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0002 # Contributing To Atelier
0003 Atelier is an open source project and all open source projects need contrubitors. Thank you for taking the time to read this document and Thank you for your future contributions to this project. 
0005 ----
0006 ## Prerequisites
0007 In order to contrbute directly to AtCore you will need to have a [KDE Identity]. You should create a fork on [KDE Invent] to work within. You may wish to join us on [IRC] or [Telegram].
0009 ## Ways you can contribute
0010 There are several ways you can contribute
0011  - Submit or Help to confirm bugs in our [Bug Tracker].
0012  - Find Errors in the documentation or help to otherwise improve it
0013  - Help users solve their issues
0014  - Help to review Code (Watch the project on [KDE Invent])
0015  - Commit new code or code to fix bugs. 
0017 ## General Contribution Workflow
0018 The Following Is the General work flow for most contrubitions
0019  - Create changes on your local fork in a new branch
0020  - Submit your change create a Merge Request on [KDE Invent]
0021  - Wait for review
0022  - Update your commits with any changes, and update your Merge Request after.
0023  - Mark all your "Issues" resolved in your MR. 
0024  - Repeat Review / Update until changes is accepted.
0025  - A Maintainer will Merge when the changes is ready.
0027 ### General Coding Guidelines
0028 The following guidelines apply to all submited code.
0030  - Follow the [KDE style guidelines]
0031  - Use constant referances when possible
0032  - Includes should be alphabetical.
0033  - Headers should use `#pragma once`.
0034  - Auto should not be used if the type is not explict.
0035  - Objects should have logical varible and function names
0036  - Code should always be readable, comment your code when it makes sense.
0038 ### Commit Guidelines
0039 Keeping a clean project history requires that we take care when choosing how we will commit our code. Consider the following when creating commits. ALL COMMITS MUST BE REVIEWED BEFORE PUSHING TO MASTER.
0041  - Follow the [KDE commit guidelines]
0042  - Reviewers: laysrodrigues, rizzitello, patrickelectric, tcanabrava
0043  - Be sure to make any review issues as resolved.
0044  - Keep your base upto date. 
0045  - Amend your local commits to fix review issues.
0046  - Always Ammend commits to update them
0047  - Never fix a commit with another commit.
0048  - Update your commits with `git commit --amend`
0049  - Update your MR with `git push --force`
0050  - Revisions require a majority acceptance rate before landing
0051  - Your Merge Request will be merged when your code when its ready
0053 [IRC]: https://web.libera.chat/
0054 [Telegram]: https://telegram.me/KDEAtelier
0055 [Bug Tracker]: https://bugs.kde.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=Atelier
0056 [KDE Identity]: https://identity.kde.org/
0057 [KDE Invent]: https://invent.kde.org
0058 [KDE style guidelines]: https://community.kde.org/Policies/Kdelibs_Coding_Style
0059 [KDE commit guidelines]: https://community.kde.org/Policies/Commit_Policy