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0001 Cervisia requires cvs 1.10 on the cvs server. With
0002 cvs 1.9, diffs don't work! As this old version has a
0003 y2k bug, switching is advisable anyway.
0005 From version 1.1 on, Cervisia implements the menu item
0006 File->Revert. This hands over the command 'cvs update -C'
0007 to the cvs client. This works only for cvs >= 1.11.
0009 Bug reports are welcome. My time is limited, so don't
0010 expect wonders.
0011 If you want to contribute bugfixes or improvements,
0012 check out the source code from anonymous kde cvs.
0013 In order to bootstrap the package, you have to
0014 'make -f Makefile.cvs' there. Then you can make patches
0015 either by using 'cvs diff -u' or by using the 'Create
0016 patch' menu item in Cervisia.
0019 Christian Loose <christian.loose@hamburg.de>