anilingus/
9262 アニリンブラック /(n) aniline black/
9263 アニリン染料 [アニリンせんりょう] /(n) aniline dye/
9264 アニリン点 [アニリンてん] /(n) aniline point/
9265 アヌス /(n) anus (lat:)/
9266 アネアロビクス /(n) anaerobics/
9267 アネクドート /(n) anecdote/
9268 アネクメーネ /(n) Anoekumene (ger:)/
9269 アネスセチック /(n) anesthetic/anaesthetic/
9270 アネスセティック /(n) anesthetic/anaesthetic/
9271 アネックス /(n) annex/annexe/
9272 アネモネ /(n) anemone (lat:)/windflower/
9273 アネモメーター /(n) anemometer/
9274 アネルギー /(n) anergy/
9275 アネロイド /(adj-no,adj-f) aneroid/
9276 アネロイド気圧計 [アネロイドきあつけい] /(n) aneroid barometer/
9277 アノード /(n) anode/
9278 アノードスライム /(n) anode slime/
9279 アノール /(n) anole/American chameleon/
9280 アノールトカゲ /(n) anole/American chameleon/
9281 アノア /(n) anoa (either of two small African water buffalo of genus Bubalus)/
9282 アノイボット /(n) (comp) annoybot/
9283 アノイリン /(n) aneurin/
9284 アノテーション /(n) annotation/
9285 アノニマス /(n) anonymous/
9286 アノニマスFTP [アノニマスエフティーピー] /(n) (comp) anonymous ftp/
9287 アノニマスエフティーピー /(n) (comp) anonymous FTP/
9288 アノニマスサーバ /(n) (comp) anonymous server/
9289 アノニム /(n) anonym/
9290 アノフェレス /(n) (obsc) Anopheles (genus of mosquitoes that act as malarial vectors)/
9291 アノミー /(n) anomie (fre:)/anomy/
9292 アノラック /(n) anorak/
9293 アノレクシア /(n) anorexia/
9294 アバウト /(adj-na) (1) approximate (number)/rough (calculation)/(2) sloppy (person)/lackadaisical/(P)/
9295 アバカ /(n) abaca (Musa textilis)/
9296 アバクロ /(n) (col) (abbr) Abercrombie & Fitch (clothing retailer)/
9297 アバター /(n) (1) avatar/incarnation of an immortal being (Hindu)/(2) (comp) icon or representation of a user in a shared virtual reality/
9298 アバディーンアンガス種 [アバディーンアンガスしゅ] /(n) Aberdeen Angus (type of cattle)/
9299 アバランシュ /(n) avalanche (fre:)/
9300 アバンギャルド /(n) avant-garde (fre:)/
9301 アバンゲール /(n) pre-war (fre: avant-guerre)/
9302 アバンタイトル /(n) material before the title and credits in anime, etc. (wasei: avant title)/
9303 アバンチュール /(n) adventure (fre: aventure)/
9304 アパーチャ /(n) aperture/
9305 アパーチャグリル /(n) (comp) aperture grille/
9306 アパーチュア /(n) aperture/
9307 アパート /(n) (1) (abbr) apartment building/apartment block/apartment house/(2) (abbr) apartment/(P)/
9308 アパートメント /(n) apartment/
9309 アパートメントハウス /(n) apartment house/
9310 アパート荒らし [アパートあらし] /(n) apartment house robbery (robber)/
9311 アパコン /(n) (abbr) aperture compensation/
9312 アパシー /(n) apathy/
9313 アパタイト /(n) appetite/
9314 アパチャカード /(n) (comp) aperture card/
9315 アパッシュ /(n) apache (fre: apache)/
9316 アパッチ /(n) Apache/
9317 アパテイア /(n) apatheia (gre:)/
9318 アパトサウルス /(n) apatosaurus (lat:)/brontosaurus/
9319 アパラチア山脈 [アパラチアさんみゃく] /(n) Appalachian mountains/Appalachians/
9320 アパルトヘイト /(n) apartheid/
9321 アパルトヘイド /(n) apartheid/
9322 アパルトマン /(n) apartment (fre: appartement)/
9323 アパレイション /(n) (1) appellation/(2) operation/
9324 アパレル /(n) apparel (clothing)/
9325 アパレルメーカー /(n) apparel (clothing) maker/
9326 アパレル産業 [アパレルさんぎょう] /(n) apparel business/
9327 アヒンサー /(n) ahimsa (principle of non-violence in Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.)/
9328 アビ /(n) (uk) red-throated loon (Gavia stellata)/
9329 アビーム /(n) abeam (e.g. wind)/
9330 アビエーション /(n) aviation/
9331 アビオニクス /(n) avionics/
9332 アビシニア /(n) (uk) Abyssinia (Empire of Ethiopia, 980 B.C. to 1974)/
9333 アビシニアジャッカル /(n) Abyssinia jackal (carnivore, Canis simensis)/simian jackal/simenian jackal/simenian wolf/Ethiopian wolf/
9334 アビシニアン /(n) Abyssinian (breed of cat)/
9335 アビタ /(n) arbiter/
9336 アビタシオン /(n) habitation (fre:)/
9337 アビュース /(n) abuse/
9338 アビューズ /(n) abuse/
9339 アビリスク /(n) obelisk/
9340 アビリティー /(n) ability/
9341 アビリンピック /(n) ability Olympics (wasei: abi-olympics)/
9342 アピーズメントポリシー /(n) appeasement policy/
9343 アピール /(n) (1) appeal/(vs) (2) to attract/to appeal (to)/(P)/
9344 アピる /(v5r) (sl) to try to make a favourable impression/to appeal/
9345 アピアランスマネー /(n) appearance money/
9346 アピタイザー /(n) appetizer/
9347 アピックネット /(n) (comp) APICNET/
9348 アファーマティブアクション /(n) affirmative action/
9349 アフィ /(n) (col) (abbr) affiliate program (of Internet advertising)/
9350 アフィニティ /(n) (comp) affinity/
9351 アフィニティークロマトグラフィー /(n) affinity chromatography/
9352 アフィリ /(n) (abbr) affiliate/
9353 アフィリエート /(n) affiliate/affiliation/
9354 アフィリエートサービス /(n) (comp) affiliate service/
9355 アフィリエートプログラム /(n) (comp) affiliate program (of Internet advertising)/
9356 アフィリエートマーケティング /(n) (comp) affiliate marketing/
9357 アフィリエイト /(n) affiliate/affiliation/
9358 アフィリエイトサービス /(n) (comp) affiliate service/
9359 アフィリエイトプログラム /(n) (comp) affiliate program (of Internet advertising)/
9360 アフィリエイトマーケティング /(n) (comp) affiliate marketing/
9361 アフィン変換 [アフィンへんかん] /(n) (comp) affine transformation/
9362 アフェア /(n) affair/
9363 アフェアー /(n) affair/
9364 アフェクション /(n) affection/
9365 アフェリエイト /(ik) (n) affiliate/affiliation/
9366 アフェレーシス /(n) apheresis/
9367 アフォーダンス /(n) affordance/affordability/
9368 アフォリズム /(n) aphorism/
9369 アフォルズム /(n) aphorism/
9370 アフカーナ /(n) Afrikaner/
9371 アフガニスタン /(n,adj-no) Afghanistan/
9372 アフガン /(n) Afghan/
9373 アフガン戦争 [アフガンせんそう] /(n) Afghan Wars/
9374 アフガン編み [アフガンあみ] /(n) Afghan stitch/
9375 アフタ /(n) aphtha/
9376 アフター /(n) after/(P)/
9377 アフター・フォロー /(n) follow-up service (wasei: after follow)/follow-up services/
9378 アフターケア /(n) after-sales service (wasei: after care)/
9379 アフターサービス /(n) after-sales service (wasei: after service)/warranty service/
9380 アフターシェーブローション /(n) after-shave lotion/
9381 アフタースキー /(n) after-ski/
9382 アフターダーク /(n) (comp) After Dark/
9383 アフターヌーン /(n) afternoon/(P)/
9384 アフターヌーンドレス /(n) afternoon dress/
9385 アフターバーナー /(n) afterburner/
9386 アフタービート /(n) afterbeat/
9387 アフターファイブ /(exp) after five/
9388 アフターフォロー /(n) follow-up service (wasei: after follow)/follow-up services/
9389 アフターレコーディング /(n) adding sounds to a soundtrack after a film has been made (wasei: after recording)/postrecording/postsynchronization/postsynchronisation/postlooping/dubbing/
9390 アフタヌーン /(n) afternoon/
9391 アフタヌーンシャドー /(n) afternoon shadow/
9392 アフタヌーンドレス /(n) afternoon dress/
9393 アフタ性口内炎 [アフタせいこうないえん] /(n) stomatitis aphthosa/
9394 アフラトキシン /(n) aflatoxin/
9395 アフリカ /(n,adj-no) (uk) Africa/(P)/
9396 アフリカーンス /(n) Afrikaans/
9397 アフリカーンス語 [アフリカーンスご] /(n) Afrikaans (language)/
9398 アフリカの角 [アフリカのつの] /(n) horn of Africa/
9399 アフリカコシジロアマツバメ /(n) (uk) white-rumped swift (Apus caffer)/
9400 アフリカスイギュウ /(n) (uk) African buffalo/Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer)/
9401 アフリカスミレ /(n) (uk) African violet/
9402 アフリカンアメリカン /(n) African-American/
9403 アフリカンエンジェル /(n) Guinean angelfish (Holacanthus africanus)/West African angelfish/
9404 アフリカンコリス /(n) false clownwrasse (Coris cuvieri)/African coris/
9405 アフリカンスペードフィッシュ /(n) African spadefish (Tripterodon orbis, species of Western Indian Ocean spadefish)/
9406 アフリカンバタフライフィッシュ /(n) African butterflyfish (Chaetodon dolosus)/
9407 アフリカ系アメリカ人 [あふりかけいあめりかじん] /(n) African American/
9408 アフリカ腰白雨燕 [アフリカこしじろあまつばめ] /(n) (uk) white-rumped swift (Apus caffer)/
9409 アフリカ象 [アフリカぞう] /(n) African elephant/
9410 アフリカ人 [アフリカじん] /(n) African/
9411 アフリカ水牛 [アフリカすいぎゅう] /(n) (uk) African buffalo/Cape buffalo (Syncerus caffer)/
9412 アフリカ大陸 [アフリカたいりく] /(n) African Continent/
9413 アフリカ南部 [アフリカなんぶ] /(adj-no) South African/
9414 アフリカ民族会議 [アフリカみんぞくかいぎ] /(n) African National Congress/ANC/
9415 アフリカ菫 [アフリカすみれ] /(n) (uk) African violet/
9416 アフレコ /(n) (abbr) adding sounds to a soundtrack after a film has been made (wasei: after recording)/postrecording/postsynchronization/postsynchronisation/postlooping/dubbing/
9417 アフロ /(n) Afro/
9418 アフロアジア語族 [アフロアジアごぞく] /(n) Afro-Asiatic (family of languages)/
9419 アフロカリビアン /(n,adj-no) Afro-Caribbean/
9420 アフロキューバンリズム /(n) Afro-Cuban rhythm/
9421 アフロディテ /(n) Aphrodite/
9422 アフロヘア /(n) Afro-hair/
9423 アブ /(n) (uk) horsefly/gadfly/
9424 アブサイジン酸 [アブサイジンさん] /(n) abscisic acid/
9425 アブサン /(n) absinthe (fre:)/
9426 アブサン油 [アブサンゆ] /(n) absinthe oil/wormwood oil/
9427 アブシジン酸 [アブシジンさん] /(n) abscisic acid/
9428 アブストラクション /(n) abstraction/
9429 アブストラクト /(adj-na,n) abstract (of a paper)/
9430 アブストラクトアート /(n) abstract art/
9431 アブストラクトゲーム /(n) abstract strategy game (wasei: abstract game)/
9432 アブセンティズム /(n) absenteeism/
9433 アブソーバー /(n) absorber/
9434 アブソリューティズム /(n) absolutism/
9435 アブソリュート /(n) absolute/
9436 アブソルバン /(adj-no) absorbant (fre:)/
9437 アブダクション /(n,vs) abduction/
9438 アブノーマル /(adj-na,n) abnormal/
9439 アブラカダブラ /(int) abracadabra/
9440 アブラガニ /(n) (1) (uk) blue king crab (Paralithodes platypus)/(2) striped shore crab (Pachygrapsus crassipes)/
9441 アブラギク /(n) (uk) chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum indicum)/
9442 アブラギリ /(n) (uk) Japanese tungoil tree (Vernicia cordata)/
9443 アブラコウモリ /(n) (uk) Japanese house bat/Japanese pipistrelle (Pipistrellus abramus)/
9444 アブラザメ /(n) (uk) spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias)/
9445 アブラチャン /(n) Parabenzoin praecox/
9446 アブラツノザメ /(n) (uk) spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias)/
9447 アブラナ /(n) rape (seed oil plant, Brassica campestris)/
9448 アブラナ科 [アブラナか] /(n) Brassicaceae (cabbage family of plants)/
9449 アブラハヤ /(n) (uk) Amur minnow (Phoxinus logowskii steindachneri)/
9450 アブラムシ /(n) (1) (uk) aphid/plant louse/(2) (obsc) cockroach/(3) (obsc) Japanese house bat (Pipistrellus abramus)/(4) hanger-on/parasite/(5) (arch) visitor to a red-light district who's only there to look/
9451 アブラメ /(n) (1) (obsc) greenling/(2) salamander/
9452 アブラヤシ /(n) (uk) oil palm (esp. the African oil palm, Elaeis guineensis)/
9453 アプザイレン /(n,vs) abseiling (ger: Abseilen)/lowering on a rope/
9454 アプス /(n) apse/
9455 アプストレー /(adj-no) abstrait (fre:)/
9456 アプソルバン /(adj-no) absorbant (fre:)/
9457 アプダ /(n) (comp) APDA/
9458 アプライ /(n) apply/
9459 アプライアンス /(n) appliance/
9460 アプライアンスサーバ /(n) (comp) appliance server/
9461 アプリ /(n) (comp) (abbr) (computer) application/(P)/
9462 アプリオリ /(adj-na,n) a priori (lat:)/
9463 アプリオリ法 [アプリオリほう] /(n) (comp) gestalt method/a priori method/
9464 アプリカント /(n) applicant/
9465 アプリケ /(n) applique (fre:)/
9466 アプリケーション /(n) (comp) application/(P)/
9467 アプリケーションを終了する [アプリケーションをしゅうりょうする] /(exp,vs-i) (comp) to exit from the application/
9468 アプリケーションアイコン /(n) (comp) application icon/
9469 アプリケーションインターフェース /(n) (comp) application interface/
9470 アプリケーションエンジニア /(n) (comp) application systems engineer/
9471 アプリケーションキー /(n) (comp) application key/
9472 アプリケーションサーバ /(n) (comp) application server/
9473 アプリケーションサーバー /(n) (comp) application server/
9474 アプリケーションサービス /(n) (comp) application service/
9475 アプリケーションサービスプロバイダ /(n) (comp) Application Service Provider/
9476 アプリケーションシステム /(n) (comp) application system/
9477 アプリケーションジェネレータ /(n) (comp) application generator/
9478 アプリケーションソフト /(n) (comp) application software/
9479 アプリケーションソフトウェア /(n) (comp) application software/
9480 アプリケーションソフトウエア /(n) (comp) application software/
9481 アプリケーションテクノロジ /(n) (comp) application technology/
9482 アプリケーションデータ /(n) (comp) application data/
9483 アプリケーションノート /(n) (comp) application note/
9484 アプリケーションバンドル /(n) (comp) application-bundling/
9485 アプリケーションフォーマット /(n) (comp) disk formatting (wasei: application format)/
9486 アプリケーションフレームワーク /(n) (comp) application framework/
9487 アプリケーションプログラミングインタフェース /(n) (comp) application programming interface/API/
9488 アプリケーションプログラム /(n) (comp) application program/application programme/
9489 アプリケーションプログラムパッケージ /(n) (comp) application program package/
9490 アプリケーションプロセッサ /(n) (comp) application processor/
9491 アプリケーションプロトコル /(n) (comp) application protocol/
9492 アプリケーション開発 [アプリケーションかいはつ] /(n) (comp) application development/
9493 アプリケーション開発システム [アプリケーションかいはつシステム] /(n) (comp) application development system/
9494 アプリケーション開発ツール [アプリケーションかいはつツール] /(n) (comp) application development tool/
9495 アプリケーション開発環境 [アプリケーションかいはつかんきょう] /(n) (comp) Application Development Environment/ADE/
9496 アプリケーション開発言語 [アプリケーションかいはつげんご] /(n) (comp) application development language/
9497 アプリケーション開発者 [アプリケーションかいはつしゃ] /(n) (comp) application developer/applications developer/applications programmer/
9498 アプリケーション設計プロセス [アプリケーションせっけいプロセス] /(n) (comp) application design process/
9499 アプリケーション層 [アプリケーションそう] /(n) (comp) application layer/
9500 アプリケーション部 [アプリケーションぶ] /(n) (comp) application part/
9501 アプリケータ /(n) applicator/
9502 アプリコット /(n) apricot/
9503 アプル /(n) (comp) A Programming Language/APL/
9504 アプルーバル /(n) approval/
9505 アプルーブ /(vs) to approve/
9506 アプレゲール /(n) apres-guerre (fre:)/
9507 アプレット /(n) (comp) applet/
9508 アプレットビューアー /(n) (comp) applet viewer/
9509 アプローズ /(n) applause/
9510 アプローチ /(n,vs) (1) approach/(2) (abbr) approach shot/(P)/
9511 アプローチショット /(n) approach shot/
9512 アプローチライト /(n) approach light/
9513 アプロード /(vs) to applaud/
9514 アプロプリエーションアート /(n) appropriation art/
9515 アヘッド /(n) ahead/
9516 アヘン /(n) (uk) opium/
9517 アヘン常用者 [アヘンじょうようしゃ] /(n) opium smoker/opium eater/
9518 アヘン戦争 [アヘンせんそう] /(n) Opium War (1840-42)/
9519 アヘン中毒 [アヘンちゅうどく] /(n) opium poisoning/
9520 アベイラビリティ /(n) availability/
9521 アベイラビリティー /(n) availability/
9522 アベイラビリティ基準 [アベイラビリティきじゅん] /(n) availability criterion/availability criteria/
9523 アベイラビリティ率 [アベイラビリティりつ] /(n) availability ratio/
9524 アベイラブル /(adj-f) available/
9525 アベイラブルビットレイト /(n) (comp) available bit rate/
9526 アベック /(n) a couple (of lovers, etc.) (fre: avec)/(P)/
9527 アベックホームラン /(n) back-to-back homeruns (baseball) (wasei: avec homerun)/
9528 アベニュー /(n) avenue/(P)/
9529 アベマリア /(exp) Ave Maria (prayer) (lat:)/Hail Mary/
9530 アベレージ /(n) average/
9531 アベレージゴルファー /(n) average golfer/
9532 アベンド /(n) (comp) abnormal termination/abnormal end/ABEND/
9533 アペタイザー /(n) appetizer/appetiser/
9534 アペリチフ /(n) aperitif (fre:)/
9535 アペリティフ /(n) aperitif (fre:)/
9536 アペンディクス /(n) appendix (of a book, etc.)/
9537 アペンディサイティス /(n) appendicitis/
9538 アペンディックス /(n) appendix (of a book, etc.)/
9539 アペンド /(n) (comp) append/
9540 アホ /(adj-na,n) (sens) fool/simpleton/idiot/
9541 アホウドリ /(n) (uk) albatross (esp. the short-tailed albatross, Phoebastria albatrus)/
9542 アホロートル /(n) axolotl/Mexican walking fish/edible salamander/neotenous salamander (Ambystoma mexicanum)/
9543 アホロトル /(n) axolotl/Mexican walking fish/edible salamander/neotenous salamander (Ambystoma mexicanum)/
9544 アホ毛 [アホげ] /(n) (1) (m-sl) long spike (or 'antenna') of hair, may do tricks (seen in anime and manga)/(2) frizz/short tufts springing up from hair surface here and there/
9545 アボート /(n,vs) (comp) abort/
9546 アボカド /(n) avocado/
9547 アボガド /(n) avocado/
9548 アボガドロの法則 [アボガドロのほうそく] /(n) Avogadro's law/
9549 アボガドロ数 [アボガドロすう] /(n) (obs) Avogadro's number/Avogadro's constant/
9550 アボガドロ定数 [アボガドロていすう] /(n) Avogadro's constant/Avogadro's number/
9551 アボジ /(n) father (kor:)/
9552 アボスティル /(n) stamp or certificate of public document authentication in accordance with Hague Convention XII/apostille/
9553 アボリジニ /(n) aborigine/
9554 アボリジニー /(n) aborigine/
9555 アボリジニ語 [アボリジニご] /(n) Aboriginal languages (of Australia)/
9556 アボリジン /(n) aborigine/
9557 アポ /(n) (abbr) appointment/
9558 アポート /(ik) (n,vs) (comp) abort/
9559 アポインテシステム /(n) (abbr) appointment system/
9560 アポインテメントシステム /(n) appointment system/
9561 アポイント /(n) (abbr) appointment/
9562 アポイントメント /(n) appointment/
9563 アポカリプス /(n) apocalypse/
9564 アポクリファ /(n) Apocrypha/
9565 アポクリン腺 [アポクリンせん] /(n) apocrine gland/
9566 アポクロマート /(n) Apochromat (ger:)/
9567 アポジモーター /(n) apogee motor/
9568 アポスティーユ /(n) stamp or certificate of public document authentication in accordance with Hague Convention XII/apostille/
9569 アポステリオリ /(n,adj-na) a posteriori (lat:)/
9570 アポストロフィ /(n) apostrophe/
9571 アポストロフィー /(n) apostrophe/
9572 アポトーシス /(n) apoptosis/apoptotic/
9573 アポトリテル /(n) telephone call made to get an appointment/
9574 アポプトーシス /(n) apoptosis/apoptotic/
9575 アポミクシス /(n) apomixis (seed development without fertilization)/
9576 アポミクシス性 [アポミクシスせい] /(n,adj-no) apomictic/of or relating to a plant that reproduces by apomixis/related to reproduction without fertilization, meiosis or production of gametes, with the result that the seeds are genetically identical to the parent plant/
9577 アポミクティック /(n) apomictic/of or relating to a plant that reproduces by apomixis/related to reproduction without fertilization, meiosis or production of gametes, with the result that the seeds are genetically identical to the parent plant/
9578 アポモルヒネ /(n) apomorphine/
9579 アポリア /(n) aporia (grc:)/
9580 アポロ /(n) (1) (abbr) (Project) Apollo (lat:)/(2) Apollo (god of Greek and Roman mythology) (lat:)/
9581 アポロ11号 [アポロじゅういちごう] /(n) Apollo 11/
9582 アポロン /(n) Apollo (gre: Apollon)/
9583 アポロン的 [アポロンてき] /(adj-na) Apollonian/
9584 アポロ計画 [アポロけいかく] /(n) Apollo Project/
9585 アポロ的 [アポロてき] /(adj-na) Apollonian/
9586 アポロ薄羽白蝶 [アポロうすばしろちょう] /(n) parnassian butterfly/
9587 アポ酵素 [アポこうそ] /(n) apoenzyme/
9588 アマ /(n) (abbr) amateur/(P)/
9589 アマ /(n,adj-no) flax (Linum usitatissimum)/linseed/
9590 アマービレ /(n) amabile (music)/
9591 アマエビ /(n) (food) sweet shrimp (Pandalus borealis)/northern shrimp/
9592 アマオブネガイ /(n) (uk) ox-palate nerite (Nerita albicilla)/blotched nerite/
9593 アマガサヘビ /(n) (uk) krait (esp. the Taiwanese banded krait, Bungarus multicinctus)/
9594 アマサギ /(n) (uk) cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis)/
9595 アマシイラ /(n) luvar (Luvarus imperialis, species of perciform fish closely related to the surgeonfish)/
9596 アマシイラ科 [アマシイラか] /(n) Luvaridae (family containing 1 extant species of perciform fish similar to a surgeonfish)/
9597 アマシイラ属 [アマシイラぞく] /(n) Luvarus (sole genus of perciform fish in the family Luvaridae whose only member is the luvar)/
9598 アマゾーン /(n) Amazon/
9599 アマゾニス /(n) Amazons/
9600 アマゾネス /(n) Amazons/
9601 アマゾン /(n,adj-no) (1) the Amazon river/(2) Amazon (woman of Greek mythology)/
9602 アマゾンドットコム /(n) (comp) Amazon.com/
9603 アマゾン川 [アマゾンがわ] /(n) Amazon River/
9604 アマチャヅル /(n) (uk) jiaogulan (species of herbaceous vine; Gynostemma pentaphyllum)/
9605 アマチュア /(n,adj-no) amateur/(P)/
9606 アマチュアカメラマン /(n) amateur photographer/
9607 アマチュアバンド /(n) amateur bands/
9608 アマチュアマラソン /(n) amateur marathon/fun run/
9609 アマチュアリズム /(n) amateurism/
9610 アマチュア無線 [アマチュアむせん] /(n) amateur radio/
9611 アマチュア無線局 [アマチュアむせんきょく] /(n) amateur radio station/
9612 アマツバメ /(n) (1) (uk) swift (any bird of family Apodidae)/(2) fork-tailed swift (Apus pacificus)/
9613 アマナ /(n) (uk) Tulipa edulis (species of tulip with an edible bulb)/
9614 アマビリスモミ /(n) (uk) Pacific silver fir (Abies amabilis)/
9615 アマビリス樅 [アマビリスもみ] /(n) (uk) Pacific silver fir (Abies amabilis)/
9616 アマミスズメダイ /(n) stout chromis (Chromis chrysura)/
9617 アマミノクロウサギ /(n) (uk) Amami rabbit (Pentalagus furnessi)/Ryukyu rabbit/
9618 アマリリス /(n) amaryllis/
9619 アマルガム /(n) amalgam/
9620 アマルナ時代 [アマルナじだい] /(n) Amarna period (of Egyptian history)/
9621 アマルナ文書 [アマルナぶんしょ] /(n) Amarna letters (archive of Egyptian correspondence, recorded on clay tablets)/
9622 アマレット /(n) amaretto (ita:)/
9623 アマン /(n) lover (fre: amant, amante)/
9624 アマ相撲 [アマずもう] /(n) amateur sumo/
9625 アミ /(n) (1) friend (fre: ami, amie)/(2) AMI/
9626 アミーガ /(n) (comp) Amiga/
9627 アミーバ /(n,adj-no) amoeba/
9628 アミール /(n) amir (ara:)/
9629 アミア /(n) bowfin (Amia calva) (lat: Amia)/mudfish/
9630 アミアイゴ /(n) little spinefoot (Siganus spinus, species of Indo-West Pacific rabbitfish)/black spinefoot/black trevally/blue-spotted trevally/spiny rabbitfish/
9631 アミカス・キューリー /(n) amicus curiae/friend of the court/
9632 アミカス・キュリィ /(n) amicus curiae/friend of the court/
9633 アミカス・キュリエ /(n) amicus curiae/friend of the court/
9634 アミグダリン /(n) amygdalin/
9635 アミセチン /(n) amicetin/
9636 アミチョウチョウウオ /(n) latticed butterflyfish (Chaetodon rafflesii, species found in the Indo-Pacific)/
9637 アミティ /(n) amity/
9638 アミド /(n) amide/
9639 アミドール /(n) amidol/
9640 アミノ /(pref) amino/
9641 アミノピリン /(n) aminopyrine/
9642 アミノ安息香酸エチル [アミノあんそくこうさんエチル] /(n) ethyl aminobenzoate/
9643 アミノ基 [アミノき] /(n) amino group/
9644 アミノ酸 [アミノさん] /(n) amino acid/(P)/
9645 アミノ酸発酵 [アミノさんはっこう] /(n) amino-acid fermentation/
9646 アミノ樹脂 [アミノじゅし] /(n) amino resin/
9647 アミノ糖 [アミノとう] /(n) amino-sugar/
9648 アミメカゲロウ /(n) (uk) neuropteran (any insect of order Neuroptera)/
9649 アミメカゲロウ目 [アミメカゲロウもく] /(n) Neuroptera (order of insects with four membranous wings)/
9650 アミメチョウチョウウオ /(n) pearlscale butterflyfish (Chaetodon xanthurus, Western Pacific species found from Indonesia and the Philippines north to the Ryukyu Islands)/Philippines chevron butterflyfish/orange butterflyfish/netted butterflyfish/yellow-tailed butterflyfish/
9651 アミメニシキヘビ /(n) (uk) reticulated python (Python reticulatus)/
9652 アミューズ /(vs) to amuse/
9653 アミューズメント /(n) amusement/(P)/
9654 アミューズメント・パーク /(n) amusement park/
9655 アミューズメントセンター /(n) amusement center/amusement centre/
9656 アミューズメントパーク /(n) amusement park/
9657 アミュプラザ /(n) (abbr) amusement plaza/
9658 アミラーゼ /(n) amylase (ger:)/
9659 アミルアルコール /(n) amyl alcohol/
9660 アミロース /(n) amylose/
9661 アミロイド /(n) amyloid/
9662 アミロイドーシス /(n) amyloidosis/
9663 アミロイドニューロパシー /(n) familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy/FAP/
9664 アミロペクチン /(n) amylopectin/
9665 アミロ法 [アミロほう] /(n) amylo process/
9666 アミン /(n,adj-no) amine/
9667 アムール /(n) love (fre: amour)/
9668 アムトラック /(n) Amtrak/
9669 アムネスティ /(n) amnesty/
9670 アムハラ /(n) Amhara (people)/
9671 アムハラ語 [アムハラご] /(n) Amharic (language)/
9672 アムホテリシン /(n) amphotericin/
9673 アムラー /(n) (abbr) young girls who imitate the style of singer Amuro Namie/
9674 アメーバ /(n,adj-no) amoeba/(P)/
9675 アメーバ運動 [アメーバうんどう] /(n) ameboid movement/
9676 アメーバ赤痢 [アメーバせきり] /(n) amoebic dysentery/
9677 アメカジ /(n) (abbr) American casual (fashion style)/
9678 アメコミ /(n) (abbr) American comic book/
9679 アメシスト /(n) amethyst/
9680 アメショー /(n) (abbr) American Shorthair (cat breed)/
9681 アメジスト /(n) amethyst/
9682 アメスク /(n) (abbr) American school/
9683 アメスラン /(n) Ameslan/American sign language/
9684 アメダス /(n) Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System/AMeDAS/(P)/
9685 アメニティ /(n) amenity/
9686 アメニティー /(n) amenity/
9687 アメノウオ /(n) (uk) biwa trout (Oncorhynchus masou rhodurus)/biwa salmon/
9688 アメバ /(n,adj-no) amoeba/
9689 アメフト /(n) (abbr) American football/(P)/
9690 アメフラシ /(n) (uk) sea hare (esp. species Aplysia kurodai)/
9691 アメラグ /(n) (abbr) American rugby/
9692 アメリカ・ドル /(n) American dollar/United States dollar/US dollar/
9693 アメリカざりがに /(n) (uk) red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii)/
9694 アメリカねずこ /(n) redwood/
9695 アメリカねり /(n) okra/
9696 アメリカももんが /(n) (uk) southern flying squirrel (Graucomys volans)/
9697 アメリカインディアン /(n) American Indian/
9698 アメリカインディアン諸語 [アメリカインディアンしょご] /(n) Amerindian languages/
9699 アメリカオオコノハズク /(n) (uk) screech owl (Otus asio)/
9700 アメリカオシ /(n) (uk) wood duck (Aix sponsa)/Carolina duck/
9701 アメリカオンライン /(n) (comp) America On Line/AOL/
9702 アメリカクロクマ /(n) (uk) American black bear (Ursus americanus)/
9703 アメリカコガラ /(n) (uk) black-capped chickadee (Parus atricapillus)/
9704 アメリカサインランゲージ /(n) American Sign Language/ASL/
9705 アメリカザリガニ /(n) (uk) red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii)/
9706 アメリカシロヅル /(n) (uk) whooping crane (Grus americana)/
9707 アメリカシロヒトリ /(n) (uk) fall webworm (Hyphantria cunea)/
9708 アメリカスズカケノキ /(n) (uk) American sycamore (Platanus occidentalis)/
9709 アメリカスペイン戦争 [アメリカスペインせんそう] /(n) Spanish-American War/
9710 アメリカズカップレース /(n) America's Cup race/
9711 アメリカソウ /(n) (uk) (obsc) moss-rose purslane (Portulaca grandiflora)/
9712 アメリカダイシャクシギ /(n) (uk) long-billed curlew (Numenius americanus)/
9713 アメリカダチョウ /(n) (uk) (obsc) rhea (Pterocnemia pennata)/
9714 アメリカチョウゲンボウ /(n) (uk) American kestrel (Falco sparverius)/
9715 アメリカデイゴ /(n) (uk) cockspur coral tree (Erythrina crista-galli)/
9716 アメリカドクトカゲ /(n) (uk) Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum)/
9717 アメリカドル /(n) American dollar/United States dollar/US dollar/
9718 アメリカナイズ /(n,vs) Americanize/Americanise/
9719 アメリカナヌカザメ /(n) (uk) swellshark (Cephaloscyllium ventriosum, species of catshark in the Eastern Pacific)/
9720 アメリカニズム /(n) Americanism/
9721 アメリカネリ /(n) okra/
9722 アメリカバイソン /(n) American bison (Bison bison)/
9723 アメリカバク /(n) (uk) Brazilian tapir/lowland tapir (Tapir tapirus)/
9724 アメリカヒドリ /(n) (uk) American wigeon (Anas americana)/
9725 アメリカヒレアシシギ /(n) (uk) Wilson's phalarope (Phalaropus tricolor)/
9726 アメリカビーバー /(n) American beaver (Castor canadensis)/
9727 アメリカフウ /(n) American sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua)/redgum/
9728 アメリカプロフットボールリーグ /(n) National Football League/NFL/
9729 アメリカボウフウ /(n) (uk) parsnip (plant) (Pastnica sativa)/
9730 アメリカミズバショウ /(n) (uk) yellow skunk cabbage (Lysichiton americanum)/
9731 アメリカミンク /(n) American mink (Mustela vison)/
9732 アメリカムナグロ /(n) (uk) American golden plover (Pluvialis dominica)/
9733 アメリカメキシコ戦争 [アメリカメキシコせんそう] /(n) Mexican-American War (1846-1848)/
9734 アメリカモモンガ /(n) (uk) southern flying squirrel (Graucomys volans)/
9735 アメリカヤツメ属 [アメリカヤツメぞく] /(n) Ichthyomyzon (genus of lamprey in the family Petromyzontidae)/
9736 アメリカヤマボウシ /(n) (uk) flowering dogwood (Cornus florida)/
9737 アメリカヨタカ /(n) (uk) common nighthawk (Chordeiles minor)/
9738 アメリカライオン /(n) (American) puma/
9739 アメリカワシミミズク /(n) (uk) great horned owl (Bubo virginianus)/
9740 アメリカン /(n,adj-f) (1) American/(2) (abbr) American coffee (weaker than regular Japanese coffee)/(P)/
9741 アメリカン・インディアン /(n) (sens) American Indian/
9742 アメリカンインディアン /(n) (sens) American Indian/
9743 アメリカンカジュアル /(n) American casual (fashion style)/
9744 アメリカンコーヒー /(n) American coffee (i.e. weak and tasteless)/
9745 アメリカンスクール /(n) American school/
9746 アメリカンチェリー /(n) (1) Bing cherry (wasei: American cherry)/(2) cherries imported to Japan from America/
9747 アメリカンドッグ /(n) corn dog (frankfurter on a stick dipped in batter and deep-fried) (wasei: American dog)/
9748 アメリカンドリーム /(n) American dream/
9749 アメリカンフットボール /(n) American football/
9750 アメリカンブルックランプリ /(n) American brook lamprey (Lampetra appendix)/
9751 アメリカンプラン /(n) American plan/
9752 アメリカンリーグ /(n) American League/
9753 アメリカ映画 [アメリカえいが] /(n) American film/American movie/
9754 アメリカ英語 [アメリカえいご] /(n) American English/
9755 アメリカ鴛鴦 [アメリカおし] /(n) (uk) wood duck (Aix sponsa)/Carolina duck/
9756 アメリカ規格委員会 [アメリカきかくいいんかい] /(n) (comp) ANSI - American National Standards Institute/
9757 アメリカ胸黒 [アメリカむなぐろ] /(n) (uk) American golden plover (Pluvialis dominica)/
9758 アメリカ熊 [アメリカぐま] /(n) (uk) American black bear (Ursus americanus)/
9759 アメリカ軍 [アメリカぐん] /(n) U.S. forces/American military/
9760 アメリカ穴熊 [アメリカあなぐま] /(n) (uk) American badger (Taxidea taxus)/
9761 アメリカ合衆国 [アメリカがっしゅうこく] /(n) the United States of America/(P)/
9762 アメリカ合衆国連邦緊急事態管理庁 [アメリカがっしゅうこくれんぽうきんきゅうじたいかんりちょう] /(n) Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States/FEMA/
9763 アメリカ国土安全保障省 [アメリカこくどあんぜんほしょうしょう] /(n) Department of Homeland Security (US)/DHS/
9764 アメリカ国防情報局 [アメリカこくぼうじょうほうきょく] /(n) Defense Intelligence Agency (USA)/
9765 アメリカ黒熊 [アメリカくろくま] /(n) (uk) American black bear (Ursus americanus)/
9766 アメリカ山法師 [アメリカやまぼうし] /(n) (uk) flowering dogwood (Cornus florida)/
9767 アメリカ七日鮫 [アメリカなぬかざめ] /(n) (uk) swellshark (Cephaloscyllium ventriosum, species of catshark in the Eastern Pacific)/
9768 アメリカ篠懸の木 [アメリカすずかけのき] /(n) (uk) American sycamore (Platanus occidentalis)/
9769 アメリカ小雀 [アメリカこがら] /(n) (uk) black-capped chickadee (Parus atricapillus)/
9770 アメリカ松 [アメリカまつ] /(n) (obsc) common Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)/
9771 アメリカ人 [アメリカじん] /(n) American person/
9772 アメリカ人参 [アメリカにんじん] /(n) American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius)/
9773 アメリカ水芭蕉 [アメリカみずばしょう] /(n) (uk) yellow skunk cabbage (Lysichiton americanum)/
9774 アメリカ草 [アメリカそう] /(n) (uk) (obsc) moss-rose purslane (Portulaca grandiflora)/
9775 アメリカ大杓鷸 [アメリカだいしゃくしぎ] /(n) (uk) long-billed curlew (Numenius americanus)/
9776 アメリカ大木葉木菟 [アメリカおおこのはずく] /(n) (uk) screech owl (Otus asio)/
9777 アメリカ大陸 [アメリカたいりく] /(n) American continent/the Americas/
9778 アメリカ中央情報局 [アメリカちゅうおうじょうほうきょく] /(n) Central Intelligence Agency/CIA/
9779 アメリカ長元坊 [アメリカちょうげんぼう] /(n) (uk) American kestrel (Falco sparverius)/
9780 アメリカ梯沽 [アメリカでいご] /(n) (uk) cockspur coral tree (Erythrina crista-galli)/
9781 アメリカ毒蜥蜴 [アメリカどくとかげ] /(n) (uk) Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum)/
9782 アメリカ独立記念日 [アメリカどくりつきねんび] /(n) American Independence day/Fourth of July/
9783 アメリカ独立戦争 [アメリカどくりつせんそう] /(n) American War of Independence/American Revolution/
9784 アメリカ白鶴 [アメリカしろづる] /(n) (uk) whooping crane (Grus americana)/
9785 アメリカ白灯蛾 [アメリカしろひとり] /(n) (uk) fall webworm (Hyphantria cunea)/
9786 アメリカ緋鳥 [アメリカひどり] /(n) (uk) American wigeon (Anas americana)/
9787 アメリカ豹 [アメリカひょう] /(n) jaguar/
9788 アメリカ鰭足鷸 [アメリカひれあししぎ] /(n) (uk) Wilson's phalarope (Phalaropus tricolor)/
9789 アメリカ文化 [アメリカぶんか] /(n) American culture/
9790 アメリカ防風 [アメリカぼうふう] /(n) (uk) parsnip (plant) (Pastnica sativa)/
9791 アメリカ夜鷹 [アメリカよたか] /(n) (uk) common nighthawk (Chordeiles minor)/
9792 アメリカ野牛 [アメリカやぎゅう] /(n) buffalo/American bison/
9793 アメリカ輸出入銀行 [アメリカゆしゅつにゅうぎんこう] /(n) Export-Import Bank (US)/
9794 アメリカ領ヴァージン諸島 [アメリカりょうヴァージンしょとう] /(n) (p) United States Virgin Islands/
9795 アメリカ連合国 [アメリカれんごうこく] /(n) The Confederate States of America/The Confederacy/CSA/
9796 アメリカ連邦議会 [アメリカれんぽうぎかい] /(n) US Congress/
9797 アメリカ鷲木菟 [アメリカわしみみずく] /(n) (uk) great horned owl (Bubo virginianus)/
9798 アメリカ鰐 [アメリカわに] /(n) (uk) American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus)/
9799 アメリカ獏 [アメリカばく] /(n) (uk) Brazilian tapir/lowland tapir (Tapir tapirus)/
9800 アメリカ貘 [アメリカばく] /(n) (uk) Brazilian tapir/lowland tapir (Tapir tapirus)/
9801 アメリカ鉤虫 [アメリカこうちゅう] /(n) New World hookworm (Necator americanus)/
9802 アメリカ駝鳥 [アメリカだちょう] /(n) (uk) (obsc) rhea (Pterocnemia pennata)/
9803 アメリケーヌソース /(n) American sauce/
9804 アメリシウム /(n) americium (Am)/
9805 アメンチア /(n) amentia (lat:)/
9806 アメンド /(vs) to amend/
9807 アメンボ /(n) (uk) pond skater (any insect of family Gerridae)/water strider/
9808 アメンボウ /(n) (uk) pond skater (any insect of family Gerridae)/water strider/
9809 アメ公 [アメこう] /(n) (col) American person/Yankee/
9810 アメ車 [アメしゃ] /(n) American car/
9811 アモス書 [アモスしょ] /(n) Amos (book of the Bible)/
9812 アモルファス /(adj-f) amorphous/
9813 アモルファスシリコン /(n) amorphous silicon/
9814 アモルファス金属 [アモルファスきんぞく] /(n) amorphous metal/
9815 アモルファス太陽電池 [アモルファスたいようでんち] /(n) amorphous solar cell/
9816 アモルファス半導体 [アモルファスはんどうたい] /(n) amorphous semiconductor/
9817 アモロソ /(n) amoroso (music)/
9818 アモンド /(n) almond/
9819 アヤトラ /(n) Ayatollah/
9820 アヤメ /(n) (1) iris (flower)/(2) Siberian iris (Iris sanguinea)/(3) (arch) sweet flag (Acorus calamus)/calamus/
9821 アラ /(n) saw-edged perch (Niphon spinosus)/
9822 アラー /(n) Allah/
9823 アラート /(n,adj-no) alert/
9824 アラーム /(n) alarm/
9825 アラームスピーカ /(n) (comp) audible alarm speaker/
9826 アラームプロファイル /(n) (comp) alarm profile/
9827 アラームランプ /(n) (comp) alarm lamp/
9828 アラーム検出 [アラームけんしゅつ] /(n) (comp) alarm detection/
9829 アラーム重要度 [アラームじゅうようど] /(n) (comp) alarm severity/
9830 アラールキル /(n) (chem) aralkyl/
9831 アライアンス /(n) alliance/
9832 アライバル /(n) arrival/
9833 アライブ /(adj-f) (1) alive/(vs) (2) to arrive/
9834 アライメント /(n) alignment/
9835 アラインメント /(n) alignment/
9836 アラインメントテストイメージ /(n) (comp) alignment test image/
9837 アラウアンス /(n) allowance/
9838 アラウンド /(n) around/
9839 アラカシ /(n) (uk) ring-cupped oak (Quercus glauca)/Japanese blue oak/
9840 アラカルト /(n) a la carte (fre:)/(P)/
9841 アラキ /(n) arrack (grain or rice wine) (dut:)/arak/
9842 アラキドン酸 [アラキドンさん] /(n) arachidonic acid/
9843 アラサー /(exp) around 30/
9844 アラザン /(n) silver dragee (fre: argent)/
9845 アラスカヒグマ /(n) (uk) Kodiak bear (Ursus arctos middendorffi)/Alaskan brown bear/
9846 アラスカン・マラミュート /(n) Alaskan malamute/
9847 アラスカンマラミュート /(n) Alaskan malamute/
9848 アラスカ羆 [アラスカひぐま] /(n) (uk) Kodiak bear (Ursus arctos middendorffi)/Alaskan brown bear/
9849 アラタ体 [アラタたい] /(n) corpus allatum/
9850 アラック /(n) arrack (grain or rice wine) (dut:)/arak/
9851 アラニン /(n) alanine/
9852 アラバスター /(n) alabaster/
9853 アラビア /(n,adj-no) (uk) Arabia/
9854 アラビアコーヒーの木 [アラビアコーヒーのき] /(n) coffee tree/
9855 アラビアゴム /(n) gum arabic/
9856 アラビアゴムの木 [アラビアゴムのき] /(n) acacia/
9857 アラビアチョウハン /(n) diagonal butterflyfish (Chaetodon fasciatus)/Red Sea raccoon butterflyfish/
9858 アラビアン・エンジェルフィッシュ /(n) Arabian angelfish (Pomacanthus asfur)/
9859 アラビアンエンジェルフィッシュ /(n) Arabian angelfish (Pomacanthus asfur)/
9860 アラビアンクロミス /(n) Arabian chromis (Chromis flavaxilla)/
9861 アラビアンナイト /(n) Arabian Nights (stories)/
9862 アラビアンバタフライフィッシュ /(n) Arabian butterflyfish (Chaetodon melapterus)/blackfin butterflyfish/
9863 アラビアンライト /(n) Arabian light/
9864 アラビア医学 [アラビアいがく] /(n) Arabian medicine/
9865 アラビア語 [アラビアご] /(n) Arabic (language)/
9866 アラビア人 [アラビアじん] /(n) Arabian (person)/Arab/
9867 アラビア数字 [アラビアすうじ] /(n) Arabic numeral/
9868 アラビア馬 [アラビアうま] /(n) Arab (horse)/
9869 アラビア文字 [アラビアもじ] /(n) Arabic script/
9870 アラビア夜話 [アラビアよばなし] /(n) Arabian Nights/The Thousand and One Nights/The Arabian Nights' Entertainments/
9871 アラフィフ /(exp) around 50 (years of age, esp. women)/
9872 アラフォー /(exp) around 40 (years of age, esp. women) (eng:)/
9873 アラフラオオセ /(n) (uk) tasselled wobbegong (Eucrossorhinus dasypogon, sole species of the carpet shark genus Eucrossorhinus)/
9874 アラフラ大瀬 [アラフラおおせ] /(n) (uk) tasselled wobbegong (Eucrossorhinus dasypogon, sole species of the carpet shark genus Eucrossorhinus)/
9875 アラブ /(n,adj-no) Arab/(P)/
9876 アラブ首長国連邦 [アラブしゅちょうこくれんぽう] /(n) United Arab Emirates/
9877 アラブ諸国 [アラブしょこく] /(n) Arab countries/Arab states/
9878 アラブ人 [アラブじん] /(n) Arab/
9879 アラブ連盟 [アラブれんめい] /(n) Arab League/
9880 アラベスク /(n) arabesque (fre:)/
9881 アラミド繊維 [アラミドせんい] /(n) aramid fibre/aramid fiber/
9882 アラム /(n,adj-no) (1) alum/(2) Aram/
9883 アラム語 [アラムご] /(n) Aramaic/
9884 アラム文字 [アラムもじ] /(n) Aramaic letter/
9885 アラメ /(n) (uk) arame (species of kelp, Eisenia bicyclis)/
9886 アラメヘラザメ /(n) Apristurus fedorovi (Federov's catshark, a species from Japan)/
9887 アラモード /(n) a la mode (fre:)/
9888 アララギ /(n) (1) (uk) Japanese yew (Taxus cuspidata)/(2) (arch) wild rocambole (Allium grayi)/
9889 アラルガンド /(n,adj-no) allargando/
9890 アラレキンチャクフグ /(n) spotted sharpnose (Canthigaster solandri, type of pufferfish)/
9891 アラレ石 [アラレいし] /(n) aragonite/
9892 アラン /(n) Alan (member of an ancient Scythian people)/
9893 アランダム /(n) alundum (material made of fused aluminum usu. used as an abrasive)/
9894 アラントイン /(n) allantoin/
9895 アラン模様 [アランもよう] /(n) Aran (sweater pattern)/
9896 アリーナ /(n) arena/(P)/
9897 アリーヤー /(n) aliyah/immigration to Israel/
9898 アリール基 [アリールき] /(n) aryl group/
9899 アリの塔 [アリのとう] /(n) anthill/
9900 アリア /(n) aria (ita:)/(P)/
9901 アリウス主義 [アリウスしゅぎ] /(n) Arianism/
9902 アリエッタ /(n) arietta (music)/
9903 アリクイ /(n) (uk) anteater/
9904 アリグモ /(n) (uk) Myrmarachne japonica (species of ant-mimicking spider)/
9905 アリゲーター /(n) alligator/
9906 アリザリン /(n) alizarin/
9907 アリスイ /(n) (uk) Eurasian wryneck (species of bird, Jynx torquilla)/
9908 アリストクラシー /(n) aristocracy/
9909 アリストクラット /(n) aristocrat/
9910 アリストクラティック /(adj-no) aristocratic/
9911 アリストテレスの提灯 [アリストテレスのちょうちん] /(n) Aristotle's lantern/
9912 アリスマティック /(n) arithmetic/
9913 アリダード /(n) alidade/
9914 アリッグ /(n) (abbr) American league/
9915 アリッサム /(n) alyssum/
9916 アリドリ科 [アリドリか] /(n) Thamnophilidae (antbird family)/
9917 アリバイ /(n) alibi/(P)/
9918 アリバイ会社 [アリバイがいしゃ] /(n) front company set up to hide someone's true profession by pretending to employ them (often used by call girls)/
9919 アリマキ /(n) (uk) aphid/plant louse/plant lice/
9920 アリモドキゾウムシ /(n) (uk) sweet potato weevil (Cylas formicarius)/
9921 アリヤー /(n) aliyah/immigration to Israel/
9922 アリル /(n,adj-no) allyl/
9923 アリルアルコール /(n) allyl alcohol/
9924 アリ学 [アリがく] /(n) myrmecology (the study of ants)/
9925 アリ塚 [アリづか] /(n) anthill/
9926 アルカーイダ /(n) Al Qaeda/al-Qaeda/Al Qaida/al-Qaida/al-Qa'idah/
9927 アルカイーダ /(n) Al Qaeda/al-Qaeda/Al Qaida/al-Qaida/al-Qa'idah/
9928 アルカイスム /(n) archaism (fre:)/
9929 アルカイズム /(n) archaism (fre:)/
9930 アルカイダ /(n) Al Qaeda/al-Qaeda/Al Qaida/al-Qaida/al-Qa'idah/
9931 アルカイック /(adj-na,n) archaic/
9932 アルカイックスマイル /(n) archaic smile/
9933 アルカディア /(n,adj-no) arcadia/(P)/
9934 アルカプトン尿症 [アルカプトンにょうしょう] /(n) alkaptonuria/alcaptonuria/
9935 アルカリ /(n) alkali/(P)/
9936 アルカリ塩 [アルカリえん] /(n) alkali salt/
9937 アルカリ乾電池 [アルカリかんでんち] /(n) alkaline battery/
9938 アルカリ岩 [アルカリがん] /(n) alkali rock/
9939 アルカリ金属 [アルカリきんぞく] /(n) alkali metal/
9940 アルカリ血症 [アルカリけつしょう] /(n) (obsc) alkalosis/
9941 アルカリ性 [アルカリせい] /(n,adj-no) alkaline/(P)/
9942 アルカリ性食品 [アルカリせいしょくひん] /(n) alkaline food/
9943 アルカリ電池 [アルカリでんち] /(n) alkali battery/
9944 アルカリ土類金属 [アルカリどるいきんぞく] /(n) alkali earth metal/
9945 アルカローシス /(n,adj-no) alkalosis/
9946 アルカロイド /(n,adj-no) alkaloid/
9947 アルカロシス /(n,adj-no) alkalosis/
9948 アルカン /(n) alkane/
9949 アルキド樹脂 [アルキドじゅし] /(n) alkyd resin/
9950 アルキメデスの原理 [アルキメデスのげんり] /(n) Archimedes' principle/
9951 アルキメデスの公理 [アルキメデスのこうり] /(n) axiom of Archimedes/
9952 アルキメデスの螺線 [アルキメデスのらせん] /(n) Archimedean spiral/
9953 アルキル /(n) alkyl/
9954 アルキルアルミニウム /(n) alkylaluminium/
9955 アルキルフェノール /(n) alkyl phenol/
9956 アルキルベンゼン /(n) alkyl benzene/
9957 アルキルベンゼンスルホン酸塩 [アルキルベンゼンスルホンさんえん] /(n) alkyl benzene sulfonate/
9958 アルキル化 [アルキルか] /(n,vs) alkylation/
9959 アルキル化剤 [アルキルかざい] /(n) alkylating agent/
9960 アルキル基 [アルキルき] /(n) alkyl group/
9961 アルキン /(n) alkyne/
9962 アルギナーゼ /(n) arginase/
9963 アルギニン /(n) arginine/
9964 アルギン酸 [アルギンさん] /(n) alginic acid/
9965 アルクトゥールス /(n) Arcturus (star in the constellation Bootes)/
9966 アルクトゥルス /(n) Arcturus (star in the constellation Bootes)/
9967 アルケミー /(n) alchemie (dut:)/
9968 アルケン /(n) alkene/olefin/olefine/
9969 アルコーブ /(n) alcove/
9970 アルコール /(n,adj-no) alcohol/(P)/
9971 アルコールハラスメント /(n) alcohol related harassment (wasei: alcohol harassment)/
9972 アルコールランプ /(n) alcohol lamp/
9973 アルコール依存症 [アルコールいぞんしょう] /(n) alcohol dependency/alcoholism/
9974 アルコール飲料 [アルコールいんりょう] /(n) alcoholic drink/alcoholic beverage/
9975 アルコール温度計 [アルコールおんどけい] /(n) alcohol thermometer/
9976 アルコール検知器 [アルコールけんちき] /(n) breathalyser/alcometer/
9977 アルコール性肝障害 [アルコールせいかんしょうがい] /(n) alcoholic liver disease/
9978 アルコール中毒 [アルコールちゅうどく] /(n) alcoholism/alcohol addiction/
9979 アルコール漬 [アルコールづけ] /(n) (1) preserving in alcohol/(2) pickling one's liver/drinking incessantly/being a souse/
9980 アルコール漬け [アルコールづけ] /(n) (1) preserving in alcohol/(2) pickling one's liver/drinking incessantly/being a souse/
9981 アルコール度 [アルコールど] /(n) alcohol content (usu. expressed per cent)/
9982 アルコール発酵 [アルコールはっこう] /(n) alcohol fermentation/
9983 アルコール分 [アルコールぶん] /(n) alcoholic content/
9984 アルゴリズミック /(adj-na,n) algorithmic/
9985 アルゴリズム /(n,adj-no) (comp) algorithm/(P)/
9986 アルゴル /(n) (1) (comp) Algol (algorithmic language)/(2) Algol (beta perseus)/
9987 アルゴン /(n) argon (Ar) (ger:)/
9988 アルゴンキン族 [アルゴンキンぞく] /(n) Algonquin (nation)/
9989 アルサロ /(n) (abbr) "salon" where the hostesses are supposedly part-timers with other jobs/
9990 アルシオーネ /(n) Alcyone (star in Taurus, brightest of the Pleiades)/
9991 アルシン /(n) arsine/
9992 アルジェリア /(n) Algeria/
9993 アルスアマトリア /(n) ars amatoria/
9994 アルゼンチン /(n,adj-no) (uk) Argentina/
9995 アルゼンチンタンゴ /(n) Argentine tango/
9996 アルゼンチン出血熱 [アルゼンチンしゅっけつねつ] /(n) Argentine hemorrhagic fever/
9997 アルタイル /(n) Altair (star in the constellation Aquila)/
9998 アルタイ語族 [アルタイごぞく] /(n) Altaic (family of languages)/
9999 アルタイ諸語 [アルタイしょご] /(n) Altaic/
10000 アルタビスタ /(n) (comp) ALTA VISTA/
10001 アルチザン /(n) artisan (fre:)/
10002 アルツハイマー /(n) Alzheimer (disease)/(P)/
10003 アルツハイマー病 [アルツハイマーびょう] /(n) Alzheimer's disease/
10004 アルティアハチハチゼロゼロ /(n) (comp) Altair8800/
10005 アルティチュード・ダイブ /(n) altitude dive/
10006 アルティチュードダイブ /(n) altitude dive/
10007 アルティメット /(adj-f) ultimate/
10008 アルテミア /(n) brine shrimp (Artemia salina) (lat: artemia)/
10009 アルテミシア属 [アルテミシアぞく] /(n) Artemisia (genus of a between 200 to 400 species of plants in the daisy family Asteraceae)/
10010 アルテミス /(n) Artemis/
10011 アルデバラン /(n) Aldebaran (star in the constellation Taurus)/
10012 アルデヒド /(n) aldehyde/(P)/
10013 アルデヒド基 [アルデヒドき] /(n) aldehyde group/
10014 アルデンテ /(n,adj-no) al dente (ita:)/
10015 アルト /(n) alto (ita:)/(P)/
10016 アルトサックス /(n) alto saxophone/
10017 アルト歌手 [アルトかしゅ] /(n) alto (voice or singer)/
10018 アルドース /(n) aldose/
10019 アルドステロン /(n) aldosterone/
10020 アルドステロン症 [アルドステロンしょう] /(n) aldosteronism/
10021 アルドリン /(n) aldrin/
10022 アルニカ /(n) arnica (esp. mountain tobacco, Arnica montana) (lat:)/
10023 アルハラ /(n) alcohol-related harassment/
10024 アルバートサウルス /(n) Albertosaurus/
10025 アルバイター /(n) part-time worker (ger: Arbeiter)/part-timer/
10026 アルバイト /(n,vs) (1) part-time job (ger: Arbeit)/side job/(n) (2) albite/(P)/
10027 アルバトロス /(n) albatross/
10028 アルバニア /(n) Albania/
10029 アルバニア語 [アルバニアご] /(n) Albanian (language)/
10030 アルバニア語派 [アルバニアごは] /(n) Albanian (branch of languages)/
10031 アルバム /(n) album/(P)/
10032 アルパイン /(n) alpine/(P)/
10033 アルパカ /(n) alpaca/
10034 アルビーノ /(n) albino/
10035 アルビノ /(n) albino/
10036 アルビレオ /(n) Albireo (aka Beta Cygni)/
10037 アルピニスト /(n) alpinist/
10038 アルピニズム /(n) alpinism/
10039 アルファ・ギーク /(n) (comp) alpha geek (var. of computer nerd)/
10040 アルファとオメガ /(exp) (obsc) alpha and omega/
10041 アルファギーク /(n) (comp) alpha geek (var. of computer nerd)/
10042 アルファチャネル /(n) (comp) alpha channel/
10043 アルファテスト /(n) (comp) alpha test/
10044 アルファデータ /(n) (comp) Alpha Data/
10045 アルファニューメリック /(n) (comp) alphanumeric/
10046 アルファニューメリック表記法 [アルファニューメリックひょうきほう] /(n) (comp) alphanumeric notation/
10047 アルファバージョン /(n) (comp) alpha version/
10048 アルファベット /(n,adj-no) alphabet/(P)/
10049 アルファベットの語 [アルファベットのご] /(n) (comp) alphabetic word/
10050 アルファベット順 [アルファベットじゅん] /(n) alphabetical order/(P)/
10051 アルファベット表記法 [アルファベットひょうきほう] /(n) (comp) alphabetical notation/
10052 アルファルド /(n) Alphard (aka Alpha Hydra)/
10053 アルファルファ /(n) alfalfa/
10054 アルファ線 [アルファせん] /(n) alpha rays/
10055 アルファ波 [アルファは] /(n) alpha wave/
10056 アルファ版 [アルファばん] /(n) (comp) alpha version/
10057 アルファ崩壊 [アルファほうかい] /(n) alpha decay/
10058 アルファ粒子 [アルファりゅうし] /(n) alpha particle/
10059 アルブミン /(n) albumin/
10060 アルプス /(n,adj-no) alps/(P)/
10061 アルプスの険 [アルプスのけん] /(n) steep pass in the Alps/
10062 アルプスの嶮 [アルプスのけん] /(n) steep pass in the Alps/
10063 アルプスイワナ /(n) Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus alpinus)/
10064 アルベド /(n) albedo/
10065 アルペジオ /(n) arpeggio (ita:)/
10066 アルペジオーネ /(n) arpeggione (ita:)/
10067 アルペッジオ /(n) arpeggio (ita:)/
10068 アルペッジョ /(n) arpeggio (ita:)/
10069 アルペン /(n) Alpen (ger:)/
10070 アルペンスキー /(n) Alpine skiing (ger: Alpenski)/
10071 アルペンホルン /(n) alpenhorn (ger:)/alphorn/
10072 アルペン種目 [アルペンしゅもく] /(n) Alpine events/Alpine sports/
10073 アルホイル /(ik) (n) (abbr) aluminum foil/aluminium foil/tin foil/
10074 アルマイト /(n) anodized aluminum (from Alumite (brand name))/anodised aluminium/
10075 アルマジロ /(n) armadillo/
10076 アルマナック /(n) almanac/
10077 アルマニャック /(n) armagnac (fre:)/
10078 アルマンディン /(n) almandine/
10079 アルマンド /(n) allemande (dance) (fre:)/
10080 アルミ /(n) (abbr) aluminum (Al)/aluminium/(P)/
10081 アルミサッシ /(n) (abbr) aluminium sash (aluminum) (i.e. window frame)/
10082 アルミナ /(n) alumina/
10083 アルミナセメント /(n) alumina cement/
10084 アルミナ磁器 [アルミナじき] /(n) alumina porcelain/
10085 アルミニウム /(n,adj-no) aluminum (Al)/aluminium/(P)/
10086 アルミニウム合金 [アルミニウムごうきん] /(n) aluminum alloy/
10087 アルミニューム /(n,adj-no) aluminum (Al)/aluminium/
10088 アルミホイル /(n) (abbr) aluminum foil/aluminium foil/tin foil/
10089 アルミ箔 [アルミはく] /(n) aluminum foil/
10090 アルム /(n) arum (any plant of the genus Arum, typically having arrow-shaped leaves)/
10091 アルメール /(n) (comp) AL-Mail/
10092 アルメニア /(n) Armenia (Armyanskaya)/
10093 アルメニア教会 [アルメニアきょうかい] /(n) Armenian Church/Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church/
10094 アルメニア語 [アルメニアご] /(n) Armenian (language)/
10095 アルメニア語派 [アルメニアごは] /(n) Armenian (branch of languages)/
10096 アルルカン /(n) arlequin (fre:)/
10097 アル中 [アルちゅう] /(n) (abbr) alcoholism/
10098 アレイ /(n) (1) array/(2) alley/
10099 アレイコンピュータ /(n) (comp) array computer/
10100 アレイプロセッサ /(n) (comp) array processor/
10101 アレイプロセッサー /(n) (comp) array processor/
10102 アレインメント /(n) arraignment/
10103 アレイ処理 [アレイしょり] /(n) (comp) array processing/
10104 アレイ処理機構 [アレイしょりきこう] /(n) (comp) array processor/vector processor/
10105 アレイ処理装置 [アレイしょりそうち] /(n) (comp) array processor/vector processor/
10106 アレカ椰子 [アレカやし] /(n) areca palm/
10107 アレキサンドライト /(n) alexandrite/
10108 アレクサンドライト /(n) alexandrite/
10109 アレグレット /(n) allegretto (ita:)/
10110 アレグロ /(n,adj-no) allegro (ita:)/
10111 アレゴリー /(n) allegory/
10112 アレス /(n) Ares (Greek god)/
10113 アレチネズミ /(n) (uk) lesser Egyptian gerbil (Gerbillus gerbillus)/
10114 アレックス /(n) (comp) Alex/
10115 アレフ /(n) aleph/
10116 アレルギー /(n,adj-no) allergy (ger: Allergie)/(P)/
10117 アレルギーテスト /(n,vs) allergy testing/
10118 アレルギー症状 [アレルギーしょうじょう] /(n) allergy symptoms/
10119 アレルギー性 [アレルギーせい] /(adj-no) allergenic/allergic/
10120 アレルギー性炎症 [アレルギーせいえんしょう] /(n) allergic inflammation/
10121 アレルギー性疾患 [アレルギーせいしっかん] /(n) allergic disease/
10122 アレルギー性鼻炎 [アレルギーせいびえん] /(n) allergic rhinitis/
10123 アレルギー体質 [アレルギーたいしつ] /(n) allergic diathesis (predisposition to be allergic)/
10124 アレルギー反応 [アレルギーはんのう] /(n) allergic reaction/
10125 アレルゲン /(n) allergen (ger:)/
10126 アレルゲン皮膚反応 [アレルゲンひふはんのう] /(n) allergen ski