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0002 <chapter id="faq">
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0005     <author> &Jack.H.Ostroff; &Jack.H.Ostroff.mail; </author>
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0007   <date>2022-12-10</date>
0008   <releaseinfo>5.1.3</releaseinfo>
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0011 <title>Questions and Answers</title>
0013 <para>
0014   This chapter addresses a number of issues that frequently cause confusion,
0015   especially for new users of &kmymoney;. If you find that &kmymoney; is doing
0016   something you don't understand (or sometimes not doing something you want it
0017   to do,) please check this list before asking for help on one of the mailing
0018   lists.  If your problem is not mentioned here, refer to the section on <link
0019   linkend="firsttime.contact">getting help</link>.
0020 </para>
0022 <qandaset>
0024 <qandadiv><title>Installation and Startup Questions</title>
0026 <qandaentry>
0027  <question>
0028    <para>&kmymoney; crashes when I try to launch it.</para>
0029  </question>
0030  <answer>
0031    <para>There are many reasons &kmymoney; might crash or give an error instead
0032    of starting up normally.  Sometimes an error message is shown, but if not,
0033    you can run &kmymoney; from a command line, to see if any useful information
0034    is output to the console.  On &Linux;, this just means typing "kmymoney" in a
0035    shell.  &macOS; should be similar.  On &Windows;, you will need to type the
0036    full path to the &kmymoney; executable.</para>
0037    <para>If this does not show the cause of the problem, you need to determine
0038    if there is an issue with the software or with your data.  To do this, you
0039    need to <link linkend="firsttime.launch">launch &kmymoney;</link> without
0040    opening your data file.  If the application starts up, but crashes when you
0041    try to load your data file, try loading an older copy of your file.  (You did
0042    make a backup, didn't you?)</para>
0043    <para>If &kmymoney; crashes on startup without trying to load a data file,
0044    there may be a problem with your installation.  See the section on <link
0045    linkend="firsttime.contact">getting help</link>.</para>
0046  </answer>
0047 </qandaentry>
0049 <qandaentry>
0050  <question>
0051    <para>Will &kmymoney; work on my X/&ubuntu; desktop? Will &kmymoney; work
0052    without a full &kde; desktop?</para>
0053  </question>
0054  <answer>
0055    <para>Yes, &kmymoney; will work without a full &kde; desktop, but you will
0056    have to install the basic &kde; libraries first.  The easiest way to do this
0057    is to use your distribution's package management system, which will handle
0058    these requirements automatically.  If you are going to install from source,
0059    you will probably need development versions of those libraries.</para>
0060  </answer>
0061 </qandaentry>
0063 </qandadiv>
0065 <qandadiv><title>Configuration Questions</title>
0067 <qandaentry>
0068  <question>
0069    <para>Can I change the start of the fiscal year, to match my tax year or accounting year?</para>
0070  </question>
0071  <answer>
0072    <para>Yes, you can easily set the start of the year in the <link
0073    linkend="details.settings.general.global">Global Options</link> section of
0074    the <guilabel>Configure &kmymoney;</guilabel> dialog.</para>
0075  </answer>
0076 </qandaentry>
0078 </qandadiv>
0080 <qandadiv><title>Account and Transaction Questions</title>
0082 <qandaentry>
0083  <question><para>
0084   Why can't I edit a transaction?
0085  </para></question>
0086  <answer>
0087    <para>You cannot make any changes to a transaction with a date before the
0088    opening date of the account it is in.  The most common reason for this is
0089    importing all the data for an account.  If the import file does not contain
0090    an opening date for the account, &kmymoney; will use the current date.  The
0091    way to fix this is to edit the account, and <link
0092    linkend="details.accounts.edit">change the opening date</link> to be earlier
0093    than any transaction in that account.</para>
0094  </answer>
0095 </qandaentry>
0097 <qandaentry>
0098  <question>
0099    <para>Why is a transaction shown in red and how can I get rid of the
0100    color?</para>
0101  </question>
0102  <answer>
0103    <para>A transaction is shown in red if any part of the amount has not been
0104    assigned to a category.  This is most commonly caused by importing a QIF or
0105    OFX file or by downloading statement data online.  All you have to do is to
0106    modify the transaction such that the whole amount of the transaction is
0107    assigned to categories.</para>
0108  </answer>
0109 </qandaentry>
0111 <qandaentry>
0112  <question>
0113    <para>Why can't I add an opening balance to an account?</para>
0114  </question>
0115  <answer>
0116    <para>If you provide an opening balance when you create an account, it is
0117    shown as the first transaction for the account.  If you do not, then the
0118    transaction is not there, and because it is a special type of transaction,
0119    you cannot simply add it as you could a deposit or withdrawal.  However, you
0120    can add it later by <link linkend="details.accounts.edit">editing the
0121    account</link>.</para>
0122  </answer>
0123 </qandaentry>
0125 <qandaentry>
0126  <question>
0127    <para>When I created an account, I used the wrong type, and now it won't let
0128    me change it.  I can edit the account, but the dropdown for account type is
0129    either disabled, or does not list all the possible types.</para>
0130  </question>
0131  <answer>
0132    <para>You can easily change an account type between checking, savings, and
0133    cash.  However, because of the way &kmymoney; stores the account information,
0134    it does not allow other changes of account type.  The way around this is to
0135    <link linkend="details.accounts.create">create a new account of the correct
0136    type</link>, move all the transactions from the old to the new account, and
0137    then <link linkend="details.accounts.delete"> delete the old
0138    account.</link></para>
0139    <!-- this still needs a link to the section on moving transactions, which
0140         does not yet exist. -->
0141  </answer>
0142 </qandaentry>
0144 <qandaentry>
0145  <question>
0146    <para>I have a loan with 0% interest, but I get an error in the New Loan
0147    Wizard that does not let me use this value.</para>
0148  </question>
0149  <answer>
0150    <para>The internal calculations of the new loan wizard do not allow a 0%
0151    interest rate.  The best way to handle this situation is to <link
0152    linkend="details.accounts.create.account">create a simple liability
0153    account</link> with a starting balance for the amount of the loan, and then
0154    <link linkend="details.schedules.new">create a schedule</link> for the
0155    required payments.</para>
0156  </answer>
0157 </qandaentry>
0159 <qandaentry>
0160  <question>
0161    <para>Why don't I see all my transactions in the ledger?</para>
0162  </question>
0163  <answer>
0164    <para>There are several settings that control which transactions are
0165    displayed in the ledger view of an account.  First, check the <link
0166    linkend="details.ledgers.view.filter">ledger filter area</link>.  If there is
0167    anything typed in the search box, only transactions containing that text will
0168    be shown.  If the status dropdown has been changed from <quote>Any
0169    status,</quote> then only transaction of the selected type will be shown.  In
0170    addition, there are two important settings in the <link
0171    linkend="details.settings.general.filter">filter options</link> section on
0172    the &kmymoney; Settings dialog.  If the <guilabel>Do not show transactions
0173    prior to</guilabel> field is set, only transactions on or after that date
0174    will be shown in the ledger.  If the <guilabel>Do not show reconciled
0175    transactions</guilabel> box is checked, then no reconciled transactions will
0176    be shown.</para>
0177  </answer>
0178 </qandaentry>
0180 <qandaentry>
0181  <question>
0182    <para>I mistyped the name of a payee and want to change it in all
0183    transaction. Is there a global search/replace?</para>
0184  </question>
0185  <answer>
0186    <para>There is no global search and replace function in &kmymoney;.
0187    Nevertheless, it is easy to change a payee's name: select the Payees View and
0188    find the entry with the name you want to change.  Click with the &RMB; on the
0189    payee, select <guimenuitem>Rename payee</guimenuitem> from the context menu,
0190    and enter the new name.  Since the transactions only use a reference to the
0191    payees record, all transactions now show the new name.</para>
0192  </answer>
0193 </qandaentry>
0195 <qandaentry>
0196  <question>
0197    <para>Why can't I delete an account?</para>
0198  </question>
0199  <answer>
0200    <para>In order to delete an account, &kmymoney; can have no other references
0201    to it.  That means you must delete all transactions from that account or move
0202    them to another account.  If you still can't delete an account, there may be
0203    scheduled transactions referring to that account, which may not be visible in
0204    the ledger.  You need to delete any future transactions and the schedule
0205    itself, or switch them to a different account.</para>
0206  </answer>
0207 </qandaentry>
0209 </qandadiv>
0211 <qandadiv><title>Import and Export Questions</title>
0213 <qandaentry>
0214  <question>
0215    <para>Where do I find some more information about OFX parameters?</para>
0216  </question>
0217  <answer>
0218    <para>Searching the web with specific questions can sometimes provide useful
0219    results, but there is still one site which which might give you more
0220    information: <ulink url="https://www.ofxhome.com/">OFX Home</ulink>.</para>
0221    <!-- <ulink url="https://ofxblog.wordpress.com/">OFX Blog</ulink> -->
0222  </answer>
0223 </qandaentry>
0225 </qandadiv>
0227 <qandadiv><title>Miscellaneous questions</title>
0229 <qandaentry>
0230  <question>
0231    <para>Why is there no translation for 'my' language?</para>
0232  </question>
0233  <answer>
0234    <para>&kmymoney; uses the &kde; settings for language, so first, make sure that
0235    your region and language settings are correct.  If they are, the most likely
0236    reason is that no one has offered to translate it yet.  Translating
0237    &kde;/&Qt;-based applications is very simple, and does not require any
0238    programming skills.  If you would like to translate &kmymoney; into your
0239    language, please post a message to the proper <ulink
0240    url="https://l10n.kde.org/teams-list.php">team mailing list</ulink>.  Should
0241    you fail to find your language in the list or could not contact the team
0242    members please mail directly to the <ulink
0243    url="mailto:kde-i18n-doc@kde.org">&kde; translation mailing list</ulink>
0244    (<ulink
0245    url="https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-i18n-doc">subscription</ulink>
0246    required) and we will give you the details on how you can easily provide a
0247    translation for &kmymoney;.
0248 </para>
0249  </answer>
0250 </qandaentry>
0252 <qandaentry>
0253  <question>
0254    <para>Why did the version number jump from 1.0.5 to 4.5, and what happened to
0255    KMyMoney2?</para>
0256  </question>
0257  <answer>
0258    <para>The use of KMyMoney2 was a historical legacy from when the project went
0259    from &kde; 1 to &kde; 2.  To avoid changing the name every time there was a new
0260    &kde; version, we decided to stick with &kmymoney;.</para> <para>The first
0261    version of &kmymoney; that was considered sufficiently stable was labeled 1.0,
0262    even though it ran under &kde; 3.  As the project became more closely aligned
0263    with &kde; we decided to use the same major release number.</para>
0264  </answer>
0265 </qandaentry>
0267 <qandaentry>
0268  <question>
0269    <para>How can I report a bug?  How can I request a new feature?</para>
0270  </question>
0271  <answer>
0272    <para>The developers encourage your feedback.  See the section on <link
0273    linkend="firsttime.contact">Contacting the Developers / Reporting
0274    Bugs</link>.</para>
0275  </answer>
0276 </qandaentry>
0278 <qandaentry>
0279  <question>
0280    <para>Why isn't there an easy way to print some scheduled transactions, or
0281    part of the ledger, or ...</para>
0282  </question>
0283  <answer>
0284    <para>Look in the <link linkend="details.reports.avail">Reports</link>
0285    section.  Many of the reports actually provide an easy way to print thing you
0286    can't quite do directly from the ledger or other screens.</para>
0287  </answer>
0288 </qandaentry>
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0292 </qandaset>
0294 </chapter>