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0001 This repository contains various metadata to be used by build scripts to support proper
0002 building of KDE projects.
0004 As I currently envision it, this will at least do the following:
0006 1. Mark repositories that should not be downloaded, built or otherwise handled
0007 by build scripts but are actually active (the big example being -www
0008 directories which simply hold websites).
0010 This will be held in the file 'build-script-ignore', which will be just a
0011 newline-separated list of KDE Project path names to ignore, as given in the
0012 <path> tag under <component>, <module>, etc.
0014 2. Give dependency data to show which KDE project modules depend on other ones,
0015 so that sub-projects of a given project can still be built in the right order
0016 no matter how they are arranged in the XML database.
0018 I would imagine this will be in the file 'dependency-data', which would have a
0019 newline-separated list of KDE Project path names to KDE Project path name
0020 dependencies, in Makefile format.
0022 e.g.
0024 extragear/kdevelop/kdevelop: extragear/kdevelop/kdevplatform
0025 extragear/kdevelop/utilities/*: extragear/kdevelop/kdevelop
0027 (A wildcard format would be permissible to force all modules in that XML path
0028 to develop on some module $foo (except $foo itself, if $foo happens to be in
0029 that set)).
0031 However I still haven't coded this or fully fleshed it out, and I need to
0032 consult with Michael Jansen to see what he could use or would need for his
0033 kde-build Ruby script.
0035 At some point comments should be supported in both files, but I haven't coded anything
0036 special for that yet in kdesrc-build.
0038  - Michael Pyne, mpyne@kde.org
0040 Syntax:
0042 <path_specifier>[<branch>]: <path_specifier>[<branch>]
0044 <path_specifier> on the right hand side might be prefixed with "-" to indicate that
0045 that dependency is not valid for the given project and branch.