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I'm working (again) on trying to document some of what this code actually does.
I've really tried hard to get used to Perl's POD format but it's not happening. NaturalDocs didn't work well either.
I actually switched to Sphinx but it's pretty difficult to have it hyperlink to (or even understand) Perl code, and the syntax is more annoying than I'd expected of rST.
So right now I'm going for AsciiDoc, using the AsciiDoctor software (since AsciiDoc itself carries a 700MB install cost even for its minimal 'base' release, at least on Ubuntu).
Until I add that into the build chain for kdesrc-build, it should be as simple as installing it (sudo apt-get install asciidoctor) and then running "asciidoctor index.adoc ksb/*.adoc" for now.

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