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This is vim support for kdesrc-build. To use, place ftdetect/kdesrc-buildrc.vim in your $VIMRUNTIME/ftdetect folder (create the folder if necessary, $VIMRUNTIME is normally ~/.vim). This detects kdesrc-buildrc files.
Additionally place syntax/kdesrc-buildrc.vim in the $VIMRUNTIME/syntax folder (again, create if necessary). This allows Vim to properly highlight your kdesrc-buildrc when it's detected.
Use ":set ft" to see what filetype is detected if it doesn't work.
The highlighting is quite simplistic, many improvements could easily be made for those with interest and some free time....
NOTE: Kate and kwrite support is included in the "kdesrc-buildrc.xml" file that has been included and updated with kdesrc-build for years (and is now part of the KTextEditor framework for KF5). Improvements to that are encouraged as well. :)
- Michael Pyne,, 2014 Aug 08

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