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0001 Pretty-printers for GDB
0003 These allow you to use GDB's print command to print useful representations of
0004 Qt objects, like QStrings. At least GDB 7.3 is required.
0006 The printers can be loaded globally, by sourcing the load-qt5printers.py file.
0007 This can interfere with Qt4 debugging sessions, though, so you probably want to
0008 do this on a per-session basis.
0010 Alternatively, you can use create-qt5-autoloaders.py to generate auto-load
0011 scripts that will load and unload the pretty printers with the Qt5 libraries.
0012 Note that you will have re-generate these every time the Qt5 soversion changes
0013 (ie: whenever you upgrade your Qt5 instance).
0015 See the comments at the top of the script files for more information.
0017 At some point, possibly when it's a bit more complete and has had a bit of
0018 testing, this should be upstreamed to Qt, which will eliminate the need for
0019 users to generate the auto-load scripts.
0022 NOTE
0023 ====
0025 KDevelop also provides GDB pretty-printers, which should work with Qt4 and Qt5
0026 (they attempt to auto-detect the version at runtime). Those ones are suitable
0027 for including in your ~/.gdbinit. I may, therefore, remove these ones at some
0028 point in the future (probably after upstreaming them to Qt).
0030 See https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/kdevelop/kdevelop/repository/revisions/master/show/debuggers/gdb/printers