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This is the initial KDE4 port of deKorator, see original README
Christoph Feck <">>

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Oxygen-Gtk is a port of the default KDE widget theme (Oxygen), to gtk.
It's primary goal is to ensure visual consistency between gtk and qt-based applications running under kde. A secondary objective is to also have a stand-alone nice looking gtk theme that would behave well on other Desktop Environments.
Unlike other attempts made to port the kde oxygen theme to gtk, this attempt does not depend on Qt (via some Qt to Gtk conversion engine), nor does render the widget appearance via hard coded pixmaps, which otherwise breaks everytime some setting is changed in kde.
I. Introduction


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Smaragd is a themable window decoration engine for KDE's KWin window manager. It uses the original Emerald engines to render the decorations to support all current Emerald themes.
Read INSTALL for installation and NOTES for usage hints.
See individual files for Copyright information.

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Tupi: Open 2D Magic
Tupi is a desktop application focused on 2D vector-based content like images (PNG), storyboards (HTML) and animations (OGG, AVI, MPEG, etc). Its interface has been designed looking for provide a high level experience of usability for artists and non artists, using as main development resource the Qt framework.