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0001 Author: Martin Koller, kollix@aon.at
0002 First release: Oktober 2017
0004 liquidshell is a basic Desktop Shell implemented using QtWidgets.
0006 Main Features:
0007 - Wallpaper per virtual desktop
0008 - Weather, Disk Usage, Picture Frame Applets (per virtual desktop or on all)
0009 - No animations, low memory and CPU footprint
0010 - Instant startup
0011 - QtWidgets based, therefore follows widget style from systemsettings
0012 - Icons are used from your globally defined icon theme from systemsettings
0013 - Colors are used from your globally defined color theme from systemsettings
0014 - Can additionally be styled with css by passing the commandline option -stylesheet filename.css
0015   (see included example stylesheet.css)
0016 - uses existing KDE Frameworks dialogs for most configurations, e.g. StartMenu, Virtual Desktops, Bluetooth, Network
0017 - Just one bottom DesktopPanel, containing:
0018   StartMenu (allowing drag of entries into konqueror/dolphin to configure QuickLaunch or AppMenu entries)
0019   QuickLaunch (showing icons for .desktop files from a configurable folder)
0020   AppMenu (showing .desktop files in a menu from a configurable folder, defaults to users desktop folder)
0021   Pager (for switching virtual desktops)
0022   WindowList (Popup showing all open windows on all desktops)
0023   TaskBar (showing windows on the current desktop, allowing drag of an entry onto the Pager to move to a different desktop)
0024   LockLogout
0025   SysLoad widget including CPU, Memory, Swap and Network bars, live updated tooltip
0026   SysTray with integrated Network-, Notifications-, Device Notifier-, Bluetooth-, Battery- display.
0027       It also features PackageKit software updates integration.
0028       The DeviceList also shows devices connected and paired with KDEConnect.
0029       Display of StatusNotifier items from other applications (no legacy embedded icons yet).
0030       Notifications kept in a history list for some minutes, including timestamp and text selectable per mouse
0031       (very handy for copy/paste of TAC numbers from online banking received via SMS and transferred to KDE
0032        via kdeconnect)
0033   Clock widget (with calendar popup, tooltip for selected cities)
0035 How to start liquidshell instead of plasmashell
0036 -----------------------------------------------
0038 Select "Liquidshell" from the list of possible session types on your login screen
0040 Building from source
0041 --------------------
0043 mkdir build
0044 cd build
0045 cmake ..
0046 make
0049 Configuration
0050 ------------------------
0051 To change the appearance details (beside the widget style, fonts, icon theme and color scheme
0052 selected via the systemsettings), you can use the commandline option -stylesheet filename.css
0053 to provide a Qt CSS widget stylesheet. For some examples see the included stylesheet.css file.
0054 For details about the syntax and possible options see http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/stylesheet.html
0056 #############
0057 To explicitly disable the Software-Updater (packagekit based), set the ~/.config/liquidshellrc
0058 config file entry:
0060 [SoftwareUpdates]
0061 enabled=false
0063 The config file and a default entry will be created at first run of liquidshell
0065 #############
0066 To explicitly disable icons shown on the Pager buttons, set the ~/.config/liquidshellrc
0067 config file entry:
0069 [Pager]
0070 showIcons=true
0072 The config file and a default entry will be created at first run of liquidshell