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**************************************** ** Kiten ** ** a Japanese reference tool ** ****************************************
Kiten comes ready to use. It will take a bit of time to start up the first time as it indexes your dictionary files.


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Contents of libkeduvocdocument as of July 2014, and brief description of each module:
keduvocdocument: Contains KEduVocDocument and its related class for reading from/writing to the KVTML format (and others too). Currently used by: kanagram, khangman, parley, kwordquiz

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# About Minuet
Welcome to Minuet: the KDE software for music education. Minuet aims at supporting students and teachers in many aspects of music education, such as ear training, first-sight reading, solfa, scales, rhythm, harmony, and improvisation. Minuet makes extensive use of MIDI capabilities to provide a full-fledged set of features regarding volume, tempo, and pitch changes, which makes Minuet a valuable tool for both novice and experienced musicians.
Minuet features a rich set of ear training's exercises and new ones can be seamlessly added in order to extend its functionalities and adapt it to several music education contexts.
# How to build Minuet


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************************************************* ** Step: Interactive Physical Simulator ** ** StepCore: Physical Simulation Library ** *************************************************
Copyright (c) 2007 by Vladimir Kuznetsov <">>
Step and StepCore is Free Software, released under the GNU Public License. See COPYING for GPL license information.
The Step homepage is Any feedback is welcome.
Enjoy !