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0001 Changes in v1.0.12:
0002 * Menu entries are now always sorted alphabetically. On future
0003   Plasma releases this will include the category list on the right
0004   of Simple Menu.
0005 * The search field now has a placeholder text.
0007 Changes in v1.0.11:
0008 * Launching apps by touchscreen tap now works.
0009 * An item's highlight decoration now stays in place when opening
0010   its context menu.
0011 * Resource usage optimizations for an even faster and lighter menu.
0012 * Minor bugfixes.
0014 Changes in v1.0.10:
0015 * Fixed "Add to Favorites" not working as of v1.0.8.
0017 Changes in v1.0.9:
0018 * Fixed a bug causing system action buttons to stay highlighted
0019   when the mouse pointer leaves the area.
0021 Changes in v1.0.8:
0022 * Made switching categories by hovering them optional. You can now
0023   turn it off in the settings.
0024 * Custom panel button images now work better. They're smoothly
0025   scaled, and square images are automatically rounded to crisp sizes
0026   just like normal icons are.
0027 * The UI for setting custom button images now uses the regular icon
0028   picker dialog (it supports custom images in recent releases of the
0029   KDE Frameworks libraries) and you can also set a custom button
0030   image by just dropping it on the config area.
0031 * Speed optimizations to make the menu open faster and speed up
0032   switching of categories.
0033 * Fixed hovering a menu item interfering with arrow keyboard navi-
0034   gation on newer versions of Qt.
0036 Changes in v1.0.7:
0037 * Fixed arrow navigation through the search results after entering
0038   search terms not working.
0039 * Improved arrow navigation while searching: Previously, it was
0040   necessary to arrow down into the results after entering search
0041   terms before horizontal arrow navigation through the search
0042   results would work. This was changed, so that e.g. arrow right
0043   will now immediately move to the second search result, for a
0044   more friction-free search and launch experience.
0045 * Tab and Shift+Tab can now be used to cycle through the search
0046   field, the system favorites (Shutdown & co) and the category
0047   list.
0049 Changes in v1.0.6:
0050 * Fixed triggering context menu actions.
0052 Changes in v1.0.5:
0053 * Speed optimizations to open the menu faster.
0055 Changes in v1.0.4:
0056 * Fixed menu appearing on the wrong monitor in multi-monitor setups.
0057 * Fixed crash when opening the context menu for search result items.
0059 Changes in v1.0.3:
0060 * Fix favorites on Plasma 5.11 and support the new globally shared
0061   favorites and unique per-activity favorites.
0063 Changes in v1.0.2:
0064 * Made sure initial arrow key press always selects first item.
0065 * Polished search experience: First search result is selected while
0066   searching, no longer requiring extra key presses to launch.
0067 * Fixed auto-hide panels not staying open while Simple Menu is open.
0068 * Support for the panel icon size hint in Frameworks 5, prevents panel
0069   icon getting too large in wide panels.
0070 * Fixed panel icon missing mouseover highlight effect.
0071 * Now requiring KDE Frameworks v5.34.