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0001 Please compile Simon with the provided build.sh script.
0003 There are the following dependencies.
0005 Required build-time dependency:
0006 1. KDE libraries and workspace (4.8 or newer)
0008 Optional build-time dependencies:
0009 1. KDE Pim Libs . Enables the optional command plugin "Akonadi" that allows
0010 Simon to trigger commands at certain times and to use Simon dialogs as
0011 calendar reminders.
0012 2. LibSampleRate (http://www.mega-nerd.com/SRC/). If you build Simon with LibSampleRate support, it can
0013 automatically resample audio in- and output for devices that don't support the
0014 required configuration.
0015 3. qaccessibilityclient (http://cmusphinx.sf.net://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/accessibility/libkdeaccessibilityclient). Enables the experimental ATSPI integration.
0016 4. Sphinxbase, PocketSphinx, SphinxTrain (http://cmusphinx.sf.net). Together, they enable SPHINX support in Simon
0017 (model compilation and recognition).
0018 5. OpenCV (http://opencv.org). Enables the face detection and lip detection context plugins.
0020 Optional runtime dependencies:
0021 Julius (http://julius.sourceforge.jp/en_index.php) and the HTK
0022 (http://htk.eng.cam.ac.uk) enable the use of HTK models when installed.
0025 Please refer to the manual for more information.