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0001 # TotalReqall
0002 A program for memorizing the Bible and other works. Written in C++ with Qt, KDE Frameworks, and the Sword library.
0004 Features:
0005 - Memorize one Bible verse or select multiple verses from the same chapter and book.
0006 - Install and use multiple Bible translations.
0007  > Bible translations are added by installing new Sword modules. Use Sword's `installmgr` program, install prepackaged modules from your distro's repos, or manually install new modules if you want to add more modules to your system.
0008 - Create your own content to memorize.
0009 - Save items to memorize later.  
0010  > Every time you select a verse or enter custom content and click "Memorize", that item will be saved automatically.  
0011 - Split large items into smaller chunks for easier memorization.  
0012  > Note that currently TotalReqall will only split content at line breaks. If double-spaced breaks exist, TotalReqall will split the content at the double-spaced break. Otherwise, the content will be split at single-spaced line breaks. There are simple settings for configuring the content splitting, including whether to split at all and information about the size of content to split and how large of chunks to split it into.
0013 - Listen to items using text-to-speech.  
0014  > This will only work on systems with text-to-speech available. See [the Qt docs](https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtspeech-index.html) for more details.  
0016 ## How it works
0017 When you select something to memorize, TotalReqall will present you with a screen with a text edit box. This box will contain the content (albeit grayed-out). Type the first letter of each word. When you're done, click "Continue". The text box will now contain every other word grayed-out. Again, type the first letter of each word and click "Continue". Now the text box will be empty. This means that you will have to type the first letter of each word from memory.
0019 If you have enabled content splitting, this process will be repeated for each chunk. Then TotalReqall will run this process on the whole thing.
0021 Once you've memorized something, TotalReqall will not give you any hints the next time you select it.  
0022 > Note that this currently resets every time TotalReqall is restarted.
0024 ## Installing
0025 You will need to install the Sword library. Also, make sure that you have at least one Sword module installed (failure to provide a module may cause bad behavior).
0027 If you want text-to-speech, you will need to install the Qt Speech module as well. If you don't, pass `-DTTS_ENABLED=OFF` to cmake.
0029 ### Debian/Ubuntu
0030 ```bash
0031 # sword-text-kjv is the King James Version module for Sword
0032 # If you don't want text-to-speech, you don't need libqt5texttospeech5-dev
0033 sudo apt install build-essential cmake extra-cmake-modules qt5-default qtbase5-dev libkf5i18n-dev libkf5xmlgui-dev libqt5texttospeech5-dev libsword-dev sword-text-kjv
0034 ```
0036 ### Fedora
0037 ```bash
0038 # Again, qt5-qtspeech-devel is not required
0039 dnf install g++ ninja cmake extra-cmake-modules qt5-qtbase-devel kf5-ki18n-devel kf5-kxmlgui-devel qt5-qtspeech-devel sword-devel
0040 # Note that Fedora does not bundle any Sword modules; you will need to install them yourself. To get Sword's installmgr program, install this:
0041 dnf install sword-utils
0042 ```
0044 ### macOS (Untested, please get in touch if you've got this working)
0045 ```bash
0046 brew tap kde-mac/kde https://invent.kde.org/packaging/homebrew-kde.git --force-auto-update
0047 # This command is optional. If you find yourself having linking problems with any KDE libraries, run this before installing the KDE libraries.
0048 "$(brew --repo kde-mac/kde)/tools/do-caveats.sh"
0049 brew install qt kde-mac/kde/kf5-kcoreaddons kde-ki18n kde-mac/kde/kf5- kde-mac/kde/kde-extra-cmake-modules sword gettext
0050 ```
0052 Build and install with cmake.
0054 ```bash
0055 mkdir build && cd build
0056 cmake .. # don't forget to pass -DTTS_ENABLED=OFF if desired
0057 cmake --build .
0058 sudo cmake --install .
0059 ```
0061 ## Contributing
0062 All MRs will be reviewed, even if they are not accepted. Please run `clang-format -i src/*.cpp src/*.h` in the root of the repo before committing.
0064 ## Bugs
0065 Use the TotalReqall product on [bugs.kde.org](https://bugs.kde.org).
0067 ## Contact
0068 Drop a line at [#totalreqall:kde.org](https://matrix.to/#/#totalreqall:kde.org) or join #kde-totalreqall on Freenode. Note: Matrix is preferred.
0070 ## What's with the name?
0071 This program is designed to help you memorize things, hence "Total Recall". The *q* in "TotalReqall" references the fact that this software is made using Qt.