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0001 Changes in 3.0.5:
0002 * Improved Wayland support.
0003 * Yakuake's window title now always matches what's shown in its title
0004   bar.
0005 * Fixed button icons in the 'Appearance' settings page.
0006 * Yakuake now installs a D-Bus service file. This allows calling its
0007   D-Bus methods even when Yakuake is not running yet- it will then be
0008   started implicitly.
0009 * Fixed a crash due to a missing bounds check in the 'sessionAtTab'
0010   D-Bus method.
0011 * Fixed a type marshalling issue with the 'addSession' D-Bus method
0012   that caused a noisy warning when using it via qdbus.
0013 * Yakuake now depends on KDE Frameworks 5.29 or higher.
0015 Changes in 3.0.4:
0016 * Fixed build on Qt 5.7.
0018 Changes in 3.0.3:
0019 * Fixed Yakuake sometimes showing up in the Task Manager.
0020 * Much improved Wayland support on Plasma 5.
0021 * Added a security warning when using the runCommand DBus API (as
0022   recently added to KDE Konsole as well).
0023 * Switched to a different API for getting the user home path to avoid
0024   blocking on network logins.
0025 * The bell notification event now uses the correct Plasma 5 sound file
0026   name instead of an old KDE 4 one that may not be present.
0027 * Fixed standard CLI arguments like --help and --version.
0028 * Code cleanups, e.g. porting away from deprecated API.
0029 * Updated AppStream metadata.
0031 Changes in 3.0.2:
0032 * Added back a description file implementing the freedesktop.org AppData
0033   specification.
0035 Changes in 3.0.1:
0036 * Fixed installation and integratin of hicolor application icon.
0038 Changes in 3.0:
0039 * Yakuake was ported to KDE Frameworks 5 and Qt 5.
0040 * A new default skin follows the Plasma 5 Breeze design.
0041 * Terminal focus is now preserved more reliably when closing and
0042   reopening Yakuake.
0043 * Config changes made via the title bar menu are now synced to disk
0044   immediately, and thus preserved if Yakuake is killed instead of quit
0045   gracefully.
0046 * The option to auto-update tab titles with the title bar contents no
0047   longer interferes with manually setting a tab title. To return to auto-
0048   updating just clear the title.
0049 * Performance improvements in the compositor-unassisted animation code
0050   path.
0051 * Fixed bug causing incorrect window height calculation in multi-monitor
0052   systems.
0054 Changes in 2.9.9:
0055 * Yakuake now sports a standard KDE "Configure Notifications..." item in
0056   its menu. The startup notification popup configuration has moved there,
0057   and newly-added notification events covered below are found there.
0058 * It is now possible to monitor sessions (or individual terminals within
0059   them) for activity or silence. See the tab context menu or the keyboard
0060   shortcuts to toggle monitoring, and the new "Configure Notifications"
0061   dialog mentioned above to configure what happens when activity or silence
0062   are detected in a monitored session or terminal (by default a desktop
0063   notification popup is triggered for each).
0064   Note that repeated activity in a terminal does not result in repeated
0065   notifications for that terminal: After the first notification, activity
0066   monitoring has to be disabled or reenabled, or the active session
0067   switched, or the window closed - only then another activity notification
0068   will be shown.
0069 * Support for Get Hot New Stuff for skins has been added. See the new "Get
0070   New Skins..." button below the skin list in the Appearance page of the
0071   config dialog.
0072 * When the window is set not to show on all virtual desktops and is not
0073   residing on the current virtual desktop, but is open (i.e. set to stay
0074   open regardless of focus loss), the Open/Retract action normally used
0075   to either retract it, or, when the option to also use the action to
0076   focus the window is enabled, cause the window manager to switch to the
0077   virtual desktop the window resides on. The former case, i.e. when the
0078   option to also use the action to focus the window is disabled, has now
0079   been changed to move the window to the current virtual desktop and focus
0080   it, rather than retract it.
0081 * Yakuake now automatically retracts after the last open tab closes.
0082 * A number of default keyboard shortcuts have been changed to reestablish
0083   consistency with Konsole, which introduced changed defaults in KDE Soft-
0084   ware Compilation v4.6.
0085 * Invoking the window manager maximization feature now results in a
0086   Yakuake window with 100% width and height instead of the unresized win-
0087   dow getting moved to the top-left corner of the screen. However, restore
0088   is not supported as it doesn't easily fit with Yakuake's window size
0089   state model.
0090 * Tweaks to the code Yakuake uses to make itself the active window when
0091   invoked should improve compatibility with more window managers, particu-
0092   larly xfwm.
0093 * The D-Bus API has been expanded further to cover the new activity and
0094   silence monitoring options, as well as with additional methods related
0095   to retrieving information about the keyboard input enabled state for
0096   sessions and terminals.
0097 * The addSession* and split* D-Bus calls now return the id of the newly-
0098   created session or terminal, or -1 if creating a new session or terminal
0099   was not possible.
0100 * Made sure that the activeTerminalId D-Bus call always returns something
0101   useful after an addSessionTwo*/Quad call, even when the window is closed
0102   while the call is made. Previously, activeTerminalId could return -1 in
0103   this situation because there technically is no active terminal until the
0104   window is opened and a focus event causes one to become active. Now the
0105   terminal that will receive focus once the window is opened is immediate-
0106   ly declared the active terminal.
0107 * The "Help" button was removed from the configuration dialog since there
0108   currently is no handbook included.
0109 * Fixes to the window geometry and placement calculation in multi-screen
0110   setups and with panels located on screen edges other than the bottom
0111   edge.
0112 * Fixed a bug causing the "Disable Keyboard Input -> For This Session"
0113   checkbox in the context menu of a multi-terminal session to become
0114   enabled when keyboard input was disabled for any of the individual ter-
0115   minals, rather than only when all terminals have it disabled (i.e. what
0116   enabling the checkbox manually actually does).
0117 * Fixed errors in the tab stop order in several pages of the configuration
0118   dialog.
0119 * Fixed the message shown on stderr when Yakuake is already running to
0120   refer to toggling rather than opening the window, since that is what a
0121   repeated execution actually does - if the window is already open, it
0122   will be closed at this time.
0123 * Code cleanups, including porting away from recently deprecated KDE Plat-
0124   form APIs for future-compatibility.
0125 * The KDE4FAQ document included in the tarball has been updated.
0126 * Yakuake now depends on KDE Platform 4.7.1 or newer.
0129 Changes in 2.9.8:
0130 * Added a new "Ask the window manager to perform the animation" option to
0131   the animation settings (only shown if Yakuake is running in a KDE Plasma
0132   Workspace v4.6 or newer). If this option is enabled (it is by default)
0133   and the KDE Desktop Effect "Sliding Popups" is enabled as well, the ani-
0134   mation will be performed by KDE's window manager KWin, for much improved
0135   smoothness on many systems.
0136 * Added keyboard shortcuts to attempt to grow the active terminal in the
0137   left, right, top or bottom direction by 10px, as well as D-Bus calls to
0138   attempt to grow any particular terminal by a given amount of pixels in
0139   one of these directions.
0140 * Skin authors can now control whether the title bar text is set in a bold
0141   weight or not with the 'bold' key in the 'Text' group of title.skin. The
0142   default is to use a bold weight to preserve existing behavior.
0143 * Fixed a bug causing the "Keep above other windows" preference not to be
0144   respected immediately when toggling the "Keep window open when it loses
0145   focus" preference from the title bar or the main menu.
0146 * The contents of the "Screen" sub-menu in the main menu now get updated
0147   when the number of screens attached to the system changes.
0148 * Yakuake now depends on KDE 4.3.
0151 Changes in 2.9.7:
0152 * Fixed compilation with gcc 4.4 (missing cstdio include).
0153 * Fixed quit action bypassing the "Confirm quit when more than one session
0154   is open" setting.
0155 * When "Prevent Closing" is toggled for a tab an appropriate icon will now
0156   be shown on the tab label. The icon can be provided by the skin, or, if
0157   the skin does not provide one, it will be procured from the system icon
0158   theme.
0159 * Thanks to API improvements in the KDE libraries in KDE SC 4.4 a KNotify
0160   notification is now used for announcing that Yakuake was started success-
0161   fully, rather than the passive popup in the top-left desktop corner used
0162   with older versions of the KDE platform.
0163 * Middle-clicking a tab closes it now, consistent with many other KDE apps.
0164 * Tabs can now also be dragged using middle-mouse, again for consistency
0165   with many other KDE apps.
0166 * Fixed a bug where dragging an inactive tab to a new position on the tab
0167   bar would show the tab as selected after the drop, but the terminal
0168   area wouldn't actually show the corresponding terminal(s).
0169 * Fixed a bug causing the empty area of the tab bar to become draggable as
0170   if if was the last tab that had been clicked.
0171 * Fixed a bug causing the title bar corner images of a theme not to be shown
0172   when they don't have an alpha channel.
0173 * Fixed a bug causing the window to appear at a distance away from the top
0174   edge of the screen matching the height of a panel at the top edge of
0175   another screen in a multi-screen setup.
0178 Changes in 2.9.6:
0179 * Fixed interactive rename of sessions not working reliably - either failing
0180   to implement a rename or renaming the wrong session - once tabs had been
0181   moved or sessions closed, due to a mixup of tab indices and session IDs in
0182   the rename code.
0183 * Updated the application icon in the bottom-left corner graphic of the de-
0184   fault skin.
0185 * Updated the icon for the default skin in the configuration dialog's skin
0186   list to the new application icon.
0189 Changes in 2.9.5:
0190 * Added a new framework, referred to as the visual event overlay, to display
0191   notifications (and potentially other information) on top of the terminals.
0192   It's used for a number of new features found in this release, as described
0193   in their separate entries.
0194 * Added an option to visually indicate the newly-focussed terminal when mo-
0195   ving focus in a session with multiple terminals (i.e. via splits), or the
0196   currently focussed terminal when switching to a session with multiple ter-
0197   minals. This make the lives of users easier who prefer to use the "I-Beam"
0198   or "Underline" cursors styles in the terminal, as those cursor styles do
0199   not indicate terminal focus as the "Block" style does. The visual indica-
0200   tion used here is a brief, translucent overlay in the global color scheme's
0201   hover decoration color. This feature is realized using the new visual event
0202   overlay described in a separate entry.
0203 * Added a feature to disable keyboard input for all or individual terminals
0204   in a session. Both variants are available from the tab context menu; the
0205   session-wide toggle is also available in the keyboard shortcuts configura-
0206   tion. When typing into a terminal that has keyboard input disabled the
0207   terminal will briefly flash red. When hovering one of the per-terminal
0208   toggles in the context menu, the affected terminal will be highlighted
0209   in the global color scheme's hover decoration color. The latter two aspects
0210   of this new feature have been realized using the new visual event overlay
0211   described in a separate entry. Furthermore, new D-Bus interfaces have been
0212   added to get/set this state bit for both sessions and terminals.
0213 * Added a feature to lock a session to prevent it from being closed acciden-
0214   tally, available from the tab context menu as well as in the keyboard short-
0215   cuts configuration. When trying to close a locked session or its active ter-
0216   minal via Yakuake's own actions/shortcuts, a warning dialog will be display-
0217   ed, and also when trying to quit Yakuake with any locked sessions. Note that
0218   this doesn't cover closing a terminal from within the Konsole KPart provi-
0219   ding the terminal (such as running "exit" or via the terminal's context
0220   menu), however. New D-Bus interfaces have been added to get/set this state
0221   bit for sessions.
0222 * Added support for moving tabs on the tab bar by drag and drop.
0223 * Added an option to open the application window after program start.
0224 * Improved graphics for the window state lock button in the default skin.
0225 * Added a slightly improved version of the application icon (again done by
0226   Oxygen lead artist Nuno Pinheiro) along with a 256x256px variant.
0227 * Added D-Bus interfaces for splitting.
0228 * Added the frequently-requested 'sessionIdForTerminalId(int terminalId)'
0229   and 'terminalIdsForSessionId(int sessionId)' D-Bus interfaces.
0230 * The auto-open-on-mouse-pointer-hitting-the-screen edge feature now checks
0231   the position of the mouse pointer against the actual position and width of
0232   the window rather than triggering on the entire screen edge. This way, the
0233   screen corners are freed up e.g. for KWin Desktop Effects triggers with
0234   the default Yakuake window width of 90% work area width.
0235 * Rewrote fullscreen handling, fixing bugs such as exiting fullscreen mode
0236   on virtual desktop switch.
0237 * Rewrote the translucency support not to use X11-specific code on KDE 4.3 or
0238   higher.
0239 * Fixed a regression from the background painting changes in 2.9.4 that
0240   caused splitter handles between terminals to appear in the user-confi-
0241   gured background color.
0242 * Fixed crashes when closing sessions with certain split setups (also on quit).
0243 * Fixed crash when changing window width/height from the menu with Qt 4.5
0244   (also generally improves efficiency of window size changes).
0245 * Fixed the 'removeTerminal(int terminalId)' D-Bus call always closing the
0246   active terminal of the session containing the target terminal, rather than
0247   the target terminal.
0248 * Fixed interactive tab rename always renaming the active tab, rather than
0249   the tab the line edit was invoked for and shown on top of.
0250 * Fixed the interactive rename line edit possibly getting hidden also when a
0251   session other than the one that is being renamed gets deleted, rather than
0252   just when the session that is being renamed gets deleted.
0253 * Slightly improved options layout on the Behavior page of the configuration
0254   dialog and made sure that the skin list on the Appearance page scrolls so
0255   that the selected skin is visible when the list is shown.
0256 * On KDE 4.2 and higher, the first-run dialog now no longer allows setting
0257   a multi-key shortcut to open/close the window, consistent with the short-
0258   cut configuration dialog (the required API is new in 4.2). The reason
0259   multi-key global shortcuts are not allowed in KDE is that they don't work.
0260 * Fixed linking with the new gold linker in binutils.
0261 * Updated KDE4FAQ file (animation performance).
0264 Changes in 2.9.4:
0265 * Added a new Oxygen-style application icon made by Nuno Pinheiro. In addi-
0266   tion to fitting much better into KDE 4 visually, it's now also available
0267   in all standard sizes up to 128px plus as SVG (whereas the old icon was
0268   only available in 16px and 32px), meaning you won't see a blurry Yakuake
0269   icon in various places in KDE 4 anymore as you did before.
0270 * Added a setting to fill with the configurable background color at a given
0271   opacity before painting the skin elements. In effect, this allows some con-
0272   trol over the opacity and color tint of translucent areas of the skin.
0273 * Fixed a bug that made it impossible to move a session located at the
0274   start or end of the tab bar back after moving it left/right using the
0275   keyboard shortcuts.
0276 * Various updates to the KDE4FAQ file related to performance and rendering.
0279 Changes in 2.9.3:
0280 * Added an option to focus individual sub-terminals as the mouse pointer is
0281   moved over them.
0282 * Added an option to explicitly control whether the window will be shown on
0283   all (virtual) desktops. Defaults to true, as before.
0284 * Made the error condition when Yakuake is unable to load the Konsole KPart
0285   component non-destructive, i.e. being unable to load the KPart will no
0286   longer end in an unavoidable application quit. Instead, a good-looking
0287   warning will be shown where the terminal would normally be. This also
0288   takes care of the edge case in which Konsole is uninstalled while Yakuake
0289   is already running, so that existing terminals won't be lost.
0290 * Fixed a regression that caused the "Show title bar contents in tab labels"
0291   preference to no longer work.
0292 * Fixed tab label not immediately being updated upon creating a new session
0293   when "Show title bar contents in tab labels" is enabled.
0296 Changes in 2.9.2:
0297 * The item background in the skin list is now determined by the style en-
0298   gine if on KDE 4.1 (including pre-release versions) and hence Qt 4.4.
0299 * Fixed title bar not immediately being updated upon creating a new single-
0300   terminal session.
0301 * Fixed shortcuts with versions of KDE 4 trunk (4.1) from April 22nd 2008
0302   and newer. The Konsole KPart now defaults to overriding shortcuts, and
0303   Yakuake must do additional work to continue to receive them.
0306 Changes in 2.9.1:
0307 * Starting Yakuake a second time now toggles the window state, making it
0308   possible to open and retract Yakuake from a panel button or by simply
0309   running the executable.
0310 * Disabled standard startup notifications ("Launch Feedback") for Yakuake.
0311 * Fixed Open/Retract action not working with versions of KDE 4 trunk (4.1)
0312   after March 10th, 2008.
0313 * Fixed a bug that could cause actions also available from the tab context
0314   menu to operate on the wrong session when triggered by keyboard shortcut
0315   and the context menu had been used previously.
0316 * Fixed the "Close Active Terminal", "Split Left/Right" and "Split Top/Bot-
0317   tom" actions not operating on the correct session when activated from the
0318   context menu of a tab other than the active tab.
0319 * Some additions to the KDE4FAQ file.
0322 Changes in 2.9 (KDE 4):
0323 - Changes since 2.9-beta1:
0324 * Changed default shortcut of the "Quit" action to Ctrl+Shift+Q for consis-
0325   tency with Konsole and to avoid clashing with the KPart's "Resume output"
0326   action.
0327 * Fixed a bug that caused the "Previous Session" action not to work when
0328   trying to move from a newer to an older session after closing sessions
0329   created and located inbetween.
0330 * Fixed in Konsole: Addressed a shortcut overload that prevented the "Next
0331   Session" and "Previous Session" default shortcuts from working when using
0332   Qt 4.4. The fix will be included in KDE 4.0.3 and higher.
0333 * Expanded KDE4FAQ file to cover problems with certain graphics drivers and
0334   kwin effects.
0335 * Greatly expanded translation coverage.
0337 - Changes in 2.9-beta1:
0338 * Rewritten from scratch for KDE 4.
0339 * Changed license from "GPL v2 or later" to "GPL v2 or v3 or any later ver-
0340   sion accepted by the membership of KDE e.V.".
0341 * Replaced pseudo-translucency with XComposite translucency (aka "real trans-
0342   lucency") support (see KDE4FAQ for caveats).
0343 * The context menus of tabs and the main menu now sport additional actions
0344   to manipulate Konsole profile settings.
0345 * The tab bar itself has gained a context menu as well.
0346 * An option to dynamically update tab labels with information about the
0347   content of the active terminal has been added.
0348 * The skin engine is now more robust when it comes to processing invalid or
0349   corrupted skins.
0350 * Skins are now stored in the skins/ sub-directory of the app's data dir.
0351 * The window geometry is now updated dynamically when the work area of the
0352   screen changes.
0353 * The window title bar now appropriately uses the window title font from the
0354   KDE font settings rather than the general UI font.
0355 * Changes to the KDE font settings are now applied at runtime.
0356 * Support for right-to-left layouts in the configuration dialog has been
0357   improved.
0358 * A bug where the "Rename Session..." action would operate on the wrong
0359   session has been fixed.
0360 * Yakuake no longer crashes when Konsole is not installed, but instead can-
0361   cels startup with a preceding error dialog.
0362 * Lots of internal cleanup.
0365 Changes in 2.8.1 (KDE 3):
0366 * Added an option to control whether the Yakuake window keeps above other
0367   windows.
0368 * Improved experience for non-KDE users by disabling KRootPixmap-based
0369   pseudo-translucency for them. Gets rid of rendering errors with skins
0370   that make use of the alpha channel. Replaced by configurable skin back-
0371   ground color.
0372 * Fix leftover gap below the window at 100% height or in fullscreen mode.
0373 * Added option to automatically open the Yakuake window when the pointer
0374   touches the screen edge it lives on.
0377 Changes in 2.8:
0378 - Changes since 2.8-beta1:
0379 * Made the new behavior of the Open/Retract action focussing an already
0380   open Yakuake window optional.
0381 * The Xinerama screen setting is now updated when the window is moved to
0382   a different screen using facilities outside of Yakuake itself, such as
0383   the new shortcuts provided by Lubos Lunak's Xinerama Improvements patch-
0384   set for KWin 3.5.x. The window size and position get updated to fit the
0385   new bounding box accordingly.
0386 * Initial session tab label naming is now consistent with Konsole. Instead
0387   of naively incrementing the shell number, the lowest available number is
0388   used.
0389 * Swapped horizontal and vertical split actions for consistency with Kate.
0390 * Added slotSessionName() and slotSessionName(int session_id) DCOP Calls.
0391 * Added sessionIdList() and terminalIdList(int session_id) DCOP calls.
0392 * Naming consistency improvements in the DCOP interface.
0393 * Added more What's This help in the config dialog.
0394 * Minor interface wording improvements.
0395 * Greatly expanded translation coverage.
0397 - Changes in 2.8-beta1:
0398 * Added a proper config dialog. Scale and position settings are previewed in
0399   real-time as the controls are moved.
0400 * Added a Skins page to the config dialog, allowing to list, choose, install and
0401   remove (given the necessary write permissions) skins. The skin format has been
0402   slightly augmented to allow skins to ship a preview icon for the list. Skins can
0403   be switched at runtime without a restart.
0404 * The Plastik skin by Daniel 'suslik' D. has been added to the base package.
0405 * Added support for splitting a session into multiple terminals. Horizontal and
0406   vertical splits can be added and removed at will, as well as resized and
0407   collapsed. To add a split at the active terminal's position, use the keyboard
0408   shortcuts or the session tab context menu. To open a session preconfigred with
0409   a certain split layout click and hold the New Session button on the tab bar,
0410   then choose from the list, or set up keyboard shortcuts for the preconfigured
0411   session types in the shortcut dialog.
0412 * The main menu has been redesigned to conform more to established KDE practices
0413   in layout and naming. Several items have been added corresponding to new Yakuake
0414   features.
0415 * Added a fullscreen mode.
0416 * Improved support for Xinerama multi-head setups.
0417 * Added a first-run dialog to allow changing the open/close shortcut before it
0418   is needed. Note: First-time users of this Yakuake version will be greeted by
0419   this dialog as well.
0420 * Added an About dialog.
0421 * The startup notification popup can now be disabled in the config dialog.
0422 * Activating the open/close shortcut will now bring the Yakuake window to the
0423   foreground and focus it if it was already open but unfocussed, at popular
0424   request.
0425 * Opening dialogs from Yakuake will no longer cause the window to retract.
0426 * Tabs can now be moved. Added corresponding keyboard shortcuts.
0427 * Tabs now have context menus containing several relevant actions, such as
0428   moving and closing them.
0429 * Double-clicking the tab-bar will now open a new session, consistent with
0430   Konsole and other KDE applications.
0431 * Renaming a tab using the in-line edit feature now requires a double-click on
0432   the tab, consistent with established KDE behavior.
0433 * The in-line tab renaming control can now be cancelled with ESC.
0434 * Fixed the interaction model of the tab bar and the buttons to allow cancelling
0435   activations by releasing the mouse button outside of them.
0436 * Added various new keyboard shortcuts corresponding to new Yakuake features and
0437   improved consistency with Konsole in existing shortcuts (e.g. added the
0438   alternate new session shortcut from Konsole).
0439 * Added keyboard shortcuts to switch to session 1 through 12.
0440 * Added keyboard shortcuts to adjust the width and height of the window.
0441 * Added an action and shortcut to paste the X11 selection buffer.
0442 * Added an action to quit Yakuake.
0443 * Made the quit warning with multiple open sessions behave consistently with
0444   Konsole.
0445 * Greatly expanded DCOP interface. Added various new calls corresponding to new
0446   Yakuake features. Made it easier to get information about the application's
0447   state out of it, e.g. the title text of a session or sub-terminal. Fixed bugs
0448   that caused related calls to reply with incorrect information.
0449 * Added What's This help and tooltips to interface elements.
0450 * Optimized the title bar to avoid unnecessary repaints.
0451 * Fixed crashes when using the slotRunCommandInSession DCOP call due to lack of
0452   bounds-checking. Fixed a similar problem with slotRenameSession.
0453 * Bugs that caused the background updating of translucent parts of the Yakuake
0454   window to stop have been fixed.
0455 * Adding a translucent session while the window is closed should no longer
0456   result in a corrupted terminal background when opening the Yakuake window.
0457 * Yakuake will now fall back to the default skin on startup if the skin stored
0458   in the settings cannot be found, rather than crash.
0459 * Fixed a crash when loading non-translucent button images from skins.
0460 * Bugs that caused the quick access options in the menu to come out of sync with
0461   the actual settings have been fixed.
0462 * Fixed " - " postfix showing after the session title text when using skins
0463   without their own postfix.
0464 * Fixed a crash when a terminal in a tab other than the currently selected tab
0465   exits.
0466 * Ported preferences handling to KDE's KConfigXT framework. Aside from cleaner
0467   code, this improves over the old preferences handling by avoiding unnecessary
0468   disk activity (and thus spurious hard drive spin-ups on laptop computers and
0469   other battery-bound devices).
0470 * Disabled startup notifications (i.e. KDE's bouncing cursor) for Yakuake.
0471 * Updated the installation colation of the .desktop menu file to conform to
0472   modern XDG standards.
0475 Changes in 2.7.5:
0476 * Further translations have been added.
0477 * Yakuake no longer spawns login shells in new sessions.
0478 * A keyboard shortcut to rename the selected session has been added.
0479 * The default keyboard shortcuts and their names are now consistent with
0480   Konsole.
0481 * A bug that led to the tab bar not updating after a slotSelectSession DCOP
0482   call was issued has been fixed.
0483 * A bug that could lead to the slotRenameSession DCOP call failing to set a
0484   session label after an older session had been closed has been fixed.
0485 * Upon attempting to set an all-whitespace session label, the label will now
0486   fall back to its prior setting rather than a default label.
0487 * Yakuake will now display a warning before quitting the application with
0488   multiple tabs open.
0491 Changes in 2.7.4:
0492 * A bug in the Makefiles that led to the configure script being run twice has
0493   been fixed.
0494 * The source code is now localizable. First translations are included.
0495 * A bug that could result in a crash on quit has been fixed.
0496 * A bug that could prevent the first line in a new session from being used up to
0497   the full width of the terminal has been fixed.
0498 * The COLORTERM environment variable is now being set in new sessions,
0499   triggering the color detection of Midnight Commander.
0500 * The default session labels are now consistent with Konsole.
0501 * Whitespace at the beginning or end of session labels will now be trimmed.
0502 * Setting all-whitespace session labels is no longer possible.
0505 Changes in 2.7.3:
0506 * Inline renaming of tabs by double-clicking on the tab label
0507 * Processes can now interact with titlebar text
0508 * DCOP call slotToggleState to open/close Yakuake
0509 * DCOP call slotGetSelectedSession
0510 * DCOP call slotSetTitleText