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0001 # Plasma Integration
0003 Integrates Qt applications with the KDE workspace by providing a QPlatformTheme. Applications do not need to link to this directly.
0005 This plugin provides [the KdePlatformTheme](/qt6/src/platformtheme/kdeplatformtheme.h). It handles integrating Qt applications, such as displaying native KDE file dialogs. The theme also controls other miscellaneous integrations like setting the default Qt Quick Controls style and fonts.
0007 ## Building
0009 The easiest way to make changes and test Plasma Integration during development is to [build it with kdesrc-build](https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved/development/Build_software_with_kdesrc-build).
0011 When building Plasma Integration manually, keep in mind that the Qt5 and Qt6 versions will be built by default. To control which versions are built, use the `BUILD_QT5` and `BUILD_QT6` CMake variables.