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scripts/: helper scripts for working with cmake samples/: here you can find samples for using cmake for building KDE 3 apps nightly-support/: this is for files which are useful for running Nightly builds of KDE (and maybe also other cmake-based projects9

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Stuff in this directory:
adddebug Modifies the Makefile to add debug info (-g) Modifies a source file to add a trace as the first line of every method, using kdDebug, and showing args values.


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You can copy the CMakeLists.txt files you find here to the equivalent directories in kdebase (KDE 3.4.x and KDE 3.5.x should work) and then run cmake there. This should create Makefiles or KDevelop project files which you can use to compile these apps.
Alexander Neundorf, 2006

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am2cmake: converts's to CMakeLists.txt
generate_findpackage_file: generate a cmake FindFoo.cmake file by asking some questions and filling out the rest
gencmake: tries to automatically generate CMakeLists.txt by looking at the directory contents

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