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0001 This directory contains some scripts to convert output of different
0002 profiling tools into the format which can be loaded by KCachegrind.
0003 See the comment at start of every script for details.
0005 In the long run, these should be replaced by import filters in
0006 KCachegrind directly, but I can't promise anything. Partly, this
0007 is because some scripts are provided as contribution from others.
0009 hotshot2calltree   Converter from Python Hotshot Profiler.
0010 op2calltree        Converter from OProfile sampling data. 
0011 dprof2calltree     Converter from PERL::DProf Profiler.
0012 pprof2calltree     Converter from APD PHP Profiler.
0014 Thanks go to
0015 * George Schlossnagle <george@omniti.com> for
0016   dprof2calltree and pprof2calltree,
0017 * Jörg Beyer <job@webde-ag.de> for
0018   hotshot2calltree
0020 If you want to write a converter, have a look at the callgrind format
0021 description on the web site (kcachegrind.github.io).
0023 Josef