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0007 # DrKonqi
0008 ## Activating the debug button for DrKonqi
0009 Add into `~/.config/drkonqirc`:
0010 ```
0011 [DrKonqi]
0012 ShowDebugButton=true
0013 ```
0015 ## Integrating with coredumpd
0016 We need to make sure that the `drkonqi-coredump-processor@.service` is enabled so that coredumpd knows to tell us when a crash happens. You can inspect it with:
0018 * Check it's enabled: `systemctl is-enabled drkonqi-coredump-processor@.service`
0019 * You can enable it with `systemctl enable drkonqi-coredump-processor@.service`
0020 * The user socket also needs to be present `systemctl --user is-enabled drkonqi-coredump-launcher.socket`
0021 * And can be enabled with `systemctl --user enable --now drkonqi-coredump-launcher.socket `
0023 To make sure the coredumpd setup is working correctly:
0025 * `cat /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern` should show systemd-coredump as handler
0026 * `KCRASH_DUMP_ONLY=1 kwrite`
0027 * `killall -SEGV kwrite`
0028 * journalctl should show the following:
0029   * systemd-coredump@.service run an instance (e.g. systemd-coredump@12-66048-0.service)
0030   * drkonqi-coredump-processor@.service should run an instance with same suffix as systemd-coredump@
0031   * drkonqi-coredump-launcher@.service should run an instance with yet the same suffix
0032 * A notification to start drkonqi should appear
0034 To use the notifytruck (catch crashes in all software) add `KDE_COREDUMP_NOTIFY=1` to your /etc/environment. This
0035 enables the NotifyTruck for drkonqi-coredump-launcher@.service and offers access to gdb for all crashes. This is a
0036 feature targeted at developers:
0038 * `gedit`
0039 * `killall -SEGV gedit`
0040 * journalctl should look like above
0041 * A notification to start konsole+gdb should appear (if no notification appears something has gone horribly wrong)
0043 ### Workflow, Service, and Enablement overview
0045 * KCrash writes metadata files with context information when an application crashes
0046 * systemd-coredump@.service; from upstream; must be enabled; catches the actual core
0047 * drkonqi-coredump-processor@.service; WantedBy systemd-coredump@.service;
0048   must be enabled (`systemd-coredump@.service.wants/drkonqi-coredump-processor@.service` symlink must exist in one of
0049   the `systemd-analyze unit-paths`!); passes along the crash into the relevant user session
0050 * drkonqi-coredump-launcher.socket; user socket; must be enabled per user or in one of the global
0051   `systemd-analyze unit-paths`; the processor talks to this socket
0052 * drkonqi-coredump-launcher@.service; user service; doesn't need to be enabled; invoked by the socket as needed and
0053   processes the metadata, created by KCrash in the very beginning, to figure out if and how to invoke drkonqi
0054 * drkonqi-coredump-cleanup.{service,timer}; cleanup tech for long running sessions to avoid cluttering $HOME with
0055   dangling metadata files
0056 * launcher's main.cpp runs through a set of DumpTruck instances, the first that wants to handle the crash may. By default
0057   that would be the DrkonqiTruck for crashes in KDE software
0059 ### IncludeAll Mode
0061 Add into `~/.config/drkonqirc`:
0062 ```
0063 [General]
0064 IncludeAll=true
0065 ```
0067 This operation mode primarily targets Plasma Mobile. It effectively catches and reports **all** coredumpd tracked
0068 crashes. This is notably including non-KDE software for which drkonqi will only offer tracing facilities but no active
0069 bug reporting. The use is that for systems where we are completely in control we'll want to give our users the ability
0070 to differentiate a crash in middleware from one in the application space (or defects caused by the former in the latter).
0072 Please note that this mode requires correctly set up coredumpd support as outlined above.