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0001 Version 1.9 - 2021-
0002 ===========================
0003 *Rewrite of SourceData::FileData::preprocess now only loops through file contents once.
0004 *Major rework of event handling
0005   -Move away from event filters where feasible, drop code for events now handled by qt.
0006   -decentralize handlers
0007 *take advantage of Qt and boost signal/slot pattern to avoid needless nullptr checks.
0008   -decentralize cut/paste handling
0009 *Introduce LineRef wrapper class
0010 *Add enum types and use existing ones.
0011   -improves readability of code.
0012 *split out doDirectoryCompare from improveFilenames
0013   -Principle of least surprise
0014 *Stop mis-using c style [] pointer access there is no documented reason to assume QVector<T> has a
0015   c-style memory layout. Much less that this will remain so.
0017 Not even going to try to list everything here.
0019 See git history for complete log.