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0003         <author>&Dawid.Wrobel; &Dawid.Wrobel.mail;</author>
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0006     <title>Woob Importer</title>
0007     <sect2>
0008         <title>What is Woob?</title>
0009         <para>
0010             <ulink url="https://woob.tech/">Woob</ulink> is <quote>a collection of applications able to interact with
0011             websites, without requiring the user to open them in a browser</quote>. One of
0012             <ulink url="https://woob.tech/applications/">such applications</ulink> allows specifically to interact with
0013             <ulink url="https://woob.tech/applications/bank">financial institutions</ulink>. &kmymoney; provides a
0014             plugin that employs it directly, therefore allowing to import transactions from those accounts which
0015             otherwise do not offer support for any other financial protocol that &kmymoney; handles.
0016         </para>
0018         <note>
0019             <para>
0020                 &kmymoney; currently requires that you install Woob independently. Refer to the further sections for
0021                 details.
0022             </para>
0023         </note>
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0026         <title>Installing Woob</title>
0027         <para>
0028             You need to install Python 3 first before continuing. You can download a package for your system from the
0029             <ulink url="https://www.python.org/downloads/">official website</ulink>.
0030         </para>
0032         <para>
0033             With Python 3 installed, you should now be able to easily download and install required Woob modules.
0034             Please refer to the instructions on <ulink url="https://woob.tech/install/">Woob website</ulink>.
0035         </para>
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