Warning, /plasma/kactivitymanagerd/TODO is written in an unsupported language. File is not indexed.

0001 src/common/database/schema/ResourcesDatabaseSchema.cpp:110:
0002  TODO: This will require some refactoring after we introduce more databases
0004 src/utils/member_matcher.h:89:
0005  TODO: Make this work if the arguments are reversed,
0006        or even if both arhuments need to be checked
0007        for the specified member
0009 src/service/ksmserver/KSMServer.cpp:73:
0010  TODO: in multi-head environment there are multiple kwin instances
0011        running and they will export different dbus name on different
0012        root window. We have no support for that currently.
0013        In future, the session management for Wayland may also need to be
0014        reimplemented in some way.
0016 src/service/Application.cpp:150:
0017  TODO: Restart on crash
0018        KCrash::setFlags(KCrash::AutoRestart);
0019 src/service/Application.cpp:198:
0020  TODO: Show a notification for a plugin that failed to load
0022 src/service/plugins/activitytemplates/TemplatesPlugin.cpp:88:
0023  TODO: Remove. For testing purposes only
0025 src/service/plugins/sqlite/StatsPlugin.cpp:436:
0026  TODO: Add focus and modification