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0001 Dear user and developer,
0003 this directory used to contain example bibliography files such as files
0004 originally submitted in bug reports or specially crafted files to test
0005 border cases in the importer modules of KBibTeX.
0007 However, it turned out to be impractical to ship 40MB of bibliography
0008 files for a project where the source code weights only 3MB.
0010 Historically, tar balls for KBibTeX were created based on a Git checkout,
0011 of course, but before building the actual tar balls, the files in the
0012 checkout got modified (such as creating a 'version.h') or removed (said
0013 testset directory). This approach is deprecated now; tar balls should
0014 instead closely resemble the content of the Git checkout without any
0015 modification.
0017 Therefore, all teset files including their revision control history
0018 got migrated to a separate Git repository, also available at the KDE
0019 infrastructure:
0021   https://cgit.kde.org/kbibtex-testset.git
0022   git://anongit.kde.org/kbibtex-testset.git
0023   https://anongit.kde.org/kbibtex-testset.git
0025 Attempts have been made to integrate the testset repository as a Git
0026 submodule at the same location, however hooks at KDE's Git server
0027 block pushing such a solution.
0029 In src/test, executable kbibtexfilestest depends on knowing the correct
0030 location of the testset directory. The location is set by creating a
0031 cache entry when invoking cmake:
0033   cmake [...] -DTESTSET_DIRECTORY:PATH=/path/to/testset [...]
0035 For clarity, to have the kbibtex-testset repository locally available
0036 and setting above cache entry is only necessary if you want to run
0037 kbibtexfilestest. Normal compilation and usage of KBibTeX does not
0038 require it.