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This file contains instructions on installing, a short description and hints on contributing. Please read carefully :-)
*Installing* After unpacking the source code, run - make - make install


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This is a Kopete plugin that automatically sets the user's status according to events in their Calendar.

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URLPicPreview Plugin for Kopete
Author: Lukas Pohl <dr.zoidberg1969 AT yahoo DOT com>
Whiteboard support for kopete. Project is part of my master thesis at Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology ("> Colaborative drawing and sharing multimedia content. My leaders: Jaroslav Řezník <jreznik AT redhat DOT com> Lukáš Tinkl <ltinkl AT redhat DOT com>

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kte-collaborative: Collaborative Text Editor for KDE
Infinote Server: Server hosting collaborative editing sessions Session: A collaborative editing instance of a note Note: An editable document on an infinote server
Description of the source tree


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Kwooty, a friendly newsgroup binary downloader for KDE 4.
Version 1.1.0:
- Nzb row and corresponding data folder renaming with "F2" shortcut
- Nzb row and corresponding data folder deletion by hitting "SHIFT+DEL" keyboard shortcut
- "Show/hide" menu bar action added and available from "CTRL+M" shortcut


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