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0002 <chapter id="details.settings">
0003 <chapterinfo>
0004   <authorgroup>
0005     <author> &Roger.Lum; &Roger.Lum.mail; </author>
0006     <author>
0007       <personname><firstname>Michael</firstname><surname>Carpino</surname></personname>
0008       <email>mfcarpino@gmail.com</email>
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0012   <date>2019-03-31</date>
0013   <releaseinfo>5.0.3</releaseinfo>
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0016 <title>&kmymoney; Settings</title>
0018 <para>
0019    The settings described below modify the behavior of &kmymoney;, allowing you
0020    to customize it to meet the needs of your unique financial affairs, and to
0021    modify its look and feel to match your personality.  These settings can be
0022    changed through <menuchoice><guimenu>Settings</guimenu><guimenuitem>Configure
0023    &kmymoney;...</guimenuitem></menuchoice> menu item or by using the keyboard
0024    shortcut <keycombo action="simul">&Ctrl; &Shift;<keycap>,</keycap></keycombo>.
0025    In order for any changes to take effect the <guibutton>Apply</guibutton>
0026    button must be clicked.
0027 </para>
0029 <para>
0030     On the left of the settings dialog is a list of icons and labels, each
0031     representing a particular area of the program.  When you click on one of
0032     those icons, the right part of the dialog will display controls for
0033     configuring that area of the program, often divided into several tabs.
0034 </para>
0036 <sect1 id="details.settings.general">
0037 <title>General</title>
0039 <sect2 id="details.settings.general.global">
0040 <title>Global tab</title>
0042 <variablelist>
0043   <varlistentry>
0044     <term><guilabel>Autosave options</guilabel></term>
0045 <!-- I would prefer to use a more consistent hierarchy and use of levels on this
0046      page, but for now, I'm minimizing changes. -->
0047     <listitem>
0048       <para>Checking the <guilabel>Autosave periodically</guilabel> box instructs
0049       &kmymoney; to autosave your files at a defined interval.  The default value is
0050       10 minutes.  You can change this setting from 0 (backup immediately after
0051       entering a transaction) up to 60 minutes.</para>
0053       <para>Checking the <guilabel>Autosave when file is modified upon close</guilabel> box
0054       instructs &kmymoney; to autosave your file when the program is closed. You also have the
0055       option upon closing the program to backup your &kmymoney; file.  The Number of backup to
0056       keep can be set at 0 (Off) upto to 20 backups.  Any backup files will be stored in the same
0057       folder as the main file.  They will be labeled sequentially with 1 being the most current.</para>
0058     </listitem>
0059   </varlistentry>
0061   <varlistentry>
0062     <term><guilabel>Fiscal Year</guilabel></term>
0063     <listitem>
0064       <para>Enter the day and month of your fiscal year.  This value is used for
0065       budgets and some reports.</para>
0066     </listitem>
0067   </varlistentry>
0069   <varlistentry>
0070     <term><guilabel>External programs</guilabel></term>
0071     <listitem>
0072       <para>This setting does not directly affect the operation of &kmymoney;,
0073       but provides a convenient way to launch any external utility, such as an
0074       advanced calculator.  The first step is to enter the full path to your
0075       chosen program in the <guilabel>Calculator</guilabel> text box.  There are
0076       then two ways to launch the program.</para>
0077       <para>First, you can use
0078       <menuchoice><guimenu>Settings</guimenu><guimenuitem>Configure
0079       Toolbars...</guimenuitem></menuchoice> menu item to place the
0080       <guilabel>Calculator</guilabel> icon on the Toolbar.  Then, when you click
0081       that icon on the Toolbar, &kmymoney; will launch the selected
0082       application.</para>
0083       <!-- FIXME since the Settings menu is deferred to the Frameworks docs and
0084            not explicitly described in this manual, it would at least be nice to
0085            refer to the actual Calculator icon here, but I cannot find the
0086            source png.  It might also be nice to have a link to Settings Menu
0087            doc page. -->
0088       <para>Second, you can use
0089       <menuchoice><guimenu>Settings</guimenu><guimenuitem>Configure
0090       Shortcuts...</guimenuitem></menuchoice> menu item to set a custom keyboard
0091       shortcut. (The entry is under &kmymoney;/Calculator in that list.)  You can
0092       then use that shortcut to launch the application.</para>
0093       <!-- FIXME is not currently possible to launch the calculator from some menu
0094            item.  I have filed a wishlist, and when implemented, it should be
0095            described here, probably as the first choice. -->
0096       <para>
0097       </para>
0098     </listitem>
0099   </varlistentry>
0100 </variablelist>
0101 </sect2>
0103 <sect2 id="details.settings.general.views">
0104 <title>Views tab</title>
0106 <variablelist>
0107   <varlistentry>
0108     <term><guilabel>Startup page options</guilabel></term>
0109     <listitem>
0110       <para>When &kmymoney; starts up, this option indicates whether to start
0111       with the Home View or with the view displayed when the program was last
0112       closed.</para>
0113     </listitem>
0114   </varlistentry>
0116   <varlistentry>
0117   <term><guilabel>Type of the &kmymoney; view</guilabel></term>
0118     <listitem>
0119       <para> You can select one of three general layouts for &kmymoney; to use.  If
0120       you select the List or Tree view, the icons and their labels will be located at
0121       the left side of the window.  The List view displays larger icons while the Tree
0122       view has smaller icons.  The Tabbed view locates the icons and labels across
0123       the top of the window.</para>
0124     </listitem>
0125   </varlistentry>
0127   <varlistentry>
0128     <term><guilabel>Show title bar on each page</guilabel></term>
0129     <listitem>
0130       <para>Checking this box will display the blue &kmymoney; title bar across the
0131       top of each page.  Unchecking it will remove the title bar and provide a larger
0132       area for viewing the content of each page.</para>
0133     </listitem>
0134   </varlistentry>
0136   <varlistentry>
0137     <term><guilabel>Synchronize account selection of ledger and investment
0138     view</guilabel></term>
0139     <listitem>
0140       <para>If this option is selected, the accounts displayed in the Ledger View and
0141       Investment View will be synchronized, meaning if you change the account
0142       displayed in one of the views, and then switch to the other view, the
0143       information for the same account will be displayed.  This increases the
0144       efficiency of navigating between these 2 tab views.  If it is not selected,
0145       selecting either of those views will show the same account previously selected
0146       in that view, regardless of the account selected in the other view.</para>
0147     </listitem>
0148   </varlistentry>
0149 </variablelist>
0150 </sect2>
0152 <sect2 id="details.settings.general.filter">
0153 <title>Filter tab</title>
0155 <sect3>
0156 <title>Accounts / Categories</title>
0157 <variablelist>
0158   <varlistentry>
0159     <term><guilabel>Do not show unused categories</guilabel></term>
0160     <listitem>
0161       <para>Checking this box hides unused categories in the Categories View.  A
0162       hidden category is still available should a transaction require it.  By typing
0163       a hidden category in the ledger it will become available for use.</para>
0164     </listitem>
0165   </varlistentry>
0167   <varlistentry>
0168     <term><guilabel>Show equity accounts</guilabel></term>
0169     <listitem>
0170       <para>By default, equity accounts are hidden in the Accounts View.  Selecting
0171       this option will display the equity accounts in the Accounts View.  Equity
0172       accounts are used to track individual equities or investments held in an
0173       Investment Account.  This should not be confused with the top level
0174       <emphasis>Equity</emphasis> group of accounts, which includes the account(s)
0175       which contain the opening balances for other accounts.</para>
0176     </listitem>
0177   </varlistentry>
0179   <varlistentry>
0180   <term><guilabel>Show categories in the accounts list view</guilabel></term>
0181     <listitem>
0182       <para>By default, Categories are hidden in the Accounts View.  Selecting this
0183       option will display the Categories in the Accounts View.</para>
0184     </listitem>
0185   </varlistentry>
0187   <varlistentry>
0188   <term><guilabel>Do not show zero balance equities</guilabel></term>
0189     <listitem>
0190       <para>Checking this option will remove any zero balance equity accounts from
0191       appearing in the Accounts View.</para>
0192     </listitem>
0193   </varlistentry>
0194 </variablelist>
0195 </sect3>
0197 <sect3>
0198 <title>Schedules</title>
0199 <variablelist>
0200     <varlistentry>
0201     <term><guilabel>Do not show finished schedules</guilabel></term>
0202     <listitem>
0203       <para>Checking this box will hide all finished schedules from appearing in the
0204       Scheduled transaction View.</para>
0205     </listitem>
0206   </varlistentry>
0207 </variablelist>
0208 </sect3>
0210 <sect3>
0211 <title>Transactions</title>
0212 <variablelist>
0213   <varlistentry>
0214     <term><guilabel>Do not show transaction prior to</guilabel></term>
0215     <listitem>
0216       <para>Transactions prior to the date entered here will not be displayed in the
0217       Ledger View.  This can be useful if your data includes many years of
0218       transactions; setting this to one or two years ago hides older
0219       transactions.</para>
0220       <para>Setting this option to January 1, 1900 (the default value) is a good way
0221       to debug date-related data import problems, in case some dates were erroneously
0222       very far in the past.</para>
0223     </listitem>
0224   </varlistentry>
0226   <varlistentry>
0227     <term><guilabel>Do not show reconciled transactions</guilabel></term>
0228     <listitem>
0229       <para>Checking this box will filter transactions by reconciliation state.
0230       Transactions that are marked as <emphasis>Reconciled</emphasis> will not be
0231       shown in the Ledger View.</para>
0232     </listitem>
0233   </varlistentry>
0234 </variablelist>
0235 </sect3>
0236 </sect2>
0237 </sect1>
0239 <sect1 id="details.settings.home">
0240 <title>Home</title>
0242 <sect2>
0243 <title>Home page display sections</title>
0244 <para>
0245   These options allow you to customize the appearance of the <link
0246   linkend="firsttime.mainwindow">Home View</link> (also called the Home Page or Main
0247   Window) by choosing which information to display there and the order in which it
0248   appears.  Selected sections can be reordered by clicking the respective
0249   <guibutton>Up</guibutton> or <guibutton>Down</guibutton> button.
0250 </para>
0251 <!-- FIXME Many of these sections need a <link> to the doc section actually
0252      describing the content. -->
0254 <variablelist>
0255   <varlistentry>
0256     <term><guilabel>Assets and Liabilities</guilabel></term>
0257     <listitem>
0258       <para>This will display the asset and liability accounts that are open along
0259       with their current balances.  This and other account lists on the Home Page are
0260       sorted in alphabetical order, unless otherwise noted.</para>
0261     </listitem>
0262   </varlistentry>
0264   <varlistentry>
0265     <term><guilabel>Payments</guilabel></term>
0266     <listitem>
0267       <para>This will display upcoming occurrences of Scheduled transactions,
0268       distinguishing Overdue payments from Future payments.  It shows the date,
0269       schedule name, account and amount of the payment, and the account balance after
0270       the payment.  By default it will show up to six transaction.  If six are
0271       displayed, there is a link you can select to show more, up to 30 days in
0272       advance.</para>
0273     </listitem>
0274   </varlistentry>
0276   <varlistentry>
0277     <term><guilabel>Preferred accounts</guilabel></term>
0278     <listitem>
0279       <para>This will display the accounts that are identified as Preferred accounts
0280       within the <menuchoice><guimenu>Account</guimenu><guimenuitem>Edit account...
0281       </guimenuitem></menuchoice> Configuration dialog.</para>
0282       <para>For this and all other account list sections addressed by this set of
0283       options, the display will include the account name and current balance, and
0284       other columns specific to that type of report, and in some cases, as configured
0285       elsewhere.</para>
0286       <!-- FIXME - the menu item (or maybe link to actual doc page) should point
0287            to the actual other config location and perhaps which items for
0288            which account type. -->
0289     </listitem>
0290   </varlistentry>
0292   <varlistentry>
0293     <term><guilabel>Payment accounts</guilabel></term>
0294     <listitem>
0295       <para>This will display all Payment accounts; these include any account into
0296       which income can be deposited, and/or out of which bills can be paid.</para>
0297     </listitem>
0298   </varlistentry>
0300   <varlistentry>
0301     <term><guilabel>Favorite Reports</guilabel></term>
0302     <listitem>
0303       <para>This will display a list of all reports that have been identified as a
0304       favorite in the Configuration dialog of the Report.  The list ordered
0305       chronologically by when each report became a favorite.</para>
0306     </listitem>
0307   </varlistentry>
0309   <varlistentry>
0310     <term><guilabel>Forecast (schedule)</guilabel></term>
0311     <listitem>
0312       <para>This will display a 30, 60, and 90 day forecast for asset and liability accounts with non zero
0313       balances and with non reconciled transactions.</para>
0314       <!-- FIXME What are the real criteria for inclusion in this (and these other) list(s). -->
0315     </listitem>
0316   </varlistentry>
0318   <varlistentry>
0319     <term><guilabel>Net worth forecast</guilabel></term>
0320     <listitem>
0321       <para>This will display chart of your forecast net worth for the next 90
0322       days.</para>
0323     </listitem>
0324   </varlistentry>
0326   <!-- FIXME "Forecast (history) removed as apparently not actually used. -->
0328   <varlistentry>
0329     <term><guilabel>Budget</guilabel></term>
0330     <listitem>
0331       <para>This will display a current month summary and overruns for any defined
0332       budget(s). If no budget is defined, it will display no budget or overruns, with
0333       the actual current month spending.</para>
0334     </listitem>
0335   </varlistentry>
0337   <varlistentry>
0338     <term><guilabel>Cash Flow</guilabel></term>
0339     <listitem>
0340       <para>This will display a Cash Flow Summary analysis for the current month.</para>
0341     </listitem>
0342   </varlistentry>
0343 </variablelist>
0344 </sect2>
0346 <sect2>
0347 <title>Homepage/Summary page scaling</title>
0348 <variablelist>
0350   <varlistentry>
0351     <term><guilabel>Zoom factor:</guilabel></term>
0352     <listitem>
0353       <para>This option allows for the selection of the font size as a percentage to
0354       fit the Home View based on the user preference.</para>
0355     </listitem>
0356   </varlistentry>
0358   <varlistentry>
0359     <term><guilabel>Remember zoom factor when leaving the program if manually changed
0360     with mouse-wheel</guilabel></term>
0361     <listitem>
0362       <para>Selecting this will save your font size preference if you have changed it
0363       on the Home page by using the mouse-wheel.</para>
0364     </listitem>
0365   </varlistentry>
0366 </variablelist>
0367 </sect2>
0369 <sect2>
0370 <title>Account information display</title>
0371 <para>These options allow you to customize what information is included in any list
0372 of accounts.</para>
0373 <variablelist>
0374   <varlistentry>
0375     <term><guilabel>Show account limit information</guilabel></term>
0376     <listitem>
0377       <para>Displays the account limit as set in the Account Edit dialog.  It affects
0378       any list which includes Payment accounts.</para>
0379     </listitem>
0380   </varlistentry>
0382   <varlistentry>
0383     <term><guilabel>Show balance-status of mapped online accounts</guilabel></term>
0384     <listitem>
0385       <para>Shows the balance-status of mapped accounts, symbolized by an icon in the
0386       columns preceding the account name.  A green checkmark indicates the online
0387       balance and local balance are the same.  A mailbox with a green arrow indicates
0388       that the local file has transactions newer than the most recent online update.
0389       This alerts the user to start an online-update.  A red warning sign indicates a
0390       mismatch between the local file and online-balance.</para>
0391       <!-- Note: the colors might be different depending on the selected theme
0392            -->
0393     </listitem>
0394   </varlistentry>
0396   <varlistentry>
0397     <term><guilabel>Show number of not marked transactions per account [!M]</guilabel></term>
0398     <listitem>
0399       <para>Inserts an additional column next to the account name, showing the number
0400       of not marked transactions in the account.</para>
0401     </listitem>
0402   </varlistentry>
0404   <varlistentry>
0405     <term><guilabel>Show number of cleared transactions per account [C]</guilabel></term>
0406     <listitem>
0407       <para>Inserts an additional column showing the number of cleared transactions
0408       for the account.</para>
0409     </listitem>
0410   </varlistentry>
0412   <varlistentry>
0413     <term><guilabel>Show number of not reconciled (not marked + cleared) transactions
0414     per account [!R]</guilabel></term>
0415     <listitem>
0416       <para>Inserts an additional column showing the number of not reconciled
0417       transactions for the account, &ie;, the sum of all not marked and cleared
0418       transactions.</para>
0419     </listitem>
0420   </varlistentry>
0422   <varlistentry>
0423     <term><guilabel>Show date of last reconciliation</guilabel></term>
0424     <listitem>
0425       <para>Inserts an additional column showing the last reconciliation date for the
0426       account.</para>
0427     </listitem>
0428   </varlistentry>
0429 </variablelist>
0430 </sect2>
0431 </sect1>
0433 <sect1 id="details.settings.register">
0434 <title>Ledger</title>
0436 <para>
0437    The following options outlined within this section allow for the modification of the
0438    transaction register contained within the Ledger view tab.
0439 </para>
0441 <sect2 id="details.settings.register.display">
0442 <title>Display tab</title>
0444 <variablelist>
0445   <varlistentry>
0446     <term><guilabel>Show a grid in the register</guilabel></term>
0447     <listitem>
0448       <para>Selecting this option displays grid lines in the transaction
0449       register or Ledger View.  It provides an additional viewing option that
0450       may make it easier to visualize separate transactions and their component
0451       parts.</para>
0452     </listitem>
0453   </varlistentry>
0455   <varlistentry>
0456     <term><guilabel>Show all register entries in full detail</guilabel></term>
0457     <listitem>
0458       <para>Selecting this option makes the register show all the information
0459       for all displayed transactions, with separate lines in the Detail Column
0460       for Category and Tags and for the Memo.  If it is not selected, Category,
0461       Tags, and Memo will not be displayed.</para>
0462       <para>This has the same effect as selecting the <link
0463       linkend="reference.menus.settings.transactiondetail">Show Transaction
0464       Detail</link> menu option.</para>
0465     </listitem>
0466   </varlistentry>
0468   <varlistentry id="details.settings.register.lens">
0469     <term><guilabel>Use the ledger lens</guilabel></term>
0470     <listitem>
0471       <para>Selecting this option displays all the detail lines for the selected
0472       transaction, even if <guilabel>Show all register entries in full
0473       detail</guilabel> is not selected.</para>
0474     </listitem>
0475   </varlistentry>
0477   <varlistentry>
0478   <term><guilabel>Show transaction form</guilabel></term>
0479     <listitem>
0480       <para>Selecting this option displays the <link
0481       linkend="details.ledger.transactionform">transaction form</link> at the
0482       bottom of the register, and that is where you edit a transaction.  If the
0483       transaction form is not displayed, you edit a transaction within the
0484       ledger itself.  With this option enabled fewer transactions are visible in
0485       the ledger, compared to when it is disabled.</para>
0486     </listitem>
0487   </varlistentry>
0489   <varlistentry>
0490     <term><guilabel>Always show a No. field</guilabel></term>
0491     <listitem>
0492       <para>Always display the number (<quote>No.</quote>) field when entering or
0493       editing a transaction.  With this enabled you'll be able to check numbers
0494       entered in this field for checking accounts.</para>
0495     </listitem>
0496   </varlistentry>
0498   <varlistentry>
0499     <term><guilabel>Show group header between transactions</guilabel></term>
0500     <listitem>
0501       <para>Selecting this option will display group headers in the register.
0502       These refer to time periods or milestones such as Last month, Last week,
0503       This month, Last reconciliation, Next week, and Next Month.</para>
0504     </listitem>
0505   </varlistentry>
0507   <varlistentry>
0508     <term><guilabel>Show header for the previous and current fiscal year
0509     </guilabel></term>
0510     <listitem>
0511       <para>Selecting this option will display group headers in the register for
0512       the current and the previous fiscal year.</para>
0513     </listitem>
0514   </varlistentry>
0516   <varlistentry>
0517     <term><guilabel>Display overdue schedules with planned date</guilabel></term>
0518     <listitem>
0519       <para>Scheduled transactions with future dates are shown in the Ledger
0520       View for the relevant account.  When the date passes, and a scheduled
0521       transaction becomes overdue, it is no longer shown in the ledger, unless
0522       this option is selected.</para>
0523     </listitem>
0524   </varlistentry>
0525 </variablelist>
0526 </sect2>
0528 <sect2 id="details.settings.register.sorting">
0529 <title>Sorting tab</title>
0530 <para>
0531   These three sections allow you to set the default sort order of transactions
0532   in the Ledger View.  In all cases, the list on the left shows all the fields
0533   available for sorting.  To sort on an item, select it (single mouse click) and
0534   click the right arrow between the two lists.  The list on the right shows all
0535   the fields which have been selected as part of the sort order for that view.
0536   You can adjust the relative order of the fields by selecting one and adjusting
0537   its position in the list using the up and down arrows to the right of the
0538   list.  You can switch between ascending and descending sort for any item
0539   by double clicking on it.
0540 </para>
0541 <para>
0542   The fields available for sorting are the same for all three sections: Amount,
0543   Category, Entry Order (date the transaction was created,) Number, Payee, Post
0544   date, Reconcile state, Security, and Type.
0545 </para>
0547 <sect3 id="details.settings.register.sorting.normal">
0548 <title>Normal view tab</title>
0549 <para>
0550   This tab controls the default sort order of the regular Ledger View.
0551 </para>
0552 </sect3>
0554 <sect3 id="details.settings.register.sorting.reconciliation">
0555 <title>Reconciliation view tab</title>
0556 <para>
0557   This tab controls the default sort order of the ledger while in the
0558   Reconciliation view.  This is the display of transactions shown during the
0559   process of <link linkend="details.reconcile">Reconciliation</link>.
0560 </para>
0561 </sect3>
0563 <sect3 id="details.settings.register.sorting.search">
0564 <title>Search view tab</title>
0565 <para>
0566   This tab controls the default sort order of the ledger while in the <link linkend="details.search">Search view</link>.
0567 </para>
0568 </sect3>
0569 </sect2>
0571 <sect2 id="details.settings.register.dataentry">
0572 <title>Data Entry tab</title>
0573 <para>These options affect the process of creating new transactions.</para>
0575 <variablelist>
0576   <varlistentry>
0577     <term><guilabel>Auto increment check number</guilabel></term>
0578     <listitem>
0579       <para>Enabling this will automatically increment the check number whenever
0580       entering a new check transaction.  They have the same effect whether you
0581       use the Ledger Lens or the Transaction Form.</para>
0582     </listitem>
0583   </varlistentry>
0585   <varlistentry>
0586     <term><guilabel>Keep changes when selecting a different
0587     transaction/split</guilabel></term>
0588     <listitem>
0589       <para>When enabled, selecting a different transaction or split will save
0590       edits to the current transaction.  When disabled, selecting a different
0591       transaction split will prompt you whether or not to save any
0592       changes.</para>
0593     </listitem>
0594   </varlistentry>
0596   <varlistentry>
0597     <term><guilabel>Use Enter to move between fields</guilabel></term>
0598     <listitem>
0599       <para>When enabled, pressing &Enter; will change the focus to the next field
0600       of the transaction.  When in the last field, the transaction will be
0601       saved.  When disabled, navigation between fields would occur by using the
0602       &Tab; key or the mouse.  Pressing the &Enter; key would save the transaction,
0603       no matter which field is currently in focus.
0604       </para>
0605     </listitem>
0606   </varlistentry>
0608   <varlistentry>
0609     <term><guilabel>Match names from start</guilabel></term>
0610     <listitem>
0611       <para>This option controls <link
0612       linkend="details.payees.personalinformation.matching">payee
0613       matching.</link> When enabled, payee names will always be matched from the
0614       start.  When disabled, any substring will be matched.  Also, when enabled
0615       additional options for matching can be established in the Matching Tab of
0616       the Payees View.</para>
0617     </listitem>
0618   </varlistentry>
0620   <!--FIXME missing Automatic reconciliation-->
0621   <varlistentry>
0622     <term><guilabel>Automatic reconciliation</guilabel></term>
0623     <listitem>
0624       <para>This option needs to be documented.
0625       </para>
0626     </listitem>
0627   </varlistentry>
0629   <varlistentry>
0630     <term><guilabel>Default reconciliation state</guilabel></term>
0631     <listitem>
0632       <para>Select the default reconciliation state for new transactions: Not
0633       reconciled, Cleared, and Reconciled.</para>
0634     </listitem>
0635   </varlistentry>
0637   <varlistentry>
0638     <term><guilabel>Autofill</guilabel></term>
0639     <listitem>
0640       <para>This option allows you to select the desired behavior for autofill.
0641       This controls which, if any, previous transactions for the same payee are
0642       displayed, and which, if any, of those transactions are used to auto-fill
0643       details of the new transaction.</para>
0644       <itemizedlist>
0645         <listitem>
0646           <para>No Autofill</para>
0647           <para>This will deactivate autofill, and you must manually enter all
0648           details for the new transaction.</para>
0649         </listitem>
0650         <listitem>
0651           <para>Same transaction if amount differs less than percentage set below</para>
0652           <para>With this option selected, when you enter a new transaction,
0653           &kmymoney; will display a list of previous transactions for the same
0654           payee and account.  If the amount of a previous transactions differ
0655           less than X percent from the amount you have entered, they will be
0656           considered identical, and details from the previous transaction will
0657           be used to autofill details of the new transaction.  The "X" above is
0658           specified in the box next to <guilabel>Same transaction if amount
0659           differs less than</guilabel>, and can range from 0 to 100%.  If the
0660           percentage is 0, all previous transactions for the payee and account
0661           will be displayed, and you can select one of those transactions to use
0662           for autofill by clicking on it.</para>
0663         </listitem>
0664         <listitem>
0665           <para>With previously most often used transaction for the payee</para>
0666           <para>With this option selected, when you enter new transaction,
0667           &kmymoney; will fill in all the transaction details based on the
0668           previously most often used transaction for the selected payee.</para>
0669         </listitem>
0670       </itemizedlist>
0671     </listitem>
0672   </varlistentry>
0674   <varlistentry>
0675     <term><guilabel>Use memos from previous transaction</guilabel></term>
0676     <listitem>
0677       <para>When selected, the memo from the previously entered transaction will
0678       be automatically entered as the memo for the new transaction.
0679       </para>
0680     </listitem>
0681   </varlistentry>
0682 </variablelist>
0683 </sect2>
0685 <sect2 id="details.settings.register.import">
0686 <title>Import tab</title>
0688 <variablelist>
0689   <varlistentry>
0690     <term><guilabel>Match transaction within days</guilabel></term>
0691     <listitem>
0692       <para>Search for matching transactions within the range of the imported
0693       transaction +/- the given number of days, which can be set from 0 to
0694       99.</para>
0695     </listitem>
0696   </varlistentry>
0698   <varlistentry>
0699     <term><guilabel>Ask for a new payee's default category</guilabel></term>
0700     <listitem>
0701       <para>If this option is selected, whenever a new payee is detected during
0702       an import, the user will be asked for the default category for the
0703       payee.</para>
0704     </listitem>
0705   </varlistentry>
0706 </variablelist>
0707 </sect2>
0708 </sect1>
0710 <sect1 id="details.settings.schedules">
0711 <title>Scheduled Transactions</title>
0713 <para>
0714   These options allow you to modify the behavior of <link
0715   linkend="details.schedules">Scheduling Transactions</link>.
0716 </para>
0718 <sect2>
0719 <title>Startup options</title>
0720 <variablelist>
0721   <varlistentry>
0722     <term><guilabel>Check schedules upon startup</guilabel></term>
0723     <listitem>
0724       <para>Enables checking the schedule upon startup of &kmymoney;.  If
0725       a scheduled transaction matches the schedule criteria set then &kmymoney;
0726       will produce a notification requiring handling of the transaction. </para>
0727     </listitem>
0728   </varlistentry>
0730   <varlistentry>
0731     <term><guilabel>Enter transactions this number of days in
0732     advance</guilabel></term>
0733     <listitem><para>Specify how many days in advance a scheduled transaction
0734     should be entered.</para>
0735     </listitem>
0736   </varlistentry>
0737 </variablelist>
0738 </sect2>
0740 <sect2 id="details.settings.schedules.calendar">
0741 <title>Processing Days</title>
0742 <variablelist>
0743   <varlistentry>
0744     <term><guilabel>Use holiday calendar for region</guilabel></term>
0745     <listitem><para>Select the region of the world that best suits your needs.</para>
0746     </listitem>
0747   </varlistentry>
0748 </variablelist>
0749 </sect2>
0751 <sect2><title></title>
0752 <variablelist>
0753   <varlistentry>
0754     <term><guilabel>Number of days to preview schedules in ledger</guilabel></term>
0755     <listitem>
0756       <para>Specify how many days should the scheduled transactions show up in the
0757         ledger.</para>
0758       <para>The scheduled transactions will be listed in the ledger. You can
0759         enter or skip the scheduled transactions by right-clicking on
0760         them.</para>
0761     </listitem>
0762   </varlistentry>
0763 </variablelist>
0764 </sect2>
0765 </sect1>
0767 <sect1 id="details.settings.onlinequote">
0768 <title>Online Quotes</title>
0770 <para>
0771   These settings modify how financial quotes are retrieved from different online
0772   sources.  These include both stock, bond, and other equity prices, as well as
0773   prices for precious metals and currency conversion.
0774 </para>
0776 <para>
0777   This tab allows you to change the online quote sources for &kmymoney;.
0778   Generally speaking, this is an advanced feature, and should only be attempted
0779   by the most technically adept users.
0780 </para>
0782 <para>
0783   For more details, please refer to the <link
0784   linkend="details.investments.onlinequotes">Online Price Quotes</link> section.
0785 </para>
0786 </sect1>
0789 <sect1 id="details.settings.colors">
0790 <title>Colors</title>
0792 <para>
0793    These section allows you to customize the colors used within &kmymoney;.  If
0794    <guilabel>Custom colors</guilabel> is not checked, then default colors will
0795    be used.
0796 </para>
0798 <para>
0799    To customize colors check the box Custom colors.
0800 </para>
0802 <para>
0803   Modify any of the colors by clicking on the color button, which will open
0804   color select palette.  This will provide unlimited options in color selection.
0805   You can select a defined basic color, pick a color by clicking anywhere on the
0806   screen, input an &HTML; defined color, specify values for Hue, Saturation,
0807   Value, Red, Green, and Blue.
0809 </para>
0810 </sect1>
0812 <sect1 id="details.settings.fonts">
0813 <title>Fonts</title>
0815 <para>
0816   These options allow you to modify the fonts within the Cell or Header fields.
0817 </para>
0819 <variablelist>
0820   <varlistentry>
0821     <term><guilabel>Use system fonts</guilabel></term>
0822     <listitem>
0823       <para>Select this to use system fonts. Deselecting this option allows the select
0824       the fonts of your choice.</para>
0825     </listitem>
0826   </varlistentry>
0828   <varlistentry>
0829     <term><guilabel>Cell font</guilabel></term>
0830     <listitem>
0831       <para>Specify the custom font to use within each cell of the registers.</para>
0832     </listitem>
0833   </varlistentry>
0835   <varlistentry>
0836     <term><guilabel>Header font</guilabel></term>
0837     <listitem>
0838       <para>Specify the custom font to use for the headers of each view within the register.</para>
0839     </listitem>
0840   </varlistentry>
0841 </variablelist>
0842 </sect1>
0844 <sect1 id="details.settings.icons">
0845 <title>Icons</title>
0847 <para>
0848   This option allows for the selection of icons that will be displayed.
0849 </para>
0851 <variablelist>
0852   <varlistentry>
0853     <term><guilabel>Individual icon settings</guilabel></term>
0854     <listitem>
0855       <para>Using the pull-down menu there is a selection of available icons available for use.
0856       Additional icons may be available for downloading and use depending on the operating
0857       system installed.</para>
0858     </listitem>
0859   </varlistentry>
0860 </variablelist>
0861 </sect1>
0863 <sect1 id="details.settings.plugins">
0864 <title>Plugins</title>
0866 <para>
0867   This section provides information about the available plugins, and allow you
0868   to modify the behavior of installed plugins.  Note that the list of plugins
0869   displayed will depend on which plugins &kmymoney; found when it started.  It
0870   does not matter whether the plugin was compiled as part of the application or
0871   added as a separate package.
0872   <screenshot>
0873         <screeninfo>Configure Plugins</screeninfo>
0874         <mediaobject>
0875         <imageobject>
0876         <imagedata fileref="configure_plugins.png" format="PNG" />
0877         </imageobject>
0878         <textobject>
0879         <phrase>Configure Plugins</phrase>
0880         </textobject>
0881         </mediaobject>
0882   </screenshot>
0883   Every plugin can be enabled or disabled, according to the state of the
0884   checkbox next to the name of the plugin.  In addition, at the right, there is
0885   also an <guibutton>information</guibutton> (&infoicon;) button for each, which
0886   will show the plugin version and author.  For some plugins, further
0887   information on configuring and using it may be found by clicking the
0888   configure, or tool icon just to the left of the information button.  There is
0889   only one plugin that requires configuration, and that is the Check printing
0890   plugin.
0891 </para>
0893 <sect2 id="details.settings.plugins.printchecks">
0894 <title>Check printing plugin</title>
0896 <para>
0897   As one example, there is a plugin for printing checks, which
0898   is included with the source of &kmymoney;, and should always be
0899   enabled.  It allows printing of a check based on the data from a selected
0900   transaction, with the layout controlled by an &HTML; template. You need to use a
0901   template which is matched to your pre-printed checks.  A default, built-in
0902   template is provided. You may also choose a custom template. To do so, click on
0903   the <guibutton>configure</guibutton> (&configicon;) button to get the
0904   <guilabel>Check printing</guilabel> configuration dialog displayed.  At the top
0905   you can check the box to use a custom template.  To the right of that is a
0906   button which brings up a file chooser, to select an alternate template file.
0907 </para>
0909 <para>
0910   A template file is an &HTML; file, in which specific strings are used to
0911   reference the fields from the transaction and from the current account and
0912   institution to show where they will be printed on the check.  &kmymoney;
0913   ships with a default, built-in template.  At <ulink url="https://invent.kde.org/office/kmymoney/-/blob/master/kmymoney/plugins/checkprinting/templates/">this</ulink>
0914   address you can find the HTML source file of default template, as well as some
0915   additional templates.  You should either be able to use one of them, or modify
0916   one to suit your needs.  Note that only a <emphasis>subset</emphasis> of the
0917   HTML standard is supported — the detailed documentation on that can be found
0918   <ulink url="https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/richtext-html-subset.html">here</ulink>.
0919 </para>
0922 <!-- info from source code on substitution variables
0923     // data about the user
0924     checkHTML.replace("$OWNER_NAME", file->user().name());
0925     checkHTML.replace("$OWNER_ADDRESS", file->user().address());
0926     checkHTML.replace("$OWNER_CITY", file->user().city());
0927     checkHTML.replace("$OWNER_STATE", file->user().state());
0928     // data about the account institution
0929     checkHTML.replace("$INSTITUTION_NAME", institution.name());
0930     checkHTML.replace("$INSTITUTION_STREET", institution.street());
0931     checkHTML.replace("$INSTITUTION_TELEPHONE", institution.telephone());
0932     checkHTML.replace("$INSTITUTION_TOWN", institution.town());
0933     checkHTML.replace("$INSTITUTION_CITY", institution.city());
0934     checkHTML.replace("$INSTITUTION_POSTCODE", institution.postcode());
0935     checkHTML.replace("$INSTITUTION_MANAGER", institution.manager());
0936     // data about the transaction
0937     checkHTML.replace("$DATE", KGlobal::locale()->formatDate(QDate::currentDate(), KLocale::LongDate));
0938     checkHTML.replace("$CHECK_NUMBER", (*it).split().number());
0939     checkHTML.replace("$PAYEE_NAME", file->payee((*it).split().payeeId()).name());
0940     checkHTML.replace("$PAYEE_ADDRESS", file->payee((*it).split().payeeId()).address());
0941     checkHTML.replace("$PAYEE_CITY", file->payee((*it).split().payeeId()).city());
0942     checkHTML.replace("$PAYEE_POSTCODE", file->payee((*it).split().payeeId()).postcode());
0943     checkHTML.replace("$PAYEE_STATE", file->payee((*it).split().payeeId()).state());
0944     checkHTML.replace("$AMOUNT_STRING", converter.convert((*it).split().shares().abs()));
0945     checkHTML.replace("$AMOUNT_DECIMAL", MyMoneyUtils::formatMoney((*it).split().shares().abs(), currency));
0946     checkHTML.replace("$MEMO", (*it).split().memo());
0947 -->
0950 </sect2>
0951 <sect2 id="details.settings.plugins.kbanking">
0952 <title>KBanking</title>
0954 <para>
0955   This plugins adds support for HBCI/FinTs, OFX and PayPal online banking to KMyMoney.
0956   After this plugin has been enabled, online banking can be configured in the
0957   <link linkend="reference.menus.settings.help">Settings</link> menu.
0958 </para>
0960 </sect2>
0961 </sect1>
0962 </chapter>