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0001 # libkscreen
0003 libkscreen is the screen management library for KDE Plasma Workspaces. Its primary consumer is the KDE screen management application KScreen.
0005 libkscreen is part of [Plasma releases][plasma-releases].
0007 ## End user
0008 Since this is a development library end users should instead look for support directly for the apps using this library. Please contact the support channels of your Linux distribution first. In case you find a bug in KScreen or if the bug is traced back to libkscreen, you can report it at the KDE [bug tracker][bug-tracker] (first look for duplicates).
0010 ## Contributing
0011 See the `CONTRIBUTING.md` file.
0013 [plasma-releases]: https://community.kde.org/Schedules/Plasma_5
0014 [bug-tracker]: https://bugs.kde.org/describecomponents.cgi?product=KScreen