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0001 This is a KControl Module which handles adding/editing/removing Telepathy
0002 Accounts. It interacts with any Telepathy Spec compliant AccountManager,
0003 such as telepathy-accountmanager-kwallet to manipulate the accounts. It is
0004 modular in design, with each ConnectionManager-Protocol combination having a
0005 plugin that provides customised forms for adding or editing their accounts,
0006 and also with a generic plugin which can be used as a fallback for
0007 ConnectionManager-Protocol combinations where no plugin exists.
0009 Installation instructions (including dependency information) can be found
0010 in the file 'INSTALL' in this directory.
0012 Please report all bugs to http://bugs.kde.org choosing product "telepathy" and
0013 component "accounts-kcm".
0015 Any other questions, or if you want to help out, ping grundleborg in #telepathy
0016 on Libera Chat.