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0001 /**
0002  * SPDX-FileCopyrightText: (C) 2003 Sébastien Laoût <slaout@linux62.org>
0003  *
0004  * SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
0005  */
0007 #ifndef NOTEFACTORY_H
0008 #define NOTEFACTORY_H
0010 #include "notecontent.h" //For NoteType::Id
0012 class QColor;
0013 class QPixmap;
0014 class QString;
0015 class QStringList;
0017 class QUrl;
0018 class QMimeType;
0020 class BasketScene;
0021 class Note;
0023 /** Factory class to create (new, drop, paste) or load BasketIem, and eventually save them (?)
0024  * @author Sébastien Laoût
0025  */
0026 namespace NoteFactory
0027 {
0028 /** Functions to create a new note from a content item.
0029  * Content, if any, is saved to file but the note is not inserted in the basket, and the basket is not saved.
0030  * Return 0 if the note has not been successfully created.
0031  * In some cases, the returned note can be a group containing several notes or the first note of a chained list.
0032  * The method BasketScene::TODO() can insert several grouped or chained notes without problem.
0033  */
0034 Note *createNoteText(const QString &text, BasketScene *parent, bool reallyPlainText = false);
0035 Note *createNoteHtml(const QString &html, BasketScene *parent);
0036 Note *createNoteLink(const QUrl &url, BasketScene *parent);
0037 Note *createNoteLink(const QUrl &url, const QString &title, BasketScene *parent);
0038 Note *createNoteCrossReference(const QUrl &url, BasketScene *parent);
0039 Note *createNoteCrossReference(const QUrl &url, const QString &title, BasketScene *parent);
0040 Note *createNoteCrossReference(const QUrl &url, const QString &title, const QString &icon, BasketScene *parent);
0041 Note *createNoteImage(const QPixmap &image, BasketScene *parent);
0042 Note *createNoteColor(const QColor &color, BasketScene *parent);
0043 Note *createNoteFromText(const QString &content, BasketScene *parent); // Find automatically the type from the text meaning  // TODO: Return Note::List?
0044 Note *createNoteLauncher(const QUrl &url, BasketScene *parent);
0045 Note *createNoteLauncher(const QString &command, const QString &name, const QString &icon, BasketScene *parent);
0046 Note *createNoteUnknown(const QMimeData *source, BasketScene *parent);
0047 /** Functions to create derived notes from a content */
0048 Note *createNoteLinkOrLauncher(const QUrl &url, BasketScene *parent);
0049 Note *copyFileAndLoad(const QUrl &url, BasketScene *parent);
0050 Note *moveFileAndLoad(const QUrl &url, BasketScene *parent);
0051 Note *loadFile(const QString &fileName, BasketScene *parent);                    /// << Determine the content of the file (the file SHOULD exists) and return a note of the good type.
0052 Note *loadFile(const QString &fileName, NoteType::Id type, BasketScene *parent); /// <<  Create a note of type @p type. The file is not obliged to exist.
0053 /** Functions to create a new note from a drop or paste event */
0054 Note *dropNote(const QMimeData *source, BasketScene *parent, bool fromDrop = false, Qt::DropAction action = Qt::CopyAction, Note *noteSource = nullptr);
0055 bool movingNotesInTheSameBasket(const QMimeData *source, BasketScene *parent, Qt::DropAction action);
0056 Note *dropURLs(QList<QUrl> urls, BasketScene *parent, Qt::DropAction action, bool fromDrop);
0057 Note *decodeContent(QDataStream &stream, NoteType::Id type, BasketScene *parent); /// << Decode the @p stream to a note or return 0 if a general loadFile() is sufficient.
0058 void consumeContent(QDataStream &stream, NoteType::Id type);                      /// << Decode the @p stream to a note or return 0 if a general loadFile() is sufficient.
0059 /** Functions to create a note file but not load it in a note object */
0060 QString createNoteLauncherFile(const QString &command, const QString &name, const QString &icon, BasketScene *parent);
0061 /** Other useful functions */
0062 NoteType::Id typeForURL(const QUrl &url, BasketScene *parent);
0063 bool maybeText(const QMimeType &mimeType);
0064 bool maybeHtml(const QMimeType &mimeType);
0065 bool maybeImage(const QMimeType &mimeType);
0066 bool maybeAnimation(const QMimeType &mimeType);
0067 bool maybeSound(const QMimeType &mimeType);
0068 bool maybeLauncher(const QMimeType &mimeType);
0069 QString fileNameForNewNote(BasketScene *parent, const QString &wantedName);
0070 QString createFileForNewNote(BasketScene *parent, const QString &extension, const QString &wantedName = QString());
0071 QUrl filteredURL(const QUrl &url);
0072 QString titleForURL(const QUrl &url);
0073 QString iconForURL(const QUrl &url);
0074 QString iconForCommand(const QString &command);
0075 bool isIconExist(const QString &icon);
0076 QStringList textToURLList(const QString &text); // @Return { url1, title1, url2, title2, url3, title3... }
0077 /** Insert GUI menu */
0078 Note *createEmptyNote(NoteType::Id type, BasketScene *parent); // Insert empty if of type Note::Type
0079 Note *importKMenuLauncher(BasketScene *parent);
0080 Note *importIcon(BasketScene *parent);
0081 Note *importFileContent(BasketScene *parent);
0083 void loadNode(const QDomElement &content, const QString &lowerTypeName, Note *parent, bool lazyLoad);
0084 }
0086 #endif // NOTEFACTORY_H