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0001 1.3
0002   features for sysadmins, split by users etc.
0004 1.2
0005   split rendering engine from data-gatherer and allow data to be fed through a pipe thus allowing different data sources to be profiled.
0006   show preview icons next to the labels
0007   last access time colour scheme
0008   History actions need to have menu pulldown just like konqi
0009   show statusbar signal to say that diretories weren't scanned due to lack of permissions (allow user to enter root password, for this scan only or to keep and then scan only bits that were missed)
0010   determine if canvas is too square and shrink map accordingly
0012 1.1
0013   If scanning a partition show free space
0014   if the view is square shrink the map slightly as a slightly rectangular view is preferable
0015   use kdirwatcher, then move rescan to scan menu, rename force rescan
0016   clicking center goes up directory
0017   refactor disklister.cpp
0018   implement vectors instead of double-linked lists for file data
0019   Trace inodes in binarytree to avoid recursive hardlinks and counting same directory tree twice
0020   admin mode
0021   fix that Part settings file is not same as app settings file
0022   support other mouse actions for central circle (ie middle click, right click)
0023   write caches for all scans, so if crash or something that root scan that took 20 mins is not lost
0025 MAYBE
0026   flicking mouse wheel shows different information in tooltip, and there's an off setting, show temp status message to reflect info box
0027   ideally, eventually show which labels are children of which by grouping them with a coloured square or something
0028   create html summary files (pics and text)