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0002 For 3.2:
0003 - write SLP service template for remote desktop protocols
0004   (documentation)
0005 - enhance RFB with SASL authentication (Kerberos)
0006 - encrypted connections (using SASL and/or SSL/TLS)
0007 - with kerberos/ssl: display name of remote user in connection dialog,
0008                      kpassivepopup and systray (if name is available)
0009 - mention that invitations are one-time on personal invitation dialog
0011 Todo (unscheduled features):
0012 - when krfb is started with URL arguments and without connection
0013   quality, add some kind of smart algorithm to determine whether the
0014   other host is local (maybe using SLP to announce the connectivity 
0015   of a LAN)
0016 - NAT traversal support if I can find an acceptable implementation
0017   (probably using TURN, as soon as there is a server and newer spec for that)
0018 - when OpenSLP supports this, allow scope configuration
0019 - split krfb into 2 separate programs (server and invitation)
0020 - look into adding an extension to xfree to improve speed (get noticed of
0021   screen updates)
0022 - cut & paste support
0024 Known bugs/problems:
0025 - the IP address sent in invitation may be wrong on multi-homed machines, 
0026   and it is always incorrect behind a NAT. Right now it is not possible
0027   to solve these problems.