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0001 There's still plenty of things to do (assorted, incomplete):
0002 - unit-tests for backends (important)
0003 - (unit-)tests for frontends
0004 - fd.o Secrets client API
0005 - adapt KWallet client API
0006 - a backend based on the kwl file-format
0007 - ACLs for determining which applications are allowed to access the
0008   secrets (per-collection should be fine, probably based on information from
0009   /proc)
0010 - ways to implement calls that require used-interaction (authorization)
0011 - devising a new file-format that supports the features of the D-Bus API
0012 - do Prompt objects need a maximum lifetime? It seems misbehaving clients could just
0013   create a lot of them and neither execute nor dismiss them
0014 - see also TODO's in other subdirectories
0015 - use IMAP as a place-holder to centrally store secrets file
0016 - Firefox plugin