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0001 1. Firefox doesn't support transparent menu or corner radius.
0002    *Related to firefox assuming menus and popups are opaque.*
0003    *Patching firefox can fix the problem, need to figure out whether it can be*
0004    *monkey patched.*
0005 2. Partially set translucent background crashes amarok (in opengl).
0006    (Also affects Oxygen Transparent.)
0007    **Doesn't crash anymore after doing prepolish, need more tests.**
0008 3. Transparent dialog break Qt MDI window.
0009    **Partially fixed by drawing background ourselves.**
0010    *Need to figure out what Oxygen Transparent is doing, what's wrong with*
0011    *preview window (preview window magically looks good now).*
0012 4. Transparent background make chromium render incorrectly, *need to check if*
0013    *Oxygen-gtk's solution (set rgba on a pre-widget bases) works*.
0014    *Setting rgba only on menus should work around the problem.*
0015 5. Cannot make QMainWindow in Qt5 transparent because of upstream bug.
0016    [Qt-Bug](https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-34064)
0017    **WORKED AROUND**. *Need more test*
0018 6. Menubar in qt does not have translucent background! (NOT True, the problem is
0019    double background drawing)
0020    **Fixed by setting proper composition mode**.
0021    *TODO: need to add a better way to just use parent background. Useful*
0022    *especially when background images are used.*
0023 7. Remove most application hacks if not all. **WIP**
0024 8. PyQt5, Musescore and (occasionally) QtCreator seg fault on exit in a QtDBus
0025    destructor even when QtCurve is not linked to QtDBus.
0026 9. QtCurve preference background blur has some problem.
0027 10. combobox list background no blur. *Fixed by adding the widget to the*
0028     *whitelist, need to figure out whether this is the best way.*
0029 11. QtQuickControl is a mess... *Need improvment on Qt5 side*
0030 12. Plasma Kickoff (in panel) scrollbar has transparent background...
0031     **Seems fixed with prepolishing.**
0032 13. KPartsplugin window does not have styled background.
0033     *KParsPlugin messes arround with some widget properties and flags*
0034     *Also, different browsers seem to create plugin windows with*
0035     *different depth.*
0036 14. QMdiSubWindow is filled with solid color when the background is not set to
0037     flat. *May related to the previous problem (Event Filter?)*