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0016 <title>Payees</title>
0018 <para>
0019   The Payees View provides detailed information about all the payees and payers
0020   involved in transactions.  These are the entities to and from which you
0021   transfer money.  &kmymoney; stores information about all the payees and payers
0022   from all existing transactions.  This makes it possible to pick a payee from a
0023   list instead of having to type the full name, which also decreases the chance
0024   of misspelling or typing the wrong name.
0025 </para>
0027 <para>
0028   The Payees View is split into two main areas: a payees and payers list on the
0029   left, and a detail area on the right.  The <guilabel>Your payees</guilabel>
0030   section allows for adding, deleting, renaming, and merging payees.  The detail
0031   area has several tabs, showing the transactions, address, matching
0032   information, default category, and account numbers for the payee selected in
0033   the list.
0034 </para>
0036 <para>
0037         <screenshot>
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0039         <imageobject>
0040         <imagedata fileref="payeeview.png" format="PNG" />
0041         </imageobject>
0042         </mediaobject>
0043         </screenshot>
0044 </para>
0046 <sect1 id="details.payees.list">
0047 <title>Payees List</title>
0049 <para>
0050   The list of all payees and payers in your data is shown on the left side of
0051   this view. The payee list is sorted alphabetically.
0052 </para>
0054 <sect2>
0055 <title>Adding a Payee or Payer</title>
0057 <para>
0058   To add a payee or payer, choose <guibutton>+New</guibutton>.  This creates a
0059   new payee called <quote>New Payee</quote>.  You can also right-click on any
0060   existing payee and select <guimenuitem>Add payee</guimenuitem>.
0061 </para>
0062 </sect2>
0064 <sect2>
0065 <title>Renaming a Payee or Payer</title>
0067 <para>
0068   To rename a payee or payer, either double-click on the name or right-click on
0069   the name and select <guimenuitem>Rename payee</guimenuitem>.  The name then
0070   becomes editable.  Changing the name will affect the name in all the
0071   transactions in which it appears.
0072 </para>
0073 </sect2>
0075 <sect2>
0076 <title>Deleting a Payee or Payer</title>
0078 <para>
0079   To remove a payee or payer, right-click the name and select
0080   <guimenuitem>Delete payee</guimenuitem>.  If the payee has any transactions,
0081   you will be presented with a dialog that allows you to reassign them to a
0082   different payee, and also a check box to enable the deleted name to be added
0083   to the new payee's matching list.  Another option for deleting an existing
0084   payee is to select the payee or payer by left clicking it and then left
0085   clicking <guibutton>Del</guibutton>.
0086 </para>
0087 </sect2>
0088 </sect1>
0090 <sect1 id="details.payees.personalinformation">
0091 <title>Additional Payee Details</title>
0093 <sect2>
0094 <title>Personal Information</title>
0096 <para>
0097   To view and edit the personal information associated with a particular payee,
0098   select the payee from the list and select the Address tab. Along with address
0099   information you can also store a telephone number, email address, and notes
0100   pertaining to the selected payee.  To modify this information, edit the detail
0101   area directly and press the Update button when finished.
0102 </para>
0104 <para>
0105 <screenshot>
0106         <screeninfo>The personal information tab</screeninfo>
0107         <mediaobject>
0108         <imageobject>
0109         <imagedata fileref="payee_info.png" format="PNG" />
0110         </imageobject>
0111         <textobject>
0112         <phrase>Personal information</phrase>
0113         </textobject>
0114         </mediaobject>
0115 </screenshot>
0116 </para>
0117 </sect2>
0119 <sect2 id="details.payees.personalinformation.matching">
0120 <title>Transaction Matching Settings</title>
0122 <sect3>
0123 <title>Overview</title>
0125 <para>
0126  &kmymoney; has the ability to automatically assign the proper payee to imported
0127  transactions.  This can be handy when importing transactions from your bank,
0128  when the payee name has extra unnecessary characters, or worse, if the payee
0129  names change. The ability to match transactions to a particualar payee assists
0130  in providing a consist naming of payees within the ledger and reports.
0131 </para>
0133 <para>
0134   For example, let's say your monthly mortgage payment comes in from your bank
0135   like this <quote>SUN TRUST BANK MAPLE VALLEY, GA 111506</quote> one month and
0136   then <quote>SUN TRUST BANK MAPLE VALLEY, GA 121606</quote> the next month.  You
0137   would really like both of those transactions to be assigned to your payee
0138   <quote>Sun Trust</quote>.  The transaction matching feature is for you!
0139 </para>
0141 <para>
0142 <screenshot>
0143         <screeninfo>The payee matching tab</screeninfo>
0144         <mediaobject>
0145         <imageobject>
0146         <imagedata fileref="payee_match.png" format="PNG" />
0147         </imageobject>
0148         <textobject>
0149         <phrase>Payee matching details</phrase>
0150         </textobject>
0151         </mediaobject>
0152 </screenshot>
0153 </para>
0154 </sect3>
0156 <sect3>
0157 <title>Setting up</title>
0159 <para>
0160   From the Matching tab, you can set the transaction matching settings.  You can
0161   select one of four options with the <guilabel>Match method</guilabel>
0162   dropdown.
0163 </para>
0165 <itemizedlist>
0166   <listitem>
0167     <para>
0168       No Matching.  This disables the feature for this payee.  This is the
0169       default setting for all payees.
0170     </para>
0171   </listitem>
0173   <listitem>
0174     <para>
0175       Match Payees name (partial).  This enables the feature based on a partial
0176       name matching of the Payee and and uses the payee name itself as the Match
0177       Key.
0178     </para>
0179   </listitem>
0181   <listitem>
0182     <para>
0183       Match Payees name (exact).  This enables the feature based on an exact
0184       match of the Payee.  You would use this matching ability when you want to
0185       keep track of different Payees that have the same business name but have
0186       different locations.
0187     </para>
0188   </listitem>
0190   <listitem>
0191     <para>
0192       Match on a name listed below.  This enables matching based on multiple
0193       different or optional names for a Payee.  You would use this matching
0194       ability when you have a particular Payee that has different business
0195       names but you want all imported transactions identified by any of those
0196       names to be associated with a single Payee in &kmymoney;.
0197     </para>
0198   </listitem>
0199 </itemizedlist>
0201 <para>
0202   With any of these options you can choose whether or not to ignore the case
0203   sensitivity of the spelling of the payee based on whether you check
0204   <guilabel>Ignore Case</guilabel>.
0205 </para>
0206 </sect3>
0208 <sect3>
0209 <title>Importing Transactions</title>
0211 <para>
0212   The Match Keys you have set will be considered whenever you import
0213   transactions using the QIF import, or using a plugin such as OFX or AqBanking,
0214   If the Match Key for one of your payees is found anywhere in the payee of the
0215   imported transaction, the corresponding payee from your list will be assigned
0216   to that transaction.  Thus, a Match Key of <quote>Sun Trust</quote> will match
0217   <quote>SUN TRUST BANK MAPLE VALLEY,GA</quote> or even
0218   <quote>MORGEN SUN TRUST&amp;LOAN</quote>.  So choose your Match Keys carefully.
0219 </para>
0220 <para><note>
0221     <para> If a transaction payee matches more than one Match Key, the behavior
0222     is undefined.  &kmymoney; will arbitrarily pick one of the matching
0223     payees.</para>
0224 </note></para>
0225 </sect3>
0226 </sect2>
0227 </sect1>
0229 <sect1 id="details.payees.transactionhistory">
0230 <title>Viewing Transaction History</title>
0232 <para>
0233   To view all transactions associated with a particular payee, select the payee
0234   from the list and select the Transaction tab in the detail area.
0235   Double-clicking a particular transaction will bring you directly to that
0236   transaction in the Ledgers View for the appropriate account.
0237 </para>
0239 <para>
0240 <screenshot>
0241         <screeninfo>The transaction tab</screeninfo>
0242         <mediaobject>
0243         <imageobject>
0244         <imagedata fileref="payee_history.png" format="PNG" />
0245         </imageobject>
0246         <textobject>
0247         <phrase>Transaction history</phrase>
0248         </textobject>
0249         </mediaobject>
0250 </screenshot>
0251 </para>
0252 </sect1>
0253 </chapter>