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0001 Okteta project
0002 ==============
0003 Made within the KDE community.
0005 Copyright: 2003-2023 Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau@kde.org>
0007 Author/Maintainer: Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau@kde.org>
0010 Overview
0011 --------
0012 This repository holds the files of the Okteta project. This project is about
0013 viewing and editing of data on the byte level.
0015 It is divided into three parts, the first two are for developing and the last
0016 one for users:
0017 * basic libraries offering Qt-based classes for viewing/editing bytearrays
0018 * Okteta elements for the Kasten framework
0019 * program Okteta and Okteta KPart
0021 The basic libraries, liboktetacore and liboktetagui, contain the classic simple
0022 Qt/KF widgets/classes others want to reuse in their code by linking to these
0023 libraries. Additionally there is a Qt Designer plugin for the two Okteta widgets
0024 from liboktetagui. This part is spread over the subdirs [core/](core/), [gui/](gui/), and
0025 [designer/](designer/).
0027 The Okteta elements for the Kasten framework are specific Okteta classes for
0028 building programs and plugins with the Kasten framework. The elements are
0029 divided into the libraries liboktetakastencore, liboktetakastengui, and
0030 liboktetakastencontroller, all found in the subdir [kasten/](kasten/).
0031 The foundation of the framework Kasten itself is currently found within the
0032 Okteta sources, in the subdirectory [libs/kasten/](libs/kasten/).
0034 The end-user products are the stand-alone program also named Okteta and a KPart
0035 useable e.g. for Konqueror. These are in the subdirs [program/](program/)and [parts/](parts/).
0038 What to find in which subdirectory
0039 ----------------------------------
0040 [core/](core/):
0041   core library for Qt-based bytearray viewer/editor widgets, liboktetacore
0043 [gui/](gui/):
0044   gui library for QWidget-based bytearray viewer/editor widgets, liboktetagui
0046 [designer/](designer/):
0047   plugin for Qt Designer to add support for widgets from the Okteta gui library
0049 [kasten/](kasten/):
0050   Okteta elements for the Kasten framework (currently found in libs/kasten)
0052 [parts/](parts/):
0053   collection of plugins based on the Okteta libraries
0055 [parts/kpart/](parts/kpart/):
0056   plugin of the type KPart::ReadWritePart, with BrowserExtension
0058 [program/](program/):
0059   a standalone hex editor program, based on the Kasten framework
0061 [libs/](libs/):
0062   neutral utility libs and frameworks, useful outside Okteta, e.g. Kasten