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0012 <title>The Bookmark Editor</title>
0013 <authorgroup>
0014 <author>&Pamela.Roberts;</author>
0016 </authorgroup>
0018 <date>2016-11-04</date>
0020 <releaseinfo>Applications 16.12</releaseinfo>
0022 <keywordset>
0023 <keyword>bookmarks</keyword>
0024 <keyword>editor</keyword>
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0026 </articleinfo>
0028 <para>In many applications (&eg; &konqueror;, &konsole;, &konversation;)
0029 the <menuchoice><guimenu>Bookmarks</guimenu><guimenuitem>Edit
0030 Bookmarks</guimenuitem> </menuchoice> option opens the <guilabel>Bookmark
0031 Editor</guilabel>.</para>
0032 <para>Alternatively you can launch the editor as standalone application
0033 to edit the browser bookmarks.</para>
0034 <para>The editor shows a tree view of your bookmarks and bookmark subfolders.
0035 As is usual for tree views in &kde;, subfolders are shown with a small
0036 <keycap>&gt;</keycap> arrow at the left of the folder name;
0037 <mousebutton>left</mousebutton> clicking on it will expand the view to
0038 show the contents of that subfolder and the <keycap>&gt;</keycap> arrow will
0039 change to <keycap>v</keycap>; <mousebutton>left</mousebutton> clicking on the
0040 <keycap>v</keycap> arrow will collapse the subfolder view.</para>
0042 <para>To select an item in the list you can <mousebutton>left</mousebutton>
0043 click on it, or you can navigate through the list by using the <keysym>Up</keysym>
0044 and <keysym>Down</keysym> keys to move around, <keysym>Right</keysym> to expand a subfolder and
0045 <keysym>Left</keysym> to collapse it.</para>
0047 <para>You can move an item to a different place in the list by using the
0048 normal Drag and Drop or <guimenuitem>Cut</guimenuitem> and <guimenuitem>
0049 Paste</guimenuitem> methods. The order in which the items appear in
0050 the <guilabel>Bookmark Editor</guilabel> is the order they will appear in the
0051 <guimenu>Bookmarks</guimenu> drop down list. The <menuchoice><guimenu>Folder
0052 </guimenu><guimenuitem>Insert Separator</guimenuitem></menuchoice> option can
0053 be used to insert separating lines into the list wherever you wish.</para>
0055 <para>A new subfolder can be created at the selected point in the list by
0056 using the <guimenuitem>New Folder...</guimenuitem> option in the
0057 <guimenu>Folder</guimenu> menu or from the drop down menu you get when you
0058 <mousebutton>right</mousebutton> click on an item in the main part of the
0059 window, or with <keycombo action="simul">&Ctrl;<keycap>N</keycap></keycombo>
0060 </para>
0062 <para>To change the name of a bookmark or folder select it then press
0063 <keycap>F2</keycap> or choose the <guimenuitem>Rename</guimenuitem> item from
0064 the <guimenu>Edit</guimenu> menu or the pop up menu that appears when you
0065 <mousebutton>right</mousebutton> click on the item. Similarly, you can edit
0066 the &URL; by pressing <keycap>F3</keycap> or choosing the <guimenuitem>
0067 Change Location</guimenuitem> menu item.</para>
0069 <para>The <guilabel>Bookmark Editor</guilabel> lets you import bookmarks from
0070 a range of other browsers into &konqueror;'s bookmark list, putting them into
0071  a new folder or replacing all current bookmarks. To do this select
0072 <guisubmenu>Import</guisubmenu> from the <guimenu>File</guimenu> menu. The
0073 <menuchoice><guimenu>File</guimenu><guisubmenu>Export</guisubmenu>
0074 </menuchoice> option can be used to export &konqueror;'s bookmarks to a
0075 Mozilla browser.</para>
0077 <para>To select which bookmark subfolder is used to hold the Bookmark
0078 Toolbar items select the subfolder then choose <guimenuitem>Set as Toolbar
0079 Folder</guimenuitem> from the <guimenu>Folder</guimenu> menu.</para>
0081 <para>If you are tidying up your bookmarks and have forgotten what a
0082 particular web page is, you can easily open it from within the <guilabel>
0083 Bookmark Editor</guilabel> by <mousebutton>right</mousebutton> clicking
0084 on the item and selecting <guimenuitem>Open in Konqueror</guimenuitem> from
0085 the pop up menu. If you just want to check that the &URL; is still valid
0086 select <guimenuitem>Check Status</guimenuitem> instead.</para>
0088 <note><para>All your changes are automatically saved if you close
0089 the <guilabel>Bookmark Editor</guilabel>.
0090 </para></note>
0094 &underFDL;
0095 &underGPL;
0097 </article>