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0002 <chapter id="details.reports">
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0005     <author> &Ace.Jones; &Ace.Jones.mail; </author>
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0007   <date>2010-07-25</date>
0008   <releaseinfo>4.5</releaseinfo>
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0011 <title>Reports</title>
0013 <sect1 id="details.reports.avail">
0014 <title>Available Reports</title>
0016 <para>
0017 <screenshot>
0018         <screeninfo>Reports View</screeninfo>
0019         <mediaobject>
0020         <imageobject>
0021         <imagedata fileref="reports_view-all.png" format="PNG" />
0022         </imageobject>
0023         <textobject>
0024         <phrase>Reports View</phrase>
0025         </textobject>
0026         </mediaobject>
0027 </screenshot>
0028 </para>
0030 <para>
0031   The Reports View lists all available reports, grouped under the following
0032   headings.
0033 </para>
0035 <sect2>
0036 <title>Income and Expenses</title>
0037 <para>
0038   The reports in this section show your income and expenses either for the
0039   current month or for each month in the current year.  Of course, the duration
0040   of the overall report and the duration captured by each column can be
0041   configured to your liking. Graphs and Pie Charts also may be produced.
0042 </para>
0043 </sect2>
0045 <sect2>
0046 <title>Net Worth</title>
0047 <para>
0048   Here there are reports that describe your net worth, either at the current
0049   moment, every month for the current year, or every year of your history. In
0050   addition, there is a 7-day Cash Flow Forecast and a Net Worth Graph.  There
0051   are also reports to get the balances for all of your accounts at any given
0052   point in time.
0053 </para>
0054 </sect2>
0056 <sect2>
0057 <title>Transactions</title>
0058 <para>
0059   This section includes reports that list individual transactions.  This is the
0060   best way to print your account register for a specific period of time.  The
0061   transactions printed can be grouped together according to your liking by
0062   choosing the appropriate report, such as:
0063 <itemizedlist>
0064   <listitem><para>By Account</para></listitem>
0065   <listitem><para>By Category</para></listitem>
0066   <listitem><para>By Month or Week</para></listitem>
0067   <listitem><para>By Payee</para></listitem>
0068 </itemizedlist>
0069 </para>
0071 </sect2>
0073 <sect2>
0074 <title>Cash Flow</title>
0075 <para>
0076   The Cash Flow report is similar to a Transaction report, but it displays all
0077   cash-flow related transactions.
0078 </para>
0079 </sect2>
0081 <sect2>
0082 <title>Investments</title>
0083 <para>
0084   These reports help you keep track of your investments.  They only include
0085   investment accounts.  There are a variety of presentation filters and styles,
0086   as shown in this partial list.
0087 </para>
0088 <itemizedlist>
0089   <listitem><para>Investment Transactions:  Similar to a Transactions report,
0090     and includes the share price and quantities.</para></listitem>
0091   <listitem><para>Investment Holdings by Account:  Shows the current shares,
0092     price, and value for each account.</para></listitem>
0093   <listitem><para>Investment Holdings by Type:  Same as the previous report, but
0094     organizes the accounts by type (Stock, Mutual Fund, &etc;)</para></listitem>
0095   <listitem><para>Investment Performance by Account: Shows the annualized
0096     performance over any period of time.  This performs a cash flow analysis of
0097     all money coming into and going out of the account.  As a result, this is a
0098     very accurate picture of how well your investments are
0099     doing.</para></listitem>
0100   <listitem><para>Investment Performance by Type:  Same as the previous report,
0101     but organizes the accounts by type (Stock, Mutual Fund,
0102     &etc;)</para></listitem>
0103 </itemizedlist>
0105 <para>
0106   There are also graphs for Investment Prices and Investment Worth.
0107 </para>
0108 </sect2>
0110 <sect2>
0111 <title>Taxes</title>
0112 <para>
0113   The tax reports are just like the transactions reports, with the addition that
0114   only Tax related categories are included.  This allows you to flag certain
0115   categories as being tax-related, and then get one big report at the end of the
0116   year to see them all in one place. They may be listed either by Category or by
0117   Payee, and for the last fiscal year.
0118 </para>
0119 </sect2>
0121 <sect2>
0122 <title>Budgeting</title>
0123 <para>
0124   The budgeting reports are similar to net worth reports, but the reports can
0125   display the budget for a given year, or even compare it to the actual income
0126   and expenses for the same period.
0127 </para>
0128 </sect2>
0130 <sect2>
0131 <title>Forecast</title>
0132 <para>
0133   The forecast reports are just like the net worth reports, but they use the
0134   information to display forecast information.  You can display the information
0135   at various levels and for the time frame of your choosing.
0136 </para>
0137 </sect2>
0139 <sect2>
0140 <title>Information</title>
0141 <para>
0142   These reports display non-transaction information about schedules, accounts,
0143   and loans.
0144 </para>
0145 </sect2>
0147 <sect2>
0148 <title>Charts</title>
0149 <para>
0150   If <link linkend="details.reports.charts">Charts</link> are enabled, this
0151   section lists all the reports which are marked to display a graphical chart as
0152   the default.  They are also listed in one of the other sections, but they are
0153   also aggregated here for your easy reference.
0154 </para>
0155 </sect2>
0157 <sect2>
0158 <title>Favorite Reports</title>
0159 <para>
0160   This section lists all the reports you have marked as a favorite in the report
0161   configuration dialog.  They are still listed in one of the other sections, but
0162   they are also aggregated here for your easy reference.  Favorite reports are
0163   also included on the financial summary page for even easier reference.
0164 </para>
0165 </sect2>
0167 <sect2>
0168 <title>Configuring Reports</title>
0169 <para>
0170   To access the report configuration dialog, bring up the report you wish to
0171   configure, and press the <guibutton>Configure</guibutton> button at the top of
0172   the report.
0173 </para>
0174 </sect2>
0176 </sect1>
0178 <sect1 id="details.reports.working">
0179 <title>Working With Reports</title>
0181 <para>
0182   There are a number of actions you can take on each report.  You can access
0183   these by right-clicking the report name in the list of reports.  Alternately,
0184   once you have run a report, there are buttons across the top of the view to
0185   invoke each of these:
0186 </para>
0188 <itemizedlist>
0189   <listitem><para>Chart: Only present if the report is capable of displaying a
0190     chart. Clicking this option toggles between the report and the
0191     chart.</para></listitem>
0192   <listitem><para>Configure: Change the properties of this report. You can
0193     customize the report to your liking and save it for future
0194     use.</para></listitem>
0195   <listitem><para>New: Create a new customized report based on the selected
0196     report.</para></listitem>
0197   <listitem><para>Copy: The report output can be copied to the clipboard to
0198     paste them in another application, like a spreadsheet, for further
0199     analysis.</para></listitem>
0200   <listitem><para>Export: Reports can be saved in &HTML; or CSV
0201     format.</para></listitem>
0202   <listitem><para>Delete: Customized reports can be deleted.  The default
0203     reports that ship with &kmymoney; cannot be deleted.</para></listitem>
0204   <listitem><para>Close: Close the current report.</para></listitem>
0205 </itemizedlist>
0206 </sect1>
0208 <sect1 id="details.reports.config">
0209 <title>Configuring Reports</title>
0211 <sect2>
0212 <title>Working with custom reports</title>
0213 <para>
0214   You can configure the default reports or create your own from them by
0215   selecting 'New' and then configuring the new report. When you select
0216   'Configure' you will be presented with the Report Tab. Initially, it is named
0217   the same as the old report with <quote>(Customized)</quote> added to the end. You
0218   can change the name to whatever you want.  You can even name your custom
0219   reports the same as a default report, or the same as another custom
0220   report. Also, you can always use the Comment field to further distinguish
0221   reports.
0222 </para>
0224 <para>
0225   The Report Configuration dialog has a number of tabs across the top.  Each tab
0226   displays options for configuring different aspects of the report.
0227 </para>
0229 </sect2>
0231 <sect2><title>Report Tab</title>
0232 <para>
0233         <screenshot>
0234         <mediaobject>
0235         <imageobject>
0236         <imagedata fileref="report_configuration-reporttab.png" format="PNG" />
0237         </imageobject>
0238         <textobject>
0239         <phrase>Report Configuration -Report</phrase>
0240         </textobject>
0241         </mediaobject>
0242         </screenshot>
0243 </para>
0245 <para>
0246   On this tab, you set the basic properties of this report.
0247 <itemizedlist>
0248   <listitem><para>Report Name: Choose a name for this report.</para></listitem>
0249   <listitem><para>Comment: Enter a comment to help you remember the details of
0250     this report.</para></listitem>
0251   <listitem><para>Convert values to base currency: Select this option to convert
0252     all values in the report to your base currency. Leave it unchecked if you'd
0253     like to see values in their original currency. If currencies are not
0254     converted, then subtotals will not be shown.</para></listitem>
0255   <listitem><para>Mark as favorite report: Check this to cause this report to
0256     show up on the home page and in the group of <guilabel>Favorite
0257     Reports</guilabel>.</para></listitem>
0258 </itemizedlist>
0259 </para>
0261 </sect2>
0263 <sect2 id="details.reports.config.rowscolumns">
0264 <title>Rows/Columns Tab</title>
0265 <para>
0266   On this tab, you configure how you would like the rows and columns to be selected
0267   and organized.  This tab presents different configuration options depending on
0268   the style of report you have selected.
0269 </para>
0271 <para>
0272         <screenshot>
0273         <mediaobject>
0274         <imageobject>
0275         <imagedata fileref="report_configuration-rowscolumns.png" format="PNG" />
0276         </imageobject>
0277         <textobject>
0278         <phrase>Report Configuration -Rows and Columns</phrase>
0279         </textobject>
0280         </mediaobject>
0281         </screenshot>
0282 </para>
0284 <para>
0285   For income/expense and net worth reports:
0286 <itemizedlist>
0287   <listitem><para>Columns: Choose how large of a time period each column should
0288     encompass</para></listitem>
0289   <listitem><para>Rows: Choose what kind of accounts to display as the rows of
0290     this report</para></listitem>
0291   <listitem><para>Detail: Choose the level of detail required for this
0292     report.</para></listitem>
0293 </itemizedlist>
0294 </para>
0296 <para>The following levels of detail are available:
0297 <itemizedlist>
0298   <listitem><para>All: Show every category or account.</para></listitem>
0299   <listitem><para>Top-Level: Show only the highest-level categories or accounts,
0300     and roll up the sums of the subordinates categories or accounts into those
0301     values.</para></listitem>
0302   <listitem><para>Groups: Show only the totals of the income, expenses, assets,
0303     or liabilities.</para></listitem>
0304   <listitem><para>Total: Show only the grand totals line.</para></listitem>
0305 </itemizedlist>
0306 </para>
0308 <para>
0309   For transaction reports:
0310 <itemizedlist>
0311   <listitem><para>Organize by: Choose how to group the transactions in this
0312     report.</para></listitem>
0313   <listitem><para>Show Columns: Choose which columns should be shown in the
0314     report. The date and transaction amount are always shown.</para></listitem>
0315   <listitem><para>Include only Tax Categories: Only show categories which have
0316     been marked as tax-related.</para></listitem>
0317   <listitem><para>Include only Investment Accounts: Only show transactions from
0318     investment accounts.</para></listitem>
0319   <listitem><para>Include only Loan Accounts: Only show transactions from loan
0320     accounts.</para></listitem>
0321 </itemizedlist>
0322 </para>
0324 </sect2>
0326 <sect2>
0327 <title>Chart Tab</title>
0329 <para>
0330   This tab allows you to configure what the report should look like when it is
0331   displayed as a chart.  See the <link linkend="details.reports.charts">Graphs
0332   &amp; Charts</link> section for more explanation of the charting functions.
0333 <itemizedlist>
0334   <listitem><para>Chart Type: The visual format of chart
0335     desired.</para></listitem>
0336   <listitem><para>Show grid lines: Whether to print horizontal and vertical grid
0337     lines on the chart.</para></listitem>
0338   <listitem><para>Draw values on chart: Whether to print the data values on the
0339     chart itself for chosen data points.</para></listitem>
0340   <listitem><para>Show chart by default: Whether this report should first be
0341     displayed as a chart when it's opened.</para></listitem>
0342   <listitem><para>Line width: The width of data lines on the
0343     chart.</para></listitem>
0344 </itemizedlist>
0345 </para>
0347 </sect2>
0349 <sect2>
0350 <title>Other Tabs</title>
0351 <para>
0352   The other tabs in this dialog are the same as in the Search Transactions
0353   interface.  Please refer to
0354   the <link linkend="details.search">documentation</link> on that interface for
0355   details on the other tabs.</para>
0356 </sect2>
0358 </sect1>
0360 <sect1 id="details.reports.charts">
0361 <title>Graphs &amp; Charts</title>
0363 <sect2>
0364 <title>Viewing as a Chart</title>
0366 <para>
0367   Each report can be viewed in either textual form or graphical (chart) form.
0368   The same report configuration parameters are used in either case.  You can
0369   easily jump back and forth between the textual and graphical forms by pressing
0370   the <guibutton>Chart</guibutton> or <guibutton>Report</guibutton> buttons
0371   along the top of the report view.
0372 </para>
0374 <para>
0375   Care should be taken to limit the amount of data you choose to display on a
0376   chart. If you are not careful, using the same configuration for both textual
0377   and graphical forms means it's possible to configure a chart to be visually
0378   cluttered, unappealing, and uninformative. &kmymoney; will not force you to
0379   keep your charts readable and useful!
0380 </para>
0382 </sect2>
0384 <sect2>
0385 <title>Available Chart Types</title>
0387 <sect3>
0388 <title>Line Graph</title>
0390 <para>
0391   A line graph is one of the most simple forms of a chart.  There is one line
0392   for each series. (Usually a series is a single account or category; see below
0393   for more details on that.) The time periods stretch out along the bottom axis,
0394   and the currency values are along the left.
0395 </para>
0397 <para>
0398   The detail level for each line is controlled in the <link
0399   linkend="details.reports.config.rowscolumns">Rows/Columns</link> Tab of chart
0400   configuration.  If you choose the <quote>Top-Level</quote> detail level, there
0401   will be one line for each of the top-most accounts or categories which show
0402   the sum total of all underlying accounts or categories.  If you choose
0403   <quote>Groups</quote> it will instead show one line each for Income, Expenses,
0404   Assets, or Liabilities, depending on the other settings.
0405 </para>
0406 </sect3>
0408 <sect3>
0409 <title>Bar Graph</title>
0411 <para>
0412   The bar graph works exactly the same as the line graph, except there is one
0413   bar for each series in each time slice.
0414 </para>
0415 </sect3>
0417 <sect3>
0418 <title>Pie Chart</title>
0420 <para>
0421   The pie chart is the most simple chart available.  It shows only one time
0422   slice, as opposed to showing the values across time.  This chart shows only
0423   the totals column of whatever report is selected.  If your report is
0424   configured to NOT convert values to the base currency, there will be no totals
0425   column, and therefore this report is not useful.
0426 </para>
0427 </sect3>
0429 <sect3>
0430 <title>Ring Chart</title>
0432 <para>
0433   The ring chart is very similar to a pie chart, except there is one
0434   <quote>ring</quote> for each time slice in the report.
0435 </para>
0436 </sect3>
0438 </sect2>
0440 </sect1>
0441 </chapter>