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0001 == ToDo ==
0002 * Redo KCalcButton
0004 * Use validator for constant value line edits in configure.
0006 * Have a look at Evan's new stack engine kcalc_core.cpp. But be very careful
0007 not to create new bugs. Also think why statistic-function in an independent file.
0009 * Implement integer arithmetic for (unsigned int, signed int,
0010 unsigned short,...). Look here at some of Evan's code.
0012 * think what to do with cos, sin, etc. right now, as work-around cast KNumber to double,
0013 use standard libc cos, sin, etc., cast back
0015 ====Below old TODOs ===
0016 * key groups for color configuration need to be rethought
0017 * better to handle keys with "accel" or with "keyPressEvent"?
0019 * check whether DelFormer Input in stat-mode works after using median!