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0001 Known Bugs
0003 * Cost values do not update after the formula of a derived event type
0004   was changed. One has to change to another event type and back (9/2011)
0006   Reason: For derived event types, class ProfileCostArray caches the cost,
0007   calculated from the formula, as this is used multiple times. The cache
0008   is only invalidated when the cost of another event type is requested.
0010   Possible fix: Invalidate the cache of every cost item after a formula
0011   change. Tricky and takes time. Better allocate a new event type and
0012   remove old?
0014 * KCachegrind allows two event types to be shown. If they are set to the
0015   same, and this event type is removed, KCachegrind crashes.
0017   Reason: By design, only one of the event types can be changed at a time.
0018   Still, on a change, the cost for the other event type is updated. As
0019   the event type is already deleted, the crash happens.
0021   Possible fix: delete event type after selecting another event type before.
0022   Tricky, as change actions are delayed by a timer.
0023   Another fix: do not allow the two event types to be the same.