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0002 <chapter id="details.tags">
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0008   <date>2020-02-06</date>
0009   <releaseinfo>5.0.8</releaseinfo>
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0012 <title>Tags</title>
0014 <para>
0015   The Tags View provides information about all the tags that have been added by
0016   the user.  The Tags screen is split into two main areas: a list of tags and a
0017   detail area, which has two tabs: Transactions and Details.  The
0018   <guilabel>Transactions</guilabel> tab displays all the transactions associated
0019   with the tag.  The <guilabel>Details</guilabel> tab includes a user-defined
0020   color, as well as Notes, which are not used elsewhere.  Note that if you
0021   change the color, which is used in the symbol displayed before the tag name in
0022   any associated transactions, you need to click the check button at the lower
0023   right of the Details area for it to be saved.
0024   </para>
0026 <sect1 id="details.tags.list">
0027 <title>Tags List</title>
0029 <para>
0030   A list of all tags, sorted alphabetically, is displayed on the left side of
0031   this screen.
0033   <screenshot>
0034   <mediaobject>
0035   <imageobject>
0036   <imagedata fileref="tags.png" format="PNG" />
0037   </imageobject>
0038   </mediaobject>
0039   </screenshot>
0040 </para>
0042 <sect2>
0043 <title>Adding a Tag</title>
0044 <para>
0045   There are three different ways to create a new tag.  First, you can click on
0046   the <guiicon><inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata
0047   fileref="list-add.png"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject></guiicon> new tag
0048   icon.  Second, you can right-click on any tag and choose <guimenuitem>New
0049   tag</guimenuitem>. This creates a new tag called <quote>New tag.</quote>
0050   Right-click on this tag and select <guimenuitem>Rename tag</guimenuitem> to
0051   enter the name of the new tag.  Finally, you can add a new tag directly into
0052   the ledger page or within a split transaction by typing the name of the tag in
0053   the tag field.  &kmymoney; will ask if you want to add this tag and after
0054   selecting <quote>yes</quote> it will be added.
0055 </para>
0056 </sect2>
0058 <sect2>
0059 <title>Renaming a Tag</title>
0060 <para>
0061   To rename a tag, either click on the tag name to select it and click on the
0062   <guiicon>Rename tag</guiicon> (between the add and remove icons) or
0063   right-click on the name and then select <guimenuitem>Rename tag</guimenuitem>.
0064   The name then becomes editable. Changing the name will affect the name in all
0065   the transactions in which it appears.
0066 </para>
0067 </sect2>
0069 <sect2>
0070 <title>Deleting a Tag</title>
0071 <para>
0072   To remove a tag, either click on the <guiicon><inlinemediaobject><imageobject><imagedata
0073   fileref="list-remove.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject></guiicon>
0074   delete tag icon or right-click the name and select <guimenuitem>Delete tag</guimenuitem>.
0075   If the tag has any transactions, you will be presented with a dialog that allows you
0076   to reassign them to a different tag.
0077 </para>
0079 <note>
0080 <para>
0081   As Tags were only introduced to &kmymoney; in version 4.7, none of the methods
0082   for importing data are able to import tags.  It is understood that this is an
0083   important feature, and each import method is likely to introduce it in an
0084   upcoming release.
0085 </para>
0086 </note>
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0088 </sect1>
0090 <sect1 id="details.tags.info">
0091 <title>Tagged transactions and Tag details</title>
0092 <para>
0093   To view the transactions or view and edit the information associated with a
0094   particular tag, select the tag from the list and select the appropriate tab on
0095   the right side of the dialog.
0097 <screenshot>
0098   <screeninfo>The tag details tab</screeninfo>
0099   <mediaobject>
0100   <imageobject>
0101   <imagedata fileref="tag_details.png" format="PNG" />
0102   </imageobject>
0103   <textobject>
0104   <phrase>Tag details</phrase>
0105   </textobject>
0106   </mediaobject>
0107 </screenshot>
0108 </para>
0110 <sect2 id="details.tags.info.transactions">
0111 <title>Tagged transactions</title>
0112 <para>
0113   To see a list of the transactions associated with the selected tag, select the
0114   <guilabel>Transactions</guilabel> tab.  This list is similar to the list of
0115   transactions for a Payee.  You can double-click on a transaction, and you will
0116   be taken to the ledger view of that transaction for the account in which the
0117   transaction has been tagged.
0118 </para>
0119 </sect2>
0122 <sect2 id="details.tags.info.details">
0123 <title>Tag details</title>
0124 <para>
0125   To view and edit the information associated with a particular tag, select the
0126   <guilabel>Details</guilabel> tab.
0127 </para>
0128   <itemizedlist>
0129     <listitem>
0130       <para>
0131         You can select the color used to highlight transactions with which this
0132         tag has been associated.  If you click on the color bar, you will get a
0133         color chooser dialog.
0134       </para>
0135     </listitem>
0136     <listitem>
0137       <para>
0138         Clicking the <guilabel>Closed</guilabel> checkbox will not alter any
0139         transactions already associated with the tag, but it will prevent
0140         assigning the tag to any additional transactions.
0141       </para>
0142     </listitem>
0143     <listitem>
0144       <para>
0145         To modify the notes associated with the tag, just edit the text in the
0146         box.
0147       </para>
0148     </listitem>
0149   </itemizedlist>
0150 <para>
0151   When you are done, don't forget to click the <guiicon>Update</guiicon> button,
0152   at the lower right of the window, although you will be prompted if you leave
0153   the dialog without having done so.
0154 </para>
0155 </sect2>
0156 </sect1>
0157 </chapter>