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0001 The most global class is 'Project'. It is a singleton and keeps project-related data/settings
0002 'Settings' is also a singleton (src/prefs).
0004 ==LokalizeMainWindow==
0005 'LokalizeMainWindow' is the main window with multitabs interface.
0006 Uses QMdiArea for tabbing interface, and guiFactory()->addClient()/guiFactory()->removeClient()
0007 to merge actions from tabs (editor, project overview, tm-search tab), and StatusBarProxy to deliver info from tabs.
0008 Tabs are KMainWindows + KXmlGuiCleints.
0010 ==Project Overview tab==
0011 Hacks KDirLister to merge contents from two dirs.
0012 uses kdesdk/strigi-analyzer/po to scan translation files
0014 ==Editor tab==
0015 'EditorTab' is a dispatcher (controller) for one catalog editing window (tab).
0016 'EditorView' is msgid/msgstr viewer/editor for it.
0017 'MsgCtxtView', 'GlossaryView' and other QDockWidget derivatives provide specialized features.
0018 All specialized actions should go into views (QDockWidgets) or separate classes used from views.
0020 'Catalog' is a controller+proxymodel for CatalogStorage translation files
0021 'CatalogStorage' is interface for different storage models (QVector for gettext, QDom for xliff)
0023 ==Translation Memory==
0024 Implemented as series of jobs running in second thread (src/tm/jobs.cpp).
0025 See initDB() for database schema
0027 ==Glossary==
0028 SAX parser/generator based. Tries to preserve unknown metadata on saving when possible.
0031 API docs:
0032 http://api.kde.org/4.x-api/kdesdk-apidocs/lokalize/html/annotated.html