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0001 skrooge (2.32.0)
0002   *Correction bug 475294: Import file dialog show file://
0003   *Correction bug 475037: Dashboard: the font in "Income & Expenditure" is too small and has a bad contrast
0004   *Correction bug 478389: doc says pointed operations display a half-filled square, but it's 3 horizontal dots
0005   *Correction bug 477688: Problem with precision when doing internal transfer of bitcoin
0006   *Correction bug 480113: Skrooge: bookmarking a page adds a & to the bookmark name
0007   *Correction bug 481144: import tracker impossible, neither from homebank (TAG / ETIQUETTE) 
0008   *Correction bug 481226: Improve compliance with messages HIG
0010 -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  xxx
0012 skrooge (2.31.0)
0013   *Correction bug 472392: Cannot import more than one ISO 20022 XML
0014   *Correction bug 472390: Importing ISO 20022 XML creates bogus accounts
0015   *Correction bug 474391: In Merge imported operations, prefer fields with values over blank fields
0016   *Correction bug 474759: The tool to align the category of operations with their payees' always fills in the category of the first payee it found
0017   *Correction bug 472061: AppData missing in 2.30.0 tarball
0018   *Correction bug 475037: Dashboard: the font in "Income & Expenditure" is too small and has a bad contrast
0019   *Correction bug: Failure in some cases in import qif
0021 -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 02 Oct 2023 22:00:14 +0200
0023 skrooge (2.30.0)
0024   *Correction bug 435762: Income&Expenditure widget don't match with Income&Expense report
0025   *Correction bug 454965: Stats plugin should use XDG_STATE_HOME rather than the hardcoded .skrooge path to store files
0026   *Correction bug 467153: Skrooge crash opening dashboard, after QML dashboard only introduced
0027   *Correction bug 467599: Issue with reconciliation of portfolio accounts
0028   *Correction bug 468329: Import via woob 3.5
0029   *Correction: Remove all dashboard to keep only the qml version
0031 -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 25 Jun 2023 14:58:26 +0200
0033 skrooge (2.29.0)
0034   *Correction bug 459775: User must be able to unlink the current account connected with a credit card account
0035   *Correction bug 459378: Merging imported operation with an existing one fails when both have the same property
0036   *Correction bug 456895: Skrooge seems to work better under Wayland, so remove broken Wayland override
0037   *Correction bug 455427: Allow to add operations to a scheduled operation
0038   *Correction bug 409705: Add category adds as subcategory of selected, which doesn't match the Name line
0039   *Correction bug 463245: Exchange rates converter no longer works
0040   *Correction bug 465335: Skrooge v2.28.0 AppImage Icons Don't show
0041   *Correction: When a document is open, settings stored in the document (underligned) must be reload
0042   *Correction: Remove deprecated api for loading plugins
0043   *Feature: Change of XML export and addition of XML import (this will facilitate some other XML import like ISO 20022)
0044   *Feature: Import ISO 20022
0045   *Feature: Align the category of all single operations with the category of their payee (quality check + view + auto correction)
0047 -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 12 Feb 2023 20:41:34 +0100
0049 skrooge (2.28.0)
0050   *Correction: update gengetopt dependency in flatpak
0051   *Correction bug 452529: skrooge flatpak is using org.kde.Platform//5.15 which is end-of-life
0052   *Correction bug 452531: Skrooge flatpak indicates old version
0053   *Correction: document the settings icon in a table's header to bring up its context menu
0054   *Correction bug 446352: field pop-ups located weirdly, "##WARNING: Wayland does not support QWindow::requestActivate()", sometimes hangs
0055   *Correction bug 452529: skrooge flatpak is using org.kde.Platform//5.15 which is end-of-life
0056   *Correction bug 452695: Skrooge report (Line) having issues with values above several millions
0057   *Feature: The "Debug" page allows to execute multi sql orders
0058   *Feature: Import .sta file as MT940
0060 -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 30 Jul 2022 23:00:38 +0200
0062 skrooge (2.27.0)
0063   *Correction bug 440271: 2.26.1 still installs skrooge_unit.knsrc to depreciated /etc/xdg/ location 
0064   *Correction bug 446353: you can't tab to the number and duration fields in Operations "Show" table filter
0065   *Correction bug 446915: Import from Woob using Ofx
0066   *Correction: Weeks without operation are missing in reports
0067   *Correction: Crash when the dashboard is closed during animation
0068   *Feature: New release process for appimage
0069   *Feature: Unit values can be negative now (see https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=173318)
0070   *Feature: Skrooge uses now the LC_MONETARY environement variable to use the specific locale for currency format
0072 -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Fri, 21 Jan 2022 21:43:26 +0100
0074 skrooge (2.26.0)
0075   *Correction bug 436006: import not working with woob bank 3.0
0076   *Correction bug 436081: Help text needs to be escaped 
0077   *Correction bug 436328: there's no word "reconciliate" in English, should be reconcile
0078   *Correction bug 439494: Downloading currency using skrooge-yahoodl.py fails with UnicodeDecodeError 
0079   *Correction: Small fix for FEC monthly report
0080   *Correction: Migration on new exchangeratesapi.io APIs. Need a API key now
0081   *Correction: Fix deprecated knsrc file location 
0082   *Feature: Add confirmation message when an import is triggered by a double click on an imported file
0084 -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Fri, 23 Jul 2021 22:22:13 +0200
0086 skrooge (2.25.0)
0087   *Correction bug 429356: Please make qtwebengine dependency optional
0088   *Correction bug 430535: % increase calculation in dashboard account widgets
0089   *Correction bug 430242: changing filter criteria while grouping Operations by Category expands a different set of categories
0090   *Correction bug 432423: Skrooge crashes when copying tables in categories with subcategories unfold
0091   *Correction bug 433514: Currency download from Yahoo uses "low" instead of "close" 
0092   *Correction bug 435330: Sub operations view's tab confusingly looks identical to just "Operations"
0093   *Correction bug 435847: Bookmarks are not created with tab name and icon
0094   *Correction bug 422273: strange appearance of Skrooge bank icon pop-up menu if no scrollbar 
0095   *Correction: Column combo box not visible in report in dashboard
0096   *Feature: opt-out accounts from the "accounts" widget in the Dashboard (see https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=165735)
0097   *Feature: New dashboard layouts: by columns and with layouts in layouts
0099 -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 18 Apr 2021 13:44:07 +0200
0101 skrooge (2.24.6)
0102   *Correction bug 424728: Skrooge reconciliation should play happy sounds when delta is 0 and when you validate pointed operations   
0103   *Correction bug 425208: Import of .gnucash failed
0104   *Correction bug 421302: The ability to create aliases for accounts to assist with import
0105   *Correction: Ledger-cli export doesn't export negative values in the correct format
0106   *Feature: DBUS is now optional (useful for MacOS)
0107   *Feature: In monthly reports, the templates are now able to filter on the selected period
0108   *Feature: Import Ledger
0110 -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 05 Dec 2020 14:59:23 +0100
0112 skrooge (2.23.0)  
0113   *Correction bug 420557: Broken transaction group after CSV import
0114   *Correction bug 412262: documentation references obsolete "Merge operations" menu item
0115   *Correction bug 422154: Jumpy tab order in Accounts entry form
0116   *Correction bug 422155: Skrooge doesn't use per-locale bank icons
0117   *Correction bug 422311: Tooltip in Operations view is misleading, it only works in Status column 
0118   *Correction bug 423311: Skrooge doesn't show key error message, only summary error
0119   *Correction: Drag and drop file works only for operations. Not for all other objects.
0120   *Correction: cryptocompare fails if too many values are requested (>2000)
0121   *Correction: Change icon for trackers by a "crosshairs"
0122   *Correction: Source ratesapi doesn't work in appimage  
0123   *Correction: Add "Settings" description in documentation  
0124   *Correction: Units list doesn't save font size (see https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=166692)
0125   *Correction: Update comment of operation when suboperation of a single operation is modified  
0126   *Correction: Adapt download-po.py for new svn structure
0127   *Feature: Add new source "exchangeratesapi.io"
0128   *Feature: In "Search & Process", possibility to search operations by number of spit (ideal to seach simple operations are push suboperation comment on operation comment)
0129   *Feature: New advice to aligne comment of operation with the comment of suboperation of single operations  
0131 -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 18 Jul 2020 22:20:53 +0200
0133 skrooge (2.22.0)  
0134   *Correction bug 417163: Date 31/12 => 02/12
0135   *Correction bug 418686: no sounds from Skrooge flatpak app
0136   *Correction bug 419006: kdeapps "nightly" flatpak isn't using latest KDE/Qt runtime version 5.14
0137   *Correction: Set the "Date of import" and "Import balance" when importing from OFX
0138   *Correction: Merge of number of operation
0139   *Correction: Fix Get Hot New Stuff legacy Endpoints
0140   *Correction: Files not able to be checked out on Windows 
0141   *Correction: Bad display in dashboard when all accounts of a type are closed
0142   *Correction: With last version of KDE, KMessageWidget are sometimes empty
0143   *Correction: Add missing "Full screen" menu
0144   *Correction: Fix "coinmarketcap" source (need an API key)
0145   *Correction: Remove warning due to QML dashboard
0146   *Feature: Add new source "cryptocompare" (need an API key)
0148  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Thu, 09 Apr 2020 14:59:52 +0200
0150 skrooge (2.21.0)  
0151   *Correction bug 411958: Import CSV fails if account is empty
0152   *Correction bug 409166: skrooge appdata.xml missing release 2.20.0
0153   *Correction bug 409703: No guide or tooltip for + icon in Categories form, and inconsistent
0154   *Correction bug 409165: skrooge appdata.xml gets warnings from validation-strict on flathub 
0155   *Correction bug 412494: Skrooge flatpak silently fails to import anything from Amex QFX
0156   *Correction bug 412831: Filter for custom properties have to be prefixed with v_operation_display_all 
0157   *Correction bug D22508: Get rid of obsolete methods
0158   *Correction bug D24327: Build flatpak with latest libofx 0.9.15
0159   *Correction bug: Import CSV with comma when headers are forced (no automatic detection)  
0160   *Correction bug: blank spaces at units "Internet code" (see: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=163184&p=424630&hilit=skrooge#p424630)
0161   *Correction: Import CSV file with footer line 
0162   *Correction: Dashboard readability improvement (see: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=162650)
0163   *Feature D22484: Support using category, account, payee  or unit properties in reports
0164   *Feature: New source of unite: ratesapi.io (see: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=162312&sid=c31044c567a38f04e7276263d3720df8)
0166  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 01 Dec 2019 12:39:25 +0100
0168 skrooge (2.20.0)  
0169   *Correction bug 406903: no message when Skrooge can't open .skg file given on command line 
0170   *Correction bug 406904: skrooge command-line help "--+[URL]" doesn't match its behavior
0171   *Correction bug 406741: QFX Date Import
0172   *Correction bug 407280: Skrooge flatpak unintentionally builds unused tests
0173   *Correction bug 407279: Skrooge flatpak needs later libofx
0174   *Correction bug 407257: Importing GNUcash (Account name instead of AccountID)
0175   *Correction bug 409026: skrooge appdata.xml fails validation on flathub, needs release and content_rating tags
0176   *Correction: aqbanking corrections:  
0177         * Added auto repair for certain banks (Sprada, Netbank, Comdirect).
0178         * Added --disable-auto-repair command line option
0179         * Added --prefer-valutadate command line option
0180         * Removed --balance command line option
0181   *Correction: getNetWorth (used to compute PFS) is now computed by using all accounts
0182   *Correction: Remove color of hyperlinks in dashboard for a better rendering in dark theme
0183   *Correction: Remove broken quotes sources (BitcoinAverage, BitcoinCharts)
0184   *Correction: Better handling of the mode and comment field using the aqbanking import backend.
0185   *Feature: New REGEXPCAPTURE operator in "Search & Process" to capture a value by regular expression
0186   *Feature: Import backend aqbanking allows to import accounts without an IBAN. (See https://phabricator.kde.org/D20875)
0188  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 23 Jun 2019 09:27:55 +0200
0190 skrooge (2.19.0)  
0191   *Correction bug 406321: ERR-8/ERR-5 importing qfx file, "More than one object returned in 'v_account' for 't_number='''"
0192   *Correction bug 406243: Skrooge does not import share operations in QIF file correctly
0193   *Correction bug 406270: Skrooge does not import investment operations in QIF correctly
0194   *Correction bug 406271: Skrooge does not import description of tags in QIF file into Tracker comment
0195   *Correction bug 406266: Skrooge does not import shares in QIF correctly
0196   *Correction bug 405578: build a nightly debug Skrooge flatpak
0197   *Correction bug 406488: crash importing a CSV
0198   *Correction bug 406549: Edit menu in Skrooge handbook is missing Skip, adds Find; missing context menu documentation
0199   *Correction: Add missing file categories_previous_period_table.html in monthly report
0200   *Correction: Migration failure with sqlite >= 3.25.0 due to ALTER TABLE behavior modification
0201   *Correction: Migration failure when some i_number are NULL  
0202   *Correction: build skroogeconvert as a regular ("nongui") executable instead of an app bundle
0203   *Correction: prevent runtime discarding of the app icon if icon-from-theme lookup doesn't work (which it doesn't by default on OS X)
0204   *Correction: generate a multi-scale icon from all png icons size 256px and smaller
0205   *Feature: Tracker with running balance in "Operations" page
0206   *Performances: Better performances in payee view to compute recommended categories  
0207   *Performances: Better performances in dashboard and monthly report when amounts by accounts  
0208   *Performances: Better performances in dashboard to find all payee without operation
0209   *Performances: Better performances in "Delete payees without operation"  
0211  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 20 Apr 2019 14:03:43 +0200
0213 skrooge (2.18.0)
0214   *Correction bug 403575: skrooge w/ -DSKG_WEBENGINE=ON: ui_skgtablewithgraph.h:15:10: fatal error: QtWebKitWidgets/QWebView: No such file or directory
0215   *Correction bug 403675: App crashes with segfault after second import 
0216   *Correction bug 402330: error importing QIF File "SKGImportPluginQif::importFile() RC=[ERR-5]: SKGCategoryObject::addCategory failed because linked object is not yet saved in the database.
0217   *Correction bug 403725: import Quicken tags from QIF as Skrooge trackers
0218   *Correction bug 403985: kgbasegui/skgwebview.h:28:10: fatal error: qwebview.h: No such file or directory
0219   *Correction: Import KMYMONEY with non utf8 characters doesn't work (see https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=156506)
0220   *Correction: Import KMYMONEY of scheduled operations from the next operation to add instead of the first one (to avoid duplicate)  
0221   *Correction: Import KMYMONEY of shares with only one split must be done with the unit of the share
0222   *Correction: Nb occurrences and last date are not aligned on weekly schedules 
0223   *Correction: Display all occurrences of a schedule in dashboard not only the first one  
0224   *Correction: Display the currency symbol at the right place in scheduled operations  
0225   *Correction: Display correctly the amount in "highlighted operations" in dashboard   
0226   *Correction: The advice "Advice are very long to compute" can now be rejected
0227   *Correction: Add date in "Bank (light)" widget in html mode  
0228   *Correction: Remove template from "Highlighted operation" widget  
0229   *Feature: Better help for "Internet code" of sources in unit page
0230   *Feature: New MSN source of download for quotes
0231   *Feature: File can be made anonymous in a reversible mode  
0232   *Feature: In "Operations" page, possibility to view all operations of an account + its credit cards associated
0233   *Feature: The number of years for forecasts based on scheduled operations can be choosen from settings  
0234   *Feature: Possibility to choose the max date of schedules in dashboard   
0235   *Feature: New action to skip scheduled operations
0236   *Feature: Possibility to skip scheduled operations from dashboard
0237   *Feature: Addition of options (Incomes, Expenditures, Transfers, …) in contextual menu of graphs in "Account" page  
0238   *Feature: Addition of options (Days, Weeks, Months, …) in contextual menu of graphs in "Account" page  
0240  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 11 Feb 2019 21:32:09 +0100
0242 skrooge (2.17.0)
0243   *Correction bug 400695: Designer plugins get installed as versioned libraries
0244   *Correction bug 400724: Import of Quicken 2012 .QIF file failed due to tags
0245   *Correction bug 402031: ERR-4/ERR-5 opening relative path to .skg from command line, then zombie Skrooge
0246   *Correction: Transfer created with value at 0. Regression due to 399672. (see https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=155713&p=406978)
0247   *Correction: QIF import with transfer on split (see https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=155614)
0248   *Correction: Add delay (300 ms) on text filter
0249   *Correction: "Search & Process" create a duplicate a duplicated category in some cases
0250   *Correction: Compliance with SQLCipher 4  
0251   *Correction: Close SQL database in mmb import
0252   *Feature: Like on transfer, the ratio is requested when creating a share operation (see https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=155605&p=406979)
0253   *Feature: Progress bar in taskbar
0254   *Feature: Support only QT >= 5.7.0  
0256  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 16 Dec 2018 17:50:46 +0100
0258 skrooge (2.16.0)
0259   *Correction bug 398683: Periodic crashes on dashboard 
0260   *Correction bug 397611: [ERR-5]: Format de date non pris en charge importation boobank
0261   *Correction bug 399480: Grammar mistake in .po file / - s missing in simple
0262   *Correction bug 399482: Wrong plural form in .po-File
0263   *Correction bug 399483: Spelling mistake in .po file "Transfert" should be "Transfer"
0264   *Correction bug 399672: Modifying multiple selected operations into transfers creates empty category and tracker if not identical 
0265   *Correction: Ofx import must import FEE as debit
0266   *Correction: Document migration fails if format is "d.MM.yy 'г" (see: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=155575)
0267   *Correction: Inconsistency in "Incomes vs Expenditures" on sub operations with trackers  
0268   *Correction: Build on windows  
0269   *Correction: Use CPU instead CPU for QML (needed for printing)
0270   *Correction: Set background color on print to avoid print preview with black background on dark theme  
0271   *Feature: Selection above, below or parent when delete an object
0272   *Performances: Solve performance issue due to new feature : More tooltips on "Operations" table
0274  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 04 Nov 2018 14:12:43 +0100
0276 skrooge (2.15.0)
0277   *Correction bug 397018: Check sqlcipher installation (issue detected on GENTOO)
0278   *Correction: Crash when sort a grouped view
0279   *Correction: Avoid to create 2 categories with the same name under the same category by using drag and drop
0280   *Correction: Avoid too many computation in SKGAccountObject::getPossibleReconciliations
0281   *Feature: Addition of a new option to check if import has been broken
0282   *Feature: More tooltips on "Operations" table
0284  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Wed, 15 Aug 2018 22:01:16 +0200
0286 skrooge (2.14.0)
0287   *Correction bug 394857: Reports do not graph operations by week correctly
0288   *Correction bug 395328: Bad perfo in SKGAccountObject::getPossibleReconciliations when too many operations
0289   *Correction: Sort on second column does not work with grouping  
0290   *Correction: Change bootstrap url in templates
0291   *Correction: Better grouping for "Week", "Month", "Semester", …  
0292   *Correction: Report with forecast based on budget use the account using the most the category  
0293   *Correction: Respan of group header must work when auto resize is disabled too  
0294   *Correction: Import backend of account with "." in name  
0295   *Correction: Remove error in boobank commands
0296   *Correction: Set automatically the bank account only when the icon is changed  
0297   *Correction: The application is hidden when the dashboard is opened on an empty document  
0298   *Correction: On operation page, the sort by the balance attribute sorts operations by date+id to have correct balances  
0299   *Correction: Weboob backend doesn't work with option if account name has "id"  
0300   *Feature: Addition of "Import date" on account object  
0301   *Feature: Possibility to merge accounts with or without updating the initial balance  
0302   *Performances: Improvement of performance of SKGTreeView::selectObjects and SKGTreeView::getState when grouping with many groups  
0304  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 24 Jun 2018 19:00:18 +0200
0306 skrooge (2.13.0)
0307   *Correction bug 392828: Choose what to display on selection
0308   *Correction: Simple search in "Search & Process" doesn't escape words  
0309   *Correction: Add notification (sound) on all creations / modifications of objects
0310   *Feature: Possibility to open concerned operations when auto reconciliation failed
0311   *Feature: Option on report to show decimals or not
0312   *Feature: Option "Execute on not checked operations" on "Search & Process" page
0313   *Feature: Addition of "Reconciliation balance" attribut on "Account" + icon to check if previous reconciliation has been broken or not
0314   *Feature: Addition of a new option to check if reconciliation has been broken
0316  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 07 May 2018 20:31:26 +0200
0318 skrooge (2.12.0)
0319   *Correction bug 389867: Amount Input Changes Value Prematurely
0320   *Correction bug 389866: Date Input Field Not Localized
0321   *Correction bug 389899: Split dates aren't updated when copying previous entry
0322   *Correction bug 390223: Opening d/l QFX file opens new skrooge file instead of importing into existing - opened file
0323   *Correction: Remove compilation warning (-Wsign-promo)
0324   *Correction: Can't resize the window and its width exceeds the screen (https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=151023)
0325   *Correction: Search and process doesn't work in template mode with category used (see: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=150940)
0326   *Correction: No sound notification when an operation is created (see: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=151296)
0327   *Feature: All bookmarked report can be easily added to the dashboard with the + menu  
0328   *Feature: New "Treemap" graph mode in reports  
0329   *Feature: Automatic merge of payees, accounts and units when updated with another existing name
0330   *Feature: Alpha numerical values are now supported for number of operation (see: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=150988&p=394706)
0331   *Feature: Addition of a new option to displaythe  environment variables used by Skrooge
0333  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Thu, 08 Mar 2018 20:06:43 +0100
0335 skrooge (2.11.0)
0336   *Correction bug 386942: .py scripts in /usr/bin 
0337   *Correction bug 388955: Splitting Currency and Amount into separate columns 
0338   *Correction: Better account number in weboob import
0339   *Correction: Weboob import is now importing account with better name (use of "label")  
0340   *Correction: Weboob import compliant with utf8
0341   *Correction: Failure when launching "skrooge filename.xxx" when filename.xxx is a file to import  
0342   *Correction: "Switch closed" is available on unit but units are not closable  
0343   *Correction: When a transfer is created only one of both operation has the tracker set: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=143127&p=384834#p384834
0344   *Correction: Export of selection when selection size > 1 doesn't work  
0345   *Correction: Define alternative icons when a "poor" icon set is used (like by default on gnome: Tango)  
0346   *Feature: Tips of the day are now clickable and in the main page (not more popup panel)
0347   *Feature: Skrooge knows now 100 cryptocurrencies and is able to download their quotation
0348   *Feature: Enable AA_EnableHighDpiScaling if Qt version >= 5.6
0349   *Performances: Better performances by resizing only visible columns (this is useful on payee table when category is hidden)  
0350   *Performances: Better performances in the computation of the automatic category for a payee
0351   *Performances: Improvement of performance in SKGImportExportManager::findAndGroupTransfers. 11552 ms => 285 ms
0353  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 03 Feb 2018 11:16:35 +0100
0355 skrooge (2.10.5)
0356   *Correction bug 386594: Can not load share prices for French stocks 
0358  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 25 Nov 2017 23:15:27 +0100
0360 skrooge (2.10.0)
0361   *Correction bug 383758: Report unreadable because element outlines are to thick
0362   *Correction bug 384119: Operation without suboperation after a kmy import
0363   *Correction bug 375865: Quick fill: select/enter item does not lock payee
0364   *Correction bug 384801: Converting multiple operations with different amounts to "transfer" type changes all amounts to 0
0365   *Correction bug 384802: When creating multiple transfers into a different currency use the correct exchange rate for each date
0366   *Correction bug 385002: Display and edit default category for payee 
0367   *Correction bug 385277: Wrong budget for split-operations with unaligned dates
0368   *Correction bug 384803: Creating many transfers to a different currency leads to uninterruptible series of dialog boxes
0369   *Correction bug 385990: Altered budgets aren't displayed until you reload the tab
0370   *Correction bug 386285: The minimum/maximum limit in account definition is interpreted as Primary Currency
0371   *Correction: Bad english in help on rules
0372   *Correction: Memory leaks  
0373   *Correction: The source of unit download is now able to support date in "en_EN" locale event if this is not the system locale. Mandatory for implementing a Google Finance source.  
0374   *Correction: Don't display the page of operations when the import is canceled  
0375   *Correction: Better error messages in backend import  
0376   *Correction: Optimisation in backend import  
0377   *Correction: Optimise html of monthy reports
0378   *Correction: Port from QWebKit to QWebEngine  
0379   *Correction: Avoid to compute too many combinations (and take hours) when trying to do an automatic reconciliation  
0380   *Correction: Backend import must match account with id with letter like this 123456A@ldl  
0381   *Correction: Never merge 2 accounts with same name in backend import  
0382   *Correction: Crash when selecting many lines in search & process page  
0383   *Correction: Enable print functions only when at least one page is opened  
0384   *New feature: New "Google Finance" source of download for units  
0385   *New feature: The source of unit download can be now an external script  
0386   *New feature: New import backend "weboob_coming" importing coming operations (can be used for card with deferred debit)  
0387   *New feature: A payee can be closed. Then it won't be available in combo boxes in operation page
0388   *New feature: A category can be closed. Then it won't be available in combo boxes in operation page
0389   *New feature: New parameters in boobank backend to be able to import operations only since a specified date  
0390   *New feature: Export ledger format  
0391   *New feature: The tooltip of "Search" explains now how the entered value is understood
0392   *Performances: Better performances on initial load (avoid to intialise a document before loading one other)
0394  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Thu, 02 Nov 2017 21:17:06 +0100
0396 skrooge (2.9.0)
0397   *Correction bug 380235: Reports table view: missing characters
0398   *Correction bug 380232: Yahoo api discontinued
0399   *Correction bug 380187: Shares always use the current rate/value. On unit page, you can choose if you want to see the history of the unit value or the history of the amount owned
0400   *Correction bug 380827: Pie chart alignment
0401   *Correction bug 380460: Failure when loading file from skrooge 1.12
0402   *Correction bug 380821: Add keyboard shortcut to rename bookmarks
0403   *Correction bug 380820: Custom banks do not use their custom icon/image
0404   *Correction bug 380818: Cash account is not associated with a bank
0405   *Correction bug 380802: Going back and forth from "fullscreen mode" (Ctrl+Shift+F) loses the focus on "pages" tab on the left sidebar
0406   *Correction bug 381056: Dashboard portfolio widget: Wrong percentage values 
0407   *Correction bug 381562: csv file import: unable to detect matching account
0408   *Correction bug 381168: Change tab order of properties editor
0409   *Correction bug 381847: Income & Expenditure widget does not match corresponding report 
0410   *Correction bug 382162: Wrong budget in root categories if subcategories also include subcategories 
0411   *Correction: Multithreading SQL connections must be compliant with SQLite mode
0412   *Correction: Temporary skg file protected by password are not well restore   
0413   *Correction: Replacement of missing icons
0414   *Correction: Auto apply on advice duplicates remaining advice
0415   *Correction: The "duplicate" function creates operation with invalid creation date
0416   *Correction: Regular expressions for CSV import are now translatable  
0417   *Correction: Values are not refreshed in amortization table when annual rate or insurance rate are modified
0418   *Correction: Zoom on dashboard widget in QML doesn't work
0419   *Correction: No refresh of "month" in the title of some dashboard widgets
0420   *Correction: In about, the authors of sub plugins are now displayed  
0421   *New feature: New import backend using aqbanking  
0422   *New feature: Import backends can now have parameters  
0423   *New feature: Skrooge is now able to export only the selected accounts or operations
0424   *New feature: Bulk mode in import backends  
0425   *New feature: In "Monthly Report", possibility to get attributes on pointed objects
0426   *New feature: Addition of new BitcoinAverage source to be able to download bitcoin rates (due to unavailability of BitcoinCharts)
0427   *Performances: Avoid advice computation in dashboard when the dashboard is not the current page  
0428   *Performances: Better performance in advice "Some payees seem to be identical"  
0429   *Performances: Better performances on load and save
0431  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 12 Aug 2017 10:11:37 +0200
0433 skrooge (2.8.1)
0434   *Correction: Bad display of information of current account when a second document is opened
0436  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 15 Apr 2017 20:41:56 +0200
0438 skrooge (2.8.0)
0439   *Correction bug 375721: Right-click (context menu) reload view
0440   *Correction bug 375875: Changing password does not work
0441   *Correction bug 375712: See operation for a payee
0442   *Correction bug 376025: Clear fields don't restore currency
0443   *Correction bug 375865: Quick fill: select/enter item does not lock payee is not well computed
0444   *Correction: The "Other" category in dashboard and report widget name "5 main categories of expenditure"
0445   *Correction: Sometimes the sort on date in operation table is not the same than the sort used to compute the balance, this causes troubles
0446   *Correction: Create fake operation doesn't work on account not having the primary unit (https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=138803&sid=d0d34f728ef7f41bb6c32764ccf3d8f6)
0447   *Correction: "Income vs Expenditure" dashboard widget is not refreshed when data are modified
0448   *Correction: Bad display in "5 main categories of expenditure" in QML dashboard widget
0449   *Correction: Better performance in "Incomes vs Expenditures" dashboard widget
0450   *Correction: Duplication of operation must not duplicate the creation date
0451   *New feature 375866: Quick fill find operations in other account
0452   *New feature: New columns visible in operation table
0453   *New feature: New "budget" dashboard widget in QML
0454   *Performances: Better performances by using multithreading and caching
0455   *Performances: Better performances in "Apply all recommended corrections"
0457  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Wed, 05 Apr 2017 20:24:45 +0200
0459 skrooge (2.7.0)
0460   *Correction: Due to a security hole, sqlcipher is no more an option. If you use password protection, we strongly encourage you to use this version of Skrooge and to change your password
0461   *Correction: "Delete" and "Add property" are never activated in "Simulator" page
0462   *Correction: Current periods (Quarter, Semester, Year) must be available in some widgets of the dashboard
0463   *Correction: Only previous months are relevant in "Personal finance indicator" of the dashboard
0464   *Correction: Boobank backend does not import transactions when the date format is YYYY-MM-DD 00:00:00
0465   *Correction: Remove "Stooq monthly history.txt" because it does not work
0466   *Correction: Description of SKGPeriodEdit is not correct
0467   *New feature: Addition of the "Other" category in dashboard and report widget name "5 main categories of expenditure"
0468   *New feature: New grantlee filter to execute the sql order you want on the document. This will improve html reports
0469   *New feature: New grantlee filter to convert an integer in file size format (example: 390.2 MB)
0470   *New feature: Ability to open a file property by url
0471   *New feature: CSV export from report is now able to export raw values (http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=112209&p=290153#p290153)
0472   *New feature: Resize of account number in "Accounts" page to be able to entre IBAN number  
0473   *New feature: "Rename" for all dashboard widget
0474   *New feature: "Search & process" is now possible on bank name. This allows to create an alarm based on the deposit guarantee level per bank
0476  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 22 Jan 2017 17:45:58 +0100
0478 skrooge (2.6.0)
0479   *Correction bug 372470: Scheduled transactions on dashboard 
0480   *Correction bug 372938: merge imported operations wrong warning about different amounts 
0481   *Correction bug 373147: Dashboard/Scheduled operations typo
0482   *Correction: Remove old skrooge icons to use the official breeze icons
0483   *Correction: Do not install namelink for private library
0484   *Correction: Avoid inconsistency when primary unit is not well defined (https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=136856)
0485   *Correction: QIF import fails when non utf8 chars are found  
0486   *Correction: Display all type of item in "Search & Process"  
0487   *Correction: Execution of "template" rule after import destroys the template itself (https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=137121&sid=b3336f56f03d79f50ad7d53b9e919076)
0488   *Correction: Recovery of the working copy doesn't work in sqlcypher mode
0489   *Correction: Better performances and memory use in SKGAccountObject::getPossibleReconciliations  
0490   *Correction: Better automatic account selection by using bank and agency numbers
0491   *Correction: Bad unit symbols in min and max limits in accounts page  
0492   *Correction: Impossible to duplicate a page not having selection (eg. Dashboard, monthly report)  
0493   *Correction: The dock "Message" is not reinitialized when a new file is loaded  
0494   *Correction: In budget module, replacement of "Remove existing budgets" by "Remove existing budgets for xxx"  
0495   *Correction: BitcoinCharts currency import order must be inverted because CSV file has been inverted
0496   *Correction: Better display for "Income vs Expenditure" on QML dashboard
0497   *Correction: New limit to history size set to 999 instead of 99
0498   *Correction: To avoid partial import with backend, the import is fully done in case of delta detected
0499   *Correction: weboob backend is now searching transactions on date AND rdate to avoid missing transaction
0500   *Correction: Skrooge is now able to download addition stuff (monthly report template, quote source) with knewstuff
0501   *Correction: Open file property fails when the property name contains the full path (https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=137528)
0502   *Correction: Avoid duplicated operation when importing attached accounts with weboob
0503   *Correction: Group on suboperations must display min, average and maw amounts (https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=137569)
0504   *Correction: The option "Import only operations since the last imported one" must not be applied with backend import
0505   *Correction: "Estimated interests" are now in QML in dashboard and are available for monthly reports
0506   *Correction: Addition of tooltips on each operator in "Search & Process"
0507   *New feature: Addition of "nocolor" to the "money" Grantlee filter
0508   *New feature: Remove .skg in backup file name if .skg is added in the prefix (https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=210&t=136518&p=366065#p366065)
0509   *New feature: "Alarm" dashboard widget is now compliant with QML mode
0511  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Tue, 27 Dec 2016 18:42:32 +0100
0513 skrooge (2.5.0)  
0514   *Correction bug 364407: Doesn't build with Qt 5.7
0515   *Correction bug 366025: Skrooge perpetually asks me to save updated tab state 
0516   *Correction bug 368196: Delete sub-operations in edit delete selected operation in list 
0517   *Correction bug 368356: Show amount sign on lost focus
0518   *Correction bug 368195: No lock on target account for a transfer
0519   *Correction bug 369090: Transfers sub operation created by template has wrong date
0520   *Correction: Migration connect from ui file to cpp file
0521   *Correction: Better colors of amounts in tooltips of advices  
0522   *Correction: The 31 of the month, in budget page, "Previous month" does not work  
0523   *Correction: When a second instance of Skrooge is launched with a file as argument, the file must be imported in the first instance of Skrooge
0524   *Correction: Since QT5.7, no more dependency on KDELibs4Support
0525   *correction: Dates wrong on dashboard - date format instead of the date itself
0526   *Correction: Keep properties when 2 operations are merged  
0527   *Correction: Correction in weboob backend to avoid missing transactions and improve performances  
0528   *New feature: Massive update is now available for amount in "Operation" page  
0529   *New feature: Massive update is now available for date in "Operation" page    
0530   *New feature: Capability to set/change order of budget rules
0531   *New feature: Tooltip on modified amount of budget to explain the reasons of modifications
0532   *New feature: Import of PDF invoice  
0534  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 25 Sep 2016 09:00:24 +0200
0536  skrooge (2.4.0)  
0537   *Correction bug 359679: Building the v2.3.0 package on Arch Linux dies with an error 'isnan' was not declared in this scope
0538   *Correction bug 362231: Lost date in imported split operation 
0539   *Correction: Corruption of document after removing the password
0540   *Correction: In unit page and dashboard widget the annual performance is now computed on a year (not with an extrapolation of the last performance)
0541   *Correction: Refresh "Interest" dashboard widget when operations are modified
0542   *Correction: Copy needed files in local when a new template (for monthly report) is created
0543   *Correction: All advices are not displayed in dashboard
0544   *Correction: More setPlaceholderText for better GUI
0545   *Correction: Responsive report is now using highchart  
0546   *New feature: New tutorial grantlee template to learn how to develop a new template 
0547   *New feature: New option to select if the dashboard must be in html or qml. Qml mode is still experimental  
0549  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Fri, 06 May 2016 21:07:29 +0200
0551  skrooge (2.3.0)  
0552   *Correction bug 357081: No option to disable tray icon 
0553   *Correction bug 357414: Bad display amount in split editor 
0554   *Correction bug 358315: Typo in .desktop file leads to KRunner freeze
0555   *Correction: Avoid failure in kmy import when sub category already exists
0556   *Correction: Better autoreconciliation (the autoreconciliation can be done even when operations are not well sorted)  
0557   *Correction: Migration to nullptr
0558   *Correction: Replace "XXX* yyy = new XXX" by "auto yyy = new XXX"
0559   *Correction: Thanks to regular expression, the "word" function is now able to interpret "N:1234" as a 2 words "N" and "1234"  
0560   *Correction: Better icons (correction of installation for breeze)
0561   *Correction: Autoreconciliation doesn't work for accounts in other units than the primary
0562   *Correction: Better computation of the preferred currency for QIF import  
0563   *Correction: After a modification or an creation the focus must be given to the table
0564   *Correction: Error when launching Skrooge from krunner  
0565   *Correction: Bad sums in reports  
0566   *New feature: New column "Balance import" in account page with an indicator to know if the account is still aligned with import balance
0567   *New feature: Check balance of accounts after import with backend  
0568   *New feature: New "Personal Finance Score" in monthly reports
0569   *New feature: New "Personal Finance Score" in dashboard
0570   *New feature: Selection sum is now in the status bar  
0571   *New feature: On tables, when the filter changes, the selection remains visible
0572   *New feature: Ctrl+Maj+V allows to validate OR UNVALIDATE the imported operations
0574  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 21 Feb 2016 21:55:44 +0100
0576 skrooge (2.2.0)  
0577   *Correction bug 352674: SQLite version of the system not aligned with embedded in Qt when using sqlcipher 
0578   *Correction bug 349961: Values in "Text" report are clickable to open corresponding operations
0579   *Correction bug 349976: Default categories for payees
0580   *Correction bug 354139: Pb when opening operations in sub-operation view
0581   *Correction bug 341463: Monthly reports include transfers between accounts and shows as income/expenses 
0582   *Correction bug 354439: Re-open close account with money: wrong warning
0583   *Correction bug 354463: Incomes/Expenditures in monthly reports do not account for sub-operations of split operations 
0584   *Correction bug 354424: Displayed balance is 0,00 and operation is ignored afterwards 
0585   *Correction bug 354817: Arrows should increment/decrement operation number 
0586   *Correction bug 355376: Category too small in split editor 
0587   *Correction bug 355956: Not existent type in dashboard
0588   *Correction: Drag and drop file is now able to move a file
0589   *Correction: The WORD function of "Search & Replace" is no more sensible of useless space
0590   *Correction: Open skrooge document from desktop  
0591   *Correction: Set open source licence on svg files
0592   *Correction: Correction ofx import in ECM_ENABLE_SANITIZERS='address' mode
0593   *Correction: Better print of dashboards by printing each widget individually
0594   *Correction: Better counting of pages in print function
0595   *Correction: Monthly reports with "default" template is now printed in only one page (remove page-break-before: always)    
0596   *Correction: Monthly reports with "responsive" template must not print url   
0597   *Correction: Migration from sqlite to sqlcipher mode does not work when the password contains the character "
0598   *Correction: In "Search & Process", the between function must work when v1<v2 and v2<v1
0599   *Correction: Bad installation of libraries for Qt Designer
0600   *Correction: The template combo box of "Search & Process" must be refreshed when a new template is created
0601   *Correction: Update of amount in split panel creates a new line instead of modifying last line in some cases
0602   *Correction: Migration from QSystemTrayIcon to KStatusNotifierItem 
0603   *New feature: Properties with file are now an hyperlink in the tables
0604   *New feature: Display warning when icon is not found
0606  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 29 Nov 2015 18:48:31 +0100
0608 skrooge (2.1.1)  
0609   *Correction bug 351977: Missing Comment in desktop file 
0610   *Correction bug 350722: Sudden date change from 20XX to 19XX 
0611   *Correction: Upload of knewhotstuff does not work
0612   *Correction: Avoid performance issue when an operation is created very far in the future (example: 01/01/8015)  
0613   *New feature: New source of download "GrandTrunk" better than yahoo finance for currencies
0615  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Fri, 11 Sep 2015 13:10:09 +0200
0617 skrooge (2.1.0)  
0618   *Correction bug 349349: Allow to enter year with 2 digits only
0619   *Correction bug 349328: Bad date on split operation after fast edition
0620   *Correction bug 349327: Bad date format for sub-operation display in split tab 
0621   *Correction bug 349624: Add operator on fast filter
0622   *Correction bug 349776: Freeze when splitting and editing a future operation
0623   *Correction bug 349329: Tools should display modifications before applying them
0624   *Correction bug 349961: Split value of operations in reports/exports 
0625   *Correction bug 350154: Cannot change rate symbol (%) position in Simulations panel 
0626   *Correction bug 350722: Sudden date change from 20XX to 19XX 
0627   *Correction bug 350937: Some words are not translated 
0628   *Correction bug 340647: Encrypted Skrooge file is decrypted in-place 
0629   *Correction: Authorize only word characters and space in name of templates of reports
0630   *Correction: Authorize only word characters and space in name of source of quotes
0631   *Correction: Missing unit symbol in monthly report
0632   *Correction: Failure on export  
0633   *Correction: Bad display in period selector of "Income & Expenditure" dashboard widget
0634   *Correction: Bad filters in some open file dialog  
0635   *Correction: Error when open link with non ASCII characters   
0636   *Correction: Better detection of unaligne dates between operations and sub operations  
0637   *Correction: The first update of monthly report must take into account the selected template instead of using the default one
0638   *Correction: Add credits page in "About"  
0639   *Correction: Double click on skrooge document opens skrooge but the document is not loaded  
0640   *Correction: Code rework for contextual menus  
0641   *New feature: "Open…" action in contextual menu of reports  
0642   *New feature: New function to import simple rules (payee=xxx => category=yyy) from csv file  
0643   *New feature: More period options in dashboard widgets  
0644   *New feature: "5 main categories of expenditure" in dashboard and report is now clickable
0645   *New feature: "Quotes" in dashboard and report is now clickable
0646   *New feature: Addition of list of key users in credits  
0647   *New feature: Messages/errors can have associated action  
0648   *New feature: "Open operations modified by this transaction"
0649   *New feature: Delete items in history  
0651  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Thu, 27 Aug 2015 19:20:30 +0200
0653 skrooge (2.0.0)  
0654   *Correction bug 347762: Invalid error message for SQLite version check after an update of SQLite
0655   *Correction bug 324653: Auto-Hide Scrollbars for Report Graphs
0656   *Correction bug 348865: Do not show translated tooltip 
0657   *Correction bug 348490: Split with almost 0 operation
0658   *Correction: Porting on KF5 / QT5
0659   *Correction: Use of Q_DECL_OVERRIDE
0660   *Correction: Bad account selected in editor when a closed operation is selected
0661   *New feature: Close action available in menu and contectual menu  
0663  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 14 Jun 2015 18:16:43 +0200
0665 skrooge (1.12.5)  
0666   *Correction bug 348619: Freeze amount should freeze unit 
0667   *Correction bug 348621: Field order with tab key
0668   *Correction bug 348620: Display of multiple operations with common fields 
0669   *Correction bug 348568: Payee with operations in 0 operation group 
0670   *Correction bug 345994: Bad unit on some operation after search 
0671   *Correction: Build for QT built with -reduce-relocations
0673  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Wed, 03 Jun 2015 22:07:31 +0200
0675 skrooge (1.12.0)  
0676   *Correction bug 345974: Skrooge alarms keep firing up regardless of specified alert amount
0677   *Correction bug 346151: Fast edition do not fill operation sign
0678   *Correction bug 345998: Add tooltip for all history actions
0679   *Correction bug 345799: Moved then hiden column displayed 
0680   *New feature: Automatic point operations created during reconciliation  
0681   *New feature: "Simple" mode in "Search and process" page 
0682   *Performances: Better performances on selection change in "operation" page
0684  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Thu, 07 May 2015 20:46:21 +0200
0686 skrooge (1.11.0)  
0687   *Correction bug 341020: End of text in lineedit hides under the "clear" icon button
0688   *Correction bug 341450: Empty skg_bill.csv is created every time I launch Skrooge 
0689   *Correction bug 341463: Monthly reports include transfers between accounts and shows as income/expenses
0690   *Correction bug 342737: Multiple date modifications on scheduled operations
0691   *Correction bug 343730: Resize/hide internal filter panel in report
0692   *Correction bug 335945: Support making split operations from standard operations by search and process
0693   *Correction bug 344250: Bank ING-DIRECT in France has changed its bank number
0694   *Correction bug 345580: Share without tax should not be split
0695   *Correction bug 345654: Btn Add grayed after entering values information
0696   *Correction bug 345661: Selecting multiple operations: amount is not -----
0697   *Correction bug 345719: Enhance fast search/filter on lists 
0698   *Correction bug 345826: Bas edit fields on list sub-operation after search
0699   *Correction bug 345416: Crash when searching on 'type' field 
0700   *Correction: "Search" and "Report" do not work on properties of suboperations   
0701   *Correction: Bad tooltips in "Report" for expand and collapse  
0702   *Correction: Support invalid OFX file having debit with positive amount
0703   *Correction: Timeline does not work in some cases  
0704   *Correction: More flexibility during import of ofx file not having id on transactions
0705   *Correction: Anonymized file is renamed to avoid accidental overwrite of the current file
0706   *Correction: weboob backend compliant with version 1.0  
0707   *Correction: Avoid crash and generate an error when the sqlite version of the system is not aligned with the sqlite version embedded in QT
0708   *Correction: Open suboperation from multi selected operations
0709   *Correction: Avoid deletion of previous file and backup during save in case of file system full  
0710   *Correction: When a folder of bookmark a tab doesn't have the right icon
0711   *Correction: Stable sort when sorting by date to avoid ununderstandable balance
0712   *Correction: In table, when rows are groupes, the row representing the group spans all columns
0713   *Correction: Avoid crash in Add properties on suboperations
0714   *New feature 343766: Better custom report configuration 
0715   *New feature: New dock to be able to see all messages displayed
0716   *New feature: Alarm messages can be have parameters for the total amount (%1), alarm amount (%2) and difference (%3)
0717   *New feature: Show sum of spendings in tables when operations are grouped 
0718   *New feature: New advice detecting scheduled operations having date not aligned with the last inserted operation  
0719   *New feature: The target directory of the backuped file can be force  
0720   *New feature: Now some advices are recommended
0721   *New feature: In settings, you can define default comments, payees and categories for fake, commission and tax operations  
0722   *New feature: New button on advices widget to apply all recommended advices
0723   *New feature: Display average, min and max on groups in tables
0724   *New feature: WORD function is now able to extract word from the right by using negative parameters  
0725   *New feature: Addition of "Creation date" on operations  
0727  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 05 Apr 2015 19:18:04 +0200
0729 skrooge (1.10.0)  
0730   *Correction bug 334626: When doing a transfer, my specification of + or - is ignored
0731   *Correction bug 335943: Please add column "number of operations" to categories view
0732   *Correction bug 336320: OFX file import duplicates the last 12 transactions
0733   *Correction bug 338351: Reconciliation with additional currencies
0734   *Correction bug 338993: Change main currency fails to update amounts
0735   *Correction bug 338994: Currency rate not saved for transactions 
0736   *Correction: Open URL does not work in unit page
0737   *Correction: Wrong date in message "Operation 'XXX' will be inserted in YYY days"
0738   *Correction: Auto repair of qif file not having sum of suboperation amount != operation amount  
0739   *Correction: Better error message on mny import when java is not installed   
0740   *Correction: Weboob0g backend is now compliant with weboob version 0h 
0741   *Correction: Correction in bitcoin quote download  
0742   *Correction: Remove duplicate in "To Account" field on operations
0743   *Correction: Import of mode for mny files  
0744   *Correction: Better detection of transfers in mny import   
0745   *Correction: Automatic resize of columns in "Search and Process" edit panel to facilitate the creation/update of rules  
0746   *Correction: Missing template "categories_month_table"  
0747   *Correction: For credit card account, the binding of account is optional
0748   *Correction: Remove useless "Expand All" and "Collapse All" on history table  
0749   *Correction: "Add property" and "Delete" is now working on sub operations
0750   *Correction: "Highlight" is disabled on sub operations
0751   *New feature: The future can be added or not in "Current" or "Last" periods  
0752   *New feature: Defered credit card management
0753   *New feature: Capacity to apply a template on operations  
0754   *New feature: Capacity to automatically apply a template on operations from "Search and Process"   
0755   *New feature: Sort of table memorize the previous sort to be able to sort by column 1 and column 2
0756   *New feature: New advice to inform the user when the monetary decimal symbol is not defined in KDE localization settings  
0757   *New feature: 2 options in graphs, one for limits visibility, one for average visibility  
0758   *New feature: New advice to detect similar payees
0759   *New feature: New advice to detect similar categories
0760   *New feature: Add in documentation how to use kdewallet with weboob backend  
0761   *New feature: Import iif file  
0762   *Performances: Better performances in "Possible schedule"  
0763   *Performances: Better performances in dashboard  
0765  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Tue, 28 Oct 2014 20:57:41 +0100
0767 skrooge (1.9.0)  
0768   *Correction bug 327148: Version 1.8.0 doesn't build 
0769   *Correction bug 328335: Wish for fixed table row header
0770   *Correction bug 326764: When printing hard copy of report, only data in view in window is printed, not full report data
0771   *Correction bug 329568: Simulator utility problem
0772   *Correction bug 329825: When opening crypted file with false password skrooge falsely states the file is corrupted 
0773   *Correction bug 329876: Weboob import from paypal ignores dates and creates account "0"
0774   *Correction bug 330354: Budget forecast duplicates operation creation 
0775   *Correction bug 330428: Sorting doesn't work on Reconciliation date in Accounts view
0776   *Correction bug 331191: Obsolete term „Context“ in docbook
0777   *Correction: Remove conflict on CTRL+C shortcut
0778   *Correction: Import mny does not work with space in file name  
0779   *Correction: In case of failure during backup file creation a warning message is displayed instead of an error avoiding to save the file  
0780   *Correction: Refresh delta during reconciliation
0781   *Correction: Better PDF export from Monthly report  
0782   *Correction: Import CSV unit file with "," as separator
0783   *Correction: Better KMyMoney import 
0784   *Correction: Imported "Wallet" accounts are in bank named ''
0785   *Correction: Avoid wrong transfert in Grisbi import  
0786   *Correction: The option "Import only operations since the last imported one" uses a delay of 4 days to avoid missing operations due to value date
0787   *Correction: Avoid error in import of homebank file without parent attribute on categories  
0788   *Correction: Correction for unit download with Stooq
0789   *New feature: More option in "Income & Expenditure" dashboard widget  
0790   *New feature: New shortcuts for "Expand all" and "Collapse all"  
0791   *New feature: Operations can be split by date
0792   *New feature: Imports (csv, qif) support date format like this: 31Dec2012
0793   *New feature: Import CSV support now "semicolon", "comma" and "tab" as separator  
0794   *New feature: Monthly report is now able to display reports on months, quarter, semesters and years
0795   *New feature: New "responsive" template for monthly reports  
0796   *New feature: In graph, sums are now all computed
0797   *New feature: Pareto curve in graph  
0798   *New feature: New "quarter" and "semester" period in graph and "Incomes & Expenditures" dashboard widget
0799   *New feature: Ability to reorder the suboperations in the split operation
0800   *New feature: Better date filtering in operation page
0801   *New feature: More operators is "Search" panel
0802   *New feature: New statistic plugin  
0804  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 12 Apr 2014 16:11:26 +0200
0806 skrooge (1.8.0)  
0807   *Correction bug 319706: OFX trntype not imported, rest okay
0808   *Correction bug 320114: Wrong bank balance at dashboard
0809   *Correction bug 320112: Importing CSV operations with mixed " and ' text field separators
0810   *Correction bug 320226: Monthly report does not work due to missing template
0811   *Correction bug 320240: Impossible to enter exact amount for given unit in pop-up
0812   *Correction bug 320242: Transaction confirmation pop-up doesn't use defined unit value for transaction date for suggested value
0813   *Correction bug 320261: Dashboard "Income & expenditure": no values, strange colors
0814   *Correction bug 320157: Skrooge not working when .skg file is located on Samba share 
0815   *Correction bug 320323: Add function ("rest to") In budget
0816   *Correction bug 320298: Default automatic format detection while importing a file leads to wrong entries creation
0817   *Correction bug 320070: Allow changing operation date through "Search & Process"
0818   *Correction bug 320716: Skrooge does not import all operations using weboob 
0819   *Correction bug 320717: Use rdate instead of date in weboob backend
0820   *Correction bug 319993: Please adopt application logo/icon for smaller resolutions ==> skrooge-mini can be choosen for small resolutions
0821   *Correction bug 319990: Please fix icon alignment in Pages tab
0822   *Correction bug 322306: Skrooge Crash using Forecast Schedule
0823   *Correction bug 322069: Designer plugins should be unversioned .so files
0824   *Correction bug 323380: Minor date bug when using the stock portfolio widgets
0825   *Correction bug 320066: Crash importing KmyMoney exported file from Skrooge 
0826   *Correction bug 324972: Import fails without an error when account is defined in CSV 
0827   *Correction bug 325081: Add a « Yesterday » choice in the date picker
0828   *Correction bug 325174: Importing from gnucash file doesn't import accounts fo types 'Mutual Fund' nor 'Credit Card'
0829   *Correction bug 325223: Crash when exiting skrooge
0830   *Correction bug 324008: Erreur when importing .mny file. Error when analysing categories.json 
0831   *Correction bug 325675: Build error in skgfileplugin.cpp for openSUSE 12.2 KDE 4.9 
0832   *Correction: KMyMoney exports does not need a check of integrity anymore
0833   *Correction: Addition of all icons in size 256 and 512  
0834   *Correction: Block drop of a bookmark under another bookmark
0835   *Correction: Bad date format detection when the second value is 9 (example: 3/9/04)
0836   *Correction: Remove the "Bank account " string in the name of the account name created by an OFX import
0837   *Correction: Icon for "Amount entered"  
0838   *Correction: Authorize long number for operations like 5490990004
0839   *Correction: Default graph mode = line
0840   *Correction: Better detection of duplicate operations after import  
0841   *Correction: JSON export based on QJson  
0842   *Correction: The setting "Import only operations since the last imported one" allows importation for the same date (< instead of <=)
0843   *Correction: Impossible to change state of operation from suboperation view  
0844   *Correction: More permissive "Open duplicate"
0845   *Correction: Better setting layout for import/export  
0846   *Correction: Import/Export minimum and maximum balance in KMyMoney importer
0847   *Correction: Import minimum balance in Grisbi importer
0848   *Correction: Import minimum balance in Homebank importer  
0849   *Correction: New "weboob0g" backend compliant with the Weboob 0.g  
0850   *Correction: When a file is selected for the icon of the bank, the file name is displayed in the name of the bank  
0851   *Correction: In simulation page, the interest are computed with only operations with type=currency, not with shares
0852   *Correction: Error when importing skg file by double clicking when skrooge already open
0853   *Correction: No more password panel when the user loads an invalid Skrooge file  
0854   *Correction: In report, the forecast based on budget is displayed even when no operation in account  
0855   *Correction: Shortcuts in "Show" menus  
0856   *New feature: Notifications and  error messages are now based on KMessageWidget
0857   *New feature: The restore file is now base on KMessageWidget
0858   *New feature: Option to auto download from backend on opening file (default=false)
0859   *New feature: Import Microsoft Money documents (.mny) protected or not  
0860   *New feature: Tarballs are not uploaded on download.kde.org
0861   *New feature: Addition of russian banks  
0862   *New feature: Reopen last page closed
0863   *New feature: Max and min limits on accounts
0864   *New feature: Better and new advices based on limits of accounts
0865   *New feature: Sound emmission on operation creation
0866   *New feature: Import "Budgetary allocation" and "Fiscal year" from Grisbi files as properties
0867   *New feature: Information message explaining how to exist full screen mode
0868   *New feature: Addition of date of last reconciliation on account  
0869   *New feature: Amount owned on unit table
0870   *New feature: Download date on unit table  
0871   *New feature: New account type: Pension  
0872   *New feature: New set of categories for french people  
0873   *New feature: Addition of "Configure notifications…" in configuration menu  
0874   *New feature: Download and add bills as property by using boobill (weboob)  
0875   *New feature: Rename of property
0876   *New feature: Export HTML and ODT from tables
0877   *New feature: Automatic process to recover a corrupted file  
0878   *New feature: Possibility to print current page  
0879   *Performances: Better performances in dashboard
0880   *Performances: Better performances in monthly report  
0881   *Performances: Better performances in import of multi files (or from backend) by applying "search & process" rules only one time
0882   *Performances: Better performances in kmy export
0883   *Performances: Better performances by avoid to refresh autocompletion on widgets after light transactions  
0885  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 05 Oct 2013 18:54:16 +0200
0887 skrooge (1.7.1)  
0888   *Correction bug 319565: Bad performances on ubuntu 13.04
0889   *New feature: Open report from dashboard widgets
0891  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Thu, 09 May 2013 22:28:28 +0200
0893 skrooge (1.7.0)  
0894   *Correction bug 316604: Income and Expense widget on the dashboard does not respect suboperations in split operations
0895   *Correction bug 316796: Reports crash when closed normally
0896   *Correction bug 318063: New file format (AFB120 CFONB) 
0897   *Correction bug 279967: When automatically started at login, Skrooge is always displayed on all desktops
0898   *Correction bug 319145: Multiple currency support still buggy  
0899   *Correction: Group operations with more than 2 operations selected  
0900   *Correction: Group operations with already grouped operations  
0901   *Correction: Hide internal properties in "Search & process", in operation page and in the function "Add property"
0902   *Correction: QIF import does not support mix of date format  
0903   *Correction: The advice action "Remove groups with only one operation" does not remove the operation but the group
0904   *Correction: Better performances in kmymoney import and all other imports
0905   *Correction: skroogeconvert does not support files without path (example: skroogeconvert -in t.csv -out t.kmy)
0906   *Correction: Better performances of skroogeconvert in case of skg import or export
0907   *Correction: Global better performances by using the right index on unit table
0908   *Correction: Rename "Undo document" to "Revert document" 
0909   *Correction: Reduce the number of messages when using backend import  
0910   *Correction: Possibility to group tables on properties
0911   *Correction: Better support of import/export with url  
0912   *Correction: Better merging of operations in QIF import  
0913   *New feature: More modification functions in "Search & Process" panel for Payee, Account, Tracker  
0914   *New feature: New "capitalize" function in "Search & Process" panel
0915   *New feature: New attributes "Unit" and "Transfer" in "Search & Process" panel
0916   *New feature: All update functions are now available for properties in "Search & Process" panel
0917   *New feature: New icon in tab bar to create new page   
0918   *New feature: 'To account' in operation table and "Search & Process"
0919   *New feature: More attributes in line and column in reports (graph)  
0920   *New feature: Monthly reports and main page use the general font of KDE
0921   *New feature: Possibility to force the date format for qif and csv imports
0922   *New feature: More functions in tool menu  
0923   *New feature: More tips of the days
0924   *New feature: Dispay option "Hide pointed operations" in operation page
0925   *New feature: Possibility to group tables on hidden column  
0926   *New feature: Facilitate creation of standard currencies with auto completion  
0927   *New feature: Addition of the new currency "Bitcoin" with automatic download of the rate  
0928   *New feature: In dashboard and monthly report, banks can be clicked to open corresponding operations  
0929   *New feature: In report, the graph correction can be done by multiply or divide  
0931  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 04 May 2013 16:49:45 +0200
0933 skrooge (1.6.0) 
0934   *Correction bug 314389: weboob import does not work
0935   *Correction bug 314743: Can not resize window when operations tab is displayed
0936   *Correction bug 313926: Version 1.5.1 shows warnings
0937   *Correction bug 313948: Skrooge crashed after double clicking on an account after using clean import tool
0938   *Correction bug 313928: Warnings during build on OS X > 10.6
0939   *Correction: Splash screen and notifications on windows
0940   *Correction: Better error management in weboob import plugin  
0941   *Correction: Faster and without notification units downloads  
0942   *Correction: Facilitate toolbar customization  
0943   *Correction: Bad date format identification in some cases  
0944   *Correction: Remove traces "Attempt to use QAction 'XXX' with KXMLGUIFactory"
0945   *Correction: Activation of link in "Incomes and Expenditures" dashboard widget  
0946   *Correction: Operations in "Loan" accounts are not more taken into account in budget and "Incomes and Expenditures" dashboard widget
0947   *Correction: More point styles in graph and better rendering  
0948   *Correction: Display of infinity symbol in dashboards and monthly reports  
0949   *New feature: "Open all" and "Bookmark current page here" in the bookmark button
0950   *New feature: Button in bookmark dock to discover the contextual menu  
0951   *New feature: Buttons on dashboard widgets to discover the contextual menu
0952   *New feature: New cursor on dashboard widgets to show that widgets are moveable  
0953   *New feature: New dashboard (fast remove, fast add, fast move, fast drag & drop)
0954   *New feature: ToolButton displaying contextual actions on top right of tables
0955   *New feature: "Pages" launchers can be added in the toolbar  
0956   *New feature: New WORD function in "Search & process" to extract a word of an attribute  
0957   *New feature: More generic import through backends  
0958   *New feature: Support values like this "3128/100" in imports  
0960  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 25 Feb 2013 18:06:13 +0100
0962 skrooge (1.5.1) 
0963   *Correction: Avoid endless "wait cursor" in case of canceled load of protected file
0964   *Correction: More robust weboob import for backend not supporting parallel download
0965   *Correction: Operations page layout with very long comments
0967  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Tue, 22 Jan 2013 21:09:04 +0100
0969 skrooge (1.5.0) 
0970   *Correction bug 311252: Creating account with existing name just modify the existing one
0971   *Correction bug 312609: Banks widgets at the dashboard show wrong values
0972   *Correction bug 312671: Compile warnings 
0973   *Correction bug 312859: Searching for an empty payee doesn't seem to work
0974   *Correction bug 313140: Thousands of compile warnings when using [-pedantic] [PATCH provided by Andi Clemens] 
0975   *Correction bug 313141: Adjust layout in preferences window [PATCH provided by Andi Clemens] 
0976   *Correction bug 271292: "Set to upper" process does not work with all characters 
0977   *Correction bug 263265: Support regexps on imported data 
0978   *Correction bug 313268: Better layout fot the "comment" field in the operations view
0979   *Correction bug 313240: Transfers between accounts with different currencies show as income/expense 
0980   *Correction: Disable "Pin this page" when no page is opened
0981   *Correction: Disable "Print" and "Print preview" when no page is opened
0982   *Correction: Correction in the show menu of the operation page when only one account with ";" in the name  
0983   *Correction: Pb of propagation for budget rule with Period=Current Year
0984   *Correction: Avoid duplicate message in notification
0985   *Correction: Avoid to set an operation in more than one budget item when "garbage" budgets are used
0986   *Correction: Display reconciliation field when the "Reconcile" function is called from the page of accounts
0987   *Correction: Transfers ignored by default in" "Incomes & Expenditures" widget and reports
0988   *Correction: Adapt the size of the "Account" field to the lenght of the accounts names  
0989   *Correction: Set focus on "Date:" field after insertion or update of an operation
0990   *New feature: New "Process Immediately" method to process immedialetly some scheduled operations
0991   *New feature: Multiselection for "Jump to the operation" in scheduled operation page
0992   *New feature: New advice to detect non alignment of comments (operation vs suboperation) for simpe operations
0993   *New feature: New advice to detect operations without mode
0994   *New feature: New option Automatic refresh/Manual refresh in advice dashboard widget
0995   *New feature: New advice to switch on "Manual refresh" when advice are very long to compute
0996   *New feature: New advice to detect too complex unit definition like this: IBM => $ => £ => € (not supported)
0997   *New feature: Possibility to do graphic reports with the bank as column of line
0998   *New feature: Automatic import through weboob (http://weboob.org/)
0999   *Perfo: Better performances in advices by avoiding to compute dismissed advice
1000   *Perfo: Better performances in categories and payees tables
1001   *Perfo: Big performances improvement for huge transaction like imports or massive delete of accounts  
1003  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 19 Jan 2013 16:31:49 +0100
1005 skrooge (1.4.0) 
1006   *Correction bug 306517: "Incomes & expenses" widget displays a wrong sum for expenses
1007   *Correction bug 308050: Untranslatable strings in 'Budget' Page
1008   *Correction bug 308395: "list of operations" screen : inoperative filters (hide closed operations >1 & 2 weeks)
1009   *Correction bug 310372: Word completion in the comment field in standard operation does not work even if it was added via split operation
1010   *Correction: Better colors in "Expenditures vs Icomes" dashboard widget
1011   *Correction: Support qif file having Type:Class with description
1012   *Correction: Remove "All" in operation menu when only one account is created
1013   *Correction: Move "Export …" menu in "File" menu
1014   *Correction: Bad display of account having a "&" in operation page  
1015   *Correction: Move "Processing" actions in the main menu named "Tools"  
1016   *Correction: Hide title when reset filter in operation page
1017   *Correction: Better performances in SKGDocumentBank::computeBalances by using compound query
1018   *Correction: Avoid freeze when a very old value (example: 14-11-0012) is entered by error for a unit  
1019   *Correction: Avoid freeze in reports when a very old operation (example: 14-11-0012) is entered by error
1020   *Correction: "Quantity owned" in unit page does not initial amount of accounts
1021   *New feature: New button on unit page for opening the web site of the download source
1022   *New feature: Warning on closing non null account
1023   *New feature: Support for Activities
1024   *New feature: "Stock portfolio" in monthly report
1025   *New feature: "Stock portfolio" dashboard widget based on monthly report
1026   *New feature: Possibility to add hyperlinks in monthly reports  
1027   *New feature: Export html in monthly reports 
1028   *New feature: New widgets for dashboard
1029   *New feature: 2 new templates for monthly report are delivered by default
1030   *New feature: 2 new advices detecting very old values of unit and very old operations
1031   *New feature: New advice checking if budgets rules are treated
1032   *New feature: New option for import to "Import only operations since the last imported one"  
1034  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 09 Dec 2012 11:51:43 +0100
1036 skrooge (1.3.3) 
1037   *Correction bug 305880: On the Dashboard, scheduled transactions have wrong number of decimal places 
1038   *Correction bug 306119: Cannot open document created in 1.3.0 with 1.3.2
1039   *Correction bug 305879: Account panel shows Edition - should be Addition 
1040   *Correction: Smaller bank icon selector in "Accounts" page
1041   *Correction: Set default type as "currency" in "Units" page when primary and secondary units are already defined
1042   *New feature: Add "savings" as type of account
1043   *New feature: "Tracked" operations in option of "Income vs expenditure" widget of dashboard
1044   *New feature: Export JSON
1046  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 03 Sep 2012 16:25:21 +0200
1048 skrooge (1.3.2) 
1049   *Correction bug 300228: Failed to import from KMyMoney file
1050   *Correction bug 301137: 'To Account' of an existing money transfer is displayed incorrectly in edit area
1051   *Correction bug 302388: Gnucash import failes: Better error message in case of negative value for a currency
1052   *Correction bug 302502: Message for possible schedule incomplete
1053   *Correction bug 303527:Support more time options for ‘show checked operations’ 
1054   *Correction bug 304003: Crash when removing transaction number of transactions with duplicate account numbers
1055   *Correction bug 304313: Importing a KMyMoney file results in error: "[ERR-11]: 'KMYMONEY-KMYMONEY-TEMPORARY-ACCOUNT': You are not authorized to delete this account because it contains some checked operations" 
1056   *Correction: Rename columns of budget table
1057   *Correction: Better CSV and TXT exports of tables grouped by a column  
1058   *Correction: Better SVG export of tables  
1059   *Correction: Restore palette in tables after print 
1060   *Correction: Do not display disabled schedules in dashboard  
1061   *Correction: Remove text on common icons in toolbar by using QAction::LowPriority  
1062   *Correction: In "Scheduled operations" page, the button "Jump to the operation" opens the operation page in template mode to authorize updates
1063   *Correction: New wording; "To be Checked" instead of "Foreseen" or "In Transit"; "Checked" instead of "cleared" or "validated"
1064   *Correction: Better mouse icon when closing pined page  
1065   *Correction: Remove X confirmation messages when close a document having X pinned pages  
1066   *Correction: Focus on opened page from bookmarks when the current page is pinned
1067   *Correction: Allow massive update in account page  
1068   *Correction: Avoid bad table display when grouped  
1069   *New feature: Progress bar in budget table for active budgets
1070   *New feature: "Open report" button from search page to open report without saving the query  
1071   *New feature: Option to ignore operation tracked in reports
1072   *New feature: Option to ignore operation grouped in reports  
1075  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 06 Aug 2012 12:24:18 +0200
1077 skrooge (1.3.0)
1078   *Correction bug 291512: Show hide checked operations setting are not retained 
1079   *Correction bug 291550: Advice (dashboard) about operations with empty category : case of transfers
1080   *Correction bug 292225: Skrooge 1.2.0 crash on opening report
1081   *Correction bug 293398: Display Graph windows during Account Creation
1082   *Correction bug 293397: Error on duplicate account name creation
1083   *Correction bug 293580: Select/unselect "import state" column will display empty field 
1084   *Correction bug 293941: Skrooge crashed on deleting split operation
1085   *Correction bug 278220:  Wrong values in Monthly Report "Amounts in accounts"
1086   *Correction bug 296204: add balance entered in Operations
1087   *Correction bug 297722: Copy/paste comment in the table of a split operation leads to a wrong behaviour
1088   *Correction: creation of subcategories with entered number  
1089   *Correction: hide templates when open operations from other pages
1090   *Correction: Use radio button in "Show" menus when needed  
1091   *Correction: Support import of gnucash file without "gnc:book"  
1092   *Correction: Generate an error message when trying to import a missing ofx file  
1093   *Correction: FastEdition does not work when more than one "operation" page is opened  
1094   *Correction: Crash on QIF export when the document has 3 operations grouped with op1.value=-op2.value  
1095   *Correction: Refresh of graphs when unit values are modified  
1096   *Correction: Install the grantlee filter plugin into the correct location.
1097   *Correction: Avoid empty "Account" page when no account exist  
1098   *Correction: No automatic resize of columns when "auto resize" is not check
1099   *Correction: Addition the "rate" in internet code tool tip.
1100   *Correction: Amounts are displayed with the right number of digits in "operation" and "account" table.
1101   *Correction: Refresh view when a new appearance is selected
1102   *Correction: Bad computation of fake operation in case of multi selection  
1103   *New feature: Better display of "Show" menu in operation table
1104   *New feature: Colors in "Incomes and Expenditure" dashboard widget
1105   *New feature: "Search & Process" is now working on comments of sub operations  
1106   *New feature: "Base 100" mode
1107   *New feature: Skrooge is now able to import file have amounts with unit symbole (example: -$8.35)  
1108   *New feature: Possibility to pin/unpin pages  
1110  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 23 Apr 2012 11:45:09 +0200
1112 skrooge (1.2.0)
1113   *Correction bug 288683: E: skrooge-common: arch-dependent-file-in-usr-share usr/share/kde4/apps/skrooge/plugins/grantlee/0.2/grantlee_skroogefilters.so
1114   *Correction bug 290626: No support of OFX format
1115   *Correction: Avoid suboperations pointing on unused category when all categories are deleted
1116   *Correction: Hide internal properties in property dock
1117   *Correction: A new document is no more considered as modified  
1118   *Correction: Advice "xxx is an old tracker" modified to use the LASTDATE instead of the FIRSTDATE    
1119   *Correction: Better display in "Income & Expenditure" dashboard widget + addition of "Saving"
1120   *Correction: In "Account" page, "Other …" in icon list is now working  
1121   *Correction: Correction for advice "Possible schedule 'xxx'"
1122   *Correction: Hide internal properties in graph
1123   *Correction: Bug on inline edition on comment & mode
1124   *Correction: Optimisation on "anonymize" function for big files
1125   *Correction: Highlight switch on category
1126   *Correction: In operations tab, provide a "show" menu as for other plugins
1127   *Correction: Avoid duplication of some categories when search and process is used  
1128   *Correction: Avoid modifications in interest table  
1129   *Correction: Fast edition refreshs the "comment" field  
1130   *Correction: The autocompletion list for number displays only the numbers of the selected account  
1131   *Correction: Monthly report create .kde directory event if .kde4 must be used  
1132   *New feature: Fields of update part of the search & process panel are not editable to facilitate the completion
1133   *New feature: Import of non local files (example: http://myserver/document.qif)
1134   *New feature: Export of non local files (example: http://myserver/document.qif)
1135   *New feature: Dashboard > Shares & Indexes renamed to "Quotes" and provide a possibility to select all available Units (Objects, Currencies etc.)
1136   *New feature: Operations > Transfer: do not display a name of a chosen source account in the field of target account
1137   *New feature: New mode in reports
1138   *New feature: Memorize expanded groups in bookmarks
1139   *New feature: "Incomes & Expenditures" widget is clickable  
1140   *New feature: Highlight on units  
1141   *New feature: Addition of "Show" menu in scheduled operations    
1142   *New feature: Hide title in "Scheduled operations" if at least one schedule is existing
1143   *New feature: Open "Scheduled operations" when an operation is scheduled
1144   *New feature: SKGTreeView scrollbars are sticked on maximum position
1145   *New feature: SKGTableWidget scrollbars are sticked on maximum position
1146   *New feature: New "Open operations" function in contextual menu (connected with double click - support multi selection)
1148  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 09 Jan 2012 11:01:12 +0100
1150 skrooge (1.1.1)
1151   *Correction: "Highlighted only" is by default disabled in "Account" widget
1152   *Correction: Mysterious crash in SKGTreeView::onExpand
1154  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Wed, 23 Nov 2011 21:44:09 +0100
1156 skrooge (1.1.0)
1157   *Correction bug 283683: Can not add a new operation after modifying the values on an existing one 
1158   *Correction bug 284220: Closed account still showing up in accounts combobox of "operations" tab 
1159   *Correction bug 283840: Skrooge is unable to download units for a past period, but it works for the current day
1160         ==> Better warning message
1161   *Correction bug 284073: Expressions in splitted operation amount are not calculated 
1162   *Correction bug 283842: If I add today a past operation in a different unit than the principal, the amount calculated uses the present unit value, and not that of the specific date
1163   *Correction bug 284752: Skrooge does not look for Grantlee at build time 
1164   *Correction bug 284843: OFX import does not work on UTF-8 encoded files
1165   *Correction bug 285289: Misspell found: reconciliation instead of reconciliation
1166   *Correction bug 285880: Cumulative amount of main categories do not appear 
1167   *Correction bug 286538: Renaming categories doesn't rename relevant search/process rules (not fixed but better error management)
1168   *Correction: Better colors in "5 main variations" widget for dashboard
1169   *Correction: Installation of grantlee_skroogefilters.so in only one place and not hardcoded
1170   *Correction: No more error when importing skg file with payees
1171   *Correction: Addition of an error message on loading of a document generated by a most recent version (example loading on a 1.0.0 document into Skrooge 0.9.1)
1172   *Correction: Addition of missing date for x axis on unit graph
1173   *Correction: Import homebank set types of accounts
1174   *Correction: Possibility to remove an empty account without warning
1175   *Correction: Better performances during migration
1176   *Correction: Change language of the document on open if the language of KDE has changed
1177   *Correction: Better affectation of payees and comments during gnucash import 
1178   *Correction: Better default size of the "category" panel in the split table to avoid manual resizing
1179   *Correction: Better performances during import of multi files by applying "search & process" rules only at the end
1180   *New feature: New type of account "Loan", transfer from/to this kind of account are considered as "expenditure" in reports
1181   *New feature: New function to remove useless values in unit (the curve is preserved but useless values are removed)
1182   *New feature: New tag for grantlee to be able to use standard palette. Colors of the "Default" template are coming from the KDE palette now.
1183   *New feature: Possibility to download values of units with regular expressions.       
1184   *New feature: Possibility to create/modify monthy template directly from skrooge
1185   *New feature: More detail in progress bar  
1186   *New feature: New advice to find and repair operations in groups with only one operation
1187   *New feature: New advice to find potential monthly schedule
1189  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 21 Nov 2011 15:31:03 +0100
1191 skrooge (1.0.0)
1192   *Correction bug 280362: Skrooge is not accepting dots or commas
1193   *Correction bug 280897: Unit wont set on mt940 import when there are existing operations 
1194   *Correction bug 280915: The import logic should use an existing account based on bank name read from :20: and the account number read from :25:
1195   *Correction bug 282983: Multi-currency transactions not anchored to the exchange rate of the day of the transaction
1196   *Correction bug 283246: Some text is hard to read with dark color theme
1197   *Correction: Better performances in check box of operation, account, tracker pages
1198   *Correction: Grisbi import with split operations does not work  
1199   *Correction: Capability to open read only file
1200   *Correction: Completion on substring available only in "Dropdown list" mode
1201   *Correction: To improve performances, the refresh of advices is done when dashboard is activated and only if refresh is needed
1202   *Correction: To improve performances, the refresh of models is done for views in current page
1203   *Correction: To improve performances, the refresh of graphs is done for graphs in current page
1204   *Correction: "Delete unused" of category page tries a delete only on categories really not used
1205   *Correction: Various correction in bookmarks (enable/disable in menu, bad management in parent/child relation)
1206   *Correction: Cascading delete in categories and bookmarks  
1207   *New feature: New function to bookmark all opened page in one click
1208   *New feature: Addition of "Once a week" for scheduled operations  
1209   *New feature: Merge of trackers by drag & drop  
1210   *New feature: "Count" mode in reports  
1211   *New feature: In table views, when at least one scroll bar is visible, the corner widget allows to display the contextual menu of the header
1212   *New feature: Graphs can be corrected by an indice defined in unit page
1213   *New feature: Less icon in tool bar by default. New "Fast edit" button in operation editor.
1214   *New feature: Add copy menu in contextual menu for cells
1215   *New feature: Advice for closed account with amount<>0
1216   *New feature: "Autostart" and "Remove autostart" available in multi selection
1217   *New feature: In krunner, A string like "buy 10 ESSO" allows to quickly prepare add a new operation in skrooge. Advices in dashboard allows to finalize the creation
1218   *New feature: "Auto start" bookmarks are not opened if the key SHIFT is maintained pressed during the start of Skrooge  
1219   *New feature: Grouping function in all tables  
1220   *New feature: New menu to lock/unlock docks
1221   *New feature: Allow menu hiding 
1222   *New feature: "Monthly report" widgets for the dashboard can be set on current month
1224  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 03 Oct 2011 14:21:04 +0200
1226 skrooge (0.9.1)
1227   *Correction bug 271294: Modifying transactions with spaces in their amounts causes them to be reset to 0
1228   *Correction bug 275963: Operations imported in the primary currency unit, not the account unit 
1229   *Correction bug 278004: Skrooge installs library files with wrong version numbers
1230   *Correction bug 278220: Wrong values in Monthly Report "Amounts in accounts" 
1231   *Correction bug 279421: General reports problems/request
1232   *Correction bug 275956: Possibility to display different accounts in different currency units
1233   *Correction: Change icons and remove useless icons
1234   *Correction: Hide useless "Add" and "Update" buttons in amortization table of "Simulation" page
1235   *Correction: No display of initial value (0000) in graph when history mode is not selected
1236   *Correction: Now the forecast period is equal to the real period
1237   *Correction: Addition of "Add category" in contextual menu of "Category" page
1238   *Correction: Differentiation between "Sum" and "Pourcent" mode of PIE graphs
1239   *Correction: When "operation" page is an a particular account, the editor is cleaned with this account 
1240   *Correction: Remove password when anonymize a document
1241   *Correction: Better performance by simulating "materialized views" with tables (used for categories and budgets)
1242   *Correction: In CSV import, if 2 "amount" columns are found then the first one is considered as a debit and the second one as a credit
1243   *Correction: During import, in case of doubt, MM_DD is preferred than DD_MM
1244   *Correction: Imports are supporting dates with backslashes like 29\06\2011
1245   *Correction: Better performances
1246   *Correction: Saving the state of 'Categories Page' ignores the resized columns with (Auto resize: off)
1247   *Correction: CSV import supports multiline file like:  
1248                 date;amount;comment;type
1249                 "1/1/2010";1000;"transfer 1
1250                 from account A
1251                 to account B";TRANSFER
1252                 "2/2/2010";2000;"transfer 2
1253                 from account A
1254                 to account C";TRANSFER
1255   *Correction: Protection again empty date ==> if the user remove date string then the current date is used
1256   *Correction: Toolbar is realy configurable
1257   *Correction: Import of encrypted skrooge files
1258   *Correction: Better print when many pages are open
1259   *Correction: Missing gsb format in import file selection panel
1260   *New feature: Graphs in "Bank and Account" page
1261   *New feature: Addition of "Jump to the operation" in contextual menu of "Scheduled operations" page
1262   *New feature: Properties can be a copy of a file or a link to an existing file
1263   *New feature: In all pages, possibility to hide line by using operator - in "Search" field
1264   *New feature: Addition of "Highlight" status on catagories and payees  
1265   *New feature: In reports, the first columns is resizable and has a tooltip for a better display
1266   *New feature: "Expand all" and "Collapse all" in category and bookmark trees  
1267   *New feature: An option to set a frequency of units download (once a day/week/month)  
1268   *New feature: Properties associated by drag & drop can be copied or linked (ALT+)
1269   *New feature: CTRL+C enables copying of selected cells of tables
1271  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 15 Aug 2011 18:53:00 +0200
1273 skrooge (0.9.0)
1274   *Correction bug 273692: Weird overlay in each dashboard widget 
1275   *Correction bug 268933: Category editing is tedious and confusing 
1276   *Correction bug 270207: Cannot enter positive value (credit) for operations in my account 
1277   *Correction bug 270450: Add a wallet as a distinct account
1278   *Correction bug 271529: Add a search box to the Categories tab
1279   *Correction bug 271708: Wrong account transfer merging when importing QIF files
1280   *Correction bug 272863: Allow to choose which wallet store password in
1281   *Correction bug 274777: inconsistency between amounts&nb of operations displayed by modules Tiers, Categories and Operations 
1282   *Correction bug 274993: Generation of forecast in a report depends on the option "auto-write" 
1283   *Correction: Error during QIF import if unit is already existing 
1284   *Correction: Open property file with space
1285   *Correction: Selected items always on top in graphs
1286   *Correction: Symbol in legend when "Point" is the selected mode of graph
1287   *Correction: Skrooge crashes on change of icon for folders in bookmark dock
1288   *Correction: Show progress bar only when needed  
1289   *Correction: Bad values when customized dates are changed in reports
1290   *Correction: Better draw of pies in graphs
1291   *Correction: "Antialiasing" option in settings panel + automatic refresh of graphs after settings modification
1292   *Correction: "find and group transfer" does not work if 2 operations with same date and same amount
1293   *Correction: Homebank import supports budgets and scheduled operation
1294   *Correction: Change "Context" by "Pages"
1295   *Correction: Better computation of forecast period for "Scheduled" and "Budget" modes  
1296   *Correction: Better performance in advice for scheduled operations
1297   *Correction: Better proportion in reports in BUBBLE mode 
1298   *New feature: Formula is autorized in splitted amount (must start by =)
1299   *New feature: Ensure visibility of selected items in graph 
1300   *New feature: New logo with rupee symbol
1301   *New feature: New button to reset internal filter in reports
1302   *New feature: Settings for "Reports" to select colors
1303   *New feature: Information zone in budget to display budgeted amount based on selected budgets
1304   *New feature: New contextual action "New category" on categories
1305   *New feature: Balance and balance of the day in account widgets (table, dashboard)
1306   *New feature: Merge of an imported operation with a manual operation is now possible even if amounts are different
1307   *New feature: Button on "Scheduled operations" to jump to the operation template for edition
1308   *New feature: New advice to align scheduled operation amount with the last amount inserted
1309   *New feature: New kind of graph "stack of columns"  
1310   *New feature: New kind of graph (values in % of columns)
1311   *New feature: New setting to select the color of outline in reports
1312   *New feature: New setting to enable/disable balances computation
1314  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 06 Jun 2011 14:00:49 +0200
1316 skrooge (0.8.1)
1317   *Correction bug 259417: Units: graph unreadable when values are missing for some dates ==> "Show origin" allows to show/hide the origin of the graph for a better display
1318   *Correction bug 259416: Report: showing limits, average and tendency does not work in mode "Sum" 
1319   *Correction bug 259414: Feature request: select previously selected tab when closing a tab 
1320   *Correction bug 259412: Date chooser field: keyboard shortcuts do not work
1321   *Correction bug 257324: No icon for Skrooge in the Gnome menu 
1322   *Correction bug 261001: Better integration on OS X
1323   *Correction bug 261318: Amount field calculator gives too many digits
1324   *Correction bug 262511: Wrong widget placement in properties subwindow 
1325   *Correction bug 263263: Separate field for income and expenditure when importing CSV files 
1326   *Correction bug 263716: Conversion multiple records to "transfer" type cause all have the same ammount 
1327   *Correction bug 266703: Window exceeds screen size on Netbook 
1328   *Correction bug 267442: Support for mt940 files
1329   *Correction bug 267773: Skrooge always start maximized
1330   *Correction bug 267996: Export CSV not unique identifier 
1331   *Correction: Bad fullname and cumulative amount on categories after a drag and drop
1332   *Correction: Import csv with "sign" column before "amount"
1333   *Correction: All items are in "Skrooge" category in "Configure shortcuts"
1334   *Correction: No symbol for curves of indexes
1335   *Correction: "XX is an old tracker" advice does not give the right result when after 31 december
1336   *Correction: GNUCash import creates sometimes "wrong" splits with values close to 0
1337   *Correction: Better initial state for the window (docks, maximized)
1338   *Correction: Bookmark of report
1339   *Correction: Many small correction in "interest" computation (tooltips, items in combo box, computation, …)
1340   *Correction: Bad unit in "unit" page for units having a unit reference
1341   *Correction: Better tooltips in report (usefull for huge report where lines title is not visible)
1342   *Correction: Better management of codex for exports
1343   *Correction: Bad value when update of transfer is done from target account of the transfer
1344   *New feature: Import csv with ' as cote (for "Money Manager Ex" exports)  
1345   *New feature: Import csv is now possible on file without header
1346   *New feature: Import csv supports more than one "category" column
1347   *New feature: Import "Money Manager EX" file
1348   *New feature: Change icon on bookmarks
1349   *New feature: "Open potential duplicates"
1350   *New feature: Massive update on budgets
1351   *New feature: Delete is more secured.   
1352   *New feature: Force mode on delete.   
1353   *New feature: Possibility to change the account of operations even when only operations of one account are displayed (useful for credit card)
1354   *New feature: New "Search & Process" panel
1355   *New feature: Property dock is able to display all properties
1356   *New feature: New "About" panel using KDE 4.6 features
1357   *New feature: Better mass update on "account", "payee", "tracker" and "unit" pages
1358   *New feature: Possibility to merge accounts by using massive update on name of accounts
1359   *New feature: Possibility to merge payees by using massive update on name of payees
1360   *New feature: Possibility to merge units by using massive update on name of units
1361   *New feature: Possibility to merge categories by using massive update on name of categories
1362   *New feature: Timeline in reports
1363   *New feature: Some fields are directly editable in view
1364   *New feature: Completion for all fields with operators (=upper and =lower for the moment)
1365   *New feature: New "stacked area" graph type
1366   *New feature: New "bubble" graph type
1367   *New feature: New button in "operation" page to freeze/unfreeze all fields with text
1368   *New feature: Better zoom widget in contextual menu of reports
1370  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 14 Mar 2011 15:40:34 +0100
1372 skrooge (0.8.0)
1373   *Correction bug 250350: Impossible to update an operation of a closed tracker 
1374   *Correction bug 250403: Dashboard "Shares & Indexes" shows wrong percentaged variation 
1375   *Correction bug 250677: Bank account choice do not use the country information 
1376   *Correction bug 246973: Dashboard should be more customizable 
1377   *Correction bug 251465: Wrong totals with second currency accounts
1378   *Correction bug 252869: Skrooge doesn't import KMM bank names correctly
1379   *Correction bug 255133: Skrooge crash on ofx import (With wrong data format. Bug in libOFX)
1380   *Correction bug 221207: Budget and forecast for accounts
1381   *Correction bug 256214: Skrooge after full screen mode I have only StartPage
1382   *Correction bug 257322: Installation doesn't depend from "QCA OSSL plugin for libqca2" (libqca2-plugin-ossl is not optional)
1383   *Correction bug 258307: comment from main split operation duplicated
1384   *Correction bug 258621: Skrooge crashes when KDE session is closed 
1385   *Correction: Better dashboard display by using a flow layout
1386   *Correction: Bookmark of report having "Columns: -- Nothing --"
1387   *Correction: Support of "!type:prices" for QIF import and export
1388   *Correction: Better export KMyMoney
1389   *Correction: Better detection of double during imports
1390   *Correction: Protection again sql injection
1391   *Correction: Graph redraw even on hidden tabs
1392   *Correction: Crash on selection of a cell when graph is hidden in reports
1393   *Correction: Refresh of page in case of reset default state
1394   *Correction: Boorkmark of "operation" page in template mode
1395   *Correction: In report, hide columns or lines without property
1396   *New feature: On reports, average and limits are available if "All values in positive" is used too
1397   *New feature: Download of all additional information as properties for units (new setting to activate this mode)
1398   *New feature: Skrooge is able to store passwords in KDE wallet (new setting to activate this mode)
1399   *New feature: Scheduled operations with warning are in bold in dashboard
1400   *New feature: Show/hide properties as a column in tables
1401   *New feature: Auto point of imported operations to obtain the expected final balance
1402   *New feature: Reorder widget in dashboard by drag & drop
1403   *New feature: Floating panel in dashboard to remove or zoom widgets
1404   *New feature: Accounts can be merged by drag & drop (useful after an import)
1405   *New feature: Units can be merged by drag & drop (useful after an import)
1406   *New feature: Automatic import of csv columns as properties based on regular expression
1407   *New feature: New report capabilities
1408   *New feature: Sub total in reports
1409   *New feature: New advice for bank without account
1410   *New feature: New icons for banks of South Africa (Thank you David)
1411   *New feature: OR operator (+) supported in string filters
1412   *New feature: New contextual menu in html pages for export as pdf, odt, image and copy
1413   *New feature: Possible to show/hide items in context list
1414   *New feature: Forecast based on budgets
1415   *New feature: Multi selection in report table and graph
1416   *New feature: New "show" button
1417   *New feature: Better performances on dashboard  
1418   *New feature: Better performances on tracker page  
1419   *New feature: New function on operation: "Merge sub operations"
1420   *New feature: New advice for budgets  
1421   *New feature: Possibility to dismiss kind of advices
1422   *New feature: Hide tendency line column  
1424  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 06 Dec 2010 15:31:21 +0100
1426 skrooge (0.7.3)
1427   *Correction bug 245847: skrooge 0.7.3: 'pow10' was not declared in this scope 
1428   *Correction bug 213786: Account balance is not displayed 
1429   *Correction bug 246178: Dashboard "Income & Expenses" widget counting transfers
1430   *Correction bug 246408: Skrooge prints hardcopy
1431   *Correction bug 246977: In reports from selected data the date selection should be all data 
1432   *Correction bug 247445: Linker error in skgbasemodelertest/skgtestnodes.cpp 
1433   *Correction bug 246976: 'Select all' option in menu edit 
1434   *Correction bug 249955: No password request after hardware crash 
1435   *Correction: Better management of print option (collate, nb copy, from, to, last page first)
1436   *Correction: Do not authorize creation of operation with "-------"
1437   *Correction: In report, capability to create history with of property
1438   *Correction: In report, do not allow hiding table or graph by resizing
1439   *Correction: Import QIF with !Account section containing more than one account and with D attribute (Thank you Dennis)
1440   *New feature: Properties with a 'http' or 'file' url as value can be opened from skrooge (useful to set bank site on an account) 
1441   *New feature: New daskboard component to know money per bank
1442   *New feature: Bookmarks in a menu
1443   *New feature: Context in a toolbar (useful for small screen)
1444   *New feature: Advice widget in dashboard  
1445   *New feature: Full screen (useful for small screen)  
1446   *New feature: Addition of file as property by drag and drop
1447   *New feature: Tables are scrolled "bottom" or "top" based on sort order
1449  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 05 Sep 2010 07:36:37 +0200
1451 skrooge (0.7.2)
1452   *Correction bug 237498: Skrooge crash on saving preferences (when system tray is not available)
1453   *Correction bug 238087: kAmountEdit widget in Operations plugin isn't properly localized
1454   *Correction bug 238477: Cannot open base if partition is full 
1455   *Correction bug 240600: Skrooge must be able to export as a sqlite database 
1456   *Correction bug 240640: Skrooge crash after password entered - input file DELETED at failure 
1457   *Correction bug 234597: Gnucash import issues with two accounts with the same name 
1458   *Correction bug 240601: Skrooge must be able to export an anonymized file 
1459   *Correction bug 243738: Import of Gnucash file that has CNY currency fails 
1460   *Correction bug 245254: Category creation failed on first level 
1461   *Correction: Drag & drop of categories
1462   *Correction: Import skg file with tracker or interest simulation
1463   *Correction: No XML export of tables sqlite_sequence and sqlite_stat1
1464   *Correction: Layouts compatible with small screen (1024x768)
1465   *Correction: Open right page when click on "Estimated interest" in dashboard applet
1466   *New feature: Zoom on tables by using CTRL+wheel
1467   *New feature: Search button is "Search & process" page to be able to search operations without creating a rule
1468   *New feature: Click on a column in "Search & process" editor removes the column
1469   *New feature: CTRL+F opens the "Search & process" panel with a condition based on current selection
1470   *New feature: Stability of colors in graph
1471   *New feature: Selection of colors in graph (saved and restored)
1472   *New feature: "Add property" to add easily properties
1473   *New feature: skg files saved on a FTP server can be loaded directly from Skrooge. Save is not possible.
1474   *New feature: New "Payee" page
1475   *New feature: Merge of payees by drag & drop
1476   *New feature: Report plugin is able to display graph based on properties
1477   *New feature: Possibility to select icon file for a bank
1478   *New feature: Any kind of file as property
1479   *New feature: Go home
1481  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 24 Jul 2010 10:00:00 +0200
1483 skrooge (0.7.1)
1484   *Correction bug 233895: Switching account from 1 type to another with multi-sel is modifying the initial balance 
1485   *Correction bug 233930: QIF address field is not imported 
1486   *Correction bug 234595: Better handling of category deletion ==> Reparent operations on parent category when a category is removed
1487   *Correction bug 234608: Some gnucash notes are lost during import phase
1488   *Correction bug 234771: Problem importing ofx file 
1489   *Correction bug 234845: Bad Account after importing ofx
1490   *Correction bug 235689: Cannot localize quotation marks 
1491   *Correction bug 234596: Customisable date format in operations panel 
1492   *Correction bug 236753: Search but not process on attribute  
1493   *Correction: Rename "Import CSV unit…" in "Import currency values…"
1494   *Correction: Better management of constraints in data model
1495   *Correction: Conflict on categories when importing twice a gnc document 
1496   *Correction: Conflict on categories when importing twice a xhb document 
1497   *Correction: Conflict on categories when importing twice a gsb document 
1498   *Correction: Conflict during property update
1499   *Correction: Modification of trackers in splitter operations from "Search and process"
1500   *Correction: Transfer when signe + is specified before the value
1501   *Correction: Various modifications on "Search & Process"
1502   *Correction: Replacement of [%1] by '%1' for localization
1503   *Correction: No more direct sqlite prerequisit
1504   *New feature: Better performances on "File/New" (first Save is longer)
1505   *New feature: Usage of KNewPasswordDialog and KPasswordDialog for password protection
1506   *New feature: Applet for dashboard to display tip of the day
1507   *New feature: CSV import of splits and transfers 
1508   *New feature: CSV import is able to oncatenate many attributes in "comment" or "payee"
1509   *New feature: CSV import is to import unknown attributes as properties
1510   *New feature: Export XML  
1511   *New feature: "Search & Process" is able to search on properties values  
1512   *New feature: "Search & Process" is able to update, insert and delete properties (prop='' to delete it)
1513   *New feature: All currencies are now available in unit page (Thanks to KCurrencyCode)
1514   *New feature: Properties are displayed on tooltips
1515   *New feature: Open property picture associated to an object
1517  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 10 May 2010 15:21:33 +0200
1519 skrooge (0.7.0)
1520   *Correction bug 225855: Monthly Report: difference in percentage is wrong 
1521   *Correction bug 225980: Share download not in primary currency : value not correct
1522   *Correction bug 226451: .skg file incorrectly identified as password-protected ==> New document icon to identify encrypted files
1523   *Correction bug 228808: Gnucash import: scheduled operation at 0 euros 
1524   *Correction bug 228904: Gnucash import should not take into account recurrent operation containing loan formulas 
1525   *Correction bug 230175: Sometimes report plugin resizes Skrooge over the screen size 
1526   *Correction bug 232937: Search & Process : if a category has no operation yet, it doesn't appear in the possible categories for "update" 
1527   *Correction wis 228901: Manage Liability accounts (loan, etc…) 
1528   *Correction wis 197409: There's no way to define initial balance of non-OFX account 
1529   *Correction wis 224933: A legend in the graphics 
1530   *Correction wis 224042: Possibility to store several CSV import schemes ==> Implemented by regular expression in automatic mapping.
1531   *Correction wis 225818: Change skrooge desktop file description 
1532   *Correction wis 226963: Export CSV of split operations 
1533   *Correction wis 228170: Skrooge must be able to import skg file 
1534   *Correction of forecast computation on scheduled operations
1535   *Correction of export of "Initial balance" for QIF and CSV
1536   *Correction of import of "Initial balance" for QIF and CSV
1537   *Correction of import of "Initial balance" for OFX
1538   *Correction: Better error message in case of repository of document is RO
1539   *Correction on confirmation message
1540   *Correction selection on graph (histogram and stack)
1541   *New feature: "Weighted moving average" in reports
1542   *New feature: Specific font and color for disabled schedule (nbtime = 0)
1543   *New feature: Addition of "First date" and "Last date" in trackers
1544   *New feature: Amortization table
1545   *New feature: import gnucash document
1546   *New feature: import kmymoney document
1547   *New feature: import skrooge document (can be used to merge documents)
1548   *New feature: import grisbi document
1549   *New feature: import homebank document
1550   *New feature: export kmymoney document
1551   *New feature: export skrooge document (without history)
1552   *New feature: possible to create a bookmark even when a bookmark is already selected
1553   *New feature: button to clean history (reduce the size of the file)
1554   *New feature: all settings in only one file. WARNING: check your settings.
1555   *New feature: generic modeler is ready to be used by other applications.
1556   *New feature: "5 main variations" in monthly report.
1557   *New feature: New key accelerator to enable editor of current page
1559  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 05 Apr 2010 20:00:00 +0200
1561 skrooge (0.6.0)
1562   *Correction wis 215668: Dashboard is too big to be a real dashboard 
1563   *Correction bug 216520: Incorrect import of a transfer when inside a splitted operation (a splitted operation can not be a transfer)
1564   *Correction bug 217896: UK Currency and Date formats displayed for Scheduled Transactions in Dashboard
1565   *Correction bug 217743: Configuring Banks and Accounts Section (Bank name update issue)
1566   *Correction bug 219791: No progress bar during export QIF 
1567   *Correction bug 219750: Delete key in split table remove the full line 
1568   *Correction bug 214508: Provide a balance evolution graph 
1569   *Correction wis 220659: Option to "Apply rules on to imported operations" automatically after an import 
1570   *Correction cra 220936: Crash on double click on bookmarks 
1571   *Correction cra 222340: Freezes after some time 
1572   *Correction bug 222339: CVS import: problem with decimal point and comma 
1573   *Correction wis 220663: Selected operations must still visible after a sort modification 
1574   *Correction wis 223848: make libofx an optional dependency 
1575   *Correction wis 224676: keyboard shortcut for modify and add operation 
1576   *Correction wis 209314: key scrolling does not work, and click on a line has odd behaviour 
1577   *Correction bug 224932: Graphic Report SVG export bug + wish on a legend 
1578   *Possible to define favorite account
1579   *Possible to define favorite search
1580   *New gui for search and process
1581   *Delete icon on each suboperation line
1582   *Compatibility with bespin theme
1583   *Do not collapse tree after editing one of its items
1584   *More options in "Report" page
1585   *New function to delete unused categories
1586   *Selection in pages list is now synchronized with current page
1587   *New option in contextual menu of report to hide bottom tool bar
1588   *Edition of splitted operations by single click
1589   *Clean button in operation table is renamed "Clear form"
1590   *Better export QIF for investment
1591   *Better display on reports (average, min and max are displayed if only one curve is drawn)
1592   *Better display on reports (linear regression is displayed if only one curve is drawn)
1593   *Option to show/hide average and limits in graph
1594   *Selection of year for interets computation
1595   *Correction in sum of operation computation when suboperations are selected
1596   *Graph proportion adapted to view size
1597   *"Account position" is replaced by "Ending balance"
1598   *Avoid cpu loop when double click on operation fields on KDE 4.4
1599   *Completion based on substrings
1600   *Better import of QIF files when both side of the import do not have exactly the same date
1601   *Correction on update category and tracker for transfers
1602   *Completion on comments
1604  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 06 Feb 2010 09:00:00 +0100
1606 skrooge (0.5.5)
1607   *Disable some functions on sub-operations
1608   *Correction on update of a splitted operation by a split returned by Fast Edition
1609   *Correction bug 215995: SQL Error when attempting to display a report in history mode
1610   *Correction bug 215754: Invest account is incorrectly imported as current account 
1611   *Correction bug 214809: Incorrect import of a transfer 
1612   *Correction bug 214851: Incorrect import of 'investment account' QIF file 
1613   *Correction bug 216348: Account filters synchronisation problem in the operation HMI 
1614   *Correction bug 216522: Incorrect import of transfer (twice imported) 
1615   *Correction bug 216551: Click in blank area make 'date' widget to extend its size 
1616   *Correction bug 216514: Incorrect import of QIF file when account names are similar 
1617   *Correction bug 216520: Incorrect import of a transfer when inside a splitted operation (transfer of suboperation is not supported)
1618   *Correction crash 215992: Skrooge crash when clicking on "rapport" menu   
1619   *Correction regression on "Open report" (P0)
1620   *Invertion of colors in report (more saturation for new operations)
1622  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 29 Nov 2009 15:00:00 +0100
1624 skrooge (0.5.4)
1625   *Correction bug 211579: Irregular percent value in monthly report amounts in accounts 
1626   *Correction bug 212313: Can not update a lot of operations 
1627   *Correction bug 211029: Skrooge should have an better account evolution graphic 
1628   *Correction bug 213783: Account balance computation is inaccurate 
1629   *Correction bug 214045: Import CSV date format problem 
1630   *Correction bug 214097: Can not search on multiple criteria. (OR is not supported)
1631   *Correction bug 214157: Impossible to import an ofx file from a directory containing special characters 
1632   *Correction bug 214462: Does not use primary currency unit when importing, and does not warn on import of splitted operation with multiple currencies 
1633   *Correction bug 214447: Auto save the open document at closing 
1634   *Correction bug 214794: Incorrect report of warning when importing QIF file 
1635   *Correction bug 214809: Incorrect import of a transfer 
1636   *Correction bug 214849: CSV export from grid is not correct 
1637   *Correction bug 214904: Can not download a stock/share quotation 
1638   *Correction bug 214851: Incorrect import of 'investment account' QIF file 
1639   *Correction bug 215114: Button to customize dashboard 
1640   *Correction bug 215620: Can not import QIF file with skrooge version SVN 1052520 
1641   *Correction bug 215656: History reports are wrong if first date is not selected 
1642   *Correction bug 215658: Some editors are modified when a bookmark is created 
1643   *Correction on double click of a template of transfer
1644   *Update of both side of a transfer is now possible
1645   *Only one fast edition. User is be able to lock some fields before.
1646   *Interest can be computed with 360 and 365/366 days method
1647   *New splashscreen size
1648   *New graph gui with "Quarters", "Semesters", "Weeks" and "Days"
1649   *Zoom with CTRL+wheel on graph
1650   *Dashboard is automatically launched when a new document is created
1651   *Use of graph component in unit page
1652   *New button to clean editor in operations page
1653   *Correction on scheduled transfers
1654   *New report widget for dashboard (all reports can be added to dashboard)
1655   *Addition of "Del" shortcut to delete suboperations in split panel
1656   *New tooltip on operation status
1657   *New function "Open sub operations" to display all sub operations. Useful to filter them.
1658   *New function to reconciliate an account from bank page
1659   *Better QIF import/export of account type 
1661  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 23 Nov 2009 14:00:00 +0100
1663 skrooge (0.5.3)
1664   *Correction bug 209451: Display quantity of each unit 
1665   *Correction bug 209457: Number of decimal for each unit must be different 
1666   *Correction bug 209453: Impot must avoid double even when operations are not validated 
1667   *Correction bug 209529: Unable to reconcile. Delta zero but "Validate checked operations" tick still grayed out
1668   *Correction bug 208939: "Search and process" does not work anymore 
1669   *Correction bug 209610: Skrooge doesn not work if "Maximum undo depth" is 0 
1670   *Correction bug 209542: Automatic conversion of schedule 
1671   *Correction bug 209672: Amount of indexes must be displayed without unit symbol 
1672   *Correction bug 209705: Importing investments from csv doesn't import the dollar amount of shares purchased 
1673   *Correction bug 209705: Find&Group is now able to detect share purchase/sale
1674   *Correction bug 209702: Need the ability to be able to manually group transfers 
1675   *Correction bug 209914: executable bits set for skgalarmboardwidget.h 
1676   *Correction bug 209905: currency import is broken
1677   *Correction bug 209912: rpmlint warnings after installation: unused-direct-shlib-dependency 
1678   *Correction bug 209053: Savings account support request 
1679   *Correction bug 210946: columns are always resized to content when opening operations tab 
1680   *Save icon in tab bar to overwrite bookmarks or current context
1681   *New dashboard plugin for highlighted operations
1682   *New dashboard plugin for estimated interests
1683   *"Backward" & "Forward" navigation on pages
1684   *New unit "Swedish krona"
1685   *New command to open operations modified during last user action (useful after an import or a processing)
1687  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 19 Oct 2009 12:00:00 +0200
1689 skrooge (0.5.2)
1690   *Correction bug 207927: skrooge summary field uncomplete bank account name 
1691   *Correction bug 208130: 'Import CSV Unit' menu puts data into the 'Operations' tab 
1692   *Correction bug 208210: Multiple clause research/update in french 
1693   *Correction bug 208194: Skrooge loose all data on file migration 
1694   *Correction bug 208040: Error when entering shares information 
1695   *Correction bug 208459: Skrooge crashes when changing tab 
1696   *Correction bug 209317: key scrolling very long 
1697   *Better performance in report by using QTimer
1698   *Better performance bank page by using QTimer
1699   *New SKGDateEdit with more features
1700   *Delivery of default categories and bookmarks for pt. Thanks Caio de Campos Ferreira.
1701   *Better performance when opening pages
1702   *Correction on monthly report for a better display with dark theme  
1703   *New widget on dashboard for alarms
1704   *SKGDateEdit validation on lose focus
1705   *Automatic detection of CSV separator during import
1707  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 04 Oct 2009 16:00:00 +0200
1709 skrooge (0.5.1)
1710   *Correction bug 205471: Impossible to know how to check an operation 
1711   *Correction bug 205466: Date missing in reports 
1712   *Correction bug 193426: Ability to create from scratch a "recurrent operation" 
1713   *Correction bug 203787: Balance should be displayed for each operation in the operation context. Correction done: balance is displayed on tooltip because it is better for performances than in column.
1714   *Correction bug 206894: Crash second import CSV 
1715   *Correction bug 206459: "Search & process" must be able to do complex update 
1716   *Correction bug 199539: Dashboard must be customisable 
1717   *Correction bug 207249: rpmlint error: debuginfo-without-sources (including a fix) 
1718   *Correction bug 207246: rpmlint warning shared-lib-calls-exit /usr/lib64/libskgbasemodeler.so.0.5.0 exit@GLIBC_2.2.5 (for fedora packaging)
1719   *Correction bug 207232: skrooge must use kfilterproxysearchline 
1720   *Correction bug 207274: "Fast edit" behavior must be modifiable by settings 
1721   *Correction bug 191966: Treeviews collapsed when updated 
1722   *Correction bug 207672: Align amount values on the right for cleaner views 
1723   *Correction bug 207713: Display some information after applying a process 
1724   *Correction bug 200790: Search creation doesn't take not validate predicate 
1725   *New function to create template of operations
1726   *New function to schedule templates
1727   *New function to create template from existing operations
1728   *Double click on template creates the operation
1729   *New shortcut for import
1730   *Attribute to define the maximum number of occurrence for scheduled operations
1731   *Attribute to define the last occurrence date
1732   *A setting allows to create automatically a template when an operation is scheduled
1733   *Selection is done on duplicated object after a "Duplicate"
1734   *Selection is done on created template after a "Create template"
1735   *Correction message in history when an object is deleted
1736   *Download button always visible on unit plugin
1737   *Infinite symbol when number of occurrences is not checked
1738   *Addition of "Custom…" on graph dates
1739   *New spash screen
1740   *New function to overwrite bookmarks after a modification
1741   *Filter capability on "search & process" table
1742   *Editors are no more clean when the selection is empty. A second click is needed
1744  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 20 Sep 2009 00:00:00 +0200
1746 skrooge (0.5.0)
1747   *Correction bug 201316: import qif extra tag support
1748   *Correction bug 201157: Graphs no longer displayed
1749   *Correction bug 201289: Compiler error on GCC 4.1.2 (enum with KDE_EXPORT or similar macro)
1750   *Correction bug 201451: qif import other liability account type
1751   *Correction bug 201697: Pointed operation can be deleted
1752   *Correction bug 201800: Filter issue with number formatting 
1753   *Correction bug 202167: Payee list should be ordered in a case insensitive way
1754   *Correction bug 202341: Combobox lists are not sorted in a locale-aware way 
1755   *Correction bug 202384: Skrooge always wants to update report bookmarks on exit 
1756   *Correction bug 202636: Hidden columns are sometimes displayed   
1757   *Correction bug 203894: Skrooge crashes when launched with --nofork 
1758   *Correction activation of "Values" button in "Units" page
1759   *New password is no more displayed when changed
1760   *New function to merge an imported operation with an operation manually entered
1761   *New refund icon
1762   *New widget for dashboard "Shares and indexes"
1763   *Modification titles on "operation" pages to differentiate "operations" and "sub operations"
1764   *"sub operations" can be identified by a specific font and color (see settings)
1765   *Correction bug: Created search is not selected after creation
1766   *Correction performance issue on zoom when antialiasing is enable
1767   *Addition of 5 main categories of expenditure in monthly reports
1768   *Rename "Bookmark" for operation by "Highlight"
1769   *Rename "Trait" by "Process"
1770   *Set minimum size for amounts fields
1771   *Only one "Import…" command for all supported format.
1772   *Support of QFX import
1773   *New settings for import CSV
1774   *Dashboard is now clickable
1775   *Dashboard is modifiable (see contextual menu on each widget) and state can be saved
1776   *Addition of "Fast edition" without amount modification. It is useful to modify imported operations
1777   *Only one instance of skrooge can be launched.
1778   *Imports can be done in command line. Example "skrooge myfile.ofx" with skrooge running
1779   *If an invalid expression is entered for the amount, the field is written in red, and the expression is kept to allow correction from the user (previously, 0 was displayed).
1780   *"New tab" is now managed by Ctrl+Shift+T
1781   *Popup to ask if you want to save current state of pages.
1782   *Bookmark storage is no more dependant of language translation
1784  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Fri, 28 Aug 2009 21:00:00 +0200
1786 skrooge (0.3.0)
1787   *Correction bug 191970: Attach receipts (images) to transactions
1788   *Addition of "Trackers" for lines in report
1789   *Correction bug 195254: Do not allow to link operations to a closed tracker
1790   *Correction bug 195026: A setting must allow to clean history when the application is [saved]
1791   *Correction bug 194826: End user must be to validate an import
1792   *Correction bug 196444: Can not validate reconciliation (delta = -0.00)
1793   *Correction bug 196745: Categories are not added to a split operation
1794   *Correction bug 197287: Add backup file management
1795   *Correction bug 197288: Manage working document copy
1796   *Correction bug 197835: Reconciliation mode : currency problem
1797   *Correction bug 198077: Comments do not appear in every Operations windows
1798   *Correction bug 198583: foreign currency accounts should display in their native currency in dashboard.
1799   *Correction bug 198786: Categories are not easily read
1800   *Correction bug 199196: build error in skgbankgui
1801   *Correction bug 199543: Splash screen display must be defined by settings
1802   *After an import, skrooge is able to execute some rules to clean imported operations
1803   *Correction in dashboard
1804   *Addition of "Reset state" on tabs to reset default state of plugins
1805   *Most important category and refund are displayed for split operations
1806   *Display detail of selected operations in information area of "operation" page
1807   *Main tab position can be selected in settings
1809  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 11 Jul 2009 16:00:00 +0200
1811 skrooge (0.2.9)
1812   *Correction bug 2787146: Single click on bookmarks
1813   *Correction bug 191972: Selection is not well kept
1814   *Correction bug 191975: Add Labels for X values in histograms and stack reports
1815   *Correction bug 191968: Information string on top of page is too long (no word wrap)
1816   *Correction bug 192687: fonts too large on report
1817   *Correction bug 192832: Do not take amount sign into account for transfers
1818   *Correction bug 191967: Skrooge must be able to display an history global and for each account.
1819   *Correction bug 193423: context list scrolls down only after 8 mouse molette rotation
1820   *Correction bug 193431: "recurrent operation" trigger can not be set on D day
1821   *Correction bug 193421: bugs to be registered via bug database (not email)
1822   *Correction bug 194650: Fast edit must work on Tracker attribute
1823   *Correction bug 194765: Number of operations by account must be displayed in bank plugin
1824   *Addition of bank icon on account combo boxes
1825   *Addition of Canadian dollar
1826   *Addition of one more view (based on selection) in operation plugin
1827   *Better managment of dependency between units
1828   *New settings on unit download
1829   *Skrooge tries to find the most adapted account during import file without account information inside
1830   *Update of nls part of data model when language is changed
1831   *"Open report" on an element of a report open a new report with exactly same settings than first one
1832   *Addition of "scheduled operations" in dashboard plugin
1833   *New operation editor
1834   *Better management of messages in status bar
1835   *New editor in unit plugin
1836   *Middle click is able to open new page from context or bookmarks
1838  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 31 May 2009 23:00:00 +0200
1840 skrooge (0.2.8)
1841   *Correction bug 2782399 :Skrooge must create a backup file
1842   *Correction bug 2783111 :Typo
1843   *Correction bug 2515571 :New plugin to follow refunds
1844   *Correction bug 2785938 :Single click
1845   *Correction bug 2786183 :Load standard categories?
1846   *Correction bug 2682777 :Label are not well placed
1847   *Correction bug 2579926 :Improve category plugin performances
1848   *Correction bug 2665265 :Edit names directly in treeview
1849   *Correction for amount comparison in validation mode
1850   *Correction import ofx when bankid is empty in ofx file
1851   *Correction mime type for KDE4
1852   *Better performances on open document with password required
1854  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 04 May 2009 15:00:00 +0200
1856 skrooge (0.2.7)
1857   *Correction bug 2513827 :global print function
1858   *Correction bug 2692667 :Automatic icon resize is driven by bookmarks only
1859   *Correction bug 2714592 :Skrooge must be able to manage properties on all objects
1860   *Correction bug 2733958 :Auto hide
1861   *Correction bug 2747379 :Only allow to "pre-check" operations
1862   *Correction bug 2750464 :Impossible to update the date of a split operation
1863   *Correction bug 2778333 :Enhance hidden panels discoverability
1864   *Correction bug 2777697 :bookmark modifications are not kept when closing skrooge
1865   *Old method to split an operation is no more available
1866   *"Undo document" is no more in toolbar by default
1867   *Remove useless icons from tool bar
1868   *When "Save" is clicked in a new document, automatically interpret it as "Save as"
1869   *New menu with shortcuts to open pages
1870   *Better automatic linear scale in reports
1872  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 27 Apr 2009 15:00:00 +0200
1874 skrooge (0.2.6)
1875   *Correction bug 2692651 :antialias on graphs
1876   *Correction bug 2692665 :Wrong currency label in stock tab
1877   *Correction bug 2692605 :Title of a report for a selection contains only ",,,,"
1878   *Correction bug 2692648 :New dialog box on exit
1879   *Correction bug 2692664 :add support for split & grouped operations in fast edition
1880   *Correction bug 2692656 :More details on recurrent operations view
1881   *Correction bug 2645610 :Bad performance on "find transfers"
1882   *Correction bug 2692681 :Reconciliate mode in operations view
1883   *Correction bug 2706987 :no report generated
1884   *Correction bug 2716734 :Better category & unit creation during operation creation
1885   *Correction bug 2720760 :Popup messages are displayed twice
1887  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 29 Mar 2009 20:00:00 +0200
1889 skrooge (0.2.5)
1890   *Correction bug 2664613 :Not possible to show a column without reseting all
1891   *Correction bug 2633375 :2 columns for quantity
1892   *Correction bug 2674862 :Bad performances on undo/redo for categories
1893   *Correction bug 2675606 :Bookmark reorder doesn't work
1894   *Correction bug 2685241 :Add postive sign in amount field for positive operations
1895   *Correction bug 2685236 :Option to ask again if modified bookmark should be saved
1896   *Correction bug 2685270 :Impossible to modify comment on operation and sub operations
1897   *Correction bug 2687115 :filter value is not save whan bookmark a report
1898   *Correction bug 2685335 :Pie like in firelight
1899   *Debug plugin is able to do a "EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN"
1900   *Path for bash is not more hardcoded in script for BSD compatibily
1902  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 16 Mar 2009 14:00:00 +0100
1904 skrooge (0.2.4)
1905   *Correction bug 2608762 :Cannot create a bookmark folder if no bookmark exist yet
1906   *Correction bug 2633444 :Add "import std categories" in import menu
1907   *Correction bug 2638120 :Unable to import cvs or qif from "la banque postale (fr)
1908   *Correction bug 2564982 :Creation of default bookmark
1909   *Correction bug 2640959 :Impossible to import OFX file
1911  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 02 Mar 2009 20:00:00 +0100
1913 skrooge (0.2.3)
1914   *Correction bug 2608762 :Creation of category branch in one shoot
1915   *Correction bug 2608768 :Crash in category creation
1916   *Correction bug 2586878 :skrooge crashes if category too deep
1917   *Correction bug 2446175 :better split operations
1918   *Correction bug :sum column always displays 0 in category page
1919   *Addition of comment on suboperations
1920   *Better performances to compute next values for operation numbers
1921   *Icon in system tray
1922   *"export SKGTRACESQL=xxx" is able to trace all sql order taking more than xxx ms
1924  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 23 Feb 2009 21:51:12 +0100
1926 skrooge (0.2.2)
1927   *Correction bug 2556346 :README should list kdesdk-scripts as buildtime dependency
1928   *Correction bug 2556406 :Pound sterling missing in currency list, difficult to add
1929   *Correction bug 2556340 :CMakeLists should use correct libraries and check for Sqlite (Thank you lindevel for the patch)
1930   *Correction bug 2555861 :"make package_source" contains too many files
1931   *Correction bug 2557366 :Wrong password
1932   *Correction bug 2556381 :Impossible to change negative quantities into positive ones?
1933   *Correction bug 2530932 :Better autostart bookmarks management
1935  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Wed, 11 Feb 2009 21:51:12 +0100
1937 skrooge (0.2.1)
1938   *Correction bug 2517386 :Move of category is not done
1939   *Correction bug 2519334 :Smooth scolling in category view
1940   *Correction bug 2517388 :Selection must be set on created operation
1941   *Correction bug 2519847 :Duplicate operation
1942   *Correction bug 2520516 :Security of skg file
1943   *Correction bug 2545021 :compilation fails because po/listFiles.sh is not executable
1944   *Correction bug 2549911 :Import standard categories
1945   *Correction bug 2526148 :Double click on graph in report
1946   *Correction bug 2520530 :KToolBarPopupAction for undo/redo
1947   *Addition of icon for stocks
1948   *Bookmark can be deleted from contextual menu
1949   *Icons are resized relative to list width
1951  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sun, 01 Feb 2009 20:00:00 +0100
1953 skrooge (0.2.0)
1954   *Correction bug 2489823 :automatically remember changes on columns for bookmarks
1955   *Correction bug 2487934 :Specific Column for "scheduled" icon
1956   *Correction bug 2487866 :deselect lines in table views
1957   *Correction bug 2487981 :add a column for total of operations including subcategories
1958   *Monthly report is now base on QWebView and contain google graph
1959   *Addition of exports in report tables (TXT, CSV)
1960   *Report can be opened from bank, operation or unit page
1961   *Report can be opened from report
1962   *Better graph
1963   *Addition of print
1964   *Long transaction can be interrupted
1965   *Better warning message with history
1967  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 19 Jan 2009 20:00:00 +0100
1969 skrooge (0.1.9)
1970   *Better contextual menu on tables
1971   *New feature in monthly report
1972   *Better performances for monthy report generation
1973   *Better graphics in report plugin
1974   *Addition of exports in all tables
1975   *Addition of exports in report graphs (PDF, SVG, picture)
1977  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 03 Jan 2009 20:00:00 +0100
1979 skrooge (0.1.8)
1980   *Correction bug 2299303 :Calcul de balance erroné
1981   *Correction bug 2446162 :Distinction for future operations
1982   *Correction bug 2446184 :Reduce spacing between rows
1983   *Correction bug 2256687 :No more icon in application menu
1984   *Correction crach in qtdesigner due to SKGTableView
1985   *Addition "open bookmarks" to display all bookmarked operations
1986   *Addition of sale of stocks
1987   *Addition of "split of stock"
1989  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Tue, 22 Dec 2009 20:00:00 +0100
1991 skrooge (0.1.7)
1992   *Correction bug 2385144 :Unexpected display of unit in operations list
1993   *Correction bug 2390926 :Problem with Action/$/€
1994   *Correction bug 2390747 :Operations transferred not found
1995   *Correction bug 2384834 :Multi-Selection and Ctrl-P does not work
1996   *Correction bug 2311993 :Difference between operation and valuation not done
1997   *Correction bug 2385059 :Possibility to remove (modify) buggy unit value
1998   *Correction bug: Inversion year(s) and day(s) in recurrent operations
1999   *Correction wrong mapping on all table when column are reordered
2000   *Correction request 2379612: categories edition & creation
2001   *Selection is now kept after modifications
2002   *New "Monthly report" plugin
2003   *Computation of RIB key
2004   *Addition contextual menu on all table
2005   *Addition contextual menu on tabs
2006   *Addition of short date in tooltip on fancy date
2007   *Addition of smooth scrolling in table views
2008   *Addition of indexes (CAC 40, NASDAQ, …) in data model
2010  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Tue, 15 Dec 2009 20:00:00 +0100
2012 skrooge (0.1.6)
2013   *Support of import unit values in CSV format like:
2014                 date;value
2015                 01/01/2008;50
2016                 03/03/2008;60
2017   *Correction bug 2340201 :crash on QIF export
2018   *Correction bug in import if 2 operations with same attributes (date, amount, …)
2019   *Correction concerning performance issue in all tables
2020   *Correction bug 2299354 :Ability to change and memorize column width
2021   *Columns can be switched in "auto resize" mode
2022   *Correction bug 2298982 :An account shall have a currency
2023   *Preferred table's organisation can be save as default
2024   *Better organisation of pies in report plugin
2026  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Tue, 01 Dec 2009 20:00:00 +0100
2028 skrooge (0.1.5)
2029   *Correction bug 2307068: Incorrect import of QIF file
2030   *Columns order is now saved in bookmark for operation, account, recurrent operations and unit plugins
2031   *Sort is now saved in bookmark for operation, account, recurrent operations and unit plugins
2032   *Correction bug 2327676: Many import QIF correction
2033   *Columns can be show or hidden (see contextual menu) and this state is saved in bookmarks
2034   *Better performances (x100) in report.
2035   *Correction bug 2316459: skrooge does not support out-of-source build
2036   *Correction bug 2298621: Unable to delete a "principal currency".
2037    ==> It is now possible to delete a unit except if this unit is already used by at least one operation
2038   *Correction bug 2326576: Field empty by default
2039   *Correction bug 2306914: "Tip of the day" dialog can not be removed
2041  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Tue, 24 Nov 2009 20:00:00 +0100
2043 skrooge (0.1.4)
2044   *New icons
2045   *Bookmarks folders are opened sorted and focus is set on the first one
2046   *Correction (inversion sign of operations) in transfer creation
2047   *Buy stock is now possible
2048   *Correction bug 2298773: Unit and amount are not aligned
2049   *Correction bug 2298674: Montant en EUR même si unité EUR n'existe pas
2050   *Correction bug 2298471: Unable to change type of a unit
2051   *Correction bug 2299384: File/Close closes the current page
2052   *Correction bug 2299524
2053   *Correction bug 2299519: "Mode" should not be mandatory
2054   *Optimisation in open "operation" pages
2055   *Correction bug 2299600: Values of a unit are not sorted out
2056   *Correction bug 2299947: Unit can not be used if no symbol is defined
2057    ==> Symbol is now mandatory
2058   *Correction bug 2301337
2059   *Correction bug 2300013:Une ventilation est une catégorie
2060   *Correction bug 2278703:Zoom fit when opening report tab
2061   *Comment on account
2062   *Tab name is now set with the name of the bookmark
2064  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Tue, 17 Nov 2009 20:00:00 +0100
2066 skrooge (0.1.3)
2067   *Vertical alignment in all views
2068   *Detection of the sign of an operation (during creation) based on category
2069   *Average in report
2070   *Sum column is now displayed only if more than one column is displayed in report plugin
2071   *Correction bug in report when sort is set on last column and the report is refreshed with less columns
2072   *Correction abend on delete
2073   *Modeler is now able to store messages on transaction.
2074   *Display messages by notification
2075   *Addition of recurrent operations (creation, update, delete, automatic insertion, warn, …)
2076   *Correction in duplication of recurrent operations: Now, status, bookmark, importation id are not duplicated
2077   *Correction on optimisation of undo/redo transaction: optimisation removed :-)
2078   *Multi selection is supported by recurrent operations creation icon
2079   *Massive update on recurrent operation
2080   *Implementation enhancement 2272115 concerning calculator behavior
2081   *Correction update of split operations
2082   *Set default order in all tables
2083   *Sort bookmark by drag and drop
2085  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Sat, 14 Nov 2009 20:00:00 +0100
2087 skrooge (0.1.2)
2088   *Support of categories in QIF import
2089   *Support of csv file with empty lines
2090   *Support of categories in QIF export
2091       *Correction bug 2229770: automatic erase of duplicated operations
2092   *New design for operation and account plugin
2093   *Addition of first draft of recurrent operations
2095  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Tue, 10 Nov 2009 20:00:00 +0100
2097 skrooge (0.1.1)
2098   *Optimisation widget refresh after a huge QIF import
2099   *Optimisation performance of QIF export
2100   *Optimisation performance of CSV export
2101   *Optimisation performance of "find and Group transfers"
2102   *Addition of "Close", "Close All" and "Close All Other" to manage pages
2103   *Correction on download unit
2104   *Addition of the name of the file in the title of the man window
2105   *Addition of sort in report plugin
2107  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Tue, 03 Nov 2009 20:00:00 +0100
2109 skrooge (0.1.0)
2110   * QIF import/export
2111   * CSV import/export
2112   * Basic graphs
2113   * Several tabs to help you organize your work
2114   * Infinite undo/redo (even after the file was closed !)
2115   * Instant filtering on operations
2116   * Infinite levels of categories
2118  -- Stephane MANKOWSKI <stephane@mankowski.fr>  Mon, 02 Nov 2009 20:08:00 +0100