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0001 New features/fixes that are found only in master in contrast with the current stable version
0003 #### Version (master) - 21/06/2019
0005 * new Coloring mechanism. The user can now choose for its Latte docks/panels classic Plasma theme style/Reversed Colors from plasma theme and Smart that takes into account the underlying desktop background
0006 * Coloring mechanism can now use also the windows color schemes in order to paint properly its contents. User can choose from None/Active window/Touching window styles.
0007 * dynamic background can now identify busy backgrounds in order to inform the containment
0008 to draw proper contrasted panel background underneath
0009 * Provide Indicators packages that can be installed online (https://store.kde.org/browse/cat/563/)
0010 * Introduce Live Editing for Dock Setings in order for the user to observe runtime its changes
0011 * Introduce Shared Layouts when functioning in Multiple Layouts mode
0012 * reduce calls to functions that are heavy such as View::syncGeometry and Corona::availableScreenGeometry
0013 * Tasks plasmoid supports scrolling when tasks exceed the available space
0014 * Track LastActiveWindow per-screen and at all-screens and provide these information to applets
0015 * keep compatibility with Qt5.9 and Plasma>=5.12
0017 * support new Advanced mode for View settings that fills all screen height and is flexible. You can adjust its scale factors with Meta+Scroll and Ctrl+Scroll at the empty areas of the settings window at per screen level
0018 * Tasks left click and hover event gain their own options in order for the user to choose
0019 their behavior
0020 * drag/maximize/restore active window from panel empty areas
0021 * support new painting based on active window color scheme
0022 * add a new Communicator item in order to handle all communications between containment and its applets
0023 * new windows tracking mechanism which is lighter and can be used also from plasma applets
0025 * support Plasma 5.15 new Virtual Desktops interface
0026 * support fill(s) applets for Left,Center,Right alignment properly. That means that the user can now add plasma taskmanagers in Latte panel/docks and use at the same time the previous alignments.
0027 * split animations in Effects page to different settings and provide them to the users to choose what animations the prefer 
0028 * improve drag n' drop experience to add applets and launchers
0030 * user option to define which panel/dock will have the highest priority for global shortcuts
0031 * user option to define per panel/dock if unified global shortcuts will be used for applets or not
0032 * user option to scale up/dock the dock settings window through Meta+Wheel at its empty areas
0033 * user option for Background Outline
0034 * identify automatically which unified global shortcuts have defined by the user
0035 * identify automatically which plasma style have been assigned to applets and show them also when the shortcuts badges are requested
0036 * enforce specific ratio for dock settings window in order to look the same between different fonts
0037 * user option to forward Meta event to Latte in order to show application launcher
0038 * add a new Meta badge to identify the application launcher that will be triggered from the Meta event
0041 * fix: dock settings visual inconsistencies between different pages
0042 * fix: Show timer works now with KWin edge behavior